The Coronation Collection

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The Coronation Collection

A collection of works by Britains most notable artists

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To celebrate the upcoming Coronation we have put together a curated collection of Paintings & Bronze Sculpture from artists across the British Isles. Much loved and hugely notable there are some names you will recognise, and others you will come to love!

The exhibition will be hung in the gallery from Closes 15th May.

Enjoy this online catalogue and please do not hesiate to call, email or text a member of the team to discuss any works.

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‘The Coronation Collection’

An exhibition of works from across the British Isles

Edward Seago (1910-1974)

L. S Lowry (1887-1976)

Donald McIntyre (1923-2009)

Sir Kyffin Williams (1918-2006)

Sir David Shepherd (1931-2017)

John Lowrie Morrison (Jolomo) (b.1948)

Benjamin Williams Leader (1831-1923)

Robert Gemmel Hutchinson (1855 -1936)

Montague Dawson (1890-1973)

Dorothea Sharp (1874-1955)

Ghislaine Howard (b.1953)

Geoffrey Key (b.1941)

Tobias Martin

Richard Smith (b.1955)

Benson Landes (1927-2013)

Including works

Edward Seago (1910-1974)

4 ‘Place de Concorde, Paris’ 29” x 44” - Oil on Canvas - Signed

The fresh and energetic paintings by Seago represent some of Britain’s finest examples of Impressionism from the twentieth Century. The artist was often considered self-taught, but he did take instruction from Royal Academician Bertram Priestman (1868-1951).

Edward Seago was involved in the publication of many books throughout his career. In 1934 he published a book entitled ‘Sons of Sawdust’ which told of circus life in Western Ireland. Forty-two of his paintings were used to illustrate a collection of poems by John Masefield in 1936, as well as in 1937 and 1942. Seago also wrote books related to the World Wars, and an autobiography entitled ‘A Canvas to Cover in 1947’. Seago’s work was famed to attract crowds; in 1945 a show of his work at Colnaghi’s resulted in queues outside the door! The artist’s work has been exhibited worldwide and his inventive use of oils and watercolours is instantly recognizable.

‘Bridge at St Oeun’ 21” x 24” - Oil on Canvas - Signed

L. S Lowry (1887-1976)

Pencil on Paper - 4” x 6” - Signed

‘The Brewery’ Pencil on Paper - 14” x 10” - Signed 9
‘Six Figures’
Pencil & Felt Tip on Paper - 10” x 11” - Signed

‘Two Figures’

on Paper - 12” x 10” - Signed

Dorothea Sharp (1874-1955)

‘Summer Bouqeut’ Oil on Panel - 20” x 16” - Signed
13 13
‘Making a Run’ Oil on Canvas - 11” x 14” - Signed 14

Montague Dawson (1890-1973)

Montague Dawson’s renown rested principally on his skill in depicting the great clipper ships in the “days of sail” in the late 19th Century. Collectors of his early paintings included Queen Elizabeth II and American Presidents of the time, including Dwight Eisenhower and Lyndon Johnson.

Montague Dawson became perhaps the greatest painter of the sea and sailing ships of the first part of the 20th century. His original paintings are scarce and extremely expensive and many of the original 20th century signed colour prints are now faded, lost or damaged.


Donald McIntyre (1923-2009)

Born in 1923 in Yorkshire but brought up in North West Scotland, Donald Mclntyre studied at the Glasgow School of Art under James Wright At Garelochhead. He has exhibited at the London Galleries, Royal Cambrian Academy, Galleries Racines Brussels, Fosse Gallery and Thackery Gallery. His subjects include Scottish and Welsh landscapes in a strong post-impressionist style which shows the influence of 20th century Scottish artists from Cadell through to Redpath and Philipson and Michie.

‘Rocky Shore, Iona’
Acrylic on Paper - 20” x 25” - Signed ‘Big Blue Boat’
Acrylic on Paper - 20” x 24”
- Signed
‘Deep Blue Sea’ Acrylic on Paper - 18” x 31” - Signed 19

Richard Smith - Bronze Sculpture

With over 35 works in the collection ...

‘Pottering Otter’

Length: 33” - Edition of 12


‘Great Crested Grebe’

Height: 12” - Edition of 12

‘Otter Pup’

Height: 15” - Edition of 25


Length: 33” - Edition of 25

‘The Emperor’

Height: 43” - Edition of 12


David Shepherd CBE (1931-2017)

David Shepherd CBE, FRSA, FRGS is known internationally as one of the world’s leading wildlife artists. He is also a passionate conservationist; he and the David Shepherd Conservation Foundation have raised more than £3million towards helping to save critically endangered mammals in the wild. Prolific in output as a painter of not only wildlife but portraits, landscapes, aviation, military subjects and steam railways, he is also a respected author.

At the age of 20 David was thwarted in his attempt to become a game warden in Kenya. Afterwards, David began to paint aviation subjects which were prompted by his boyhood experience in London during the Blitz. He received commissions from various airlines and in 1960 the Royal Air Force flew him to Kenya and asked him to paint the local wild life. His first painting was of a rhino, for which he charged £25! From then on he says “My career took off, and I have never looked back”.

23 ‘The Bull’ Oil on Canvas - 7” x 10” - Signed
Galiant Salute’ Oil on Canvas - 36” x 59” - Signed

Samuel Edmund Waller (1850-1903)

Samuel Edmund Waller was born in Gloucester in 1850 and was a painter of genre pictures. Waller was educated at Cheltenham College with a view to the army, but showing artistic inclinations he was sent to Gloucester School of Art and later went through a course of architectural studies following in his father’s footsteps. At eighteen he joined the Royal Academy schools and in 1871 he had his first exhibition at Burlington House. He has works at The National Gallery, Melbourne, Art Gallery of New South Wales and the Tate Gallery, London.


John Lowrie Morrison ‘JOLOMO’ (b.1948)

‘Sunset over Colonsay’ Oil on Panel- 24” x 24” - Signed

‘White Beach Iona’
on Panel- 29” x 29” - Signed

Robert Lenkiewicz (1941-2002)

Robert Oscar Lenkiewicz was very charismatic, and earned himself a reputation as one of Britain’s most infamous painters. Based in Plymouth, he never courted the London art establishment, and became respected solely on his own terms - through hard work, skill, and his unique vision. Just like many things in his life, Lenkiewicz adopted a unique position towards his own paintings. At an early age he made a conscious decision to subjugate his skill to a greater service: to become a “presenter of information” or a “sociological enquirer”, as he usually termed it. By this he meant to reveal the plain fact of a person or thing. For Lenkiewicz, the act of painting was a profoundly moving experience. “To paint oneself is to paint a portrait of someone who is going to die.”

‘Painter with Oil on 24” x Signed
with Patti’ Panel x 18” Signed
30 William Lee Hankey (1896-1952) ‘Red Sails at Honfleur’’ Oil on Canvas - 20” x 24” - Signed
‘Boats in the Harbour’ Oil on Canvas - 16” x 20” - Signed 31

Benson Landes - Bronze Sculpture

With over 18 works in the collection ...


Length: 33” - Edition of 12



Height: 24” - Edition of 12

‘Dancer Seated ’

Height: 14” - Edition of 25


Length: 33” - Edition of 25


Height: 19” - Edition of 25


Geoffrey Key (b.1941)

Geoffrey’s strong, dynamic figures and dreamlike compositions have considerable appeal, with Key being regarded as one of the most influential of British living artists. His use of form, texture, light and colour have led to his work featuring in public and private collections across the world. Key’s career as an artist now spans five decades and his work and exhibitions have been widely appraised and reviewed. His paintings feature in several public art collections in the northwest of England, including Salford and Manchester Art Galleries.

on Canvas - 20” x 24” - Signed 35
‘The Rails’ Oil
36 ‘The West Coast’ Oil on Canvas - 28” x 36” - Signed George Houston (1869-1947)

George Houston was born in Dalry in 1869 and educated at Saltcoats Public School and Glasgow School of Art. He lived most of his life in Dalry painting his native Ayrshire but he also maintained a studio in Glasgow and spent time painting in the Inner Hebrides and around Loch Fyne. Houston became an Associate of the Royal Scottish Academy in 1909 and then an Academician in 1925. He died a Dalry in 1947.


Charles Wyatt Warren (1908 - 1993)

Charles Wyatt Warren was a 20th Century welsh landscape artist born in Caernarfon. He attended London University after his time at school before beginging a career with Caernarfon County Council. He began painting as a hobby, but became remarkably prolific, producing 20-40 paintings a year. His work focused primarly on the Snowdonian Landscapes and was a founding member of the North Wales Group and the Caernarfon School of Welsh Landscape painters. His earlier works demonstrate a more classical style, often featuring intricate details of Silver Birch trees - highlighting his technical painting ability. Towards the 70’s and 80’s, his work began to evolve to a looser more impressionistic style. He would utilise a palette knife to create sculpted impasto.

‘On the Lake Shore’
on Panel - 12” x 30” - Signed
40 ‘Woodland Stream’ Oil on Panel - 10” x 22” - Signed
41 ‘Farmhouse in the Storm’ Oil on Panel - 8” x 14” - Signed

Ghislaine Howard (b.1953)

‘Madrid Hotel’ Oil on Panel - 24” x 24” - Signed
‘Self Portrait on a Horse’
on Panel - 24” x 36” - Signed
Room, Melbourne’
on Panel - 25” x 50” - Signed

Ghislaine paints the entire range of human experience, the embrace of lovers, the joys and anxieties of parenthood, and the inevitable move towards the frailty of old age. She delights equally in the strength of human contact and the silent eloquence of the single figure, seen in movement or repose. All Ghislaine’s paintings spring from her own experience, mediated by her love of art, past and present. She relishes the physicality and emotional power that comes about when line, form and colour collide, hence the title of her recent publication, written with Michael; Ghislaine Howard: the Human Touch.


Carl Payne - Bronze Sculpture

With over 20 works in the collection ...


Height: 63” - Edition of 9

‘Lazy Summer on Sphere’

Height: 16” - Edition of


Height: 13” - Edition of 20

‘Sunburst Mask’

Height: 18” - Edition of 20


Height: 11” - Edition of 15

‘Venetian Rendezvous’

Height: 24” - Edition of 12

Sphere’ of 9 47
‘Between Us’ - Oil on Canvas - 14” x 17” - Signed 48

Robert Gemmell Hutchison (1855-1936)

Born and educated in Edinburgh, Hutchison began his career as an engraver of seals but, with a love of painting, studied art at the Board of Manufactures School. Influenced by the Dutch School, and John and Thomas Faed (1819-1902 and 1826-1900 respectively), Hutchison’s specialty was painting children and genre scenes in Scottish landscapes, with a distinctive style involving broad brushstrokes and soft, mute colours. A prolific artist, Hutchison exhibited widely around Britain. Hutchison was elected to the Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour in 1895, an Associate of the Royal Scottish Academy in 1901 and a Member in 1911.


Benjamin Williams Leader (1831 - 1923)

Benjamin Williams Leader was born in Worcester as the third of eleven children to notable civil engineer Edward Leader Williams. His father was a keen amateur artist - a friend of John Constable - and Benjamin would often acompnay him on sketching trips along the banks of the River Severn.

At age 23 he was admitted as a student to the Royal Academy Schools in London and, unsually, in his first year had a picture accepted to exhibition there - Cottage Children Blowing Bubbles. This was subsequently sold to an American buyer for £50 in 1854. Later, Leader’s work appeared in every summer exhibition at the academy until 1922 when he was 91 years old. He was greatly inspired by the countryside, he found “cottages, farmhouses, lanes, hedgrows and churches so exceedingly picturesque and beautiful”.

‘Wading in the River’ Oil on Panel - 18” x 28½” - Signed

Sir Kyffin Williams (1918 - 2006)

Born in Llangefni, Anglesey, Sir Kyffin Williams left Shrewsbury School to join the Royal Welsh Fusiliers in 1938. Williams was discharged in 1941 on account of being diagnosed with Epilepsy and was advised to adapt to a new career by his doctor.

Williams soon turned to art and attended the Slade School of Fine Art between 1941 and 1944. He went on to teach for a period after completing his studies, however, in 1973 Wales called and Williams returned to his beloved Anglesey, purchasing a house overlooking the Menai Strait. This move confirmed Williams’ reputation as a painter of the Welsh people and their landscapes. He emersed himself in the Welsh community he lived in and spent most of his time outdoors painting en plein air.

‘Four Farmers & Snowdon’ Oil on Canvas - 23” x 45” - Signed
‘North Welsh Village’ Watercolour on Paper - 9½” x 13” - Signed 54
‘Snowdonia’ Watercolour on Paper - 9½” x 13” - Signed 55
‘Snowdon’ Watercolour on Paper - 12” x 17” - Signed 56
‘Farmhouse Dwelling’ Oil on Canvas - 20” x 30”
in the Days Catch’ Watercolour on Paper - 8” x 13” - Signed 58
‘Barmouth Bridge’ Watercolour on Paper - 8” x 13” - Signed 59

‘Nico Jnr’

Height: 10” - Edition of 12


Length: 28” - Edition of 12



‘Mojo Fun’

Length:: 69” Edition of 5


‘Whale & Calf’

Length: 22” - Edition of 12

Tobias Martin- Bronze Sculpture

With over 15 works in the collection ...

‘Sir Humphrey’

Height: 28” - Edition of 12

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