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Poem 1 - Two Lost Souls Fire Lightning Deep Inside Ignite My Mind My Satellite Inside Tonight I Light The Flame Of Memory You And Me Just Two Lost Souls Spiraling In The Midnight Sky I Wish I Might See You Again I Chase My Tail Within The Wind Poem 2 - Muse Dark Eyes Reflection Cast A memory A shadow Past Quickening The Skin Quivers Goose Bump Love A Million Light Years Gone You In My Arms Explosive Flame Untamed Wildness Salt And Pepper Hair The Small Of Your Back Silk and Sawdust Straw And Glass A Breaking Bending Sending Love Sparks Throughout The Galaxies I Need To Find You

Poem 3 - Gathering A distant muse whispers from another star hearts and flame explode and love

ignites the cosmic eye joining our minds universal consciousness alien lust telepathic love a race of man walks the land awake inside tonight remind our voice in temple mounds shrouding stars call us to the gathering of races Poem 4 - Silent Rapture In silence rapture found universal entity star coven child unborn no more devoid of consciousness dressed sky with stars my heart to you cross several skies

high race a taste divine in minds silence you rapture quiet worlds unfold mysterious girl a hand in the mirror a crest in the forehead Poem 5 - Veils Of Disbelief My room filled with light last night, a thousand voices calling out a gathering of the worlds in cosmic night, endless worlds, starlight descending I breathe you in, a flame dancing on your tongue man and woman our voice is strangely silent in the halls of the universe, awake and make your way thru veils of disbelief. Poem 6 - Mercury's Daughter ancient girl

alien world triple sun red sky mercury's daughter gossamer gown black lace, ivory skin within sanctuary wind calls your name in earthly caverns an etching in ice two hearts intertwined far off sacred stars lost in the fabric of mobius' time lines etched in cold stone and bone love of a being with no name wildness adorned adored mortally freedom never a choice destine, destiny. Poem 7 - Schizophrenic Lullaby Schizophrenic lullaby unite my mind with others of our tribe

cowl draped babe and winter kissed in ancient holy worlds we walk with telepathic speech calling your name within the mental temple mounds holding hands with demons and saints angelic prophecy of peace, of peace our souls great need a seed of future worlds unfold unspoken words in envelopes of silence fill the air holy sacrament of internal truth becomes eternal. Poem 8 - The Last First Embrace evolution telepathic worlds unfold in waking dreams screaming saints medicated in

death halls the calling awakens ancient civilizations holy child as yet unborn clear mind our own space our own time take your place in cosmic depth wet wind howls on empty paths the last first once again Poem 9 - Star Scribe In silent worlds unfold your wings dream wake unhidden things within darkness light know your not alone tonight feel alive star scribes write the world within your mind your name already written on my soul

Silhouetted shadows grow but your the light inside the dark your the flame that starts a spark a voice calls from outer space ancient muse, another race taste eternal waters flow deep abiding in your soul tonight. Poem 10 - the story of trees the trees are ancients of earthly tribes watching as the worlds collide with there telepathic eyes joining mind with hawks flight try and try with all there might alone can't set it right release prisoners of the mind from a seed grows the vine Dionysus and the wine all the prophets sleep tonight locked away deep inside ages past now's the time endless season

eternal mind. Poem 11 -Runaway In silence she shivers crouched beneath the cold concrete columns of an interstate forty overpass longing for the last time she said goodbye but as she closes her eyes she feels the love she felt back then it warms her in the bitter wind a star streaks 'cross her vision's path and at last she feels like going home. Poem 12 -Poetess She looks into the midnight sky asking questions in her mind a falling star signals a yes more often the lack of one signals a no the snow falling for her, a cardinal sign of rebirth, a spirit mind Venus in white hides the earth and here she knows to just let go

A winter child born of ice within her breast creations flame born here from another time flying 'cross the astral plains seeker of signs of future times wanderer of the great divide in her my dreams glow crystal white and I reside by her side sleeping gently by her side. Poem 13 - Collide sun rising in the east I hear you coming coming beast wild eyes passion sighs you come making love to me soul on fire, legs intertwined you guide me deep inside I feel you around me your presence surrounds me the wildness of the beast my heart beats aflame completely untamed my senses reeling no body all feeling I glide deep into you

sweet flesh and sinew light fills my mind as passion ignites as I collide into you! Poem 14 -Speaking in Tongues Passion's flame flickering on my tongue I place the flame inside you making love in foreign languages ancient movements speaking volumes in silence surrounding light shapes our shadows on the walls speaking in tongues love's own vocabulary 'cross time and space, your face chiseled in my memory sweetly, deeply, orgasmically, and all is how it's meant to be yours and mine fate intertwined, in this cloth called destiny...

Poem 15 - Awakening Waves of love pervade the regions of inner and of outer space erasing taints the races placed on mother cosmic goddess' face Freely speaking ancient wisdom from drums of antiquity the universal child has smiled in revolutions reverie illuminating lightning flashes

searching for an open mind and love's language flows so languid in the oceans of my mind tonight united with another from loves other universe astral chords connect star-children with the purpose of our birth Poem 16 - Masturbate on Court House Steps quit taking medication walk around naked masturbate on Courthouse steps harmonically converge cyclical existence break spokes of wheel reveal freedom masses sheep my soul to keep abyssal snake AWAKE. take what you need belief shattered in your comfort zone we're not alone... Poem 17 - other side calling Even if you listen

and hear nothing is it not an answer perhaps you chose rebirth and your soul mate did not choosing instead to guide and you forgot your telepathic strand closed off but repairable Silence. the phone is ringing in your ear hello it's the other side recall. remember. don't leave the answering machine to screen your calls Participate. Wait. it will unfold before your eyes like a lotus in bloom. Poem 18 -Revealed The words I scribe not mine forgotten remnants of other times flowing from the well

of the other side be weary be forward thinking lest the worlds collide ignition of magnetic spheres collaboration of the stars how far have we come a drum beat tells it all and in this personal revelation I feel small Poem 19 - Evolution from Design with starry eyes I gaze above what will be I ask for a sign written in souls divine let go of self fulfilling prophecies forgiving needs of our fear flowing words of souls bent winds of change caressing weary poet scribing of another place a potential future time ((omitted))

knowingness my soul in balm many things must happen some atrocious some Devine but love comes when least anticipated evolution comes from design Poem 20 - I spoke with trees I spoke with a tree one time she asked me to sleep in her for a season so I did I tried to wake her in winter but she chose to remain silent and I learned the beauty of silence In spring she told me her story and asked me to retell it I vowed to her I would but I was young and soon forgot and I learned the beauty of

forgetfulness Poem 21 -Align. Arrive. There's only one path and it's always the right one just some seem easier to tred It's not the destination that is uncertain only when and how we chose to arrive And tonight I arrive. Align alive inside 2 by my side cosmically telepathically I align. Poem 22 -FauxFire Faux fire your my desire light of my life loin of my fire sacred muse take me higher Seven, Seven, Seven Twenty-one three three the essence of everything Cosmic muse and earthly companion both sunshine's of my suns What's begun here has no end my lover forever friend Two paths end as one begins Poem 23 Sacred child You carve the worlds With majik swords Your eyes, transfixed with light, consume The winter sky Higher & higher you fly And tonight I'm by your side Riding with you through all of time Uniting our kind With life sublime

Poem 24 I open my third eye become a pool of translucent light music fills the astral space abyssal snake awakes inside tonight life and death conjoined my wings unfold reborn in starry night a light of distant races trace the rays of our sun coming home in a spinning wheel I feel electrified lightning breaks the winter sky and takes my breath away Poem - 25 Garden of Eve In the garden of eve a seed planted the genesis serpent a phallic symbol she takes of his fruit of knowledge betraying a barren Adam for the future of mankind the serpent of another man twined between her thighs the God of the possessiveness of men would condemn her as a whore but no more a question I pose if Adam had Viagra would the serpent have the need to plant his seed of good and evil within the sacred garden of Eve Poem 26 - birth of a new soul Diving deep into The primordial pool A spark of light Chasing a flake of shadow A failed universe Imploding embryo Copulating calamity

Instigating a new being Initiating a new race Formed & Forged from Shadow and light Two worlds dieing Colliding into one A newborn star Circling a new black hole Exploding as one Birth of a new soul And a reformed universe unfolds Like the wings of a hawk Poem 27 - Girlgasm Ascending on the rope of each others exhalations a gasping a little death all chakras open to one another our bodies dissolving time disappearing spirits combining in the spaces between space nearing divinity pace quickening animalistic senses quivering spiritual awakening as her girlgasms quake me back to the perceived reality of the moment in her eyes. Poem 28 His mother said a miracle He ever walked at all. So he climbed into the sky The mountains seemed to small, Tumbling in darkest night It's there he took a fall, For a winged Venus' child Cloaked in love and light.

She touched him on the forehead And opened his third eye, The visions came like crimson rain Flooding out his sight. A telepathic world unfolded On a weary night. A wintered mind. A withered hand. A world of sticks and sand, A manhole opened 'neath his feet Wormhole to cobble stones. A skeleton's finger bone. Holding on to his still beating heart And in that moment he awoke To hold a shooting star, He looked at it, it shimmered And he placed it on his tongue. It tasted like marmalade engraved with grains of salt. Then the angel spake And said, "that god was lost, He took a left on market street He shood-a took a right". Ands when I looked into his eyes They were transfixed with light. And on an Easter Sunday morn' The stars were blackened out. A howling on the early eve A slam, a slant. A shout. And still he couldn't tell me What it was all about. Then he said, "fuck it all, goodnight my friend, I'm out.". Poem 29 - Indigo Indigo walked thru the slanted mirror of birth arriving with awareness in her palm awakening a psalm

uncomfortable in her skin alien vibrations a planet shifting a race in flux magnetic renderings bending air, and earth, and water, and flame Avatar unnamed a unkind world unthankful for her sacrifice a blessing, a star falls unseen tonight a light to guide an indigo child out of the wild into the heart of the rebirth of mother earth Poem 30 - star children they came unseen from sabbath dreams rendering belief unhidden things on wings of whispers revealed diverse as they are star children indigo glowing souls as ancient as sky sage speech new age heralders healers of a coming time what will we know what's yet to find in the canvasses of their lives in their eyes Poem 31 - inside Inside you A blazing Seekers flame

Untamable Unnamable Instable elements Igniting passions Last time in your arms Eons gone by The sky ablaze With stars You in my arms My heart Explode with me Shine within This temple Found Never letting go A soul Joining Two As 1 I the moon You the sun Spiraling In a cosmic Dance Poem 32 - Woven

sanity escapes me As I trace the rays Of the sun to the seven seas Singing lights of freedom's release Enraged and caged by disbelief Wars must cease and we need Pleasure to please the trees The moon swoons the sky High on brown beans and rice And the Jesus of love denied thrice By lecherous priest in sheep's' guise The wise women of now Birth indigo glowing children of light Who will usher in kindred ship With the twin spheres, day and night And what's wrong, what's right United fallacies bring Street beats to our turn tables A future generations Bedtime fables And they say Kain killed Able Over maple syrup at eve's breakfast table But we will be reborn of Luminescent children freeing our souls To undergo feelings of an empathic earth mother

empathic Sky father farther down the spiral We spin as society steeps itself on Folgers and morning piety The deity of relief aids in A slaves salvation grace tracing Tear and gumdrops auras and gunshots 7 deep seas spill sonic waves From the graves of Hiroshima trailers polluted Placed in our hands by FEMA The city beneath will rise On mid-day tides, adults Pushing drugs to children riding trikes And we will once again have wings And take to the sky Led by the hand of indigo children Filled with light......

Indigo poetry collection  
Indigo poetry collection