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Art Almanac December 2016 - January 2017 $6.00

Pip & Pop New World Order Bronwyn Oliver


Presented by Blue Mountains City Art Gallery & Art Gallery of New South Wales


Image: Simryn Gill (Singapore; Malaysia; Australia, b.1959), from Vegetation 1999, 5 gelatin silver photographs, each 124 x 129.5 cm. Art Gallery of New South Wales. Gift of the artist 2005. Photo: Jenni Carter/ AGNSW. © Simryn Gill

Art Almanac

December 2016 – January 2017

Empathy is a collective and individual responsibility, especially now. Artists who champion humanity in this issue include Tatsuo Miyajima with his poetic light and sound installation referring to the atrocities of Hiroshima and Auschwitz, Khadim Ali’s new works depict the demonisation of refugees in Australia, Locust Jones says we are in ‘unreasonable times’, Polly Borland shocks us to attention, Ryan Presley’s ‘Blood Money’ honours Indigenous heroes of resistance, and the new show at Art Gallery of South Australia argues that art is essential to survival. We acknowledge the need to confront darkness without forgetting the immense beauty and escapism that artists such as Bronwyn Oliver and Pip & Pop offer the world.

Art in Australia Firstdraft’s 30-year milestone; Versailles: Treasures from the Palace; RED, del kathryn barton; Sydney Festival’s Another Day in Paradise; GOMA turns 10; NSW Visual Arts Fellowship 20 Books 2016 – Art Almanac team


Tatsuo Miyajima, Connect with Everything – Melissa Pesa 34 Bronwyn Oliver, The Sculpture of Bronwyn Oliver – Chloe Mandryk Polly Borland, Not Good at Human – Deb Mansfield 38 Major Tender – Miriam Kelly 40 New World Order – Eleanor Zeichner 42 Pip & Pop, When Happiness Ruled – Melissa Pesa 44 Select exhibition previews – Art Almanac team 50


Cover Pip & Pop, The newest new world (detail), 2015, Christchurch Art Gallery, New Zealand Photograph: John Collie Courtesy the artist


‘Another Day in Paradise’ From January 13, 2017 Campbelltown Arts Centre and Sydney Festival present the first major exhibition by the late Myuran Sukumaran. Co-curated by Ben Quilty and Michael Dagostino, ‘Another day in Paradise’ features over 100 thought-provoking, politically-charged portraits painted by the artist during his incarceration, alongside newly commissioned artworks by seven leading Australian artists. Myuran’s art practice was sacred to him; “It speaks a lot to the human condition and even more to the practice of art, he found solace in it. For Myuran, painting was his religion”, says Quilty. Myuran Sukumaran, Self portrait Courtesy Campbelltown Arts Centre, Sydney and Sydney Festival

GOMA turns 10 The Gallery of Modern Art is celebrating a decade of service with several free exhibitions from 3 December, 2016 to 17 April, 2017 including a public artwork by Indigenous artist Judy Watson. ‘Lucent’ will showcase art from Australia and the Pacific, ‘A World View: The Tim Fairfax Gift’ presents a mix of contemporary international artworks acquired with the benefaction of Fairfax, and the 250 works in ‘Sugar Spin’ will satiate our senses with colour, light, spatial and kinetic interventions. 22

Anne Noble, Ruby’s room no.6, 1999, digital colour print on Hahnemühle rag paper Purchased 2006, Collection Queensland Art Gallery, © The artist Courtesy the artist and Queensland Art Gallery, Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane

The Art of Rivalry Sebastian Smee Text Publishing

Sebastian Smee explores the ‘frenemy’ relationships between modern artists Freud and Bacon, Manet and Degas, Matisse and Picasso and Pollock and de Kooning – an amusing, intimate and human lens that textbooks are closed to. Smee won the Pulitzer Prize for Criticism, 2011, and has contributed to the Boston Globe and The Australian.

Parts of Lost Body (after Aimé Césaire & Pablo Picasso) Daniel Boyd

Perimeter Editions

In this French-folded publication, 19 artworks by Indigenous Australian artist Daniel Boyd couple selected lines from the influential, surrealist poem by Aimé Césaire ‘Lost Body’, famously illustrated by Pablo Picasso. He appropriates the Cubist artist’s economical line drawings – executed in his own unique pointillist style. Boyd brings to light Césaire’s mid-century black consciousness movement, as well as modernism’s relationship to colonialism.

Artist’s Choice: Five Decades of Artists’ Writing (1967–2014) ARTAND Foundation

Over the years Art & Australia invited artists to write about their favourite work on public view. Pairings include Shaun Gladwell on Mike Parr, Russell Drysdale by Tracey Moffatt, John Olsen on Lloyd Rees and Martin Sharp praising Cressida Campbell. Introducing the book Imants Tillers was reminded that “looking at art that moves you confirms the value of art and worthiness of being an artist”. 28

The Sculpture of Bronwyn Oliver Chloe Mandryk ‘The Sculpture of Bronwyn Oliver’ at the TarraWarra Museum of Art is the first comprehensive survey of the accomplished and esteemed artist’s practice from the mid-1980s to her final solo show in 2006 and embraces early paper works, sculptures and maquettes. In 2017, Hannah Fink will release a long-awaited biography on the artist, ‘Bronwyn Oliver: Strange Things’. Ahead of the installation we spoke with Julie Ewington, the exhibition’s guest curator, who is also a writer and broadcaster and has been working in the arts for decades advocating for the value of women’s contribution to Australian art, past and present. What are you hoping audiences take away from their visit? A kind of stillness coupled with a sense of energy. Great sculpture like Bronwyn Oliver’s gives us a space for meditation, and a moving mediation at that, as we must walk around her works and look at them from all angles. Even the wall-mounted works throw complex shadows in space, so they compel us to move. I hope that Oliver will be recognised for the remarkable artist she was, for the ardent beauty of her work. Why is ‘beauty’ in art important or of value? Art does many things for us. The quality of limpid precision and completeness that Bronwyn Oliver achieved in her work is a form of beauty. It is extremely rich and satisfying, something you can return to many times. A place apart in a hectic world. How did you approach the curatorial focus, especially as Oliver was so intent on ‘structure and energy, object and action’? This is the first chance to see Bronwyn Oliver’s work in depth since 2005, so I started in the best way I know – simply by seeing as many works as I could. You cannot know what shape an exhibition will take until you have done that looking, looking, looking. I wanted to show the best works from across her entire career, the public as well as the private sculptures. Oliver herself was very clear that her work was about structure, and the nature of forms. What became increasingly clear to me, as I looked at more and more works, was that Oliver’s complex metal forms were full of a kind of stilled movement, a latent energy. They practically breathe. 36

What was at the heart of Oliver’s poetry? That is a metaphorical ‘poetry’, of course, but in Oliver’s case I think poetry is the right analogy: her work has the same compressed energy as poetry, the same decision, and poetry’s way of making refined propositions. It’s a word she used herself, too – in 1995 she said, “I think about sculpture as a kind of physical poetry.” TarraWarra Museum of Art Until 5 February, 2017 Melbourne Hatchery, 1991, copper, lead, wood, 50 x 70 x 60cm Artbank Collection, Purchased 1991, © Estate of Bronwyn Oliver Two Rings, 2006, copper, 200 x 260 x 260cm Private collection, © Estate of Bronwyn Oliver Courtesy Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney and TarraWarra Museum of Art, Victoria Bronwyn Oliver, 2006 Photograph: Sonia Payes Courtesy of TarraWarra Museum of Art


New World Order Eleanor Zeichner ‘New World Order’, curated by Ella Barclay and Toni Bailey, contends with the accumulation and concealment of power: from mass surveillance to currency, abuses in the Catholic Church to technological obsolescence. With works by Australian and international artists including Hany Armanious, Simon Denny, Beau Emmett, Eva and Franco Mattes, Soda_Jerk, Jess Johnson, Alexis Mailles and Yujun Ye, Ryan Presley, Zoe M. Robertson, Suzanne Treister and Pope Alice Xorporation, the exhibition explores some of the most compelling and disturbing conspiracy theories of the last century. Further, the show posits alternate histories that dismantle the official narrative, allowing for new narratives to emerge, speaking truth to power. Works by British artist Suzanne Treister offer a taxonomic introduction to this shadowy world. Hexen 2.0 (2009-11) is a series of tarot cards reimagined with events and characters associated with the development of cybernetics, defined in 1948 by mathematican and philosopher Norbert Weiner as “the scientific study of control and communication in the animal and the machine.” Treister uses the symbolism corresponding with each tarot card to map the connections between government surveillance programs, the history of the internet and counter-cultural movements of the 20th century. Weiner is represented as The Chariot, interpreted as strength of will and control, while Unabomber Ted Kaczynzki is shown as The Hermit, who is often read as loneliness and withdrawal. Treister’s detailed images encourage a close reading of recent history as a way to divine a complex future. The practice of Brisbane-based artist Ryan Presley also provides an important counter-narrative. In the series ‘Blood Money’, Presley replaces the faces of white Australians who appear on our bank notes with those of Aboriginal leaders and heroes of resistance, including Pemulwuy, Dundalli, Vincent Lingiari and Oodgeroo Noonuccal. These works challenge the power structures that oppress Indigenous histories and dismantle the symbols of nationhood and value contained within our currency system. They compel a critical reading of the stories we tell about ourselves as a country, materialised in each of our daily transactions.


Stephen Dupont White Sheet Series

Stills Gallery Until 23 December, 2016 Sydney

Making Modernism: O’Keefe, Preston and Cossington-Smith Heide Museum of Modern Art Until 19 February, 2017 Melbourne

Stephen Dupont’s striking photographic series unpicks the form and function of traditional studio practice. By using a white sheet the artist can set up anywhere (Cuba, Papua New Guinea, or the Randwick races). By repeating the conceit of a temporary studio the artist infers that these are spaces in which identity is performed. His material choice is also critical of the blank backdrops used in early portraiture and ethnographic photography, encouraging us to see beyond the frame.

Victoria’s Heide Museum of Modern Art and the Art Gallery of New South Wales have partnered with the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, Santa Fe, to present O’Keeffe’s paintings alongside the work of Australian artists Margaret Preston and Grace Cossington Smith, drawing attention to forward thinking beyond the wellspring of Europe. Together their works picture the advent of modernism and the innovation it represented in approaches to light, colour and form. The show promises to be rich in representation and history, with 30 works on view from each artist.

Untitled #08, Havana, Cuba, 2013, from ‘White Sheet Series’, silver gelatin selenium toned print © Stephen Dupont Courtesy of the artist and Stills Gallery, Sydney

Grace Cossington Smith, Trees, c.1927, oil on plywood, 91.5 x 74.3cm Newcastle Art Gallery, purchased with assistance from the Art Gallery and Conservatorium Committee 1967 © Estate of Grace Cossington Smith Courtesy Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne


Sappers & Schrapnel Art Gallery of South Australia Until 29 January, 2017 South Australia The utility of art is explored in this exhibition presenting self-expression as essential for survival. Lesser known and perhaps undervalued ‘trench art’ from the collection of the Australian War Memorial will band together with contemporary pieces from 20 artists including Baden Pailthorpe, Fiona Hall, Tony Albert and Olga Cironis. Curator Lisa Slade explained, “It reminds us of art’s inalienable power. And we need such a reminder right now.”

Tony Albert, Girramay/Kuku Yalandji people, Queensland, Universal Soldier, 2014, assemblage of reworked objects, fabric and twine, 273 x 190.5 x 5.5cm (dimensions variable) Acquisition through TARNANTHI | Festival of Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art supported by BHP Billiton 2015, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide Photograph: Greg Piper Courtesy the artist, Sullivan+Strumpf, Sydney and Art Gallery of South Australia


Khadim Ali The Arrival of Demons Milani Gallery Until 23 December, 2016 Queensland

Khadim Ali grew up in Pakistan as a refugee and now resides and works in Sydney. His latest exhibition, ‘The Arrival of Demons’, tells of the destruction of war; the wounds and scars it causes, and how trauma and loss are carried down through generations. These are stories of displaced people, and societies broken. Ali explores the misrepresentation of refugees, portrayed as demons, who threaten the social order, yet what they hope for is peace. “This displaced body has a name: refugee” – Khadim Ali.

The Arrivals 6, 2016, gouache and gold leaf on wasli paper, 75 x 55cm Courtesy of the artist and Milani Gallery, Queensland

Artist Opportunities and Awards We have selected a few galleries and funding bodies calling for submissions for Art Awards, Artist Engagements, Grants, Public Art, Residency Programs, Exhibition Proposals and more. Enjoy and good luck! Bundanon Trust 2017 Residencies Program

Each year the Bundanon Trust supports over 300 residencies providing creative facilities on sites across Shoalhaven for artists, groups and companies to explore and develop their practice and projects. Participants have been announced for 2017 along with new associations, these include Next Wave Festival, Accessible Arts, Meroogal Women’s Art Prize, Moogahlin Performing Arts, National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) and Performance Space to name a few. Underbelly Arts will select ten artists from their 2017 program for a pre-lab development at Bundanon’s Riversdale site. International exchange opportunities including residencies for French and African artists, and a residency in Beijing with Red Gate Gallery are taking place and, a new silversmithing studio has been created.

Kingaroy Biannual Sculpture Prize

Entries close 20 January, 2017 The Kingaroy Regional Art Gallery has announced a major new public art initiative. The $10,000 sculpture prize will kick start public art in the streets and parks of Kingaroy, Queensland. Exhibition March 2017.

Wangaratta Contemporary Textile Award

Entries close 10 March, 2017 This biennial $10,000 acquisitive award and exhibition celebrates the diversity and strength of Australia’s textile artistry. Wangaratta Art Gallery is calling for professional Australian artists working in any textile media to make a submission. Exhibition June to August, 2017. Art Olympia 2017 International Open Art Competition

Entries close 15 March, 2017 Art Olympia is a new public art competition open to artists world-wide that aims to promote cultural exchange. Two-dimensional works in oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, mineral pigments, print, charcoal, digital, multimedia art, mixed media, and photography are invited.

Telstra National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art Awards (NATSIAA)

Entries close 17 March, 2017 NATSIAA is calling traditional and contemporary works by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists from regional and urban Australia. This award recognises the important contribution made by Indigenous artists, and celebrates the diversity of Indigenous Australian art.

Arthur Guy Memorial Painting Prize Valerie Odewahn helping to set up the silversmithing studio Photograph: Heidrun Lohr Courtesy Bundanon Trust


Entries close 5 May, 2017 The Arthur Guy Memorial Painting Prize is a prestigious biannual event. An acquisitive award with a cash prize of $50,000 and an exhibition in July 2017.

Tolarno Galleries

ARC ONE Gallery

Flinders Lane

BLINDSIDE Artist-Run Space

Level 4, 104 Exhibition Street, Melbourne 3000. T (03) 9654-6000 F 9654-7000. E W Director: Jan Minchin (member of ACGA). H Tues-Fri 10.00 to 5.00, Sat 1.00 to 5.00. To Dec 17 Judy Watson. Feb 16 to April 8, 2017 Patricia Piccinini.

Anna Schwartz Gallery

185 Flinders Lane, Melbourne 3000. T (03) 9654-6131. E W Director: Anna Schwartz. H Tues-Fri 12.00 to 6.00, Sat 1.00 to 5.00. To Dec 21 Absent Bodies by Chiharu Shiota.

45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne 3000. T (03) 9650-0589. E W Directors: Fran Clark and Suzanne Hampel (member of ACGA). H Tues-Sat 11.00 to 5.00. Dec 6 to Feb 4, 2017 (opening Sat Dec 10, 4-6pm) In the White Square – Robert Owen, Jacky Redgate, Caleb Shea, Gemma Smith and Lydia Wegner, curated by Laura Lantieri. Gallery closed Dec 18 to Mon Jan 23, 2017.

Nicholas Building, Level 7, Room 14, 37 Swanston Street (enter via lifts in Cathedral Arcade), Melbourne 3000. T (03) 9650-0093. E W H Tues-Sat 12.00 to 6.00. Dec 7 to 17 Curtain Call 2016: 1000 2000s Soap. Jan 19 to 21, 2017 BLINDSIDE Summer Studio. G1: Jessie Burrows and Angela Louise Powell. G2: Simon Massey and Jess Gall, curated by Lili Belle Birchall. Jan 25 to Feb 11, 2017 Bureau For The Organisation Of Origins (Boo) – Ben Sheppard, Rushdi Anwar, Linda Choi, Caryi Fischer, Raafat Ishak and Tom Nicholson, Sean Lowrey, Elmedin Zuni and Mayatili & Wanjuk Marika, curated by Ben Sheppard. Gallery closed Dec 17, reopening Jan 19, 2017.

Chiharu Shiota, Absent Bodies, 2016, installation view, red yarn, wooden chairs, 1500 x 450 x 450cm (dimensions variable) Photograph: Zan Wimberley Courtesy the artist and Anna Schwartz Gallery

Curtain Call 2016 | 1000 2000s Soap Image sourced from the Australian Archives, Sydney Stock Exchange, 1970

Melbourne 73


799 Elizabeth Street, Zetland 2017. T (02) 9698-4696. E W Directors: Ursula Sullivan and Joanna Strumpf. H Tues-Sat 10.00 to 5.00, or by appt. To Dec 23 Not Good at Human by Polly Borland. Also, Clark’s Myriorama & Other Projects by Tony Clark. Jan 26 to Feb 11, 2017, 2017 Group Exhibition – works by all Sullivan+Strumpf represented artists.

Inner West Marrickville Balmain AirSpace Projects

10 Junction Street, Marrickville 2204. T 0438-020-661. E W Directors: Sally Clarke and Brenda Factor. H Thurs-Fri 11.00 to 6.00, Sat 11.00 to 5.00 first three weeks each month. Dec 2 to 17 Gallery 1 + The Cranny: Grey Area: 12 artists including Nuha Saad, Christine Dean and David Sequeira. Gallery 2: Traverse by Gillian Lavery. Deep Space: Tabi-Tabi Po (May I Pass) by Marikit Santiago. gallery closed through Jan, reopens Feb 10, 2017.

Annandale Galleries

110 Trafalgar Street, Annandale 2038. T (02) 95521699. E W Directors: Bill Gregory and Anne Gregory (members of ACGA). H Tues-Sat 11.00 to 5.00. Gallery closed Dec 6, reopens mid Feb, 2017.

Articulate project space Polly Borland, Not Good at Human, 2016, archival pigment print Courtesy the artist and Sullivan+Strumpf

Utopia Art Sydney

2 Danks Street, Waterloo 2017. T (02) 9699-2900. E W Director: Christopher Hodges. H Tues-Sat 10.00 to 5.00. Dec 3 to 24 The Last Hurrah the last exhibition to be held by Utopia Art Sydney at 2 Danks Street, after 15 years. The Last Hurrah will be a salon hang involving all of the gallery’s artists. 2017 will be an exciting new adventure, stay tuned.

497 Parramatta Road (opposite Cass Bros), Leichhardt 2040. W H Fri-Sun 11.00 to 5.00 (or as listed). To Dec 5 Stable – Kath Fries, Fiona Kemp, Danica Knezevic and Nuha Saad, curated by Fiona Kemp. ArticulateUpstairs: Whizzing Tinge by Amanda Airs. Dec 10 to 24 (opening Fri Dec 9, 6-8pm) Articulate Turns Six: What Next? show by artists who’ve previously shown at Articulate. Jan 14 to 29, 2017 (opening Fri Jan 13, 6-8pm) Solidarity group show in support of Sydney art schools under threat. ArticulateUpstairs: Fashistlaunch of summer wardrobe by Sarah Newell. See blog for further details.

Perrine Lacroix, Via aerea, 2015 Courtesy the artist and Articulate project space

124 Sydney

Flinders University City Gallery

State Library of South Australia, North Terrace, Adelaide 5000. T (08) 8207-7055. E W H Tues-Fri 11.00 to 4.00, Sat-Sun 12.00 to 4.00. Dec 3 to Feb 5, 2017 Truth & Beauty – the botanical works of Ferdinand Bauer are renowned for their exquisite detail and scientific precision. Truth & Beauty presents Bauer’s floral prints and illustrations from Captain Matthew Flinders Investigator Voyage with plant specimens from the State Herbarium to explore the fusion of art and science in his remarkable work.

GAGPROJECTS Greenaway Art Gallery

39 Rundle Street (enter through laneway), Kent Town 5067. T (08) 8362-6354 F 8362-0890. E W Director: Paul Greenaway. H Tues-Fri 11.00 to 6.00, Sat-Sun 12.00 to 5.00. Dec 1 to 20 Fictions 2016 by Daryl Austin.

Daryl Austin, Toronto 1971 V2 (detail), 2016, oil on poplar panel, 50 x 40cm Courtesy the artist and GAGPROJECTS/Greenaway Art Gallery

Hill Smith Gallery

Ferdinand Bauer (1760-1826), Austrian Banksia coccinea, 1806-13, from ‘Illustrationes florae Novae Hollandiae’, stipple engraving, hand-finished in watercolour, plate 3, working proof Alecto Historical Editions in association with the Natural History Museum (London, England), re-published 1989 Collection of Flinders University Art Museum 5220.011

113 Pirie Street, Adelaide 5000. T (08) 8223-6558 F 8227-0678. E W Director: Samuel Hill-Smith (member of ACGA). H Wed-Fri 10.00 to 5.00, Sun 2.00 to 5.00. Dec 3 to 17 Main Gallery: Menagerie a group exhibition. Gallery closed Dec 18, reopens Jan 18, 2017.

Hugo Michell Gallery

260 Portrush Road, Beulah Park 5067. T (08) 83318000 F 8331-7000. E W H Tues-Fri 10.00 to 5.00, Sat 11.00 to 4.00.

JamFactory Contemporary Craft & Design

19 Morphett Street, Adelaide 5000. T (08) 84100727. W H Mon-Sat 10.00 to 5.00, Sun 12.00 to 4.00. Dec 9 to Jan 22, 2017 Generate 2016.

156 South Australia

Galleries Aboriginal And Pacific Art Aboriginart Academy Gallery Adelaide Central Gallery Airspace Projects Alcaston Gallery Allendale Studio Alternating Current Art Space ANCA Gallery Andrew Baker Art Dealer Anna Pappas Gallery Anna Schwartz Gallery Annandale Galleries Anne & Gordon Samstag Museum Of Art Annette Larkin Fine Art Anthea Polson Art ANU Drill Hall Gallery Araluen Arts Centre Ararat Regional Art Gallery Arc One Gallery Arc Yinnar Gallery Art At Linden Gate Gallery Art at St Francis Art Atrium Art Gallery of Ballarat Art Gallery Of New South Wales Art Gallery Of South Australia Art Gallery Of Western Australia Art Mob Art Moment Gallery Art of Dr Seuss Art of Dr. Seuss Art Pharmacy Art Space on The Concourse Art to Art ArtAndOnly Artarmon Galleries Artback NT Arts Development & Touring Artbank artcollect Artery Arthouse Gallery Articulate project space Artitja Fine Art Arts Academy, Post Office Gallery Arts Project Australia Artsite Gallery Artspace Artspace Mackay ArtSpace Realm ArtSpace Wonthaggi Ascot Theatre Gallery Australian Centre for Contemporary Art Australian Centre For Photography Australian Centre For The Moving Image Australian Galleries Derby Street Australian Galleries Roylston Street Australian Galleries Stock Rooms Australian Print Workshop Inc. Australian Tapestry Workshop Baldessin Press Ballarat - Gallery on Sturt BAROMETER Gallery Barossa Regional Gallery Bathurst Regional Art Gallery Bayside Sculpture Gallery Beaver Galleries Bega Valley Regional Gallery Belalie Art Gallery Belconnen Arts Centre Benalla Art Gallery Bendigo Art Gallery Bett Gallery Hobart BlackCat Gallery Blacktown Arts Centre

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Blarney Books and Art Blender Gallery BLINDSIDE Artist-Run Space Blue Mountains City Art Gallery Bluethumb Bluewhippet Art Bolin Bolin Gallery Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Co-operative Bowral Art Gallery Box Hill Community Arts Centre Bradley Hall Antiques And Art Gallery Breathing Colours Gallery Brenda May Gallery Brett Whiteley Studio Bridget McDonnell Gallery Brightspace Brunswick Street Gallery Bunbury Regional Art Gallery Bundeena Maianbar Art Trail Bundoora Homestead Art Centre Buratti Fine Art Burnie Regional Art Gallery Burra Regional Art Gallery Cairns Regional Gallery Cambridge Studio Gallery Campbelltown Arts Centre Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Gormon House Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Manuka Canberra Glassworks Canberra Museum and Gallery Castlemaine Art Gallery Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre Central Goldfields Art Gallery Ceramic Break Sculpture Park Chapel off Chapel Chapel on Station Gallery Chapman & Bailey Charles Darwin University Art Collection & Art Gallery Charles Nodrum Gallery Chrissie Cotter Gallery Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery Collingwood Gallery Colville Gallery Commercial Conny Dietzschold Gallery Contemporary Art Awards Contemporary Art Society of Victoria Contemporary Art Tasmania Contemporary Editions Coo-ee Aboriginal Art Gallery Corner Gallery Stanmore Corner Store Gallery Counihan Gallery In Brunswick Cowra Regional Art Gallery Craft Craft ACT Crawford Gallery Cross Art Projects Cullen Dax Centre Deakin University Art Gallery At Burwood Defiance Gallery Delmar Gallery Depot Gallery Despard Gallery Detached Devonport Regional Gallery Dogwood Crossing, Miles Duck Print Fine Art Duldig Studio museum + sculpture garden East & West Art Eastgate Gallery Egg & Dart Elizabeth Arthur Fine Art Gallery Eltham Library Community Gallery Eltham South Fine Art Studios & Gallery Entrepot Art Gallery Etsy Factory 49 Falkner Gallery

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Art Almanac December 2016 / January 2017 Issue  

Supporting the Art Community Since 1974

Art Almanac December 2016 / January 2017 Issue  

Supporting the Art Community Since 1974