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2013-2014 Art4TheHomeless Board and Officers This packet contains the bios of the 2013-2014 Art4TheHomeless Board of Directors and Officers.

List of Board and Officers 2013-2014 Board of Directors

2013-2014 Officers

Chairman of the Board: Hart Deer Denise Thompson Mitsah Henry Lakesha Johnson Peggy Hill Keith Lancaster Aimee McCarron Samantha Medd Joanna Ballard

President/CEO Johnna Crider Abdul Qader Vice President Samantha Medd Secretary Sonya Brock Accountant Eric McGlothen

Advisor to the Board: Travis Jones

Logo designed by Johnna Abdul Qader and Keith Lancaster

Hart Deer Chairman of the Board

Hart Deer attended Oglethorpe University and graduated in 1999 and though his true passion is music, he has humbly agreed to serve as chairman of the Board of Directors of Art4TheHomeless. In the past, he was also CEO and President of Art4TheHomeless but voluntarily stepped down because he believe that Johnna was the true CEO. His extensive background in legal knowledge, philosophy and business is what Art4TH needs in a leader. His humility, compassion, and passion not only for the homeless and his music, but for life are just added plusses. Not to mention without his help in filing for 501C3, Art4TH may not be where it is today

Denise Thompson Board Member

Denise M. Causher-Thompson has developed a teaching curriculum for several design schools with educational programs that prepare students for entry level positions. She has worked for several Chicago top design colleges including International Academy of Merchandising and Design, Columbia, College, Ray Vogue College of Art and Design. She has also worked for American Intercontinental University in Atlanta and the Art Institute of Atlanta. Denise opened up Elegance Boutique in the Little 5 Points district of Atlanta in 2005 where she sells her own designs and also her Grammy Award Winning husband, Daryl Thompson's jewelry designs. Denise holds a Master of Fine Arts from Redding University, a

Certificate in Product Development Form the Business Development in the Chicago Apparel Mart, Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, a Diploma in Management and Finance from NorthEast Surrey College of London, England, and a Diploma in Fashion Design from Epsom College of Art and Design of London, England. Denise has been awarded Educator of the Year in 1998 at the International Academy of Merchandising and Design, Who's Who Among America's Teachers in 1994 and also Hall of Fame in the Dunbar Vocational High School. She's been featured as a Fashion Instructor in VGM's Career Portraits at NTC Publishing Group and has consulted for Lord & Taylor, Montgomery Ward, Sears Myra Everett and BarVianni Chicago. She's also worked in Management Marketing for Time and Space Recording in Zofingon, Switzerland. Currently, Denise lives in the Metro Atlanta area, owns and operates Elegance Boutique which is an active partner of Art4TheHomeless and serves on the Art4TheHomeless Board of Directors.

Mitsah Henry Board Member

SHE-EO of SociaLight & The City, Mitsah Henry was born in Harlem, NY to Haitian immigrant parents whom stressed education, spirituality and community service. Raised in Newark, NJ she weathered the storm of a tough environment with the support of her parents and siblings. Mitsah now dwells in Atlanta, GA as a multi-faceted entertainment power-woman. She was struck with the entertainment bug while volunteering for the National Black Arts Festival's Volunteer Coordinator and the Woodruff Arts Center's Diversity of the Arts Community Director. Her passion for the community and the Arts led her to work and to be of service to numerous promoters, events, and non-profit

organizations throughout the Metro Atlanta area. She has booked talent and VIP guests for various musical and literary events as wells as cultural festivals. Mitsah has served as cook coordinator for the annual Father’s Day charity event Real Men Cook Atlanta benefiting Real Men Charities for over 8 years. She has established and moderates many online social groups. Currently, she sits on the boards of the Japanese American Friendship Society and The Stewart Foundation. Additionally, she is an Executive Assistant to an Emmy Award Winning Poet. Mitsah also serves as Events Director for Books Avenue Magazine. When not spending time with her parents, 2 beautiful nephews, older sister, fraternal twin brothers, and friends, you will find Mitsah on social media promoting events, posting topics of discussion or random thoughts. Mitsah has been coined "Atlanta's Wonder Woman", doing everything and supporting everyone! She is always ready for the next project that will continue her adventure! Mitsah is blessed and humbled to be part of "Art4TheHomeless" team.

Lakesha Johnson Board Member

Before her current work with Edward Jones, Lakesha Johnson was an assistant vice president in the business banking division for JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A. In this role, she regularly consults with small business owners on depository, credit and cash management solutions available at Chase Bank. Through extensive profiling Lakesha provides consultative service and support to start-up and established small business owners. Lakesha began her career with TEG Federal Credit Union in 1996 in Poughkeepsie, NY. She then moved to Atlanta, GA and held positions as personal financial representative, assistant manager, branch manager, and business banker with Atlanta-based bank Sun-

Trust. She has also held positions with NetBank as small business relationship manager, and small business lending manager. Lakesha received her bachelor’s degree in business from Shorter College in 2009. She has also recently received an executive M.B.A. from Shorter College March 2011.Lakesha is actively involved in the Atlanta community, she currently serves as a Board Member for GA Small Business Capital and Partners for Change as well as on the board of Art4TheHomeless.

Peggy Hill Board Member

Peggy Hill is from South Carolina and is an entrepreneur whose passion is for the nonprofit sector. She attended the University of Johnson C Smith in Charlotte, NC and her extensive background includes work with Charlotte Metro Youth Council, collaboration with other nonprofits and eventually establishing the Grandparents Parenting Association. She currently serves as Executive Director of Grandparents Parenting Association and also serves on the Board of Directors for Art4TheHomeless.

Keith Lancaster Board Member

As a graduate of the University of Florida, Keith began his career as a producer in broadcasting. When that vocation became unfulfilling he found a position in marketing for a small software company based in Gainesville, Florida. He subsequently moved to Boston where he became marketing officer of one of the most socially progressive banks in the nation. While at Wainwright Bank he was in charge of the charitable and nonprofit division of the bank. During his tenure he was responsible for dispersing nearly $20 Million to charities and food shelters throughout the greater Boston area. He was also responsible for planning and implementing their first multi-tiered citywide and national advertising campaigns. He negotiated contracts with media partners, spearheaded direct mail campaigns and designed marketing collateral. As Marketing Communications Manager for E ink, Inc. (creators of smart tablet industry

space) he successfully managed their rebranding effort. He developed marketing strategies to maintain E Ink as market leader in the Electronic Paper Display OEM space through an updated web presence (, social media, blog, SEO, SEM and PPC strategies. In addition he took on the tasks of drafting press releases, working strategically with public relations consultants and creating multimedia presentations for sales teams, directors and c-level staff. He also coordinated E Ink’s corporate presence at industry tradeshows (the Consumer Electronics Show, Flat Panel Display International and the Society for Information Displays). Keith is a self-confessed "techno-phile" and geek. He's been a sci-fi fan ever since he could walk. He builds, experiments with electronics, chiefly computers and keeps up with the latest trends in technology. He also has a passion for music, particularly experimental electronica, with a firm foundation in organic instrumentation. He's a foodie with a love for travel. In sharing his life with a art history graduate, Keith has a deep love for the arts and realizes its importance in a civilized society. He also feels it's his civic duty to help those less fortunate. Those are but a few reasons he was attracted to the post of Chief Marketing Officer for Art4TheHomeless. Though he stepped down from CMO of Art4TH, Keith has agreed to serve on the board of directors for Art4TH Keith currently lives in Atlanta with his fiancÊ, where he continues to his marketing career and seeks out charitable endeavors.

Aimee McCarron Board Member

Aimee McCarron serves on the board of directors of Arts4TheHomeless. Ms McCarron brings almost a decade of experience in the non-profit and public sectors. She began her career for the State of Florida at the Department of Children and Families where she determined eligibility for public assistance programs. After leaving the State, she moved to Boston, MA, where she provided administrative and

communications support for an education non-profit. She also has studied art and design for more than twelve years, culminating in a BFA in Painting from the University of Florida. She has dedicated her professional life to improving opportunities for success for underserved and low-income populations. Since returning to the South and joining Art4TheHomeless, she is excited that she has found an opportunity to combine her professional and personal passions.

What Samantha brings to the table is creative and innovative ideas, her knowledge in arts and writing, and her connections with writers and artists across the web, and most importantly, her devotion, love and support of Ar4TheHomeless.

Samantha Medd Vice President and Board Member

Samantha Medd met Johnna in 2005 when Johnna was just recovering from the shock of losing everything and realizing her dream. The two became good friends and Samantha's support and encouragement helped Johnna determine where she wanted to go. Naming an organization is huge and it was Samantha who came up with Art4Humanity. Johnna wanted it to be more about homelessness and they decided on Art4TheHomeless and to one day, when it became huge, to bring in Art4Humanity, though she later realized that Art4Humanity is actually another nonprofit organization that is unreleated to Art4TheHomeless.

Samantha also accepts the Literary submissions for the Art4TheHomeless Webzine. Also, as of 2013, Samantha serves on the Art4TheHomeless board of directors.

in Louisiana along with her unique performance delights both young and old. Joanna. JoJo engages the audience in dialog and often gets them to participate with her in the art of storytelling.

Joanna Ballard Board Member

Joanna aka JoJo is a Northwest Louisiana native now living in Baton Rouge Louisiana and a current member of the Trapped Truth Society, former member of the Shreveport Writers’ Registry, the Red River Storytellers, the Northwest Louisiana Art Gallery, and was a founding member of the West Edge Artists Co-op. JoJo began her storytelling and writing career before she could read or write by creating her own songs and stories. She was first published at the age of 16 and has been widely published and won numerous contests. Joanna earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a Theater Minor from Southern Arkansas University in Magnolia AR in 1986. Her lifelong love of words and stories carries over in her enthusiastic storytelling adding flair and flavor to her shows. Joanna’s blend of original stories, poetry, and folk tales from the cultures that have settled

Joanna also shares her stories in other formats as an artist intertwining her love for words and color digitally in her own self styled “poetic art”, as well as creating folk art jewelry on leather and hemp with vintage beads. Her art has grown out of her gift for and enjoyment of sharing her stories through web design, photography, and other mediums. Her work has been shown and juried into the top galleries and museum in Shreveport, Louisiana as well as in Hollywood, California, Norfolk, Virginia, Dallas, Texas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to mention a few. Joanna has plans for future multimedia works, as well as performances blending her stationary art, movement and words. Having survived being essentially homeless Joanna now shares a portion of all her creative funds with homeless artists or organizations, the rest goes back into her creative endeavors.

As a member of Art4TheHomeless, Travis plans to abound within the organization by reaching out to the community through his work and efforts.

Travis Jones Advisor to the Board

Travis came to be part of the organization within its early growing stages. As an affiliate and friend of chairman Johnna, Travis took role as advisor of the board. In his previous years upon graduating from college, Travis engaged in other areas such as intramural sports and youth counseling. But moreover, his past experiences in volunteer and community service work has given him the inspiration of wanting to expand into other areas of nonprofit business.

In 2009, Johnna was recognized for her work promoting homeless awareness in the USA by Czar Darius Adrik Salvo I with the title of Dame/Knight in the Imperial Chivalric Order of Kings of the Imperial Sovereign House of Kings.

Johnna Abdul Qader Founder, CEO & President

Dame Johnna Crider Abdul Qader was born in Cartersville, GA but grew up in Shreveport, Lousiana where her life was always influenced by the Louisiana art scene. Johnna is a multimedia artists who paints, wire wraps, writes, experiments with photography, and in 2011, published her first book,

In 2005, Johnna moved to Atlanta, GA where she rediscovered many family members, made new friends and focused on her arts, goals, and dreams.

In 2010, she studied under Daryl Thompson, a Grammy Award winning guitarist who teaches the art of wire wrapping. In 2011, she founded the nonprofit organization, Art4TheHomeless which is her dream to simply make money through the arts for homeless shelters that help the millions of homeless in the USA. She moved to Dallas, TX in 2012 and married Mohamad Abdul Qader in May of 2013.

Sonya Brock Secretary

Sonya Brock was born in Toledo, Ohio to the union of Alice L. Brock (Lucille) & Tommie L. Brock (Mickey). After losing her father, she decided to move to Atlanta, GA. It took her 10 years to make that move, but she finally made it. Sonya now resides in Smyrna, GA where she been for 18 years. Sonya lost her only son 13 years ago in Marietta, GA to murder and she never stops believing that God would pull her through. She always wanted to do something to make an impact in people's lives after her loss. Sonya does thank God for getting her through her heartache and pain. She is very thankful that she is now making an impact in people lives working here with Art4thehomeless. Sonya has 20+ years experience in sales, telecommunication, banking and finance. Administrative, customer service is one of Sonya‘s strong ethics. Sonya brings experience in the area of administrative secretary and has the experience of care taker. Her

experience came when she had to take care of a mother when most of her siblings wouldn’t take care of her here in America. After taking care of a mother from Africa it made her realize that she needed to do more for her sisters and brothers here in the world. She asks God, since you are leaving me here for your purposes and your purpose only. She felt that she needed to do something that would make a difference in people's lives. When she met Johnna through a neutral friend asking that we work on a project together, she was so excited to do it. Meeting Johnna was like we have known each other for years. I’m just honored to be aboard with a team that is working hard on helping the people. It‘s my pleasure to be the Secretary for Art4TheHomeless and willing to do what everything is is needed to complete our mission on help the homeless. May God continue to bless us with love, joy, peace and happiness always!

Eric McGlothen Chairman of the Board

Eric McGlothen was born in El Cerrito, CA and studied at Moorehouse College in Atlanta, GA, where he graduated with a degree in accounting in 1994. He then went on to work for Deloitte for four years. In 2002, he started his own firm, Eric McGlothen, LLC, CPA where he specializes in taxes and consulting. He is married with two boys and currently serves as Accountant for Art4TheHomeless.


Art4TH Board and Officers  

2013-2014 Art4TH Board and Officers

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