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Interactive Websites and Online Activities for Young People Most of these sites are suitable for all ages Some have text included in their presentation and are therefore less suitable for much younger children. These are marked with a (*)

Interactive Sites Create a sculpture and exhibit it at the online gallery Design a cloud and see it in the sky! Various activities based on the work of Keith Haring, includes an interactive colouring book *National Gallery of Art Kids – see the ‘Art Zone’ links Quilt Maker – play with shapes and colour *Help the Art Detective solve the mystery of Grandpa’s painting Telling Tales with wildlife art *Tate Learning – become an art detective, write a story, or play the Memento Mori game Learn how to draw your favourite CBEEBIES characters See what else the CBEEBIES has to offer to youngsters interested in art Check out what the BBC has to offer older children interested in art Etch-a-Sketch online – see your name in etch a sketch, have a go at online sketching Create your own Jackson Pollock – everytime you click it changes colour! Paint Online

Create a new animal Online Colouring Scribbler – turns your scribbles into art! *Saatchi Gallery Artroom – Create a picture online and display it in the artroom *More Art Games *Meet me at Midnight… See what happens behind the doors of America’s Smithsonian museum…

Learning/Museum based sites Join Cappy the Giraffe for a tour around Smithsonian American Art Museum: *Matisse for Kids *National Gallery of Art Kids (USA) learn about a trip to a sculpture garden with guides Lizzy and George *Museum of Web Art for Kids *Portrait Detectives (Liverpool Museums) *Artsology – Culture for Kids – test your knowledge or artists or play some games based on their work

Interactive Websites and Online Activities for Young People  

List of websites for young people.

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