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Summary: This guidebook is for ages 11-13. The guidebook will explain how to survive the U-32 cafeteria. It will tell you how to order your food, find a table to sit, how to pay, etc. You must already know but just in case the book you are reading is called The Wildlife. By Anna Richardson, and Sam Fielder, and Macenzie Brown.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Lunch Lines Chapter 2: Finding a Seat Chapter 3: Food Choices Chapter 4: Paying Chapter 5: Recommendations Chapter 6: Warnings Chapter 7: Map

Chapter 1: Lunch Lines

One of the many things you will have to know how to do at U-32 is how to get through the lunch lines. There are two different lines. One of the lines is the sandwich line. The other line is the hot lunch line. The sandwich line is the first line when you walk into the cafeteria. The sandwich line is generally popular because it is the healthier lunch choice. If you don’t get to the front of the line you may be waiting almost the whole lunch to get a sandwich. The hot lunch line is the second line when you walk in the cafeteria. The hot lunch line can be busy because there is a salad bar, hot lunch, and pizza is all part of the same line, so people may push or shove. This is the hot lunch line:

This is the sandwich line:

Chapter 2: Finding a Seat First things first, you may have trouble finding a seat because of dirty tables, or it’s too crowded. This of course all depends on what lunch band

you have. If you have lunch band 3 it will be the easiest to find a seat because it is the first lunch band and the tables are clean and there aren’t any high schoolers there when you first go in. This will be harder with lunch band 4. The tables may have milk all over them and there will be high schoolers. Lunch band 5 is easy and hard. The tables are the dirtiest but there are less high schoolers. The tables during lunch band 4:

Chapter 3: Food Choices In the year 2012 there were many other choices but that all changed when it happened they got rid of many choices except hot lunch, sandwiches, the side choices, and the salad bar. Many people prefer the sandwiches or the salad bar. Some people like the side choices because they are simple. In the hot lunch line or sandwich line you have to have a

fruit. The choices are apples,pears,oranges, pineapple, cantaloupe, and raisins. Usually the fruit will be in bowls on top of the carts, usually the pineapple and cantaloupe will be on plates to grab freely.

Chapter 4: Paying There are two ways of paying the cashier. Most people use their account. To use your account you have to bring money in and then the lunch ladies/men will put it on your account. You will also be given a lunch number to use whenever you buy something. It is very important to not go into debt on your account and to remember your number. You can also just pay in cash. This way you don’t have to remember any lunch numbers. But,

you do have to remember to bring money each day or you will have a long day because no money=no food.

Chapter 5: Recommendations You really want to try to find clean tables so you don’t get anyone else's garbage left over on your food. Also try to watch your lunch money level because friends may ask for you to get them ice cream! You might also want to know what you are getting into when it comes to dealing with getting food. I know when you bug the teachers to leave they don’t like it and some make you wait till everyone else has left or have you walk with them to the cafeteria.

Chapter 6: Warnings There are some things that you should be aware of about the U-32 cafeteria. One of them is that if you forget to grab a fruit the lunch people will get very mad. They can also get frustrated if you type in the wrong number especially if it happens multiple times in one day. If you type the wrong number there is a photo of the persons account so they can tell whether it is your account. You also should know that if you don’t respect the lunch people they will not like you and they will probably give you a hard time.

Chapter 7: Map See Map below

Chapter 8: Additional Pictures Example of online hot lunch menu:

Drink options:

Recycling, trash, and compost bins:

The Wildlife  

a guidebook to help you survive the u32 cafeteria