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art&beyond Vol. 4 • Summer 2014

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Vladimir Pailodze

Expedition oil • acrylic • watercolor • mixed media • photography • digital art • sculpture • glass • ceramic • jewelry

Alejandra Pous

No strings attached (Sin ataduras). Mixed media on canvas,155 cm x 122 cm. 2014

Vol. 4 • Summer • 2014

art&beyond Art is a form of communication based on a range of emotions one can express using brush strokes, color, various techniques, different medium and materials. The viewer is able to experience the visual impulse that creates a fountain of feelings. Art is a universal language and one can experience its power by merely looking at it. Art & Beyond Magazine is proud to present the incredible artists featured on the pages of this issue. Each possessing their own style, unique ideas and vision of the world around us. From scratch they are able to create things that inspire and enhance our lives.

CONTENTS Fine Art • Sculptire • Jewelry • Digital Art


Zlatko Milakovic 15


Ferenc Sebök 16

Michael Griesgraber 6

Yulia Altas 16

Olivia Boa

Ellina Katsnelson

Eunsook Kim


GK (Guy) Brock 16


Jan Ironside 17

Sandy Den Hartog 10

Victor Madero 17

Sharon Matusiak 11

Daniel Sean Kaiser 17

Raquel Rub 12

Delias (Christian Zeller) 13

Lizzy Forrester 18

Natalya B. Parris 18

Vladimir Pailodze

Flora Edwards 13

Mila Ryk 17

Istvan Gal 14

Alejandra Pous 18

Anna Ivleva 14

Anita Waxler 18

Arthur Jacob 15

For this issue Art & Beyond held a Cover Competition giving four artists the opportunity to be featured on four covers of the magazine. We are proud to announce that the artwork “Expedition” by Vladimir Pailodze (p. 9) has been chosen as the winner of the Art & Beyond Front Cover.


Back Cover

Vladimir Pailodze

Sharon Matusiak

Inside Front Cover

Inside Back Cover

Alejandra Pous

Michael Griesgraber

The sculpture “This World Becomes That” by Sharon Matusiak (p. 11) has been chosen for the Back Cover. The artwork “No strings attached (Sin ataduras)” by Alejandra Pous (p. 18) won the Inside Front Cover. And for the Inside Back Cover was choosen the artwork “Out of the Box” by Michael Griesgraber (p. 6). Congratulations to Vladimir, Sharon, Alejandra and Michael! Art & Beyond wish you a great success in your artistic career. We would like to thank all of the immensely talented artists who participated in this issue. Publisher

Mila Ryk

Art Director

Mila Ryk


Alina Lampert

Art & Beyond published 8 times a year. Six (6) Online issues and Two (2) printed issues. Distributed to the galleries, museumes and other

Entry Form to apply to be published in the Art & Beyond Online magazine is available at Membership Program application is available at For any additional information please contact Mila Ryk at • 3


Chisandra. Acrylic on Canvas, 50 cm x 70 cm. eurêka. Acrylic on Canvas, 80 cm x 100 cm.


Neurology, Art and Subliminal techniques Our brain is an undiscovered land... The human brain is a wonderful wave transceiver. The BOA project works on it! In fact, only 1 out of 10 things received will be made aware of, and the remaining nine will go into the realm of unconsciousness. Our brain picks way more information that it transmits to us! New methods, such as the BOA project, that combines art and neurology allow working directly on the patients’ brain waves. Olivia Boa, therapist and painter (Switzerland) has combined a subtle mixture of art and neurological progress in order to create a visual media (painting) and hearing media (music) in collaboration with the artist Lorenzo Montanà (Italy), and intended to intervene directly in the subject’s unconsciousness. The visual media is designed so that the observer passes through a hypnotic state due to the constant scanning of the eye over the painting structures. Diagrams of molecules are also included into the picture. At the bottom of the painting, small squares of different color form some kind of “partition”. The «partition» is actually a peculiar code (codons), which determines the order of amino acids in the DNA. The scanning of viewer’s eyes over the painting reminds of the EMDR techniques (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). 4 • Art & Beyond • Summer 2014

The colors are also displayed a specific way, based on Olivia Boa’s researches on ocular kinetics. For example: on the differences of energetic potential triggered by the different color wavelengths. Because each color has a very specific wavelength and an energy of its owns... For more information or to order a personal kit: •

THE LOST QUEEN IN LONDON DESERT. Oil on canvas, 120 cm x 80 cm.

Ellina Katsnelson was born in Belarus, Minsk. In 1990 she immigrated to Israel and while there, her interest in art began. In 1998 she had her first solo exhibition called “Through the Labyrinths of Subconsciousness” in Haifa.

International Group Exhibition “Eternal Eve”, was shown on Norway TV, Swissiland TV, and Israeli TV. There was the personal Exhibition of Ellina Katsnelson in Belgum, Antwerpen, at The Cristian Coster Gallery “Changing Art”, put on “arteuropeelin”.

In 2000 she became a member of the Israeli Painting & Sculpture Union and participated in several private and group exhibitions. Her participation in these exhibitions was covered in Israeli newspapers. Her work “The Gipsy Girl” is on display at the Jewish Museum in Vienna.

“The stile of my 1st works is realism and surrealism. Now I create my paintings in the moment, I take the images from my deep subconsciousness, from my dreams. According to Carlos Castaneda philosophy, I practiced my dreams writing them in my diary in order to control my dreams and my life.”

In 2009-2010 Ellina Katsnelson participated in several group exhibitions such as: Jerusalem, “Shimshon Center”, “Shmuel House” - “Imaginary Narrative”, “Dialog Arabs & Jester-Aviv, “Amiad12”- gallery, was shown on Israeli TV, 98 channel. Tel-Aviv, The Jaffa Museum of Antiquities,

Ellina’s artwork can be found in the every-day-exposition in her gallery-studio in “Gesher Ziv” not far from Nahariya. • 5


Maze. Acrylic on Canvas, 40” x 40”.

Michael Griesgraber Griesgraber and Color Stephanie Grilli, PhD Artist Michael Griesgraber puts color through its paces. His hardedge geometric paintings offer saturated hues that contest with one another for visual prominence, resulting in dynamic configurations that perpetually realign. He masterfully orchestrates ever-shifting groupings and spatial readings, with any component having the capacity to advance or recede. For the mutable ordering of surface and depth to be set in motion, each color must hold its own, and Griesgraber’s palette has muscle. His paintings have a commanding gestalt that is an overwhelming burst of color. Individual delineated elements surrender to the overall effect, while drawing attention almost simultaneously to areas within the painting. Characterized by degrees of complexity, Griesgraber’s arrangements of robust color in different-sized geometric shapes convey rhythms and tonal harmonics. 6 • Art & Beyond • Summer 2014

Griesgraber allows himself to be open to the selection and placement of a particular color, rather than mechanically carry out a preconceived or precise plan. Responding to the developing auditory and visual mood, Griesgraber combines improvisation with deliberation, and an understanding about the behavior of color — how it is seen. His painting X Within X Squared offers a variation on the theme of the square, in which a stable geometric shape is set off by the diamond orientation; but what initially seems clear-cut becomes increasingly ambiguous. The longer one looks, the more complicated the tangle of forms appears, as the consistency of bands within the red family is not maintained but is tweaked by the addition of yellow to green hues. Because certain areas share the same colors, are they part of the same square, or are they distinct rectangular overlays? Griesgraber creates the illusion of transparency, which makes the enigma of what goes with what even more dizzying.

X Within X Squared. Acrylic on Canvas, 48” x 48”.

No Direction Home. Acrylic on Canvas, 40” x 40”.

In giving his colors a workout, the artist triggers the act of perception in the viewer, and this is where things really take place. Whatever gradual unfolding or rapid sequencing is visible or felt, the particular animation, reverberation, reshuffling, reversal, illumination, radiance is an optical effect that requires someone to see the painting — to scan with their eyes and interpret with their brain relying on memory, learning, and expectations. Griesgraber’s paintings leave one spinning, as in the songs in which a lover never wants their disoriented rapture to end. The artist provides unabashed pleasure in his selection of colors at their most succulent, his embrace of color’s indeterminacy, and in his tantalizing deferment of visual closure. • 7

fineart REVIVE. Jangji (traditional korea paper), stone color, natural color, Glitter, 116.7cm x 91cm.

Eunsook Kim In 1965 I was born in the fall in South Korea.

REVIVE. Jangji (traditional korea paper), stone color, natural color, Glitter, 53cm x 45.5cm.

Growing up I have interested in human issues in particular. I am always concerned with the relationship and psychology just like being human the first time in this present life. Theme of my artwork which is material of the grave goods before a thousand years in the kingdom, have started from the questions about the world after death. The mental zeitgeist of my painting is based on oriental art. I always research traditional Korean paper and ink and extensive researching various colors and materials in the world in order to use without clogging. Life, to live, karma, relationship and death, etc. To talk about universe’s circulation and essence is the theme of my paintings for a long time.. Over the ridge of my life which was intense and keen, I am blessed with tastes and a susceptible life. In the future, I will be expressing about my life’s wisdom and changes. I hope my journey is smooth sailing and continuing. 8 • Art & Beyond • Summer 2014

REVIVE. Jangji (traditional korea paper), stone color, natural color, Glitter, 116.7cm x 91cm

Life under water. Oil on Canvas, 48” x 30”. Magic Never Ends. Oil on Canvas, 30” x 40”

Vladimir Pailodze Vladimir’s inspiration is drawn from his positive approach to life, as well as his rich experiences living in Georgia, Israel and the United States. These life adventures have provided plentiful source material for Vladimir’s painting, and his oeuvre reflects his child-like curiosity for fascinating cultures and people. Furthermore, his work possesses multiple dimensions of meaning and expression, all contained within his preferred oil-on- canvas. His latest exhibit, “Fantasy Travelers,” maintains his signature style but introduces new, fantastical elements. Paintings like Expedition #1 and Mind Traveler combine his patented attention to detail with uniquely romanticized characters. Vladimir’s new work presents exciting juxtapositions of vibrant color with surreal locations. In addition to his original artwork, Vladimir often creates portraits of family, friends and inspiring figures. As part of his art-school education in Georgia, Vladimir learned how to capture and depict individuals in imaginative and unique representations in the portraiture style of painting. His expertise in portrait making is another extension of his unconventional perspective on life and the world around him. By infusing striking colors with fantastic settings, Vladimir shows the inner-essence of his subjects in a flattering representation unlike any artist currently working. His work was presented by Atlas Gallery, Chicago IL for a few years. • 9

fineart • jewelry • sculpture

From the Sea. Pendant is Mother of Pearl Hand carved. Surrounded by Beautiful Multi Colored Biwa Stick Pearls. Extending from the Pearls are Variegated Purple Spiney Oyster Shell, Finished with a Sterling Silver Clasp.

Queen of the Ocean. Pendant is a South African Shell that I brought back from one of my trips to Africa has Been highlighted with Sterling Silver. Featured from the Pendant are Black Onyx, Sterling Silver, Swarovski Pearls. This repeats around to the Sterling Silver Clasp.

Sandy Den Hartog is a Native California. She now resides in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. She is an Award Winning Artist. Sandy has placed in numerous Juried Art Shows throughout Arizona. Her pieces of Art continue to be showcased at DAVID RAFAELS at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. Other pieces with a different flair at THE JAMES RATLIFF GALLERY in Sedona, Arizona. She is a self taught Artist. Her Jewelry displays both serene and harmonious qualities that have been regarded as the highest of models.

10 • Art & Beyond • Summer 2014

Her work covers many styles, from Ethnic, Classic, Over the Top and everyday Chic. She refers to herself as displaying “ARTISTIC FREEDOM.” Although quite versatile in her designs, she leans toward the large and Ethnic Style. Many of Her designs are created in HER RELAXED TIMES. She considers them to be her most Dramatic Pieces. She also believes “If You Can’t See Your Jewelry From Across The Room, Why Bother...

Lady Liberty. Handbuilt earthenware, acrylic glazes, prismacolor, 32” x 12” x 9”.

Sharon Matusiak Making art is what I do to cope with life… to maintain balance. I’ve been an artist since I was a child. This most recent series has been birthed from a lifetime of both pain & ecstasy as a daughter, sister, lover, wife, mother and friend. All the roles I’ve lived are the source for these hand-built clay sculptures. My struggle is the struggle of “woman”. I’m constantly drawn to nuance and observing the various ways of interpreting what one experiences. I’m captivated by multiple meanings, multiple layers. Exploring a variety of visual mediums the past 35 years I’ve been most intrigued by creating sculpture with lots of color and texture. Just recently I’ve returned to clay for expression for the first time since the mid-80’s. This present series marks a significant transformation for me in my personal life and my mode of art making. I call these sculptures body vessels because the body is a vessel for our soul, our emotions, our hopes and desires but also because the term implies an inside and outside. Our body becomes the reflection of where we’ve been. I hope you enjoy the discovery with me. I understand that for some the contemplation of these forms is unpleasant, however I would say that they reflect the ephemeral nature of life, they call into question the importance we place on our bodily image and they are a powerful metaphor for the difficulty of the journey through life for each of us, body and spirit.

Feathering Her Nest. Handbuilt earthenware, acrylic paint, graphite, 13” x 8” x 6.5”.

These pieces are made of earthenware, and then electric kiln fired to cone 05. I use both coil and slab methods of construction. After firing, I finish each with multiple layers of acrylic paint and sometimes oil glazes. With some I also use graphite or prismacolor and found objects. • 11

fineart • jewelry • sculpture Ice.

Raquel Rub “The dream of living life together; As two people who skate in unison toward the future.” Raquel was born and raised in Lima, Peru. She studied Oil and Acrylic Painting at Brooklyn College, New York in 1956. Back in Lima, Peru. Raquel continued her studies in Pastel and Oil Painting at the Academy of Suarez Vertiz in 1957. She earned her degree in Interior Decoration. Relocating to Miami, Florida in 1974, Raquel attended workshops with Ilse Grinstein, Peter Rubino, Nilda Comas, Eugene Daub, Susan Luery, Paul Lucchesi, Judy Williams, Wayne Pelke, and currently Robin Katz amongst other artists. She studied stone sculpting with Salvatore Zagami. Raquel is an accomplished and prolific artist. “When I work with stone, I feel the inner essence that seeks to be revealed, it is as if ‘voices of the stone’ are guiding my hands.” Currently attending Broward College studying with Niko Yulis, John Foster and Catherine Leisek. Art shows currently in Barcelona, Spain; Dallas, Texas; Miami, Florida. • • 305.965.4779 12 • Art & Beyond • Summer 2014

JUNO. 17.5 x 12 x 8 SIDE 2.tif


The Ultimate Experience Jimi Hedrix, Acrylic on Canvas, 100cm x 140cm.

Delias is a 34 years young Austrian Contemporary Artist. His studio is located in Lower Austria near St.Pölten. He is inspired by the connection between people, their relationship and he is fascinated by faces and bodies in all possible position. His art does not show any political interests and should only show the beauty of the human being. His artwork visualizes the complexity of the human nature in the interaction between them. If you watch the paintings and try to feel them you can easily sense the emotions of the people. The rest of the story will be told by the faces and the bodies on the picture. Delias started his carrier with pencil and pen drawings of portraits and figures. Later he started to play around with colours. At the beginning of this phase he used color pastel chalks. In 2014 his art is focused and figurative and colorful paintings on big formats - 100cm x 100cm and bigger. You can find samples of all phases on his website: or on twitter @deliasarts The

number of works he published last year proofs that the creativity goes on. It also keeps the hope that the development of this artist has not ended yet and that he will publish many wonderful pieces within the following years.

The Anthropologist. Pastel and ink, 33” x 26”.

Innovation and pure inspiration motivate me to be creative with my painting with the sound of the earth’s heartbeat. Painting is like reading a good book with ourselves, with that which surrounds and penetrates the moment as we listen. The secrets opening with patience, crossing the sound barrier, into the very depths of the creative process and its infinite possibilities manifesting wave after wave in deep concentration.

Flora “Layla” Edwards “Every day I go to the place where painting awaits me surrounded by life’s treasures, colors vibrating, energy emitting from all the life I see around me. This excites and stimulates me to express myself from inside out.

With constant focus, I get to know their relations from within and without pathways through the terrain of creation Directly in touch with a transcendent reality which is a suspense story unfolding in time and space. The capture of the moment told in line and colors ,twists and turns, a dance between that reality that reveals itself in subtle levels of discovery and life’s blissful rapture.” • 13

fineart Birch trees. Oil on Canvas, 30” x 40”.

a field he worked in for many years. During his years as an engineer in the Chicago factories, Gal dreamed about becoming a full time artists and painting beautiful pictures. This dream came true when Gal retired. He began a painting program at The School of Art at the Art Institute of Chicago where he received a certificate and exhibited his work. “Now, I’m painting my life away and enjoying it.” stated Gal.

Istvan Gal was born in Budapest, Hungary. Gal immigrated to the United States, eventually settling in Chicago, IL about 44 years ago. As a young man full of hopes and ambitions, Gal experienced difficulties early on as an immigrant in a new countlry but persaviered when he received an engineering degree from Midwest Engineering College. Shortly after Gal began his career as a design engeneer,

Summer Day. Oil on Canvas, 30” x 40”.

Anna Ivleva When I have been asked about my strengths as practicing visual artist, I am quick to reply that my lack of fear of painting with bold, bright colors

14 • Art & Beyond • Summer 2014

His work was published in the School Catalog (2007) of the Art Institute of Chicago. Over the years Istvan Gal’s work was exhibited at Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL, Art & Beyond Studio, Morton Grove, IL, Senior Artist Network, Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, IL, Pallet & Chisel Gallery, Chicago, IL, Emily Oak Nature Center, Skokie, IL, Devonshire Cultural Center, Skokie, IL.

Horse- Race. Oil on Canvas, 36” x 48”.

is my greatest strength. The latest shows included North Shore Senior Center, Northfield, IL and Northbrook Village Hall, Northbrook, IL.

Rhododenrums hiding var. Photography/Digital Art.

Arthur Jacob Jacob asks the observer to accompany him in a journey of discovery that explores shapes, colors and movement of his subject through many styles that include abstraction and reconstruction. His powerful medium of expression and communication i created by a mouse rather than a brush. His extraordinary art has received accolades including a one-person exhibition at the Bergamot Station Arts Center, Santa Monica, CA. His creative versatility has resulted in one of his works appearing in an episode of Million Dollar Homes, HGTV. He has appeared in online publications, including Professional Artist, Around Your Home, Luxe Beat and Q-Vegas magazines. Ed McCormack, Managing Editor, Gallery & Studio Magazine, New York, NY stated: “Arthur Jacob tests the limits of photography, deconstructing reality

in swirling patterns and a spectrum of glowing colors that render the known world mysteriously new.”

Zlatko Milakovic is a professional artistic painter. His artworks adorn walls of European collectors. Milakovic can be reached exclusively via referrals.

SILENCE. Oil on Canvas, 90 cm x120 cm.

His art pursue many different topics, but preference is given to the woman and her beauty. Milakovic’s last works are in Hyperrealism Style. In the European galleries it is hard to come by to his work. The reason is simple. He works on one picture for a long time, and after exposure in the Gallery, picture quickly founds a buyer. • 15

fineart Light & Darkness. Ink and acrylic, 21 cm x 15 cm.

Sebok Ferenc Ferenc is artist painter welknown with his masonic art, tracing boards or caricatures of europeans politics and composers. His artworks are in private collections, museums, Culture houses , Masonic Lodges, Town Halls and for instance, in the Freemason’Hall of London (GB) or the Museum of Bonyhad (Hu), Academy of music of Liege (B). He won several international Awards in painting and composition, and by instance : Silver medal ArtsSciences-Lettres, 2010, Paris, International prize of symbolism 2011, Yenne (F), Premio internazionale Tokyo, Premio della Giuria, 2011, International Award Rembrandt 2010, Florence(It), Premio Internazionale della Pace 2013, G.O.M.P.A nel mondo, Città di Monreale (It). He is also musician and composer, influenced by Hungarian moods.

Sacura. Oil on Canvas, 24" x 34".

But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, longsufferng, gentileness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law. Galatians 5:22-23 And they that are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts. Galatians 5:24

Fruit of the Spirit. Acrylic on Canvas, 36” x 36”.

Yulia Altas was one of a handful of international artists who was chosen to exhibit her name and work on 25-story-tall video billboard above the American Eagle right in the heart of Times Square, New York City, July 2014 - exhibition entitled “See Me take over Times Square” art show endorsed by See|Me Group, Inc. 16 • Art & Beyond • Summer 2014

GK(Guy) Brock My art is a spiritual experience, the creation of scriptural based pieces by leveraging the power of visual color, space and form while correlating biblical scripture that inspire internal/external/self. My work has evolved from a true divine revelation: a gift from God following head trauma which is the central attribute of my work or resume.

Mother & child.

Victor Madero

Jan Ironside

Red Tulps. Oil.

My impasto paintings are created on canvas with pure oil paint and a palette knife. My studio is located on the top floor of our 111 year-old house in the historic district. There is no place I would rather spend my days and nothing I would rather be doing than painting! The geraniums are on my porch, the spring tulips are in my grandmother’s jar, and sunflowers in my neighbor’s garden.

was born in Caracas, Venezuela, I devoted my life to the celebration of colors. This main-tain me to a relentless pursuit of insight into the very core of the Latin American culture. A devotion that originated in my childhood drawings took me a voy-age in search of beauty, and the savoir faire of how to interpret it and put it down on canvas. I have been showing my art in numerous places and in special one of them in Boynton Beach.

“Avenue of the Arts” I show one of my sculpture-paint three different side arts by 7’ tall it was located in a 4 stops corners for a year.

Extasy. Aquarell on Paper, 23” x 31”.

Daniel Sean Kaiser is an artist from Germany. Since the early 90s he works as a professional painter. His acrylic and mixed media works burst of energy and have an expressive coloring. He also works as writer, composer and musician. For some months a year, he lives for painting and writing in Majorca (Spain). “The more I work, the more desire I have to work”. (Joan Miró) “Art comes from the need to”. (Arnold Schönberg)

Moon Dance. Oil on Canvas, 20” x 20”.

Mila Ryk is a 3rd generation artist born in the Ukraine, she immigrated to United States in 1991. Inspired by Art Nouveau and amazed by the endless beauty of Orchids, she developed her unique style and technique, which gave her the ability to share her vision and feelings with a viewers. Mila Ryk unites line work of figures, brushstrokes, colors and nature in one single form of harmony and beauty. In 2009 Mila’s artwork has been published in the Best of America Oil Artists, Volume II. Her art was listed in the International Dictionary of Artists 2011. • 17


Creeping Phlox. Acrylic on Paper, 11” x 14”.

Natalya B. Parris Artwork “Creeping Phlox” won Second Place at the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair 2009 (Gaithersburg, MD USA.) When I create my “free spirit - nonfigurative art,” I feel completely free. There is no taboo of what colors I can choose or combine, or what technique to use. I apply whatever seems right at the moment or whatever new ideas are coming up in the moment of inspiration. I express myself and give my view of the world through color, color combinations and shapes. Contrive (Invéntame). Mixed Media on Canvas, 70 cm x 70 cm 2014.

Dawn on the Lake. Oil on Canvas.

Lizzy Forrester I paint from my heart, allowing my spirituality to guide me, not really ‘seeing’, or using my mind to interpret or analyze, but rather sensing or perceiving the ‘unseen’ in nature: It is a meditation, through which I try to make visible the beauty in the perfection of life that I sense everywhere in the underlying energies that are around us and surround us all. •

Conquer. Mixed Media, 48” x 48”.

Anita Wexler Alejandra Pous Her refined art language in which the interaction of spaces, shapes and colours creates rich and emotional results, enabling to go beyond the physical limits of the canvas. Alejandra´s work is a simple expression of a complex and intimate idea, it is an art in which, if you get close enough, observe and allow yourself to feel, you can feel her essence, her passion and her inspiration in order to reach deep into each spectator, evoking different emotions and sensations. Her work has been included in many solo and group exhibitions around the world. 18 • Art & Beyond • Summer 2014

After graduating from Parsons New School of Design and Bank Street College both in New York City; Anita explored a career as a graphic designer. Unfulfilled, Wexler started a family and continued to create art. Now as a high school art teacher, having earned her master’s degree plus over 1,000 hours of additional educational courses with years of experience as a painter, sculptor and illustrator, Wexler is looking for her next big challenge. “My work explores the relationship between the body and emotional violence. With influences as diverse as Hieronymus Bosch and Frida Kahlo, new variations are manufactured from both constructed and discovered textures.”

Michael Griesgraber

Out of the Box. Acrylic on Canvas, 36” x 36”

Sharon Matusiak

Man Of The Street. Oil on canvas. 52” x 58”

This World Becomes That. Handbuilt earthenware with acrylic paint & found glass objects, 24” x 12” x 9”