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Spring/Summer Issue 2016

Spring & Summer Issue: Your Bucket List

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Publisher’s note

Life List... …connecting through educational & networking updates

Ah, life! It’s ours to live as we please... To live, laugh, love and build memories for ourselves and to pass them among all we meet – friend, family or foe.

This issue calls upon the reality of life and how we spend our time, or want to spend our time, on this planet. It will allow you to think of your past, present and future. And to make choices you may have never considered before. Bucket lists aren’t something new. We write To-Do Lists at work because we have obligations and deadlines to meet. We make Honey-Do Lists at home to ensure we get all the odd jobs done so we can play. Our Play List could be a round of golf, camping for a weekend or simply meeting up with friends for a drink after a hectic work week. Why then, I ask you, are we not taught at a young age how to create a Life List? Call it what you may...To-Do List, Bucket List or Life List. As you read our feature article on Dinah Christie you will see how the branches of life made her the amazing woman she is today. Follow along through the pages with a note pad and pen. I know you will have thoughts pop into your mind and you’ll want to jot something down. Take the time to think about what you’ve written. Think of your past and where

you’ve been; your present; and do you know who you really are? Then compose a list of things you would like to do to become the person you really want to be. We are all here to embrace life’s journey and the bucket list is what we make of it. Make each day mean something to you and purpose yourself to share your experiences with others – they’ll enjoy the ride also! My Life List can be anything I want, need or desire. I like to keep it simple... • I want to accomplish something new every day • I need to know that I’ve made a difference in this fast paced world of ours. • I desire to leave a legacy that my children and grandchildren can share with family, friends and colleagues Live today, laugh in the present and love forever – that’s the purpose of life, with or without a bucket list. My Life List will include traveling when I can, enjoying and respecting all that I see, and most of all Lorraine Leslie Founder/Publisher being the best that I can be...

The feature people about whom I write, have traveled a long, winding road to success – each one on their own journey; a journey that sometimes hasn't been smooth. These people open their hearts to inspire and motivate others, of all ages, to follow their dreams and passions, creating their ultimate VISION!™


© Konstantin Chagin |

I am always amazed how the flow of each issue of Women with Vision Magazine magically comes together. The comfort with which our team of writers, each professionals in their respective field of expertise, submits their masterpiece to bring insightfulness to create dialogue among our readership – capturing them through our unique format to educate, motivate, inspire and promote people of all ages; from all walks of life, to take action.




By Susan Baka

5 Insider Tips for Marketing that New Venture If you’re just launching your business – or remember the days when you started yours – you’ll know that one of the biggest challenges for any new business owner is finding the most effective ways to let the world know your shingle is out. Since the theme of this issue is about Bucket Lists, let’s take a look at how a woman entrepreneur in Collingwood is not only tackling the challenge but is integrating a bit of nostalgia and Collingwood history into her marketing efforts as well. Lauren Matthews is the energetic and youthful owner of recently-launched Collingwood Charters, which offers everything from sightseeing tours and sunset dinner cruises to local wine tastings and weddings aboard a 65 foot vessel, The Huronic, departing from Collingwood Harbour. Although only 25, Lauren already has an impressive marine background including her captain’s licence to operate the vessel, five years in the Coast Guard (where she met her fiancé, local apple grower Greg Ardiel) serving as a deck hand and quarter master, and a youth spent aboard boats in the Port Dover area. Dave Matthews, her father and mentor, (who serves as The Huronic’s main captain to help his daughter in her first year) builds boats. She fell in love with the natural beauty of the Southern Georgian Bay area after moving here and identifying the


cruise gap. What followed was a hectic year of research, studying tourism stats and talking to local hotels about what their guests look for in the area, developing business plans to secure both financing and town approval, buying and refurbishing the vessel, applying for all the necessary licences through Transport Canada, hiring crew and caterers, and of course marketing the new Collingwood Charters. Although she had her own savings and skin in the game, “You’re a fool if you think you can do it all yourself,” she maintains. “Having the support of family and friends is so important.” Even her mother and future mother-in-law serve stints at the ticket booth that stands at the entrance of the harbour. Here’s what Lauren has done to market her new venture:

1. Tapped into nostalgia. She named her vessel The Huronic after the first steel hull launched in Collingwood Harbour to carry passengers and freight. Including references to this in her marketing materials to reflect the history of the Collingwood Shipyards resonates within the community. Her ticket booth attracts interest and walk-on passengers. “I’ve been happily surprised at the many locals who take the cruises, many of whom have never seen the Escarpment from the water.”


2. Launched a website. This allows for online bookings.

3. Established partnerships. Lauren cross promotes with local caterers, a winery and brewery, and serves their offerings on board. “This has been good for marketing, plus visitors really like local options.” 4. Joined a relevant organization. Taking out a membership in the Georgian Triangle Tourist Association gets her brochures distributed throughout the area.

5. Tested different marketing vehicles. From advertising in magazines and on radio to participating in social media through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to doing PR through news releases, a grand opening to christen the vessel, and FAM (familiarization) tours for activity centres, Lauren is trying out different types of marketing. “By next year, I will know which works best.” She understands the importance of listening to her customers and tweaking her operations and marketing accordingly. That’s why she has her father at the wheel in her inaugural year. “It gives me the chance to mingle and talk with passengers and identify any changes and enhancements,” she says. Lauren also knows she can still learn from him. “His boat handling is incredible,” she emphasizes. “I’ve already learned so much about that from him – and the importance of knowing everything about the boat inside out. He can do anything from refurbishing machinery to welding. I admire that and aspire to have the same skill level.” All of which speaks to the value of having a mentor and good support when starting a business. And when it comes to marketing a new venture, you can follow most of Lauren’s steps. They can be applied to getting any new business off the ground... or water, in her case!

n Susan Baka, President Bay Communications & Marketing Inc.

Photo: Yanka Van der Kolk

Getting a New Business Off the Ground …or Water







10 Things Your Strategy

Can’t Live Without 5. Audience Demographics

If you are eager to get a grasp on the power of social media, here are some things to try...

6. Retweet Content.

1. StumbleUpon

Too many businesses just write about whatever they are feeling at that moment. You might create a great piece of content, but it won’t mean much if it’s outdated or out of place. Really think about your audience, and change your topic to cater to them (even if it’s not as fun to write). This is a no-brainer. Everyone knows they should do it, but people get lazy. Try really reading the posts that others are promoting; you might learn something!

This social network has been out forever, it’s successful, and it’s a great way to promote your articles. But many still haven’t gotten into a groove as it falls out of the major networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+). While a presence on all of them isn’t always realistic, StumbleUpon is the one you should aim for once you have the major networks nailed.

7. Attend Social Media Chats & Conferences.

2. Scheduling tools.

Many blogs give commenters the option of including his/her Twitter handle or link to another social profile. If you see that someone commented on your article and has included this link, go find them and connect with them! It can be time consuming so many people ignore this opportunity, but it’s well worth it.

Scheduling tools will help you improve your social media efforts by keeping you organized. You can share an article you see the minute you see it while still making sure you’re not tweeting five things in five minutes. This is also a great way to make sure you’re promoting your articles at optimal times, even if those optimal times aren’t optimal for you.

3. A/B testing and real data. There are plenty of tools out there to help you determine what types of social sharing aspects are working for you. For example, a Facebook brand page has built in analytics that will help show you which posts are working. Take these analytics and look at them and listen!

4. Personalized DM on Twitter to like-minded individuals. There is nothing worse than getting an automatic DM. It shows that you aren’t overly active on Twitter and you’re really there just for promotion. Try to be there for the connection and the interaction. You don’t need to send a DM to everyone, but try to send them to individuals who are in your industry. It only takes a few minutes, and the interaction could go a long way.


Many industry leaders offer Twitter chats or Google+ hangouts to discuss social media issues. There are also several conventions and conferences that you can attend to help improve your social media efforts.

8. Connect With Those Who Comment on Your Articles.

9. Update Your LinkedIn profile.


So You Have A

Bucket List

By Janette Burke

Milestones make it difficult to turn your head the other way and ignore the dreams you haven’t yet accomplished. When it comes to your Bucket List for your social media efforts, you may feel the same way - tons of things you want to include in your online marketing to make your business successful while the clock is still ticking.


By Mary Ann Matthews

Good for you! … And what about those that do not have a bucket list? “There is just too much advice out there about how to create that Bucket List,” they say. They are told “Think carefully about what you want! Don’t be impulsive! Chase your dream, not someone else’s dream! Make your goals meaningful and achievable.” You will hear them say, “Where do I start? I’m not really sure, so I’ll think about it tomorrow. I’ll get to that Bucket List some day. I’ll just put off doing it for now.” These are the procrastinators. Procrastinators will defer to tomorrow what should be done today. They might miss opportunities by doing so, but they can always find a reason for the delay. Note in the graphic, that the two ‘i’ dots fall behind the stem. This indicates that the writer will put off doing little things, i.e., “Perhaps I will do my laundry tomorrow, but not today.”

The writer is afraid that they will be criticized or will fail in the process. So it’s much easier to procrastinate rather than take action. …..or even develop a Bucket List. Yes, that trail of ink that we leave as our pen travels across the page really does tell our story. n Mary Ann Matthews, CGA Certified Graphoanalyst Certified Cursive Writing Coach

Women with


Make sure your LinkedIn profile is always up to date. It can be easy to let this slip through the cracks if you’re happy with your job and you don’t have any plans to leave, but it’s important to keep it up to date. This will help others really understand who you are and what interests you, which will help improve the quality of your connections.

10. Become More Active in Forums. Forums are becoming more and more popular in many industries, so consider visiting some of these forums and answering questions. This will help you brand yourself as a company that knows the answers and wants to educate. n Janette Burke Your Media Marketing Specialist Marketing/PR Coach, Consultant and Columnist

When the t-bar is behind the stem, the writer is telling us a very different story. Yes, the writer is procrastinating. This time it’s about something big, not something little, i.e., changing careers, proceeding with a divorce. This writer knows that once the process begins, a door will close and the writer must move forward. This writer may say, “I just can’t deal with this right now.”






Your Bucket life at its best

By Day Merrill

The mechanic begins by writing a Bucket List, but discards it after hearing he has less than a year to live. His billionaire buddy finds the list and urges his friend to do everything on the list (and more). He offers to finance the trip and they begin an around-the-world journey. They go skydiving, drive a hot car, fly over the North Pole, eat dinner in Paris, see the Taj Mahal, ride motorcycles on the Great Wall of China, go on safari in Africa and visit the base of Mt. Everest. Many people fantasize about an equally fantastical Bucket List. Recently, a terminally ill Barrie man took a very different approach. After a 35-year business career, cancer


To date, Frank Nelson has given away $55,000 and it’s not just strangers who have benefitted from his generosity. Noting that her businessman dad had been a workaholic, his daughter says the Bucket List Project has brought them closer and has given them meaningful time together before his “journey ends,” as Nelson calls dying. As alluring as exotic locales and wild adventures may be, most of us don’t have a billionaire sidekick ready to finance a global jaunt. Even if we have been successful in business, we may not have “money to burn.” But all of us have within us gifts we can bestow for the benefit of others in need ‒ including complete strangers. Devoting a little of our “time, talent and treasure” can help cement a legacy that transcends mere success.



In addition, as businessman Frank Nelson learned, a Bucket List dedicated to helping others has a way of bestowing its largesse on us and those close to us ‒ too often people we have neglected if we’ve had a singleminded focus on work. After all, the important question when we leave this earthly life is not “what’s in your wallet,” but what was in your heart? n Day Merrill, MALS Career Management Coach President, 2BDetermined Inc.

© Iryna Kalchenko |

Most of us were exposed to the term by the 2007 film chronicling the road trip of two terminally ill men checking off items on their respective lists of things to do before they die. These very different men‒one a blue collar mechanic (Morgan Freeman) and the other a billionaire (Jack Nicholson) meet in hospital after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. During their time on the cancer ward, they find common ground despite different lives and personalities.

brought Frank Nelson’s busy schedule to a halt. He created a Bucket List‒ with a twist: give away $1,000 to 50 needy families. “I don’t want to jump out of a plane, I don’t want to climb a mountain. For me, I want something that gives me meaning and purpose.”

© Rodrigolab |

The term ‘Bucket List’ originated in computer programming, first used to explain the non-relationship of objects inside one (bucket) list to objects inside another. In 1993, the phrase showed up in a U.S. National Labor Relations Board report to categorize conference agenda items that must be postponed. In 2004, its usage to describe those things to do before ‘kicking the bucket’ appeared in a novel by Patrick Carlisle: “A great man, in his querulous twilight years…wants to cut loose, dance on the razor’s edge, pry the lid off his bucket list!”




Wedding Themes © | used with permission from Microsoft

A wedding can be elegant in black, white and gold or as festive as a Mardi Gras...

The atmosphere of your special day is something a bride often dreams of for years – some have written a journal with ideas to recreate their special day. With things like sparkling chandeliers, gold plated cutlery, Edgewood Crystal and bone china, a journal can be a great link between the bride and groom and the event planner. The background for the head table will be an important focal point as all of your guests will be watching every move you make. Backdrops of sheer draping will create a WOW effect whether on a beach or inside a special room. Picture flood lights reflecting silhouettes of the happy couple on an oversized screen for toasting the bride and groom. This will allow everyone in attendance to see the couples kissing...or highlighting the pictures of the couples journey to the Alter.

Creating a strong focal point is an important building block for a stunning wedding and reception. Backdrops, whether outside on the beach or floor-to-ceiling sheer draping, will give a WOW effect! Make a list of what you will need to create your wedding theme backdrop:

• Colour theme is number one • Your choice of fabrics should also compliment chair and table coverings

the atmosphere for the celebratory dinner followed by dancing the night away


Flowers on pedestals, soft lit lanterns or extended wall draping behind the main table are all great options

© Kenbora |

• Your choice of lighting will create



Coulda! Shoulda! Woulda! It is 2016 and spring is here. Another opportunity to step up to the plate and make your clothes into a wardrobe that expresses the person you are today.


Each season offers limitless items to wear. Often it presents a dilemma, “Do I wear my same old look or do I venture into new territory?” Then if change entices you, it becomes a question of what is the best option for you. You may be one of the people who flip through old photos and wonder why you did not appreciate your earlier beauty in times past, or regret that you didn’t embrace a trend from a previous decade. If such thoughts still resonate with your soul now, then you may be the woman who has added “changing my way of dressing” to your Bucket List. It has been said that if you were around for a trend the first time you should not opt for it the second time. I beg to differ. Each decade has its own looks. The rebirth does echo the past but it resonates and conveys a current and fresh message you can embrace. If you were a flower child at heart in the 70’s and never wore the look, take heart, since the bohemian in you can emerge with the help of some of the trends that revisit the 70’s this season. Yes there are boho flavours. You will find long sleeved shirts with dangly cuffs, small floral print dresses, flare and high waisted pants, bold vertical stripe garments, crochet items and accessories such as chokers, dangly earrings and leather wrap belts. However, before you step back, consider how this look has been re-invented and present it in its new version. Use it to frame YOU today.

Refresh your 18


Wardrobe By Marilyn Wetston




The small floral print dress or loose top of today has attitude and is modern, not aging. It may be off the shoulder or asymmetrical or both! It can be paired with comfortable feet in slides, clunky heels, loafers and even sneakers. Sleeveless ones may be thrown over tees and pants or slipped under cardigans and even smart bomber jackets. Wish you’d worn a skort? If it is on your bucket list then beyond the tennis and golf apparel, push the refresh button and wear pants of any length under your skirts; the 2016 version will show just the right amount of leg and attitude. Wish you had adopted the Artisanal items you encountered as you traveled? The world is smaller now and you can select and wear things that speak to you from all over the world, as you embrace the new stylish Global fashion trend. If in your heart you are a romantic and wished that you had expressed yourself in the romance of 80’s ruffles, feathers, diaphanous chiffons etc, or in the 90’s slip dress 2016 offers you fulfillment. Make your heart sing and wear items that have delicate lace trim and soft romantic touches. The elements of the lingerie of old are now part of delicate looking tops and sensual dresses worn on the outside! Were you wearing tailored clothing when the world was in denim or slouchy athletic wear? Now is the time you’ll find comfortable denim to enjoy and comfy loose pants and tops that resemble pj’s for street wear.

LA UNISEX HAIRSTYLING Walk-ins always welcome

I cannot list all the trends of today that revisit past times. Regardless of who you are and what you do I encourage you to live life engaged in the present. Use today’s fashion offerings to empower and express the person you have become. When you dress to fulfill your spirit and also appropriately for your life you will achieve the ultimate value of all the apparel you buy - it will make you comfortable as well as nurture your spirit and express all that you wish to share. No need to add to a bucket list – just re-fresh your look. Be relevant today and use the items that give you all that a wardrobe should and could so you have no regrets when you look back at spring 2016.

36 St. Marie Street, Collingwood n Marilyn Wetston, Branding Expert Wardrobe Doctor of Marilyn’s in Toronto


The Wardrobe Doctor




Advertisement BEAUTY


Keeping you Stuck? By Karen Brunger, BHEc, AICI CIP

Your image can help you achieve your heart’s desires – or keep you from them! Rate yourself for each point as follows: 3 = I’m doing great and there’s no room for improvement 2 = I could do with some fine-tuning 1 = Help!!

___I am confident and have a high self-esteem ___My life is balanced and I manage my time well ___I am achieving the results I want, and I am excited about my potential


Total for Behaviour _____

___My personal hygiene is impeccable ___My hair style and colour suits me and is current ___I know the makeup colours that suit me and I know how to apply makeup to look current and my personal best ___My teeth are white and straight ___My nails are manicured and in good condition ___I know my ‘wow’ colour palette ___I know the styles that suit my face and body characteristics ___I feel great about each item in my wardrobe and have something for every occasion and mood ___I know how to coordinate items and accessories to get the look I want ___I shop with a specific plan and know exactly what I need and how much I am justified spending ___I love my body, and feel great about my physical condition


Total for Appearance _____


___I am confident in interviews and negotiations and typically get the result I want ___I am adept at handling conflict ___I am confident speaking to any size and type of audience ___I am able to get my message across clearly and effectively ___My digital media presence is positive and credible ___My relationships are generally always positive and supportive ___I can relate easily to anyone and create win-win results ___I am able to use words to move from victim to results ___I am able to use tonality to move from victim to results ___I am able to use body language for positive power and influence ___I am effective being both a leader and a team player Total for Communication _____

___I am confident in greetings and know how to make introductions ___I am comfortable meeting people and making conversation ___I am comfortable and confident in any business or social situation ___I know the correct manners for hosts and guests ___I can competently navigate any table setting ___I always know how to eat any type of food ___I am competent ordering wine, when required ___I can easily feel calm, peaceful, and happy


If your score for any category is 30 – 33 – Congratulations! You are full speed ahead. 22 – 27 – You could use a tune-up to make your journey easier. Who can help? 11 – 21 – You’re stuck! Check out consultants, coaches, and courses to get you going. n Karen Brunger Founder and President International Image Institute Inc.,

Up, Up and Away...




By Jessy Morrison

Like most people I have always had some goals I wanted to achieve, or places to visit before I kick this planet. But rather than a list of what I might regret not doing before I depart (that feels heavy to me) I look at my list as a record of things that ignited my passions and encouraged me to step away from the “mediocrity” of the roles others wanted me to play (that energy feels light and authentic to me). So I ask you, "Do you have an active Bucket List? Is it static or always changing?" My bucket list is very active and helps me to follow my dreams and take steps towards my latest aspirations. The words “Bucket List” seem filled with the energy of sidestepping possible regrets or remorse, a maybe-never kind of unlikelihood. I could be wrong here; it might be different for you. My bucket list has always been about looking for possibilities, for aiming at more immediate targets. When I became a Flight Attendant (when everyone said I couldn’t) so I could travel and experience the world as I saved money to go to med school. ✓ I accomplished part one – Stewardess & travel. But part two morphed into working in pharmaceutical marketing & advertising, which then morphed into a new awareness and education and eventually being a trailblazer as an Energy Healer. Being married was never on my list, but being a mother was. Well “someday maybe...” ✓ Yet once I fell in love, being married and having it last 20 years was a beautiful accomplishment, and having two beautiful kids who are my best friends is another miracle I am proud of. In hind sight I see I am not good with “Someday” lists. When I want to do something it has to be now!!!! What went on my Bucket List – being a LaLeche League facilitator ✓. Working on the Celiac board at Sick Kids hospital and lobbying all food manufacturers to bring awareness on gluten intolerance. ✓ (That took 20 years but now it is normal). Opening up a daycare, so I could be a stay at home mom ✓. Becoming an entrepreneur, opening a clinic and making energy work more mainstream ✓. Being a founding member of the Ontario BodyTalk Association ✓. These are not things I could have put on my list until after they were accomplished, because they hadn’t been invented yet. Still on my bucket list is a trip in a hot air balloon, someday before I kick off, because somewhere in time I got the romantic notion that having my ashes taken up in a hot air balloon and scattered in the wind is how I want to depart this planet. And I really do want to do it one day while still breathing... but it’s not urgent, it is just an “I’d like to”. Otherwise I just take steps to do what I really want to do. No regrets here. Perhaps your list is living too, constantly changing or morphing as you gain new awareness or priorities now, not eventually or “someday when”. I like to enjoy life now, not live in regret of not having done what is important to me. I have never had axe throwing on my goals list, but once I was given the invitation to do this, it became a definite “yes”. I want to start my own league. Really? Yes and definitely before I go hot air ballooning in Arizona or on Safari in Africa. I may do that when I retire, but oops I don’t plan on retiring any time soon. Hmm... I guess I should book that hot air balloon ride for this spring, so I don’t get distracted and miss n Jessy Morrison it before I kick this bucket. Body Talk -




Finding Health Clinic Are you looking for an alternative health care system that has the power to transform your that respects and operates in cooperation with your body’s priorities and needs? Then Jessy’s “Finding Health” Clinic is for you!

Reiki BodyTalk NLP Hypnosis Timeline Therapy EFT

(Emotional Freedom Technique)

Workshops and more

Find, Optimize and Maintain your Health with Us.

Call Jess to reduce your stress!

705 241-8680






Bucket List? By Laura Hodgkiss When we hear “Bucket List” we think of experiences we have not yet accomplished, or achievements we want to fulfill within our lifetime.

For example: Did you install the proper grab bar in the bathrooms? Is there a stair lift to help you get from the main floor up to your bedroom? What about a ramp to help you push your walker into your home? These might not be fun and memorable experiences you thought would be on your bucket list but they are important ones you should try and reach. We work most of our lives saving for our future, we should be able to enjoy life in the homes that we have worked so hard for, made memories in, and visited with our families for as long as possible. Items on a bucket list for a senior who is planning to stay in his or her home for as long as possible may include the following: 1. Install grab bars in all bathrooms 2. Purchase a bath or shower chair 3. Consider a personal alarm system in case of an emergency or fall


© Fotocelia |

As we age we should make a list of what we need to accomplish to keep us in our home.

4. Install a stair lift to help get up to the top floor 5. Add a ramp to the porch for easier access into the home 6. Use a raised toilet seat with arms for extra height and accessibility 7. Arrange an in home caregiver to assist with daily or weekly tasks and appointments 8. Use a pedal exerciser to still stay active and help with muscle strength 9. Mobile scooter for independent transportation 10. Motion lights for both inside and outside the home for instant visibility in the dark

Living independently and still in your own home is something that should be on everyone’s bucket list. Year after year everyone’s lives seem to move at a faster pace. Taking care of your health should not be rushed. It is not too late to start living a healthy lifestyle now. For most people this is an obtainable goal if you just follow a few safety tips. Regular checkups with your family doctor and annual meds checks with your local pharmacist are some of the steps that will ensure a greater future. Life doesn’t have to be filled with impossible expectations so don’t make living in your home one of them.

n Laura Hodgkiss Home Health Care Practitioner Stuart Ellis Pharmacy







Living My Bucket List By Lesley Paul, B.Sc. Phm

I am a list maker. My desk is littered with sticky notes, the note section of my phone is packed with “things to do” and I put reminders in my phone calendar. I make grocery lists, “honey-do” lists for my husband and packing lists for my kids when we go on vacation. But I do not have a “Bucket List”.

An Internet search will reveal hundreds of Bucket List ideas of exotic places to visit, marathons to run, lessons to teach, foods to eat, skills to acquire or mountains to climb. Everyone should create and aim to complete a Bucket List. It’s a way to ensure we live our lives to the fullest. Or is it? A cancer patient who is given a terminal diagnosis may be told to make a Bucket List. At some point in our lives we might feel it’s time to start getting something accomplished in life other than the traditional education, employment, marriage, and family routine. A Bucket List may be a way to deal with this mid-life crisis. When I was young, I was certain that I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up. I was going to be a fashion designer, was going to write a best selling novel and maybe run a restaurant. In high school, my goals became a little more realistic: accountant, novelist (again) and pharmacist, the latter being my final landing spot. I was also going to be a career woman; working until my mind told me I would need to quit. But, then I got married, got a dog and had two wonderful children. This was not part of my “story”, but it seemed to be the path that life was supposed to follow at that time…or was it? My ‘story’ has taken me to the Grand Canyon, the Rocky Mountains, the Alps and the desert. I have travelled

through much of Europe and even lived there for a year. I am not a professional athlete, but I have completed three triathlons and three marathons. I have run a successful business. I have a wonderful family and lots of friends. My life is full. But every once in a while life takes a turn that is unexpected and priorities change. Dreams and ambitions that once shaped my entire being aren’t broken but they have been altered. No longer is my career my focus. My family is the center of my life. Some may say that life can get in the way of our hopes and dreams, but I like to think that at some point life becomes more of a ‘refocus’. Sometimes it may be an opportunity that arises, or an unexpected change that shapes the path that we travel. Sometimes we have to choose the other direction of the fork in the road. So I ask myself: how can I create a Bucket List when I have no idea when I am going to “kick the bucket”. Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of activities I hope to complete before my last day, but life is too short to stress over it or another list! For now I will continue to enjoy the time that I have on this earth dealing with the opportunities and challenges as they arise. Although my story looks very different than the one I wrote three decades ago, it is still a happy one. And it does not include a Bucket List. n Lesley Paul, Pharmacist

26, drink and entertain

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Bucket List: a list of things that one has not done but wants to do before dying.



Pure &

Healthy By Susanne Mikler Brooke De Board’s passion for food started in her teens; a necessity to sustain a young athletic lifestyle. She didn’t know at the time that her infatuation with food would later become an important part of her career life. As a young teen, Brooke loved to cook, but chose a career path in law enforcement to feed her active lifestyle passions. She attended Seneca College where she studied Police Foundations and met her husband Norris. A few years later they started a family and now have three boys. Seven years of home-making were a large focus; but preparing meals from scratch with fresh, wholesome and organic ingredients had ignited her desire to return to work. Brooke took a position with a retirement home where she was able to practise her craft cooking for residents. Residents enthusiastically declared: “Brooke makes the best soups!” A resident chef at the retirement home was an excellent teacher and mentor and Brooke soon realized she was thirsty for more knowledge about food preparation. Brooke realized her dream and enrolled at Liaison Brooke receives the College where she attended a nine month Culinary Management Diploma Program. President Award from Often called “the hippie” while at school, Brooke’s zeal for homemade organic foods Liaison College’s continued to grow, giving her the opportunity to cultivate the organic Chef Trainer movement in her menu projects. As part of her Chef of the Day Luncheon she presented her unique and delicious menu. Brooke received her Diploma and the President’s Award for her keenness and “hippie” ways. Brooke has based her culinary journey on food that is a throw-back to yesteryear (Nostalgic for sure!) She believes in organic, local and homemade – nothing with preservatives or any chemicals. She also makes her own food-based beauty products such as creams and soaps. She’s very modernly old-fashioned.


Gourmet A year later Chef Brooke was faced with another opportunity that would take her culinary and management skills to new heights - a position with a raw and living-foods restaurant and store. Brooke expanded their menu and created new dishes for the clientele. She went on to work with another child care centre preparing nutritious meals for children six weeks to twelve years of age. Her dream job on her Bucket List is to be the Head Chef in a retirement home for seniors. What does the future hold for Brooke? For now her focus and energy is on researching and using foods that are healthy for the body, mind and soul... Her foodie philosophy is; food always tastes better when it’s clean, wholesome, and all natural ingredients are used. Brooke’s vision is to share her passion for whole foods and the joy of cooking and create a smaller footprint on the environment.

“Everything has to be healthy and tasty!” Brooke’s shopping list really is her bucket list!

n Susanne Mikler Co-founder Liaison College

Chocolate Hazelnut Coffee Mylk (‘mylk’ spelled with a ‘y’ signifies that there is NO dairy!) 1 cup raw hazelnuts 1 tbsp cocoa powder (more if you like it more chocolatey) 3-4 tbsp maple syrup Pinch of salt 4 cups of coffee ** or plain water if desired

• Soak hazelnuts for 6-8 hours; drain and rinse • Add all ingredients into a blender and blend well for 3-4 min • Strain “mylk” through cheesecloth to remove pulp • Refrigerate and enjoy for up to 2 to 3 days

After graduation a local daycare hired Brooke as their chef to develop a homemade and wholesome ingredient-based menu for the children – plus the kid’s snacks – all of which she did while adhering to a limited budget. Brooke rose to the challenge and quickly became a vital part of the team with glowing results. In 2013 while taking on the daycare cooking challenge, Brooke was also giving back to her community by leading the Teen Cuisine program at Liaison College in partnership with Autism Simcoe. Every Monday night “Chef Brooke” greeted a group of foodie, eager teens and showed them how to make delicious and nutritious menus - skills that could be transferred to home cooking with tasty results. Brooke continues to lead the classes today.



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Garden Touring for Enjoyment and Education

Living your Bucket List?

By Monika Gibson

Don’t let real estate be your excuse not to! The term Bucket List has different connotations for each person as it tugs at the core of our being. On the one hand the bucket list conjures images of daring feats we have yet to experience or the deep longings we have yet to allow ourselves. On the other hand, we are inextricably reminded of our mortality. We can live in denial of the tension and aliveness that this creates, or we can dive in and truly live our deepest desires. How does this relate to our homes? Well, it is in our homes that we spend considerable time and fly from in order to live in the world. The question is, how does your home align with your bucket list? If your home is in alignment with these desires it becomes a haven that supports you in your daily life. If not, it can become a source of stress. Stress can be minimized by taking some time to reflect on what is important to YOU. Sometimes we can fall into making our decisions from a place of what other people think is right or just do what we think we SHOULD do. Your living arrangements, like the things on your bucket list, are for you, no one else. Take the time to consider if you need, for example, 4 bedrooms, or just think you should have them because it means you are successful.


Do you have a bucket list? Do you long to travel? Are there activities or hobbies you want to experience? Get clear on some of this and then examine your living arrangements. If travel is a priority this can be made easier when your home does not require ongoing maintenance like lawn care and snow removal. Perhaps a move to a townhouse or condo, where these jobs are tended to for you, would be most practical. If your passion is gardening or an outdoor life, then a property equipped to allow for this would be more suitable. Another option might be to sell your current home and move to a place on your list, or look into a reverse mortgage so that you can continue to live in your current home but get money out. Whatever stage of life you are in, getting clear on your goals and desires will assist you. The degree to which your home lines up with your life, will free you to really experience what you want and not leave you making excuses for why you can't experience the things you say you want to. There are options and having a plan or a Bucket List will help you make those items on your list disappear one by one. n Monika Gibson Sales Representative Century 21 Millennium, Collingwood

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By Janet Kurasz, Hort, AMCT(A) Beyond the obvious joy of viewing beautiful gardens, garden touring provides the benefit of expanding your knowledge of horticulture, new technologies and making connections with likeminded people. Learning from others’ experiences always re-kindles my enthusiasm, sending me home with a “to do” list of things to try in my own garden. One of the fastest growing domestic tourism activities in Canada is to vacation locally; taking frequent, shorter vacations and daytripping. Gardeners love to visit private gardens, public gardens and market gardens. My bucket list includes horticultural places I have yet to visit. Just in Ontario, there are over 100 horticultural destinations so there is no excuse not to visit one nearby. The internet is an excellent resource; do your research to ensure the destination is still operational, has plenty to offer, open to the public, and accessible on the days you want to visit. They have hours of operation and may be closed on specific days, such as Sunday. In most cases, pets are not allowed. To help you plan your next minivacation, I have compiled a sampling of destinations: Shaw Garden Tour, Niagara-on-the-Lake This garden tour showcases 7 or 8 spectacular private gardens in Old Town Niagara-on-the-Lake. English perennial gardens, exquisite garden statuary and 100 year old trees surround historic homes. Contact the Shaw Festival Box Office at 1-800-511-7429 or go to Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens Open to the public, free of charge, the gardens are also home to the Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory. A collection of maintained gardens that include the Floral Clock, Queen Victoria Park, Oakes Garden Theatre and the Floral Showcase. The gardens are laid out for collection and study of plants, most of which are labeled. There are Allees, Vistas & Hedges; an Arboretum, Dwarf Conifer Collection, Old Specimen area, perennial borders, and a Parterre Garden. On their website, they offer a downloadable Botanical Gardens App. Bonnieheath Estate Lavender & Winery Located in Norfolk County, on the sand plains, Bonnieheath was named one of Norfolk’s Top Ten Amazing Places in 2014 and winner of the Sustainable

Tourism Ambassador award in 2015. The Winery Store and Lavender boutique are now open to the public. Fields of Lavender thrive in these sandy soils including, a wide variety of English Lavender, and several other varieties of hybrid and French Lavenders. An agri-tourism destination that provides a small farm experience through culture and education. Pathways to Perennials A Boutique Garden Centre located in Pottageville, 4 km west of Hwy. 400. The options here are always changing, and not just with the seasons. Bringing in products from all over the world, you will find unusual treasures to enhance and personalize your own oasis. They provide workshops, meet and munch events, and private garden tours. Be sure to lunch at the Blossom Café. Whistling Gardens Canada’s newest Botanical Gardens located in Wilsonville, south of Brantford and the 403. These award winning gardens, opened May 26, 2012, and were developed on 20 acres with over 4,000 different plants. Known for their collection of unique conifers and kaleidoscope of colour, there is also a fountain display with 110 fountains choreographed to music composed by the founder and owner, Darren Heimbecker. Darren’s love of plants in all its forms is evident throughout the gardens. You will see unusual combinations and styles of gardens to suite every taste: a Peony Collection, Conifer Gardens, Floral Displays, Le MaraisMarsh Garden, Rock/Alpine n Janet Kurasz, Garden and Temple Garden. Horticulturist





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Top 10 Tips to

Organize Your Bucket List By Karen Sencich Here are my top 10 tips for organizing your step by step approach to achieving your bucket list. The list will help you to determine every possible obstacle preventing you from experiencing your lifelong dream, i.e. lack of time or lack of funds. The list offers suggestions to overcome each setback. Good luck!

Holy Land, Comic Con or Graceland? Search online for church or community groups planning a group pilgrimage. You’ll save by sharing accommodation and enjoy the travel experience more in the company of others who share the same interests.

4. Buddy Up - If you want to travel or experience

snorkeling but you don’t want to go alone, consider sharing your adventure with friends and family members who are older or younger than you. Think outside the box.

5. Volunteer Services – Network with others about their bucket list wishes. Seek out someone who needs a travel companion i.e. a senior with mobility issues who needs help travelling with luggage, or a young couple needing child care. Volunteer to accompany them in exchange for a small fee so that you both can realize your dream.

...gentle insights of awareness and change

6. Exchange Homes - To lessen the accommodation expense of your plan to travel to exotic and far off locations, search online for home swapping services.

1. Write it Down - Note the

specific details of your dream and why you want it enough to include it on your bucket list. Is it realistic and attainable? Is the time right?

7. Spend (or Trade) Points

Save or trade travel loyalty points to offset the cost of airfare, hotel or rental car expenses.

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2. Tell others - You never know

who might be able to help to make your dream happen. My Mother-inlaw once told me that her only bucket list wish was to return to Pier 21 in Halifax, the site where she and her family arrived as refugees during WWII. Guess what we got together to give her for Christmas?



3. Plan a Pilgrimage – Do you desire to visit The

8. Count Your Pennies Host a garage sale, sell things online, walk dogs, housesit or babysit to earn extra money to fund your dream.

9. Get Fit First – Boost your exercise and fitness routine to get in shape before mountain climbing, bungie jumping or participating in any extreme sport. Make sure that you have the appropriate insurance coverage as well! 10. Ask for a Sabbatical – If

getting time off work is an obstacle, ask for unpaid leave or offer to bank hours in advance to earn the time off. n Karen Sencich CPO® Certified Professional Organizer®, Speaker and Writer

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As I entered her home through the glassed-in porch, which had been added onto the back of the log cabin I could feel the energy and love in every nook and cranny. The extensive sunroom which has been under construction since 1971, stretched across the back of the cabin... In 1971 the sunken living room and grand stone fireplace were masterfully planned out by Dinah and the love of her life Bob Warren; an internationally known photographer, who she in married 2014 after a forty three year courtship. My eyes were drawn magnetically to the photos, clippings, and decades of memorabilia. I could have spent days reading the accolades, articles and poems she cherishes and openly displays for all visitors to enjoy.

Dinah Christie


Both Dinah’s parents were actors and entertainers. Robert Christie, a Canadian actor and director was born in Toronto in 1913. Before moving to England in 1936 he received a B.A. from the University of Toronto. He served with the Canadian Army during World War II. Robert worked with Tyrone Guthrie at the Old Vic Company in the town of Lambeth outside of London England. After the war, Robert joined the CBC Radio Drama Department.


LIVING BRANCHES By Lorraine Leslie

In 1952 Robert and his wife Margot (Syme) Christie moved to Canada. Guthrie also moved to Canada and founded the Stratford Festival of Canada. Robert joined the performing company in 1953 where he is credited for being the first person to actually speak a dialogue on the Stratford stage welcoming the audience. He went on to appear on Broadway in 1956. Robert Christie died in Toronto in 1996. Photography © Dan McCracken Photograpy

My road trip on a beautiful late summer’s day in 2015 took me on the backroads near the hamlet of Holstein near Mount Forest Ontario, where I found nestled among the majestic trees, an historical log cabin (circa 1894). I was greeted by a gracious fun-loving lady who has since become a dear friend. My first meeting with Dinah Barbara Christie was at the Women with Vision Networking Dinner in Hanover in the spring of 2015. I was quick to notice that Dinah always sees the world with a glass half full; a singer, songwriter, actress and inventor – she welcomes opportunity and sees it around every corner...

Dinah Christie was born in 1942 on December 29th during an air raid over Hammersmith Hospital in the heart of London, England.



and California before settling in the wartime home in East York ON where Dinah attended Selwin Elementary School. Dinah reminisced at age nine, “I painted sets and helped the kids with dialogue and names they didn’t know how to pronounce. I remember a high energy teacher, Mrs. Grange, who taught English and Math. She was so funny and whacky. One of the students kept putting up their hand wanting to leave the room and she shouted out, ‘Sit down!’ The student persisted and she responded with, “Tough Bananas sit down!” The class roared in laughter and she laughed with us. She allowed herself to laugh at us and with us all the time, which made the classroom feel like family. She was about 4’ 11’ and everyone towered over her but she knew how to crack the whip. She wanted us to read scripts – including male roles, so one day when I was given a male role I read it just the same as the rest of the kids. She was not impressed. I never really wanted to act. I think because my parents were in the entertainment business she expected more of me!"

Dinah holding a young kitten at age nine

“Father left us just before I started high school. My mother fell apart and I missed him a lot... When I came home from school I would drop off my books and head for Sherwood Gardens to climb one of the magnificent trees, while Cedar secluded herself up to the third floor of the house where she’d draw and paint. It took a long time to heal but I learned a lot about the power of healing from the trees during this time – safety, warmth, strength and future growth – everything I needed to know when I’d feel like I wanted to die. The tree got me through the loss of my father. The image of the tree gave me strength, as later in life I realized the Dinah and Casper branches of the tree above the ground are as healing as the roots reaching for nourishment.”

At age three Dinah’s mother, a trained classical pianist by profession, boarded an ocean liner destined for Canada. Dinah and her younger sister Cedar, who is four years younger, started a new life in Toronto while their father finished his tour of duty in the army back in England. Margot took Dinah and Cedar to visit family in Winnipeg

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“Dad performed in a number of shows at the Stratford Festival. When possible my parents rented a house close by so Cedar and I could spend time with him. Cedar and I didn’t know anyone in Stratford so at age eleven I decided to get a job riding a pony around town promoting a continued on pg. 44








Dinah Christie ...continued from pg. 43

beloved book store. A year later, after attending North Toronto Collegiate much badgering, letter writing, Institute, she was singing in a comedy rejection, it was serendipitous that revue in Toronto, directed by her father, Tanya Moisevitch, the woman who plus she had small roles at Stratford. designed the stage and many of the Dinah went on to take voice lessons from costumes for the shows, called out to Portia White, a well known international me one day when she saw me lurking singer. Dinah was so involved with around the theatre and said, ‘Dinah, performing from May until September, darling could you come in and help when graduation approached, she wasn’t me?’ I ran to her! Tanya taught me around. After completing grade twelve, how to break down the costumes so she was performing on a regular basis. they looked like they had been worn for She took her grade thirteen exams in a years. I would splash paint and rough room by herself but because she hadn’t up the bottom of the dresses to make attended a lot of classes that year she Promo shot them look like they were worn out didn’t graduate. Dinah’s career was from scuffing on the ground for an evolving quickly and completing high actor playing the part of a poor woman. At twelve I was school was not at the top of her ‘to do’ list. hired to work back stage as a Call Boy in the dressing rooms. I would run around to the dressing rooms and poke “There were so many funny incidents but my most my head through the door and say ‘Scene Two Please’. My memorable one was with Christopher Plummer and Kate job was to make sure the actors hear me and verbally Reid. We were all waiting off stage – Kate was smoking acknowledge the call; then they would go to the wings of and pacing back and forth, back and forth, especially with the stage and wait for their cue or entrance. I would say the dramas. Leo Ciceri, one of the other actors turned to us things like: “On stage Miss Reid; Mr. Plumber – scene one; and said, 'You know what’s going to happen? That smoke or Curtain up.” I was thrilled when I became an apprentice isn’t going anywhere. She’s sucking it in and it’s not at the Festival in 1960.” coming out!' Then we realized she really didn’t know how to smoke.” “One night about one o’clock in the morning, I was on stage rehearsing some lines of a play by myself when “They put all the heavy French velvet dresses on my body. Michael Langham, the Artistic Director during the 1950’sI acted older for my age, but because I was the youngest 60’s, looked down from his office and saw me... Most and strongest I wore the heaviest costumes. I carried two everyone had gone home and because I was in stage babies in my arms during the play King Henry VIII. I got management I could turn the house lights out and put the small parts and understudy roles I enjoyed so much. I stage lights on. I would stand in the middle of the stage learned to become an actress by listening and being and role play “What means this lady; I left no ring with directed by Michael Langham or Jean Gascon. her.” I memorized a lot of the parts I liked by watching the ...Somehow I knew I was not going to live, die and breath actors. I heard a creaking sound from one of the seats way to be an actress.” up in the Gods – I looked up and saw Michael. He called out to me, “Dinah, darling, it’s Michael. Would you mind “Right after the run of plays at Stratford I met Tom if I came down?” Naturally I replied, “No!” He came Kneebone and Roderick Cook. Tom was an extraordinary down and sat in the second row. He suggested I try the line performer and absolutely astonishing actor and terribly again with a bit of a reflection. He said, “What do you funny as a person. They were looking for a woman to think if this is what she thought...or this is what she thought work in Cabaret in Toronto. I ended up doing television – could you try the line again just up to this point.” Shortly and Cabaret at the same time. I worked seven days a week. after that I was asked to join the company. That turned out In 1965 I started to get national attention by singing and to be the best Christmas present I got that year.” narrating a lot. The first show Tom and I worked together on was called Party Game 1970 – 1981, with hosts Billy Dinah’s actual career began at the age of seventeen, Van, Jack Duffy and Bill Walker.” singing to her own guitar accompaniment in downtown Toronto’s folk clubs and lounges – the hot night spots. By “Every Sunday morning at 10 a.m. we would go into the nineteen Dinah was becoming a diverse entertainer. While studio to get our scripts, and for me, lyrics that Mavor


Dinah with The Party Game crew, 1970 – 1981, with hosts Billy Van, Jack Duffy and Bill Walker

Moore had written. Sunday was supposed to be my day off but there I was preparing for the show with everyone else. Mavor wrote the lyrics to the Worried Man Blues theme and at 9 p.m. we would go on air live. I would sing the intros and extros for the boys’ interviews; it was part of the first journalist type shows to air. The show lasted two seasons before it was taken off the air.” During this time Dinah joined CBC Television’s This Hour Has Seven Days and Check it Out! (1985-1988). “I sang satirical songs regularly on the show and did the offBroadway musical, Your Own Thing, a rock musical of Twelfth Night. I started touring all over Canada, USA, and Mexico...then onto New York, Chicago, Boston and back to Toronto.” Among the latter, Dinah performed and stared in: Spring Thaw (1967, on tour), Mavor Moore's The Best of All Possible Worlds (CBC TV 1968), Your Own Thing (off Broadway, 1968), The Satyricon (Stratford 1969), Annie Get Your Gun (as Annie, Rainbow Stage, 1973) and Check It Out 1990. For fourteen fabulous years Dinah wrote and co directed over twenty shows for the Smile Company. “We actually take theatre into nursing and retirement homes. I turn Canadian stories into one hour musicals. The people loved us, especially the ones that truly recall the stories of Elizabeth Arden and Pauline Johnson.”

Dinah singing at a concert conducted by Howard Cable

Traveling the back roads most of her life going from theatre to theatre, Dinah felt the urge to live in the country. In 1972 Dinah met the love of her life Bob Warren, an aspiring photographer. He didn’t know who she was or what her heritage was. All he knew was that she was a land owner. It was love at first sight. Dinah returned home with the same vision of living in the country. “The original clapboard house I bought was barely standing but my Honey Bob was a handyman. One day I said to Bob. ‘We need more light in the east side window of the house.’ He went out and got his chainsaw and within minutes he called out to me to come quickly – this is when we found the original log cabin under the clapboards. Six years later when all the chinking was completed our precious log cabin that was hidden underneath magically appeared. The cabin which was originally built and lived in back in 1832 was viable again for the whole world to see.” “As time passed Parkinson’s made mobility more difficult for Bob, so the farm became more important to us as a couple. Good friends drop by and the tranquility of country life continues to inspire my writing. As a child, the tree embraced me, so the intimate relationship I have with the trees here motivates my creativity. There isn’t a day that I don’t see something that arouses my senses.” continued on pg. 46






In 1987 Dinah founded a design and manufacturing company called "The BADD Sisters", initially with her sister, Cedar. BADD stood for Blonds Against Drunk Driving. The company sold products such as golf visors with plastic snap in lenses, cut baseball caps and Velcro on head and neck sun protectors for summer and warm fleecy balaclava hoods for winter.


During our chat we touched on how mental illness affects the lives of many actors... “I’ve had my own challenge with depression. Half the people I know have bouts of depression. I made a conscious choice to fight it, and fortunately along the way I’ve been blessed with helping those in need of someone who understands what they are going through. That’s one of the reasons Bob and I decided to live a normal life on the farm for the past 40 years. It was a more sensible, sane way to live.” Semi retired at the time of this interview, Dinah continues to enjoy doing guest appearances and performing in small theatre around Ontario. In 2012, on the cusp of her 70th birthday, Dinah came out of retirement for a benefit at the Mount Forest United Church to raise funds for North Wellington’s HOPE Committee to demystify mental illness, one of the many charities to which she lends her name. She continues to contribute to the Smile Theatre Company that she and Tom Kneebone work on together.

By Deborah Johnson


Dinah beside her wall of memories

Not a person to miss an opportunity, Dinah performed twice in the fall of 2012 in the play she wrote Paddle Song, about the life of Pauline Johnson, a Mohawk poet. Paddle Song was released in the fall of 2015 and performed in Norway by actress and singer Cheri Miracle, whose mother was Irish Canadian and father Clifford is a full blood Mohawk. Paddle Song is being edited for a screen play, movie and television show. In October of the same year, Dinah took to the stage herself for a one woman evening of song, story-telling and light humour. “I’ve come to place of seniority where I can get away with things on stage - like rapping about crop circles and writing a tribute to cremation. I do it to make people laugh. It’s more important to me than anything because I know implicitly the healing ability of laughter.” Dinah won an ACTRA Award in 1981 for best variety performance on the D.C. and Friends TV special. Her revues with Kneebone have included Oh Coward! (1970), Non-Stop Britain (1971-3), The Apple Tree (1973, recorded for the Trillium label, TR-2000), An Evening with Noel Coward and Cole Porter (1973) and An Evening with Tom Kneebone and Dinah Christie (1977). Dinah and Kneebone won the 1984 ACTRA for best radio variety performers. And in 1987 Dinah won the 1987 Gemini Award for best actress in a continuing series for Check it Out! Dinah’s soul mate Bob Warren passed in 2014 but Dinah continues to hold true to his memory with his photography, renovations and memorabilia all around her. She is truly living life like the branches of her tree.


Your Life,

ß © Albund |

Dinah Christie ...continued from pg. 45


Dinah and Bob next to the cabin

What if you woke up tomorrow morning to discover you were now ninety years old? Or what if today you were told you only had one week to live? What would you be content with and what would you regret? We never think in these terms. We assume tomorrow will be the same as today hence we shelve many of our goals and dreams. We draw up a mental wish list then allow life to get in the way and ‘shelve’ that list. This ‘shelving’ may come from lack of funds, lack of opportunity, not enough time or just too many obligations and commitments: Life. Over the years I have also dealt with too many people who have set their personal goals, dreams and bucket list to the side to accommodate others. This is a wonderful gesture of caring and consideration of those around you but when all is said and done and you discover you truly are ninety years old you want to make sure your memories are not full of regret and longing for what you wish you had personally achieved with your life. This does not mean you lead a selfish, self-serving life. It means you always manage to find a balance between your wish list and the lists of those around you. One of the most rewarding things you can do is help another fulfill a personal dream of theirs. By the same token though it should always be a two-way street with a ‘give and take’ mindset to ensure everyone is taken into account – you included. I ask many of my clients to sit down with their partner and/or family and each write out their personal bucket list. This list should include everything from education, finances and career, to travel and personal goals for self and family.

When everyone is finished drawing up their individual list, exchange them with each other. Ninety-five percent of the time others will be surprised by what goals and dreams you have and vice versa. Those closest to you cannot help you fulfill a dream if they don’t know it is in your heart and in your head. Match your lists and identify similar goals. Then strive to fulfill those first and foremost. NEVER throw your Bucket List away! Cross items off as you fulfill them. Alter them if they no longer seem appealing to you and add to your list when something new excites and inspires you. Refer to your list often and think of it as an ongoing ‘track record’ of your life. Commit to achieving and crossing off your list at least one goal annually. Commit also to helping someone you love succeed with one of their dreams and goals from their personal list. Lastly, always remember you came onto this plane on your own, you will depart on your own and only you can define your Bucket List and achieve your dreams (or not). Chart your path and use your List as a guide or road map for yourself. When all is said and done ensure your Bucket List has been emptied and your Bucket of Life is full of amazing experiences, satisfied wishes, acquired wants and accomplished dreams.

n Deborah Johnson Clairvoyant, Medium, Author, Speaker

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By Linda Thorn

By Lynda Pogue

‘Kick the bucket’ is a phrase used in writing since 1785, the connotation being when you die. But ‘Bucket List’ is a relatively new phrase in our cultural lexicon only used for about 10 years. I never understood why anyone would want a Bucket List which expresses a compilation of all the things you want to do or places you want to visit before you ‘kick the bucket’.

I’ve remembered this particular little personal story all my life because it gave me permission to dream big. Mr. Wainwright described how he met and fell in love with a woman who was a dreamer like he was. He explained that often, when they went to bed, he and his wife would talk in the dark, with great detail, about the sailboat they would build…what would it look like…how would the sails sound flapping in the would the sea spray feel on their faces… how would they navigate to many exciting ports of call…who would they meet? He said that this nighttime murmuring went on for many joyous years. He ended the article by saying that they both knew but never spoke about the fact that there would never be a sailboat and they would never be sailing around the world. He said that the dream is what made them human and brought them endless hours of sheer happiness.


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Some of you will remember experiencing the splashiness of the oversized ‘Life’ magazine... and your parents, grandparents and even your great-great-grandparents probably read it. (It ran weekly from 1883 to 1972.) My friends and family poured over every page because of the excellent articles and stunning images. (Kind of like the magazine you are reading right now!) Some of the world’s best writers and photographers were in those pages. Many of us explored the universe, learned new ideas and were introduced to famous and infamous people through Life magazine.

I distinctly recall a story that was on the first page when you opened the cover.The index was always at the top of the page and below was a personal story or clever insight from Louden Wainwright, Jr. (Grandfather of Rufus Wainwright).


I love that story. It tells me about the immeasurable satisfaction and pleasure the imagination can bring. It’s like your own personal inner-storytelling. So, dear woman with vision, dreaming of living in France in a perfect little garret that you’re sharing with poets and artists …and every morning walking down your circular staircase to your regular café on the boulevard and sipping a café au lait is magnifique! If you’re the type of person who likes to dream on paper and create such things as a Bucket List, go for it! Perhaps some of your dreams will become a reality. Perhaps some will remain simply as sweet dreams. Give yourself permission to dream big. n Lynda Pogue, Writer, Artist, Professor, Keynote Speaker

People are scurrying all over the globe to gaze at manmade structures both old and new to produce ‘selfies’ at sacred sites and at natural phenomena locations in order to check one more item off their personal list. What is the purpose of this? How long ought your list to be? It rather reminds me of a school assignment. Some students will produce a moderate effort. Some will ignore the assignment completely. Procrastinators have a will but not a way of completing the assignment. Then there are the over achievers. What if life gets in the way? What if your poor health, failure in personal finances or responsibilities for caregiving prevents you completing your list? Some Bucketeers may opt out of the quest due to concerns of reduced quality of airport travel or safety concerns in certain countries. Would there be a sense of failure aspect of not achieving your goals and feeling regretful or disappointed?

Here are my suggestions for a Revised Bucket List before you ‘kick the bucket’:

1. Did I aspire to inspire before I expired? 2. How much time, generosity, admiration and respect did I give to others?

3. What legacy of love am I leaving? 4. Did I appreciate and help Mother Nature? 5. Did I leave the earth a

better place because of me?

6. Did I laugh, love, learn and live to the fullest each day on earth?

How many checks can you make on this revised list, Bucketeers? n Linda Thorn Freelance writer Author - Beautiful Joe–a true dog rescue story

I still don’t get it! Technology is so advanced that you can take a virtual tour of any place on your list in the cell phone in your palm. You will save yourself a lot of money and perhaps some aggravation of travel, especially Delhi-Belly or some Montezuma’s Revenge stomach bug. I am reading several new books that prove the history books are wrong about the age of most of the pyramids and megaliths around the world and who constructed them. So my contention is what is the point of hopping hither and yon around the planet? Shouldn’t the real journey be within… an introspective adventure seeking a new list?


Life Numbers

Last Word


By Lorraine Leslie

The hidden passion number not only identifies special strengths, talents or expertise that drive and shape a person’s life, it actually has a power of its own that demands expression. In fact, that is why many of the items on your bucket list are desired. Your hidden passion is determined by the number that appears most often in your name. Learn how your bucket list is driven and shaped by your hidden passion number(s).

3. Using the format below, create a chart 1-9. Beginning with the number 1, count and record the total of each numerical value in your name 4. The number that appears most often is your hidden passion number

For Example:

1 R O S E A N N E 2 9 6 1 5 1 5 5 5

C H E R R I E 3 8 5 9 9 9 5

1 A J S

2 B K T

3 C L U

4 D M V

5 E N X

6 F O Y

Collecting my dreams before they take flight, Makes tomorrow's happiness soft and light.

7 8 9 G H I P Q R Z

Reveal your dreams for the whole world to see, Live them in real life and let them be free. Open your heart capturing glory from above, Filling your bucket with laughter and love.

B A R R 2 1 9 9

Comedian, actress and 2012 presidential nominee of California-based Peace and Freedom Party, Roseanne Cherrie Barr has 3 letters in her name that correspond to the number 1 (2As&S). She has 1 letter that corresponds to the number 2 (B). etc. 1


















4. Practicality, organization and structure are extremely important to you as is working hard to achieve stability and security. You are passionate about your family and its wellbeing.

7. Your passion encourages introspection thus takes you inward. You have a strong intuitive ability that helps guide you to answer the big questions such as the meaning of life.

2. Harmony in all aspects of life is your passion and driving force. Peaceful and pleasant environments as well as cooperative and harmonious relationships are vital to your wellbeing. You are committed to working hard.

5. Adventure, travel, freedom and transformation are a driving force in your life. You possess a strong desire to live an exciting life, one that allows you to use your creativity, charisma and strong communication skills.

8. You are extremely motivated to be successful, financially sound and in control of your life and destiny. It is important to you that others recognize your strength, status and discipline.

3. You are passionate about socializing and inspiring others. You possess a strong desire to enjoy life and to use your communication skills, creativity, and wit to express yourself.

6. Whether it is your family, friends and/or community, you feel a strong urge to help others. You are drawn to healing, counseling and teaching. Often you are willing to sacrifice your own desires for those of others.

9. Your love of people and to be of service to humanity is a driving force in your life. Your passion is to get involved in programs and activities that provide benefits to the lives of others.

n Paola Gucciardi, Numerologist,

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Since Roseanne’s name has 6 letters that correspond to both 5 and 9, her hidden passion numbers are 5 and 9.

1. You are motivated to be independent and adventurous. Your passion and desire is to make a name for yourself, to be successful and to be recognized for your achievements.

My bucket fills to overflow, Pouring old crystal tears aglow. Droplets singularly falling through space, Gathering together at a rapid pace.

To Learn Your Hidden Passion Number(s)… 1. Write your full name as it appears on your birth certificate 2. Using the chart to the right, record the numerical value of each letter in your name

I splish, I splash, I wish I might, Have my dream come true tonight.

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