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Sunset links the gritty,


streets of downtown Hollywood... the lush, green,

residential avenues of Beverly Hills.

A drive along Sunset allows you to experience a little of both worlds.

Sunset is famous, but the bestknown part of the boulevard is the mile and a half stretch called...


Sunset Strip


Sunset Strip

is known for its vibrant life style.

Young cruisers create a virtual traffic jam, showing off their trendy cars and clothes.

Style is some-

thing that is always represented at The . With up-to-date fashion and vision, it is anything but ordinary.

Sunset Strip is known for their edgy,



billboards and advertisements.

Sunset Strip carries its own culture with its amazing history from rock clubs, restaurants, and shops

As celebrities, styles and trends come and go,

Sunset Strip remains and will always be Hollywood's main attraction.

The Sunset Strip - Savanna Robles