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Russian chair

Russian Empire (Russian Kingdom) was created exactly Ivan the Terrible. In 1547, the Grand Duke of Moscow, Ivan IV the Terrible was crowned King. And if we go back to that time. look at the decoration of the king palace, we will see: It was luxuriously furniture. Furniture was adorned with gold and precious stones, red velvet, hand-painted and so on. And in parallel we can look at the lives of ordinary peasants, who served the kingdom. These people lived a very simple and poor, they lived in wooden huts, all their furniture was made of wood. Since it was available material. Until now, we see this in parallel for today's Russia, this great contrast of very rich and very poor people in a single country. My concept is how I see Russia. A mix of expensive material with an old wood from a poor hut.

My chair was created from material: 1. Red velvet

2. Old wood

3. Gold nails

Сhair was carved out of solid wood, then put a pillow of red velvet and nailed nails by hammer Another way-legs of сhair could be twist in sit

russian chair  

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