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About canvas artwork For an oil panel painting to be labeled contemporary takes even more than a mindless embrace of the present. Obviously, all new paintings are of its moment, and of its time, but contemporaneity entails responses that are different those that inspired the numerous and various modernisms of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Contemporary artwork is becoming thoroughly questioning in nature, extremely wide-ranging in its modes of asking and in the scope of its inquires; while at the same time, in the absence of historical guarantees and the half-light of the deadly competition for global control, art, like everything else, can be no more than provisional as to its expectations about answers. Simply put, contemporary merely means art that has been and continues to be created during our lifetimes, current to us. There is a certain amount of overlapping between contemporary and modern art when viewed on the timeline. A good way to look at it is modern art was considered during the impressionists-from 1880 to 1960s. Contemporary art is anything after that time period until this very minute. Contemporary artists mostly work in “movements” that cannot be classified due to there being around ten artists in any given “movement”. Contemporary art is much more socially conscious than any previous era has been. Many different movements have been connected with one cultural issue or another for the past thirty years, including feminism, multiculturalism, globalization, bio-engineering, and AIDS awareness. Many contemporary oil paintings may carry strong messages and greatly vary the mood in the space that carries such works. It can be challenging picking the right color for the room to deliver the right mood. Contemporary oil paintings can bring life and energy into a room in a similar way as plants, animal, or music can. Warm tones can comfort and uplift the overall aura of the room. Every individual may have a different psychological effect to the images and color of artwork; therefore, the energy that a piece gives off should not be ignored. The trick is to compliment the room with artwork that has hints of the same color as the surrounding décor so that the oil painting assists in turning the energy of the room in the desired direction. Every contemporary oil painting carries a mood and a message, which is why a lot of times you may like a particular piece but not know the reason why you like it. It has to do with the energy that the artwork projects.

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