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Vol. 47 • September/October • 2017



Barbaras BilderKunst

THE GOLDEN LANCE. CollagenMalerei on Papier, 58 cm x 40 cm. 2017 oil • acrylic • watercolor • mixed media • photography • digital art • sculpture • glass • ceramic • jewelry

Sabina D'Antonio

SILENT MORNING. Acrylic/Mixed Media on Canvas, 46.5" x 46.5" x 1.5”

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Vol. 47 • September/October • 2017



In This issue:

In September/October Special Online issue Art & Beyond covers passed and upcoming International Art Fairs under our column Point of Interest. Here you will find a pictorial article Memorable Moments from the Art Santa Fe 2017 - The Spectrum Show.


Back Cover

Barbaras BilderKunst

Samantha Cerney

Inside Front Cover

Inside Back Cover

Sabina D'Antonio

Steven Lustig

Art & Beyond is proud to announce the following winners published in this issue. Art & Beyond team would like to congratulate Barbaras BilderKunst, her artwork “THE GOLDEN LANCE” won the Front Cover for the September/October Special Online issue to be presented at the Art San Diego 2017 - The Spectrum Show. The Inside Front Cover won Sabina D'Antonio for her work “SILENT MORNING”. The Back Cover was given to the artwork “OCTOPUS” by Samantha Cerney. And the Inside Back Cover was awarded to Steven Lustig for his wonderful work “ANDES EMPRESS II”. The Publisher Choice Award was awarded to Hui-ju Chen, Anna Maria Giordano, Sandy Den Hartog, Lin Da Ni, Wendy Coco and Carmen Armstrong with One Page article and Nicholas Teetelli, Igor Eugen Prokop and David Bechtol with Two pages article.

We thank all of the amazing and talented artists who participated in the competition and wish you all great success in your journey.

Point of Interest

Lin Da Ni


Art Santa Fe 2017 8

Carmen Armstrong


Fine Art Barbaras BilderKunst

Sabina D'Antonio Igor Eugen Prokop Steven Lustig Samantha Cerney Hui-ju Chen Anna Maria Giordano

Sculpture • Jewelry


Sandy Den Hartog




Photography • Digital Art

14 15 18 19

David Bechtol


Wendy Coco


Nicholas Teetelli


Congratulations to all!

Publisher Art Director Interview Editor

Mila Ryk Mila Ryk Justin Hoffman Alina Lampert

Art & Beyond published 8 times a year. Six (6) Online issues and Two (2) printed issues. Distributed to the galleries, museumes and other

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point of interest

The Memorable Moments from the Art Santa Fe 2017 with Art & Beyond Magazine " If you are born to create -

You work very hard. If you work very hard You have to share it! If you have to share it This is the place where all the Magic happens! "

– Mila Ryk, publisher More than 8,000 culture vultures descended on the Santa Fe Community Convention Center from July 13–16 to enjoy the showcase of contemporary artwork from over 60 international galleries and studio artists.

Next Stop is the Spectrum 2017 Apply to Exhibit with Art & Beyond and get published in the Winter Print Edition! Art & Beyond is your Marketing and Promotional Services! 8 • Art & Beyond • September/October 2017

VIP Opening Night!

Attendees sipped on Louis Jadot wine as they enjoyed an exclusive look at the array of art while mingling with the artists and fellow art aficionados at the Opening Night Preview Party.

Attendees got up close and personal with the works presented by Yuan Ru Gallery.

Art lovers enjoyed paintings by William Stalhuth of Contemporary Art Projects USA.

Informed by the curatorial theme [FUSION], Art Santa Fe was all about the merging of artistic mediums, of exhibitors and collectors, and of the countless galleries and artists who come together to showcase their work.

A wide array of media was on display, including paintings, photography, sculpture, glassworks, and more. Ricardo Lowenberg’s Mi Frida III was a hit with attendees, selling to a couple from San Antonio for $25,000. www.artandbeyondpublications.com • 9

fine art

Barbaras BilderKunst

LA PATINA DELLA TERRA. CollagenMalerei. Mixed Media on Canvas, 90 cm x 90 cm. 2017 In the opinion of Mona Youssef Gallery, Curator, Jurist

Contemporary Art of Montreux, November 8-12, 2017

“BARBARA WALDER has been fascinated by nature since childhood which clearly reflected in her paintings striving to find answers about light and colors in nature and their relationship to man. Working with chalk and gouache, she adds special emphasis on naturalness, authenticity, originality and subjects matter which is important part of her existence. Barbara’s inner rhythm leads her to gracefully connecting elements with sensible brush strokes attracting and mystifying viewers. The moment of “now-ness” the transition from night to day, day to night fascinates her with its peculiar color, a moment of indecision in which its mysterious and perfect beauty unfolds.”

Galleria Merlino Bottega d'Arte, Florence, Italy

Mona Youssef Mona Youssef Gallery

Atelier di Artexpertise, Florence, Italy GALLERIA D`ARTE MENTANA ARTE E COLLEZIONISMO IV edizione October 5- 15, 2017 GALLERIA MERLINO IT'S ART! November 13- 23, 2017 GALLERIA MERLINO TENDENZE CONTEMPORANEE November/December 24- 2, 2017

INTERNATIONAL ARTIST AND AWARD WINNER Participation | Exhibitions XI Florence Biennale 2017, October 6–15, 2017 10 • Art & Beyond • September/October 2017


Sabina D’Antonio

SUNDANCE MARINA. Acrylic/Mixed Media on Canva, 39.5" x 39.5" x 1.5"

SABINA’s coastal abstract paintings are inspired from her own photographic passion of capturing the raw beauty Mother Nature creates over time, rusted metals, peeling paint, anything weathered. This style brings the viewer an adventure in texture, hints of mixed media, a horizon made with genuine music sheets, and of course numbers; which are inspired from Sabina’s vast manufacturing background, as well as the numbers which she comes across throughout her day. As with all Sabina’s work, inspiration is key, the palette of hues across her artworks come from her surroundings and the day’s events in which she is creating in. From a walk along the beach, flowers in her garden, to a person’s shirt or a car passing by, life is Sabina’s inspiration. Self taught Sabina has nurtured her independence and artistic freedom and

creates spontaneously from within: expressing a feeling, a memory or an impression. Sabina is not restricted by uniform techniques, but is free to express herself fully resulting in pieces that arouse and captivate the viewer. Her abstract artworks are expressions of her love for colour, textures, and numbers. With each piece of artwork Sabina creates, it is with the hopes in making a happy escape for the viewer. Sabina, American born, now lives and creates on the Mornington Peninsula of Victoria, Australia, as a full time artist. Being an only child to European Immigrants, Sabina's zest for life, adventure, and being yourself, can be experienced through her art. www.abstractsbysabina.com www.artandbeyondpublications.com • 11

fine art

Igor Eugen Prokop

NATURE'S FREEDOM. Acrylic on Canvas.

IGOR PROKOP was born in Budapest in 1953. He graduated from the Teacher Training College in Eger as a teacher of Biology and drawing in 1978. Igor studied Biology at József Attila University and Arts between 1981 and 1983 in Szeged, then philosophy in 1984 in Budapest. He also studied film aesthetics in 1987 and between 1991 and 1993 he studied design at the University of Applied Arts. 12 • Art & Beyond • September/October 2017

Igor Prokop studied and worked in New York, Heidelberg, Auckland and several other places around the world. Everything is connected - nothing is meaningless. It does matter how you live, what you create, if you are going to have children, and what you are going to leave to them and their children as well. It does matter how much enlightenment you achieve! Every one of us has his own inner world made out of experience and personal learning within the system.

PHOENIX BIRD. Acrylic on Canvas.

“I want to preserve the past and to design the future. I want to protect the universal systems and I would like to protect the teachings of those that have thought me everything: The Organon by Aristoteles; Holbach, On the Road by Kerouac; Jack London, Arnold Gehlen, Stephen Hawking and several other teachers from art, music, history and even from the internet. They all became guides on my way.” – Igor Prokop.

can solve its problems. We must work together! This is my final goal, the inspiration for my pictures: To create tolerant, creative and cooperative systems that are heading toward a spiritual unity. Everyone must learn and teach at his realm, everyone must learn to work together with the power of art. For it is only possible to compare the power of art to that of nature herself” stated Igor Prokop.

“Our world permits no further mistakes. United mankind

https://www.saatchiart.com/account/profile/98903 www.artandbeyondpublications.com • 13

fine art

Steven Lustig

TWIRLING AT SUNSET. This art is born out of a love of the human form and its natural motion. Throughout time, man has studied virtually every aspect of himself in great depth. These sculptures represent a further step in that long lineage of study.

beautiful art form of life drawing. Live models, many of whom are artists in their own right, bring their art of human motion into the process. It’s in capturing the flow of these beautiful human beings in drawings that the sculptures are born.

They are founded in the very basis of the ancient tradition of human anatomy. A study that dates back to the Greeks and beyond. The sculptures incorporate aspects of human motion that started with Kouros figures and developed during the renaissance. These modern versions of this ancient art form are further influenced by the works of the Italian Futurists, Umberto Boccioni, Balls and others. They take flight through the sheer force of human biomechanics and the internal energy that stones and human models bring to the process.

You can follow the development of this work on Instagram and FB. Recently the works have been featured at Sculpture in the Park 2016, Loveland Colorado, Spectrum Miami, Art Expo New York, Blue Azul Collection, San Diego, and Trousdale Modern, Palm Springs.

Each one of these sculptures comes directly from the 14 • Art & Beyond • September/October 2017

This year, I exibited at the La Quinta Arts Festival, March 2017 for the first time, Sculpture in the Park, Loveland Colorado, 2017 and more. . . www.stevenlustigfineart.com

Samantha Cerney

LION. 36" X 48" ART SAN DIEGO 2017. BOOTH #429. Cerney Gallery SAMANTHA CERNEY is known for her love of colors, animals and love for her family. She originally was a pre-vet major at Tabor College in Hillsboro, Kansas when she then discovered she couldn’t continue without art. She changed her major and moved to sunny San Diego to study animation at the Art Institute of San Diego-California. She graduated with her BS and immediately started teaching art at an elementary school. That led to her becoming the first fine arts painting teacher at the Rock Academy and writing the curriculum to grow the arts program there. After a couple years Samantha decided to step out of the art teaching role and become a

full time homemaker to her two little boys and find her own unique painting style. Samantha explored many different techniques, but found home when she started painting animals in neon colors, abstract splash and fine detail lines to finish off each painting. These paintings glow under black light and each color is perfectly placed to add definition to the creations. Samantha’s goal is to always put family first, but show her boys to never give up on a dream and it will happen! http://samanthacerney.com www.artandbeyondpublications.com • 15

photography • digital art

Nicholas Teetelli Fine Art Photography

NOCTURNAL FESTOONS VIII. Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper

NICHOLAS TEETELLI is both a published and international award-winning fine art photographer. He was born in New York City and grew up in lower Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. During the late 1960s, and into the 1970s, the Village was a hotbed of culture and the arts. During this period, Teetelli was introduced to art and photography, developing an interest in what would become his lifelong passion. While he took some photography courses in college, Nicholas Teetelli is primarily self-taught. Spanning the last four decades, he has learned, developed, and honed his skills independently, becoming an avid and serious amateur photographer who has recently turned professional. Although he lived and grew up in New York City, he has spent 16 • Art & Beyond • September/October 2017

many summers in the Greek islands and has traveled to many other places in the world. He continues to travel extensively in pursuit of the perfect photographic image. During each journey, with camera in hand, he records much of what he sees, sharing the impression of his mind’s eye through composition, light play, and shape and design. His photographic portfolio is diverse: it includes landscape, architecture, portrait, flora and fauna, underwater, and street photography. He has recently brought his portfolio to the public eye and, in short order, has had more than one hundred of his photographs juried and invited into exhibition at dozens of galleries and museums across the United States, receiving

NOCTURNAL FESTOONS. Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper

NOCTURNAL FESTOONS IX. Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper

NOCTURNAL FESTOONS III. Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper

many awards for this work. He has won awards in international competitions in Moscow, London and Tokyo, a featured artist at major art shows at Art San Diego, Spectrum Miami, Artexpo New York, has private gallery placements in Vienna, Austria and Bologna, Italy, as well as being the only photographer to be featured on Royal Caribbean’s Azamara ships in their Artwave shipboard galleries. He almost exclusively uses Leica cameras and lenses which yield superior results for him. He has recently added a Hasselblad medium format camera to his bag. www.teetelli.com • nicholas@teetelli.com www.artandbeyondpublications.com • 17

fine art I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO IS NOT INSANE. Acrylic, 50cm x 70cm

YOU ARE OUT OF CONTROL. Acrylic, 50cm x 70cm

Hui-ju Chen (Mickey) Textual World

There are voices in my head, and they are my own voices. They sometimes go for the same directions while at other times, they go against each other in completely opposite paths. I often wonder how to transform words from my head into colors and shapes. Being influenced by some ideas of graffiti culture, I started casually writing out my feelings about my surroundings freehandedly. Since we are living in the world that is embedded with text and image, we cannot avoid seeing them both simultaneously and separately. Sometimes image is better off without text; sometimes text has to exist with the absence of image. I do not know which one conveys ideas better; it is a decision made spontaneously. The truth is that sometimes text

18 • Art & Beyond • September/October 2017

preserves the imagination better than image. With all the chaos image creates, it somehow kills our imagination. Text, on the other hand, creates the illusion of image. The journey of developing from our inner sound of language into words seems like a more direct and honest way of expression. The process and result tend to be simpler and purer. I cannot say which is my favorite form. Sometimes I do like to be led by text. I start with words in my head and I end with image on my canvas. Text and image can fight against each other for meanings, and at the same time, they can erase each other’s meaningless points in order to pursue a more explicit expression. www.ratgoofy.com

CABARET. Acrilic on Wood, 50cm x 60cm. 2014

Anna Maria Giordano You can see in the varied artworks by Anna Maria Giordano the research into an ultimate end of painting: to transform every kind of experience, from the dream to the everyday life, from the microscope to the stars vision, from realism to abstraction, in a continual pursuit of quality and in the foundation of a new expressive language. Each work reveals an accomplished harmony, and one senses the preparatory part, such as the choice of the medium, on which she will impress pigments, sometimes very earthy, securing the light to be turned into life energy; or as a hardworking choice between dozens of drawings and/or anyway images, to retrace a spiritual path of classical architecture. The result is a pattern of the image with a central perspective into deep space projecting plans, through the firm path of diagonal lines, re-edited the “divina proportione” of the golden section of the Grand Masters. You understand a follow-up, marked through time, as a moment of pure reflection: a formal control of the balance between space, light and image through the scrupulous examination of the ended work at the mirror, subject to the introspective "labor limae". Real root of rigor and memory, that, enhancing severity and discipline, even more vivifies the sight of the harmony of these works. Her works deliver the legacy of the past to the evocative power of the present.

Intense brushstrokes, the result of chromatic passages thinning down, but equally sweet and tireless, they own the space: the incommensurable, between the real and the metaphysical, which the peaceful introspective proceeding by the artist gives to painting of timeless high poetic value, between evocative spirituality and thematic inspiration. Anna Giordano shows us the reality of the unreal: everything is illusion. Even life. On a sort of instinctive expressionism, supplemented by cubist and futurist depictions, Anna Giordano elaborates an image basic structure of high dynamism and immediate visual impact, deliberately without excessive erudite references. From it, the artist moves his tries in an abstract area, in the surrealist and dadaist field with certain unpredictable and playful combinations of shapes and heterogeneous materials. Altogether in her works one can recognize that substantial component of eclecticism that is the basis of the production of Anna Giordano images. A component that, paradoxically, we could consider as homogenizing all her activity. – Manlio Gaddi, September 2016. www.webalice.it/amagiord www.artandbeyondpublications.com • 19

fine art

SUMMER TIME. Watercolor, 77cm x 53.5cm

Lin Da Ni Naïve Landscape

LIN DA's landscape paintings are a strange world nowhere to be found. Unidentified people emerge from the forests and the water—from supposedly untouched lands. But the sudden appearances of uniformed figures and concrete structures are enough to alarm viewers. It is hard to know what happens in the artist's mind, but his day job as a customs officer may offer some clues. It is a naive land that cannot maintain itself, a land awaiting forthcoming emergencies. Lin is a self-taught artist with fantastic visions. His painting techniques are so directly genius that pictures are so unpredictably composed; his uses of colour are sometimes reasonable and sometimes disturbing. They reflect a sense of trouble that not even the artist can describe. Nevertheless, the paintings are uniquely beautiful and attractive. Viewers leave with unforgettable experiences and, at the same time, with a sense of uncertainty. His work is a narrative of otherness, a consistent dream in which we would love to stay as long as possible, but sometimes the interruptions of nightmare bring us back to reality. - Chen Ping 2017 13902726182@126.com 20 • Art & Beyond • September/October 2017

THE MOUNTAIN TRIP. Watercolor, 53cm x 77cm

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fine art

BIRD IS FLYING ABOVE THE MOUNTAIN. Watercolor on Paper, 11" x 14"

Carmen Armstrong CARMEN ARMSTRONG's formal education followed early recognition of interest in art at Ft.Wayne Art Institute1951-1953 while also attending Indiana University extension in Ft.Wayne Indiana (diploma).summer courses at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. then completing the B.S. in Art Education in 1954 on campus in Bloomington, Indiana, An Art Supervisor position with the Valparaiso School City followed by teaching art in the high school and grades 2-6 in the five grade schools. Elementary art education positions followed in Plymouth Twp.MI,, New Haven, IN., Crawfordsville. IN and Indiana University, Bloomington, while achieving the Ed.D in Curriculum: Art Education with minors in Painting and Drawing, 22 • Art & Beyond • September/October 2017

Publications are in the areas of Aesthetics in Art Education, Designing Assessment in Art Education, Guidelines for Designing Art Curriculum for K-Grade 8, Teaching art in multi-ethic and multi cultural settings, and many related research reports, articles, book chapters, etc. Awards include contributions to the field of Art Education, research, and for paintings.I actively showed in Gallery shows and regional juried fine art shows in IL, MI, CO, IN, IA, AZ between 1966 and 2017 (excluding 1969-1998 during employment at Northern Illinois University, Art Education). carmstrong@niu.edu

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photography • digital art

David Bechtol

BOW LAKE. Photography. Durst Lambda Print, 39” x 25”

Photography is an integral part of my life. Each image captured attempts to take the viewer on a journey, to transport them to that place of wonder and grandeur as I experienced it, to feel the sense of awe, beauty and peacefulness. As a boy growing up in rural Michigan, I had many chances to take long, slow walks in the forest, soaking in all the beauty a child sees in nature. Now I use photography to slow down life and try to take in all that nature has to offer as I once did those many years ago. I am a self-taught photographer and have studied the photographic process for over 40 years. My interest includes 24 • Art & Beyond • September/October 2017

the digital realm where my technical background lets me exploit all that the camera can capture. Throughout my travels, I try to bring back and share a vision of some of the awe-inspiring vistas I encounter. No matter where you are in the world, nature’s extraordinary beauty is around every corner. I believe that great images are always around us. They are ours to capture with our vision and share with the world.


HALEAKALA SUMMIT. Photography. Print on Metallic Paper, 50” x 26”


www.artandbeyondpublications.com • 25

photography • digital art

STRENGTH. Photography.

"All that we are is the result of what we have thought" ~ Buddha

Wendy Coco Once a featured artist of The Queer Gallery, Wendy Coco is a photographer who specializes in capturing the images of the living world. Born in Maine she first used her camera to capture images of rural living. In 2002 she moved to Western Massachusetts where she began exploring her interest in the arts and in floral photography. As a Social Worker Wendy quickly found a way to combine her love of photography and her 20 year experience in housing the homeless to capture the reality of living today. She has been blessed with the opportunity to meet thousands of people around the country who are struggling under the weight of poverty. Encapsulated in her work are poignant images of individuals who continually work towards survival and seek the basic enjoyment of life. 26 • Art & Beyond • September/October 2017

Recognized by: The International Society of Photographers - Outstanding Achievement in Photography Award The International Library of Photography - Editor's Choice Celebrated Photographer Award Apogee Photo Magazine A Judge's Favorite of ViewBug Outstanding Creativity Award - Viewbug An Artist Showcase Winner of ARTSlant Regular contributor to Art & Beyond Featured Artist in ArtPlatform New York wendycocophotography.zenfolio.com

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sculpture • jewelry

This is a different piece from my usual designs. Again my Favorite LAPIS LAZULI GEMSTONES. They are surrounded by a Multi Colored Swarovski Crystals. Quit a conversation piece.long Necklace.

Pendant is a MAVE PEARl SET in Sterling Silver. Finishing the necklace are Lovely Swarovski Gray Pearls. Interspersed with Sterling and engrave design.

Sandy Den Hartog is a Native Californian. She now resides in Lake Havasu City Arizona. Her current home, she and her husband had built for themselves, faces the water with the desert a short distance behind and as a backdrop a dramatic and rather large mountain range. With this view Sandy has taken the time to absorb the impact of this beauty and pieced together jewelry that exemplifies each geographical characteristic, blending them into original jewelry objects. She is an Award Winning Artist. Sandy has placed in numerous Juried Art Shows throughout Arizona. Her romantic pieces of art continue to be showcased at David Rafaels in the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. Other distinguished pieces of jewelry designed completely from within her personal workshop are in the James Ratliff Gallery in Sedona, Arizona and Africa and Beyond Gallery in La Jolla, CA. Malouf on The Plaza in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is a self taught artist. Her jewelry displays both serene and harmonious qualities that have

28 • Art & Beyond • September/October 2017

been regarded as the highest of models. Her work covers a wide range of Style, from Ethnic, Classic, to Over the Top and Everyday Chic. She refers to herself as displaying "ARTISTIC FREEDOM." Sandy loves to mix everything up. The old with the new, and the big with the small. Although quite versatile in her design she leans toward the large and Ethnic Style. Many of Her Designs are created as she sleeps. She considers them to be her most excellent art pieces. Gemstones and Artifacts used in her talented designs have been found in her many World Wide Travels. These and and so much more from the nations she has visited, are incorporated into the designs made by Sandy. Sandy also feels, "If you can't see your JEWELRY from across the room, why bother." sandzibarjc@hotmail.com


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ture • glass • cera

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mic • jewelry

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Steven Lustig


Samantha Cerney

OCTOPUS. 36" x 48"

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Art & Beyond September/October 2017  

Art & Beyond is an International Online Magazine and provides a promotional services for artists and art event organizers. It is distributed...

Art & Beyond September/October 2017  

Art & Beyond is an International Online Magazine and provides a promotional services for artists and art event organizers. It is distributed...