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Art4TheHomeless, Inc., is a 501 C 3 Nonprofit organization that unites artists of all mediums to promote homelessness awareness in the USA where over 3 million Americans are homeless on any given night.

History Art4TheHomeless began as a blog by an artist who was homeless and had nothing but her art and a dream: to open an art gallery that would sell and promote art to generate funds–funds that would be donated to homeless shelters all across America.

Goals Ÿ Promote Homeless Awareness Ÿ Promote artists Ÿ Open a gallery and venue spot to raise funds that would sponsor homeless relief organizations Ÿ Open an artist center where artists can come create in a safe environment Ÿ Educate the American public about homelessness in a creative and artistic way

Art4TheHomeless unites artists of all disciplines and mediums to promote homeless awareness in the USA


Art4TheHomeless aims to unite the arts forms to provide support and awareness of nonprofit US homeless shelters; to provide support for US homeless shelters, to provide support for artists involved with the Art4TheHomeless, to provide a space where the artists of all disciplines create and participate organizational sponsored activities and programs working to raise awareness of homelessness. Art4TheHomeless will host and promote activities for integration of the presently and previously homeless, and assistance locating homeless resources and supportive services in the United States.

CEO Johnna Abdul Qader

Johnna Crider Abdul Qader is the artist who wanted to give back to a homeless shelter in Atlanta, but had nothing but her own artwork and a dream. T oday, she is just one of the artists behind Art4TheHomeless and oversees publishing of the Art4TH Zine, promotion of the artists involved, and the designer of the website. Being homeless as a child and other times during her life has shaped her views on homelessness–she believes it’s an issue that needs to be urgently addressed by America. Johnna was knighted as a Dame in two royal houses for her work with Art4TheHomeless.You can see her full biography at

Co-Founder/Vice President Samantha Medd

Samantha Medd met Johnna in 2005 when Johnna was just recovering from the shock of losing everything and realizing her dream. The two became good friends and Samantha's support and encouragement helped Johnna determine where she wanted to go. Naming an organization is huge and it was Samantha who came up with Art4Humanity. Johnna wanted it to be more about homelessness and they decided on Art4TheHomeless and to one day, when it became huge, to bring in Art4Humanity, though she later realized that Art4Humanity is actually another nonprofit organization that is unreleated to Art4TheHomeless. What Samantha brings to the table is creative and innovative ideas, her knowledge in arts and writing, and her connections with writers and artists across the web, and most importantly, her devotion, love and support of Ar4TheHomeless. Samantha has recently been voted in by the Board of Directors as Art4TH Vice President and a fellow board member. In meetings where the President/CEO is not available, Chairman of the Board, Hart Deer will act as president.

Chairman of the Board Hart Deer

Hart Deer attended Oglethorpe University and graduated in 1999 and though his true passion is music, he has humbly agreed to serve as chairman of the Board of Directors of Art4TheHomeless. In the past, he was also CEO and President of Art4TheHomeless but voluntarily stepped down because he believe that Johnna was the true CEO. His extensive background in legal knowledge, philosophy and business is what Art4TH needs in a leader. His humility, compassion, and passion not only for the homeless and his music, but for life are just added plusses. Not to mention without his help in filing for 501C3, Art4TH may not be where it is today .

Contact Johnna Crider 404-781-9435 Samantha Medd 404-588-9199 Hart Deer 404-447-7488

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This kit has the CEO, Vice President and Chairman of the Board's bios and contact information.

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