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For The


How beautiful you are to thee,

How much your beauty means to me,

Santa Monica, OH! Santa Monica,

I only wish that people may see,


y e m o

Santa Monica is a Pla yful place to be,


y la

l u f

It is not for just one race,

Then come to Santa Monica and you will see,

It is a wonderful and plesantplace,

This is for the world to judge abd see,

If you think wrong you will loose,

Playful is the word to choose,

If you can not believe me,

This is is a place for fun a play,

Does not matter night or day,

Santa Monica Pier

What does not matter is what race you are from,

It is out of this world even space, In the moonlight or in the sun,

One for all, and all for one,

This is a place where you can enjoy and have fun,

Does not matter when it comes to this place,

I n viti n g

The Lovely Ladies

How sad

I’m being eaten

Chill Stores

Oce a Oce n Fu an F n un

Chill Stores

Santa Monica

Can you hit the cat on the rack

. M

. S S

M a t an

a c i on



Funnest Place On Earth

Bomb Food

Ryan Ivie



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