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art beyond Vol. 50 • March/April Special • 2018




TRIBU DEL OMO - KEZIAH. Mix Media, 146cm x 97cm oil • acrylic • watercolor • mixed media • photography • digital art • sculpture • glass • ceramic • jewelry

Deirdre Sullivan-Beeman

MUSHROOM GIRL. Egg Tempera and Oil on Aluminum Panel, 15" x 11", 2017




APRIL 19–22 I PIER 94






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Vol. 50 • March/April Special • 2018



In This issue: Art & Beyond is proud to announce to be an official Media Partner for the following International Art Fairs: Art! Vancouver 2018; Redwood Media Group Art Events 2018: ArtExpo NY, Art Santa Fe, Art San Diego, Spectrum/Red Dot.


Back Cover

Chantal Myrtil

Teyjah McAren

Inside Front Cover

Inside Back Cover

Deirdre Sullivan-Beeman

Teresa Bass

In this March/April Special Online issue 2018 we are continuing to cover International Art Fairs in the column Point of Interest. Here you will find an invitational article to Art! Vancouver 2018 International art fair. Art & Beyond is proud to announce the following winners published in this issue. The Art & Beyond team would like to congratulate Chantal Myrtil her artwork “TRIBU DEL OMO - KEZIAH” won the Front Cover for March/April Special Online issue. The Inside Front Cover artwork was won by Deirdre Sullivan-Beeman "Mushroom Girl". The Back Cover artwork was won by “Fraser Delta” by Teyjah McAren. And the Inside Back Cover was awarded to Teresa Bass for her transformational photographic art “Follow the yellow brick road”. The Publisher Choice Award to be published and promoted in the March/April issue was given to the following artists: Steven Lustig, Wendy Coco, Barbaras BilderKunst, René GEORGES, Haitham Al Hamad, Tana Lynn and Nancy Bechtol with One Page article and Hui-ju Chen (Mickey), Rae Chichilnitsky, Nira Chorev, Stephanie Holznecht, Nancy Ney and Nicholas H. Teetelli with Two page article.

We thank all of the amazing and talented artists who participated in the competition and wish you all great success in your journey. Visit Art! Vancouber 2018 to meet artists Deirdre Sullivan-Beeman, Teyjah McAren and Tana Lynn. Artowork by Nicholas H. Teetelli and Stephanie Holznecht will be on exhibited at the ArtExpo NY 2018. Meet artist Teresa Bass at the Booth 608 at ArtExpo NY 2018.

Point of Interest Fine Art Chantal Myrtil Deirdre Sullivan-Beeman Hui-ju Chen (Mickey) Teyjah McAren

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Rae Chichilnitsky

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Nira Chorev


Barbaras BilderKunst

Steven Lustig


Photography • Digital Art Teresa Bass Nancy Bechtol Wendy Coco Nancy Ney Nicholas H. Teetelli

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Haitham Al Hamad


Tana Lynn


Stephanie Holznecht



Art! Vancouver


Congratulations to all! Publisher Art Director Interview Editor

Mila Ryk Mila Ryk Justin Hoffman Alina Lampert

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International Art Fair Vancouver Convention Centre East

Photo credit Art & Beyond Š All rights reserved.

Vancouver, Canada

APRIL 19 – 22, 2018

Artwork by Jenna Robinson

For information about exhibiting or attending visit: With thanks to our sponsors:

point of interest


Art! Vancouver, the brainchild of local artist Lisa Wolfin, is a contemporary art fair showcasing the work of local and international artists and galleries. It’s the largest art fair in the Pacific Northwest and is fast becoming a stop on the international art fair circuit. Art fairs are gaining in importance in the current international world of art. According to The European Fine Art Foundations art market report on trends in the art world, art lovers are increasingly drawn to these markets, which now account for 40% of all art sales. Recent and upcoming fairs include Spain’s ArcoMadrid, San Francisco’s Photofairs, and the London Art Fair.

"Face of Art" Runway show.

Art! Vancouver sees artists and galleries coming from all across Canada and around the world to exhibit their work, which includes painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, and mixed media. Last year, the event brought in over 90 exhibitors. More than 7,000 people saw the show, and this year, Art! Vancouver anticipates even more. “I met amazing clients and last year my artwork was almost all sold out!” says Canadian artist Irina Gretchanaia, who is returning to exhibit her work at the event for the third time. “It gets busier and busier as the show grows. I am looking forward to what this year might bring!” In addition to featuring art and artists, Art! Vancouver also includes live artist demonstrations, workshops, speakers and panel discussions about current issues in art, and an Opening Night runway show, in which artists appear and represent their work. “It’s a lot of fun!” says Gretchanaia.

Exhibitor Irina Gretchanaia

By Colleen Addison

Art! Vancouve takes place April 19 – 22, 2018 at the Vancouver Convention Centre, To purchase your tickets please visit Opening Night Premiere Party • 7

fine art

Chantal Myrtil

DUBAI. Mix Media, 100 cm x 100 cm

The deep roots of Chantal Myrtil’s authenticity emanates from her colorful art works, mirroring many artistic movements. Her paintings are immersed with abstract impressionism, figurative art mixed with Lettrism. Her brush stroke either abstract, either realistic but always breathtaking, is filing our soul with a feeling of intense delight and vitality. Her eclectic universe goes together with sensuality, light, curves, escape and above all passion. Mastering with ease the art of painting combine with shimmering and sparkling colors, Chantal asserts and expresses herself as an artist and a painter. Combining stability 8 • Art & Beyond • March/April Special 2018

and absolute liberty in her artwork, Chantal is brimming with creativeness. Inspired, eager to share, she overpasses the limits of the impossible with her paintings she transcends imagination. Expressing her art with different media, sizes and materials, Chantal portrays essentially sincere and universal emotions that reach and seize our body. Unique to her style and artistic universe, calligraphy finalizes in a wonderful way all her art works.

Deirdre Sullivan-Beeman

TEMPERANCE. Egg Tempera and Oil on Linen Panel, 18" x 14". 2017 Exhibiting artist at Art! Vacouver 2018

Curated by DEIRDRE SULLIVAN-BEEMAN, the “Pop+X” exhibition at Art! Vancouver 2018 presents pop surrealist artworks from eight Los Angeles-based contemporary figurative artists from around the globe. A theme running through all of their pieces is the depiction of femininity, a fuel that pop culture – and indeed classical as well – lives and breathes and interprets endlessly. The eternal “X” factor informs and excites their paintings, drawings and multi-media works, which span the real and the fantastical – the traditional and the decidedly not so – and the many curves in between. Featured artist include Sullivan-Beeman – who splits her time between Vancouver and Los Angeles – Toronto native Kate Kelton, native Southern Californians Donna Bates and John Zeleznik, Peruvian-born Edith Waddell, Russian-born

Olga Ponomarenko, Rocky Mountain-bred Ashley Urban, and Israeli Tslil Tsemet.

DEIRDRE SULLIVAN-BEEMAN Deirdre Sullivan-Beeman is a self-taught figurative and contemporary surrealist painter. She uses modified oil and egg tempera techniques of the 14th century Old Masters to create works of magical realism that seem to glow from within. The narratives, symbology, and illumination in her pieces emerge from someplace subliminal, a conjured realm of magic, mysticism, and mystery. She uses her personal dream journal to inspire her artwork, exploring Jung’s collective unconscious with an overt curiosity for the bizarre and the esoteric, especially alchemy, the tarot, and spirit daemons. • 9

fine art

Hui-ju Chen (Mickey)

RED PAIN. Acrylic & Mixed Media, 60cm x 60cm

HUI-JU CHEN (MICKEY) graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1996. Even though she has not been using art and design as her main profession, she has kept her passion of making art until today. Along with her teaching job at Shantou University, she always finds time to create various styles of work. It is interesting to see how her work has varied from photography to acrylic painting to mixed-media to 10 • Art & Beyond • March/April Special 2018

collage. She hopes to keep being experimental because she believes that, in the art world, there are no real errors but different thoughts and processes with different outcomes. Without experimentation, she feels, art is not art. She gets inspiration from different aspects of life. She always hopes to learn and create different kinds of work by making use of her own different life experiences.

BLOODY MOODY. Acrylic & Mixed Media, 50cm X 70cm

It is normal to have lots of frustrations and doubts as one goes through the phases of creation. For Mickey, the biggest frustration has been the temptation and pressure to build and keep up one particular style in order to be a professional artist. Though it is true that a dedication to one style may enable one to come a little closer to perfection in that style, Mickey feels that art is about taking risks. If she is satisfied

with one style, she believes that she loses a very important quality of art--the excitement of experiencing different things in the world. Therefore, she hopes to continue working in different ways and experimenting with different styles. Art making, for her, is not just a way to express herself but a way to define her existence. • 11

photography • fine art

Teresa Bass

REFLECTIONS SWIMMING AWAY.... Transformational Photographic Art. ArtExpo NY 2018, Booth 608

TERESA BASS's journey began in 1960 in a tumultuous home in Detroit. As a teenager, having no life skills, she ventured out to discover what the world had to offer. Teresa, a fearless true free-spirit with a love for all people, believes, "God created so many people for us all to meet." With this philosophy, Teresa spent a year hitchhiking across America in 1978, ultimately landing in New Orleans, where she continues to create and live today. Teresa has always been drawn to photography and, despite having no formal training has captured thousands of moments in time, some sold through no effort of her own. Teresa discovered passionate transformations of self and her photographs following the death of her best friend and exhusband in 2016. "Through the pain of death, I sat and stared at the past in all my photographs," she recalled. It was then that the metamorphosis of Teresa's photographs began. Teresa can spend hours to weeks behind a computer screen 12 • Art & Beyond • March/April Special 2018

until she sees, feels, and realizes the tantalizing imagery burst into life. Inspired by the vibrancy of life, she begins with an exceptional photograph, then applies a variety of techniques to create an uplifting, thought-provoking image. To further provide an electrifying three-dimensional effect she chooses sizable, varied mediums to print on, including aluminum, glass, canvas, and acrylic. Still, in the early stages of her career as an artist, Teresa has shown and sold her art in Miami during Art Basel Week in 2017 and more recently at the Las Vegas Winter Market. If we can change our views and appreciate the beauty in all colors, shapes, sizes, and mediums, perhaps we can find serenity, harmony, and artistry even through death and adversity. After all, "The only constant in life is change..."

Teyjah McAren

BEJEWELED FLORAL. Oil-Based Alkyd. Presented at Art! Vancouver 2018.

TEYJAH is a full-time professional artist, teacher, lecturer, curator and owner of her own Gallery. Teyjah was born in Montreal, Quebec but now resides in Salmon Arm, BC. Teyjah grew up loving challenge, and her curiosity and zest for new experiences inspired her education, and continues to shape her studies. Using a vast array of tools, techniques and materials, she creates many layers of textures and color infusing her paintings with meaning. Her new-est work is abstract in nature and not pre-conceived at its inception. In Tey-jah’s work, color is the main element closely followed by forms. Colors and forms are used to convey a sense of time and place. Much of her work is experimental, based on her visual and emotional observations, and her recollection of what she saw and the way she felt in a locale.

She holds a Master’s in Art Education and has worked for Golden Artist Colors as a Working Artist and is presently in their Artist Education Pro-gram. She has studied with a long list of international artists including Ger-ald Brommer, Donna Baspaly, Frank Webb and Mary Todd-Beam. She is an accredited member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) and elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists. She is a guest lec-turer and advisor to a long list of art clubs and associations. Her artwork has been collected internationally and locally. Her paintings sell throughout Canada through private galleries, various exhibitions, commissions and the Internet. Her works of art have been featured in four acrylic North Light books. • • 13

fine art

Rae Chichilnitsky

ENCHANTED GARDEN. Mixed Media on Canvas, 24" x 20"

A self–representing artist, RAE CHICHILNITSKY, was born and raised in Kishinev, Moldova (formerly, USSR). There she majored in musicology and freelanced as a book illustrator. In 1976 her family immigrated to United States and settled in New York, where she went through typical challenges of learning English, adjusting to different reality and reinventing herself. While Rae’s new 14 • Art & Beyond • March/April Special 2018

professional life took her away from artistic career path, she kept on creating art and freelancing as an illustrator. After moving to Pennsylvania, Rae returned to artmaking fulltime, established Internet presense, exhibited locally and received acclaim in local press and among fans. Some of her artworks reside in private collections and been published nationwide and abroad.

LUCID DREAMS. Dyptich. Mixed Media on Canvas, 24"x 24" (24"x12" each) “Art had always been my passion. Everything I create comes from my imagination. I enjoy combining various subjects, media and styles: old and modern, eastern and western, deep and mundane, semi– realistic and completely abstract, as they all blend naturally into expression of richness of life and human condition. Lately, I’ve been naturally gravitating toward brighter colors and bolder images that radiate joy and energy. My goal as an artist is to share these positive vibes with other people.” - Rae Chichilnitsky

Rae’s art is very versatile, imaginative, positively–charged and thought–provoking. It involves multiple genres, media, subjects and techniques, triggering associations, emotions and conversations. Rae constantly explores new possibilities and combinations, creating her own world filled with symbolism, inner light and musical fluidity that reflect her academic background in classical music and

ability to “see” color of sounds. As such, her artworks is a polyphony of interwoven lines, shapes, themes, images and hues. Rae’s trademark style, based on techniques she had invented, creates effects of stained glass and cloisonné on canvas, making her paintings highly unique, recognizable and memorable. • 15

photography • digital art

Nicholas Teetelli Fine Art Photography

4800 II. Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper.

SOLITUDE. Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper

NICHOLAS TEETELLI is both a published and international award-winning fine art photographer. He was born in New York City and grew up in lower Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. During the late 1960s, and into the 1970s, the Village was a hotbed of culture and the arts. During this period, Teetelli was introduced to art and photography, developing an interest in what would become his lifelong passion. While he took some photography courses in college, Nicholas Teetelli is primarily self-taught. Spanning the last four decades, he has learned, developed, and honed his skills independently, becoming an avid and serious amateur photographer who has recently turned professional. Although he lived and grew up in New York City, he has spent many summers in the Greek islands and has traveled to many other places in the world. He continues to travel extensively in pursuit of the perfect photographic image. During each journey, with camera in hand, he records much of what he sees, 16 • Art & Beyond • March/April Special 2018

THE 94. Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper GG II. Archival Pigment Print on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper

sharing the impression of his mind’s eye through composition, light play, and shape and design. His photographic portfolio is diverse: it includes landscape, architecture, portrait, flora and fauna, underwater, and street photography. He has recently brought his portfolio to the public eye and, in short order, has had more than one hundred of his photographs juried and invited into exhibition at dozens of galleries and museums across the United States, receiving many awards for this work. He has won awards in international competitions in Moscow, London and Tokyo, a featured artist at major art shows at Art San Diego, Spectrum Miami, Artexpo New York, has private gallery placements in Vienna, Austria and Bologna, Italy, as well as being the only photographer to be featured on Royal Caribbean’s Azamara ships in their Artwave shipboard galleries. He almost exclusively uses Leica cameras and lenses which yield superior results for him. He has recently added a Hasselblad medium format camera to his bag. • • 17

fine art

Nira Chorev

WINTER LANDSCAPE 1. Mixed Mediaon on Paper, 24” x 15”

NIRA CHOREV was born in Boston, MA in 1952; she was raised and educated both in United States 1960-1965 and Israel 1965-1974. In 1970 Nira graduated WIZO France Vocational high school, in Tel-Aviv with a Diploma in fine art. 1970-1973 she served the Israel Defense Force (national military service) as a Graphic Designer.

18 • Art & Beyond • March/April Special 2018

Later she greaduated the Art Teachers College, Herzliya, Israel with a BA where she studied art with Raffi Lavie (Painting), Yair Garbuz (Painting), Ran Shehori (Drawing) Ashvaldo (Photogrhapy). In 1978 Chorev received her Diploma from the School of the Museum of Fine Art (SMFA), Boston, MA. She studied with King Coffin (Drawing), Jack Clift (Silk Screen Printing), Bill Flynn (Drawing) Henry Schwartz (Painting) and during her

LANDSCAPE WITH PURPLE RIVER 2. Mixed Media on Paper, 22" x 30"

During her Post-Graduate year she studied with Jack Clift (Silk Screen Printing), King Coffin (Drawing).

Esart Gallery, Barcelona, Spain (2013), Post Office Gallery, Inc., North Truro, MA (2016).

As part of the Fifth-Year Post-Graduate studies she was selected as an assistant to both printing and drawing classes. Nira also won a fifth year scholarship (traveling scholarship) which she used to go back to her photography and merge it with the work she was doing in the silk screen printing class. “I started to paint on large canvases with acrylic looking at the landscape from a bird's-eye view, from above, seeing the contrasting forms in color, and focus on the positive and negative shapes. What intrigue me were the shapes in space.”

In 2008 Nira returned to the United State to continue her full time art education.

Since receiving her Post-Graduate Degree in 1978, her artwork has been exhibited in The Royal School of Art in London (1988), Art Expo, USA, NY (1997), the Kennedy Center, Washington, DC (1998), Resnikoff Gallery, Boston, MA, and Studio Gallery, Irvine, CA (2009), the SMFA Grossman Gallery in Boston, MA (2010), Art Takes Times Square, NYC (2012),

“Using photos to capture moments as memories, the photos I take are the trigger to the landscapes I create from them. They are the continuous connections between me and nature; they are the positive and negative shapes in space; and they are the reminder of how things were.”

2008-2011 - Continuing Education Program and Workshops, School of the Museum of Fine Art (SMFA), Boston, MA and studied with Bill Flynn (Drawing), Robert Signalman (Experimental Figure Drawing), Ji-Eun-Kim (Ceramics). As of now Nira is a full time self employed artist in fine art and mixed media. • 19

fine art RESOLUTENESS. Triptychon CollagenMalerei, Mixed Media on Canvas, 50cm x 40 cm. 2017

International Artist and Award Winner Participation | Exhibitions 2018 Switzerland | Lausanne ART FAIR 2018 presented from Mona Youssef Gallery, Canada

Barbaras BilderKunst In the opinion of Mona Youssef Gallery, Curator, Jurist “Barbara Walder has been fascinated by nature since childhood which clearly reflected in her paintings striving to find answers about light and colors in nature and their relationship to man. Working with chalk and gouache, she adds special emphasis on naturalness, authenticity, originality and subjects matter which is important part of her existence. Barbara’s inner rhythm leads her to gracefully connecting elements with sensible brush strokes attracting and mystifying viewers. The moment of “now-ness” the transition from night to day, day to night fascinates her with its peculiar color, a moment of indecision in which its mysterious and perfect beauty unfolds.” Mona Youssef Mona Youssef Gallery

20 • Art & Beyond • March/April Special 2018

UK | London, Royal Opera Arcade presented from Galleria d`Arte Mentana, Florence Principality of Liechtenstein | visarte. liechtenstein Triennale 2018 Solo Exhibition Italy | Florence, Galleria d´Arte Mentana Sicily | Palermo, Museum Monreale curated from Dott. Prof. Arch. Giampaolo Trotta

Barbara Walder is living and painting in the Principality of Liechtenstein

PEACE PEOPLE III. Oil on Canvas, 110cm x 110 cm

RG (René GEORGES) Relying on an artistic training as a sculptor/ceramist in London in the 80s, he developed his own style where he favours ovals, harmonious and rather feminine shapes. He spent 5 years in the South of France where he discovers the brightness. He travelled in over 30 countries in Europe, Africa, Arabia, Australia, USA, and Canada). Award Winner "Young Sculptor" Monumental Sculptures, Narbonne. Prize-winner "Mediterranean Colours" South of France. A nomadic artist and unclassifiable, RG is a person out of range. World traveller, lover of the essence of nature and everything that vibrates, he enters in a new spiritual dimension that matches in the age of Aquarius, freshly started in our time. It's in the silence that he accesses through his soul to the world of creators who experiment and discover the beauty, the wonderful.

Flows out from there the free and creative energy filling his blank canvas - Inspired by I don’t know where from he always says. There is no pattern. There is what comes of itself. He then is amazed himself, full of gratitude and happiness. His friends like telling him. What you paint comes from other planets. To work in freedom and lightness, to listen to his inner being, what a happiness! It is pure adventure. Let the creative energy flow through your fingers slightly to the end of the brush belongs to the destiny of the genie. Listening to the silence and harmonious music helps him to connect with his soul. You're again completely somewhere else, says his wife. Joy, positive mind and beauty as well as peace for the world are his commands. • • 21

fine art

COQUETTE CITIES. Oil on Canvas, 90"x 60"

creates his unique paintings at the Doha Fire Station “Artists in residence” in Qatar. As a member of the Syrian Fine Arts Association and Qatar Fine Arts Association, Haitham has exhibited his works in many galleries across Syria and Qatar, also participating is prestigious cultural fairs. Haitham’s passion for Islamic painting and miniatures leads him to a complex artistic journey that culminates in terrific expressionist works. From academical forms of portrait and still lifes to innovative themes and compositions, this multi-talented painters is able to give life to a rich magical aura and fantastical nature that surpsases ordinary. Haitham uses incredibly vibrant colours and an amalgamation of animated forms, which electrify and give an otherworldly intensity to the subject matter within his paintings.

Haitham Al Hamad Haitham Al Hamad was born in Homs, Syria, and studied Fine Arts at Damascus University receiving his Bachelor degree in 1992, and Graduate degree in Mural Painting in 1994. He is a member of the Syrian Fine Arts Association and Qatar Fine Arts Association. Al Hamad participated in various art and cultural fairs, as well as showcasing his art in many galleries in Syria and Qatar. Interested in Islamic painting, especially the Islamic miniatures. Haitham Al Hamad is currently residing in Qatar, working at the Doha Fire Station " Artistes in residence"

Thus, transforming the everyday into something extraordinary. Haitham paints his surroundings and transforms veracity into an ethereal obscure creation, full of vigor and pulsating with spirit. Haitham has the talent of breathing whimsical life through his unique development and portrayal of connection and communication through these stimulating abstract forms. The distinctive and skilled technique of capturing different shades of light, which are glowing with radiant hues, encourages intense spiritual meaning and relations with the observer.

Third place in London Art Biennale 2017. XIth Florence Biennale /Florence Biennale International Selection Committee (CIS) 2017. Award jury Florence Biennale .

Finally, Haitham is a unique artist who promises exceptional evolution in his creative pathway, becoming more and more deep in personal meanings. In anticipation, the viewer is intrigued to see which compositions and ideas will occur in his future career.

The accomplished Syrian artist Haitham Al Hamad currently

22 • Art & Beyond • March/April Special 2018

ON THE WIRE. Encaustic, 8" x 10"

Exhibiting artist at Art! Vacouver 2018

TANA LYNN Vancouver artist TANA LYNN was born in the BC interior town of Quesnel, she moved to Vancouver as a young girl to complete her schooling. As a self taught artist she believes her skills were learned while in school for makeup artistry where she learned colour theory and the ability to work with form. After 17 years of painting famous faces in the film industry she decided to pick up a paint brush and explore on a different kind of canvas. Tana Lynn works with a variety of mediums including; charcoal, ink, acrylics & oils but her recent love of encaustic wax has had her transfixed in this medium for some time.

GOLD COAST. Encaustic & Gold Leaf, 8" x 10" • 23

fine art

Stephanie Holznecht

DANCING THE SAMBA. Acrylic, Tempera and Latex Paint on Canvas, 36" x 48"

I invest in the creation of a piece of art to convey what I have inside: my thinking, my emotions, my life, my essence and my soul. It’s also a way I can reach my own desires and essential demands out of life. When I create a new piece of art, what I feel smoothly becomes real. Once my creativity is ready, my vision becomes clear and flows out onto the canvas. From this point on I never hesitate. For me it is important to create what I feel. My abstract art is an extension of myself, full of passion and emotion: happy, sad, angry, calm, all these playing a part in my creative process. The sights running through my mind create the desire to paint in a more free-flowing, expressive form, coming from a part of me that is vulnerable and raw. As an abstract artist, I view the world from a different perspective. It has become a way of life for me. It rules the images I see as I experience my day, provoking thoughts for my next painting. Sometimes the emotions I feel are exhilarating, sometimes demoralizing. It depends 24 • Art & Beyond • March/April Special 2018

LOVE AND ITS UPS AND DOWNS. Acrylic, Tempera and Latex Paint on Canvas, 36" x 36"

PASSIONATE MOMENTS. Acrylic, Tempera and Latex Paint on Canvas, 36" x 48"

on the situations and environments in which I find myself. So many sensations are evoked by the smallest of details. The world becomes overwhelming, with everything my mind has to process. Painting allows me to pour these feelings out onto the canvas. It becomes my quiet time, where I can relax and just enjoy the moment. My mixed media paint work can have many or few elements within it. It depends on how I feel that day. I use acrylic, fluid acrylic, tempera, wax charcoal, India ink and latex paint in different combinations. I move the paint around the canvas in a strong decisive manner, knowing my emotions are guiding me. An array of moves with my utensils leave me open and free from outside influences, yet my emotions have their roots there. The finished piece is a complex creation of mixed emotions, coming together to form a cohesive piece of art. My artwork is a window into my soul and my goal is always to evoke some emotion from the viewer. Good or bad, there should always be something there for others to be able to read and draw their own conclusions. The inspiration that I take from experiencing life creates a feeling that continues to inspire me. I don’t think, as an artist, that is something I could ever lose.

FAN FARE. Acrylic, Fluid Acrylic, Tempera and Latex Paint on Canvas, 36" x 36" • 25

sculpture • photography


human anatomy. A study that dates back to the Greeks and beyond. The sculptures incorporate aspects of human motion that started with Kouros figures and developed during the renaissance. These modern versions of this ancient art form are further influenced by the works of the Italian Futurists, Umberto Boccioni, Balls and others. They take flight through the sheer force of human biomechanics and the internal energy that stones and human models bring to the process. Each one of these sculptures comes directly from the beautiful art form of life drawing. Live models, many of whom are artists in their own right, bring their art of human motion into the process. It’s in capturing the flow of these beautiful human beings in drawings that the sculptures are born.

Steven Lustig This art is born out of a love of the human form and its natural motion. Throughout time, man has studied virtually every aspect of himself in great depth. These sculptures represent a further step in that long lineage of study. They are founded in the very basis of the ancient tradition of 26 • Art & Beyond •March/April Special 2018

You can follow the development of this work on Instagram and FB. Recently the works have been featured at Sculpture in the Park 2016, Loveland Colorado, Spectrum Miami, Art Expo New York, Blue Azul Collection, San Diego, and Trousdale Modern, Palm Springs. In 2017 I exibited at the La Quinta Arts Festival, March 2017 for the first time, Sculpture in the Park, Loveland Colorado, 2017, SOFA, Chicago, IL and more. . .


Wendy Coco Once a featured artist of The Queer Gallery, Wendy Coco is a photographer who specializes in capturing the images of the living world. Born in Maine she first used her camera to capture images of rural living. In 2002 she moved to Western Massachusetts where she began exploring her interest in the arts and in floral photography. As a Social Worker Wendy quickly found a way to combine her love of photography and her 20 year experience in housing the homeless to capture the reality of living today. She has been blessed with the opportunity to meet thousands of people around the country who are struggling under the weight of poverty. Encapsulated in her work are poignant images of individuals who continually work towards survival and seek the basic enjoyment of life. Recognized by: The International Society of Photographers Outstanding Achievement in Photography Award The International Library of Photography - Editor's Choice Celebrated Photographer Award Apogee Photo Magazine A Judge's Favorite of ViewBug Outstanding Creativity Award - Viewbug

TRUMPETS. Photography. An Artist Showcase Winner of ARTSlant Regular contributor to Art & Beyond Featured Artist in ArtPlatform New York • 27

photography • digital art

Nancy Ney


For many decades, NANCY NEY was one of New York City’s most sought after advertising and lifestyle photographers — for which she won multiple industry awards, including a Clio. In 2013 her artistic focus shifted and Nancy honed her craft to a fine art that focuses on special situations and unique

28 • Art & Beyond • March/April Special 2018

themes that interest her. Most notably, humanity portraits set in exotic geographical regions as well as natural landscapes that possess a singular sense of beauty. Creating moments that expose the essence of a person’s character, keeping it fresh and spontaneous has always been



Nancy’s goal. Her images have won numerous awards- notably first prize in the ipa Family of Man 2016. She was chosen to exhibit at the Coral Gables Museum show entitled Capturing Coral Gables. Countries that Nancy recently traveled to for her photography include Bhutan, Cuba, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Galapagos, Iceland, Kenya, Mexico, Nepal and Northern and Southern India. A recent resident of Miami, Nancy has also participated in many of South Florida’s art fairs. She won a ribbon of excellence in January at the Hot Works Art Fair in Boca Raton. She will be showing her work at the Coral Springs Art Festival the weekend of March 17/18. In addition she has for many years exhibited on Fire Island, New York where she maintains a second home. • 29

photography • digital art ALIEN ONE. xxx smooth.


Nancy Bechtol

City of Chicago American Video Conference Award sponsored by American Film Institute/Billboard Magazine, Tokyo International Video Festival, Special Merit Award in Experimental “Transform Me” ©Nancy Bechtol, 2016. Digital Photo/ painting, 16 x20”, Archival print /Epson Exhibition Fiber, ltd Ed/ 25

Chicago born artist, photographer, video artist, educator. Video and Experimental Digital Photo/ Imaging take on a quality of manifested journeys These images portray times of a transformative experience. These transformative experiences are the key pointsfound in all our lives where the direction shifts, not always by our own choice. Best thought of as times of change. Those times which try our very core of who we think we are–our bodies, our minds, our spirits. MFA Master of Fine Arts, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Video Production/TimeArts/VFX 1984 Master of Education, Loyola University. Roosevelt University, BA. Community Access Network TV. CAN TV. Certified Independent Producer, Midwest Regional Fellow/National Endowment for the Arts, Illinois Arts Council Fellowship - Media Art, Neighborhood Arts Program Artist/Grant Video. Dept. of Cultural Affairs, 30 • Art & Beyond • March/April Special 2018 and more… “Free Speech & the Transcendent Journey of Chris Drew, Street Artist” Indie film IS now available on to stream or DVD: noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywo rds=free+speech+and+the+transcendent+journey+of+Chris +Drew Listed on IMDb

Teresa Bass

FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD. Transformational Photographic Art. ArtExpo NY 2018, Booth 608

Teyjah McAren

FRASER DELTA. Oil-based Alkyd, 8” x 10”

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Art & beyond March/April Special 2018  

Art & Beyond is an International Online Magazine and provides a promotional services for artists and art event organizers. It is distributed...

Art & beyond March/April Special 2018  

Art & Beyond is an International Online Magazine and provides a promotional services for artists and art event organizers. It is distributed...