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art&beyond Vol. 10 • Summer Edition • 2017

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Cyndy Carstens

OBOE D’ AMORE. Oil on Canvas, 24” x 24”

oil • acrylic • watercolor • mixed media • photography • digital art • sculpture • glass • ceramic • jewelry

Stephanie Holznecht

RAINBOW. Mixed Media, 36” x 48”

Mindspace #57 / William Metcalf

Untitled / Douglas Mehrens Organic Corn / Rhett Lynch

Orbit / Gary Traczyk

Burnished Luminance / Shelly Forbes

Figure / Gold Pool by Andrea Broyles

OPENING NIGHT PREVIEW PARTY Thursday, July 13 | 5 PM – 9 PM SHOW SCHEDULE Friday, July 14 | 11 AM – 8 PM Saturday, July 15 | 11 AM – 8 PM Sunday, July 16 | 11 AM – 5 PM Whirlpool / Marina Viatkina

GM / Ed Moses















Vol. 10 • Summer Edition • 2017


CONTENTS from the publisher

My relationship with art began when I was a little girl. I started molding little figures out of soft clay that represented the stories and fairytales my grandmother used to read to me. Since then art has always been my passion and it has grown and evolved into many different facets of appreciation and understanding for all its forms. The magic we call art is a form of communication based on a range of emotions one can express using brush strokes, color, various techniques, different medium and materials. What we see, what we feel, what we desire – all is there for us to enjoy and is created by one person, the Artist. With saying this I’m fortune to have the opportunity to publish number of contemporary artists living around us on the pages of Art & Beyond. Art & Beyond Magazine is proud to present the Summer Print Edition at Art! Vancouver May 25-28, 2017 and Art Santa Fe July 13-16, 2017. Featured in this issue are incredibly talented artists. They come from different countries and from all walks of life, each possessing their own style, unique ideas, philosophical approach and vision of the world around us.

Fine Art • Sculpture • Photography

Cyndy Carstens


Debbi Chan 15

Stephanie Holznecht 7

Lis Engel 15

Hui-ju Chen


Steven Lustig 16

Sabina D’Antonio


Lizzy Forrester 16

Nicholas H. Teetelli 10

Wendy Coco 17

Anna Ivleva 12

Vered Galor 17

Paul Scott Malone 13

Kasia Szczesniewski 18

Kirsten Nash 14

Diana Whiley 18


Back Cover

The artwork “Viking Dawn II” by Nicholas H. Teetelli (p. 10) has been chosen for the Back Cover.

Cyndy Carstens

Nicholas Teetelli

The artwork “Rainbow” by Stephanie Holznecht (p. 7) won the Inside Front Cover.

Inside Front Cover

Inside Back Cover

Stephanie Holznecht

Sabina D’Antonio

Traditionally, the Art & Beyond Cover Competition is held for every issue where four artists are given the opportunity to be featured on four covers of the magazine. We are proud to announce that the artwork titled “Oboe d’ Amore” by Cyndy Carstens (p. 6) has been chosen as the Summer Edition of Art & Beyond Magazine Front Cover.

And for the Inside Back Cover was chosen the artwork “Coastal Path” by Sabina D’Antonio (p. 9). We would like to thank all of the immensely talented artists who participated in this issue.

Art & Beyond Magazine is published by Art & Beyond Studio, Inc. and serves as a promotional tool for artists and art event organizers and delivered directly to galleries, museums, and art consultants. The artists presented on its pages are given an opportunity to showcase their work and increase visibility throughout the art sphere and bring their artistic career to the next level or representation.


Mila Ryk

Art Director

Mila Ryk


Alina Lampert


Justin Hoffman

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Cyndy Carstens

BREATHE. Oil on Canvas, 36” x 48”

evolutions inspired by challenges in her personal life. Her study of meteorology, geometry, reflective and refractive light to be incorporated into her art making began in 2006 while caring-giving her mother who had been diagnosed with a terminal disease. The depth and color portrayed in her work heightened as her son began a torturous fight with cancer in 2013. Today, Cyndy’s work continues to focus on the ever-changing weather patterns of the Southwest with interpretations of the skies balanced by organic forms and landscape. Collected by private and corporate patrons across the U.S. and 7 countries, Carstens’ work has gleaned numerous awards, as well as being a guest on many television/radio news programs throughout her career. A few of these awards include: • Acceptance into the prestigious National Weather Center Biennial - 2017 CHERISHED HOPE. Oil on Canvas, 20” x 30” Cyndy Carstens was awarded a summer scholarship to the highly regarded Art Institute of Minneapolis at the age of 6—an experience that inspired her to pursue the vocation of artist. Her career has encompassed work as a creative director, art director, illustrator, muralist and fine art painter. Cyndy has owned several small businesses during these ventures and continues to pursue her professional art career as an entrepreneur, owning Carstens Fine Art Studio in the Arts District of Downtown Scottsdale, AZ. Carstens artistic endeavors have undergone several major 6 • Art & Beyond • Summer Edition 2017

• Artist Award of Distinction, Richeson: Landscape 2016 Exhibition, Kimberly, WI • Artist of the Year, Sonoran Arts League • Arizona Artists Guild Best of Show Award • Chairman’s Award, Peoria Arts Council Annual Juried Exhibition • Artist of Distinction Award, Manhattan Arts International, New York, New York Carstens work is perceptive, lyrical, and contemporary, yet emotionally recognizable and thought-provoking. •

Stephanie Holznecht


Stephanie is originally from the Southeast coast of England, immigrating to the USA at the age of nineteen. She attended UW-Whitewater upon arrival, and obtained a BA in graphic design and fine art. She worked as a graphic designer and art director for many years. Although she originally used pen and ink in the style of realism, her current artistic style now centers on abstract art. A lot can be attributed to the many workshops in abstract painting she has taken. These inspired her to let go of her minutely detailed realistic artwork and free herself up to feel art in a raw, emotionally charged manner. Her present styles include the use of mixed media on some canvases and fluid acrylic on others. Her mixed media work has inspired her to seek new avenues of inspiration, delving deeper into her emotional center to create more expressive paintings. These paintings have grown ever stronger with each new piece she paints. It has been a journey to reach the level of emotional binding she has attained. Each artwork holds a thought or emotion unique to her, as she manipulates the colors across the canvas. “The inspiration that I take from experiencing life creates a feeling that continues to inspire me. I don’t think, as an artist, that is something I could ever lose,” she says. She has exhibited at countless venues throughout the USA, including New LIFE ON THE RUN. Mixed Media, 36” x 36” York, Miami, Santa Fe, Las Vegas, and internationally in Dubai, New Delhi, Florence and London. She has also been honored with some prestigious awards worldwide including a bronze award at an exhibition in London, England and first place at an exhibition in Florence, Italy. Her art is in the permanent collections of corporate and private establishments across the world. • • 7


MY CITY. Acrylic on Canvas, 70cm x 70cm

BROKEN HEART. Acrylic & Mixed Media, 50cm x 70cm

Hui-ju Chen (Mickey) Hui-ju Chen (Mickey) graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1996. Even though she has not been using art and design as her main profession, she has kept her passion of making art until today. Along with her teaching job at Shantou University, she always finds time to create various styles of work. It is interesting to see how her work has varied from photography to acrylic painting to mixed-media to collage. She hopes to keep being experimental because she believes that, in the art world, there are no real errors but different thoughts and processes with different outcomes. Without experimentation, she feels, art is not art. She gets inspiration from different aspects of life. She always hopes to learn and create different kinds of work by making use of her own different life experiences. It is normal to have lots of frustrations and doubts as one goes through the phases of creation. For Mickey, the biggest frustration has been the temptation and pressure to build and keep up one particular style in order to be a professional artist. Though it is true that a dedication to one style may enable one to come a little closer to perfection in that style, Mickey feels that art is about taking risks. If she is satisfied with one style, she believes that she loses a very important quality of art--the excitement of experiencing different things in the world. Therefore, she hopes to continue working in different ways and experimenting with different styles. Art making, for her, is not just a way to express herself but a way to define her existence. 8 • Art & Beyond • Summer Edition 2017

Sabina D’Antonio

SUMMER SPLASH. Acrylic/Mixed Media on Canvas, 39.5” x 39.5” x 1.5”

American born Sabina now lives and works on the Mornington Peninsula of Victoria, Australia, as a full time artist. Sabina is an only child to European Immigrants, with a strong influence in art.

manufacturing background, as well as the numbers which she comes across throughout her day. Self taught Sabina has nurtured her independence and artistic freedom and creates spontaneously from within: expressing a feeling, a memory or an impression. Sabina is not restricted by uniform techniques, but is free to express herself fully.

“I am an Artist, Not a Machine” Sabina’s coastal abstract paintings are inspired from her own photographic passion of capturing the raw beauty Mother Nature creates over time, rusted metals, peeling paint, anything weathered. This style brings the viewer an adventure in texture, hints of mixed media, a horizon made with genuine music sheets, and of course numbers; which are inspired from Sabina’s vast

“I am a self taught full-time artist with a passion to create and capture a true beauty of art in each body of work, with the hopes in making a happy escape for the viewer.” SANDY TOES. Acrylic/Mixed Media on Canvas, 39.5” x 39.5” x 1.5” • 9

fineart • photography

Art & Beyond Interview with

Nicholas Teetelli

by Justin Hoffman

NORDIC WINTER II. Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper.

As a fine-art photographer from New York City, Nicholas Teetelli has spent the past four decades honing his skills and winning awards both at home and abroad. He travels the world capturing what he sees and has a diverse portfolio including landscapes, architecture, portraits, flora and fauna, underwater, and street photography. His work has been featured at the New York ArtExpo this April, followed by a one month solo exhibition in September in Vienna, Austria. Q. Being self-taught, what advice could you offer to others who aspire to become professional photographers?

A. Be true to yourself, trust your instincts, feel the moment, don’t be afraid to experiment - you may be surprised with your results. In the end, a photographer's work is an expression of their mind’s eye, so there is no right or wrong, just an interpretive expression that is liked or not liked by others. I also highly recommend taking specialized courses when possible. When I was an active Master Diver, I took an ten day course with Cathy Church to bolster and expand my skills in underwater photography. I also enjoy small group photographer trips, my last being to Cuba in March, 2016. These trips encourage casual discussion and collaboration, and in the process I always learn something new and make friends with people who share my passion.

Q. How did you decide to combine your photography with a clothing line? A. I was on the fence about the clothing line, and to a certain extent still am. The manufacturer contacted me and solicited me to consider putting some 10 • Art & Beyond • Summer Edition 2017

THE HALLGRÍMSKIRKJ. Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper.

REYKJAVIC. Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper.

BLACK SANDS OF VIK. Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper. designs together, so I finally decided to give it a try. I thought it might be interesting, fun, and just something “different.” When I received the initial samples I was disappointed; I just did not like what the finished products looked like (then again I never like any of my photographs the first time I view them; it's part of my process I suppose). But when I showed them to friends they loved them, so I decided to move forward, and sent out quite a few over the holidays to clients and friends. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive! So, it would appear the clothing line will survive.

Q. Is there a specific location that has been your favorite to photograph?

GLACIAL ABYSS. Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper.

A. That’s a tough one. Now that my daughter is older, I have made it a point to do a father-daughter trip every year and we have visited many “bucket-list” destinations like Machu Picchu, Peru, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, The Grand Canyon, and this March we are heading to Iceland. However, being a product of the Cold War era, and never imagining I would ever have the opportunity to see it in my lifetime, I would have to say Cuba may be my favorite destination to photograph. In fact, I am giving serious thought to going back soon to continue my work there. It's an amazing experience and the people are wonderfully welcoming! • • 11

fineart BREAKING FREE. Oil on Canvas, 24” x 36”

STILL LIFE. TULIPS. Oil on Canvas, 24” x 30”

Anna Ivleva Anna Ivleva was born in Odessa, Ukraine (former USSR). Ivleva started schooling and basic artistic training in 1963-1972. Through Ivleva’s extensive travels in Europe, she was able to gain the most valuable experiences while exploring world famous museums with collections of artists such as Monet, Korovin, Golovin, and John Singer Sergeant who’s work influenced her artwork dramatically. Ivleva took private art lessons in oil painting and learned different techniques and is self-taught in art history. Inspired by the beauty of nature and works of the old masters she developed her technique by using short, wide and deep brush strokes in her artwork to make a strong visual impression which helps emphasize the emotions of chosen colors of the paint. Ivleva’s artwork is quiet and peaceful as well as joyful. Ivleva’s most resent exhibitions include Anderson Art Center, WI and Gallery 7, Joliet, IL. Anna Ivleva is proud member of the Chicago Society of Artists. 12 • Art & Beyond • Summer Edition 2017

MADE OF STONE. Oil on Canvas, 30” x 40”

EXTREME #7. Composition 487 (Lucifer!). Oil on Canvas, 40” x 30”. 2008

Paul Scott Malone Paul Scott Malone was born in Texas and has lived most of his life in the South and Southwest. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston and an MFA from The University of Arizona. He has received numerous awards and honors, including, in 1990, a fellowship and grant for an individual artist from the National Endowment for the Arts. In recent years, his visual art has been shown in several galleries and exhibitions in the United States and Europe, as well as magazines and books such as Art & Beyond, Living Artists of Today and International Contemporary Artists. In 2010, the old Icosahedron Gallery in Manhattan displayed almost a dozen of his paintings during two group exhibitions, and, in 2011, World Wide Art Books named him an International Contemporary Master. Malone has also published a novel and two collections of short stories. He now lives and works in Rockport, Texas, a village on the Gulf of Mexico, where he spends far too much time fishing.

WESTERN URBAN #1. Composition 521. Oil on Canvas, 36” x 60”. 2012 • 13


Kirsten Nash “La Vie En Rose” Last night I sang “La Vie En Rose” for a friend’s 50th Birthday party, for the first time. I was thinking about what it meant to see life through rosecolored glasses, how I’ve always been an optimist…and I’ve always loved roses. I keep coming back to the rose as a painting subject; they just seem like that perfect combination of fire and ice, like they have the universe at their core alternately burning and cooling in a perfectly balanced state of passion. I finished the first rose in this series on the day Natalie Cole passed, and so I named it after her, and the next two I named after Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holliday. Being a musician/singer has colored my art on another level. I often get people saying they hear music when they look at my paintings, and maybe they do. I know I hear music when I paint, whether the stereo is on or not. My whole life people have told me I must choose one or the other to focus on, music or art. That has never made sense to me because both pursuits have always been intertwined; I paint, I hear music, I play music, I see art. It seems like a perfect balance to me of passion and optimism, the concept of “La Vie En Rose” that, along with the faith and hope that comes with creativity, I think the world could always use a little more of.

PEACE. Acrylic on Canvas, 48” x 72”. 2016

14 • Art & Beyond • Summer Edition 2017

TULIPS CLOGS AND WINDMILLS. Watercolor-Ink,15”W x 22”H

Debbi Chan The study of traditional Chinese painting has led me on an interesting path which keeps me in exploration without changing the actual painting method. I now do most of my work in large folding albums or horizontal hand scrolls on rice paper.

found out lend themselves to virtual Reality. Or rather viewing in VR. You can also find me in galleries and in my own published art books and magazines. I am around. With my passion for art there is no other way.

The folding albums and scrolls tell storylike paintings which I

HEI COSMIC LETTER. Acryl and Pen on Canvas, 50cm x 60cm

Lis Engel

"I think of art as a constant opening of the poetics of the living Now"- Lis Engel

Lis Engel has painted since she was 12 years old. She paints preferably in oil and acryl and is inspired by living close in contact with nature and by music and poetry. She has exhibited in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, USA and China – latest at Anacapri Gallery and museum of Chianciano, where she received Chiancianos International Art Prize, together with a fine critic by the international art critic and

FROG DREAMING. Oil on Canvas, 60cm x 70cm curator Karen Lappon, that among others wrote that Lis Engels art is a charming art, that surprizes and catches the movements of light and felt meaning in a deeply original way –– a true gift to the modern, poetic, allegorial and abstract painting. She is a member of the censured art group and of • • 15

fineart • sculpture • photography

ENCHANTED WOODLANDS. Oil on Canvas, 100cm x 80cm

SIMPLICITY OF DAISYS. Oil on Board, 46cm x 38cm


STEVEN LUSTIG FINE ART Original Sculptures & Drawings

This unique piece of sculpture is another in a series of “nested figures” and comes directly from a live life drawing session with a muse that glowed from within. She is made up of three different materials, two pieces of steatite, one piece of Baja Onyx and an aluminum base. She is a modern version of an ancient Greek Kouri figure and represents a lifetime of study in the structure and function of how the human figure moves trough space. In addition, she emanates energy from within, representing the neurons, light, and energy within us all. •

16 • Art & Beyond • Summer Edition 2017

Lizzy Forrester Working in oils and acrylics, Lizzy Forrester’s landscapes are characterized by a timelessness of place, capturing the marked endurance and beauty inherent in nature. Her creativity was unleashed, and is continually strengthened by, a spiritual awakening and colored by the Buddhist philosophy, which has infused her with the calm and the sense of peace that permeate her work. Colors are harmonious and serene, rich in hue and yet subtle in tone, and the interplay of light and shadow gives the images an Impressionist feel. Composition brings a balance to her work that is almost ethereal, but her choice of subject keeps the images firmly grounded on Earth. Living and working on the Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain, Forrester’s art has recently taken a poetic turn, as she has begun exploring the connection between poetic writings and art, seeking to transcend the “barriers” inherent in words and language.

FRESHNESS. Photography.

Wendy Coco Once a featured artist of The Queer Gallery, Wendy Coco is a photographer who specializes in capturing the images of the living world. Born in Maine she first used her camera to capture images of rural living. In 2002 she moved to Western Massachusetts where she began exploring her interest in the arts and in floral photography. As a Social Worker Wendy quickly found a way to combine her love of photography and her 20 year experience in housing the homeless to capture the reality of living today. She has been blessed with the opportunity to meet thousands of people around the country who are struggling under the weight of poverty. Encapsulated in her work are poignant images of individuals who continually work towards survival and seek the basic enjoyment of life.

THE WALK WITH IN. Photography.

BUTTERFLY ON ORANGE. Photographic Digital Collage

Vered Galor My photographic collages are layers of my reflections and observations. Photographing nature was one of the first subjects of my collages. Nature being about Color, line and texture expresses life at its basic beauty. I always loved Weeds and Cactuses! They have the Aura of the Rebels among plants and surprise us with their strength and unusual Beauty. I also photographed wildlife and animals for over 40 years, in the wild, in the parks, in the zoo and in the yard! They are all photographed with a simple manual camera, medium length lens and no tripod and are a subject of my collages Vered Galor has been involved with the fine art world for over thirty. She has been doing curatorial work, creating Photographic Digital Collages, teaching, mentoring and showing with galleries since the early 1980ties.

RED PUFF. Photographic Digital Collage • 17

fineart • digitalart

WHISPERS OF NATURE. Mixed Media: Rice Paper, Acrylic on Cardboard, 22” x 28”

Kasia Szczesniewski Kasia Szczesniewski was born in Legnica, Poland, but she has always felt Wroclaw was her hometown. At Wroclaw Polytechnic University she gained an educational background in Architecture and Design. She obtained a teaching degree from College of Legnica, specializing in art education. During her youth, Kasia had the opportunity to see many beautiful examples of European architecture, sculptures and paintings, which strongly influenced her way of looking at art. After immigrating to the United States, she

SWELL OF TIME. Mixed Media: Rice Paper, Acrylic on Cardboard, 46” x 36” completed several college level art and design courses, and attended numerous professional workshops. She received many awards, was interviewed by Polish radio and TV stations, and published in local newspapers. Nowadays, Kasia is an active member of the Chicago art community, showing and selling her works, doing commissions, and organizing art events.

SOUL GAZING. Digital Art.

PEONY. Digital Art.

Diana Whiley I am exploring in a series I call “ Dusk and Dawn” the times where myths began and grew. Our body and soul searching for the universes mystic light and life. A time to reflect. Looking through the window into our own soul. And in juxtaposition these reflections are often permeated with 18 • Art & Beyond • Summer Edition 2017

fragrances. They transport us and we respond in ways that are indelible to time and place. For me one memory in particular stands out. Musk and potpourri in vases by my Great Aunt’s hall stand and outside her garden a riot of peony.

Sabina D’Antonio

COASTAL PATH. Acrylic/Mixed Media on Canvas, 39.5” x 47.2” x 1.5”

Nicholas H. Teetelli

VIKING DAWN II. Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Pape