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MAY 16, 2011

Senators Propose Infrastructure Investment Fund Senators Jay Rockefeller (D-W. Va.) and Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) May 11 introduced the American Infrastructure Investment Fund Act to provide $5 billion in both FY 2012 and FY 2013 to assist with infrastructure financing, including loans, loan guarantees and $600 million in newly created National Infrastructure Investment Grants. Eligible projects for the fund’s resources would include: “passenger and freight rail lines, highways, bridges, airports, air traffic control systems, ports or marine facilities, inland

Reagan-Clinton Featured in Highway/Transit Bill Ad Campaign

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Hall of Fame Nomination Fast Approaching The deadline for submitting your nominations for the 2011 “Transportation Development Hall of Fame” is June 1. This annual ARTBA Foundation program honors “individuals or a families who have made extraordinary contributions to U.S. transportation development or demonstrated Continued on page 3

Presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton didn’t agree on much, but they were both strong supporters of transportation investment to create jobs and grow the American economy. ARTBA and the American Public Transportation Association May 12 launched a major radio and television ad campaign featuring these presidential icons. The two groups aim to elevate transportation investment

into the ongoing congressional debate about the federal budget and future investment priorities. They are calling on Congress to pass a well-funded, multi-year highway and public transportation bill this year. The ads, a key feature of ARTBA’s “Transportation Makes America Work” program, feature excerpts of Reagan and Clinton speaking about transportation issues at events during their presidencies.

In signing the Surface Transportation Assistance Act of 1982, President Reagan said, “The state of our transportation system affects our commerce, our economy and our future... Common sense tells us that it will cost a lot less to keep the system we have in good repair than to let it disintegrate and have to start over from scratch...Clearly this program is an investment in tomorrow that we must make today.” Continued on page 2

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Reagan-Clinton Headline Ad Campaign


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In signing the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century in 1998, President Clinton said, “Modernizing and building our roads, bridges and transit systems... connecting millions of Americans to the economic mainstream, ushering in two decades of unparalleled growth.” The radio ad is running regularly on Washington’s top rated news talk station and the television spot will be airing frequently on CNN and FOX in the D.C. market over the next several months.

In just the past few months, ARTBA officers and senior staff have made nearly 20 presentations urging industry involvement and continued grassroots action on the surface transportation reauthorization bill. These included five ARTBA chapters, the Bipartisan Policy Center, International Union of Operating Engineers, Construction Industry Round Table, ICAT 2011, NAPA, NSSGA, APTA’s “Mobility 21 Coalition,” and the Transportation Construction Management Conference. Sessions were also held with leadership teams from several large industry corporations. The outreach will continue as ARTBA and its industry allies continue to urge Congress and the White House to move the legislative process forward.

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exceptional leadership over their lifetime.” Individuals from the public and private sector can be living or inducted to the Hall posthumously. Anyone can nominate a candidate. ARTBA membership is not required. Forms are available at: www.artbahalloffame. org. The 2010 and 2011 classes will be honored at a September 7 gala dinner during the association’s “TransOvation” workshop near Dulles Airport in Virginia.

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Overheard “I continue to question the realism of the President’s overall high-speed rail policy... We will not achieve real high-speed rail in America by dumping 21 of 22 grants into the black hole that is Amtrak.” Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Pa.), chairman of the House Railroads, Pipelines and Hazardous Materials Subcommittee, reacting to the Department of Transportation’s rail funding announcement.

“Facing record-high deficits, this year, more than ever, we must make the hard budget decisions to help rein in spending. The appropriations bills this year will include doubledigit reductions from virtually every nonsecurity area of government...” House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers (RKy.) in a statement on the FY2012 Transportation and Housing Allocation, which is below FY 2008 level.


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Legislative & Regulatory News

Bill Would Cut Diesel Emissions

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Senator Tom Carper (D-Del.) introduced May 12 the “Clean Construction Act of 2011” to improve construction equipment emissions by replacing or retrofitting older diesel engines with cleaner operating technology. The bill would allow states in areas that exceed the EPA’s minimum requirements for particulate matter or soot to require the use of emission control technology on diesel construction equipment. The states would then be required to pay for the cost of installing the technology—from their federal highway funds—up to one percent of the total project cost. It is unclear at this point whether the funds would come from the Highway Trust Fund. Carper and Senator John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) May 12 also said they want the existing Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) program extended and funded next year. DERA, an EPA grant program established in 2005 to aid retrofits or replacements of older, dirtier

waterways, transmission or distribution pipelines, public transportation systems, intercity passenger bus or rail facilities or equipment; and freight rail facilities.” The legislation does not specify targets for investment levels in each mode. The bill’s language also “defines the fund so that it can broaden its investment portfolio into other types of infrastructure projects, such as telecommunications, energy, and water projects in the future.” This measure joins several other infrastructure bank proposals seeking to attract more private investment.

IRS Delays 3 Percent Withholding Provision The Internal Revenue Service May 5 issued proposed final rules for implementing a provision that would require federal, state, and local governments to withhold three percent of contract payments. The proposed rule would push back the implementation date by one year, from January 1, 2012, to January 1, 2013. While this is a positive development, ARTBA and its partners in the Government Withholding Relief Coalition (GWRC) continue to urge a full repeal of this provision. Steve Lutes of the GWRC will discuss this issue May 24 at the Contractors Division Meeting at the ARTBA Federal Issues Program. To register, visit www.

equipment, is funded in FY 2011 at $50 million, but was “zeroed out” in the Obama Administration’s FY 2012 budget request. ARTBA has written Congress on several occasions urging an extension and increased funding for the DERA program.

DOT Announces High Speed Rail Grants U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood May 9 awarded $2.02 billion in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act high speed rail (HSR) grants for 22 projects to 15 states and Amtrak. The funds were originally allocated to Florida, Illinois, and Wisconsin, but rejected by newly elected governors earlier this year. Amtrak received the largest share of the most recent HSR funding at a total of $795 million to upgrade the Northeast Corridor. California also received $300 million towards its HSR project connecting San Francisco and Los Angeles with 220 mph train speeds. Other sizeable project awards include:

Fostering Innovation TRB Newsletter: May 10, 2011

ARTBA is pleased to make available another service for members that highlights new research, technologies, industry best practices and information resources available to the transportation design and construction industry. This material comes from the Transportation Research Board. Read the most recent newsletter.

Illinois with $186.3 million for a HSR route between Chicago and St. Louis, Mo.; and Michigan for improvements to a route between Detroit and Chicago.

Draft Executive Order on Contractors Draws Fire A draft Obama Administration executive order would require firms, along with their officers and directors, seeking direct federal contracts to disclose financial contributions to political campaigns and interest groups. Members of both parties have criticized the proposal citing possible retribution against contractors with differing political allegiances and emphasizing the need for meritorious contract awards based on bids and capabilities. The proposal is still under review within the Administration. As such, it is unclear if it would apply to federal-aid projects where most contracts are with state and local governments.

ARTBA News “Green & Clean” Wins International Awards A special 36-page ARTBA publication, “Green & Clean: Transportation Design & Construction,” and a companion video that spotlight environmental excellence and innovation during the design and construction of transportation improvement projects May 5 won two “gold level” Hermes Creative Awards. Both

were produced as part of the “Transportation Makes America Work” campaign. The annual international competition, judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, honors creative professionals involved in the concept, writing and design of traditional materials and programs, and emerging technologies.

Transportation from the Eyes of Tomorrow’s Leaders ARTBA’s Research and Education Division has launched a national student-produced video contest to document and demonstrate, from a young person’s perspective, views on transportation infrastructure, finance, operations and longterm needs. Two winners will be selected from a nationwide pool of submissions—with the top videos shown at ARTBA’s National Convention in Monterey, Calif. Winners will also receive a new iPad and be announced to national and trade media outlets. For more information, contact Dan Hadley or visit the website.

Transportation History 200th Anniversary of First Federally-Funded Road U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood May 5 marked the 200th anniversary of America’s first federally funded road, which connected Cumberland, Md., with present-day Wheeling, W.Va. “This is a major milestone for residents served by this historic route and for the nation as a whole,” said LaHood. “From the 19th century until today, the transportation systems we build continue to be economic engines for prosperity and growth. The highway and bridge projects of today follow in the grand tradition of our first National Road.” Construction of the National Road began on May 8, 1811.

May 1869, First Transcontinental Railroad Makes Debut On May 10, 1869, workers for the Union Pacific and Central Pacific railroads drove a golden spike into the rails at Promontory Summit, Utah. It marked completion of the first transcontinental railroad, connecting the nation from coast-tocoast and cutting a journey of at least four months to a week. It was arguably one of the greatest technological feats of the 19th century. With the support of President Thomas Jefferson, The Corps of Discovery, led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, prepared the first maps and reports describing the topography of the trails and passages from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean.

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Washington Newsline May 16  

ARTBA Washington Newsline for May 16, 2011

Washington Newsline May 16  

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