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Left and Right of Center An exhibition of works that have questioned or question the norm.

Left and Right of Center is an exhibition which explores artists who reached and are reaching beyond the commonly accepted practices of the time. Whether it was Picasso, Wyeth, Twachtman, Warhol or the others included in this exhibition, they all reached and while reaching, they created their own movements. These shifts make art engaging and keep it relevant.

George Ault, Desert Towers, 1937

Charles Biederman, Untitled Chicago, April 1934

Charles Biederman, Untitled Steel Abstraction, 1983

Charles Biederman, #6 New York, 1938

Charles Biederman, #40 1/36, 1936

George Constant, Still Life, c. 1940

Steve Cope,Yukon, 2012

Steve Cope, Jumper, 2017

Steve Cope, Rift, 2015

J Henry Fair, Plastic Factory

J Henry Fair, Tanker

Robyn Geddes, Murder of Crows, 2015

Robyn Geddes, Charles Addams, 2014

John Gibson, Hermosa Beach, 2014

John Gibson, Leon, 2018

John Gibson, Allen, 2018

Mike Glier, The Forest of Antarctica #78, 2013

Mike Glier, The Forests of Antarctica #60, 2012

Geoffrey Gorman, Birds, 2018

Geoffrey Gorman, Birds, 2018

Geoffrey Gorman, Birds, 2018

Keith Haring, Untitled, 1981

Marsden Hartley, Maine Woods, 1926-1928

Edward Holland, The Scales (Version 11), 2018

Edward Holland, The Bull (Version 3), 2015

Edward Holland, The Water-bearer (Version3), 2015

Cecil de Blaquiere Howard, Cafe Scene in Montparnassse, c. 1916

Heidi Howard, Contemporary Folk Art Chest, Fish Egg Design, 2018

Malcolm Moran, Gulf of Mexico, 1999

Malcolm Moran, I’ll Get this Straight, 2017

Malcolm Moran, Landing Space, 2017

Malcolm Moran, The Desk, 1999

Apple Parish Bartlett, Birds in a Briar Patch

Apple Parish Bartlett, Farm, Millbrook

Apple Parish Bartlett, Birds on a Molding

Pablo Picasso, Still Life with Guitar, 1924

Jose de Rivera, Construction, 1963

Everett Shinn, Seated Girl on Coach, 1903

Julie Betts Testwuide, Trouble, 2018

Julie Betts Testwuide, Boudoir, 2018

John Henry Twactman, Newport, c. 1890

Andy Warhol, Mao, 1974

Susan Williams, Open the Floodgates, Study, 2017

Susan Williams, Marin Headlands, Nocturne Study, 2017

Andrew Wyeth,Knapsack, 1978

All works in this catalogue are reproduced courtesy of Downing Yudain LLC but remain the individual artist’s individual copyright. 357 Old Long Ridge Road Stamford, Connecticut 06903

Left and Right of Center  

An exhibition of artists who work outside of the norm.

Left and Right of Center  

An exhibition of artists who work outside of the norm.