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Vol. 5 • September/October • 2012

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Flavio Galvan

Sarah 1

oil • acrylic • watercolor • mixed media • photography • digital art sculpture • glass • ceramic • jewelry

Joe Gerschler

F8-W06-2011-004. Oil on canvas. 150cm x110cm

Vol.4 • September/October • 2012



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Nude or Naked It all boils down to those two little words… by Lilianne Milgrom 6

Fine Art

Art & Beyond Magazine is proud to present the incredible artists featured on the pages of this issue. Each possessing their own style, unique ideas and vision of the world around us. From scratch they are able to create things that inspire and enhance our lives. For this issue Art & Beyond held a Cover Competition for 2 covers, the amount of talent presented to us made it very difficult to choose two winners, so at the end we had to add one more Publisher choice award for a Back Cover as well.

Sandy Applegate Olivia Boa Ione Citrin Flavio Galvan Joachim Gerschler Alvaro Gomez Hans Guerin Tom Heflin


Congratulations to Flavio Galvan, his work "Sarah 1" was chosen as this months Art and Beyond Front Cover Competition winner, and Inside Front Cover was awarded to Joachim Gerschler for work “F8-W06-2001-004” and Back Coverawarded to Hans Gueri for work “Seated Geisha” as a Publisher Choice. Also, we have Publisher Choice Award winners to be published in the magazine for outstanding artwork: Sandy Applegate, Alvaro Gomez, Tom Heflin, Gregory John, Darlene Kaplan, Mike Menius, Lilianne Milgrom, Toni Silber-Delerive, Jennie Martin Tomlin, Joseph Ziolkowski, Majd (Patou) Fathallah, Janet Mishner, Ekaterina Bykhovskaya.

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Patton Hunter Semproniu Iclozan Marina Izrailevich Gregory John Darlene Kaplan Paula Laflamme Mike Menius Lilianne Milgrom Mila Ryk Toni Silber-Delerive Sara Swan Jennie Martin Tomlin Joseph Ziolkowski

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Sculptire Mixed Media Majd (Patou) Fathallah 30 Janet Mishner 32 Irena Orlov 33

Photography Digital Art

Flavio Galvan. Sarah 1.

Guy Belair Ekaterina Bykhovskaya Arthur Jacob Daniel R. Johnson Keith Parks Max Tzinman

Inside Front Cover

Back Cover

Joachim Gerschler. F8-W06-2011-004

Hans Gueri. Seated Geisha.

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We would like to thank all of the amazing and talented artists who participated in this competition.

Art & Beyond would like to send a special congratulations to one of our featured artists, Keith Parks, for winning the Best In Competition award for Human Experience competition held by Exhibitions Without Walls for his work "A Dream, Shredded" (p. 39).


Mila Ryk

Art Director

Mila Ryk


Alina Ryk Lampert

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Entry Form to apply to be published in the Art & Beyond Online magazine is available at Membership Program application is available at For any additional information please contact Mila Ryk at • 5

nude or naked

by Lilianne Milgrom

It all boils down to those two little words… recent visit to the Rodin museum my audio guide implied that Rodin had probably taken a peek at Courbet’s infamous work. Yet, this sculpture has not been subjected to the same public outcry or erotic critique as Courbet’s L’origine du monde. Rodin’s Iris was elevated to the ranks of the great sculptural nudes. Just arty enough for audiences to see it as artistic expression rather than lewd in-your-face exhibitionism. In 2006, critic Brian Sewell pretty much called it like it is: “Did no one in Paris, already notorious for its output of pornographic photography, see what Rodin had portrayed?” Apparently not. Instead, his sculpture was praised for its asymmetry, balance, tension and power. Another chef d’oeuvre from the great master! Courbet’s model on the other hand, reclines on crumpled bed sheets, her legs spread, every pubic hair rendered in a manner all too-realistic for many people’s taste. This woman is more than nude. She is one naked lady. The artist Lilianne Milgrom (left) with her work in progress.


wo years ago I spent six weeks at the d’Orsay Museum as the authorized copyist of Gustave Courbet’s infamous l’Origine du monde (The Origin of the World). This masterpiece is still considered the gold standard in erotic portraiture even though it was painted in 1866. About ten days into my stint as a copiste, I had an epiphany. L’origine du monde is not a painting of a nude woman; it is a painting of a naked woman. Not the same thing at all. This revelation might help explain the public’s intense and emotional reactions to this particular work of art. The dictionary definition of nude is “completely unclothed, bare”. The definition for naked is “completely unclothed, openly displayed and often threatening or disturbing”. Nude is the vanilla version of naked. This differentiation is more than semantics. The word we subconsciously choose to describe a particular work of art defines how we view, process and place value judgments upon it. And this in turn reveals much about our cultural mores and social standards.

The d’Orsay museum abounds with paintings of unclothed men and women. In fact, Paris is notoriously awash with exposed skin, pointy breasted statues, well-endowed males with rippling marble torsos. So why all the brouhaha about Courbet’s 18 inch by 22 inch painting? Because its realism leaves no doubt that this is a naked woman, thoroughly exposed to our prying eyes. The word naked is laced with sexual innuendo, hinting at a reluctant vulnerability which can be exploited. It conjures up raunchy back alley strip joints whose pulsating neon signs announce “Naked Ladies” not “Nude models”. Within walking distance of the d’Orsay museum, a comparable work of art can be found in the magnificent Rodin Museum. Rodin’s bronze sculpture Iris, Messenger of the Gods is a headless female torso with legs spread wide, her genitals directed at eye level. Sound familiar? Created in 1890, two decades after Courbet painted L’origine du monde, the comparison is striking, and indeed on a 6 • Art&Beyond • September/October 2012

Many visitors, particularly visitors from across the Atlantic, experience different levels of discomfort upon viewing Courbet’s painting. Quite possibly what is at play here is the perception of sexually charged nakedness compared to the more aesthetically acceptable nudity. This discomfort may well be rooted in the subconscious Judeo-Christian references to the Fall of Man, Eve’s loss of innocence and the subsequent awakened shame in her own nakedness. L’origine du monde’s blatant nakedness forces the viewer to confront his or her own vulnerability. Certainly these are highly charged and private thoughts to be contemplating in so public a setting. So take your pick. Naked or nude? Renowned English artist and critic John Berger has beautifully articulated the difference between these two ways of seeing: “Nakedness reveals itself. Nudity is placed on display.” Regardless of whichever way one chooses to look at the Courbet’s l’Origine or Rodin’s Iris, it is clear that they are both superb works celebrating the female body and challenging artistic and societal boundaries since their creation.

Auguste Rodin: Iris, Messenger of the Gods, also known as Another Voice, Called Iris (1984.364.7). In Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History. New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2000–. (October 2006)

fine art

BREAKTHROUGH. Acrylic painting. 24” x 36”

Sandy Applegate Sandy has been a full-time resident of Pagosa Springs, Colorado since 1995.

eyes closed with a scrunched-up little grin on her face. No wonder that she calls her artwork “Reality With a Twist”.

She was born in Wisconsin, raised in Illinois, and attended art school in Chicago.

Sandy’s artwork deals with shape, color and ideas: definitely with her own version of reality. She works primarily in acrylic, watercolor, and pen and ink. Her newest medium is oil-based ink in which she creates Monoprints on paper or canvas, a method learned from Shy Rabbit’s Michael Coffee – his reductive-ink process. She often incorporates mixed media to create unusual effects. She likes to have several series of different subject matter in the works at one time, this helps to keep her images and ideas fresh and lively.

She is currently devoting her time to creating and marketing her artwork, as well as skiing, hiking, reading, and gardening. She studied art in college, spent many years in a variety of careers and past-times, but always created and experimented with art media. With the addition of several workshops with notables such as Pierre Mion, Gary Greene, Vera Curnow, Stephen Quiller, and Sean Dye, she is free to use her “Artistic License” to create whatever reality she dreams of. Starting to draw and “doodle” as a teenager, she always knew she was destined to do things differently. This is evident in one very early photograph of her with her two sisters and brother: the other three stand erect, hands at their sides, facing the camera head-on with nice smiles on their faces. Sandy however has arms akimbo, is turned 45 degrees to the left,

8 • Art&Beyond • September/October 2012

Her colors are bold, exciting and vibrant. Her images are partly literal, but she incorporates “other-worldly” or abstract elements also. Many pieces contain suggestions of the macrocosmic or microcosmic in them, often using circles or repetition to indicate the on-going cyclic nature of life. She keeps a sense of humor about her, and loves to leave room in her work for the mysterious, the personal interpretation.,

QUESTIONINGS. Acrylic on canvas. 50cm x 70cm

Olivia Boa Olivia Boa was born in 1981 in Yvelines in France. At a young age Boa was attracted to the world of the art and in particular, painting. Boa began her formation into an artist at the age of 10 with the help of Yves Armani, an artist who taught her the basiscs. From the age of her 14, Boa pursued her work and her research in painting in a self-taught way. In 1998, Boa decided to release hersefl from conventional structures of the academic painting, by turning on the abstract art. In 2011, she worked the concept of "generations" in art, namely to paint a subject on various energy perceptions. For example of a landscape, Olivia Boa is going to draw all the energy yin and to transmit it on a work, while realizing simultaneously another work of the same landscape but in an energy yang, so forming a linen couple representing the same landscape and being entitled: the first generation. In addition to her work as an artist, Olivia is also a therapist and in 2012 she proposed a subtle mixture of her work in therapy mixed with her work in abstract art. Olivia Boa declines us a whole pallet of feelings, sensations, observations and makes in consultation and retranscribes it in the form of colors, of movement, of textures and of forms on a painting. A French/English bilingual catalog of its work: « psychological works » will be available from the end of this summer. For any order please get in touch directly with the artist who will dedicate it to you personally. • THE TREE IN THE SUNSET. Acrylic on canvas. 70cm x 90cm • 9

fine art

Basquiat Lives. Watercolor. 23" x 30".

Ione Citrin "I dream, therefore, I am" I create art because I must. It is a necessary extension of my life. It identifies and substantiates my existence. It is my profile and my legacy. I want to intrigue and entertain. I want to initiate wonder and questions. I want to communicate my thoughts, dreams and desires. most of all, I want to be! Ione’s art has shown nationally since 1998 when, after years of world travel, a successful television, radio, theatre and film career in the performing arts, she decided to focus her richly diverse talents on the visual arts. Ione’s artistic expression, creativity, and passion for communication have resulted in 10 • Art&Beyond • September/October 2012

numerous awards for her painting, sculpture, mixed media, and assemblage. Ione is an avant garde artist whose artistic expression takes fantastic shape through her diverse oil and watercolor paintings, bronze sculptures, found object collages and mixed media assemblages. Her contemporary paintings and sculptures range from abstract to realistic to impressionistic - all visionary interpretations from her imaginative soul. Ione uses only one name but a variety of styles to soothe her wild imagination. A native of Chicago, she is a former television star and commercial voice-over artist. Now she wins awards and sells her creativity through her hands instead of through her larynx. Her art is as original as she is - bold, colorful and highly decorative.


Flavio Galvan is an Argentine artist currently residing in Florida. During the past 20 years he has created a solid body of work employing classical techniques (oil, ink, pencils, etc..) and also experimenting with other forms of expression. Flavio has exhibited his work in galleries and museums in South America and United States. Some of his paintings are in major collections in Argentina. Flavio's paintings are mainly figurative. From the beginning of his career, his work has been consumed with the obsessive search for detail, the diffusion of light, and movement all of which has led him to develop at times dynamic scenes with figures flying in space and others are seen in extreme close up. The vibrant palette of his early years, full of primary colors in contrast, has slowly turned during Flavio's career to his presently employing an exquisite and subtle gamut of tonalities that remind us of ancient oriental art.

SARAH 3 (Gazes Series by Flavio Galvan - 2012). Oil & plaster on canvas. 60” x 60”

RACING IN STYLE (The Now Generation Series by Flavio Galvan - 2011) Oil on canvas. 48” x 36” • 11

fine art

GROUNDZERO. Oil on canvas. 140cm x 120cm

Joachim Gerschler Joachim Gerschler is 67 years old. He has been working for a few decades as the top restorer on historical buildings in Berlin doing analysis of the building`s history, the technical requirements of restoring them in the original sense and doing the restoration work himself and with his staff. Since 2010 he has begun to paint oil on canvas in rakel (spatula) technique and has produced up to now more than 100 such paintings, mostly in sizes of one to two m2, some in smaller

12 • Art&Beyond • September/October 2012

sizes and some up to 10 m2. In this field of art he is up to now completely unknown. He is still most busily producing new paintings. Now it seems to be time to get known internationally and he is looking for a competent party which is best suited to promote his works. Representing him is Dr. Hergen Heinemann who may be contacted under


ALVARO GÓMEZ Born in Maracaibo, Zulia state, 1951. Resides in Lara State, Venezuela. He served as Director of the Central Public Library Autonomous Pio Tamayo Lara. 2009-2010. Create ALVARO GOMEZ Cultural Foundation. Creator of the first exhibition of 50 poems murals, printed banner, measuring 150 cm. wide by 300 cm. high, open, with exhibition throughout the state of Lara, the famous poet RODRIGUEZ JOSE DE JESUS, Venezuela unique event. AVAP Member of the Association of Artists of Venezuela. Button. Honor of Merit Dr. Eduardo Gomez Tamayo. Barquisimeto, Lara State. Venezuela. Button. Example of

Youth, Jose Macario Yepez Magazine Foundation. Barquisimeto, Lara State. Venezuela. Button Honor of Merit, New Young Foundation. Barquisimeto, Lara State. Venezuela. Represented in the Dictionary of visual arts in the National Gallery. "Dictionary of Visual Arts in Venezuela" (Juan Calzadilla) Participate as a Member of the Jury of Admission and Rate Art Salon VII Hector Rojas Meza. Cabudare-Lara, Venezuela. 1998. Dedicated entirely to painting, sculpture, and drawing, poetry with significant activity in national and international exhibitions. • 13

fine art

MOTHER EARTH. Oil. 36"x48"

Hans Guerin Born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1978, Hans Guerin is the sixth generation of artists in his family. His maternal grandparents, Hans and Ann Didusch Schuler, founded the Schuler School of Fine Arts, and his mother, Francesca Schuler Guerin, is the present director of the Schuler School. After receiving a bachelor’s degree from Salisbury University in 2000, Hans enrolled in the Schuler School of Fine Arts to continue his family legacy, graduating in 2005. Through the School’s curriculum, Hans has become proficient in sculpture, oil painting, watercolor, and drawing. In addition to his studies, Mr. Guerin assists the school as their framer, instructor, and technical assistant. He has conducted workshops in various media and teaches privately as well. Mr. Guerin’s work has shown in various gallery shows and fundraisers throughout the United States. 14 • Art&Beyond • September/October 2012

Hans Guerin paints to connect himself to the external world with observations of form and color; pushing to create an illusory reality from the object, person, or scene. He thrives on painting, drawing, and sculpting from life, not just to replicate, but to exaggerate values, color intensity, color temperatures, and design. Hans wants the viewers of his work to be attracted from across the room, and hold their attention when they are up close with details and subtle nuances. While most of my work has an intrinsic meaning to him, Mr. Guerin aims to please his audience with beauty and skill in execution whether or not they find its internal significance.

HORSEMAN. Acrylic on crushed paper. 12” X12”

tom heflin I usually paint realistic landscapes but every now and then I like to tap into that mysterious, sometimes dark, place in my heart and see what's hiding there. using pencil and sketch pad I begin by just letting the pencil go with no preconceived idea. Sometimes it works sometimes not but that's the fun of the adventure. I have done a series of strange little watercolors that I call "the visit". Viewers often ask me the meaning of the paintings....I didn't have an answer at first but after thinking about it I realized they are funny little self portraits portraying my 28 years of solitary isolation in an abandoned farmhouse that had become my studio. This was self imposed because I had a studio in my home in the city. But those years of isolation made it possible to work uninterrupted for 14 hours a day five days per week. I have since moved back to my home/studio in the city but have fond memories of that peaceful place.

CONTEMPLATING THOREAU. Watercolor on arches paper. 12” x 14” • 15

fine art

BLUE NUDE. Acrylic. 40”x40”

Patton Hunter Painting is my first language. Using bold, expressionistic images, I draw from my life and interpret experiences, good and bad, to connect with viewers’ own personal memories. Patton Hunter lives and works in her loft studio/gallery in downtown St. Petersburg, FL, named two years running as best mid-sized city for the cultural arts in the United States. From more than 3,300 competitors, she was voted one of the “Top Ten Artists Over 60” in The Artist’s Magazine national competition in the March 2011 issue and was noted among “Ones to Watch” by Watercolor Magazine in their December 2011 issue. 16 • Art&Beyond • September/October 2012

Patton served on the search committees of the Pinellas County Arts Council in commissioning the work of Christopher Still for the Pinellas County courthouse murals and served as juror for the Pinellas County School system’s annual art exhibit for students, Sarasota Arts Center members competition as well as exhibits at Beach Art Center in Indian Rocks Beach and Suntan Arts Center on St. Pete Beach.

SPIRIT OF THE MOMENT. Oil on canvas.

Semproniu Iclozan is an intentionally known American artist, born in Transilvania, Romania. He received his MFA from Nicolaie Grigorescu Art Academy, Bucharest, Romania. His work has been shown at more than 51 exhibitions in Europe and United States. Iclozan’s art was published in many European books and catalogs around the world. Iclozan’s work is in the permanent collections at the Chicago History Museum, National Museum of Art in Bucharest, Romania, Museum of Contemporary Art, Poland, Royal Art Collection in Stockholm, Sweden and many others. For almost two decades, Iclozan was exhibited as a solo artist in numerous galleries around the world including; Ambassador

Gallery, NY, Portals Gallery and Hansen Gallery, Chicago, Fontanella Borghese Gallery, Rome, Italy, Accademia di Romania, Rome, Italy, Craiova Museum of Art, Romania, Drottinnggatan 100 Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden. Iclozan has also participated in numerous of Art Expos, including the Vancouver, Chicago and Miami International Exhibitions. Iclozan’s artwork is also in many private art collections in United States, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Ivory Coast, Japan, The Netherlands, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. • 17

fine art

LANDSCAPE 2. Oil on canvas. 23 x 36.

Marina Izrailevich The roots of my life and work are steeped in Russian art and culture. My earlier works had a whiff of Russian Constructivism (purely unconsciously; I was thrilled when it was pointed out to me). I am still searching for a way to express the breadth of feelings and emotions and the struggle for meaning and life’s anchor. My major influences are Mark Rothko, Wassily Kandinsky and Marc Chagall. My heart leaps when I see their work and I think ‘how do I do THAT’. My work is color, texture, and flow. Movement of pencil on paper, brush on canvas, and lines and shapes on a surface, any surface. The excitement of watching hot metal bending under acetylene torch and the flow of melting metal as two pieces are joined together and a sculpture emerges. It's about the

18 • Art&Beyond • September/October 2012

impossible, the discovery of a potential, and the excitement of seeing a completed work. And I continue the search. I like to work with almost all media: oil on canvas; watercolor, chalk, charcoal, and pastel on paper; occasional painting or drawing in acrylic; welded steel sculpture. I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts at LIU in New York. I have had several shows in galleries in Manhattan and Long Island, and one of my shows was featured in the New York Times. I currently live and work in Santa Cruz, California.

FRANKENSTEIN. Oil on canvas. 30" x 24"

Gregory John As a very young child it was apparent that I had a great deal of energy, both in school and at home, for misbehaviour, breaking rules and not doing things the way we were told to. I struggled for inspiration in school, although I found learning easy it didn’t stimulate me and my inability to focus my attention on any given task caused me many problems. However, rebelling against the banality of the system as I understood it was not my only form of escapism because it also became apparent, at a very young age, that those times when I did seem highly motivated, energised and stimulated with ideas was when I was painting or drawing. Only then did I experience a feeling of true liberation. It doesn’t seem fair to describe art as some kind of antidote to everyday life, because life of itself has been an amazing adventure for me, although I struggle with the malevolence of our world to the point that I can become overwhelmed. It is during these moments that I feel compelled to create something that will exorcise my fear and confusion, or simply give me greater clarity and understanding, a sense of catharsis. When I think about what I want to achieve in a piece of art, I don’t consider what technique I’m going to use, or about adhering to one particular tradition or another, or how others are going to perceive me. I enjoy the freedom of abstract expressionism and its power at appearing visually simplistic whilst conveying highly complex and poignant subject matter. Many of my paintings are realistic in technique with a strong metaphorical theme, and this has worked for me at the time. I find myself being inspired all the time by many of the great artists that are around today but I believe that when creating art

an artist’s primary consideration must be to fulfil their own needs creatively without fear of judgement. When it comes to selling work I’ve sold many commissioned pieces of art but despite some attractive offers my own original paintings and sculptures are not for sale, strange as that may seem they are all very personal to me although other people are touched by them, which is very rewarding for me. However surely there will come a time when I’m ready to let them go. • 19

fine art

PEACOCK COURTING. Chinese watercolor. 42”x34”

Darlene Kaplan Darlene Kaplan is an award-winning artist who has been captivating art lovers worldwide with her energetic Oriental Brush Paintings using Chinese watercolors for more than 40 years. Her many awards include First place at the Campagna Center, Alexandria, VA, First place at Green Spring Gardens, Annandale, VA, and Finalist at the 27th Annual Arts Competitions-Artist Magazine. She grew up in the country in Tennessee and states, "All of my spare time was spent walking in the woods searching out bugs, plants and anything else that was alive. Those childhood days spent with nature is brought alive every time I put a brush stroke down on paper. All of my paintings are derived from nature." Darlene paints in the Lingnan style of Oriental Brush Painting which is a combination of Western and East Asian art. She has been studying with Henry Wo Yue-Kee from 1994 till present. Mr. Wo paints and teaches this freestyle of ink and color on rice paper that originated in China centuries ago. "For many years I painted realism in oils before making the change to oriental brush painting. Studying martial arts/Tai Chi’ for years inspired me to try this medium, which I fell in love with right away. The calming effect of grinding the ink before painting, the energy that is put into throwing ink on paper is just the greatest of pleasures that only this style of art allows me to feel." In her paintings Darlene attempts “to show purity in painting the snow, brightness in the moon, fragrance in the flower, sounds in the waterfall and spirit in people.” Before beginning, she has a vision in mind. "The mind has the plan and the hand follows. Once started, 20 • Art&Beyond • September/October 2012

the brush and ink require full attention. Without the mood, brush and ink do not have anything to attach to; without brush and ink, the mood cannot be expressed. These are inseparable elements.” The artist has had many solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States including an exhibition of over 100 paintings representing Oriental Brush Painting during the Cherry Blossom Festival 2012 in Washington, DC. Her work has been exhibited in many galleries and museums including Charles Sumner School Museum in Washington, DC, SoHo District in NY City, and many, many more locations. Her art may be viewed at Soft Brush Studio in Alexandria, VA and The Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, VA, and on her on-line at

THE LAST CORRIDA. Oil on Canvas. 48” x 48”

Paula Laflamme Born in Montreal in 1964, Paula Laflamme is a self taught artist and began painting in 1992.

little daily routine living their lives without anyone`s notice, are a valuable sources of inspiration for Paula.

Paula spent her childhood between land and sea, the slums of Montreal, and the richness of her ancestors, from Gaspé. Her paintings are her own compositions, they are her work.

Paula allows herself to be carried away by her foolishness, she lets it be sweet, bitter or violent. She lets her brushes guide her until the darkness reaches the light.

Using her emotions and the expressions of the people she meets, she lives in interesting situations and moves deep into her characters and those who contemplate.

Note that the interpretation of these works, are as intimate as they could be, I sincerely hope you can discover the deep emotions that lie dormant within us all. - Paula Laflamme

The everyday life, the mood of our society, the character and actions of the "Almighty" and others, those who make their • 21

fine art

URBAN LANDSCAPE. oil on wood panel. 36” x 24”

Mike Menius lives in the wine country of Northern California. He is a plein air painter of the entire California coastal area. As a member of the "Monday Morning Painters" group, he goes outdoors to paint ocean side vistas, vineyard settings, the lagoon of Santa Rosa, etc. He also paints architectural interiors, as well as abstract work. Art training has included the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, DC the Torpedo Factory School in Alexandria, VA; the Sebastopol Center for the Arts, in Sebastopol, CA 22 • Art&Beyond • September/October 2012

He is a member of Laguna Plein Air Painters Association Southern California Plein Air Painters Association Sonoma Plein Air Foundation Former President, San Francisco Chapter, Colored Pencil Society of America

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fine art

BACK VIEW. Acrylic on canvas.12" x 12". 2011

Lilianne Milgrom can well be described as a “global artist at large.” Born in Paris, growing up in Australia and living for extended periods in Israel and the United States, she now resides in the greater Washington DC area. She exhibits extensively in local and international galleries and museums and her work can be found in private and institutional collections.

Milgrom’s diverse cultural background has been influential in shaping a multi-disciplinary approach to her art. “I resist selfimposed or external limitations. I have found that combining different art forms allows for the creation of a more complex visual language - as my work has evolved so has my palette.” Though the artist’s subject matter is equally eclectic, her body of work is defined by a conscious balance between the conceptual and the aesthetic.

24 • Art&Beyond • September/October 2012

DANCING WITH THE TREE.Oil on canvas.20” x 20”.

Mila Ryk is a 3rd generation artist born in the Ukraine, she immigrated to United States in 1991. Shortly after moving to Chicago, she was introduced to Leon Oks, an artist whose work has inspired her greatly. She has been taking art lessons in his studio for several years. “Leon has helped me free my mind and express myself in ways I never thought possible” she said.

Inspired by Art Nouveau and amazed by the endless beauty of Orchids, she developed her unique style and technique, which gave her the ability to share her vision and feelings with a viewers. Mila Ryk unites line work of figures, brushstrokes, colors and nature in one single form of harmony and beauty. In 2009 Mila’s artwork has been published in the Best of America Oil Artists, Volume II book. Her art was listed in the International Dictionary of Artists 2011. • 25

fine art

SUNBATHING. Oil. 36”x36”

Toni Silber-Delerive Silber-Delerive's Figurative paintings--some are individuals, some different pairings of couples, two friends or a pair of lovers, and some are family groupings – evoke a stylized impression of the culture or the persons. Juxtapositions of strong colors combine with a graphic viewpoint and shapes to convey a feeling of time and place and individuality. Born in Philadelphia, I received a B.F.A. in Painting from the Philadelphia College of Art and studied at the School of Visual Arts. A Manhattan-based artist and graphic designer, my work is featured in private and corporate collections and has been in 26 • Art&Beyond • September/October 2012

many exhibitions including solo shows in New York e.g. Blue Hill Cultural Center, Rockefeller Gallery, NY Studio Gallery in Chelsea, Interchurch Center, National Arts Club. A selection of NYC group shows includes Prince Street Gallery, Pen and Brush Gallery, Dacia Gallery, The Chelsea Art Museum. Also Kaller Fine Arts in Washington, DC and Riverside Gallery in NJ. I'm an active member and exhibitor at the National Arts Club. Additional information and visuals can be seen on my web site

DRESS #7 Pastel on paper, 28" x 38"

Sara Swan Sara Swan is a Los Angeles based artist. Her education includes fine art at Whitman College, design at UC Davis, and illustration at Art Center College of Design. Sara primarily paints with oils on canvas, but she also uses chalk pastels on paper. Saturated and intense colors, unusual color combinations and textures characterize her work. Her career began in illustration where she created pieces for books, magazines and newspapers that were humorous and highly stylized. Her fine art was derivative of her illustration style until a few years ago. More recently, Sara has been looking at fashion from the 1940’s and 50’s for inspiration. Using vintage images of both swimwear and formal evening gowns, Sara combines these with her own figure drawings to create paintings and drawings that celebrate not only fashion and glamour, but the human figure, body language and emotion as well.

Sara participates in the monthly Art Walk in downtown Los Angeles. She and other artists who have studios at Spring Arts Tower show their work in the mezzanine level gallery on the 2nd Thursday night to each month. “There is a wonderful synergy among us”, Sara says of this monthly exhibition. In the coming months, Sara plans to further her examination of the human form, incorporating elements from nature, and using religious icon paintings as a stylistic influence. • • 27

fine art

Jennie Martin Tomlin is and artist and native of Cabarrus County, North Carolina. She attended Virginia Commonwealth University, majoring in commercial art and graduated from University of N C at Charlotte with a Bachelor of Creative Arts Degree. Jennie’works primarily with watercolor or pastel and is well known for capturing local historical sites in graphite as well as watercolor. Nature ( specifically trees) are her favorite subjects, however, she is not hesitant to tackle any subject and loves to experiment. Her work is represented both locally and nationally and she has had numerous one person exhibits and hosts exhibits for her students in her gallery in Harrisburg, NC. Teaching and sharing her knowledge of art is very important in her life and she has been teaching private and group classes since 1977. She delights in seeing students “lights come on” and enjoys including insights about nature along with technique and composition and design. She owns J. Martin Tomlin Galleries, a home based gallery and framing shop and is a strong advocator of the local Arts Council and board member of The Cabarrus Art Guild.

28 • Art&Beyond • September/October 2012

3 TREES ON BLUE/PURPLE BACKGROUND. Watercolor on paper. 22” x 15”

CALHOONIS. Watercolor. 8” x 10”

Joseph Ziolkowski is a fourth generation Montanan, born in 1975 in Lewistown, Montana. His paintings reflect genuine Montana landscapes and rare moments in nature. Joe typically can be found throwing or spraying watercolors but has been known to experiment with other mediums and applications. Along his journey as an artist he has been influenced by Clarence Cuts The Rope, Anne Armont, Jim Borgreen, Dan Deegan, and his own family. He has won many local art awards and is achieving more at the tip of his brushes. In 2005 Joe has been a delivery driver with UPS full time. It has offered a means of networking in a small community and a chance to encounter wildlife and landscapes every day. Like an artist’s work, no two days are the same. Joe's paintings are striking, vibrant watercolors depicting Montana landscapes, wildlife and the Big Sky way of life. He seeks to break the rules in his application of watercolors and

other media and is always strives for dynamic color, contrast in light and a story for every creation. He has recently adapted the application of watercolor on uncommon surfaces such as wood, bone, metal and horn. Montana Water-media Show, 19th Annual National Juried Exhibition, Honorable Mention, October 2001 Montana State Ducks Unlimited artists for 2006. Montana Watercolorists Society, First Place Award, May 2010 Montana Watercolorists Society, First Place Award, May 2012 For more information visit • 29

sculpture • mixed media

NARCISU. 2007. Bronze sculpture on a Stone base with Inox inlay z(color/patina: dark blue). 20 x 58 x 53

Majd (Patou) Fathallah Born in Marseille in 1956 to a diplomatic family Majd Patou Fathallah is a British/Lebanese self-taught sculptor. Her early years, where on the move, enriching her view and search. In her late teens and early 20’s, Majd Fathallah graduated in Mass Communication & Theater. She dabbled in photography and had two radio shows, where she played Jazz in one and Rock in the other and read the news on the radio. It was the 70’s. Simultaneously she also read the news on national TV (1st English news to be broadcast on Lebanese TV) One thing she knew nothing about was sculpture. After a career in radio, television and film production she became interested in philosophy, far eastern thought and music which somehow naturally led her to pursue her heart's passion: sculpture. Having witnessed the civil war in the Lebanon and becoming aware of life's fragility profoundly affected her work. She has recently moved back to the UK, after spending four years in Northern Tuscany where she lived an isolated life dedicated to her sculpture.

30 • Art&Beyond • September/October 2012

SEATED COUPLE. 2011 Plaster. Coloured. 40x30x25

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sculpture • mixed media

BIRD. Mixed Media. 48" x 36"

Janet Mishner Janet Mishner’s paintings have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and cultural centers, including Harmony Art Gallery of the Sarasota Orchestra, the Paradox Art Gallery, Dancing Crane Fine Art Gallery, and Art Uptown Gallery in Sarasota, Florida; Art Center Manatee in Bradenton, Florida, Paper, Rock, Scissors Gallery and Beveled Edge Gallery in Baltimore, Maryland. Her work most recently took second place

award at the nationally juried show, “Places and Process,” sponsored by the Women’s Caucus of Art, San Diego. In addition, her work is in corporate collections, including those of the Lakewood Ranch Medical Center, Florida Cancer Specialists, and Kaizen Total Wellness Center in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. Mishner received a BFA from the University of Maryland, in College Park. 32 • Art&Beyond • September/October 2012

NEW YORK DOWNTOWN Mixed media. 30”x40”

Irena Orlov innovative, contemporary fine artist, architect, designer, illustrator, photographer is known for creating captivating works which are full of energy. Extraordinary versatile in her mediums, Irena could never imagine life without art. Having a successful carrier in architecture and design for quite a long time, she began to deal with fine art. She is an artist whose path in the fine arts has led her to a unique expression of mood and color. The combination of antique and a very clean, crisp modern design sense creates a highly prized,

individual art style. Her images begin spontaneously and give expression to personal creativity and insight. Each piece is unique in design. Irena often prefers to think of herself as a craftsman, constructing, or interpreting imagery and messages from her conscious and subconscious mind. Irena has lived in Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Canada, and now lives and works in Los Angeles. • 33

photography • digital art

SUNSET ON LAKE MONROE. Digital photography.

Guy Belair My passion for photography goes back to thirty years ago during my university education in science and my first and only scientific photography class. Since then, I have been pursuing my skills, mainly in nature photography. For the last 7 years, I have shifted to digital photography and I have participated regularly in contests on this topic, especially in macro photography. Last year, I participate for the first time in an art & craft exhibition to sell my photos. Recently, I became a member of ArtxTerra web site ( ) to spread my artistic work. Since 2010, I have started exploring more creative ways of making nature photography using digital techniques, with the objective of maintaining and expressing the spontaneity and freshness of nature photography.

34 • Art&Beyond • September/October 2012

MARTINA WITH A LOCK OF HAIR. Inkjet print.10 x 15

Ekaterina Bykhovskaya is a fine art photographer based in Strasbourg, France. Initially interested in photography as a means to document her travels, she came to realize that apart from merely recording the outside world it could be a powerful tool for expressing views, moods and emotions. Hence, she seeks to convey in her images a personal perception by translating emotions and feelings inspired by a place, a situation or a moment. She studied photography in France, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Bykhovskaya’s works have been exhibited in France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Russia and across the United States. They received prizes and national and international contests and appeared in a number of publications. For a full list of exhibitions please see the website: • 35

photography • digital art

WOMAN. Digital art.

Arthur Jacob Throughout my life I have always had a greater visual sense about how the world looked versus other senses. This visual dominance in perceiving the world has profoundly affected my work as an artist. My art offers an infinite variety of visual perceptions and interpretations for the viewer. The viewer is told what the “real Life” image is in the title of the piece, but through abstraction and reconstruction of that image, the viewer is then asked and challenged to explore the shapes, colors, movements and forms, which the abstraction and reconstruction presents. Colors and shapes become emotion, while form and movement become attitude. Even when a work is easily recognized there is still a predominate thread of color, movement, shape and form. The techniques to achieve these photographic abstractions and reconstructions are a thoughtful and purposeful digital manipulation. Using a mouse rather than a brush to achieve a powerful medium of expression and communication, creates this style of fine art. 36 • Art&Beyond • September/October 2012

Prior to retiring in 2000 and devoting all of my time to photography and digital art, my professional career encompassed activities from social services to becoming involved with marketing, promotion and public relations in three large healthcare corporations. I later became the publisher of a small publishing house in Minneapolis that focused on adult and children’s books that addressed many types of family issues. After leaving the work-a-day world, I moved from Portland to Las Vegas. It was there that I began to promote myself as a serious artist focusing on creativity with photography and digital art. In 2008 I decided to return to the Portland area via Coos Bay where I presently resides. I also have a strong belief that one should be involved in the communities I live in. Putting this belief in to action, I have actively served on several community boards and committees, most recently, the Contemporary Arts Collective in Las Vegas and the Coos Bay Art Museum in Oregon. •

Arthur Jacob

Juried Group Exhibition – COLOR SPLASH, Gresham Visual Arts Gallery Works include: Dahlia, Cactus Flower, Sisters. Theme description: As a kaleidoscope tube rotates, the tumbling of the colored objects creates a varying of colors and patterns. This colorful, ever-changing display, when colors come alive, is the inspiration for our show’s focus on the vibrant use of color. The show will include works from a wide range of media (for example, paintings, mixed media, photography, digital art, sculpture, jewelry, pottery, etc…..) 1333 NW Eastman Parkway, Gresham, OR 97030. Dates of exhibition are 8/7/2012 through 10/4/2012 Juried Group Exhibition, Online – WIDE OPENS tellar Award awarded to “Woman”. Sponsored by Digital Arts California, Dates of online exhibition: 8/25/2012 through 1st quarter of 2013. Release of 3 New Series: “The Eyes Have It”-7/9/2012, “Circles”- 8/21/2012, “Nelle”- 8/21/2012

photography • digital art


Daniel R. Johnson A fascination with art started early with Daniel, but he really found his direction during his first year at Salt Lake Community College studying Graphic Design. It was then that he was introduced to the still-fledgling world of computer art. Graduating from Brigham Young University with a BFA in Illustration, he continued working with digital art and animation. In addition to freelance illustration, he began his career in computer games, eventually moving to northern California to pursue further opportunities. Daniel was eventually hired as an onsite digital illustrator for a Sonoma county design firm, where he honed his skills through years of

38 • Art&Beyond • September/October 2012

commercial art for high tech, construction, infrastructure, and transportation clients. He also began teaching at colleges throughout the Bay Area, including the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. To continue teaching, Daniel became an Adobe Certified Instructor in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash. He has won national awards for his digital illustration, has been interviewed in industry publications, and has given presentations where he demonstrates his techniques. Daniel currently resides in Petaluma, California, where he works as a freelance digital artist, teacher, and author.

A DREAM, SHREDDED. Digital Art. 20" x 27”

Keith Parks Born in Los Angeles, Keith Parks grew up in the lovely town of Oxnard, California, where his father converted an old shed in their backyard into a darkroom to "keep him off the streets" while he was in high school. Keith began college at California State University, Northridge as a photography major, but as graduation approached and he realized there were no "Help Wanted: Photographer" ads in the classified section, but plenty of entry-level graphics jobs, he switched his emphasis to graphic art in his final year. In 1980 he got his BA in Art. That led to a 30+ year career in graphic design. In 2008, with his daughter about to depart for college, and his midlife artistic crisis

in full bloom, he felt the time was right to take a stab at some purely personal artwork. He devoted a couple of years to building up a body of work, and posted the resulting images to an online artist's community, eliciting positive reviews and valuable feedback. By 2010, with his hard drive filling up with image files, he took the advice of one of his old art professors to "enter every show you can", which lead to pieces being accepted into a variety of juried exhibitions around the country (thanks to the internet). Now, in his mid-fifties, he's looking for his "big break". • • 39

photography • digital art


Max Tzinman Max Tzinman was born in Romania and lived in Israel and Canada, immersing himself in a multitude of cultures that influenced his artistic philosophy. Formerly an architect, since his move to New York City he has returned to his first love, art. He has recently participated in art and photography shows at LACDA (Los Angeles Center For Digital Art), The Center for Fine Art Photography (Ft. Collins, CO), BAG (Brooklyn Art Gallery), Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital Art Gallery, Moss Rehab/Einstein, Atlantic Gallery, MOCA (Museum of Computer Art), and the William Penn Foundation. He explains: "I am not a photographer or a conventional painter but an image storyteller. I am not trying to freeze the moment with a beautiful image, but to transform it to reveal the disturbing emotions that are buried beneath the surface".

40 • Art&Beyond • September/October 2012





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Hans Guerin

SEATED GEISHA, Pastel, 22 "x 30”