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Marsh and ARTBA Launch Heavy Highway Insurance Program. Contact ARTBA’s Rich Juliano at 202.289.4434 for more information.

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MAY 14, 2012

New Awards Program Targets Innovation The ARTBA Foundation is launching a new awards program to promote and recognize innovations that make the U.S. transportation infrastructure network the best it can be in serving those who pay for it, use it and rely on it. The “TransOvation Awards” honor innovative transportation infrastructure-related products,

Transportation Bill Focus of May 29-31 ARTBA FIP & TCC Fly-In

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ARTBA Urges Passage of Common Sense Wetlands Bill ARTBA wrote the House of Representatives May 8 urging passage of H.R. 4965, the “Preserve the Waters of the U.S. Act.” The bipartisan legislation, introduced by House Transportation and Infrastructure (T&I) Committee Chairman John Mica (R-Fla.), T&I Committee Ranking Member Nick Rahall (D-W. Va.), Rep. Frank Lucas (R-Okla.) and Rep. Collin Continued on page 4 Follow ARTBA:

The 47 members of the “conference committee” charged with reconciling the Senate’s two-year surface transportation bill with the House-passed 90-day extension held its first meeting May 8, which primarily consisted of rhetoric-filled opening statements from each member. Now the hard work begins in trying to reach agreement on a final measure. The committee’s chair, Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), indicated she intends

to pursue completion of the negotiations by the middle of next month to allow both chambers to act on a final bill and send it to President Obama before the current short-term extension expires June 30. The timing works well for the May 29-31 ARTBA Federal Issues Program (FIP) and Transportation Construction Coalition (TCC) Fly-In. You have an excellent opportunity to meet with your members of Congress, some of whom could be on the conference committee,

and urge them to get the bill done quickly and to maintain highway investment at the FY 2011 levels. The FIP features legislative and regulatory briefings, a transportation construction market report, and ARTBA committee meetings so you can speak face-to-face with top federal agency officials. The TCC event begins the afternoon of May 30, and runs all day May 31. One of the nation’s most Continued on page 2

ARTBA Board of Directors Meeting May 30. Full schedule: ARTBA Washington Newsline

ARTBA FIP & TCC Fly-In Continued from page 1

respected political analysts, Charlie Cook, will be on hand to handicap the upcoming elections. Transportation lawmakers and staff from the House and Senate will also address attendees. Register: The ARTBA hotel room block (and its reduced room rate) at the Marriott Metro Center is now sold out. Rooms are still available, but the current cost is a minimum of $450+ per night. Check out these hotels, all within a half-mile of the Marriott, for availability: •

Four Points Sheraton (1201 K Street, N.W.: 202-289-7600)

Grand Hyatt Washington (1000 H Street, N.W.: 202-582-1234)

Renaissance Washington (999 9th St., N.W.: 202-898-9000

W Hotel (515 15th Street, N.W.: 202661-2400)

From May 13-19, America will celebrate National Transportation Week (NTW), an annual event dating back to March 1953 that aims to draw public attention to the importance and benefits of transportation. ARTBA has been a supporter of the event for years. To commemorate 2012 NTW, the association has prepared a video that highlights the contributions of the U.S. transportation design and construction industry. View it now.

Upcoming Events


Visit our Events Page for more information. Federal Issues Program & TCC Fly-In May 29 - 31 Washington, D.C. [Add to Calendar]

TransOvation Workshop July 25-27 Leesburg, Va. [Add to Calendar]

National Convention September 11–14 Memphis, Tenn. [Add to Calendar]

LōTrans Virtual Conference & Innovation Showcase

Central Regional Meeting

September 18 - 20 [Add to Calendar]

November 29-30 Chicago, Ill. [Add to Calendar]

P3s in Transportation Conference

Southern Regional Meeting

October 11–12 Washington, D.C. [Add to Calendar]

4th Annual Construction Law & Regulatory Forum October 24-25 Washington, D.C.

Western Regional Meeting November 27-28 San Francisco, Calif. [Add to Calendar]


ART BA Washington Newsline

December 3-4 Atlanta, Ga. [Add to Calendar]

Northeastern Regional Meeting December 5-6 Boston, Mass. [Add to Calendar]

Award Program Honors Innovation in Transportation Design & Construction Continued from page 1

services, technologies and techniques introduced over the past five years that can be documented to provide a high return-oninvestment by: • • •

Improving transportation safety; Saving transportation users and taxpayers time and/or money; or Making our transportation infrastructure more environmentally sustainable.

The inaugural winners will be announced July 26 at a black-tie optional dinner held in conjunction with ARTBA’s “TransOvation Workshop” at the Lansdowne Resort & Conference Center in Leesburg, Virginia. Submit your nomination today. Forms are available: Deadline is June 1. Other speakers on tap for the July 2527 TransOvation event: Federal Highway Administrator Victor Mendez, Discovery show host Danny Forster, Microsoft Lync Director of Test Ross Smith, Fox

News Political Analyst Jim Pinkerton, Virginia Secretary of Transportation Sean Connaughton, and Northern Virginia Transportation Alliance President Bob Chase. Workshop leaders Ted Zoli of HNTB and John Hillman of HC Bridge are also returning. Space is limited. If you register by May 25, you will be entered into a drawing to win the new iPad. Visit, or contact ARTBA’s Ed Tarrant with questions about sponsorship opportunities.

Overheard at the Transportation Bill Conference Committee Below are excerpts of the May 8 remarks from select members of the surface transportation conference committee:

Products & Services Flagging Fundamentals: A New ARTBA Training Video With this new video refresher produced by ARTBA’s expert safety team, you will: • Master the correct signaling procedures; • Know what to wear; • Learn why traffic signs and control devices are important to your safety; • Understand how to protect yourself from traffic; • Acquire “best practice” flagging skills to ensure compliance with the Manual or Uniform Traffic Control Devices; and • Become a better and more commanding flagger. Available in Spanish and English. $150 members. $180 non-members. Order at or contact ARTBA’s Peter Embrey at 202.289.4434.

“What we do here today and in the days and weeks ahead has ramifications for so many businesses… Failure is not an option for us.” Senate Environment & Public Works Committee Chair Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) “I’m talking right now to a lot of the new guys. About half of the House members I knew when I was serving [in the House]. But the new guys, I don’t. And a lot of them are a little bit fearful of zeroes, and yet, from my conservative background, I’m saying, ‘This is what we’re supposed to be doing here…I say to my conservative friends here…on issues of like national security and infrastructure, I’m a big spender.” Senate Environment & Public Works Committee Ranking Member Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) “We all share a commitment to build our nation’s infrastructure and this legislation must do so responsibly. It must be paid for, it must not raise taxes, it must not include earmarks, and it must not add to federal bureaucracy.” House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee Chairman John Mica (R-Fla.) “We cannot let hard heads get in the way of hard hats.” House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee Ranking Member Nick Rahall (D-W.Va.) “Keystone XL has undergone extensive environmental review. The time for delay is over.” House Energy & Commerce Chairman Fred Upton (R-Mich.) “We have a bill. You have an extension of current law with a lot of riders.” He then said the House’s abandoned five-year proposal mobilized interest groups that “don’t even talk to each other” in his home state of Illinois. “The Chamber of Commerce, the AFL-CIO: They all hated your bill.” Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) “One area that I’ve strongly supported is streamlining the project delivery process. Too much government bureaucracy and red tape can tie up infrastructure projects, delaying transportation improvements and increasing construction costs.” House Highway & Transit Subcommittee Chairman Jimmy Duncan (R-Tenn.) “This shorter bill is what we could afford. It buys time to discuss what Americans want for the 21st Century and how to pay for it.” Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.)

ARTBA Washington Newsline



Overheard “Instead of telling their constituents the truth — that well-maintained roads cost money, and some of that money has to come from motorists who use those roads — both Republicans and Democrats proposed to finance transportation through accounting gimmicks and stopgaps.”

“The Washington Post” Editorial Board in a May 5 editorial, “Down the road.”

“We need a game changer here… We cannot operate the waterways of the United States of America on new construction of $2 billion.” Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) deriding the Appropriations Committee last month for failing to adequately fund construction on America’s waterways.


ART BA Washington Newsline

Legislative & Regulatory News ARTBA Urges Passage of Common Sense Wetlands Bill Continued from page 1

Peterson (D-Minn.), would prevent the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency from moving ahead with plans to extend federal Clean Water Act jurisdiction to roadside ditches by redefining them as “waters of the United States.” Specifically, ARTBA told Representatives that roadside ditches are not, and should not be regulated as, traditional jurisdictional wetlands because they have little to no ecological value. Further, they are an essential part of any transportation improvement project and contribute to the public health and safety of the nation by dispersing water from roadways. ARTBA previously helped to introduce similar legislation in the Senate and is now working towards the passage of both bills. ARTBA’s letter can be found on the “Regulatory” section of www.

In prior comments to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), ARTBA affirmed its longstanding position that efforts to eliminate sign replacement deadlines and modify the sign management deadline are inconsistent with the agency’s safety and mobility objective. ARTBA encouraged FHWA to consider a modest extension of the compliance dates for replacement of failed signs, but leave in place the dates for agencies to adopt a sign management method. ARTBA also recommended federal funds be provided to local governments to help manage the cost of sign replacement, and the revised rule should contain protections for agencies against tort liability as they endeavor to upgrade their signs. The Department of Transportation has retained 12 deadlines for sign upgrades they deem “critical” to public safety. These upgrades include installing “ONE WAY” signs at intersections with divided highways or one-way streets, and requiring “STOP” or “YIELD” signs to be added at all railroad crossings that don’t

have train-activated automatic gates or flashing lights.

U.S. Road Deaths Down Again in 2011 The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced May 7 traffic deaths are at their lowest levels since 1949. NHTSA’s study shows that an estimated 32,310 people died in traffic accidents in the U.S. last year, which is down 1.7 percent compared to 2010 when 32,885 road deaths occurred. Roadway deaths have been in a steady decline in the U.S. during the last five years, with fatality rates decreasing 26 percent from 2005 to 2011. ARTBA believes a number of factors have contributed to the decline, including infrastructure safety improvements, such as the increased use of cable median barriers, features to prevent unintended roadway departures, and intersection improvements. Other factors for the decline include U.S. motorists drove 1.2 percent fewer miles last year. Also, vehicles are getting safer and are built with more standard safety features.

Safety News Deadlines Eliminated for Traffic Sign Upgrades U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced May 10 that the Obama Administration is eliminating 46 regulations on traffic signs to “provide more flexibility for state and local governments.” The administration previously approved the safety regulations to ensure street signs are not faded and maintain minimum retroreflective properties.

Multimodal News

Fostering Innovation

A service of ARTBA’s multimodal councils, it features current transportation developments making news across all modes and regions. Contact: Caitrin Reed to become a subscriber.

TRB Newsletter: May 8

Highlighting new research, technologies, industry best practices and information resources available to the transportation design and construction industry.

CALL FOR NOMINATIONS The ARTBA Nominating Committee will meet May 29 during the ARTBA Federal Issues Program to consider candidates for the ARTBA Board of Directors and Executive Committee. Please contact the following members of the nominating committee to suggest potential nominees for a future leadership role in our association: Bill Cox, chairman, bcox@; Larry Tate, tate_larry_c@; Charles Potts,; Larry Peterson,; and Steve McGough,


AWARD DEADLINES TRANSOVATION AWARDS Deadline: June 1 Honoring innovative transportation infrastructure-related products, services, technologies and techniques introduced over the past five years that can be documented to provide a high return-on-investment by: improving transportation safety; saving transportation users and taxpayers time and/or money; or making our transportation infrastructure more environmentally sustainable. WOMEN LEADERS IN TRANSPORTATION DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION AWARDS

The National Work Zone Safety Information Clearinghouse mascot, Safety Sam, is pictured standing in front of the Capitol Building with U.S. DOT Secretary Ray LaHood, during the May 8 kickoff event for Global Youth Traffic Safety Month —a nationwide campaign to end vehicle crashes involving young drivers. Five thousand teens die in roadway accidents each year. In 2010, 34 teen deaths occurred in work zones. As part of the effort to raise awareness and make this “the safest summer ever” for America’s teens, the Clearinghouse is providing a free online resource to parents and teens about driving in work zones called, “Turning Point: Roadway Work Zone Safety for New Drivers.” The tool kit includes motivational videos, interactive driving/decision-making scenarios, printable materials and more.

Deadline: June 12 Honoring extraordinary efforts of individuals, companies and public agencies that have demonstrated leadership and dedication to innovation in the transportation construction field as well as the promotion of women leaders within the industry. Three categories: Lifetime Achievement, Company Awards, and Student Awards. Contact ARTBA’s Holly Bolton with any questions.

Download a PDF copy of the digital “Washington Newsline.” ARTBA Washington Newsline



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Highway Captive

Join Mitigate Coverage Gaps

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Today’s best-in-class heavy highway contractors are exploring an exciting new insurance option, offering contractors less price volatility, greater transparency and control, and reduced gaps in their insurance program. Most importantly, they’re creating a competitive advantage through the flexibility a captive facilitates in the deployment of risk capital. To learn what the Marsh/ARTBA Heavy Highway Insurance Program is all about, contact: JIM BLY Managing Director Marsh’s Construction Pracitce 412.552.5028

Any statements concerning actuarial, tax, accounting, or legal matters are based solely on our experience as insurance brokers and risk consultants and are not to be relied upon as actuarial, accounting, tax, or legal advice, for which you should consult your own professional advisors. Marsh makes no representation or warranty concerning the application of policy wordings or the financial condition or solvency of insurers or re-insurers. Marsh makes no assurances regarding the availability, cost, or terms of insurance coverage

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Best Practices in Work Zone Safety @ Local Transportation Asset Management Virtual Conference & Innovation Showcase

We know that budgets are tight and travel limited. That’s why the National Work Zone Safety Information Clearinghouse is bringing a 21st century educational and exhibit experience directly to you…virtually!

save the date

No registration fees. No travel expenses. No time out of the office or away from family. Scheduled for September 18-20 at your desktop or laptop, the Clearinghouse will host the comprehensive “Best Practices in Work Zone Safety” at the Local Transportation Asset Management Virtual Conference & Innovation Showcase, or LoTrans™ 2012.

September 18-20, at your desktop

Top industry firms will be exhibiting their products and services, and the following industry leaders are confirmed for presentations on these topics: Roadway Safety+ Series • Don Elisburg, consultant: “Overview of Roadway Safety” • Melisa Finley, Texas Transportation Institute associate research engineer: “Speed Management in Work Zones” • Emmett Russell, IUOE safety and health director (retired): “Preventing Runovers & Backovers” • Travis Parsons, LHSFNA senior safety and health specialist: “Work Zone Safety: Motorcyclists & Bicyclists” • Omar Lopez, ARTBA safety and Spanish training specialist: “Occupational Hazards” (Spanish) Hot Topics • Dave Fosbroke, NIOSH statistician: “Internal Traffic Control Plans” • Tim Gardner, manager, regulatory affairs, performance safety materials, 3M Occupational Health & Environmental Safety Division: “The Art of Conspicuity” • T. Bella Dinh-Zarr, FIA Foundation safety director: “Decade of Action for Roadway Safety” • Bob Johnson, Granite Construction Company director of safety: “Best Contractor Safety Practices” • Bud Wright, Barrier Systems transportation policy consultant: “Why Investment in Safety Pays Back” • Jim Keaton, Barrier Systems vice president of sales and marketing: “Moveable Barrier in Work Zones” • Eric Hedman, marketing operations manager, 3M Traffic Safety Systems Division: “Sign Management Strategies” • Kelly Hardy, AASHTO highway safety program manager: “Towards Zero Deaths” • Tracy Scriba, work zone program manager, FHWA Office of Operations and Paul Pisano, work zone team leader, FHWA Office of Operations: “Work Zone Safety – The Federal Government’s Perspective” Free registration is available now: Contact Clearinghouse Communications & Project Manager Lisa McCluskey with any questions.

Information provided by the National Work Zone Safety Information Clearinghouse, award #DTFH61-06-H-00015, does not necessarily reflect the views of the U.S. Federal Highway Administration, (FHWA) or the American Road & Transportation Builders Association-Transportation Development Foundation. References to specific products and services do not imply endorsement by the Clearinghouse or FHWA.


ARTBA Digital "Washington Newsline" for May 14, 2012

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