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Philippines’ Pride in the High Octane World of Digital Technology Congress reports: pro-Labor Legislative Agenda KuLturAng pinoy: santakrusan tradition psyChe Me up: oFW Moms Away From home - A Battle Against separation Anxiety & Depression usApAng LegAL: Labor Laws on Mothers and Women

Salute to Labor 19 Distress-Free Ways to Celebrate May Days Remembering John Paul II Parangal kay Inay Katuparan ng Munting Pangarap ni AJ (Part 2)

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Publisher’s Note

ork hard, play hard. This is a very popular mantra which has become a way of life for most workers and laborers alike. Actually, this culture of loving and living life to the fullest has been there since time immemorial. Aristotle advocated that “the end of labor is to gain leisure”. Indeed, we work in order to gain. Thus, every Labor Day should be a significant day for all of us. This is the day where we should acknowledge and celebrate our sacrifices and contributions not just to improve ourselves but to build a better society. This is also an opportune time to recall one of the state policies as enshrined in the 1987 Philippine Constitution under Art 2, Section 18 and I quote, “The state affirms labor as a primary social economic force. It shall protect the rights of workers and promote their welfare,” a gentle yet serious reminder to our government officials, personnel, and employees. They should ALWAYS extend courtesy and show respect for us: the workers and laborers- the Overseas Filipino Workers, at all cost and by all means. Popularity is the common denominator of Manny Pacquiao, Pope John Paul II and Osama Bin Laden. These men simply represent the state of being esteemed by, depending on which group you are dealing with. But inasmuch as Manny Pacquiao is an athlete extraordinaire and the life of Pope John Paul II connotes greatness, the mere mention of Osama Bin Laden’s name is revolting to the conscience. To some, his death meant that justice is done, but to most of us who care about saving and preserving lives, it is just the beginning of achieving the end in the war against terrorism. Elections, especially presidential elections in the Philippines, are common to most of us. I was so lucky to have been given the opportunity to serve in the 2004 and 2010 Presidential Elections in the Philippines. The first one was marred by controversies and the last one was defined by the influence of telenovela, typical of Philippine politics and elections. Singapore election is totally different. It is a breath of fresh air. Straightforward and Issue Oriented. This is how elections are conducted in this small city state. The 07 May election is the most widely contested General Election since 1972. Except for some surprise winners from the opposition party, everything took place as predicted. Singapore succeeded in achieving a fair, credible, honest and peaceful election devoid of doubts and protests from

the electorates and opponents. Final result was made available hours after the voting, with more than 2M voters who actually voted. As expected, delay is not an option in Singapore. Well done. The word is poignant. Whenever Mother’s Day comes in May, I could feel a sense of profound feeling of excitement. It is a childlike reaction remembering my mother. She is my anchor and my true friend. I could never repay my mother for all that she has done for me. I am grateful she made sure I was given the best education that she and my father could afford. And for this, it will always be a great privilege to be called her daughter and I am grateful every single day and forever will be. As the old saying goes, “for the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world”. My mother has been ruling and caring even until now in her 70s, a mother par excellence. This May 2011 issue is lovingly dedicated to my mother, Pacita. I am what I am today because of her. It is truly admirable to see a leader leave his post while he is still ahead. While others will insist and have insisted to hold on to power despite the clamor of their subjects to abdicate power or authority, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew once again set a political precedent worthy of emulation. He stood up in order to be seen. He spoke in order for others to hear and learn, then days ago he left leaving everyone all over the world, in awe. Indeed, he has mastered the art of quitting while the people are still wanting him. He is a statesman of the highest order. I, for one join the millions who will surely miss MM Lee. Politicians and leaders from the Philippines and all over the world should learn from LKY. Let us rejoice that in the next few weeks we will be commemorating our 113th Independence Day celebration. Let us prepare ourselves to celebrate what our forefathers stood for when they signed the Act of Declaration of Philippine Independence 113 years ago in Kawit Cavite. Let us be inspired, everyday and always. Sa kalagitnaan ng mga samut saring unos at pagsubok, magpasalamat at ipagdiwang po natin ang ating KALAYAAN. Mabuhay ang PILIPINAS at mabuhay ang mga BAGONG BAYANI!



Pro-Labor Legislative Agenda

14 OFW Moms Away From Home: A Battle Against Separation Anxiety & Depression

24Cover Story:

Ramon Padiernos, Man of the Hour

31A Saint within Our

Midst - Remembering Blessed John Paul II


19 Distress-Free Ways to Celebrate May Days! ERRATUM: • Page 38, Dr. Mariglo Vicente Camero graduated MAGNA CUM LAUDE not Summa Cum Laude as she missed .01 • Page 14, It should read "Darcy is a 16 year old BOY" • Front cover, It should read "Healthy Soul, HEALTHY Mind in Holy Week" Editor: Our sincere apologies for the oversight. Thank you. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Visit For our next issue, we would like to encourage everyone to submit stories and or articles or photos about the significance of Philippine Independence Day celebration. Deadline is on 31 May 2011. Prizes like mobile phones, T-shirts, salon vouchers, plane tickets will be 4 Bagong Bayani APRIL 2011 given away. Please email:

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Salute to Labor by Dr. Marilyn D. Surio

“Man has to labor to eat, and eat to live, and live to labor, Thus, the cycle of life is patterned around the orbits of work, the law of living, the struggle for existence…”

meaning. We have come to think that labor is always hard work that requires physical strength, time, and energy. Today, a lot of extended definition and significance are attributed to labor: Labor makes a noble man and shapes him perfectly well. It is man’s legacy. It reinforces his physical and mental endowments. It

hese are meaningful lines from “Commemoration Ode”

generates self-confidence and self-reliance. It gives strength and

that briefly tells the essence of labor. Indeed, man has to

triggers will and courage. It stirs up endurance and perseverance.

struggle and work hard in order for him to survive. Labor feeds the body. It satisfies the heart. It is an institution May 1 is celebrated as ‘Labor Day’. In the Philippines, it is an annual celebration held to honor all Filipino workers, both at home

that energizes one’s mind and character, but most of all, labor is its own reward.

and overseas and according to the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), to reaffirm the greater social partnership of

Labor has been blessed by the Almighty God who sent His Only

labor with the government and other sectors. In 2010, Labor Day

Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, into the world. Jesus lived in this world,

regular holiday had been declared under Presidential Proclamation

not to show off His majesty, but as the Redeemer of mankind. He

No. 1841 which former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo issued

humbled Himself as the Carpenter, Son of Mary. Metaphorically,

on July 21, 2009.

labor is virtue and humility.

Before, it seemed paradoxical to associate labor with happiness

Labor is the foundation stone of mating prosperity. It is the

and satisfaction because the word would connote an opposite

grand instrument by which the earth is made to blossom forth with bounty and beauty. Devoid of labor, the abundant and fertile

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earth would be barren. Labor actively sustains the country’s brawn. It keeps the wheels and turbine of modern industry rolling, thus giving us convenience and enjoyment of modern life. In commemorating Labor Day, we uphold the rights of Filipino workers locally and abroad. We value the dignity of labor. As we honor labor, we, as a nation, also honor ourselves because labor is the key to a nation’s prosperity. To continue the lines of the ode: “ Yet, some men continue to live without working, while others are dying because of work; Lazy men are the devil’s workshop,

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They try to cause lawlessness, to hinder peace and progress…” Filipino workers are partners of change, a change for the better, a change for development and progress. Thus, on Labor Day, God bless them for their sweating hands have wrought the glory of our land.”

NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC Republic o of the Philippinees 


                      ________________________________________ ______________________     


Notice is  he ereby  given  thaat  under  Republic  Act  No.  9189,  otherwisee  known  as  “TThe  Overseas  Absentee  Voting  Act  of  2003”,  all  citizens  of  the  P Philippines  abro oad,  not  otherw wise  disqualifie ed  by  law,  at  o the  day  of  tthe  election,  an nd  who  are  reggistered  overseeas  absentee  least  eighteen  (  18  )  years  of  age  on  voters  with approved  application to  vote in absentia, may vote fo or Senators and d Party‐List Rep presentatives.   For  thiis  purpose,  all  qualified  Filip pinos  citizens  n not  registered  as  voters  under  Republic  Acct  No.  8189,  otherw wise known as ““The Voters Reg gistration Act o of 1996”, (the ssystem of continuing registration) shall file  an  app plication  for  reegistration  while  those  who  are  a already  registered  underr  the  said  Act  shall  file  an  application for certificcation.    ons, the filing of applications ffor registration/certification    For purposess of the May 13, 2013 electio and  traansfer  of  registtration  records  shall  be  filed  at  the  Post  or  other  designatted  registration n  areas  from  Octobe er 31, 2011 to O October 31, 201 12.      The  30‐day  voting  period  will  w commencee  on  April  13,  2013  until  3:0 00  o’clock  in  th he  afternoon  pine  time)  of  May  M 13,  2013  at  a any  Philippiine  embassies  or  consulates. (The  time  for  voting  to  be  (Philipp announ nced later)      For details, p please contact __Mr. Tony Raym mundo__ at telephone numbeer _(65) 673739 977 Ext. 121_   or via ee‐mail:   

                             (Post)): Embassy of th he Republic of tthe Philippiness (Singapore)                                                  

DFA‐Ove erseas Absentee Voting Secretariaat (Manila)                            COMELLEC‐COAV (Manilaa): / www w.dfa‐ h                                     Hotliness: +6328330914, +6328328363                                                     Hotlinees: +63252222511, +6325212952, ++6325239924   

8 Bagong Bayani APRIL 2011

congress reports

Pro-Labor Legislative Agenda by Pamsy L. Tioseco

Jinggoy bares pro-labor legislative agenda

the Senate on third and final reading.

In a pledge to the entire Filipino workforce this Labor Day month, Senate President Pro Tempore Jinggoy Ejercito Estrada vows to

Moreover, Sen. Estrada intends to address discrimination in employment and had already conducted hearings on the matter.

push for the enactment of pro-labor legislative measures. "Gender, indigenous cultural grouping, age, among others Estrada,

need not deter anyone from securing gainful employment.

concurrent chairman

Discrimination in the workplace, despite the guarantees from


the Labor Code and the Constitution for equal employment

Sen. the


Committee on Labor, Employment



Among his anti-discrimination bills are: Senate Bill 429 which


prohibits discrimination against women on account of sex; Senate



Bill 556 which promotes equal employment opportunities for


indigenous cultural communities; Senate Bill 587 which establishes

Oversight Committee

job training program for mature workers; Senate Bill 930 which



prohibits gender discrimination in employment advertising; and

E m p l oy m e n t

Senate Bill 891 which ensures equal opportunities to Muslims and

(COCLE), outlines his

tribal Filipinos.

Human NEGRENSE FARMERS: SENAtE PRESidENt PRo tEMPoRE JiNGGoy EJERcito EStRAdA (iN yEllow, cENtER) tAkES tiME to PERSoNAlly GREEt thE FARMERS ANd FiShER FolkS FRoM AcRoSS thE NEGRoS occidENtAl PRoviNcE duRiNG thE 18th PANAAd FEStivAl. SEN. EStRAdA AlSo AccEdES to thE REquESt oF thE NEGRENSES FoR A GRouP SouvENiR Photo FoR EAch REPRESENtEd MuNiciPAlity.

opportunities, still plagues our society," Sen. Estrada explains.





agenda upholding

Furthermore, Sen. Estrada believes that the government must

and strengthening the rights of workers to decent pay and

lay down better welfare mechanisms for the overseas Filipino

benefits; 2) ensuring equal employment opportunities for all; and

workers and their dependents, in response to the growing

3) improving welfare mechanisms for the overseas Filipino workers

concerns related to overseas employment in aspects of health,

and their families.

remittance and investments, and family setup.



Sen. Estrada filed numerous proposals providing for the

Sen. Estrada has been pushing for the passage of creating a

just compensation for workers, including Senate Bill 812 which

Migrant Workers Hospital (Senate Bill 428) and OFW Bank (Senate

provides P125 daily across-the-board wage increase; Senate

Bill 648) since the 13th Congress. The OFW Bank is seen to lower

Bill 760 which increases penalties for non-compliance of the

cost of OFWs' financial transactions and enhance their income

prescribed adjustments in wage rates of workers; and Senate Bill

generation capabilities as investors, while the OFW Hospital shall

80 which grants annual productivity incentive to all workers in the

provide free healthcare benefits to OFWs and their relatives.

private sector. Sen. Estrada also filed Senate Bill 568 which intends to grant Kasambahay Bill, which raises the minimum wage for household workers and expands their benefits, has already been passed by 10 Bagong Bayani MAY 2011

a special leave of absence of fifteen (15) days with full pay to all legitimate spouses of OFWs.

congress reports


Trillanes pushes to strengthen law against human trafficking

"The fight against human trafficking is being unduly hampered by Section 7 which restricts the dissemination of information relating to people charged with trafficking. Lifting the

Senator Antonio "Sonny" F. Trillanes IV is meanwhile pushing for

confidentiality provision in favor of the alleged perpetrators would

the immediate approval of Senate Bill No. 2625, a consolidation

enable the government as well as concerned non-government

of pending senate measures seeking to strengthen the law

organizations and the media to disseminate vital information in

against human trafficking by providing stiffer penalties against

order to forewarn the public from being victimized by persons and

government personnel involved in human trafficking, creating

syndicates engaged in this nefarious trade", Trillanes pointed out.

and funding a permanent secretariat for the Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking (IACAT) and lifting the confidentiality provision favoring the persons charged with the offense.

Senate Bill No. 2625, principally authored by Trillanes, also calls for the creation of a permanent secretariat for the Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking (IACAT) to manage the council's


activities and to provide for the continuity of plans and programs.

9208 otherwise known

The senator's proposal likewise provides for direct funding for the

as the 'Anti-Trafficking

IACAT's Secretariat to support it in fulfilling its mandate instead of

in Persons Act of 2003' is

just being merely allowed to tap a trust fund, which hardly meets

a landmark legislation,

the financial requirements of victims of human trafficking needing

which seeks to protect

assistance. The fines, proceeds, and properties forfeited from

our people, especially

people convicted of human trafficking are supposed to be placed






children, from human


trafficking and forced

in the said trust fund, in accordance with the existing law. "Considering the growing number of human trafficking cases

labor and servitude" Trillanes said. "However, there is a pressing

and the number of victims who need the support and assistance

need for us to provide stiffer penalties against certain persons,

of IACAT, this mode of funding hardly meets the challenges of the

particularly government officials and employees, who are engaged

times. Moreover, funds from the fines and forfeitures imposed by

in human trafficking to stem the occurrence of these anomalous

R.A. 9208 are slow in coming and we see no significant increase

acts" he added.

in the rate of the accumulation of said fund in the near future", Trillanes emphasized. "Let us 'put our money where our mouth is'

Under Section 10 of R.A. 9208, human trafficking offenders

by providing direct funding

face up to 20 years of jail time and a maximum fine of P2,

for the IACAT Secretariat,

000,000.00. Trillanes seeks to increase the prison term in the case

whose primary function

of perpetuators who are working in government and who are

is to coordinate efforts

engaged in illegal labor, sex, and child trafficking to a maximum

intended to protect our

of 25 years.

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) or our bagong

"The act of a government official or employee who involves

bayani as we call them, as

themselves in human trafficking is clearly one of the highest forms

well as our women and

of betrayal of public trust. Hence, there is a need to impose stiffer

children", Trillanes added.

penalties upon this type of offenders", Trillanes said. Trillanes also urged his Trillanes also wants to amend Section 7 of the R.A. 9208 to

colleagues in the House

strike out the confidentiality provision that protects those who are

of Representatives to pass

charged of human trafficking in the same way it protects victims

a counterpart measure in

of the offense.

order to make the fight


MAY 2011 Bagong Bayani 11

congress reports against human trafficking more effective and more responsive to

stricken nations, should be made to avail to ensure their safety.

the demands of the times.

Legarda: Workers in and out of the country, need equal support from government

"The OWWA Trust Fund was established for the particular purpose of making available a pool of funds to assist OWWA members in times of distress or need. The fund belongs to OFWs, thus, the government has no right to dispose it in ways not provided by law," she stressed.

Senator Loren Legarda also urged the government to look closely into the specific needs of all Filipino workers, including those working overseas.

"It is high time that Congress reviews the status of the OWWA fund and examines the relevance and effectiveness of government support for our overseas Filipinos," Legarda said.

Legarda said that for laborers in the country, the government can ask employers to increase wages of their employees as the

Meanwhile, the Senator also called for the immediate passage

Department of Trade and Industry earlier stated that a wage

of several bills she filed in the Senate that would support Filipino

hike--at a level that would make investors remain competitive--is

workers such as, among many others, Senate Bill 7, the Kasambahay

reasonable considering the rising prices of basic commodities.

Bill, which seeks to raise the salary and provide benefits for household helpers; and SB 1377, Amending the Productivity

"If the DTI is supportive of the wage increase then it is possible

Incentives Act of 1990, which ensures just share by the workers

to have it. We just have to consult with all stakeholders and regional

in the fruits of their labor in relation to the profit yielded to the

wage boards to ascertain the exact amount of the increase. Filipino

employer as a result of increased productivity.

workers definitely deserve upward pay rate revisions to enable them to cope with soaring food and fuel prices," she pointed out. Legarda also urged the government to address the pressing

Resignation of ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez, finally!

“Sayang” is what can be said about the robes especially made for

concerns of OFWs especially with the recent controversy on the

the Senator – Judges for the Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez

use of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA)

impeachment trial which costs P5,000 each because of her

Trust Fund. The OWWA fund primarily constitutes the US$25.00


membership contributions of foreign employers and land-based and sea-based OFWs.

There are strong rumors that although Gutierrez claims personal reasons of health – that of her husband and herself were

The Senator explained that the Php13-billion trust fund can be

the principal reasons, still some are assessing that possibly former

used for the needs of OFWs such as emergency repatriation, which

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo had a hand in the resignation

many overseas Filipinos, particularly those in conflict- or disaster-

to prevent a review in full media again of the corruption charges being charged against her which the Ombudsman did not act on.


12 Bagong Bayani MAY 2011

In fact, the now Pampanga Congresswoman Arroyo is said to have quietly left the country just before the Ombudsman’s resignation. Three car loads of her family passed through VIP access areas instead of going thru the regular Immigration counters prior to leaving the country. Senators are heaving a sigh of relief. Now, their energies can be focused on more pressing concerns especially that gas prices continue to rise. All’s well that ends well.

psyche me up

OFW Moms Away From Home: A Battle Against Separation Anxiety & Depression Dr. Mariglo Vicente Camero, C.C.I., D.A.A.E.T.S.


uada left for Singapore with that feeling of

for greener pastures away from their families in the hope that

numbness. She was trying to contain her mixed

their sacrifices will earn their loved ones better lives by having

emotions that she has been carrying within her

better futures. It is as if the present does not matter as much as

for the past six years. Leaving the Philippines, no

what will be. But there are just some things that they cannot let

matter how impulsive it may seem, was for her

go. The very natural feeling of being a wife and a mother causes

the best way to deal with her feelings. It was her only way of coping

her to feel depressed and anxious knowing that she will be away

with her own mischievous sprite. While seated near the airplane

from her husband and children. Everything seems futile especially

window, all the years of that she has spent with her family poured

if she is a stranger to another country without the emotional

like water making her feel that her decision to leave her family may

support that assures her that everything will just be all right. It is

not be what she really wanted but she had no choice but to do

only her conviction that her sacrifice will give her family a better

what she must do.

life that keeps her strong and determined. Despite the use of the internet, cellular phones and telephones, she still feels the distance

Guada is just one of the many mothers who are forced to look 14 Bagong Bayani MAY 2011

between them.

psyche me up their babies and children, OFW moms plunge themselves into


depression even they do not want it by avoiding being in this state at all costs. The condition of total sadness sinks into the mind and into the bloodstream particularly if they see people similar to or looked like their loved ones such as their kids.

Combating overseas depression & separation anxiety Here are few tips to conquer your depression and separation anxiety while being away from family: •

Keep the faith. Elicit a positive attitude towards life. Being hopeful that this too shall pass and someday you will be with the ones you love. Never lose hope. Go to the nearest church or engage yourself into a religious or spiritual endeavor.

Look after your health. Being away from your family is

Separation anxiety is commonly associated with children’s

already too much to bear; what more of seeing yourself end

experience of being troubled and restless as apparent in crying

up being sickly and unhealthy. All of what you have worked

spells, tantrums, shouting, inability to pay attention(because the

and continuously work for will be worthless if you are not

mind is preoccupied of significant people in his life like the mother

taking care of yourself. Take in fresh fruits, milk, and vitamins

or father or even the nanny nowadays). Nevertheless, parents,

to keep you productive and at the same time have a stress-

especially moms who are away from their children specifically,

free look.

infants who are left at a very young age, would experience this as well. It has been a fact that this phenomenon would stem from

Communicate. Modern means of communication makes

how parents could have treated their children or how they could

the world smaller making it possible to keep in touch

have projected it to the child. The recurring amounts of worry

with loved ones no matter where they are; the internet

gauge the attachment both have towards each other. Depression

(chatting, emailing, social networking), cellular phones allow

is a state when one is in very low mood and lacks interest in almost

communication to happen in real time, enabling people to


keep in touch wherever you are. It is essential to talk about what is really going on with you to your family than keep

Attachment theory as explained by John Bowlby refers to

incidents to yourself, especially if things are not really going well with you.

the continuous and intimate bond between the mom and the child leading to each other’s enjoyment. It was emphasized that otherwise, this results to mental health consequences that are

Recreation. It is not a crime to give time to yourself to do

detrimental in nature. In attachment, anyone who is able to give

other things which can be worthwhile for you. If you are saving

the nurturing behavior to an infant, such as being sensitive and

everything you are working for, there are activities that you

responsive, is considered to be an essential element in the process

can do even without spending or you can just spend for less.

of attachment. On a last note, if there’s other way for you to earn a living aside A point of realization is that experiencing separation anxiety

from leaving the country and your children, then opt for another

is not only evident among children but also can be possibly felt

strategy. Weigh your values and your priority in life and you will

by mothers themselves. Together with anxiety of being away from

surely be happy. Never give up. MAY 2011 Bagong Bayani 15

usapang legal

Labor Laws On Mothers And Women Atty. Hazel R. Riguera






special stature of women

full potential in the service of the nation.

affording women equal opportunities with

(Section 14, Article XII, Constitution).

men to act and to enter into contracts, and for appointment, admission, training,

and mothers and give The Philippines is a signatory to

graduation, and commissioning in all


the United Nations Convention on the

military or similar schools of the AFP and


Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination

the PNP; R.A. No. 7322 increasing the

Against Women (CEDAW).

As such, our

maternity benefits granted to women in

states that the State recognizes the role

country has passed various laws seeking

the private sector; R.A. No. 7877 outlawing

of women in nation-building and shall

to combat gender inequality. Foremost

and punishing sexual harassment in the

ensure the fundamental equality before

among these are Republic Act No. 6727

workplace and in the education and

the law of women and men. (Section 14,



training environment; and R.A. No. 8042, or

Article II, Constitution). It also mandates

women regarding terms and conditions

the Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos

that the

State shall protect working

of employment; R.A. No. 6955 banning

Act of 1995, prescribing as a policy matter

women by providing safe and healthful

the mail-to-order-bride practices and the

the deployment of migrant workers, with

working conditions, taking into account

export of female labor to countries which

emphasis on women, only in countries

their maternal functions, and such facilities

cannot guarantee protection to the rights of

where their rights are secure.

and opportunities that will enhance their

women workers; R.A. No. 7192, the Women

welfare and enable them to realize their

in Development and Nation Building Act,



and rights to them.




contains provisions in this regard.



The Labor Code also contains provisions concerning and protecting the rights of

Employers should not look upon pro-women labor laws as a hindrance to business. Rather they should realize that these laws are but a recognition that women are equal partners in nation building and that observance of these laws will fully tap the skills and capabilities of women in helping our country attain a higher level of economic development.

women workers.

Article 130 prohibits

as a rule the employment of women for work during the late hours of the night. Article 132 ensures the right of women to be provided with facilities and standards which the Secretary of Labor may establish to ensure their health and safety, such as proper seats, separate toilets, dressing rooms, and a nursery. For purposes of labor and social legislation, a woman working in a nightclub, cocktail lounge, massage clinic, bar, or other similar establishments shall be considered as an employee.

Article 135

prohibits discrimination against women with respect to terms and conditions of employment on account simply of sex while Article 136 bars discrimination

16 Bagong Bayani MAY 2011

usapang legal merely by reason of the marriage of a female employee.

Maternity Benefits Our law also accords special rights and privileges to working mothers. As earlier stated, working mothers are entitled to a nursery where they can feed their young children under such reasonable conditions as may be provided by the Secretary of Labor.

Maternity benefits are also

provided for under R.A. No. 8282 or the SSS Law.

A maternity benefit is a daily cash

allowance granted to a female member who was unable to work due to childbirth or miscarriage. A female member who has paid at least three monthly contributions in the 12-month period immediately preceding the semester of her childbirth or miscarriage shall be paid a daily maternity benefit equivalent to 100% of her average daily salary credit for 60 days or 78 days in case of caesarian delivery. It is a requirement that she must have given the required notification of her pregnancy through her employer if employed, or to the SSS if separated, voluntary or self-employed member.

All female employees who are

SSS members, regardless of their marital status, are entitled to maternity benefit. Parenthetically, a paternity leave of 7 days with full pay was granted to every married male employee pursuant to the Paternity Leave Act of 1996.

faMily Planning services



Establishments which are required by law to maintain a clinic or infirmary shall provide free family planning services to their employees which shall include the application or use of contraceptive pills MAY 2011 Bagong Bayani 17

usapang legal employment







and intrauterine devices (IUDs). The DOLE


shall develop and prescribe incentive

employment that a woman employee shall

Association of Detailman-PTGWO v. Glaxo

bonus schemes to encourage family

not get married, or to stipulate expressly or

Wellcome Philippines, Inc., G.R. No. 162994,

planning among female workers in any

tacitly that upon getting married, a woman

17 September 2004).

establishment or enterprise. (Article 134,

employee shall be deemed resigned or

Labor Code). Employers who habitually

separated, or to actually dismiss, discharge,

emPowerment of women

employ more than 200 workers in any

discriminate or otherwise prejudice a

Employers should not look upon pro-

locality shall provide free family-planning

woman employee merely by reason of her

women labor laws as a hindrance to

services to their employees and their

marriage. (Article 136, Labor Code).


spouses which shall include the application

Rather they should realize

that these laws are but a recognition

(Section 11,

In a case, the employer had a policy that

that women are equal partners in nation

Rule XII, Book III, Implementing Rules and

employees should not get married with

building and that observance of these

Regulations of the Labor Code).

each other. This policy was challenged

laws will fully tap the skills and capabilities

as being in violation of Article 136 of the

of women in helping our country attain a

Prohibition against Discrimination

Labor Code. The employer argued that its

higher level of economic development.

It shall be unlawful for any employer to

marries a co-employee but does not bar an

discriminate against any woman employee

employee from marrying a person other

with respect to terms and conditions of

than a co-employee. The Supreme Court

employment solely on account of her sex.

held that Article 136 does not make the

or use of contraceptives.

policy will apply only when one employee

distinction advocated by the employer and The following are acts of discrimination:

that the failure of the employer to prove a

(a) Payment of a lesser compensation,

legitimate business concern in imposing

including wage, salary or other form of

the questioned policy militates against

remuneration and fringe benefits, to

its validity.

a female employee as against a male

Corporation v. Simbol,

employee, for work of equal value; and

G.R. No. 164744, 12 April



favoring a male employee over

(Star Paper

a female employee with respect to promotion, training opportunities, study,

In another case, the Supreme Court

and scholarship grants solely on account

upheld the validity of a company policy

of their sexes.

prohibiting an employee from having

(Article 135, Labor Code).

To add teeth to the law, the commission

a relationship with an employee of

of acts of discrimination will subject the

a competitor company.

offender to criminal liability.

Supreme Court held that Glaxo


(a pharmaceutical company)

stiPulation against marriage

has a right to guard its trade

It is a lamentable fact that some employers

formulas, marketing strategies,

frown upon or do not want married

and other confidential and

employees. To counter this discrimination

proprietary information from

against married women, the Labor Code

competitors, especially so that

provides that it shall be unlawful for

it and Astra are rival companies

an employer to require as a condition


18 Bagong Bayani MAY 2011






Munt ing Pangarap

munting pangarap

Layunin ng pahinang ito ang magbigay katuparan sa mga munting pangarap ng mga OFWs. Ang kanilang mga kahilingan ay sisikaping tuparin at bigyang katuparan ng Bagong Bayani sa pamamagitan ng pakikipag-ugnayan sa ibat-ibang tao, organisasyon o ahensiya ng gobyerno. Ang mga may “munting pangarap” ay ina-anyayahang sumulat sa – Editor

Ang BAGONG BAYANI (Modern-Day Hero) magazine ay taos pusong nagpapasalamat sa mga taong nakalathala dito. Sila po ang may mga ginintuang puso na tumulong para maisaayos ang operasyon ni AJ. Sa ngayon ay kulang pa at nangangailangan pa din po kami ng inyong tulong: Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Padiernos - 200 Sgd Mr. and Mrs. Frankie Lim -100 Sgd Ms. Anita Johnson -100 Sgd Ms. Rachelle Tiongson Dunggan -100 Sgd Mrs.Maria Lourdes Aloot -50 Sgd Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Cu -50 Sgd Mr. Juan Alonzo -10 Sgd Grand Jewellery -50 Sgd Hortaliza -50 Sgd Si Amiel Joeneth Ullegue Dy or AJ ay may karamdaman na HIRSCHSPRUNG’S DISEASE. Ayon po sa medical certificate na binigay ng ospital at ng doktor ni AJ, 50,000 to 60,000 pesos po ang kakailanganin para maisakatuparan ang nasabing operasyon. Muli po kaming kumakatok sa inyong mga puso at damdamin. Magkaisa po tayo para matulungan ang pamilya ni AJ lalong lalo na ang kanyang nanay na si Antoneth na OFW din na katulad natin. Nandidito po sya kasalukuyang nagtatrabaho bilang kasambahay sa Singapore. Anuman ang tulong na inyong maipagkakaloob na bukal sa kalooboban ninyo ay taus puso namin pong tatanggapin at tatanawing malaking utang na loob mula sa kaibuturan ng aming puso. At sigurado po na ito ay malaking bahagi para makamit natin ang munting pangarap ni Antoneth para sa kanyang anak na si AJ. Maraming Salamat po.

For donations please email or call +65 9388 6515 MAY 2011 Bagong Bayani 19

money matters

My Mader’s day gift… by Xty Vicentina

llow me to greet all the wonderful


the Republic of the Philippines for its

are interest rates computed? What about

angels out there a “happy Mothers’

own account to finance its expenditures.

pre-termination costs?

Day”! Allow me, too, to use the

They are unconditional obligations of

word ‘mader’ to honor our very own angel

the government, thus, making them

and mother who never ceases to show us

theoretically “Risk Free”.

that there is something ‘better than best’…

only, may be different from other counties):

read more from - http://www.treasury.

For TD, our deposit is guaranteed by our friendly Bank, in case of default, the

Let me share you one of my gifts for Mader. More than four years ago, a few weeks after I moved to Singapore for an overseas assignment at PNB, Mader was awarded “Most Outstanding Mother” in our province

In summary:


Form of Issue

led me to set up something for her without nominally setting aside a cost for it… it’s

maximum insured amount with Philippine

Fixed Rate Treasury Notes (FXTN) Features

in Pampanga. The guilt feelings for my failure to attend such a meaningful event

Security Feature (for Philippine Market

Rate Quotation

Issued with tenors of 2 to 25 years for FXTNs ; issued with tenors up to 10 yrs for RTB Scriptless via Electronic Ross (Registry of Scriptless Securities) Quoted at yield-to-maturity (YTM)

literally making our money work for us… I invested a sum in FXTNs and RTBs that generate a stream of cash at regular

Coupon Payment Period Coupon Rate

Semi -annual or 180 days for FXTNs and quarterly or 90 days for RTBs Fixed on issue date

intervals of every six months and every three months respectively. Now, let me discuss to you in detail what

Security of Issue Tax Feature

Direct, unconditional and fully guaranteed obligation of the Republic of the Philippines Subject to the prevailing final tax of 20%

are these financial instruments. FXTNs and RTBs, commonly known as Treasury Bonds, are two of the three types of Peso Denominated Government Securities namely Treasury Bills (Tbills); Fixed Rate Treasury Notes (FXTNs); and Retail Treasury Bonds (RTBs). In layman’s

Maturity Value Minimum Investment Documentation

Redeemable on maturity date at 100% of face value Php 200,000 (in increments of Php 1,000) Confirmation of Sale without Recourse (COS)

from http://cybermag/cybermagapps/rates/treasury.asp of PNB

word, they respectively mean short term, medium term, and long term placements with some special features. Government Securities are issued by 20 Bagong Bayani MAY 2011

So, what is extra ordinary with Treasury

Depository Insurance Corporation (PDIC) is

Bonds? How are they differentiated from

PHP 500,000.00 per depositor. All deposit

our ordinary time deposit (TD) that pays

accounts by a depositor in a closed bank

interest quarterly or semi-annually? How

maintained in the same right and capacity

money matters shall be added together. For Treasury

stage. We can either get more or get less

certificate is a complete set of small pieces

Bonds, as mentioned earlier, practically NO

depending on current market price or what

of paper or “coupons” representing the

Default risk.

the experts call trading gain or loss.

number of times we will receive interest payments and we need to physically

Pre-TerminaTion Procedure:

inTeresT earnings:

surrender that coupon to our friendly

Treasury Bonds are also commonly known

Bank to redeem the interest payment. We

For TD, usually our friendly Bank will

as fixed income and are quoted at yield-to-

do it script less or paperless nowadays, of

penalized us for pre-termination of deposit

maturity (YTM) because they generate a

course! Except for the Land Reform Bonds?

by reducing the stipulated interest rate

fixed interest or income computed based

into half or quarter whichever is applicable

on simple interest where Interest = Face

Fixing oF inTeresT raTes:

or worst scenario could be. We don’t get

Value * Coupon Rate* Time which is the

Treasury Bonds are quoted at YTM or the

interest payment for the fraction of the

same as our regular TD where Interest =

implied internal rate of return (IRR) earned

term we consume but the principal amount

Principal * Interest Rate* Time

by an investor who buys the bond today

is intact. For Treasury Bonds, the only way

at the market price, assuming that the

we can pre-terminate our investment is

By the way, do you know why they call

bond will be held until maturity, and that

by selling back the same security to the

it “coupon” rate instead of simple “interest”

all coupon and principal payments will be

Government Securities Market thru our

rate? Honestly, for a while I thought, to

made on schedule. From Wikipedia, the

friendly Bank, and thus hitting the current

make it sound a little more complicated

free encyclopedia

market price that can be favorable or

and create a niche of “elite” investors…. It is

not favorable to us. So, our principal is

called coupon rate because in the old days

Maybe, we can revisit how to do the

not guaranteed during pre-termination

of issuing bonds, attached to the bond

math for computation of YTM or IRR in


Specializes in ladies/gents/children wears; Range of Philippine Products & Barong Tagalog,Top-Up Cards, Calling Cards and Nipper Sharpening.

#04-08 Tel: 6333 6239

#03-82/83 Tel: 6735 2257

#03-84 Tel: 6737 7417

304 Orchard Road Lucky Plaza, Singapore 238863 Owned and Managed By: NARCISA P. LIM

MAY 2011 Bagong Bayani 21

money matters the future, but for purposes of making a

between, while am holding the Bond, I get

that has accumulated since the principal

decision to invest in Treasury Bonds, be

more interest than what market can pay.

investment, or since the previous interest payment if there has been one already. The

guided by checking on the YTM and NOT the coupon rate which was fixed at the

Let me walk you further with the

buyer of the Bond will pay this amount to

time the Treasury Bond was first issued or

example at the bottom of the page. From

the seller of the Bond on transaction date

floated in the market and which can be off

the table below, since the coupon rate of

and will be able to collect same amount on

market at the time we are contemplating

9.125 is higher than prevailing market rate,

the next interest payment date.

on investing.

the Treasury Bond is selling at a premium and we need to pay 115.69 pesos for every

So, next time you visit your friendly

A quick rule of thumb is as follows:

100 pesos worth of redeemable investment.

Banker, you know that there are other forms

If coupon rate > prevailing market rate,

However, during the life of the investment,

of investments that are practically risk- free,

Bond sells at a premium ; principal is

we will receive interest of 36,500.00 every

may pay higher yield and may provide

higher than maturity amount

six months for an investment of one million

opportunity for a trading gain, provided

If coupon rate < prevailing market rate

pesos as against receiving 25,000 every six

you can hold them till maturity. And next

, Bond sells at a discount ; principal is

months if we have a similar Bond that is

time you think of a Mader’s day gift… you

lower than maturity amount

selling at par. Hence, the additional cost we

may want to use your spare cash to invest

If coupon rate = prevailing market rate,

pay on day one will be returned to us in the

in Treasury Bonds and assign the regular

Bond sells at par or same principal and

form of higher income or interest during

interests to her. Bear in mind though that

maturity amount

the life of the investment.

the most important gift we can give her

and the only gift that any mother will wish Does that mean I will pay more at the

The other item that maybe new to us

for is not money or material things, but our

beginning of investment and then get

with these types of investments is the a AIP

love for her; so don’t waste another minute,

less when maturity date arrives? Yes! If the

or Accrued Interest Payable that we pay on

let her know how much you love her! I just

Bond is selling at a premium, I pay more at

top of the Principal Amount to arrive at the

did, and I know she heard it…

the beginning and get less at the end but in

Selling Price. The AIP represents the interest


FXTN 10-42

FXTN 10-42

Settlement Date



Maturity Date



Tenor (yrs)










every six months

every six months

Maturity Value



Principal Amount



Accrued Interests Payable (AIP)



Total Selling Price



Price per 100.00



Interest every six months



You maY wish to visit PNB site for a treasurY BoNd CalCulator - httP://CYBermag/CYBermagaPPs/rates/t-CalCulator/fXtNs.Xls

22 Bagong Bayani MAY 2011

cover story

Ramon Padiernos, Man of the Hour By Detch P. Nonan-Mercado


t is 6:31 in the morning and I am here in my living room, typing, trying to chase words that seem to elude me just when I need them most. I strike a key, and hesitate. I delete the letter (the word I want to start is not right). I stare at my school-bound daughter, sitting at the dining

table with head bowed, thanking God for her breakfast and asking Him for wisdom for her Math exams. I think deep, waiting for fireworks in my head, still staring at my daughter, Forthea Samuela Elika, as if doing so hard enough might just inspire me. Elika is done praying and starts eating. Time breezes by. Nothing

Can semantics and syntax really capture manâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s heart and soul? I am

happens. My computer still shows an empty page. Meanwhile, the

of the proposition that there is more to a human being than the

world outside slowly awakens. I could hear our neighbors rushing

theories and concepts about him that meet the eye and that no

along our corridor, impatient to be out of our building and into

matter what is written about him, his deeper mysteries are known

whatever 8 to 5 life they have created for themselves. I cannot

only to the Almighty Himself.

explain why, but hearing their hurried footfalls makes me happy. It gives me an almost certain feeling that they would have a great

Twenty minutes into my mental ramblings, Elika goes off to

day ahead. Although the sky looks overcast this early, still there is

school and I am still stuck. The more I struggle to squeeze words

a seeming promise of a sunny day. Good. Life goes on. At least for

out of my head, the more I realize this is going to be an uphill climb.

my neighbors. Me, I am still reaching into that corner in my brain

Where do I begin?

where words are hiding. I seriously need to craft my thoughts into readable words, as in w.o.r.d.s., and thus I really need to dig them


out of my head, pronto.

Allow me to start from the beginning, as they say. For our manof-the-moment, Ramon S. Padiernos, 45, managing director

Elika is still at the table. Halfway through her meal, she glances

of Manufacturing and Technology for Gemalto Singapore, his

up at me, waves her hand, eyes questioning. She smiles. I guess

beginnings were literally sweet; he started his journey to success

she is thinking I am just lost in thought. She does not know I am

with an export business selling mangoes to Japan. His father,

desperately trying to fish for words, evasive words, here.

who was then working as avionics engineer in Saudi Arabia, had a Japanese office friend who told of how expensive mangoes were in

After years of trying to be a writer, I still find it difficult to profile

his country. In turn, Ramonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s father told him the story and Ramon,

a man. Can complex Homo sapiens really be reduced into words?

being the go-getter that he has always been, thought of striking

24 Bagong Bayani MAY 2011

cover story while the iron was hot, and brought mangoes to Japan! For other

I worked as an apprentice for six months without salary. My

young boy that story could just have meant simply a story, but to

objective was to develop my technical skills and gain exposure

Ramon it was an opportunity!

in that high-tech industry. In no time at all, I have learned many things about avionics instruments and its functions which sparked

With stubborn fervor, 17-year-old Ramon opened his business

my fascination to everything high-technology.

with an initial capital of just P20,000 and P20 million worth of passion and diligence. He worked so hard; he was able to achieve

“Then I moved to semiconductor industry where I started as a

a profit margin of more than 200% within his first few months in

production supervisor. The bosses noticed my good performance

business. Today as he looks back, he gives honor to whom honor is

and chose me as one of the Ayala boys to be developed for higher

due. He credits his dad for giving him his capital, his step-mother

management position within Ayala’s microelectronics business.

for her moral and financial support as well, and he mentions how

Everything was up and up from there. I moved around the company,

his grandma helped in his daily business errands.

from production to supply chain, to planning, then to financial analysis, then finally to process and technology engineering.

Few years after going into the mango exportation industry, a bigger opportunity presented itself to 20-year-old Ramon: he met

“To my great surprise, I did exceptionally well in all the

his would-be wife, Carolyne. “I knew she was the one. I even wrote

appointments and challenges that my top management gave

in my diary that she was going to be my last love.”

me. I realized that it could probably be due to my experience as a one-man-band (manager and employee) in my earlier business



Never a man to let go of a good prospect, Ramon did not waste time. He married Carolyne before anyone could oppose. The

It was during his stint at the semiconductor industry that he

decision did him good. His new responsibility all the more stirred

met friends with whom he had conversations about going abroad.

him up to pursue better things in life. His energy level grew so high he was able to multi-task. “I was teaching karate on the side,


I was attending university, I was working at a semi-conductor

“One day in January 1991, my colleagues were talking about

manufacturing company, and at the same time I was doing

applying for a job at a multi-billion dollar semiconductor company

business. All these, I was able to do because I prioritized my wife

in Singapore named Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing. We

and my daughter.”

all went for the interview together with hundreds of applicants

“My wife and I also set-up a pizza pie business and pickled products. It became very successful. Then we ventured into rattan business, supplying materials to rattan furniture exporters. We did all those businesses while both of us were still studying in the university. We already had one daughter at that time but I did not stop teaching martial arts to earn extra money to sustain my family and to save money for future business ventures. “I had the opportunity to have various enterprises. Not only did I experience exporting mango, selling pizza, and supplying rattan raw materials, I also went into video services.” Ramon’s motivation to maximize his potentials later led him to seek employment in the avionics industry. “I started as an avionic technician in a domestic airline company. MAY 2011 Bagong Bayani 25

cover story

On his way to success, Ramon also mastered the craft of “teaching others to fish”. He believes that when you give man a fish, you help and feed him for a day but when you teach him how to fish, you help and feed him for a lifetime. “Truly successful people know how to give back to others, they share their knowledge…they are not selfish…that is one’s complete fulfillment…” from other high-tech companies. I passed the series of three panel

However, Ramon came to the interview armed to the teeth, so

interviews conducted by various interviewers. The fourth interview

to speak. He had done his homework: “I read some Singaporean

was with a lady Singaporean who was in-charge of Human

books and watched Singaporean films. I studied the Sing-lish



But Ramon failed “big time” because of language barrier.

The venue for this final interview, a function room with a garden view, helped Ramon relax and do well during his conversation with

“I had terrible time trying to understand what she was talking

the dreaded HR manager.

about. Her Sing-lish accent was so strong that I heard myself answering “I beg your pardon madam” at least 10 times. It did not

“The rest is history. I got selected as one of the top seven

help that the interview was conducted at a room just beside the

applicants, received an offer 10 times my salary at the time.

EDSA Highway. Imagine the noise, plus the lady’s accent that I had

Also, I received outstanding remarks like “excellent English

not heard until then. “

communication, outstanding inter-personal skill and fast thinker.” It was totally the opposite of what was stated by the same person

The HR manager gave him several bad remarks, like very poor

just a year earlier.

communication skills in English and slow thinker. But this did not faze him. A year later, the same Singapore-based multi-billion

Because a natural talent really would show, barely a year into

dollar semiconductor company again came to Manila and held

his employment at Chartered Semiconductor in Singapore, Ramon

interviews at the Sheraton Hotel. Ramon vowed to himself that he

received the ‘Best Performer of the Year’ award, and enjoyed a 30%

would show them what he really was made of.

increase in his basic salary. His story was featured in a magazine and he was given a huge bonus equivalent to nine months of his

“So I went along with my colleagues again and joined the queue


with at least 400 other applicants. I was selected as one of the seven finalists … I was very fortunate to have passed each of the


three interviews. I then prepared for the fourth interview. Guess

A passionate man always looks for bigger challenges. From

who was to interview me? Yes, it was the same lady Singaporean

Chartered Semiconductor, Ramon moved on to Texas Instruments

HR manager!”

and stayed there for two years. By this time, word had spread around

26 Bagong Bayani MAY 2011

cover story and talent scouts got wind of his excellent work performance

In another interview for an article on talent management

so that in 1996 he was headhunted for National Semiconductor.

written by Jocelyn Lee (October 12, 2010), Ramon was quoted as

Ramon had no idea that this was just going to be a stop-over. A

saying that “bosses should encourage employees not to brood

bigger opportunity was lurking in the corner. In 1997 Ramon was

over their mistakes when they have committed one. By not

headhunted by Gemalto (previously Gemplus Microelectronic

penalizing their workers and telling them to be forward- looking

Asia), a multi-million dollar French company as Engineering

will actually help prevent future mistakes. Conversely, leaders will

Manager. His job was to set-up Gemalto’s very first smartcard

garner much respect if they would own up to the mistakes. The

microelectronic manufacturing company out of France.

leaders' willingness to admit their mistakes and apologize to their employees is a very powerful gesture and can actually enhance the

The plant in Singapore started very small by manufacturing 5%

relationship between both of them."

of Gemalto’s global supply of smartcard microelectronics. Ramon was able to steer it to higher level of profitability, not only enlarging

I pressed Ramon for more comment about people in general

its bottom line but also transforming it to become the best, biggest,

and friends in particular, and he says he likes taking care of people,

most cost-effective and most complex of all 18 plants of Gemalto

be they workmates or plain friends. He credits his Boy Scout

worldwide currently, producing more than 85 million units of

experience for this nurturing spirit. “I love to mentor, and I feel glad

microelectronics, 23 million units of mobile communication SIM

when I see people I have mentored climb up the corporate ladder

cards and 12 million banking and security cards per month with

from low to high positions. Some of them are now department

1,300 plus employees, in 20,000 square meters of factory.


This was no mean feat for Ramon. He had to go through a lot

And how is he as a boss? Ramon claims he does the socialized

over the 13 years of his service at Gemalto. He went from being

approach – to each according to his need, from each according to

the Engineering Manager, to Senior Operations Manager, and

his ability. He does not apply the same exact rule to every Tom, Dick

to Operations Director. In 2006, he was finally promoted to

and Harry. He assesses the person and comes up with a specific

Managing Director of the entire Manufacturing & Technology

approach that suits that person. In other words, he contextualizes

company of Gemalto Singapore. He had to learn myriad of skills to

his dealings with his workers because he knows they have different

accommodate the changing needs of his fast-paced industry. He had to seek avenues where he could gain broader perspectives, and teach himself how to truly value people, more than he already did.

ON MANAGEMENT AND WORKERS So what kind of a manager is Ramon Padiernos? What does he think about workers? For Ramon, serving the interests of human resource is Number One in his list for good management. In an interview (on the issue of retrenchment) with Marketing (June 23, 2010 edition) Ramon expressed objection to retrenchment as a management procedure during downturns. He stated that it would be more expensive to “restart the employment process in the economic upturn after laying off workers … human capital is too valuable a resource to rid of as it would be equivalent to cutting assets in a company…technicians and operators are the ones who are really adding value to us.”

FACE OFF: Ramon PadieRnos, managing diRectoR of manufactuRing and technology foR gemalto, singaPoRe, shaRing a light moment with PRime ministeR lee shien loong, afteR the latteR cited and made sPecial mention of gemalto, in his sPeech at the may day Rally 2010, foR its effoRt to oRganize emPloyees into six-sigma PRojects to imPRove PRoduct quality and Raise PRoductivity, which Resulted to significant cost savings to the comPany which in tuRn shaRes the gains out to its woRkeRs.

MAY 2011 Bagong Bayani 27

cover story Towards this purpose, Ramon initiated the very first industrial attachments for ITE (Institute of Technical Education in Singapore) students in partnership with Labor Movement, Ministry of Manpower, e2i (Employment & Employability Institute), Work Development Authority. Ramon started this to enhance the employment and employability of ITE students in Singapore. Ramon also regularly hosts work experience journey and career talks with students from Institute of Technical Education (ITE) Singapore, Republic Poly Singapore, De LaSalle University – Philippines and other educational institutions. He goes around, speaking at graduations and special events as either a guest of honor or keynote speaker, or as a major sponsor for various student award-giving events.

SUCCESS, IN RAMON’S EYES After looking at Ramon’s curriculum vitae, my curiosity was heightened. Does he view success as an unavoidable destiny? Or does he consider it an achievable goal? When asked, Ramon says, he believes some people encounter serendipity and are able to ride on that particular opportunity to achieve success. But not everybody is visited by serendipity, he says. So for him, success is mostly an achievable goal. One can work hard to have it. His very own success is a combination of serendipity, genetics (his family has always been very entrepreneurial) and hard work, fuelled not by anger at something or somebody (there are success stories based on revenge). His success is shaped by his sheer hunger to succeed, hunger to be above his circumstances. The separation of his father and mother when he was about 9 years old instilled this hunger in him. Somehow, he wanted to see a kind aptitudes and attitudes.

of healing from the brokenness that he then felt, after his parents announced their decision.

“I am a situational boss and I call myself a multi-level manager. My action would depend on which staff I am dealing with.”

His success also stems from the way he has been reacting to criticisms over the years. He uses people’s observations, good and

Ramon also believes in multiplying himself so that productivity goes up.

bad, as launching pads to manifest an improved version of himself. “I do not focus on the people criticizing me. I focus on what they are saying, to see whether I could find some positive ideas there

“If I am able to mentor people and these people produce, it

and make those ideas work for me.”

would be much, much better than just me, doing the entire job. If I produce 20 and I am able to teach others to do the same, that is

Success, for Ramon, has not come easily. His biggest mistake

in fact better productivity. That is why I do not hesitate to share my

from which he learned his biggest lesson was related to his

knowledge. “

formerly inflated ego.

28 Bagong Bayani MAY 2011

cover story He admits that earlier in his life, he was overwhelmed by the

and friends are the main contents of his treasure chest.

success he was having (he was already a manager when he was 25 years old) and his ego got so huge he felt like he was untouchable.


It made him disrespect other people’s opinions. But Somebody

As a Bagong Bayani, Ramon encourages his fellow Bagong Bayani,

Upstairs must really love him because one day he just came to

the Filipino worker, to enhance his skills and make himself valuable,

realize no man can do it alone. “I realized no man is an island. You

to give his best to his task and celebrate small victories. He also

need to be working with people because when their talents and

urges every man that has ever aspired to succeed to give back to

capabilities compliment yours, you actually are able to maximize

family and community, to believe in continuous development, and

the value of your own goal.”

to never settle into complacency. Because technology changes rapidly, Ramon advises workers to keep up, through further

On his way to success, Ramon also mastered the craft of

training and education, and turn challenges into opportunities.

“teaching others to fish”. He believes that when you give man a fish, you help and feed him for a day but when you teach him how to

Ramon’s self-description, which is actually his recipe for success,

fish, you help and feed him for a lifetime. “Truly successful people

is a list of five “ingredients” that might just be useful for you and me.

know how to give back to others, they share their knowledge…

One would do well to take note of them, namely: positivity, pride,

they are not selfish…that is one’s complete fulfillment…”

proficiency, passion, and integrity.

And what or who is the most outstanding, singular factor that

Quite a mouthful? Yes, but I think these concepts are doable.

propelled him to victory? “My wife. Her being so understanding

After all, we have Ramon Padiernos as the concepts’ poster boy on

brought me to where I am today. I don’t think I would have reached

our wall.

my goals without her.” Wow! When I was starting this piece I did not even know what letter Also, Ramon believes God’s love and the support of his family

to type first. Now, it seems I do not know which word to type last.

As a Bagong Bayani, Ramon encourages his fellow Bagong Bayani, the Filipino worker, to enhance his skills and make himself valuable, to give his best to his task and celebrate small victories. He also urges every man that has ever aspired to succeed to give back to family and community, to believe in continuous development, and to never settle into complacency. Because technology changes rapidly, Ramon advises workers to keep up, through further training and education, and turn challenges into opportunities.

Ramon PadieRnos. WoRld Class TalenT. He Has proven tHat a Filipino can eFFectively manage a multibilliondollar company like gemalto, can eFFiciently lead more tHan a tHousand employees in singapore,

and can be awarded tHe cbF model partnersHip award For individual category, botH in 2010 and 2011. For tHis year, tHe awarding ceremony will be on 21 may 2011. tHe award is given by tHe national trade union congress

(ntuc) in singapore to recognize exceptional individuals and companies and tHeir signiFicant impact in enHancing productivity, upgrading tHeir capabilities and responding quickly to market cHanges. (r-l) ramon padiernos, managing director, manuFacturing and tecHnology For gemalto-singapore receiving tHe cbF model partnersHip award From mr. lee yi sHyan, minister oF state For trade and industry and manpower. cHeng ai lee, regional Hr manager receiving tHe award on beHalF oF tHe gemalto workers From mr. JoHn de payva, president oF tHe national trade union congress (ntuc) and goH Hoon tien, receiving tHe award For union partnersHip From stepHen lee, president oF singapore national employers Federation).

MAY 2011 Bagong Bayani 29


A Saint within Our Midst

Remembering Blessed John Paul II by Sankie G. Simbulan


here is no doubt that we had a saint in our midst. A man

through the intercession of Pope John Paul II, Sister Marie Simon-

so filled with Jesus Christ that, like the Apostle Paul, he no

Pierre, a French nun, was miraculously cured from Parkinson’s

longer lived but "Christ lived in him." This commentary

disease. Sister Marie suffered from Parkinson’s disease for four years

on the late Pope John Paul II from Catholic Online encapsulates

but was completely cured some two months after the Pope died.

the sentiment of the multitude touched by the love of this great

Having prayed to John Paul II, the nun said, she awoke one morning

human soul, and of those who were fortunate to have encountered

and was capable of performing previously difficult tasks such as

him in this lifetime.

walking and writing. Her doctor was amazed and concluded that there was no more sign of illness in Sister Marie.

On May 1, 2011, the Feast of the Divine Mercy, Pope Benedict the XVI led the beatification of Pope John Paul II, drawing more

Forever FaithFul

than a million pilgrims at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, and witnessed

The first non-Italian Pope in 455 years and serving for 27 years

by the entire world through international media channels. Today,

from October 16, 1978 up to the time of his death on April 2, 2005,

the faithful revere the late pontiff as Blessed John Paul II. He is now

the Vatican newspaper refers to Pope John Paul II as “a passionate

one step closer to sainthood.

witness to Christ from his childhood to his last breath.” The Philippines was privileged to have been visited by Pope

Saint immediately

John Paul II twice, first in 1981 and then, in 1995 to attend the 10th World Youth Day (WYD) celebration.

Beatification is the last step in the process toward canonization

Known as the patron of WYD, which

whereby a person becomes a saint in the Roman

he started in 1984, the holy mass

Catholic Church. During Pope John Paul II’s funeral in 2005, crowds chanted “Santo

officiated by Pope John Paul II

Subito!”, Italian for Saint Immediately.

on January 15, 1995, at the Rizal

The process for Pope John Paul II’s

Park in Manila was attended

beatification was the fastest on record


as never before has a Pope beatified

between four and eight million,

his immediate successor. Pope

considered as “the largest single

Benedict XVI waived the traditional

event in Christian history.” I



was in college back then and it

started the process of beatification

was even my birthday. It was a

about two months after Pope John

very special day for me to attend



for sainthood in order for him to become a saint, and Pope Benedict XVI declared in an official decree that


to the person under consideration



Mass with the Pope and be part of

Paul II’s death. A miracle must be attributed


history. It was a joyous feeling to be among the throngs of Filipinos gathered in Rizal Park, singing the WYD 1995 theme song “Tell the World of His Love”.

MAY 2011 Bagong Bayani 31

feature A sAint through And through

Pope John Paul II later visited his assailant in prison, tenderly

Blessed John Paul II was a picture of holiness everywhere he went.

holding the hand that had held the gun that was meant to kill

He was filled with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, displaying a life of

him. The two men sat closely together at the corner of the bare

piety, understanding, fortitude, knowledge, counsel, wisdom, and

prison cell, speaking in private. At the end of the meeting, Agca

fear of the Lord.

kissed the Pope’s ring and pressed the Pope’s hand to his forehead in a Muslim gesture of respect. The scene was a moving image of

He was truly a Holy Father in every sense of the word. It seemed

forgiveness and reconciliation.

as if he could lovingly embrace every single person and the entire world at the same time, with his great love for souls. He was full of

Later, John Paul spoke to the women inmates of the prison

life as he was history’s most well-travelled pope, preaching God’s

about what had happened on this "historic day." Said the Pontiff:

love in every corner of the globe. He was constantly cheerful and

"Providence took things in its own hands, in what I would call an

patient. Even amidst suffering and pain from the debilitating illness

extraordinary way, so that today after two years I was able to meet

of Parkinson’s disease in the last years of his life, he still performed

my assailant and repeat to him the pardon I gave him immediately

his Pontifical duties with great passion.

... The Lord gave us the grace to meet as men and brothers, because all the events of our lives must confirm that God is our father and all

He was also a living image of Christ through his loving

of us are His children in Jesus Christ, and thus we are all brothers."

Agca, a 23-year old Turkish assassin, as the Pope was riding a slow-

gold medAlists of the ChurCh

moving open vehicle across St. Peter, where thousands of people

Each one of us is called to holiness. To quote the theologian Jane

were gathered to see him. The Pope was shot four times – twice in

M. Devyver, Ph.D.: “The existence of saints affirms that it is truly

the stomach, once in the right arm and once in the left hand. He

possible to fulfill the Christian vocation --- to become conformed

suffered severe loss of blood but emergency surgery saved him.

to the image of Christ. Every Christian is called to be a saint: Christ

32 Bagong Bayani MAY 2011


forgiveness. In May 1981, Pope John Paul II was shot by Mehmet Ali

feature commanded us to be perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect.

given the spiritual vision to see God’s activity in the world around

The saints worked hard to achieve spiritual perfection, and are

them, to see the icon of Christ within each human being, and to be

the Church’s Olympic champions–--gold medal winners. They

continually aware of being in God’s presence. They truly lived the

cooperated with God in doing His will, and allowed the Holy Spirit

transfigured and resurrected life to which we are all called. When

to fill them and use them. They achieved this blessed condition

pain, sickness, disappointment, sorrow and suffering occurred, the

through their great spiritual exercises: by prayer, fasting, abstinence,

saints endured it with patience, with firm trust in God’s love and

repentance, receiving the sacraments; by living lives of simplicity,

holy will. They allowed their trials and tribulations to be a means of

humility, love, patience, purity and obedience; by reading the

achieving purity of heart, so that they might see God and become

Bible, the lives of the saints; and most especially, by allowing God’s

ever more like Him. The saints were human beings like us, and

love to overflow through them to all creation. The saints dedicated

achieved what we all are supposed to achieve. There are countless

their lives to loving God above all else, serving Him according to

thousands of saints known only to God, but those whom we do

the talents they received. Their ‘job descriptions’ varied, but they

know to glorify as saints are role models for us, showing us how to

always served the world around them–--as simple lay men and

live the Christian life of working diligently to acquire the Holy Spirit

women and as princes and princesses; as monks, priests and

and to be conformed to the Image of Christ.”

bishops and as writers, translators, artists and missionaries; as spiritual directors, healers of body and soul, wonder-workers and

As we commemorate the year of the beatification of Pope John Paul II, may we ask for his intercession to help us grow each day in

as ‘fools-for-Christ’.

holiness, so that we, like him, may be Olympic medalists in our faith They persevered and endured much to acquire the gifts of the

and love for God, earning these words from our Lord at the end of

Holy Spirit --- to become humble, patient, kind, gentle, joyful and

our life’s journey: “Well done, my good and faithful servant. Come,

peaceful ––- their hearts on fire with divine love. The saints were

enter into the joy of your Master.”

CELLOPHANE - HAIR STYLING & MAKEUP - MANICURE - PEDICURE - FOOT SPA HAIR CUT - IRON - PERM - REBONDING - CELLOPHANE - HAIR TREATMENT - HOT OIL - HAIR SPA - COLOUR - HIGHLIGHT 304 Orchard Road, Lucky Plaza, #04-102/3   Spore238803     Tel : 6735-5670 ( Beside Residential Lift )


*Valid till 30 August 2011. T&C applies


Weekday Specials MAY 2011 Bagong Bayani 33


Team wiTh FDS BoaTS: FDS DragonBoaTS: PrinSeSa UrDUja anD DiwaTa ng TUBig

Isang Bangkang Malaya

FDS & Filcom Paddle for 113 Years of Independence By Eugene Azucena PAddlEs on thE WAtEr, FEEt on thE Ground

team won Gold and Bronze for the Inter Expatriates Dragonboat

Millions of sports teams in the world run various fund-raising

Boat Festival 2011 on 28-30 April in the holiday island of Boracay,

and charitable events to cover many various costs. It may be for

Philippines. In Boracay, the team will meet up with another charity

the team or for a chosen charity. The common ones for charities

partner, for some activities in collaboration with the

are food rations, educational aid, healthcare, clothing and the list

said organization.

Sprint. The next event will be the Boracay International Dragon

goes on. Perhaps for other teams, they prioritize on insurance, equipment and other necessary funds for their sports activities.

PAddlE hArd With A hElPinG hAnd

Insofar as the Filipino Dragons (Singapore) is concerned, it is a mix

When the team comes back from the Philippines, they are

of both -- sharing while maintaining team provisions.

positioned to join yet another big event with the Ritz Carlton Millenia's Management and Staff, 7th May 2011. It is a charity

PAddlinG A stint oF VoluntAry Work

event between the American hotel chain and FDS. Dubbed as

The very popular and well attended fund-raising event was the

“Paddle Hard with a Helping Hand”, is going to be the first time

Mini-Olympics in 2010. The team was divided into four teams

for the team with the Ritz Carlton. “We are all very excited for this

nicknamed: Tusong Matsing, Team Aling Charing, Drunk en

event as it mirrors both the Filipino Dragons’ thrust in reaching out

Runners, and Bloody Pirates. The participating teams came in

to the community and the hotel chain’s social and environmental

Green, Purple, Gold and Red; played Frisbee, Volleyball and some

responsibility programs.”, said Lyka Bontogon, Ritz Carlton Millenia

traditional Filipino Street Games -- all for a charitable cause. The

Staff and Filipino Dragons (Singapore) team member.

event beneficiary was the Kids Cove Foundation Singapore. Filipino Dragons (Singapore) or FDS, a member of the

innoVAtiVE PArtnErshiPs to rAisE Funds For ChArity

International Dragonboat Committee in Singapore is set to join

The event happening at the Kallang Riverside Park endeavors

a couple of races this April. Last weekend was the PA Paddle

to raise funds for MINDS, a non-governmental organization

Championships at the Water Venture, Bedok Reservoir where the

which caters to the needs of the intellectually disabled in

34 Bagong Bayani MAY 2011


Team in Yellow ShirTS: FDS wiTh leTSShare.Tv amBaSSaDorS eric van Den arenD & chriSTian helm

Malaya”| FDS & FilCom Fun Race Paddle for 113 Years of Independence. It’s going to be an afternoon of fun and celebration with our fellow member organizations here Singapore. “Aside from the introduction of the sport to the Ritz Carlton Millenia's workforce and building

in Singapore. Proceeds will go to the for charitable projects in the Philippines and Singapore.

camaraderie among the Filipino Dragons, it will provide much needed help for children with life-limiting conditions by donating

The Filipino Dragons (Singapore) continues to create venues

some school supplies to the event fund beneficiary.”, added

such as “Paddle Hard with a Helping Hand” and “Isang Bangkang


Malaya” for their members to express their kindness and so doing the fulfillment of the team’s 2011 mission to provide assistance,

Team supporters and members who volunteered are

financial or otherwise to its chosen charities.

spearheaded by Jen Macapagal and Kristine Gumabay. “Everyone is geared up for the half-day event. This is only one of the few events

For Filipino Organizations interested in joining the Fun Race on

that are lined-up for this year. Aside from joining competitive races,

18 June 2011 at the Kallang Riverside Park, you may create your

we are also serious in putting up a charitable event on a quarterly

own group in the boat, composed of 6-8 team members and kindly

basis.”, Macapagal shared. “We don’t just paddle to keep physically

contact Mickee at +65 9337 2280; This is

fit, we paddle to extend our hearts and generosity, whilst keeping

open to all Pinoy Groups & Organizations in Singapore but priority

our feet on the ground.”

is given to FilCom Members, so early registrations are welcome.

In June, the Philippines is commemorating its 113th year of

Eugene is the team’s International Representative for 2011. He is a

Independence. In light of this, the Filipino Dragons (Singapore)

professional marketer, blogger and writer. Appreciates literature, music

has an electrifying event poised on 18 June 2011, “Isang Bangkang

and film. MAY 2011 Bagong Bayani 35

entertainment The Pinoy Pride Fair 2011

bagged the Best Performance by Female Recording Artist award.

On June 04, 2011, The Rock Auditorium of The Suntec City Mall

As a recording artist, Aiza Seguerra has become a phenomenal

comes alive with The Pinoy Pride Fair 2011: A Concert, Comedy and

success and in demand for her awesome acoustic shows. She

Trade Show Celebrating Filipino Excellence in Singapore.

has also performed shows in the U.S. and Canada. Currently, she

Organized by TAG Event Concepts, the Pinoy Pride Fair 2011 aims to bring the best of The Philippines has to offer for all our hard-working kababayans based in Singapore. The Trade Fair (from 2pm to 7pm, free-to-enter) will showcase a

performs in a popular TV show, along with other famous singers, singing fan-favorite tunes and winning Filipino hearts each time.

Tim Tayag

variety of Pinoy-friendly products, services and promos, including

Tim Tayag’s career as a stand-up comic owes its origin to his first

real estate investment & ownership opportunities from SM

ever onstage performance in a cafe in San Francisco way back in

Development Corporation, special deals on airfare and fun games

1996. In 2002, Tim Tayag performed stand-up comedy in a club

from Cebu Pacific, franchising opportunities, a photo booth from

called Comfort Room in Makati, and he did his first big show at the

MASP | Making Arts in Singapore through Photography, with a

Music Museum in 2005.

chance to win an assortment of cool prizes from Cathy Valencia

His style can be likened to the comedy of popular American

Skin and Body Centre, Walk This Way Tours (the people behind the

stand-up comics, but with a Fiilipino perspective and reference.

popular Intramuros and Imelda Tours with Carlos Celdran), and so

His “wit-based” stand-up comedy departs from the typical music-

much more!

based comedy prevalent in local comedy bars in the Philippines.

The Concert and Comedy Show is a solid block of live entertainment two-and-a-half-hours long, in a proper indoor

Tickets to The Pinoy Pride Fair 2011:

venue, with comfortable seating arrangements for your comfort

Ticket prices are priced at SGD80 (for the Astig! seats, right up

and maximum enjoyment.

Performing for all their fans in

front), SGD65 (for the Hanep! seats, in the middle), SGD50 (for the

Singapore are Aiza Seguerra (and her very own acoustic band),

Swak! seats, towards the back of the auditorium). Restricted view

Pinoy pop/rock favourite Truefaith, and the pioneer of Pinoy point-

seats (Pwede Na!) are also available for SGD50.

of-view wit-based stand-up comedy, Tim Tayag.

Tickets are available at: • Our




Simply put, Truefaith is one of the most enduring, as well as one of the most prolific Filipino pop/rock bands.


Since their 1993

radio debut, they’ve had more than a dozen albums released, with even more hit songs, including “Huwag Na Lang Kaya”, “Muntik ng Maabot ang Langit”, “Hi!”, “Alaala”, “Sa Puso Ko”, “Awit Para Sa Kanya”, “Kung OK Lang Sa ‘Yo”, “Sumasarap ang Gising”, “Dahil Ikaw”, “Sayang Ang Lahat”, “Araw’t Gabi” and many more. Their latest album, “The Love Parade”, is out under Viva Records. Truefaith’s current lineup includes Eugene Marfil (acoustic

• Smart Saver Travel. The travel agency/office is located at Lucky Plaza @02-25/26, with telephone numbers 6736.4575 or 6736.4530. • Zagu Food & Drink. The Pinoy-friendly food establishment is located at Lucky Plaza @04-20. • Or through our ticket hotline at 8361.8311 For more information about the show, our special online contests, ticket details and other inquiries, check out the official website at

guitar), Allan Elgar (lead guitar), Medwin Marfil (lead vocals),

The Pinoy Pride Fair 2011 is made possible by:

Benedict Esguerra (drums), Bimbo Yance (bass guitar) and Jake

• SMDC, our Official Real Estate Partner

Lumacad (keyboards).

• Cebu Pacific Air, the Philippines’ largest national flag carrier, our

Aiza Seguerra For years, Aiza Seguerra was a household name in the entertainment

Official Airline Partner • Cathy Valencia Skin and Body Centre, the Official Pinoy Pride Beauty Partner

world, dominating both TV and movie industries by playing

• And our media partners: PinoySG, MASP | Making Art in Singapore

adorable child characters. When her appeal and popularity as a

through Photography, Yehey!,,, Results.

child star had waned over the years, she transitioned into the music


industry with a successful debut in 2001. Her first single, “Pagdating

(Modern-Day Hero), an international magazine published and

ng Panahon”, was a big hit and won acclaim and accolades, and she

distributed in Singapore.

36 Bagong Bayani MAY 2011

kulturang pinoy

The By Dario D. Surio, Jr. Photos Courtesy of FEWS


he Philippines as the only Christian country in Asia

the Pastoral Council together with the priest will announce as to

venerates the yearly celebration of Santakrusan

who will be the Reynas for the Saturday processions. Sometimes

or Flores de Mayo every time the month of May

the priest chooses two barangays where the Reynas would be

comes. This activity of the Roman Catholics is

chosen. Then, he will assign another two barangays for the next

very exciting and considered as one of the most

procession until the last day of the month. Of course, aside from

colorful events in church throughout the year. Filipinos—young

the selected Reynas for the Saturday or Sunday processions, the

and old, especially the Roman Catholics are so involved in this kind

committee would also decide to select single ladies for the popular

of significant and memorable activity.

contest, the search for the Reyna and Rey Constantine. Most often, the proceeds are utilized for the improvement of the church or

As a Roman Catholic, I have witnessed how Filipinos observe

used in some important matters.

this meaningful event since during my younger years I was always on the go in the various church affairs. At the age of five, I started

Spearheading such important activity in the church does not

attending the Summer Catechism. I became an active Altar Boy.

only capture the interest of the people, but it also gives them the

Fortunately, at the age of twelve, I served as one of the Catechists

chances to be inspired and somehow be motivated to continuously

in our parish and participated in different religious gatherings

serve and love our Heavenly Father who is our source of life and

like Youth Camp, and others. With what the parishioners were

many beautiful things. It directs us also to take the right paths.

making, I could say that the Filipinos truly have a unique culture that reflects a colorful religious tradition we can be proud of, most

All people behind the celebration of the annual Santakrusan

particularly the Flores de Mayo or the Santakrusan. Yes, for me, the

are so involved—the Reynas, Members of the Pastoral Council

Roman Catholic religion is not complete without attending or even

together with the priest, Catechists, Catechumens, Hermana

participating in this colorful tradition.

Mayor, the town’s Officials and the constituents. Each of them has

The celebration of the Santakrusan (Flores de Mayo) is felt as the month of May begins. However, in other towns, sometimes, they make it at the end of the month as a culminating activity especially for the one-month novena, mass prayers, and processions. Of course, it is also done as an affair for the coronation rites of the Reyna Elena and Rey Constantine. As what I’ve already mentioned, the event is so exciting and fun-filled. Foremost, the members of 38 Bagong Bayani MAY 2011

Reyna elena DaRlene at Rey Constantino aleksanDaR

kulturang pinoy a significant part in the commemoration of the said meaningful

amount or get even more. Yes, their happy and proud parents


would help prepare food for the celebration.

The chosen Reynasâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;the Vanderada, de las Flores, Martires,

The Hermana Mayor (known as the principal sponsor) has an

Elena and others including the Rey Constantine are quite busy

essential part, too. Being the principal sponsor, he has to offer

prior to the activity. They provide for their attireâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;beautiful outfit,

bigger amount for the church, prepare the invitation, take charge

decorated arch and look for friends or relatives to handle it as

of some church decorations and will provide or prepare food

they walk around the town during the procession. Of course, the

for the devotees of Virgin Mary especially those who attend the

members of the Pastoral Council were also busy most particularly

thanksgiving mass.

in the management of the activity. The celebration does not stop after the Holy Mass; however, it Other people have their contributions, too. The catechists and

continues and ends up during the culminating or the Coronation

catechumens show their participation by attending the novena

Night. It has full of excitement. Almost all people from all walks of

and mass prayers and the procession, a gesture of love and

life participate in this activity. However, let us always bear in our

veneration to Virgin Mary. They also involve themselves during the

minds that what we are making is part of our being Christians and

culminating activityâ&#x20AC;Śthe catechists assist in the program and the

let us not forget that our main intention is to show our great love

catechumens are present for the recognition.

and veneration to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Blessed Mother of our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

If there is a popularity contest in the search for Reyna Elena and Rey Constantine, the candidates are also busy distributing their

(The author is a Head Teacher I of Don Juan F. Avalon National High

envelopes to their relatives and friends to complete the needed

School in San Roque, Northern Samar, Philippines)

MAY 2011 Bagong Bayani 39



abor Day fell on a Sunday, and unlike the previous years, there were no big rallies, no violent protests, only a speech from the president that was

criticized by some sectors who felt that he was not doing enough. But then again, that is not sufficient reason why we should not celebrate Labor Day just the same. After all, we work almost all the time and even if May 1 is over, who would not celebrate the fact that we still have jobs that pay us so we can have enough to feed our families and buy the things we want for them? So, whether it is May 1 or not, take a break and enjoy the day to tell yourself of things that would mean to you and to others who are on the same boat. Hey, this is your day. Go to the mirror; give yourself a pat on the head, a butterfly

Therapy would consider having fun to be

cheaper, economical product prices. That’s

hug, smile and tell yourself: “Woah, this

part of our basic needs; that’s why on Labor

how attractive number 9 is; allowing us to

day is my day, I deserve a break!” You

Day and even on the rest of May days, it

have a mindset that an item ends with 9 is

deserve nothing but the best so this is the

feels so wonderful to take it easy and have

a lot economical than a similar item that

day everyone is waiting for all over the

time for ourselves.

ends with another amount. That is why, here are 19 distress-free ways to make each

world!! Labor Day, Labour Day, May Day or Worker’s International Day, whatever it is

Nine (9) is a number almost always

called in different countries, it is a rest day

associated with business, buy and selling

for all of us. This year’s Labor Day was obviously a very

OFWs especially in Singapore. The worldrenowned psychologist, Dr.


G l a s s e r , proponent


Choice Theory/Reality 40 Bagong Bayani MAY 2011

not take too long...):

stuffs especially if you’re into selling, working

“Enjoy your bed and pillow as long as you like. Treasure the moment.”

1. First things first! You need to grab a



copy of this May issue of Bagong Bayani



(Modern-Day Hero) before you are able

higher pay,

to enjoy going over this article and the

a t t a i n

rest of the articles. In the first place, this


is what this magazine is for—to make


OFWs happy in a not so far away land

, achieve

from our country. I bet, your month is


not complete without BAGONG BAYANI.


peaceful and restful day to all the

day a fun day for you (don’t worry this will


2. Enjoy your bed and pillow as long

a worker is also

as you like (for this day only, please).


a consumer, as being one of them, we look for

Treasure the moment. 3. If it’s still not enough, sleep, sleep and


Distress-Free Ways to Celebrate May Days! Dr. Mariglo Vicente Camero, CCI, DAAETS


sleep (make sure you wake up the following day). 4. If you’re alone, massage yourself; if

11. Eat your favorite food and take your favorite drink. (You have to know what you really want first.)

out of the available stock. 17. Window shop in a mall and see what’s new. Go home immediately before you feel tired.

there’s another person aside from you,

12. Look at the nearby towers, count

ask the other fellow to just give you a

the number of floors they have or

back massage.

appreciate the structure they have.

staying there for 1- 2 hours or more

5. Wake up to a brand new day. Thank

13. Just by looking at the pics of friends

while soaking your feet on a small pail.

God for being alive, awake and being

and your friend’s friends plus updates

19. Count your blessings and write them

in a beautiful country (aside from our

in their lives in a social networking site,

down. Have a happy Labor Day

country, of course).

then you will not notice your one of


6. Look at yourself in the mirror from the moment you rise from the bed (so you can appreciate your natural look). 7. Gargle and toothbrush with a “cool” toothpaste. 8. Eat a healthy breakfast. (Apparently, this should have been made available

your May days is over. 14. Open the tv and watch something funny or amusing for you.

aloud. 10. This time, don’ t just listen, try to dance with the music.

Now that you have gone through all the ways on how you can celebrate Labor Day,

15. Singapore has a lot of beauty spots and

always remember that work may define

wholesome places; just take a stroll.

what our standing is in life, but it is never

There might be other corners you have

enough to define who we are really and

not been to.

what we mean to those around us. What defines us is our reason why we do things

in your refrigerator the previous day). 9. Listen to upbeat music (that you like)

18. Do your own spa in the restroom by

16. Go to a nearby convenient store and try

and for whom we do things.

to see what you like for snack. If it’s really hot, just look inside the refrigerator and come up with something extraordinary

To all the Filipino workers at home and abroad, CARPE DIEM! MAY 2011 Bagong Bayani 41



Parangal kay Inay Hazeil R. Miñoza Anak : “Ma, naipadala ko na po ang Php 5,000. Salamat po sa

Madali naming nahihingi ang mga materyal na bagay tulad

pagtitiis at sakripisyo po ninyo rito sa Singapore. Ganito pala

ng relo, cell phone, magagarang damit at mga laruan, subalit

ang nararamdaman ng nagpapadala. Ako naman po ngayon. ”

hindi nito mapunan ang tunay na pag-aruga ng magulang na hinahanap naming magkakapatid lalo’t kung kami ay

Nanay: “ Naiyak naman ako anak sa text mo. Maraming salamat,

nagkakasakit. Sa murang isipan ng isang sampung taon ay hindi

ha. I love you. Mag-ingat ka lagi diyan “

ko pa maintindihan noon ang ginawang sakripisyo ng aking mga magulang maitawid lamang kami sa kahirapan at mapag- aral sa

Tawagin ninyo na lamang po akong “PH”. Sampung taon pa

maayos na eskwelahan.

lamang ako ng mag umpisang “mag-abroad” ang “Mommy” patungong Singapore. Sumabay ding mag-abroad ang “Daddy”

Taong 2005 nang ako’y malipat dito sa Singapore upang

patungong Saudi Arabia naman at “lola” ang nagpalaki sa aming

makapaglingkod sa Cornerstone Community Church bilang

apat na magkakapatid. Hindi namin namamalayan ang paglipas

Pastor ng Filipino Congregation. Dito nagbalik sa aking alaala

ng mga taon, nasanay na kapiling ang lola at nakamulatan

ang mga taon na binuhos ng aking ina upang mamasukan at

na namin ang tumanggap ng “remittance” buwan- buwan .

mapadalhan kami ng mga bagay na kailangan namin. Habang

Natuto kami sa murang gulang na pagkasyahin ang anumang

umaakyat ako sa mga “overpass” para tumawid, naiisip ko na


ganito ring pagtawid ang ginawa noon ni “Mommy”. Dinanas rin

42 Bagong Bayani MAY 2011

feature “Ang unang sahod na ipinadala ko sa aking ina ang pinakamasaya kong regalo sa kanya sa buong buhay ko. Punong-puno ito ng paggalang at pagmamahal sa nanay na nagtiis ng lungkot, napalayo sa pamilya at nanilbihan sa mga dayuhan para sa aming ikabubuti.” niya ang ma-homesick at mag-alala sa tuwing nakakabalita ng

sa aming ikabubuti.

may naoospital sa pamilya. Hindi pala biro ang makipagsapalaran sa ibang bansa.

Kalimutan na ang sama ng loob at mga hinanakit na matagal nang kinimkim sa puso na napakabigat dalhin. Tawagan mo siya

Maaaring ang iyong nanay ay hindi namasukan dito sa

at kumustahin. Naghihintay siya sa iyo.

Singapore gaya ng aking nabanggit. Marahil ay may simpleng pangarap lamang siya para sa inyong pamilya. Nabigo ka man ng iyong ina sa maraming bagay, huwag mong kalilimutan na

“ Igalang mo ang iyong ama’t ina. Sa gayo’y mabubuhay kayo ng matagal sa lupaing ibinigay ko sa inyo.” Exodo 20:12

sa kanya ka pa rin nanggaling”. Hindi tayo ang pumipili kung kaninong Nanay tayo ipapanganak. Ang lahat ng ito ay nasa

Rev. Hazeil R. Miñoza is the Pastor of Cornerstone Filipino

mahiwagang plano at layunin ng Diyos.

Congregation, Singapore and Cornerstone, Marikina Philippines. She is a graduate of Zion Ministerial Institute in Philippines and the

Ang unang sahod na ipinadala ko sa aking ina ang

School of Leadership from Tung Ling Bible School Singapore. Having

pinakamasaya kong regalo sa kanya sa buong buhay ko. Punong-

been in full time ministry for 18 years, Pastor Hazeil has a passion for

puno ito ng pag-galang at pagmamahal sa nanay na nagtiis ng

raising and training leaders in the Body of Christ.

lungkot, napalayo sa pamilya at nanilbihan sa mga dayuhan para

MAY 2011 Bagong Bayani 43


Roses for Mothers T

and to make it special for your beloved mother, why don’t

whiTe: puRiTY, innocence, sYmpaThY, and spiRiTuaLiTY

you give her some roses? However, you should choose

The white rose is a traditional wedding flower, also known as the

the right color to give her because each rose color has a unique

bridal rose. Early tradition used white roses as a symbol for the love

meaning that conveys a message to the recipient. Here they are:

and association which would later become the hallmark of the red

he month of May highlights “Mothers’ Day” celebration,

rose. In this sense, white symbolizes unity, virtue, and pureness of a

Red: Love and Romance

new love. White roses are also associated with honor and reverence

One of the most universal of all symbols, the red rose is the classic

which make them fitting memories of a departed loved one.

symbol of love and romance. It means “I love you.” It has also appeared throughout history and across cultures as both political and religious symbols.

oRanGe: desiRe, enThusiasm, and passion A mixture of yellow and red, orange roses were seen as a bridge

YeLLow: TRue fRiendship, JoY, and caRe

between friendship symbolized by yellow roses and love represented by red roses. They convey fascination or a gift to

In history and literature, yellow has been closely associated

express “I’m proud of you.”

with the sun, making these roses excellent for cheering people up. Yellow roses convey a meaning of appreciation and platonic feelings of joy and delight. It is the perfect innocent gift to give a

LavendeR: enchanTmenT, maJesTY, Love aT fiRsT siGhT

friend when you simply want to say “I care.” It also means “I’m happy

Shades of lavender suggest an air of regal majesty and splendor. It

with our friendship.”

has a traditional association with royalty. It is a symbol of falling in

love without the romantic subtext of other color. Yellow represents

love. When you give lavender roses to a person, you mean “I have

pink: Love, GRaTiTude, and appReciaTion

fallen in love with you.”

Grace, elegance, as well as sweetness and poetic romance are the connotations in pink roses. Dark or deep pink roses are symbolic

Now that you know the meanings of rose colors, take your

of gratitude and appreciation. It simply means “Thank you.” Light

choice for appropriate occasions, and “Mothers’ Day” is one of

pink roses are associated with gentleness and admiration, and can

these truly special occasions.

also be used as an expression of sympathy. Regular pink represents happiness. It is great to give pink roses to a person just to say “I’m very happy with our relationship.”

Choose to buy with confidence roses with colors that express “I love you” or “Thank you” Mom or Mama and you’ll surely make her very, very happy.

44 Bagong Bayani MAY 2011


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