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art&beyond Vol. 8 • Summer Edition • 2016

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Robin Apple

REBIRTH 15. iPhonography. 24” x 24”

oil • acrylic • watercolor • mixed media • photography • digital art • sculpture • glass • ceramic • jewelry

Fu Wenjun

AMONG THE CLOUDS. Conceptual photography, 140 cm x 175 cm. 2014-2015




Vol. 8 • Summer Edition • 2016


CONTENTS from the publisher

The magic we call ART - what is it? Why is that each time we stop to admire a work of art, whether it be a painting, sculpture, photography or other type of visual creation it makes us wonder? What gives us the impulse to enjoy art to which we have been drawn to by a kind of curiosity or perhaps a longing to connect to something outside of ourselves. Art is a visual interpretation of multiple feelings, thoughts, emotions - nature, waves created by wind, music, the thrill of running water in a brook and all the sounds around us are the things that unite into one creation called Art. What we see, what we feel, what we desire – all is there for us to enjoy and is created by one person, the Artist. Art & Beyond Magazine is proud to present the Summer Print Edition at Art Vancouver 2016. Featured in this issue are the incredibly talented artists. They come from different countries and from all walks of life, each possessing their own style, unique ideas, philosophical approach and vision of the world around us. Traditionally, the Art & Beyond Cover Competition is held for every issue where four artists are given the opportunity to be featured on four covers of the magazine.

Fine Art • Sculpture • Photography • Digital Art

Point Of Interest 5

Heike Suhre 17

Robin Apple


Steven Lustig 18

Yorka Ralwins


Raquel Rub 19

Rosy Lofer 10

Anabel Rub Peicher 19

Garsot & Helen Kagan 11

Dr. Elana Ashley 20

Ellie Manso Kane 12

Darnéy Willis 20

Fu Wenjun 13

RG (René GEORGES) 21

Evelyn Walg 14

Yaryna Yuryk 21

Barbara Walder 15

Kathy Dee 22

Ryota Matsumoto 16

Susan Weinreich 22


Back Cover

And for the Inside Back Cover was chosen the artwork “Kaleidoscope” by Ellie Manso Kane (p.12).

Robin Apple

Yorka Ralwins

We would like to thank all of the immensely talented artists who participated in this issue.

Inside Front Cover

Inside Back Cover

Fu Wenjun

Ellie Manso Kane

We are proud to announce that the artwork titled “Rebirth 15” by Robin Apple (p. 8) has been chosen as the Summer Edition of Art & Beyond Magazine Front Cover. The artwork “Domina Doll 5” by Yorka Ralwins (p. 9) has been chosen for the Back Cover. The artwork “Among the Clouds” by Fu Wenjun (p. 13) won the Inside Front Cover.

Art & Beyond Magazine is published by Art & Beyond Studio, Inc. and serves as a promotional tool for artists and art event organizers and delivered directly to galleries and art consultants. The artists presented on its pages are given an opportunity to showcase their work and increase visibility throughout the art sphere and bring their artistic career to the next level or representation.


Mila Ryk

Art Director

Mila Ryk


Alina Lampert

Art & Beyond published 8 times a year. Six (6) Online issues and Two (2) printed issues. Distributed to the galleries, museumes and other art related organizations © All rights reserved

Entry Form to apply to be published in the Art & Beyond Online magazine is available at Membership Program application is available at For any additional information please contact Mila Ryk at • 5


Robin Apple Reminisce, Rebirth and the Horizon Line

REBIRTH 3. iPhonography, 24” x 24”

REBIRTH 12. iPhonography, 24” x 24” Bottom left

Last spring I made a solo road trip from California to Oregon and back, to retrace some steps of a journey that I first made two decades ago coinciding with the beginning of my professional career and the ending of requisite training experiences. The initial trip and my life at that stage 20 years ago, was all about broadening my horizons. On the second trip I was curious about what I would see and feel while looking back at the horizon from this vantage point. I created a series of images in a sepia-like color palette called “Reminisce” to reflect the gratitude, nostalgia and wonder that permeated the trip. As I completed this journey and began to look toward the next arc of my life, I became equally aware of the promise of rebirth and the attendant feelings of enthusiasm and wonder about what might lie ahead. With those feelings in mind, I reprocessed some of the same images from the Reminisce series in a new palette of bright colors to reflect my current state of mind and called it “Rebirth”. From the series of 20 images, I selected 5 to submit to the Art and Beyond Online cover competition. I used my iPhone6s plus to capture and process images, choosing a few post-processing applications that allowed me to add layers to connote the complexities of life as one looks forward and back, through colors, textures, shading and lighting.

8 • Art & Beyond • Summer Edition 2016

Yorka Ralwins

“Just like life is a layer of events, my paintings are layers of colors” THE GATHERING. Acrylic, 36” x 36”

Yorka Ralwins (B. 1965, La Romana, Dominican Republic) an eclectic artist who began her painting life in 1999 when she opened a gift shop of hand-painted art in South Plainfield, New Jersey and set up her first studio next door where she taught painting to children, adults, and mentally challenged persons. Murals were her love during that period. She was also attracted by decorative and faux painting, which she incorporated into her business as a working painter. Exhibiting her personal artworks was never a consideration as she felt them too intimate to unveil to critics and the public. Moving to Florida changed that. South Florida awoke the artist with a purpose in her, and she was ready to step out of her cocoon.

VICTORIA. Acrylic, 55” x 39”

The figures, strokes, colors, and effects in her paintings are intended to strike an emotional involvement with the piece. Yorka intends to arouse memories and feelings, perhaps spiritual, which compel you to pause and wonder what her story is about. She calls it figurative expressionist work which gives her the freedom to set up a contradiction in the viewer’s mind that asks them to reconcile a familiar image with the sometimes unreal surroundings she places it in. She emigrated from the east coast of Dominican Republic to the United States in 1974 where she lived a number of years in New York City before marrying and moving to nearby New Jersey. She has three charming children and a golden grandson and currently lives in Port Saint Lucie, FL. At the present she is an in-house artist at Studio 17 Highwaymen & Florida Art Gallery in Fort Pierce, FL. • 9


SPRING FOREST 3. Oil on Canvas, 40” x 60”. Diptych

Rosy Lofer Rosy Lofer was born in Buenos Ares, Argentina. After moving to Miami in the mid 1980’s, Rosy developed a deep appreciation for art, and her passion was kindled by Miami’s rich cultural community. This passion for art, soon grew into a desire to not only appreciate fine art, but to create it from her own heart. In 2003, Rosy started to recognize her own talent for painting. She began her formal art education in 2004 with artist, Carlos Augusto Pereira at HeArt Studio. Under the direction of this internationally known artist, Rosy’s talent in artistic expression has been taken to new heights. Her magnificent and imaginative paintings captivate the viewer with their rich tones, vibrant color, and inspired themes. In discussing her work, Rosy says, “Creating each painting brings to me an incredible feeling of peace, tranquility, and positive energy. I believe these are the emotions that others feel when they look at my paintings”. Today, Rosy’s work can be found in private collections in many countries, including Israel, Brazil, Panama, Argentina, Canada, London and in many US States. Art Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Florida. January 2015 ArtExpo New York, 2015 Spectrum Miami, 2014 Broadway Gallery, Soho New York. September 2012 Colorida Gallery, Lisboa, Portugal Mayo, 2012 German Chavez, Design District, 2011

10 • Art & Beyond • Summer Edition 2016

EVE’S FOREST. Oil on Canvas, 40” x 30”


and Helen


“Muses and Music” Series SYNERGISM Concept CALLIOPE. Acrylic on Canvas, 48” x 48”. 2016

URANIA. Acrylic on Canvas, 48” x 48”. 2016 Botton right

The presented collaboration of two pronounced artists, a legendary Sotirios Gardiakos [Garsot] and Helen Kagan [Helen Kagan Healing Arts] is much more than just two artists working together. They define their unique concept as © SYNERGISM, and they invent it as they go. Their collaboration gives each artist’s individual gifts a new dimension, a new way to expand into something greater than just their own individual “selves”. The definition of Synergism – is that “the result of interaction of 2 [people, entities, agents] is GREATER than the sum of its parts”. Garsot and Kagan, create their unique Series by painting together, simultaneously, on the same canvas, without defined parameters or tasks, freely flowing, integrating their individual techniques, art forms, styles, intertwining, embracing and enhancing each other’s spontaneous colors and movement. Yet... always present in this process, there’s that completely authentic organic holistic Oneness with the Creator, Universe, Source - allowing them to just be “channels” for this amazing spontaneity and synchronicity, and deliver this colorful yummy powerful soulful healing experience to a viewer. Everything - bright colors, energetically balanced composition, ancient theme, embedded healing messages, and of course, the beauty of the Muses and the Music - all this creates an amazing ambiance full of Light, Love, Beauty, and Healing. “Muses and Music” Series will consist of 9 large square paintings (48”x48” ea), one for each of 9 Muses - bright, light, complex, spiritual, enigmatic, and just beautiful! We hope you too, find yourself gently guided to immerse into, relax and enjoy an embracing warmth, sparkling brilliance, powerful soulful experience and the healing vibrations of “Muses and Music”- a new unique “Healing Arts” Series by Garsot and Helen Kagan. • 11



BRAZEN. Liquid Acrylic on Canvas, 30” x 40”. 2015

Ellie was born in Havana, Cuba and presently resides in South Miami, Florida. Her art conveys her inner journey through life – from her island roots where vibrancy, movement and intensity played a major role; to a sense of inquisition and discovery along her artistic path. The artist states: “Using an ancient and intriguing Eastern concept as my starting point, I focus on the acceptance of the transient and fleeting, or as depicted in my paintings, crispness and elusiveness. Wabi Sabi is the art of finding beauty in imperfection and, at its most basic; it symbolizes all things primitive and simple – impermanent and incomplete. The way my life took form after I left my country taught me that things may not always shape up as they are planned. Therefore, I have connected to this method of interpreting my insight and presence as I voice these feelings on canvas – always keeping in mind that strength can be found even in what is most seemingly frail.

12 • Art & Beyond • Summer Edition 2016

SERENADE. Liquid Acrylic on Canvas, 30” x 40“. 2015

My art acknowledges this principle as it pursues the fundamental essence of life itself, and as it uncovers a world of passionate and impulsive shapes and textures coming to life in abstract expression.” Ellie most recently successfully exhibited at Spectrum Miami in December of 2015, during Art Basel week. She has been invited to exhibit at Collage Gallery in Bigfork, Montana in July of 2016, where she will show her new series, Nidos and Webs. •

Fu Wenjun 350 B.C. Conceptual photography, 140 cm x 175 cm. 2014-2015

FOOD IS THE GOD OF PEOPLE. Conceptual photography, 140 cm x 175 cm. 2014-2015

Born in Chongqing (China) in 1955. He graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and currently works on conceptual photography, installation and oil painting. Now he lives and works at Chongqing, China. Approaching from the perspective of the relations existing in a multi-image reconstruction and semiotics, with the use of the contradiction and the connection among various cultural nodes, Fu Wenjun builds up his own cognitive fields on the culture and the history. The creation language of the artist is abstract; the combination of images, the transformation of figures, the crossover of the manifestation patterns make the meaning of the picture not to be determined just by words and thematic source materials, but they also graft the medium used during the creation, the data output forms, the ideas on the image reconstruction and the post processing pattern. He was awarded 1st prize of digital art from 2nd International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Argentina, Tour Eiffel La Grande Exposition Universelle “The Best Artist in the World”, International Award “Lorenzo il Magnifico” of X Florence Biennale and other international art honors. His artworks are collected by Today Art Museum, Old Summer Palace Museum, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Kennedy Family, World Council of Peoples for the United Nations, Dazu Grotto Museum, Chongqing Art Museum, Guangdong Museum of Art, Société Nationale des Beaux Arts of France and other significant organizations and collectors. • • 13

fineart • mixedmedia CIRCLES. Mixed Media, 43” x 43”

Evelyn Walg Evelyn Walg, is an artist of Dutch origin who lived most of her life in Venezuela and is now active in Florida. She is an Interior Designer and an artist who has been painting since she was a teen ager. Walg is an award winning artist with world exhibits in Venezuela, New York, Lima, Tel Aviv, and various cities of South Florida. Walg’s art relates to people and their proximity to each other. “A utopian ideal world of happiness, friendship, peace, love and harmony that should prevail” this is what she wishes to express and she feels acomplishment when people often smile while looking at her work. The powerful texture, rich colors and movements give meaning to the “little people” creating the impression that they are alive on the canvas. They are anonymous but each has his own personality.

14 • Art & Beyond • Summer Edition 2016

HEART WARMING. Acrylic on Canvas, 36” x 36”

‫ | הרש לש םולשה‬SHALOM VON SARA.

Mixed Media on Canvas, 70 cm x 50 cm. 2015

BARBARA WALDER Through the light to the matter My journey of discovery in the artistic use of matter began with the delicate application of pastels. By way of large-scale shapes with bold colours in transparent gouache I came to use solidifying acrylic paint and then to my own CollagenMalerei©. This is created layer by layer. Through constant reduction I get answers to my questions about essence and balance. Awards Palm Art Award 2015 Art Domain Group Leipzig, Germany The jury awarded a Recognition Prize in special appreciation of the “artistic quality and originality of your submitted works. This award brings the special appreciation of the constant quality of your artistic work to express. “ Art & Beyond Magazin Award Inside Cover Winter Print Edition 2015

Art Shopping Carrousel Du Louvre, France 21 to 23 October 2016

Next exhibitions “Der gemeinsame Nenner”

BARBARA WALDER is living and painting in Principality of Liechtenstein

Studens of Alfred Darda Bad Reichenhall, Germany

25 August to 10 September 2016 • 15

photography • mixedmedia RAPID GAZE POLYNOMIALS EMBEDDED IN INFINITE VARIABLES. Mixed Media, 25” x 27”. 2016

Ryota Matsumoto

IMAGINARY ECHO CHAMBER. Mixed Media, 27” x 29”. 2016

The artworks of Ryota Matsumoto reflect the spatio-temporal conditions of our ever-evolving urban and ecological environments, which could be attributed to a multitude of spatial practices constructed by different socio-cultural entities. They are created as visual commentaries and reflections on speculative changes in notions of cities, socities and cultures in the morphological nature of constantly shifting topography and geology. The drawings explore the hybrid technique combining both traditional media (ink, acrylic, and graphite) and digital media (algorithmic processing, parametric modeling, data transcoding and image compositing with custom software ). The varying scale, juxtaposition of different forms/patterns, intertwined textures/tones, oblique/anamorphic projections and visual metamorphoses are employed as the multi-layered drawing methodologies to question and investigate the ubiquitous nature of urban meta-morphology and their visual representation in the context of non-Euclidean configuration. Furthermore, the application of these techniques allow the work to transcend the boundaries between analog and digital media as well as between two- and multi-dimensional domains. Ryota Matsumoto is a principal of an award-winning interdisciplinary design office, Ryota Matsumoto Studio based in Tokyo. He is an artist, designer and urban planner. Born in Tokyo, Ryota was raised in Hong Kong and Japan. He received a Master of Architecture degree from University of Pennsylvania

16 • Art & Beyond • Summer Edition 2016

in 2007 after studying at Architectural Association in London and Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow School of Art in early 90’s. His art and design work are featured in numerous publications and exhibitions internationally.

LIKE A FAIRYTALE. Model: Christina Vaes Make- up: Marian Velthuis Photo/edit: Heike Suhre

BACK IN PARADISE. Models: Marieke Oldenburger & Edmond Steens Visagie: Marian Velthuis Photo/edit: Heike Suhre Bottom Right

Heike Suhre Heike Suhre is an award winning artist. Suhre was born in 1960 in Münster, Germany and lives in Emmen in the Netherlands. After studying at the Arts Academy of Enschede in the Netherlands, Suhre went on to have many exhibitions. Her works have been exhibited in Italy, Scotland, Germany, Netherlands, Greece, Canada, Morocco and throughout the Unites States of America. Her works are published in more than 500 magazines all over the world “Each one of her pictures is a scene. “The background, props, clothes, hairstyles, the grime, and of course the attitudes themselves – gestures, facial expressions – raise exuberant stories.” “Every story is relative, everything is slightly warped, so that even on the tenth or twentieth viewing it continues to intrigue. The story is never finished.” 2012 • Paul Huf price “Grote Paul “ given to the best photographer of the Netherlands. 2015 • Award Artists at the Castle – Nerola (ROME) 11 december 2015 • International Noto Award – Unesco Heritage • Marco Polo International Price, Art Ambassador 2016 • International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci - The Universal Artist. • International Price Canaletto – artistic Career Award • 17

sculpture WATERFALL.

STEVEN LUSTIG FINE ART Original Sculptures & Drawings

This art is born out of a love of the human form and its natural motion. It is powerful, passionate, and embraces both human and natural forms. Steven was born and raised near the North Shore of Chicago where he began drawing at age 5. In high school he met a regionally known sculptor and began his fine arts education. During that time, Steven was given a copy of Gray’s Anatomy. He became fascinated by what he saw and immediately began to draw directly from the book, changing the course of his life and

18 • Art & Beyond • Summer Edition 2016

starting a lifelong study of the human form. Steven received an art scholarship to Bradley University. He completed his Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign, with an emphasis on Bio-technical Illustration, where he worked for the Biomechanical Engineering department. His early work combining computers, art, and human motion became the genesis of Steven’s fine art, regardless of media. He would go on to draw, paint and sculpt thousands of interpretations of the human form in his own distinctive style. Steven moved to Southern California in the 80’s to work at an Olympic research center focused on Sports Medicine and Biomechical Engineering. He quickly recognized the promise of what computer illustration could bring to traditional graphic design techniques. Steven has produced medical images for companies around the world, illustrated four books, and completed a series of life science illustrations for the Nobel Prize winner for Chemistry at the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California. Throughout this time Steven continued to draw and sculpt, dedicating his life to the arts. His fascination with drawing the human form continues to ignite his creative talent and provides him with an endless supply of material. Steven currently teaches a stone sculpting class at the Laguna College of Art & Design, and Digital Media and Photoshop classes at Golden West College.

THE LIGHT. Aluminio and Acrylic, 36” x 48”

Raquel Rub Raquel Rub was born and raised in Lima, Peru. Her interest in art began as a young child. She studied Oil and Acrylic Painting at Brooklyn College. Back in Lima, Peru, Raquel continued her studies in Pastel and Oil Painting at the Academy of Suarez Vertiz. She earned her degree in Interior Decoration at the Escuela de Decoración Interior de Miraflores in 1968. Raquel relocated to Miami, Florida in 1975, She is an accomplished and prolific artist in oil painting with a remarkable sensibility and delightful color reminiscent of the great impressionist masters. Traveling to different parts of the world, Raquel always found the sculptures she encountered irresistible to touch. Her desire to understand the art of sculpting, prompted Raquel along with her daughter Anabel, to pursue studies in stone sculpting with Salvatore Zagami. Through this medium her spontaneity, creativity and fascination with sculpting, materialized piece after piece…

“When I work with stone, I feel the inner essence that seeks to be revealed, it is as if ‘voices of the stone’ are guiding my hands.” •

“SPRING a Solo Exhibit by Anabel Rub Peicher” Installation at the City of Sunrise Civic Center Art Gallery 10610 W. Oakland Park Blv., Sunrise Fl. April 28 - June 17 2016. Hours: Tue & Fri 9-5pm, Wed & Thu 12-7pm, Sat 10-3pm

Anabel Rub Peicher, “Spring” “Art allows me to express myself in a language of my own in which my inner feelings and emotions flow through. I invite you to add your perspective to the narrative of “Inception”. Let the curves of the piece and the array of flowers stir your emotions and send your mind on a journey. I invite you to infuse your story, hopes, and dreams into the limitless design and explore where the feeling takes you.”

Current Ehxibitions The Source a Solo Exhibit The Pride Center Wilton, Manors FL April 17-June 30 2016 Mother & Daughter Exhibit at Bailey Hall April 23-June 30 2016 Arte Vibrante Exhibit Lima, Peru May 5-12 2016 Mother and daughter exhibit at Bailey Hall 3501 SW Davie Rd Davie Fl 33314 April 23 - June 30 2016 • • 19

fineart • mixedmedia Author and Illustrator Dr. Elana Ashley with her

Children’s Adventure Series and her newest book: BIG BULLY HOLLY HOWLER


Dr. Elana Ashley

Treading along professional pathways as an artist, author and educator, Dr. Elana Ashley has interwoven a variety of interests and passions to create her latest mixed media artwork — Fantasy Creation: Slice of Heaven, Earth and Ocean. Out from the arms of the Almighty emerged the beginning — sun, moon, constellations, infinite outer space, nature, animals, birds, fish — and translated through the hands and imagination of one artist who uses the freedom of her fantasy expression bursting with vivid color. Author of the new children’s book Big Bully Holly Howler, Dr. Ashley empowers children and adults with anti-bullying strategies. Visit her new website:

RESURRECTIONIRIS. Acrylic on Canvas, 54” x 92.75”

Darnéy Willis

IRISMORNING. Acrylic on Canvas, 54” x 92.75”

I paint large scale canvases with bold invented lyrical and very expressive color passages of natural images viewed so only part of the external contours of the images are seen but without the internal natural details normally seen with such a view. I paint images from the iris flower meant to be more than visual illusions or mimics of iris flowers - to be doorways into visual, emotional, spiritual journeys - into flowerscapes of peace, order, beauty, and unity. They are metaphors of the human condition, the magnificent yet fragile nature of our humanity and our constant dependence on our Creator.

20 • Art & Beyond • Summer Edition 2016

ORIGIN OF LIFE. Watercolor, 70 cm x 100 cm

TO THE LIGHT. Oil on Canvas, 80 cm x 80 cm

FLYING SOUNDS. Oil on Canvas, 60 cm x 60 cm

RG (René GEORGES) Relying on artistic training in London in the 80s, RG is a nomadic and unclassifiable artist. It’s in the silence that he accesses the world of creators who experiment and discover the beauty, the wonderful. “Inspired by I don’t know where from”, he always says. He then amazes himself, full of gratitude and happiness. He enters in a new spiritual dimension that matches the Age of Aquarius freshly started in our time. His friends like telling him: What you paint comes from other planets.

PRIMA VERA. Watercolor, 80 cm x 60 cm

Yaryna Yuryk was born in Lviv in 1984 where she lives and works. Yuryk is an artist, designer, and member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. She also holds a Ph.D. in Architecture. Yuryk works in the author’s patented technique of watercolor, oil and pastel. Yaryna Yuryk graduated from the Ivan Trush College of Decorative and Applied Arts and Lviv Polytechnic National University, where she works as an associate professor of art and design. Yuryk is the winner of the international competitions in painting in the US, Ukraine, Italy, Portugal, China. She has also been the exhibitor at exhibitions in the UK, Switzerland and other countries. •

Joy, positive mind and beauty are his commands. • • 21

fineart • photography

LAZY MONDAY. Photography

KISS OF CONQUEST. Oil on Canvas, 36” x 36”

CANNON BALL. Charcoal and Ink on Paper, 44” x 30”

Susan Weinreich

BLUE. Photography

Kathy Dee

Andrew Solomon, PhD, is a writer and lecturer on politics, culture and psychology.

My father was a master photographer, but it wasn’t until he was long gone and I was much older that I found my creative home. Growing up, I wanted my own voice and creative outlet, but now, I realize that photography is where my heart is. It connects me to my roots, my past, and the world around me. It is a way of freezing a moment and having it forever. With photography, you don’t have to say goodbye. You can make anything or anyone your companion for life. Photographs are memories, happy or sad. They bring to life a time that could have been lost but now has survived and lives on. Many of my photographs have been in juried exhibitions from Miami, to Los Angles, Carmel California and the Pacific Northwest and some have won awards. • •

“Art is the noblest way to make a seeming tragedy into the occasion of triumph. Susan Weinreich’s drawings and paintings have that redemptive quality: they reach unabashedly into darkness and thrust into shattering clarity. Because Weinreich’s distinctive artistic style reaches toward affirmation, her work often alludes to joy, but it is never euphemistic. These brave pictures, suffused with intimacy, elaborate her unstinting gaze at both the smoothness of the world’s surfaces and the jagged turmoil of the human mind.”

22 • Art & Beyond • Summer Edition 2016

Ellie Manso Kane

KALEIDOSCOPE. Liquid Acrylic on Paper, 20” x 16”. 2015

Yorka Ralwins

DOMINA DOLL 5. Mixed Media, 48” x 27”

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Art & Beyond Summer Print Edition 2016  

Art & Beyond Magazine is published by Art & Beyond Studio, Inc. and serves as a promotional tool for artists and art event organizers and de...

Art & Beyond Summer Print Edition 2016  

Art & Beyond Magazine is published by Art & Beyond Studio, Inc. and serves as a promotional tool for artists and art event organizers and de...