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BLUE LEAH #5 by Barebrush artist Daniel Maidman

temporal context; when collectors come to the site, they continually see fresh work. I’m also very excited about the launch of e-commerce on the Artists’ Market. Artists whose work is repeatedly selected by invited curators can now sell their work through Barebrush, and collectors can feel confident that they are purchasing consistently high-standard, quality work.

LM: What’s next for IS: I can’t give the details away yet, but it’s related to my theory of the Four Classes of Art Buyers, gleaned from years of experience.

LM: Can you explain your theory? Sounds intriguing! IS: In a nutshell, at the top of the hierarchy are the Collectors. These buyers are dedicated to a particular artist and are committed to purchasing that artist’s creative output. Below the Collectors are the Art Decorators – the ones who buy art that go over the couch. The next rung down is what I call the Art Tourist. Art Tourists don’t buy art but they go to see art and want to take away a souvenir of their art experience, like a catalogue or a postcard. At the bottom of the heap are the Voyeurs. I call them Art Voyeurs because they don’t make any effort to come out and see art. But just like real voyeurs, they do enjoy looking. I can build on that. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing to transform Art Voyeurs into Art Tourists, transform Art Tourists into Art Decorators, and ultimately transform Art Decorators into Collectors….? Today, has expanded to include other genres besides the nude to show the depth and breadth of its artists. Barebrush has built up a loyal collector base and a robust membership; the site gets a few thousand hits a day and counting. Included at the bottom of Barebrush’s Home Page are the following words: “Online since 2006. Proving it's OKAY to enjoy the art of the nude.” We couldn’t agree more.

ENTWINED by Barebrush artist Terry Hinckle • 7

Art & Beyond Online March/April 2013  

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