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Design Principal

Boma Wykan

Abimantra Pradhana

Boma Wykan studied Architecture  at the Trisakti University in  Jakarta. His deep understanding  on Engineering and Architecture  has leaded him to create well  detailed and artistic planning of a  Building.  His talent and gift in  business development strategy  has given a plus point in his  architecture work; besides his  beautiful architecture, he also  gives vision and inputs for the  business perspectives of the  project so that client could  understand the benefits of their  investment in architecture.

Abimantra studied architecture at  the Trisakti University in Jakarta  and continuing for Master of  Urban Design in National  University of Singapore (NUS) in  Singapore.  His passion and talent in  architecture and urban design has  made him won numbers of awards  and prize in national design  competition such as 2nd prize for  Masterplan of New Primary Center  of East Jakarta and 2nd Prize for  Trisakti Rectorate Building Design  competition. 


Office Location

Our office : Rumah Hobi Kemang, 3rd  floor


Conceptual design Schematic design Construction documentation Basic cost estimation Construction supervision

This services could be negotiatied  for the Client’s by the firm acting  as the client’s agents and they  include the selection, organizing,  and coordination with project and  construction management  consultant


Architecture 01 Benda Kemang town house 02 Muhammadyah, rawamangun 03 Embassy Of Pakistan 04 Vassa Lake townhouse 05 Dhanis & Iis house, pasar minggu 06 Ruben’s house

Interior 07 Well Done Steak House 08 Peter's office

Competition 10 Student housing UI, depok 10 Sunter residence, rusunam, north jakarta 

Masterplan 11 University town, residential campus, singapore      Fu Tiang District spatial analysis, Shenzen, china      Techno park & research complex, singapore 12 Islamic center_NTB      Redevelopment, Hutan kali pesanggrahan      Sentra primer baru timur,  jakarta

01 architecture

Projects : Benda Kemang town house Status :  Completed, 2009.

Team : Abimantra Pradhana Anissa Santoso Kustiawan

02 achitecture

Projects : Muhammadyah, rawamangun Status :  Design, 2007.

Team : Boma Wykan Adikusuma Purwanto Kustiawan

03 architecture

Projects : Embassy Of Pakistan Status :  Completed, 2007.

Team : Boma Wykan Adikusuma Purwanto  Kustiawan

04 achitecture

Projects : Vassa Lake townhouse Status :  Design, 2009.

Team : Abimantra Pradhana M. Taufik Rahmatullah   Anissa Santoso

05 architecture

Projects : Team : Abimantra Pradhana Arka Narendra  Dhanis & Iis house, pasar minggu.   Gugun Gunari Status :  Completed, 2009.

06 architecture

Projects : Ruben’s house Status :  Design, 2009.

Team : Abimantra Pradhana Kustiawan

07 interior

Projects : Well Done Steak House Status :  Completed, 2009.

Abimantra Pradhana Team : Anissa Santoso   Purwanto

08 office

Projects : Peter's office Status :  Design, 2007.

Team : Abimantra Pradhana

09 office

Projects : Peter's office Status :  Design, 2007.

Team : Abimantra Pradhana  

10 copetition

Student housing UI_depok

Sunter residence, rusunami_north jakarta 

11 Master plan

University town, residential campus singapore

Fu Tiang District spatial analysis Shenzen, china

Techno park & research complex singapore

12 Master plan

Islamic center_NTB


Sentra primer baru timur

Hutan kali pesanggrahan


cp square  

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