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Art4TH Zine Diclaimer and Copyright notices. Art4TH does not retain the copyrights to any of the art works, articles, or any other media property. Each artist and writer keep their copyrights and have full permissions to republish and use their part in the Art4TH Zine to help them further their careers and also for personal use. This zine is simply for promotion on all levels especially that of homelessness awareness. The arttworks, columns, or the views of the writer's and artists do not necessarily reflect those of Art4TheHomeless. Art4TheHomeless solely exists to promote homeless awareness in the USA by simply uniting artists of all mediums and venues.

Art4TheHolidays Happy Holidays from Art4TheHomeless! So far we have a total yf $70 raised for Art4TheHol idays–the cool online fundraiser that Art4TheHomeless has going on. Half of what we raise will be donated to Invisible People and the campaign

ends on December 31, 2013. All art cards will be sent out by January 2nd, 2014, to those who donated.

$70 raised!

Also, stay tuned for more additions to the Art4TH Store and also some free art coming up in the new year!

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Humans helping humans The Do Foundation holds the essential belief that ALL PEOPLE, no matter their walk in life, are entitled to dignity, respect and the opportunity to realize or regain a life of self-sufficiency through community involvement and assistance as opposed to living in an unsheltered state of homelessness.

Founded by the Art4TH Zine December 30th’s Featured Performing Artist, musician/composer Brian O'Neal & author/artist manager Kelly Adolph - DO Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that helps homeless individuals, families and children realize or regain a life of self-sufficiency.

The Mission of the DO Foundation is to connect directly with the homeless for a personal account of their immediate needs and to generate community support in conjunction with implementing costeffective programs to aid and assist them with meeting these needs. Homelessness is indiscriminate. And likewise, the DO Foundation will remain open to the needs of those who are homeless whether their state of homelessness is to due to financial hardship, mental health related issues, addiction, flight from abusive circumstances, or lack of support as is often the case with Veterans and former inmates transitioning back into the community.

Do Foundation won Change Maker of The Year in 2013, Best NonProfit of The Year Award in 2012, and also Humanitarian of the Year Award in 2010. To learn more about the Do Foundation and how you can help make a difference in the lives of others, visit their website.

OFFICIAL SPONSOR Of the Art4TheHomeless Webzine and Gallery

: t s i t r A g n i m r o f r e P e r u , t l a e Fea N ’ O n o n i t a i a r d B n u o F o D e h T f o r e d n u Fo

Brian O’Neal As an artist who has flourished in the comfort of Jazz, the Top 40s, R&B, and Pop, pianist Brian O'Neal exudes the versatility of a uniquely upbeat, smooth style that compliments today’s "New Jazz”. He brings an exciting and uninhibited sound to the world of jazz, making it a creative challenge for many to categorize his music. O’Neal attracts an eager following and commands the respect of his listeners domestically and abroad. "I don't listen to the radio often out of respect for my craft. I don't want to taint my vision of music with that of which we hear everyday. By shutting myself out of the listening audience, I'm not apt to emulate any sound you've heard before." O'Neal says to WFSK 88.1FM's DJ Sharon Kay. O’Neal was born July 5, 1965, in Detroit, MI. He first discovered his passion for music at the age of six when he took his first drum lesson. Although Brian (known to his friends as "Bean") learned to play many instruments, including the saxophone, bass, and trombone; he aspired to be a professional drummer. That is until his junior year in high school, when he was asked by his band teacher to fill in on the piano for the band’s performance. Brian instantly became mesmerized with the idea of mastering such a magnificent and gentle instrument. His grandmother, "Daisy O'Neal", noticed how excited he was about playing, then bought him his first piano. O'Neal's passion for the ivories increased as he experimented with various melodies and chords; resulting in the rapid maturing of his skill. As a self taught Pianist, he later received a full musical scholarship to Alcorn State University. Brian’s talents then soared into the world of jingles, working with companies such as the McDonald's Corporation®. His love for movies and children inspired him to compose film scores for youthful audiences around the country. In the (early/mid 80’s), as he explored his musical talent, Brian began touring with several Rock & Top 40 Bands, the Atlanta-based jazz band "Take Notes" and several Contemporary Jazz/R&B artists; some of which he served as their Music Director. O'Neal's love for music led him to share his talent by mentoring other aspiring artists, such as Universal/Motown® recording artist Kem, who has become a national Jazz/R&B sensation. O'Neal has shared the stage with many great musicians over the past two decades including: Will Downing, Morris Day and the Time, India Arie, Ledisi, Fantasia, Angela Bofill, Stevie Wonder, Maze (featuring Frankie Beverly), Alex Bugnon, George Duke, Pieces of a Dream, Chaka Kahn, Najee, Kindred the Family Soul, and Jeff Lorber. He has also composed and produced music for several artists abroad; including UNV, Kathy Avalon, Eddie Oliver and a host of other upcoming talents. Several of O’Neal’s accolades include being a Detroit Music Awards “Most Outstanding Composition” nominee, Mesmerized© won best song on, he has hailed the #1 spot on My Space charts for several months and most recently, four of his songs were selected for the play on the National Weather Channel. O'Neal's musical influences include such legends as Herbie Hancock, Pat Matheny, Prince and the great Stevie Wonder. These celebrated artists helped mold and guide his desire to pursue a career as a professional musician. As a writer, producer, composer and performer, he has a gentle and natural mastery for creating a musical oasis for his listeners. Brian O'Neal is truly a talented (and humble) musician. He stimulates your inner appetite with melodic rhythms, and soothes your emotions with the vibrations of each instrument. In a word … Genius.

a n n a o J y b r e n r o r e C l l s e ’ t a y n r n o t S Joa a n a i s i u o L d r a l l a B

a n n a o J y B ! s y a d i l o e H v o y l p e u r T Hap n a i r B d n a d r a l l Ba Happy Holidays from the deep American South! Hope this holiday season finds you, well-fed, safe, warm and getting ready to ring the new Year in! One of my blessing Christmas gifts is a week with family in North Louisiana so my friend in England, Brian Truelove has kindly allowed me to use his recent blog, 'Dairy of an Everyman' post, for my article this week enjoy this human random act of kindness from England, consider what small and large ways you can make a difference in YOUR corner of the world, DO and Happy New YEAR! Brian'S blog can be found at

she said. She moved closer, angling her umbrella to shield me from the rain. I thanked her, but told her no, I’d be fine, really, she should be getting home on such a filthy night. But she shook her head and continued to stand there for the next fifteen minutes, sharing her umbrella with me until I’d finished putting on the spare wheel. Afterwards, as I cleaned my hands on some kitchen roll I keep in the glove compartment, I was thinking. How could I express my thanks to this lady for her kindness? Of course I’d offer her a lift home. Should I invite her first for a cup of hot chocolate and a warm mince pie in a nearby patisserie that was still open? When I turned to speak though, she’d gone. Since that "Thursday, 26th December 2013 I WAS night my thoughts keep returning to the DRIVING HOME ON Tuesday evening little old lady with the big umbrella and when my car veered sharply towards the her random act of kindness towards kerb. I got out to take a look – Christmas me."–Brian Truelove eve and I had a puncture. I jacked up the car and started to change the wheel. This is from Joanna. please consider The weather was awful, a cold wind and donating to Invisible People and Art 4th heavy rain. After a while, I realised I’d homeless thru the Art 4th Holidays less attracted an audience – a little old lady than 24 hours left to donate as this zine in a parka, holding a big umbrella. She posts, here is the link: leaned forward, peering at me, a con- cerned look on her face. You’ll get eholidays_1 drenched and catch your death of cold,

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s e k a c p u C d n a Coffee Coffee & Cupcakes By Hollie Marie “If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” - Mother Teresa The above quote is attributed to Mother Teresa, someone that I admire greatly, so it feels only natural that my first article written for Art4TheHomeless begins with her. She was a lady who dedicated her entire life to the service of others. As a result, you might think someone of her background would urge others to “go out and help as many as you can”, but instead she beckons us (first) to just help a solitary soul.

before they had to be on their way. On my own, I cannot feed 500 people, but if 99 others were to stand up and go out with a similar mindset, we could feed many. We are all apart of a patchwork quilt of sorts; ultimately connected by a greater purpose and plan.

Of course, feeding people might not be your specific interest. Luckily, this phrase can be extended into all areas of service for others, whether it be just lending a listening ear to someone, holding the door open for a person whose hands are full, volunteering your time at an animal shelter or on a suicide hotline, etc. We need to rid ourselves of the mindset of “I can’t save the whole world”, as there is already One who You might think that you do not have anything to of- came and did that. We can have the contentment of fer, or just simply cannot afford to help. We do live in just helping people along in their journey of life. extremely tough economic times after all, with an Whether or not we give credit, there are others that estimated two-thirds* of Americans living paycheck have done and will do the same for each of us. to paycheck. However, I strongly believe that it is our human-nation duty to not only take care of ourThere is only one Mother Teresa, as there is only selves, but those that are around us in need. I know one you and one me, but we each can make a differthat even in my thiftastic mindset there are a few ence in our way and leave our own legacy for generthings I spend more money on than I should at times ations to come! (one comes in a cup with a little green straw). However, when we lavish upon ourselves and forsake our fellow man, we basically exhibit greed. It goes back to what we learned in elementary school: The Golden Rule.

If I were hungry or cold or lonely, I would want someone to feed me if they could, even if all they could afford was a pack of peanut butter crackers. I would be most pleased to be warm, even if all someone had to give was one of his or her old sweaters with a hole in the armpit. I would be grateful for time, even if all they could spare was a mere 5 minutes

* Per article published 9/19/2013 * Photo Credit The Golden Rule by Flickr user Burkazoid Website: Facebook: Twitter:

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In this economy, we are all focused on saving a dollar. Rent is due, so is the phone bill and never mind how you are going to put food on the table. Before you start to fret, take a deep breath and go into your closet, garage, or wherever you have some junk. Yes, I said junk.

penicillin, and much more in the past.

Your junk could be just what someone else needs. So how can you utilize your junk into saving money for something else? By Bartering.

The key to bartering is figuring out what you want, (say a vacuum cleaner) and what you have that is worth the price of that vacuum (computer repair for an hour).

Bartering is the age old way of getting something for something you have. For example, you may need an egg. You have mayonaise. Your neighbor has plenty of eggs but needs mayo. So you guys trade–a cup of mayo for two eggs. Bartering can save you money on things like accessories, clothes, jewelry, home décor, and much more. I’ve bartered art for jewelry, jewelry for food, art for medicine, jewelry for

A good place to barter online is Craigslist–you can arrange a meeting in a public place to do the exchange and it’s based on your local area.

Check out Google, and Craigslist for bartering tips, places online, and articles. But remember, while working with Craigslist, be sure to play it safe–never invite strangers into your home. I would recommend you meet in a public place like Burger King or Starbucks.

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