Art & Beyond May/June 2016 Online

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Helen Kagan

“Muses and Music” Series SYNERGISM Concept

POLYHYMNIA. Acrylic on Canvas, 48” x 48”. 2016

The presented collaboration of two pronounced artists, a legendary Sotirios Gardiakos [Garsot] and Helen Kagan [Helen Kagan Healing Arts] is much more than just two artists working together. They define their unique concept as © SYNERGISM, and they invent it as they go.

14 • Art & Beyond • May/June 2016

Their collaboration gives each artist’s individual gifts a new dimension, a new way to expand into something greater than just their own individual “selves”. The definition of Synergism – is that “the result of interaction of 2 [people, entities, agents] is GREATER than the sum of its parts”. Garsot and Kagan, create their unique Series by painting together,