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ďƒą Jul 10, 2010 born to die I love you and I hate it I don't know what the fuck to do I want so bad to be with you it feels so good I trust to much I crave your touch I have to run I've been here before are you the one walked through my door the more I love the more pain it always goes the same 24/7 on my mind together ride you are my light but everything born dies

some day we won't know each other no more I gotta stop this before it even begins I push you back then let you in love is just a faded dream all there is is only me loves born to die I see the lie i see the tears I use to cry goodbye, goodbye, good nite goodbye blue eyes, blue eyes goodbye

Jan 4, 2010 love and oblivion What is this thing we are doing The stars flicker in a neon sky We walk a sleepwalk A gauntlet of liar’s hearts I am in a never ending dream All I can do is scream Will I ever awake This pail night Long as sky I cry No one is No one was It is only me my destiny And I’m fine with it Tomorrow I turn

But for tonight I look back And see what was What could have been And what will never be A changing dream Racing to the dawn Her name a mantra on my lips A kiss Nothing more Shut the door When you leave As I toss her a towel And wonder What became Of me

August 18 2009 I long for love I long for you I see your silhouette in the changing moon you are the fragment missing from me I am complete but you complete my dreams divinity intertwined our hearts our minds combined nothing can hinder us apart we are blind how do u seek your right hand? how do i make them understand? no other will satisfy do I deny myself?

all these questions go unanswered while my heart bleeds beneath cold stars.

Jul 30, 2009 returning - poem 1 ........ Long time gone I turned around came full circle a returning to the town of my birth of my boyhood a man now I’ve seen other faces none of them really knew my name here a chorus of friendship greets me with my morning cigarette sitting outside of the old seaman's building cross the street from the courthouse the bell has fallen into disrepair it no longer tolls the hours at midnight here

the streets seem quieter the children seem less restless than we were in our youth truth is time changes things things never change themselves I’ve seen vagabonds and shooting stars homeless hippies pop poetry stars displayed paintings seen the country but nothing feels as eternal as the feeling in my chest when I pull off I – 40 onto the old 219 highway and tip over the hill into this Ozark valley the city seems to open her arms up to you bundle you close and say welcome home

Apr 27, 2009 soldiers wife I wait as she talks to her husband on the phone He is a soldier away at a war he did not start I wonder if like me she has become his heart She tells me she is his strength She tells me that we are destiny I wonder if I’ll ever share a life with her More than our stolen moments during the full moons Soon he will be home I will sit here alone Dreaming of her While he holds her in his arms Love and pain both together Without one the other not as sweet I wonder if like me she is his most needful thing We have become strange brothers of sorts

Both loving the same woman Him a soldier me a poet Would we have common ground other than her Which one of us needs her more Loves her more I do not know I cannot say I wait for our next day together I wait for the nights when I feel her heart Against mine Singing I did not plan it this way But I would not have it any other My soldier brother I love your wife

Apr 19, 2009 untitled am I destined to be alone is there no one who's arms are home is there nowhere that I belong I feel like an alien in my own home town the world seems insane I feel all their pain and with everything I am I can't wish it away I would come back lifetimes many more births to restore the balance of mankind with the earth all I have is a pen, and a heart, and a soul but I don't know

if everyone knows they're loved and lovable but I long to show them my sin's would condemn me in any priests eyes my mind has betrayed me painted false skies my eyes have cried for you my body is weak but still I believe there is a way to renewal still I believe each day is a sabbath forever I've dreamed of ascending from this of being one with spirit of returning to source I've found comfort in the warmth of the southern winds but earth is not home

not where I belong but if I can I'll return again won't leave you all all alone I don't have the answers I have faith there is a way I am not doing it alone will continue till the end of days till the end of all lifetimes till balance is restored and as each of you show your own truth worshipers of many gods and worshipers of one when we as a race find a way we ascend together as one we will rise like the wind renewal of balance as mankind ascends

Mar 27, 2009 Goddess within 1.0 She defines her shape of sunrise by the flicker flame and the choices made her companion coupled cardinals willow groves and mountain streams within her sacred sanctuary ebbs and flows deep inner peace she is my most needful thing she came to me in winter dreams I slept a season in her arms she awoke my heart in spring I hear her voice in the early morning feel her touch in the summer rain a thousand lives in a single moment in her eyes the voice explained

misty mornings hands intertwined rooms of good energy pooling light side by side we ride the sun crossing space closing the divide once I was only living but in her I am alive!

Laidan 1.0 In the quiet of the night the drums begin a pounding a racing calling me to the forest a need between my thighs urges me onward I hear her in the trees naked she waits for me a drum on her lap my love on her mind we fall together innocent lust consuming us this meeting preordained in the stars twined to each others hearts

our bodies mold to the others body her hand ignites my flame I dip into her rivers fire and water steam and heat building growing joined we move like shadows in the night she is light and shadow I am flame and ice we building things catching dreams between each others bodies the world disappears two energy beings spiraling in night

we flow into one another her moan wakes a hunger in me her nails in my back bring the animal alive in her eyes I see questions but she never will ask I answer them with my cock thrusting deeper and deeper her heart unfolds to mine and we glide into the temple of lust trust forms slow if at all her night calls speak my name pleasure and pain dance lightly intertwining between her finger tips

her lips meet mine as her back arches tenses and releases I explode into her joined bodies we retreat into each others arms sleep comes and the moon watches over us the stars blush and we dream

Feb 10, 2009 hush of snow In the silence Building The filling The emptying The sky cries Blind The hush Of snow Filling Ears With sound And majik Sloping Hillside Frozen embrace Her face etched Upon stars Her heart to mine Cross miles Twined

Soul to side Aligning In the sound of snow I don’t know where She sleeps tonight Cross expanse Our spirits dance Romance Astral Twisting Spirits In the Expanse Twice she touched Me then moved on Her voice In the snow A silent song Covering the earth My thirst Of her Of her Of her

No more do I search No more Her hand in mind Asleep in dream Peace snow Showers The ground ----------------------------------------------------I looked beneath the dream And found her waiting there Paint brush In hand I understand The other side Is where you are My twin flame Awaiting Me In astral reaches Eternity Together

As one My moon Her sun It begun Ancient It is destiny We dance In one body We touch in dreams The other half of me Above So below Glowing footprints In the snow Of my discontent The winds bent And descend Your taste I’ll never know Except through Her Mirror me Divinity Guide

Me To union With myself ----------------------------------------------------In the dawn I feel you Crawling deep inside my skin We’ve been together In my body Eternity The other side shines through my eyes Side by side We drive The highways Through the stars Our hearts Same beat This twisting Need inside you inside me Free is as free does how come I never knew it was You inside me beneath the moon Walking through the silent snow The sound of it

Like a hush on a child’s lips I give myself To you Truth Is I knew I was not alone Truth is Together In the sound of snow ___________________________________ Do you hear It The hush The quieting Awake in dreams She stirs In me A urgency Align my mind Divinity Freedom not a choice

Silence is our destiny You are my dream Wove through me You are the thing In dreams I seek I know you though you Never speak I see you looking Through me When we begin Inside Above A love Of self Through self Divine The hush of snow all around Beauty of you The perfect truth Reflected in me My destiny The hush of snow Never knowing another

still never alone Twin soul Woven through The same body In sky The light of you Is me inside Joined perfectly Harmoniously As one You feel through Me the warmth of the sun And I see the Astral spaces Hidden in you Blue light Majik night Colliding In dreams Aligning inside The hush of snow You show me Without a sound

The ground coated With light And shadow You are the other half of my soul Inside myself You wait Echo Echo Echo Echo Your words fill me Like the hush of snow Early morning light Reflects in her eyes And I know you Through her I know you through self ___________________________________

Feb 4, 2009 UNdone ........ winter trees dying leaves haunted minds no ones safe from the touch no one has enough love take my hand lets take to wing I see your screams in my dreams through doorways of time and space I touch your body see your face time closes in we try once more to renew our minds open a door

the opening like a flower bloom touching spaces forbidden rooms the hallway of evermore is filled with passages open door at it's end the place we start wounded healers broken hearts fluted sounds and pixie lust and spring time winds the place of birth the forest filled with firefly lights twice in a moment we can find the time to hear the robins wings flock of angels

wintering in the elms on our eaves your pleasure is what pleases me touch this chiseled misty lore the dawns of never come before war like in passion peace like in love how come it comes loves not enough my mind is filled with your voice I have no choice no recourse the trust of you the rust of you the slivered moon the glowing room

the haunted flower about to bloom the moment soon the trip a tune in the car I saw you glow a dragonfly a second soul twin minds of light with darker pasts this is the first this is the last it is eternal burning inferno melts away the sacred day the wings of silence the quiet hush the sanctity of mothers blood the mud cakes thick upon bare feet

the vibe of inner city streets reaches me I'm lost in fear no other here no other here alone I wait I can't escape till I see our holy place hovering in my mind pen to pad I start to write I do not know you we've never met only astral places my body wet she says to me in waking dream write write write more than a dream the screams subside I feel alive

she guides me though my withered mind till I make peace with what came before till I find the open door forgiving self forgetting past this isn't the first she is the last beginnings come in many shade sleep walking specters empty graves spells of secret rhymes of old the winters cold my feet are cold I'm growing old I'm still alone she holds my key I'm growing old I seek her eyes

dreams in the sky at night I weep at night I cry it is her I need to find she made me feel brought me to life helped me make peace with my mind brought me down touched sacred ground in her dreams cease in her I'm found the voices calling I am falling in love to soon the winter moon reflects the Sun she is the one I come undone I come undone

Jan 28, 2009 sunday ........ She sleeps across the stars spoken words fill her mind the rain is her companion thunderstorms crashing crescendo a sacredness in skies she paints shades and sculpts majik a feline resting on her sheets sleeping days jazz like words glow burning from her pen suspended moments

fire-walking dreams light streams in her Sunday morning window head rests softly on pillow curves covered exposed skin lips like syrup sweet and thick in lust and a cabaret down the street knows her favorite stool a candle awaits a flame on the dresser green fertility suspended reality in quiet repose

rose petal skin burning you know I burn for you truth fills a jar of burnt umber and an artist's pigment empty missed the waste basket canvasses accumulating like mismatched socks in a drawer thrifty she saves and silence is on the radio silence those moments exposed

when the voices hush and her touch sends electricity through my wire I wonder where she is tonight cosmic girl you weave through my flesh the words of a song the drums pounds my heart sax wales pale skin emerald eyes thick lashes framing

red blanket tossed across disarrayed sheets vows to keep he says vows only these moments stolen only these moments golden returning to a hotel in the bustle urban he thinks stirring a drink at the lounge to excited to sleep the night stretched into dawn a call comes it's wake up

taxi to airport turning around her smile is on every strangers face the pace of the morning coffee paper fruit soon the moon returns is she his rain is she that one the thing is it's impossible to many lives touched

blood rushes to his head and an uttering on a cell phone static and love you's lust and forgetfulness the day spreads before him like a picnic the lights of the caravan blink listlessly in the distance and it starts to come undone come flower me come grow my seed milk and sex chocolate and passion paint and pen

stroke canvass and crescendo a building fills the vision skewed perspective cataract heart children on the sidewalk hopscotch some day perhaps someday someday maybe baby she says grocery store shelves pass by in a blur eggs and orange juice fruit and salsa added to the cart

mind a million miles away the day of her the night of her the purring effect she cultivates in him clothes tossed on the floor before noon siesta piano keys fill spaces where his body had been the undoing of her she swears as bra drifts strap down distracted she leaves it eyes meet in a flicker of dreaming light breast filling

drinking licking bodies touching in secret joined merged filling a need a passion of spark and flame blazing searing moving trance like as one she calls no answer he distracted in paint a brush and an Ipod a canvass and jazz electric light

not much better than candle evergreens sway to the storm brewing wind whipping ice snow beneath branches his mind wanders to her recalling the curve of her cheeks bones royalty he thinks awaking coffee on table she plays an old 45 they dance naked shameless innocent till something catches like a prairie fire the mountains know this embrace she teases hand snaking between his legs

her northern ice melts with his southern heat you lead a path through fire skies eyes flaming in passion twin like minds mirroring souls coming undone in each other no other closes the door the way you do hand lightly on the knob a twist a backward glance wistful longing

fills empty heart a parting a promise a destiny rebirth

Jan 28, 2009 randomish sex like poem 99.1

your eyes say "cum'ere" cross miles my arms reach distances holding embracing in each others skin shoulders curved lips caress tender nipple brush hair from

elven face mouths meet tongues twist curving around against into each others passion rises a need unsatisfied in your eyes eternal flame only i can quench

Jan 27, 2009 merely alive I need to believe in the things that I see within the minds eye unite with the sky and fly on my own wings without any strings your holding me back but I won't wait to long one day you'll turn around I'll be gone without leaving a trace just a glimpse of my face as I trace the waves through outer space high on my own no more sinew or bone and I'm going I'm going

I'm already gone and then what will you think who will weave your dreams who will let it spill in the night like a light shining through all the gray to the dawn of the day what will you say that the dawn went away and then all the pain that remains in this life will be left to you like a final sunrise you ask me once I won't answer twice roll the dice and be nice you broke all I had like Jude it got bad and the blood that stains

the old rugged cross is just morbid imagery for those you deem lost and the price is to high I won't pay your cost in the garden of eve you deceive with your tales and the birds and the bees and the trees and the whales are all equal to me I want to be free of the lies that you weave through your dollar sign eyes and there will come a time when the lion and lamb own all the forests own all the land and mankind will die it's written in the stars

try to deny it and hide in your cars but you've left the earth scars that won't disappear on a day or a month or even a year and the fear in your eyes as you at last surmise that these things that I say might not all be lies but the light will prevail you fail to see past as far as I see you can all kiss my ass I'm walking on coals and swallowing glass and you are no leader go back to class and here in the quiet where midnight descends where you joke and you laugh and you chill with your friends

I will wait with a word in a street corner dive to tell you your not living your just merely alive

Jan 26, 2009 tap 1.0 I resurrect the days when the school girls charmed my heart where Jesus filled my imagery and wonder filled my heart no one in the silence can arrive from here to there without walking through the doorways of the carnies from the fair the silent night that's filled with light descends on x mas eve and all of us have themselves the thing that we believe Mary was a virgin and Judas was a lord and Jesus was a prophet who might never have been born it's all a sweet sweet fairy tale

take this communion if you chose I remember when you beat me down I recall my scrapes my bruise and there's no meaning in the seasons except what you see with your own eyes the eagle doesn't ask you he simply takes to the sky my mind is opening like a flower in a snow white bloom I walk a narrow road through stars beneath a winter moon and the end is the beginning depending on where you stand love filled bellies embryo's the seed of the divine the life of sinners and of saints paint edges of our dreams hollow men in empty rooms haunt us with their screams bending morphing altar cloths

drape across our souls you tell me I should find the lord I didn't know that he was lost watch me as I disappear watch me as I go the things I've left broken are now covered with the snow half of me is in your room the other half is here the birth of cosmic bones alone can never set us free Joplin said it's just a word and angels walk the earth all we find is in our mind is the keys to our rebirth it is another era I don't need your black mascara I'll paint my face with rays of light I don't want to come back here till I can see through my own eyes but cataracts

can obscure the very things that we peep at you give me freedom in your dose you give me what you want you say please come I've become numb you don't know where it's at you say our drinking waters pure come and dine come and dine I'll drink my wine from the stars while you drink from the tap

Jan 25, 2009 her I see the shadow on the wall my eyes adjust to the vacant light in the distance a church bell rings the scent of her still on my sheets Thunder in the distance foretells a sleepless night a quiet descends like a late summer rain I feel her absence and reacquaint with solitude The moon my only companion tonight Life ebbs and flows as dreams fill the night air sleepers seeking a holy grail I seek her voice beneath the streetlights I seek her soul in every stranger I've fucked


know her like a child knows wonder love her like a mad man loves the moon met her neath the raining Leonids miss her like an amputee misses a limb

She is the ghost that wakes me in the desert of my lonely souls discontent in this life's end I'll wake up in her arms her heart shares my heart's rhythm and I know love exists

Jan 24, 2009 The RETURNING Part (A) Once In a dream you came swaying to the sounds of jazz spontaneous music only you hear it accompanies your travels as you wander the sun came up that morning birds filled the air adding to your tune there bird song

you paint the rays of sunrise on your wintered mind finding the moments repose an eternity in free form expression you sing and we hear energy emanating from your soul letting go of

the gravity that confines free form expression your face etched with days of parties ending the season was as sweet as Weidekher wine your hand in mine we climb the peaks pentacles hanging from the star tipped wings of beasts and heaven is a place

we grace each night the light in our eyes smiling angels sing a free form jazz sweet and low wings beating in the wintered air no cares a season of majik lore as old as love

fills the evening with fireflies and starlight and we dance I dreamed you in a summer you came in a winter the seasons in between kind of painted themselves in your hand moving with precision as you guide my path among the stars we move in a time worn groove

trancing romancing the falling stars the cosmos open wide goddess smiles a wayward soul glowing on the forest path the sunlight breaking through the evergreen canopy we see with eyes wide we see through the glass darkly the chalice swords

pentacles wands in our hands at our feet strangers on the street wonder why we grin in a knowing way it rained all day and the sun was shining a sign of a return of the storm the next day same time we

find same time same time my mind is cloudy with lust and misty grass watered down drinks and bunk weed enough intoxication and even an artist's soul goes numb we ran that year through thickets briers naked

chasing flecks of dreams sacred girl you carve the worlds like sacred doors no more than you knew I am with you in the sunsets I hear your song gone away are the days when pain played it's trombone on my door jam gone are the days when the gray pigmented the dawn now somehow

freedom has descended like angels on Jacob's ladder the madder the world gets the more sane you remain I can't explain how I know you I wouldn't even try let me wipe those wicked tears from your eyes with a touch I brush the edge of

dreams you see no one's real when auto pilot kicks on and time is a farce so is the dawn the old god's guards have fallen and given rise to the ancient earth rebirth comes in many shades he who isn't being born is surely busy dying in your hand is a string at the other a kite

and it sways red staining the blue of the sky your eyes glint in the light a native girl gypsy girl a foreign swirling thing and here we begin in an absence of never after

Jan 20, 2009 muse 1.0 ........ In the midnight painting stones sculpting hearts life combines inside you a world of your own I want to climb into it carve worlds together our lights combined inside you is sanctuary inside you is truth inside you is a sadness once removed my mind mirrors your heart my soul hears your mind combined fantasies fill daytime dawns and songs play

in bass relief the days are passing I hear you laughing in my sleep my words to keep you safe erase the pain replace the faces that haunt lonely nights the light falls bright across your lips your eyes emanate myriad shades and majik you are a dream on January mornings of shared coffee after love and all that begins with a kiss with a touch with the words of a pen with the stroke of a brush

January, 1 four poets Four poets sat in a room outside the sliver crescent moon spread late night dreams fifth of tequila passed around words flowed like shot glasses of enlightenment smoking cigarettes arms snaking cross shoulders somewhere a personal war ended somewhere a hungry child was fed the poets' minds linked fused words filled the silence a round table of free flowing poem it lasted the night but ended to soon one by one the poets fell silent remembering these times aren't eternal recalling we have only these few shared moments

only this shared life the year ended at the stroke of midnight the past year immortalized in a four poet poem the next day I drove home silent most of the way thinking of the journey ahead letting the past fall behind me like the broken center line reflected in my rear view mirror as the horizon ahead turned sunrise.

Dec 23, 2008 I'm leaving here tomorrow don't know where I'm headed to I'm breaking out this town destination underground skies of blue await today I don't know where my feet will land the falling stars streak above love or lies only time will tell destination underground sounds of wings whisper in my dreams skies of blue await today this town better forgotten for it's haunting me I don't know where my feet will land alone I stand against the gray don't know where I'm headed to love or lies only time will tell sounds of wings whisper in my dreams I'm leaving here tomorrow don't know where I'm headed to but baby I'm with you.

Dec 5, 2008 Kimberly 1.0 i can still remember your taste and your scent the way our bodies move together our breath mingled dance through my veins through my spirit it's scripted in my DNA in my muscles in my lips in my fingertips you colorized me.... like a paint stroke on a canvass like a letter is fundamental to a word and a word to a sentence and a sentence to a whole you are fundamental to my soul

Dec 4, 2008 telepathic 1.0 can you feel me my silver strand reaching out to you from beyond the bounds of your room my mind uniting with you anticipating my words the lords and new creatures of Morrison times alive and beating breathing the same air and sharing space your face comes to me in dream waking, sleeping every day I reach a telepathic thought out to you seeking absolution seeking truth

the world choking on thought pollution even our earth is sickened by it it is you I seek to dispel the spells cast by forming worlds and forging words into symbolic meanings you unravel these things in my head like a spinner on a loom soon the moon will glow full and luminescent in the eastern sky and I'll look for you beneath the edge of the stars glow to know your there not here brings a fear I'll never vocalize except at night as everything goes away

my life is to you and you are my muse my tantra dance on the edge of love come into me make me free share dreams and coffee crumpets and tea read the leaves of our past live the cards of our future and together we'll fly together will romance the light from the sky and merge dark merge light into a negative shine aligning the stars unfolding our hearts colliding our minds bodies souls

and shimmer like a nova shine like a sun after the eclipse telepathic kiss from here to you from lie to truth eternity is not enough of our love I demand more more

Nov 30, 2008

I walk away I'm dying to open your eyes but I know I'm going to walk away children living with violent minded parents I want to heal your wombs but I know I must walk away elderly parents who have lived a life of love and loving I want to show you your love wasn't in vain but your eyelids are nailed shut so I know I must walk away sisters making death choices overdosing on an everyday bases (her words not mine) I walked that road...laid in my stench till I picked myself up with your love I want to show you there's another way but you refuse to walk instead you wait for your plastic messiah

but I won't climb back on my cross for anyone not even myself so I know I have to walk away children I have loved and always will I try to run interference but others say I just interfere I do not know how to help you lessen the blows of your falls from grace It's you who I hurt the most for but for my sanity for my grace tears streaming down my face golden eyes of mine grown hazy in self preservation I must truly walk away (but I will always look back) (but I will always remember) your pain not in vain (I carry your banner into my own personal war) I walk I walk I walk away

in love I walk away.

Nov 24, 2008

Energy. I feel a feeling I define like warm cold chills (ENERGY) like rushing waves (ENERGY) I ask a question the flooding (ENERGY) replies it's presence (ENERGY) affirmation it's absence (ENERGY) a no it started during the Leonid meteor storm (ENERGY)

an answer from a falling star I feel (ENERGY) alien (ENERGY) earth (ENERGY) combined (ENERGY) when I'm in your presence (ENERGY) I choose silence as my cloak (ENERGY) destiny defined (ENERGY) or manifest (ENERGY) it's all in my life chart (ENERGY) love energy love.

Nov 24, 2008 Antimatter Matters Particle accelerator smashing matter all is matter it don't matter (protons) (neutrons) matter matter antimatter it don't matter do we matter I don't matter (protons) (neutrons) you don't matter do we matter we are matter antimatter souls don't matter (ages) (protons) science matters (electrons) (eons) does it matter (times not matter) antimatter matter matter (concepts matter) antimatter does it matter

show me truth truth isn't matter (are thoughts things) borders matter antimatter matter matter (big bang theory) mattered matter anti anti matter matter skies don't matter do they matter stars are matter I am matter you are matter spirit matters antimatter matters.

Nov 23, 2008 Randomish 1.0 I seek believe a breaking need a bending belief a planted seed grows into trees then forest is it a dream in god's head I dreamed a silence wrapped round my thorny crown warm womb of mother hot hand of father blazing sun undone we all come undone sometimes then we arrive at conclusions

don't take my pollution into your soul feel free to be yourself and then the story goes the shadows glow it's possible with a spotlight ya know illusion=reality reality=subjective maybe perhaps perhaps end or beginning it depends where your standing as for me I stand with self

Nov 20, 2008 Lies 5.0 The lie "There is more than one race of humans" the differences we wear are simply words, labels..our similarities are genetic, cellular, biological, emotional, undeniable, unchangeable, and universal... we are one people, one race, one tribe Nov 20, 2008 Lies 4.0 Santa Claus 'nuff said Nov 20, 2008 Lie 3.0 Mankind is instinctively violent and needs laws to curb their violent tendencies.

when was the last time you acted violently? Nov 20, 2008 Lie 2.0 Parents know best in actuality parents are fallible humans as well. Nov 20, 2008 Lie 1.0 Only a God can forgive us in actuality we must learn to forgive ourselves.

Nov 20, 2008

truth 11.0 Knowledge is a sword Wisdom is knowing when to sheath it. the remaining truths will as time permits be compiled in chap book form and if I can find an e-book distributor freely disbursed...printed versions tentatively will be available eventually as well. Nov 20, 2008 Truth 10.0 We are a created race but what gave the seed of inspiration for our creation? Truth 9.0 It's not the destination that's uncertain only when and how we CHOOSE to arrive.

Nov 20, 2008 Truth 8.0 There is nothing I would or would not do, given the required situation. Nov 19, 2008 Truth 7.0 Our afflictions are our greatest teachers. Nov 19, 2008 Truth 6.0 Lack of trust for other people springs from lack of trust in self. Nov 19, 2008 Truth 5.0 insanity makes one a prophet to the voices in their head.

Nov 19, 2008 Truth 4.0 ( A poets truth) some people have not taken the time to find there own inner voice... and as far as i can tell if you can't find your own voice you can't hear your soul speak. Nov 19, 2008 Truth 3.0 Physical perfection can lead to spiritual disability Physical disability can lead to spiritual perfection.

Nov 19, 2008 Truth 2.0 We are the division of the first fertilized cell of creation. Nov 15, 2008 truth 1.0 the past holds on firmly to the present but if you reach out to the future and hold tight to something solid the past can only follow or fall away.

Nov 15, 2008 for her this morning I awoke to find that always you were on my mind that the day had begun anew and that I missed you without you life shades to blue that my soul yearns to be with you hold you in my arms your already in my heart you've been there ever long rode away left behind my life isn't right without you by my side when I rode that bus home

I felt like I was all alone my soul yearns to be with you your arms around me feel like home I try to fill the emptiness forget the taste of our kiss our souls mingle in shared breath we share our most sacred dreams you gave me wings showed me a way true to course I walked away all the words that I could say can never paint this gray away your the girl I don't need to save In your eyes I see the rest of me in your voice I feel free you love paints the rest of me you don't know what you mean to me

I watched as the storm came in today above the lake the clouds danced gray made me see I'm born in a world I did not make when I fall and when I break you pick up the splintered shards of me dolphins swimming in a dream groove my chiseled silent figure your my loves great mystery you are my heart you are my dreams

Nov 14, 2008 song remains unsung It started silently watching the sunset over the forest one telepathic voice seeking sound birthing love soon joined another picking up where the first left off as the sun painted the sky with flame a poem unwritten a song still remained unsung the yearning to heal mankind and to dispel

the lies to unite our dreams in tangerine sky our muse descended at that moment and a billion voices joined free flowed together telepathic one ever long sunset poem mouths never opening circle ever widening in a tangerine Monet sky in a moment of awareness the choir of voices crossed the spaces and the times

culminating in a poem ever wide ever long telepathic lasting eons through each sunset every night crossing this universe as one children descended from the suns weaving inner words inner worlds with each other joined together filling the spaces with love's light and tonight I dreamed an angel saw her hand reaching to you

never doubt that someone hears you never doubt your gift is true

Nov 8, 2008 elemental Kindred souls joined lights and lives following pathways through the sky the moon upside down a sign of union a whispered voice there is no choice follow follow the spirit beckons come run the forest merge the stars hearts formed and forged pre-dawn of time aligned star children children of the sky light flickers between

the sheen of love descends cool wind whispers truths seeking only our reflection neath the Taurus stars three merge pyramid between the streetlights paint the night with light an opening an entering gathering among the ancient trees circling in time with the movements of season no reason to run only holding a chant rises wise ones descending

ancient souls unfolding wings to bring love to teach to heal unseal the 7 seals let awareness reveal feminine masculine divinity in form reborn in this world we are of the stars we are flame and majik in loves sanctuary we are warriors we are earth's essence round the fire we gather share stories mend hearts

speak majik spark love

Oct 28, 2008 ghost train ghost train holiday fingers gloved music ending two hearts collide in sacred night eyes of darkness shadow girl worlds unfold from her forehead birthing energy serenity divine divinity and earth shares her soul knowing a subscription to her crucifixion awaits

outside the buildings are carved of clay and foot bones glowing embers of the dragonfly and we ride the bus home traveling pack of nomads head full of sparks ignorance of the funeral coming earth our sister beaten and broken melting and chokin' hot house birdbath broken bleach bottles and sound she falls to rise flies skies and we thrust the thorns into her crown

will it come again she is with you on the winds the end is sound and all around discarded leaves smile child our sins will be televised live the end film at nine tonight on CNN

Oct 25, 2008 5.2 turning words voices replicating passion passing moments let me hold them mold them remembrance dancing thru sculptures brain encased pink neon light pulsing clicking kiss touch rush brushing hair in your bathroom strands

of DNA left to chart the voyage thru temple cathedrals round stone iron braces the faces morph in sleep vows to keep of belief discarded disbelief in love how come it begun ages past lifetimes gone your mouth is a glimpse on my lips of a song engulfing worlds

ingesting the sun let me inject it into you unfold our love in a creation of truth 5.2

Oct 24, 2008 5.0 Something happened a damn broke open spilled me out filled me up washed in crimson prism rain drops silhouette sun day stinging eyes with love how come it comes it comes I come into my own being centered revolving

unfolding myself like a Venus Fly Trap snapping up ideas drunk on visions intoxicating grasp hungry wanton curious expose me to you as I expose myself wealth comes in two shades green and one unnamed and I choose

to lose and let loose hold on and release tease me with your whipping post taste me on your lips...

Oct 24, 2008 4.0 it's like your walking in a dream surrealist scenes third eye face in gilded cage enslaved consciousness unfolding soul clicking machine lips kiss wiring diagrams tattooed on brain let me climb inside your sacred garden let me glide into your winter dream playing president on whatchamacallit wirrr woosh wind sound ground full of psychedelic flowers morphing arms our hearts beating in time to the tape decks synchronized

dub me baby script my head. whatcha thinking?

Oct 23, 2008 3.1 Awakening ancient connections impulses rushing floods of poet's lives fill my mind battle scarred triumphant in peace war like in love pen strikes papyrus old meets new south fuses north a siren ancient lake shore sings sonnets sculpts sand bells chime arriving at conclusions I once hurdled over

my heritage a serpent cross triple triangle you come untangled in my arms hearts join we radiate. evolve. Oct 23, 2008 3 At dawn I enter you eyes locked in lips closing over each others a sealing sacred breath shared trust forming wolds turning between us evaporating existence

only our consciousness joined in riddles of empty black a lifting minds fill with imagery of vast expanse our breath dances between us giving and taking quaking together as one

Oct 23, 2008 2 dark women transfixed with light innocent eyes devils smile child like giggle in a penis room set on steps sketch pad in hand across the land of nomads weary eyes round TV debating the cost of eggs and politics voyeuristic society watch our lips kiss giving staffs and chalice Wallgreens' Halloween costumes rooms of good energy like pools in darkness glowing concubine

told tales of spells of death and life twice in a dream she touched my heart eyes like peace voice like home her legs spread sanctuary my hand grasps hers raked finger nails secret parting gift in skull hoodie mysterious journey vagabond soul

Oct 23, 2008 1 Shared breath two sacred warriors battle scared and weather worn resting in the shade of Shiva naked and innocent bodies intertwined locked eyes shared yam and Java neon sabbath wars to wage of love and passion moments repose rose petal legs and soft skin fierce flame in breast beating street sounds

train howl midnight glow of harvest moon stone offering tarot spread queen of wands meets chariot 777 kissing in a sculpture garden can you dial it in from insect level step in painting glitter finger tips firing lessons dreams shared united inside eternal let me breathe you in

Oct 13, 2008 Sex = Rage Sex = rage merging waring bodies twisting hands and thighs colliding in passion and fire burning yearning learning curves and burning like a volcanic plume soon come resolution soon glides the moon in the sky between your thighs I find absolution bleeding before your bed post the ghost of lovers past last time in their arms

our hearts intertwined like your arms round my neck kneeling to pray at the altar of lust trust isn't something that I think about these days only rage resolved between her legs breathless exhausted absolved and free the demons silenced and we sleep

Oct 2, 2008 {hillbilly in me} A Poem I know this Forrest like a forever lover the people here are the kindest I've known Arkansas blood flows deep through my veins this place has been home been home for so long but here I see I'm running in circles that life is just simply passing me by I need to get going find out what is waiting find love and find truth build dreams in new skies wherever I go wherever I wander I'm carrying

your dreams within me your anvils have formed have forged my old heart into a steel flame that burns ever bright your people have taught me to love and to hate to make peace with myself and forgive I know I'm alive but here I'm not living I'm stuck in the mud of your old red clay roads don't shed a tear don't let your eyes cry I'll be with each one of you throughout all the years in my heart and my dreams in these Arkansas foothills forever my spirit forever my home I'm going, I'm going, I'm already gone but I carry

the spirit of these hills within me someday I'll come back one day I'll return but all I can say is I gotta live free I'm taking the man I am from the hills but by god I'm forever the hillbilly in me... eternally

September 29, 2008 TREE Twisted vines tangled in your branches swaying silently to the winter wind a friend when there is no others an elder your roots reaching down into the soil all around your leaves lay discarded from autumn past you stand solid changing yet unchanging a contradiction in nature each passing rain or drought counted in your rings reminding us comes soon renewal your branches held tree house and nest beneath you countless journeyers have sought rest and rebirth earth is your home and here I feel

I belong your wisdom in silent symphony brings reverie and peace a simplistic stoic wise one holding on to the ground reaching to the sun bending not breaking giving and taking in honest need from the faith of a seed to spring renewal rebirth reunion rejoin

September 29, 2008 Knowing As we look into a webcam lens we move between darkness and light outside the night sky shimmers in iridescent glow knowing is the hardest thing do you sing do you cry I dreamed of you once before are you more than you could have been without you I am hollow without you I am empty I long for the lips I've yet to kiss for the hand I've yet to hold these days it seems I'm growing cold and alone but tonight she reminded me your somewhere out there waiting for me our destiny

is a dream but sometimes dreamers awake and sometimes dreams come true

September 26, 2008 I spoke with a child............ I spoke with a child who spoke with a tree who spoke with a bird the bird told of flight tiny people below a raven he was married to a blue jay who's name was Marie in a nest they lived made of grass and sticks a silver quarter in the bottom because it was beautiful I spoke with a child and dreamed

September 20, 2008 ~Exploration~ I enter the room naked, (vulnerable) she arches her body cross the sheets angling her legs (keeping secrets) hidden as I stand before her my sex open and visible (never before) I move toward her (is this how it goes) my hand on her shoulder as I put my body into the bed her head rises toward mine my tongue snakes between her lips stroking back strands of hair from her eyes the sky outside our window (dark) and stars shimmering a meteor streaks what will it be like shooting my stars inside her (wondering) my sex growing hard

between my legs (pulsing) my hand finds her wetness as I touch her damp curling hairs innocent exploration as a giggle escapes (nervous) (curiosity) her face smiles a little my fingers inside finding ridges and curves exploring her body organic - electric- pulsing first time. heart pounds as my sex resonates the rhythm in her hands ( I never knew)

September 17, 2008 "I sing of my father" I sing of my father strong and stoic business suits and briefcase clamoring in the kitchen mornings a bustle of neckties and nononsense in the 80's you permed your hair (it was horrible) cartoons made you laugh do they have coffee in the ground cold and sipping espresso to warm you reading wall street journal following teetering markets (hands large and full of hope) on my shoulder reassuring, comforting gentle, swinging a belt across

my ass, as I fall to the floor. you would say "nothing worth doing is worth doing well" and now I do nothing fabulously (you sheltered my dreams) and listened to my hopes - you left for me the genetics of my receding hairline and taught me to embrace faith I'm glad your gone now I wish you were here I miss our conversations I miss your absence your briefcase and neckties outbursts of anger you never wanted children your smile erased my tears your strength helped me grow you use to say: "When you look down into my cold dead face you'll regret every harsh word you said to me."

you taught me to fish and be distant to love unconditionally to kiss ass effectively to close a deal (I have no regrets) and in the end cold coffee and neckties sunrises by the lake (belts still make me cringe) we were friends.

September 16, 2008 when i woke up I woke up this afternoon you and the sun both were already up busy into your days and I read your poem about coffee and canvasses bustling boys off to school and the moon. Sipping my cup of Colombian I imagined you across the table from me our free hands clasped cross the breakfast table starting mornings joined I thought of what I would say to you on a morning like this where the summer heat had faded

and crisp autumn arrived hands clasped over coffee and our morning ritual begun and I dreamed

September 16, 2008 baby cries - a poem 1) I see ten years gone by tiny baby in your arms heart a flaming silver pendant age etched upon your face motherhood flame once more 2) circle in the sand spiraling, spiraling as death follows birth and life without day never night no black no white all one 3) holy race beneath dead stars afar the circle turns burning passion 'neath all our skin

two eyes a mouth the same as you it's true we're one 4) New York hillbilly town go into streets we're one beneath our flame redneck, rap star, homeless children, bureaucrats mankind the time has come dream unity, dream peace 5) silence inner voice speaks echoes of unity are you Adam Eve their children so am I this garden truth I am

6) hunter or gatherer we all seek truth in lies gather around us the true ones protect for alone nights the light shines day we awake baby cries

September 15, 2008 Big little lie I don't know if there's a heaven you told me there was remember you said I needed to accept forgiveness but I knew first I must forgive myself for the time I told you that thing about those people but it was a lie and you drove in the darkness all the next night steaming and angry to get back here and all I wanted was to see you but your car broke down and it was raining and you got out to see what was wrong your new clothes drenched your hair a mess you've never changed a tire before but you managed and you got here at sunrise bursting through the door full of rage and joy

and compassion I never told you I made it up but it changed things it changed everything between us and then I knew you had to forgive me but I forgave myself instead and made peace with it as you were driving home the head lights pointing out onto the slick pavement the rain still coming down the radio cutting in and out as the exhaust pipes rattled you felt better rescuing me but I felt worse

September 15, 2008 spiritual insomnia Beautiful beings draped in light the night is filled with shadowy shapes the ground is covered with unseen dreams some of us creatures dwellers of the night lie awake listening to the sleepers' dreams watching the weavers spread sands of sleep in the spaces in between we learn and wait for the days when we will weave our own worlds in the endless cosmic cloth of sleep.

September 15, 2008 Zion

Zion they dance in the fields spiraling in endless circles calling down the moon naked and shimmering innocent and unashamed the sun a full revolution from the sky third eye chakra song romancing the falling stars, far away was civilized dawn Babylon forgotten as we tamed fire forest filled with flame and passion the here after a glimmer on our tongues

of a dream a gilded willow tree two paths snaking near it's branches a love making tantra I am a mantra an indigo aura surrounds sounds of a native girl feather of creation seed of eternity all in the mind's eye all in a buffalo's dream

September 11, 2008 After Exhaustion Are you the one passion in your eyes lightning in the sky glowing moonbeams the heat between our bodies wet and burning like an August southern night 'twining fingertips shimmering lips colliding in a ever-long kiss bliss comes only after exhaustion and the satisfaction in your smile matches the contentment in my eyes

September 11, 2008 Are you out there are you out there somewhere beneath the same blue sky eyes the shade of night to hold you would be to hold eternity you set me free without even a touch so much has changed but yet my dreams of the glow in your eyes the curve of your face the shimmering way you move remain the same but reality is I've never known you truth is I dream of holding you you are the muse that awakened me took a pawn and made a king a mystic queen a tantric dream I vow together we will be

if not on this side of life then in the end to rest again in your arms is to hold my heart to own my everything all and all it seems that you made me dream made me believe in eternity.

September 2, 2008 tell me I think your interesting tell me your story I want to hear the details I want to feel your passion love is eternal muses guiding riding chariots of time aligned and divinity defined by a guiding face with no name no shame nothing to explain the taming of a shrew the first winter kiss snow falling all around the ground coated with snow and glowing cold embers of a season past the first she swore eternal the last but time mends all broken things

fuses the shattered segments and respect is a new gift a whispered solace kiss of a muse a love I would choose never to let go its you whom I chose from now till tomorrow even if it never comes facing the changes that roll, waves that come beneath a cool exterior a facade of strength lies a dream and a child and a goddess and a queen

August 26, 2008 MERGE merge. fingertips lovingly imprint upon hungry flesh passion is as wet and hot as a southern summer night. thighs quiver.... and slowly open the pulse races...a quickening sense tunes in connects and entices‌ penetrates the mental and physical. breath catches a little. entering like a temple silent and reverent. theirs’ a union of forgotten things, a reminder of ancient dreams moving slowly languidly as one. they make their love with eyes wide open lips pressed together.....lost in each others eyes.

tongues… dancing… flicking… each others lips. she the water... he the ship. flowing... traveling... hips gyrating… the pace quickening all feeling... and motion… drunk on the potion of truth, love, and absolution. tossing and turning upon waves of emotion. drinking her in, she is his perfect sin. within her sanctuary the currents follow the contours of passion dipping in and out of her waterfalls. fingertips touching… tracing voyages of stars… she licks his lips and pulls him deeper inside her. a moan escapes

through clenched teeth. and he descends deeper and deeper into all that is her. climbing the rope of each others breaths he pulls life from her and replaces it with a little death. only to bring her back again... transcending bodies and space and time arriving... aligning… colliding as one… locked in a forever state of being lovers... no other even comes close, only she knows he burns like the embers of a nova sky. and cells from twin flames merge and become one. And they rise to face the rays of a newly risen sun… together…

September 11, 2008 BELIEVE I believe heaven is a lazy Saturday afternoon of love making I believe there is nothing i wouldn't do i believe there is nothing you wouldn't do given the required situation i believe a shot glass can hold a drop of nirvana I believe a coffee cup can hold an answer I believe I've been here before what else could deja vu imply I believe there is nothing when you die I believe there is everything when you die I believe i was never born it all depends on your perception at the critical moment of your last breath

I believe there is never death of spirit until you forget yourself as a child I believe a poem is worth a thousand pictures a words value depends on it's weight I believe nothing is useless i believe nothing is useful I believe you and i are one I believe I hate you I believe i love you I believe you are my teacher I believe you are my student I believe I can talk to the dead I believe the dead don't exist I believe in the sweetness of a first June kiss I believe in the taste of spring I believe in the scent of winter I believe in the devil

I believe in god I believe in tripping to the sun I believe the sun doesn't exist I believe we are eternal I believe we are light blue glows I believe I've seen past the illusion I believe in your pollution I believe in reality i believe its a shared delusion I believe I've always known you I believe I’ve never seen you I believe in all the truth I believe truth is a lie I believe in the gleam of a child's eye I believe you are wisdom I believe you are ignorant I believe i am too I believe in telepathy I believe in astral songs

I believe a poem starts at sunset I believe its never done I believe you'll always love me I believe I'll always love you I believe there is no reason I believe there is no truth I believe in the sunset I believe day never ends i believe it's always night I believe in second sight I believe I am blind I believe i am deaf i believe in the amazing beauty held in a treble clef I believe In my voices I believe in all your choices I believe In twin spirits I believe she is you I believe there is forever

in the sweet spot of a base ball bat I believe if you want to keep your thoughts in you must wear a plastic hat I believe I am insane I believe I'm completely clear I will disrupt your comfort zone till i see you disappear I believe it doesn't matter I believe nothing at all I believe i heard your voice when i heard my first phone call I believe I'm really old I believe i am a child I believe your just like me I believe your just like you I believe you know the answer before the question is ever asked I believe your first breath

is the soul mate of your last I believe I believe I believe in you.

Indigo - A poetry collection Poem 1 - Two Lost Souls Fire Lightning

Deep Inside Ignite My Mind My Satellite Inside Tonight I Light The Flame Of Memory You And Me Just Two Lost Souls Spiraling In The Midnight Sky I Wish I Might See You Again I Chase My Tail Within The Wind

Poem 2 - Muse Dark Eyes Reflection Cast A memory

A shadow Past Quickening The Skin Quivers Goose Bump Love A Million Light Years Gone You In My Arms Explosive Flame Untamed Wildness Salt And Pepper Hair The Small Of Your Back Silk and Sawdust Straw And Glass A Breaking Bending Sending Love Sparks Throughout The Galaxies I Need To Find You

Poem 3 - Gathering A distant muse whispers from

another star hearts and flame explode and love ignites the cosmic eye joining our minds universal consciousness alien lust telepathic love a race of man walks the land awake inside tonight remind our voice in temple mounds shrouding stars call us to the gathering of races

Poem 4 - (Silent Rapture) In silence rapture found universal entity star coven child unborn no more devoid of consciousness dressed sky with stars my heart to you cross several skies high race a taste divine in minds silence you rapture quiet worlds unfold mysterious girl a hand in the mirror a crest in the forehead

Poem 5 - (Veils Of Disbelief) My room filled with light last night, a thousand voices calling out a gathering of the worlds in cosmic night, endless worlds, starlight descending I breathe you in, a flame dancing on your tongue man and woman our voice is strangely silent in the halls of the universe, awake and make your way thru veils of disbelief.

Poem 6 - (Mercury's Daughter ) ancient girl alien world triple sun red sky mercury's daughter gossamer gown black lace, ivory skin within sanctuary wind calls your name in earthly caverns an etching in ice two hearts intertwined far off sacred stars lost in the fabric of Mobius' time lines etched in cold stone and bone

love of a being with no name wildness adorned adored mortally freedom never a choice destine, destiny. Poem 7 - (Schizophrenic Lullaby) unite my mind with others of our tribe cowl draped babe and winter kissed in ancient holy worlds we walk with telepathic speech calling your name within the mental temple mounds holding hands with demons and saints

angelic prophecy of peace, of peace our souls great need a seed of future worlds unfold unspoken words in envelopes of silence fill the air holy sacrament of internal truth becomes eternal. Poem 8 - (The Last First ) Embrace evolution telepathic worlds unfold in waking dreams screaming saints medicated in

death halls the calling awakens ancient civilizations holy child as yet unborn clear mind our own space our own time take your place in cosmic depth wet wind howls on empty paths the last first once again Poem 9 - (Star Scribe) In silent worlds

unfold your wings dream wake unhidden things within darkness light know your not alone tonight feel alive star scribes write the world within your mind your name already written on my soul Silhouetted shadows grow but your the light inside the dark your the flame that starts a spark a voice calls from outer space ancient muse, another race taste eternal waters flow deep abiding in your soul tonight.


Poem 10 - (the story of trees)

the trees are ancients of earthly tribes watching as the worlds collide with there telepathic eyes joining mind with hawks flight try and try with all there might alone can't set it right release prisoners of the mind from a seed grows the vine Dionysus and the wine all the prophets sleep tonight locked away deep inside ages past now's the time endless season eternal mind.


Poem 11 (Runaway)

In silence she shivers crouched beneath the cold concrete columns of an interstate forty overpass longing for the last time she said goodbye but as she closes her eyes she feels the love she felt back then it warms her in the bitter wind a star streaks 'cross her vision's path and at last she feels like going home.

Poem 12 (Poetess) She looks into the midnight sky asking questions in her mind a falling star signals a yes more often the lack of one signals a no the snow falling for her, a cardinal sign of rebirth, a spirit mind Venus in white hides the earth and here she knows to just let go A winter child born of ice within her breast creations flame born here from another time flying 'cross the astral plains seeker of signs of future times wanderer of the great divide in her my dreams glow crystal white and I reside by her side

sleeping gently by her side. Poem 13 (Collide) sun rising in the east I hear you coming coming beast wild eyes passion sighs you come making love to me soul on fire, legs intertwined you guide me deep inside I feel you around me your presence surrounds me the wildness of the beast my heart beats aflame completely untamed my senses reeling no body all feeling I glide deep into you sweet flesh and sinew light fills my mind

as passion ignites as I collide into you Poem 14 (Speaking in Tongues) Passion's flame flickering on my tongue I place the flame inside you making love in foreign languages ancient movements speaking volumes in silence surrounding light shapes our shadows on the walls speaking in tongues love's own vocabulary 'cross time and space, your face chiseled in my memory sweetly, deeply, orgasmically, and all is how it's meant to be yours and mine fate intertwined, in this cloth called destiny...

Poem 15 (Awakening) Waves of love pervade the regions of inner and of outer space erasing taints the races placed on mother cosmic goddess' face Freely speaking ancient wisdom from drums of antiquity the universal child has smiled in revolutions reverie illuminating lightning flashes searching for an open mind and love's language flows so sweetly in the oceans of my mind tonight united with another from loves other universe astral chords connect star-children with the purpose of our birth

Poem 16 - LOST Poem 17 (other side calling) Even if you listen and hear nothing is it not an answer perhaps you chose rebirth and your soul mate did not choosing instead to guide and you forgot your telepathic strand closed off but repairable Silence. the phone is ringing in your ear hello it's the other side recall. remember. don't leave the answering machine

to screen your calls Participate. Wait. it will unfold before your eyes like a lotus in bloom.


Poem 18 (Revealed)

The words I scribe not mine forgotten remnants of other times flowing from the well of the other side be weary be forward thinking lest the worlds collide

ignition of magnetic spheres collaboration of the stars how far have we come a drum beat tells it all and in this personal revelation I feel small

Poem 19 (Evolution from Design) with starry eyes I gaze above what will be I ask for a sign written in souls divine let go of self fulfilling prophecies forgiving needs of our fear flowing words of souls bent winds of change

caressing weary poet scribing of another place a potential future time knowingness my soul in balm many things must happen some atrocious some Divine but love comes when least anticipated evolution comes from design Poem 20 (I spoke with trees) I spoke with a tree one time she asked me to sleep in her

for a season so I did I tried to wake her in winter but she chose to remain silent and I learned the beauty of silence In spring she told me her story and asked me to retell it I vowed to her I would but I was young and soon forgot and I learned the beauty of forgetfulness

Poem 21 (Align. Arrive.) There's only one path and it's always the right one

just some seem easier to tread It's not the destination that is uncertain only when and how we chose to arrive And tonight I arrive. Align alive inside 2 by my side cosmically telepathically I align. Poem 22 (Fox Fire) Fox fire your my desire light of my life birth of my fire sacred muse take me higher Seven, Seven, Seven Twenty-one three three the essence of everything Cosmic muse and earthly companion

both sunshine's of my suns What's begun here has no end my lover forever friend Two paths end as one begins

Poem 23 Sacred child You carve the worlds With majik swords Your eyes, transfixed with light, consume The winter sky Higher & higher you fly And tonight I'm by your side Riding with you through all of time Uniting our kind With life sublime

Poem 24 I open my third eye become a pool of translucent light music fills the astral space abyssal snake awakes inside tonight life and death conjoined my wings unfold reborn in starry night a light of distant races trace the rays of our sun coming home in a spinning wheel I feel electrified lightning breaks the winter sky and takes my breath away

Poem 25 (Garden of Eve) In the garden of eve, a seed planted the genesis serpent a phallic symbol she takes of his fruit of knowledge betraying a barren Adam for the future of mankind the serpent of another man twined between her thighs the God of the possessiveness of men would condemn her as a whore but no more a question I pose if Adam had Viagra would the serpent have the need to plant his seed of good and evil within the sacred garden of Eve

Poem 26 (birth of a new soul) Diving deep into The primordial pool A spark of light Chasing a flake of shadow A failed universe Imploding embryo Copulating calamity Instigating a new being Initiating a new race Formed & Forged from Shadow and light Two worlds dieing Colliding into one A newborn star Circling a new black hole Exploding as one Birth of a new soul And a reformed universe unfolds Like the wings of a hawk

Poem 27 (Girlgasm) Ascending on the rope of each others exhalations a gasping a little death all chakras open to one another our bodies dissolving time disappearing spirits combining in the spaces between space nearing divinity pace quickening animalistic senses quivering spiritual awakening as her girlgasms quake me back to the perceived reality of the moment in her eyes.

Poem 28 His mother said a miracle He ever walked at all. So he climbed into the sky The mountains seemed to small, Tumbling in darkest night It's there he took a fall, For a winged Venus' child Cloaked in love and light. She touched him on the forehead And opened his third eye, The visions came like crimson rain Flooding out his sight. A telepathic world unfolded On a weary night.

A wintered mind. A withered hand. A world of sticks and sand, A manhole opened 'neath his feet Wormhole to cobble stones. A skeleton's finger bone. Holding on to his still beating heart And in that moment he awoke To hold a shooting star, He looked at it, it shimmered And he placed it on his tongue. It tasted like marmalade infused with grains of salt. Then the angel spoke And said, "that god was lost, He took a left on market street He shood-a-took-a -right". And when I looked into his eyes They were transfixed with light.

And on an Easter Sunday morn' The stars were blackened out. A howling on the early eve A slam, a slant. A shout. And still he couldn't tell me What it was all about. Then he said, "fuck it all, goodnight my friend, I'm out.". Poem 29 (Indigo) Indigo walked thru the slanted mirror of birth arriving with awareness in her palm awakening a psalm uncomfortable in her skin

alien vibrations a planet shifting a race in flux magnetic renderings bending air, and earth, and water, and flame Avatar unnamed an unkind world unthankful for her sacrifice a blessing, a star falls unseen tonight a light to guide an indigo child out of the wild into the heart of the rebirth of mother earth Poem 30 (star children) they came

unseen from sabbath dreams rendering belief unhidden things on wings of whispers revealed diverse as they are star children indigo glowing souls as ancient as sky sage speech new age heralds healers of a coming time what will we know what's yet to find in the canvasses of their lives in their eyes

Poem 31 (inside) Inside you A blazing Seekers flame Untamable Unnamable Unstable elements Igniting passions Last time in your arms Eons gone by The sky ablaze With stars You in my arms My heart Explode with me Shine within This temple Found

Never letting go A soul Joining Two As 1 I the moon You the sun Spiraling In a cosmic Dance Poem 32 (Woven) sanity escapes me As I trace the rays Of the sun to the seven seas Singing lights of freedom's release Enraged and caged by disbelief Wars must cease and we need

Pleasure to please the trees The moon swoons the sky High on brown beans and rice And the Jesus of love denied thrice By lecherous priest in sheep’s guise The wise women of now Birth indigo glowing children of light Who will usher in kindred ship With the twin spheres, day and night And what's wrong, what's right United fallacies bring Street beats to our turn tables A future generations Bedtime fables And they say Kain killed Able Over maple syrup at eve's breakfast table But we will be reborn of Luminescent children freeing our souls To undergo feelings of an empathic earth

mother empathic Sky father farther down the spiral We spin as society steeps itself on Folgers and morning piety The deity of relief aids in A slaves salvation grace tracing Tear and gumdrops auras and gunshots seven deep seas spill sonic waves From the graves of Hiroshima trailers polluted Placed in our hands by FEMA The city beneath will rise On mid-day tides, adults Pushing drugs to children riding trikes And we will once again have wings And take to the sky Led by the hand of indigo children

Filled with light...... ___________________________________

I watched as the Berlin wall fell East and West finally combined And I knew what Lennon meant when he penned the line "Nothings Gonna Change My World" I watched as the Challenger Fell from the sky A nation in mourning tears in every eye And I knew what Lennon meant when he penned the line "Nothings Gonna Change My World" I watched as Dessert Storm began Played out live on CNN Murder in war not a sin Mothers forced to explain to the children And I knew what Lennon meant when he penned the line "Nothings Gonna Change My World"

I watched as Columbia Exploded on T.V. Wondering if we learn from our mistakes In this land where freedom sings A nation in mourning, tears again in every eye And I knew what Lennon meant when he penned the line "Nothings Gonna Change My World" I watched as the twin towers fell East and West finally collide For retribution our great nation Left many more yet to die School buildings bombed, collateral damage Murder in war not a sin told to the children once again And I knew what Lennon meant when he penned the line

"Nothings Gonna Change My World" Today we hear but will we listen As NASA beams the message 430 light years away will we become the human race as one In a time that's gone astray 450 years to go till it meets the northern star By that time will our race embrace The message with open minds and open hearts And I "hoped� what Lennon truly meant when he penned the line "Nothings Gonna Change My World"

Feb 3, 2008 Gathering Stones Gathering stones together stacked one on the other a wilderness street sign turn here into the woods deep within a tribe gathering to pray, meditate, and wait for peace a celebration of nature fireflies dance in the summer heat neath the starlight do you see where we're going can you feel it inside a wind carrying messages to define a wind carrying messages to align

Jan 17, 2008 I found sorrow in the night I found sorrow in the night alone no hand to hold I found sorrow in the night never letting go I found sorrow in the night her tear drops matching mine I found sorrow in the night waiting for our time I found sorrow in the night cross the expanse of sky I found sorrow in the night a mingling of hers and mine I found sorrow in the night

and I reach my hand to her I found sorrow in the night and I'll love sorrow evermore

Jan 17, 2008 Telepathically I hear your heart beating with mine telepathically we vibe in an absence of time sublime this mental kiss this ecstasy of a dream warrior spirit queen although unseen I am a kingly sort of broken soul flowing waters combine into one two tributaries neath a southern sun whats begun is eternal my invisible muse choosing only your hand for mine our time is now and somehow we will be together whether only in our minds ecstasy's freedom makes mad men free and of you only you I dream together neath the barren

limbs of a Bodhi Tree by the stream fully conscious of you my muse eternally

Jan 17, 2008 Exposed I've chosen to expose myself seemingly the most obvious way to find you some would call it lunacy literary suicide to admit to a love affair with a voice in my mind but I've lain beneath countless cold stars telepathically poetizing with you you captured my heart as I wielded my pen without even a kiss, or a touch, it was bliss day dreaming night dreaming with you my companion I swore I would find you if not in this life to the ends of the stars I would wait you kindly led me through places in my soul to where my past heart breaks festered but they were nothing compared to your

absence insisting I write each pain each tear immortalized left me more in love with you I eternally your poet Love forever to you my muse

MUSE I hear her in my mind this angel ageless voice whispering words of reassurance when i am broken it is her who picks up the scattered pieces of me and stitches them back together again Once I saw her face in trance golden hair falling around her innocent eyes I long for her touch she is my sanctuary I search for her in the eyes of every stranger I encounter this elusive presence known only to me as MUSE

Jan 9, 2008 Twice we moved into the seams of endless time If in a bottle each kiss I've blown to you U could catch if 'neath each falling star Our minds unite if twin we twine Each other to our side Then what greater than love divine You and I woven within this fabric Of space and time And each tick opens another tock To close the Mobius of love eternal A brief candle elemental flame Unblemished by water and the messages hidden therein There is where we begin Atlantis and Lemuria in that moment rose

Then in a frozen bloom It is there I have seen you And truly no other would feel this The way I feel you

Nov 19, 2007 forked tongue Why can't you say what you mean Words slide from your poisonous lips A chill up my spine tells me You can't speak without a forked tongue Honesty is barren in you No one seems to pass your un-approving glance Ugly inside Desperate to make a point Of non compliance Secrets in your closet Step fathers and parents Step mothers and saints Where did you go Once a serpent always a snake Two dragons rearing there darkened heads No one sees past the mask you think

But we do Your ghastly image is visible to those who would look And I don't care Love only comes once To your door To be shunned and your withered hand Insults me because its made of twisted steel Like your twisted mind And your twisted soul Damn and I was going to Smile today Before you Came into it

Mar 29, 2007 Natural Echo - a short collection Starlight nebula, the forest sings the silence of a long lost lovethe dark my heart midnight my love you surround me my quiet bride, my lover night.

The sky tonight: tapestry of light, gentle beings, lost cosmos,

guide us with love. Astral chord play a sonnet in rhythm, a song. My lover is the blue starlight, a blushing bride. Dawn is so far away, all is now, the silken night. Blue is the color of the cosmic god. A solitary paththrough starlit painted trees, and at its' end a pond bathed in moonlight. The stars reflection in its' depths. A fluid mirror, ripple, ripple.

Summer eve silence so profound. A sound in the night, cool night, of peace, of peace, our souls great need. I feel divinity feel the divine so I breathe a question to her. Can I stay a child in mothers arms? The night replies, you were always innocent. On a plain of astral love all is incandescent starlight. Somewhere you will dream with the world, all will be right. Whose hand holds our chords, while we travel cosmic night? Who paints these scenes while

we dream? Only love‌ A goddess walks the world while we sleep, spreading dreams beneath the seams of night. Some far off place, we call a star, guides our lives, renews our hearts while sleep comes down like cosmic rain.

In the night we find our souls. I know this, I knowthis I know.

The light of astral stars has fallen to earth.

We walk on stardust; are warmed by stardust; we breathe stardust. We are stardust.

A flower opens to moonlight deep in the woods, where no one goes. She sings, though we do not hear. Oh gentle god, bless this place. The cosmic circle is turning. Let us turn to the light of love. Let us open our hearts to moonlight, and speed the light.

Tonight a star will guide a dreamer home from a far-off shore of long ago.

Beauty in the eye

Of light shows in the sky. The brilliant blue of, Shadow box clouds glow, like a lamp shade of Luminescent white. Perhaps the clouds are unborn dreams un-thought thoughts waiting for birth in the sky so I join the clouds with my mind, I cast up my eyes I see a river of peace I'm a sailboat pulled by the breeze. Beyond the waters lay a face of the goddess asleep she too dreams. The sketches in the clouds drawing my life, the music in the night singing my mind, with a sketch with a song of the voice of the night of the almighty eye of the blue cosmic god. Old oak lend me strength from your flowing

earth energy, from your antiquity. So many generations you've stood here in this forest town, and I wonder how many poets have laid here beneath your out stretched arms being welcomed home by your ancient soul, I'm home. The clouds, magnificent whispers of god on blue washed canvass. Sun light gently glinting off the ridges of the cumulus nimbus, like lost cities rising high above our heads. No wonder ancients dreamed the angels lying on the cirrus pillows. Aww if I could fly! Rise high above the modern world, on wings of inner peace. Perch upon your sacred slopes, no more a man, only a

cloud wisp soul. No more to roam, home on the banks of the clouds.

Ancient man prophesied, a new Jerusalem in the sky; after all the hate and rage had died. I wonder, that dreamer, had he cast quiet eyes to a dreamers sky, seen the hills and the valleys painted by the sun, seen and believed in a skyward home? For sitting upon this moss covered hill, eyes cast to the sky, I almost believe in his dream. On dreamers wings we fly, leaving darkened life behind. Can you find my hand in this? Can you find my lips to kiss? This is a dreamer's day. Like always

Cirrus nimbus, mother of pearl, where it kisses the earth, like a dog wood bloom opening it's stamen for the pollen of the goddess.

Gentle mother, goddess earth, rebirth of love has come once more. An hour glass has time engulfed. And time when measured not by rings counted on a fallen tree, is mans invention. let's look again and see the wind. Only then

will man truly be free. Chase the wind, glide through starlight. Breathe the change of mankind. Ride the season train and remove the inner cloak of self. Be naked within free as the wind. Here we are all innocent

One blade of grass does not a pasture make, one flower not a spring garden, one tree not a forest, nor one drop of rain a rushing river. But one voice raised high can build an empire. One spark can blaze a fire. One hand can lift us from enslavement.

There is a shaded copse in summer, deep seclusion, no light touching wooded floor. high above is a canopy of fertile green. There a vagabond can find shelter. There a way ward child can find majik. There a weary soul can take his rest. There I find the goddess. Children chasing dreams, while love is blossoming like wild cherries, hide their souls far away from home, alone together. Web work dreams, a paper clock tolls the hours. 1…2…3… Some dream weaver

paints a dawn upon the eyelids of the God. And we awaken to rebirth. A dreamer weaves his words with majik gleamed from starlight alpha-sol. Can we break these binding chains and fly once more before the pathway closes? A dream – is a dream – is a dream – is a dream A star falls tonight, it's last light embracing

the earth. And we are blessed by the mother of our tribe. Loved, beloved, we come to dance on Sabbath dreams on sacred mounds. Here we are ancient, here we are newborn! Civilized mind, took from us the dream weaving tapestry of shamanistic life. Alpha omega, the earth eternal, spinning circles in cosmic sand. Tree of life

we climb your heights, to look upon the earth below. There we find our hearts again. There our souls are sacred winds. A water pool upon laid stones never empties, never dies. Our life's reflection in it's tides. A forest found, upon a hill, rocky soil, makes stable ground, shelters dreams.

There a civilization rose and fell. The story though untold, unfolds our soul, like wings of a hawk. Mounded soil, rocky perch upon the mossy hill, a jutting stone with valleys below, a place in dreams where angels tread. A million stars, uncounted galaxies, universe upon universe, eternal yet brief, for time is no more. A nebulous corona of light, and unending

are the dreams, and undying are the lights upon the face, of eternal love. Astral being! runic lore! tomorrow comes a sabat dream. And when we die, do we cry or unite with Gaia in our mothers eternal embrace? Ride the waves of astral currents. To guide a light home is a gift. Points of light, a million strong,

maybe a billion in these skies alone. My soul though not alone, My soul is home. Goddess breath, the sacred wind, cooling passions fanning flames. Summer breeze refreshing the soul, carrying clouds across august skies. Tonight comes a new breeze, a new night, weaving our majik through myriad dreams. Starlit mountain trail

winding thru the garden veil, twisting round we tour these sacred groves. In the distance a whippoorwill gently calls out. Stand silent as night wraps her sacred arms around your soul. Hear the Forrest calling out to us, reminding us we are all children. We are all a blink in the eye of the goddess, a smile on the lips of eternity. As we dream our minds awaken to our soul. Beneath the edge of sleep a dream weaves kindred souls together. As we sleep the world becomes a tribe. I journey to a place of souls as knaves fall quiet in the

kingdom of sleep. To dream a dream on wisps of clouds, where no one knows what breeze soul has flown on. Sacred breath of goddess, or God is summer winds beneath my head. Ahead in dreams the mountain streams run pure and cool. I'll meet you there to take my rest and renew our dreams of innocence. We gather as of ancient times, beneath the stars on summer eves deep in a forest that's old as time itself as night wraps its' arms around our souls. The light of stars touches the ground in circles. The clouds today appear a ladder I climb to reach the sky. In the sky the moon is a half circle, the season half past, half yet to come. All circles round, the old new, the past

present. The seed of a tree becomes the sapling of 'morrow, and in turn will become the earth. It's all a circle dance of seasons turning, turning, turning. Arise! Arise! the sun has come to kiss away the misty dew. It's light to guide our sleepy eyes, along the trails, across moss hill. It's eye to see the bird above, chasing clouds across blue sky. Does it cry, sweet Araven, on shores across the cosmic sky? Does it heal a broken heart, to rest within his fathers arms? Father Sun, our patriarch, you've chased away the night. I open my arms, my eyes, my heart and enter the light.

Cliffs along the winding river, dwellers painted in your caves. From heights the eagles perched and fished. So long these heights stand, weary long. The lazy river in your arms an embrace as old as time. Collective dream, our tribe has come, from forest trails from valley floors, from mountain peaks from water shores, we sleep a sleep of vagabonds, we weep a tear as we were one. The sun chased fox and deer and fowl across the regions of the snow, to bring our light, our song, our love, to lay my soul upon your door. Kind cosmic

rain, king serpent star, you've watched for dawn so long. Will you breathe your mothers breath? Will you dream your fathers heart, before we lose the way, before the forest forgets her song. Needle carpet, summer shade, mossy stones, ancient trees, a fawns soft bed, a marriage of the Boreas, a doe's first embrace, a trail of earth winding thru pines, stray my friend from beaten paths. Walk through thickets where nothing treads but moonlight. Eye of majik, eve of light, a dreamers sky in starry lore, a owl, a hawk, a nightingale, a whippoorwill cries to her love. A chirp - chir - chirp in star-kissed

night, a cool embrace of satin wind. Come friend with me to find the night. It's arms are open in the woods! Mar 29, 2007 Raven- a short love stoy RAVEN I lay here mourning the dreams that would not come, the sleep that would not come. I couldn't stop thinking of her, of that night. I was driving myself slowly insane thinking we could never, would never be together again. But I'm getting ahead of myself, and I know you think this is madness. Think this is crazy talk so I'll tell you our story, the story of my Raven sweet Raven and from that you can judge. I had heard her whispers her calls for years usually in the dreams that would come before dawn. To say I heard them is not

enough. It's not enough for you to truly understand. It was as if I heard the echoes of her soul. Heard the song of her heart. I knew her though we had never met. I felt her pain, her joy, sometimes ever so faintly, just a gentle stirring. While other times it felt like a tremendous flood overwhelming me. I loved her as a child loves his mother, as a madman loves the moon. She was everything to me. She was the reason I breathed. I spent months roaming the cities going into the clubs where shadows spread over the tables like a web spun by some enchanted spider. I searched the street gazing deep into every eye I met. Hoping against hope that I would find her. I lived for the dreams where I could hear her voice feel her close to me. I needed her as I need the air I breathe, as the day needs the cool of night. I told her one night in my dreams that if only I could hold her for one night I could

live and die with that one embrace lasting a lifetime. Than it happened, as silently as the stars shimmering in the night I heard her call my name. "My love, my sweetest love" she said, "come to me, come". I awoke. The night was still. No noise infiltrated the walls of my tiny bedroom. But I could feel her soul, feel the excitement in her heart, but what was that beneath the joy, the excitement? It seemed like sadness. I looked out my window into the dark night and as my eyes moved across the lush rolling hills, past the pond where tiny frogs called their night whispers out to their mates. My eyes fell upon the small cemetery nestled amongst the oaks and willows. The shadows seemed less dark within its gates tonight. And what was that? It seemed an iridescent silver light was slowly growing in that sacred place. I was puzzled and frightened. Then her voice came again.

"Don't be afraid." She reassured me. Then she spoke the simple words, "Come my love. Come to the cemetery I'm waiting for you here." I headed out into the chilling night. I walked down the old country lane. The scrunch of stones and dirt beneath my feet was my only companion. I could feel her stronger than ever. I could feel that flood deep within my soul. She was drawing me to her. Hurrying me on down that old road. I was overjoyed, exhilarated, scared, and nervous all at the same time. My emotions were overflowing. Tears of joy glistened softly in my eyes. At last I had found her. At last she had found me. I felt all these tumultuous emotions within her too. As I passed through the cemetery gates I saw her, just as I had always dreamed. She wore a long flowing white gown, her golden hair spilling over her shoulders like moonlight. She had innocent eyes, the eyes

of a child, but blazing within those eyes was a flame, a burning fire. I rushed towards her as she rushed towards me. We slowly fell into each others arms and I felt as if I was flying, far above the worries of the past. I was weeping and repeating I found you, I found you! Together her hand in mine we walked through the tombstones to a small willow tree nestled deep in this field of discarded heroes, forgotten dreams. We rested there beneath its quiet branches. She told me her name was Raven. That she had been with me as I had been with her my entire life. We had shared our greatest dreams and our most haunting fears. We knew each other as no one else knew us. I could feel the truth of this deep within my soul and again the flood of emotion. We talked for hours about our lives, our loves, our joys, and our pains. Then when no secret was left unspoken an hour or so before dawn she said.

"My love this night is all we have all we'll ever have. For you see I passed away the year you were born, the moment you were born. My very last breath was your very first. We are twin souls separated by time and death, but we've been given this moment, this place in time to be together." Tears flowed fast from her eyes as she spoke these words. I was weeping as a child thick in it's scolding. My heart was breaking a thousand times over. Just then the first whispers of light began to paint the sky. She turned to me and said, "Now my love, my sweet I must go". And she fell into my arms for a brief moment. She pressed her lips to mine. Again I felt the flying the soaring, and I felt nothing but love, knew nothing but this moment this embrace. My eyes were closed and when I could finally open them I found she was gone. I found her forever lost to me.

Now my dear people my sweet judge and jury of the passions of mans heart judge me judge me. Would you as I have mourn the passage of night? Would you long for as I do the dreams of yesterday? Would you be able to forget this bitter sweet pain? And would you as I do pray to whatever God will listen that someday someway I'll again be within my sweet Raven's arms?

Mar 29, 2007 Illusions of rain Soft trickles of rain caress barren earth washing away the gray of the sky whispering softly rebirth to the earth as in the distance mountains merge with clouds the haze so thick with unspoken words filled with silence and nothing was important nothing but the satin feeling of the rain sweet illusions of softness the cold wet of the sky I cried to myself it's not fair to feel so in love so in touch with the flow of the soul of the storm but in the downpour my heart was reborn

Mar 29, 2007 Tom's Poem As you journey on my friend Take my love with you For your in my heart always Love eternal true As you go please know my souls With you in every dawn You walked these roads awhile with me But now you must walk on You walked these roads nothing but free Singing your own song As you journey I will wait to come to you someday And as I walk I'll stop each night along the path to pray And I'll sing your song of free As I journey on Knowing that your still with me

Our memories go on As you journey to that home Know your not alone For my love accompanies you as you journey on And someday we'll walk again In that eternal home You walked these roads nothing but free Singing your own song Singing freedoms song

Mar 29, 2007 innocent unbridled oblivion unbroken heart melody of peace sing to me tonight of light and shadow of soul and heart and we begin here we start now and somehow there is no end none in sight step into the light of my love and run to me as I to you let me be free let me dream and to sing with you is like twin eagles

floating flying soaring sailing nothing at all if not free take my hand tonight for you are my love come quench these flames tame this heart for you begin where I end and it's coming full circle again the song of today remains and plays of forgotten yesterdays and glimpsed tomorrows so borrow your glow from my heart from my soul and let my words come to you in innocence

Mar 29, 2007 {1} You say you love me I think I might feel the same whats in a word other than a naming anyway but now that you've come death is close by the raven came last night and foretold it he perched upon my windowsill so monarchly so silent still the wings of black will come to enfold you this is true so what do I do I ask will this night be our last will I never hear your voice again every night I cry every night you die just a little

for I can't hold you in my heart for eternity or can I? {2} She came to me whispering a dream a scene flashes by of stars in the sky of tears in the eyes of night cries of passion of passionate eyes but I lie to myself saying I don't feel this love now you've come soon you'll go will I ever be whole without you will I ever be me once again you're my friend my lover my souls sister, hearts mother yes It's incestuous

to love the other half of your soul {3} Crashing waves no one comes as the grave has come for one you're my lover this is right soon your passage into night will come will come but fight but run the cold of dirt the blanket earth can never hold you as I do it's true you never knew I loved you like this except once in a kiss but rage at the cage the wooden box the stars of clay the ending days fight the night

with light live life tonight I cry your breaking tonight my heart your taking to your grave {4} A sweet love once came to me across the bounds of earth and sea to touch my heart to set me free then she fell away from me she went away to some dark place where I can never see her face to taste the future dreams of death a demon took away her breath a dark demon took her breath and when will I be on that shore it is now or nevermore

or or nevermore she came in robes to touch the sky these salty tears rage in my eyes and tonight I will wait for dreams of you tonight I will feel the truth of your passage of your love so come my sweet my cryptic queen come to me in silent dreams upon the castle by the sea the sea {5} can our love cross the divide of light and dark of death and life your cries in my ears

your tears on my shoulder now I'm here but a little bit older a little bit wiser then once before your feet seem to creak upon the floor every sound leads me to dreams of you so when the end comes when we can no longer run will you find your way back to our home will your heart and soul come back to our home or will I be alone in the night wishing I would have gone into the night with you {6} your bags are packed your going away nothing comes to steal this pain

from my eyes that seems so plain so filled with tears so tinted with pain you'll come to me on the wings of dreams someday from places of the grave you lay in tombs of long lost sleep I'll keep your face within my dreams tonight I cried when you told me the news the end of days gave you my rune to carry with you to your tomb now the time has come to leave you let me now stop and kiss you tell you that I love you still the place you've gone will song remembered

bring you back from that December to touch my love once more in dreams before I meet you on those seas of death {7} you've gone to tomorrow with places of shadows no ring on your hand to land you on slopes of souls wandering these dark ages I turn pages of my mind to find a memory of when we lied upon a blanket touching and holding the secrets of sorrow to borrow a moment with you like a dawn a song a burrowed psalm though I die don't cry for my eyes in blue

and my youth is forgotten tonight {8} I hold you tonight neath the light of the pail moon so soon you'll be gone forgotten by most your tears on my shoulder I feel so much older and bolder yes bolder then I was before I know now I love you I know now I need you but your days are numbered like sands in my palm time ticking away light turning to gray

in your eyes I see night of a long wasted day the pain in your life the strife in your eyes now I cry tho you lie so far beneath the pain and the strain of everyday life your one with the majik of the serenade night of the sweet serpentine serenade life I'll never forget your eyes your eyes {9} you came to me to be my queen in this kingdom by the sea my dream my dream of time together

starlit weather now I hear my dear your gone no longer singing I mourn your song your song you went away into the gray rebirth is coming for you repose is your robe you've chosen go to the light tonight my love I'll come in the morrow tomorrow tomorrow {10} oh death I fear you not for your just a journey a door to life of united light I cry tho I sting I break tho I sing what rings you around is sound of laughter

of children rebirth this earth is a school a proving ground the sound of laughter laughter so go into the night weaving tapestries of life and light uniting with love lost lost found the ground won't hold you souls do defy gravity and sing bring me a dream of you a song of truth please you are my need my peace I will grieve tho rejoice I will sing though emptier

till you fill me with rebirth till I journey once more with you through this earth and afterlife tonight I light My mind to find a peace of life sigh ___________________________________ _________________________

Mar 29, 2007 Just Another Story Darkened night the only light was the sliver of silver moonlight filtering through the gray clouds. Somewhere in the distance a bell begins tolling the hour 9…10…11… counting it's way to the witching hour the most sacred of hours. The time when we come out when we dare begin our nightly ritual of seduction and blood. I walked down the slick wet pavement of a back street alley hoping to find a bum or a prostitute to easily draw in and end this raging blood lust within my soul. Then in the empty darkness I sensed something wild untamed something powerful and seductive. Fear struck me like a lead pipe swung by a strong man. I was frozen in the grip of this fierce need this ardent desire this debilitating fear. Confusion? Yes I was

confused I had never felt in the least intimidated by anything before anything mortal anyway, but this was nothing mortal. Some how I felt drawn to follow the alley spiraling closer and closer to my destiny my sweet abandonment of the need for blood. The urges had subsided. All I wanted now in my mesmerized state was to find this one. This source of my desire. I took one step then another down the winding alley that snaked between vacant store buildings. Ahead in the shadows I saw a pair of the most amazing blue eyes I had ever seen blazing intellect burned in the depths of her eyes and a…lust…for … was it blood? This force drawing me to her stronger than any need I had ever felt. Then in a thick sensuous voice she said; “you're here. Welcome come with me my dark angel come lets dance these deserted streets lets play for tonight is the beginning the very first of an eternity.” Those words seemed to resonate within my soul.

Striking deeper chords than any words should or ever had before. She was dressed in this long leather coat black and shining reflecting the pail moonlight. Beneath was a lace shirt low cut hinting at voluptuous breasts beneath, a pair of low hung leather pants skin tight enhancing the already dangerous curves of her body. I found myself wondering what was beneath the leather and lace. She, as if she read my mind, smiled a seductive grin and whispered; “all in due time my dear all in due time,� Her name was Lynette she was of the old order they had hunted these barren streets for centuries she was one of the first in the new country, while I was a recent conversion. I had only been one of the night creatures for a few years the one who had made me had abandoned me a few nights after I was changed leaving me to explore these strange desires these needs on my own. She had come from a

family whose lineage stretched back to our druid origins. I new this vampire princess knew of worlds upon worlds that I had only dreamed. And I could hardly believe but it seemed she was offering to share with me these nights this knowledge. She was offering to share with me her knowledge. She stretched out her hand and I placed my hand within hers. And we ran we seemed to fly almost floating as we spiraled through the dark night. We fell upon a couple in the park a few miles away from that alley and I had never seen anything as intense and awful and beautiful and awesome as the fierceness with which she fed upon the dark haired girl as I satisfied myself upon the blood of the young Italian man. As we fed on the blood of the innocents we gazed into each others eyes something unnamable passing between us. As we finished with a satisfying growl she leapt upon me her power forcing me to the

ground she murmured this is what it's all about and red light flickered deep within her eyes. I was petrified till she touched my face with one snow white hand and placed her blood red lips against mine. Tasting the recent kill on her mouth was driving me wild and I looked into her eyes and saw the same in her. She tore away the cloak I had worn and pulled the buttons from my shirt with those needle fangs slowly caressing my body with cool sensuous movements. My passion building within me I was being consumed by her nothing else seemed to exist but her the night and me for a moment I thought I saw a star falling form the heaven the magnificent tear of a lesser god. Then I was inside her pulsing as she ground her body against mine the power between us seemed electric terrifying and enchanting as we ravaged each other lifting each other farther and farther into the darkness. Then waves of crashing pleasure washed

through my body and I exploded into her. She leaned back and wailed out in a animalistic scream. She took me over and over again. That first night we would feed then fuck flying on waves of abandon waves of pleasure searching through the night for the next victim.

Mar 29, 2007 THE SOURCE "Come wind, come fire, come water, come earth the Lords of the Watchtowers, west and east, and south, and north" The four chanted this call in the clearing by the old mill, summoning the guardians of olden days. "Open the book." Aradia demanded, "To what page?" Joseph inquired, Bell jumped in anxiously, "To IGNA." "No, we can't", said Jennifer, "The book says The IGNA is only to be invoked at the time of the awakening" "You worry to much." Sighed Bell, "Just do it!" Commanded Aradia The air fell still as Joseph handed Aradia the book. They all slowly turned toward the

north as Aradia began to chant: "I am the source The last of the old ones I come to spread the darkness Erase the traces of light come, come run through the forests come, come run with the night Erase the light, erase the light tonight." With those words echoing in the fours head a shadow fell over them. A deep darkness began growing within the circle they had cast. The wind began circling making the flames of the candles they had placed to the north dance. Then out of the silence came a voice from the north. A voice with the rumble of a thundercloud. It said, "I am IGNA, who dared summon me!!!" The four were forced to kneel by some unseen force. Fear deep in their hearts they were unable to find their voice. They

shivered at the extreme cold wind that had had began dancing around them. They set there silent for what seemed an eternity. Then Aradia finding her courage, her voice spoke up. "It is us the four of this circle we called upon you for knowledge of the darkness!" Just then in the north sky appeared a blazing cloud. And all around them was the sound of rushing water. A figure appeared in the shadow of the mill and in a thunderous tone he proclaimed, "I am IGNA! I was born in the shadows of darkness and light! My mother was a demon Goddess, and my father an Egyptian holy man. Once I was darkness and light but I chose the darkness. I embrace the shadows and hate the light. You called me forth for knowledge! Knowledge! I'm a warrior, the hated one, the evil one, not a mere mortal or some weakling angel. I am one of the olden Gods.

The four began screaming as the source approached with flames spewing from his mouth. They turned to run but it was to late. The flames enveloped them, covered them with there torturous heat. Their flesh was engulfed, and souls were on fire. As the flames reached Jennifer's eyes she howled while her retinas were seared. IGNA laughed hideously. Then silence, the source had stopped laughing, the flames evaporated, and the four were alive. How could this be they wondered, but before they could understand, the Source stared through them with fiery eyes and spread his wings to take to the sky. As he flew away his thunderous voice boomed, "You four may be of use to me someday!" Then he was gone. Aradia was the first to speak after the Source was gone, "We're alive!" she gasped.

Jennifer nervously piped in "Well duh!" The others giggled and breathed a sigh of relief. In silence they made their way home slowly leaving the shadow of the old mill and the haunting night behind them. Each of them hoped that someday, someway, somehow, they could forget this unholy night. Sometime Later: As Aradia laid in her bed sleepless she puzzled over what had transpired earlier. She mumbled aloud "Was tonight for real? I know my fear was real, but I can't let the others see how frightened I am." As a fitful sleep finally came the last thought that was on her weary mind was one of hopelessness. In another part of town Jennifer was sitting by the fireplace of her home, staring blankly into the flames feeling mesmerized and terrified. Trance like she puzzled aloud "The flames, flames, look at the patterns,

what does it mean." Joseph unable to sleep roamed the streets of Weidekher Village strolling the darkened alleyways of the tiny community. He couldn't shake the feeling of dread, this feeling that someone was watching him. As he turned the corner there she stood, an old lady dressed in rags. He approached and as he did he heard her mumbling something about apocalypse. Drawing near her she spoke to him saying, "Fear not those who can kill the body, but those who can devour the soul." Joe said, "You know? Tell me woman do you know? What do you know?" The old lady whispered, "You'll know when the time's right" Then she ran off around the corner. Joseph followed but as he rounded the edge of the crumbling building, she was gone, there was no one, and the street was abandoned. While on the east side of town sleep had

come quick for Belle, a deep sleep full of vivid dreams of majik and destiny. In the last dream Belle was walking in a forest. It seemed every tree had eyes, and the woods were full of mystical fearful beast. Ahead in the distance she noticed a clearing with a waterfall. Bathing in the waters spray was a minotaur, half horse half man. As she approached the waters edge she saw a darkness flowing off the horseman tainting the water the color of blood. Fearfully intrigued she drew nearer the falls. The horseman spoke to her saying, "I knew you'd come, you couldn't resist" Belle, confused, replied, "I'm sorry sir but I don't know, I don't know what you mean!" "Silence!" The horseman commanded, "The darkness is deep within you, it surrounds you. You are the soul twin of Ian" "The what?" She questioned. The minotaur explained, "Your soul is the

twin soul of the first king of Sumaria. The one who brought the curse upon Egypt! The one who plagued the land with famine and locust!" "No! No! I seek only the light! No!" Bell gasped, then the dream faded.................. To be continued.............

Mar 29, 2007 Where are all our heroes Where are all our heroes where have they gone at what silver screen moment will John Wane come galloping in we need a new prophet new messiah for this internet generation one to lead so we can follow to the place where hate has gone away come my plastic lord wired and savvy lead us to the place within our dreams where it seems the pathways long forgotten come to dance a dawn on evils grave no one seems like me anymore do they seem like you

seem like truth us the youth of this wasteland will follow if only someone new the way

Mar 29, 2007 I’ve seen love....... I've seen love turn men into boys turn women into shredded silk I've seen it so many times two join hearts share lives but only one will walk away whole that is to say not broken enough to die but bent surely bent a little I've seen love turn oceans into lone tear drops turn sunflower fields into graveyards turn children into murderers awaiting the tainted gasses of a death chamber turn iron into paper into this paper that I'm writing on now

with invisible ink that glows when the book is shut but that's another line another life and love is turning once more burning before all this falls away tonight

Mar 29, 2007 god is not dead he’s insane what choices are made that lead to minds grave and doesn't salvation mean us all even if we ignore divinities pleas I've fallen you see out of need not of money not from greed but from a need for peace and when does the god cease to rain he is old and graying listen are you paying attention to this god is not dead he's insane he heals all his followers with pain the new rising lord the source of the word peace

has grown strong as the wind tall as the sky and endless as the cosmos our god from before is no more the goddess has seduced him to death and out of love she has come to bring us a song to touch past the night with a promise of dawn gone are the old ways gone is the old pain and what remains can save us all save us from the fall and the goddess is earth the goddess is sky the sweetest rebirth of dreams in the night is held in her open heart her open eyes

and I come singing

Mar 29, 2007 I don't love you --I don't love you, not at all Not wishing on some fallen star No vows, never to part There are no keys to a shattered heart Not crossing desserts with you on my back Serious as a heart-attack Love could never be enough Not you body, but spirit I crave Every dawn as we awake Tantrically our souls radiate Primal spark, in those dark eyes If you fall to that long goodnight The skies grow dim, as my fire dies These things I speak I can no longer hide I don't love you, can't you see Those three words hold no truth to me But think of me upon the time you do

Open blind eyes to the fucking truth I'm standing outside your door Balcony, second floor Had to speak things I could not before I don't love you girl, it's so much more In the forest of our winter dreams Beneath the limbs of a Bodhi tree Screamed I don't love you kneeling by your side Without this breath we share I'd surely die‌‌



Dec 13, 2006 Friend A friend ghostlike once here then gone leaving a void an absence a quieting altho in the end it was as it must be no other way it could go will she return who knows will we reunite on the other side of life and living in dreams will the wintering cool the heated flames

will the quieting of ghosts whisper into the wind the name unspoken never will her name cross these cold lips again no dreams in the sky to friends I would recall what is yet to be yet to be

Dec 12, 2006 Minds Eye In slumbered dream she came dancing weaving a majik of old and ancient times a song untold of a forest filled with mist lore of marshes unreached a garden of the goddess in the morning mist one single black rose among the lily white orchids which I take and give to you a celebration a feast for the senses

as you are stardust the rose stardust as well each in a dream in it's place in it's time in the mind's eye

Dec 7, 2006 Pierced Pierced Pierced by a goddess Hanging from a thorn In the garden an infusion of flame and Dust come play with Me in the wintering Come succumb to the calling of earth Dance with me In the center Of our discontent She will have it no other way

I will catch each of your tears and place them in a bottle each tear a diamond, a shimmering star I will keep them to remind me so that I can always recall on those lonely mornings I am not alone in loneliness for each of us are but a bottle of tears a shining star my heart always Beneath this autumn dawn with you......

Oct 17, 2006 What the fuck is going on Can we make it to the dawn Does no one here remember love What is there yet to become The drums are playing In the distance Why people are

we betraying Our first love and our first trust Can't we trace the route to love I know we can find ourselves deep within

the same blue sky No more shadows no more rage Let peace echo From our minds So bring the rain the Sunday tears As

we believe love murders fear And we draw near the Sabbath song on the wind the lovers card Reveals a path a

plateau heart Row my lovers keep on rowing Till the boat comes ashore My brother from our common mother Can't we all

just understand The zensual earth our only Mother A common Bound one earth one land what I have to say once more The gray Will

fade The pain recede If we as one Tribe can believe If we trade rage And hate 4 peace Let us come to the

place in dreams Between the edge of wake and sleep Where there is no more greed Where the children have no needs Where our

wars have ceased Where the world is again reborn into one tribe of love and peace Into a nurturing of dreamers

dreams believe Believe believe believe I imagine no religion I believe we all are one no rage no hate

no dark Intent-ion We are children of the sun The sky our sister The stars our soul People as one now we enter

Feels a lot like coming home

Oct 16, 2006 Tell Me (chorus) Its all that's left for me, Before I turn to go Tell me you shared this dream Tell me you knew my soul It rained so many days Tattered love until it broke Tell me you have a fragment of what was once ever whole Tell me more than a dream

before I turn to go My spirit is chilling cold my eyes are chilling cold

(Verse 1) I searched in every place, for what I lost so long ago Your eyes I can't erase, from deep within my soul Tell me it's not a dream, Tell me your the one I knew Those nights so long ago, I've always been with you Shattered fragments, of this whole, Always shall remain somewhere, my heart always with u, my spirit always there Angel could it be, Or just a dream within a dream

Your spirit set me free, a chilling prophecy (Chorus) Its all that's left for me, Before I turn to go Tell me you shared this dream Tell me you knew my soul It rained so many days Tattered love until it broke Tell me you have a fragment of what once was ever whole Tell me more than a dream

before I turn to go My spirit is chilling cold my eyes are chilling cold (verse 2) Upon a frigid breeze, the song remains unsung Dear God I'm crumbling, my worlds coming undone I bleed my spirit screamed, and no one seemed to hear Turned to go into the dark, then you appeared

Your light reached deep inside drying frozen tears Oh God let it be, catch me before I fall Not just a dream within a dream Fading with the leaves of fall After all I still recall, the song your spirit spoke (Chorus) Its all that's left for me, Before I turn to go Tell me you shared this dream Tell me you knew my soul

It rained so many days Tattered love until it broke Tell me you have a fragment of what once was ever whole Tell me more than a dream before I turn to go My spirit is chilling cold my eyes are chilling cold

Sep 5, 2006 Tonight.... Tonight the sun goes down upon us everyone Tonight our lonely lives fly to the light Tonight we seek a place where hate has gone away tonight tonight So take my hand my brothers all across the land and reach for dreams of peace if you believe be the light tonight to shine in heavens sky tonight tonight

tonight’s a night unlike so many dreams before the rushing winds of love opened the door stop the hate and chase away the clouds of gray once more tonight A dream comes with the dawn echoing love and peace we'll reach it on the tides of loves sweet sea within the flow our souls have found serenity if we believe tonight so come my brothers sisters dreamers everyone we'll dream a dawn and dance a brand new peace reaching like the rays of light to everyone

tonight believe tonight’s a night unlike so many dreams before the rushing winds of love opened the door stop the hate and chase away the clouds of gray once more tonight The dawning of mankind has found us waiting here we'll go toward the souls who bring the light we'll find the time to love enough have died in vain tonight tonight The flow within our soul echoes a sweet refrain of love emerging from the darkened past

the wars of the last century weren't fought in vain if they're the last the last tonight’s a night unlike so many dreams before

Sep 5, 2006 Fear Part 2 Death lives in a wasteland Made up of bones made up of bones and wandering souls I've seen within my dream Dark angels dancing Clasped in there hands A still beating heart Feasting on the light of love lost

Abandoned Devouring the scent of smoldering flesh

written prior to 4/11/2004

Sep 5, 2006 I looked inside tonight saw a second flaming ring as other worlds within us collide and the feelings that they bring come ride into this age of sky blue age clear blue Aquarius light from the earliest dawn sages proclaimed the day twin Capricorns unite lady Aquarius I held you as my Pisces died

tonight breenya star has been unto my feet a lamp my path a light as we begin in this end beginning simply a beginning beginning again It's not the path that is uncertain, only when and how we choose to arrive

(written upon waking from a startling dream) late August 2006

Sep 4, 2006 After The Rain Why did u fall away the cold I felt that day my spirit frozen in time losing my grip losing my mind can't find you can't break though no passage though this looking glass but I’ll reach out 'till the last this vibration is no deception

it's the missing fragment I see within you the truth's reflection as the blood red moon begins ascent once I was lost in now I've begun again the wind of change shall bring a new day as we transcend deception and end refractions of the light believe these reflections that we've ignored for to long 'cause it is

and yes it shall be I can't say how long you've saved me nothing can replace the touch of you I've opened my eyes and seen the light no stopping me this time the light shall shine the time has come it is the moment we arrive and ignite what was once begun in those days waiting for rain once the song was left unsung look behind you at the sunset look from where we both begun

in awakening heard the drums looking to the stars for hours as our spirits became one looking for a sign above as the leonids begun two flames eternal dancing descended from the morning sun lost I was until you found me lost until we became one tho I've never held you waking together always we have been our spirit chords resonating our forever never ends love eternal is the answer sent across both space and time joined together, heart and head in the pre-forming of mankind body, life, spirit and mind all a circle spinning

a serpent coil spark of the divine double helix male and female rise from the abyss...leap across the great divide two twin flames eternal burning illuminating the dark with light twined side to side and we shall ride.....ride my love...we have come .......After the rain.........

Sep 4, 2006 Element Three Its all a manifesting dream she whispered And the essence of the dream is you As the essence of the dream is me Our spirits twin flames Two halves of the same born on the astral plane In the absence of any time or space A shard of the source of pure creativity Each carrying the light the essence of creations agape We have begun a circular motion You have all three 1) you touch my spirit 2) you share my dreams 3) we are twin minds, twin souls An eternal vibration of element 3 If u didn’t know you’ve always had a part of me Now I give you all Element 3 Not only for each other

But for the light that u see reflected in the looking glass of your soul is in my soul No other body could fit you as my body does We share a heart beat, our spirits once were one and twin minds like ours a shimmering flame Element 3 Together we have walked the winding spirit paths And ran together through the jungles of dreams still yet to be Our spirit wild, our passion untamed and roaming ever free My split apart, twin flame I shall await even until this eternity Is but only a blink a forgotten memory Within the eyes Of our mother the sky until the dreams realized And the prophecy Becomes reality

Then my Angelic we shall be free United forever inside you inside me Riding the waves in a cosmic space Echoing vibrations of peace Resonating the creators agape the original source Element 3 Angelic when will u come If I must I shall wait endlessly My vow to you shall be each night we shall meet In that most sacred place between sleep and awake Consciously aware that what we have dreamed Is within our grasp the key to unravel life’s mystery reunion with self in another and ultimately rejoining with divinity the source of original agape Element 3 heart spirit and mind No boundaries uncrossable no sense of

time emotionally joined are we and forever shall be always connected spiritually Intimately sharing our thoughts our hopes and dreams This is the meaning The entirety of life’s most elusive mystery The reason life’s source manifested the original creative dream Wont you find me come join me in love Enlightened untamed Wild and free Living life in a perpetual state of peace As we once again reunite I’m only but a starlight glimpse away within a waking dream Look into the southern skies My spirit will glow like the steady lights of an orbiting satellite High in the autumn midnight sky Let my spirit be your guide

As you have been mine oh so many of our life’s Every tribes man even if they refuse to see Have a twin soul seeking to find Our entire tribe The tribe called man All around this spherical orb We are many innumerable like the ever shifting sands Regardless of borders, sex Nationality in every corner in every land United we stand nothing can truly divide Arms within arms Open hearts hand in hand Hands aren’t made for killing The flame of life in them resides The spark of the divine there intended vocation is to heal with a touch How many more flames must die Even one of us was way to much

Its only u I seek my element 3 My twin flame, my split apart The missing piece of me I’m within you though we have been apart Tonight I light a candle and pray we will twine to each others side And with the spiritual vibrations of agape We shall quake our world free This isn’t a riddle It is simply the key Element 3 is the only answer to life’s mystery The catalyst that we must bring To manifest the dream My vow 2 u is eternity Shared spirit Shared heart Shared dream My twin spirit Element 3

ďƒą Aug 28, 2006 ^~Suicide Girl~^

as I awoke A shadowy thing A whispering lust Touching Groping grazing cross my cock edge of nails Breathing ragged Pushed back A shadow Woman A suicide girl mingled Mist with flame my third eye A glimpse tattered

Wings A crimson slit Etched upon Both wrists Darkest hair Darkest eyes Skin a lily petal Lips of heat In and out We grind Slowly I break Running Into Through Your veins My breath Catches In my throat I throw my head Back And Scream

Dying a thousand Little deaths In your Ghostly arms Š 2012 Brian M. Dryer