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HUMAN SPACE A study on the anatomy of architecture and the architecture of anatomy

Alvar Aalto Museum, 2014 Museum of the Estonian Architecture, 2015 Presentation

Exhibition Kehamaastikud / Bodyscapes at the Estonian Museum of Architecture April 11 - June 7, 2015

The view from the entrance (under construction of the exhibition, before adjusting the sprinklers).

The exhibition architecture was carefully designed. The aim was not to cover any of the massive pillars but instead leave them all visible. (Until this exhibition the pillars have always been covered by the images hanging from the metal sticks surrounding the pillars). The other aim was to place the designed plywood walls, designed by me, freely in the space, as if a wind or another natural force had taken the artworks inside the gallery space.

Face 1-2. Inkjet print on transparent film with back-light. 150 x 145 cm. The use of the back-lit transparents as a part of the exhibition architecture was designed by me. The images are enlarged photographs of the extremely thin glass sculptures also made by me.

In fact there is a third face sculpure never shown before, which I am considering to place in the middle of these two, so that the three images would form a melting process. I am planning to build light boxes for these images. On the opposite size there is a part of another water issue (from the series the Skin of Water, pigment prints on cotton paper.)

MAJA magazine, 2/2014, p. 32-39

�It was a big pleasure to see your exhibition, which is an intact unity. The exhibition architecture is an hommage to the beautiful space.� Juhani Pallasmaa

Exhibition Human Space in the Alvar Aalto Museum, 7 February – 30 March 2014

The triptyc X-Concieved-Y merges my under-water explorations, MRIs of womb and the drawing by Leonardo. Photo taken at the opening of the exhibition in Alvar Aalto Museum.