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Art4TheHomeless Annual Report Since Art4TheHomeless is a new nonprofit organization, the first three years will be included in this report



In 2009, Art4TheHomeless was legally born! Founder Johnna

As of December 31, 2009,

Crider filed for incorporation with the Georgia Secretary of

Art4TheHomeless had $64

State’s office and on 10,9,2009, Art4TheHomeless was

in the bank

declared a corporation in the State of GA. Also, that same month, Art4TheHomeless opened up a business account with J.P. Morgan Chase. July 2010, Art4TheHomeless held a fundraiser at The Five Spot in Atlanta, GA to raise funds going toward the goal of $400 to file 501C3 Tax Exempt Status with the IRS

2010 As of December 31, 2010, ArteTheHomeless had $410 in the bank



On January 27, 2011, Art4TheHomeless filed with the IRS for 501C3 Tax Exempt Status.

As of December 31, 2011, On November 4th, 2011, (The Founder’s Birthday!) The IRS sent a letter of determination: Art4TheHomeless is now

Art4TheHomeless had $27 in the bank

501C3 and Tax Exempt.

In 2012, A new Board of Directors was established and on February 16, 2012,


the first board meeting as a nonprofit organization was held

As of April 15th, 2012, Art4TheHomeless currently has $97 in the bank

Art4TheHomeless on the web

Art4TheHomeless can be found on the web at We are also on Facebook at and Twitter at

To see the Art4TheHomeless Corporate Blog go to and click on Art4TH Zine then click on Blog at the top of the page.

2009-2012 Annual Report  

Art4TH combined three years into one annual report due to the beginning status of being a nonprofit and not much happening.

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