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Welcome to the Arsenal Pulp Press Academic Catalogue for 2013, featuring books of interest to academic audiences from one of North America’s most innovative publishers.

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arsenal pulp press, based in Vancouver, Canada, specializes in a number of subject areas, including fiction, poetry, cultural studies, First Nations and multicultural studies, lgbtq literature, gender studies, visual arts, and history.

Please consult the back page for contact and ordering information. note

Titles in this catalogue are listed in alphabetical order under the categories of Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Poetry. A subject index appears on the next two pages to guide you along.

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subject index

asian studies Automaton Biographies Beauty Plus Pity Escape to Gold Mountain Farewell My Concubine Fire Hopeful Monsters A Little Distillery in   Nowgong When Fox is a Thousand black studies 49th Parallel Psalm After Canaan Bluesprint The Last Genet Performance Bond So Long Been Dreaming Soucouyant canadian studies After Canaan The Imaginary Indian National Dreams Seeing Reds Stan Douglas:   Every Building … cultural studies After Canaan Dictionary of Homophobia The Imaginary Indian National Dreams Stan Douglas:   Abbott & Cordova … Stan Douglas:   Every Building … The Uncanny english 49th Parallel Psalm Automaton Biographies Basement of Wolves Beauty Plus Pity Bluesprint Bull Head The Carnivorous Lamb The Child Class Warfare Close to Spider Man

23 3 5 14 14 6 7 11

23 12 13 16 23 10 10

12 15 17 19 20

12 14 15 17 19 20 21

23 23 3 3 13 3 3 4 4 4

Crossings The Dirt Chronicles Empathy Finistère First Person Queer First Spring Grass Fire Hard Core Logo Hopeful Monsters How Poetry Saved My Life The Inverted Gaze The Last Genet The Lava in My Bones A Little Distillery in   Nowgong London Triptych Loose End The Mere Future Missed Her The Nearest Exit May   Be Behind You The Only Poetry That   Matters One in Every Crowd One Man’s Trash Patience & Sarah Performance Bond Rat Bohemia Second Person Queer Seminal Shuck Skids So Long Been Dreaming Song of the Loon Soucouyant Sub Rosa Venous Hum When Fox is a Thousand The World Is Moving   Around Me The Young in One   Another’s Arms film studies Death in Venice Farewell My Concubine Fire Gods and Monsters Hard Core Logo Law of Desire Montreal Main

4 5 4 5 14 6 6 6 15 16 16 7 7 7 7 8 8 17 17 8 9 9 23 9 19 23 9 10 10 10 10 11 11 11 22 11

13 14 14 15 6 16 17

Paris is Burning Shoot It! Strangers on a Train Trash The Uncanny Word Is Out Zero Patience

18 19 20 20 21 22 22

first nations studies 500 Years of Resistance   Comic Book The Imaginary Indian A Little Rebellion Resistance & Renewal Stoney Creek Woman Victims of Benevolence

12 15 16 18 20 21

french studies Dictionary of Homophobia The Inverted Gaze The Last Genet

14 16 16

gender studies Brazen Femme Butch is a Noun Close to Spider Man Dictionary of Homophobia First Spring Grass Fire Loose End Missed Her The Nearest Exit May   Be Behind You One in Every Crowd One Man’s Trash Paris is Burning Persistence queersexlife history 500 Years of Resistance   Comic Book Anarchy and Art Anti-Capitalist Resistance   Comic Book Dictionary of Homophobia Escape to Gold Mountain How It All Began The Imaginary Indian The Last Genet National Dreams

13 13 4 14 6 7 8 16 8 9 18 18 18

12 12 12 14 5 15 15 16 17

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Seeing Reds The World Is Moving   Around Me

19 22

lgbtq studies Basement of Wolves Brazen Femme Butch Is a Noun The Carnivorous Lamb The Child Close to Spider Man Death in Venice Dictionary of Homophobia The Dirt Chronicles Empathy Farewell My Concubine Finistère Fire First Person Queer First Spring Grass Fire Gods and Monsters How Poetry Saved My Life The Inverted Gaze The Last Genet The Lava in My Bones Law of Desire London Triptych Loose End Macho Sluts Missed Her Montreal Main The Nearest Exit May   Be Behind You One in Every Crowd One Man’s Trash Paris is Burning Patience & Sarah Persistence queersexlife Rat Bohemia Second Person Queer Seminal Shuck Song of the Loon Strangers on a Train Trash Venous Hum When Fox is a Thousand Word Is Out The Young in One   Another’s Arms Zero Patience

3 13 13 3 4 4 13 14 5 4 14 5 14 14 6 15 15 16 16 7 16 7 7 8 8 17 17 8 9 18 9 18 18 9 19 23 9 10 20 20 11 11 22 11 22

multicultural studies 49th Parallel Psalm 500 Years of Resistance   Comic Book After Canaan Automaton Biographies Beauty Plus Pity Bluesprint Escape to Gold Mountain Farewell My Concubine Fire Hopeful Monsters The Imaginary Indian A Little Distillery in   Nowgong Performance Bond So Long Been Dreaming Soucouyant Venous Hum When Fox is a Thousand political science Anarchy and Art Anti-Capitalist Resistance   Comic Book How It All Began The Last Genet Seeing Reds sociology Anarchy and Art Dictionary of Homophobia First Person Queer How It All Began How Poetry Saved My Life The Imaginary Indian A Little Rebellion Resistance & Renewal Second Person Queer Skids Stan Douglas:   Every Building … Stoney Creek Woman V6A Victims of Benevolence The World Is Moving   Around Me urban studies Stan Douglas:   Abbott & Cordova …

23 12 12 23 3 13 5 14 14 6 15 7 23 10 10 11 11

12 12 15 16 19

12 14 14 15 15 15 16 18 19 10 20 20 21 21 22

Stan Douglas:   Every Building … V6A Vancouver Art &   Economies Yarn Bombing

20 21 21 22

visual arts Anarchy and Art Brazen Femme Stan Douglas:   Abbott & Cordova … Stan Douglas:   Every Building … The Uncanny Vancouver Art &   Economies Yarn Bombing women’s studies Automaton Biographies Brazen Femme Butch is a Noun The Child Close to Spider Man Crossings Dictionary of Homophobia Empathy Fire First Person Queer First Spring Grass Fire Hopeful Monsters How Poetry Saved My Life A Little Rebellion Loose End Macho Sluts Missed Her The Nearest Exit May   Be Behind You One in Every Crowd One Man’s Trash Patience & Sarah Persistence Rat Bohemia Second Person Queer Stoney Creek Woman Sub Rosa When Fox is a Thousand The Young in One   Another’s Arms

12 13 19 20 21 21 22

21 13 13 4 4 4 14 4 14 14 6 6 15 16 7 8 8 17 8 9 9 18 9 19 20 11 11 11


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fi ti c o

beauty plus pity

Daniel Allen Cox

Kevin Chong

A taut, beautifully layered novel by Lambda Literary, ReLit, and Ferro-Grumley Award finalist Cox (Shuck, Krakow Melt), about a paranoid actor who barricades himself in an L.A. hotel after feeling that fame has ruined him. There he befriends a skateboarder whose curious knowledge of chemicals can only mean protection for the both of them. A work of dream logic, Basement of Wolves is a haunting and cinematic romp through identity crisis.

A modern immigrant’s tale about a slacker twentysomething Asian-Canadian living in Vancouver who is about to embark on a modelling career when his life is suddenly derailed by two near-simultaneous events: the death of his filmmaker father, and the betrayal of his fiancée who has left him. Soon he meets Hadley, the half-sister he never knew existed—the result of his father’s extramarital affair.

english, lgbtq

152 pages softcover $15.95 • $15.95 us

fall 2012 release

“A little beauty of a novel: funny, wise, and subtly heartbreaking ... [Chong’s] understanding of humanity’s foibles is wonderful, and Malcolm’s trek to maturity is one I won’t soon forget.” —Winnipeg Review asian studies, english, multicultural studies

isbn 978-1-55152-446-7 •


basement of wolves


978-1-55152-416-0 • 256 pages softcover $17.95 • $16.95 us

bull head

the carnivorous lamb

John Vigna

Augustin Gómez-Arcos with an introduction by Sharon G. Feldman

John Vigna tempers raw and at times cruel rural masculinity with graceful prose and breathtaking tenderness to illuminate the plight of men living in small towns and backwoods who belong neither to history nor the future. A startling homage to the great Southern Gothic tradition, Bull Head is a dazzling debut that heralds a powerful and exciting new literary voice. “On a thematic level, these are stories of paralysis—of characters’ inability to rise above their circumstances—that owe as much to the work of Beckett and Joyce as to Hemingway and O’Connor.” —National Post

A viciously funny, shocking yet ultimately moving 1975 novel, an allegory of Franco’s Spain, about a young gay man coming of age with a mother who despises him, a father who ignores him, and a brother who loves him. This edition includes a new introduction by Sharon G. Feldman, professor of Spanish literature and author of Allegories of Dissent: The Theater of Agustín GómezArcos, as well as an appendix of supplementary materials. a little sister’s classic

english, lgbtq

english isbn 978-1-55152-490-0 •

208 pages softcover $15.95 • $15.95 us

isbn 978-1-55152-230-2 •

288 pages softcover $19.95 • $16.95 us

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n o c ti fi

the child

class warfare

Sarah Schulman

D.M. Fraser

The Child is the eleventh and perhaps most controversial book by acclaimed lesbian writer Sarah Schulman. This novel explores the parameters of queer teen sexuality against a backdrop of hysteria and sanctioned homophobia. See Schulman’s other books on pages 5, 8, and 9.

“Schulman crafts a piercing investigation into desire, mores, and the law.” —Publishers Weekly

lambda literary award finalist

A new edition of D.M. Fraser’s 1974 story collection rooted in the politics and culture of 1970s Vancouver; a call to arms addressed to the disenfranchised about the possibilities of “the sweetness of life.” Includes an introduction by Pulp Press founder Stephen Osborne, editor of Geist magazine. “D.M. Fraser’s manipulation of language shows all the deftness of a skilled surgeon. His technical brilliance is charged here and there with a frisson of misanthropic humour that delights and unsettles.” —The Globe and Mail

english, lgbtq, women’s studies isbn 978-1-55152-243-2 •

232 pages softcover $17.95 • $17.95 us

english isbn

978-1-55152-428-3 • 160 pages softcover $15.95 • $15.95 us

close to spider man


Ivan E. Coyote

Betty Lambert

A collection of connected stories whose female narrators build lives for themselves amidst the lonely, breathtaking landscape of the Yukon. Startling in their intimacy, these tales make up a moving scrapbook of what it’s like to be a young queer woman in the North, journeys imbued with the colours of a prescient sexuality and an honest heart. See Coyote’s other books on pages 7, 8, 9, and 18.

A new edition of Betty Lambert’s 1979 novel, revolutionary for its frank and unsettling portrayal of Vicky, an educated and intelligent woman in the early 1960s who struggles to come to terms with her emotionally abusive relationship with Mik, a violent logger and ex-con. “This portrait of an artist as a young woman should stand beside Alice Munro’s Who Do You Think You Are and Margaret Laurence’s The Diviners as a testimony of the courage and cost of being a woman and a writer.” —Jane Rule

runner-up, danuta gleed award for short fiction

english, gender studies, lgbtq, women’s studies isbn 978-1-55152-086-5 •

96 pages softcover $14.95 • $11.95 us

english, women’s studies isbn 978-1-55152-427-6 •

256 pages softcover $19.95 • $19.95 us

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fi ti c o


Kristyn Dunnion

Sarah Schulman with an introduction by Kevin Killian

In these linked tales, urban outlaws map out their plans to take over the world while living collectively in an abandoned chair factory. Their community is infiltrated by the King, a dirty cop bent on obliterating the city’s defiant underclass and exterminating the group’s rogue members; in order to survive, they may have to betray what they value most: autonomy, friendship, and newly discovered concepts of freedom.


the dirt chronicles

Anna O. is a loner in New York; Doc is a postFreudian psychiatrist who hands out business cards to likely neurotics on street corners. They befriend each other in the netherworld of the Lower East Side, two unlikely people drawn together by their confusion about and empathy for the world around them and each other. This beautifully written novel is about the fluidity of desire, and how those of us damaged by love can still be transformed by it. See Schulman’s other books on pages 4, 8, and 9.

“A stand-out collection.” —National Post

a little sister’s classic

lambda literary award finalist english, lgbtq, women’s studies

english, lgbtq isbn 978-1-55152-426-9 •

248 pages softcover $17.95 • $17.95 us

isbn 978-1-55152-201-2 •

224 pages softcover $19.95 • $15.95 us

fall 2012 release

escape to gold mountain


A Graphic History of the Chinese in North America David H.T. Wong

Fritz Peters with an introduction by Michael Bronski

A sweeping graphic novel about the Chinese immigrant experience in North America over the past 150 years, beginning with the migration of Chinese to “Gold Mountain” in the 1800s, followed by decades of discrimination, subjugation, and separation from loved ones; it is also the epic journey of one family as they face these challenges with hope and determination.

A lyrical coming-of-age story first published in 1951, acclaimed by many including Gore Vidal and the New York Times, the novel follows a young American who moves to France with his mother following his parents’ divorce; he navigates his budding sexuality and complicated new relationships until he is forced to confront finistère—land’s end—where the brutal truths of the world can be found. This new edition includes an appendix of historical materials about the book and author.

Told and drawn with humour and bravado, this is a no digest of historical facts. It’s a page turner for all ages that is likely to become a classic. —The Tyee

a little sister’s classic asian studies, history, multicultural isbn 978-1-55152-476-4 •

256 pages softcover $19.95 • $19.95 us


english, lgbtq 978-1-55152-211-1 • 336 pages softcover $22.95 • $17.95 us

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n o c ti fi fall 2012 release

first spring grass fire

hard core logo

Rae Spoon

Michael Turner

Transgender singersongwriter Rae Spoon’s first book is a candid, often devastating story of growing up queer in a strict Pentacostal family in rural Alberta. As their father’s schizophrenia causes their parents’ marriage to unravel, the narrator finds solace in their siblings and in their growing feelings for a girl at school. A comingof-age book about escaping dogma, surviving abuse, finding love, and risking everything for acceptance.

Michael Turner’s classic novel-in-verse about the legendary punk band Hard Core Logo’s reunion tour transforms the rock ’n’ roll road experience into a tale of broken dreams and shattered friendships. Hard Core Logo was made into a feature film by Bruce McDonald; in 2001 it was named the #2 best Canadian film of all time by Playback. Turner is also the author of American Whiskey Bar, Company Town, and Kingsway (all Arsenal Pulp Press).

“Rae Spoon illustrates the triumph in reclaiming and controlling your own identity. This moving collection is a story of what we do to find a place, physical or intangible, that we can call home.” —National Post

english, gender studies, lgbtq, women’s studies isbn 978-1-55152-481-8 •

144 pages softcover $14.95 • $14.95 us

hopeful monsters Stories Hiromi Goto

In Hiromi Goto’s quietly devastating stories, the hopeful monsters in question are women confounded by familial duty and the ghosts of their pasts. Both poignant and frequently noisy, these stories establish Hiromi Goto’s gift for short fiction that is as compelling as her acclaimed, awardwinning novels A Chorus of Mushrooms and The Kappa Child. “The book dips like a diving rod into the nuances of tradition that separate and define generations.” —The Rain Review of Books

asian studies, english, multicultural, women’s studies isbn 978-1-55152-157-2 •

176 pages softcover $19.95 • $15.95 us

english, film studies isbn 978-1-55152-341-5 •

208 pages softcover $17.95 • $15.95 us

krakow melt Daniel Allen Cox

Daniel Allen Cox’s second novel is an incendiary story about two pyromaniacs who fight homophobia in Krakow, Poland, one of the fronts of the Solidarnosc revolution that eventually toppled the Berlin Wall in 1989. See also Shuck (page 9) and Basement of Wolves (page 3). “Cox’s splintered narrative, polished to an incisive gloss, bristles with both mischief and menace.” —Publishers Weekly lambda literary award finalist ferro-grumley fiction award finalist relit award finalist

english, lgbtq isbn 978-1-55152-372-9 •

152 pages softcover $17.95 • $15.95 us

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fi ti c

a little distillery in nowgong

Barry Webster

Ashok Mathur

An extravagant magicrealist novel about a frustrated Canadian geologist obsessed with eating rocks after embarking on his first same-sex relationship; his young sister, who becomes an object of derision and desire as she starts to ooze honey through her pores; and their obsessive Pentecostal mother, who repeatedly calls on the Holy Spirit to rid her family of its demons. Barry Webster combines elements of fairy tales, horror movies, and romances to create a comic, hallucinatory celebration of excess and sensuality.

This fantastical historical novel, narrated by a child yet to be born, traces the lives of three generations of a Parsi family in India since the late 1800s. The narrative follows the family from the intricacies of village life to the complications of urban life in turbulent pre- and post-independence struggles to contemporary diasporic realities in the United Kingdom and North America. Mathur’s other novels are Once Upon an Elephant and The Short Happy Life of Harry Kumar.

“A vast, exuberant and optimistic epic about the ebbs and flows of the lava-like oils that lubricate the world’s engine.” —National Post

“A compulsively readable work.” —The National Post

spring 2013 release


english, lgbtq 978-1-55152-478-8 • 384 pages softcover $16.95 • $16.95 us


fall 2012 release


the lava in my bones

asian studies, english, multicultural isbn 978-1-55152-461-0 •

456 pages softcover $19.95 • $19.95 us

london Triptych

loose end

Jonathan Kemp

Ivan E. Coyote

Rent boys, aristocrats, artists, and criminals populate this sweeping novel in which author Jonathan Kemp skillfully interweaves the lives and loves of three very different men in gay London across the decades. Moodily atmospheric and rich with history, London Triptych is a sexy, resplendent portrait of the politics and pleasures of queer life in one of the world’s most fascinating cities.

Coyote’s third story collection, about gender, identity, and life in Vancouver’s East End. See Coyote’s other books below and on pages 4, 8, 9, and 18. “Coyote is a remarkable storyteller … To read it is to open a secret passageway into a world that is, well, open.” —Herizons

ferro-grumley fiction award finalist

“London itself is as powerful a presence here as the three gay men whose lives it absorbs.” ­—Times Literary Supplement

english, lgbtq isbn 978-1-55152-502-0 •

english, gender studies, lgbtq, women’s studies

272 pages softcover $16.95 • $16.95 us

isbn 978-1-55152-192-3 •

176 pages softcover $17.95 • $16.95 us

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13-02-05 10:10 AM

n o c ti fi

macho sluts

the mere future

Patrick Califia with an introduction by Wendy Chapkis

Sarah Schulman

When it was first published in 1988, Pat Califia’s Macho Sluts, a collection of S/M stories set in San Francisco’s dyke bathhouses, sex parties, and S/M gay bars, shocked the lesbian community and caused an upheaval in the field of queer publishing. Nobody had ever written so frankly about the kinky potential of woman-to-woman sex (and nobody has ever done it any better). This new edition includes an introduction by Wendy Chapkis, sociology professor at the University of Southern Maine.

Sarah Schulman’s acclaimed dystopian satire about urban mores is set in New York sometime in the future, when the city has morphed into an idealized version of itself: rent is cheap, homelessness is nonexistent, and the only job left is in marketing. See Schulman’s other books on pages 4, 5, and 9. “Clever word craft, poetic political satire and biting humor on every page.” —Publishers Weekly

a little sister’s classic

lgbtq, women’s studies isbn 978-1-55152-260-9 •

400 pages softcover $19.95 • $17.95 us

english isbn 978-1-55152-424-5 •

184 pages softcover $15.95 • $15.95 us

missed her

one in every crowd

Ivan E. Coyote

Ivan E. Coyote

The first young-adult book by acclaimed storyteller Ivan E. Coyote, written specifically for LGBTQ youth who deal with gender, identity, and bullying issues. Comprised of new stories and others culled from previous collections, One in Every Crowd is for anyone who has ever felt different or alone in their struggle to be true to themselves. Ages 14 and up.

The fifth story collection by Coyote, a master storyteller whose personal tales of gender, identity, and growing up queer in the Yukon have transfixed audiences and readers around the world. See Coyote’s other books above and on pages 4, 7, and 18.

“Coyote has a gift for blending the tragic and comic that renders a reader gobsmacked.” —Quill and Quire american library association’s best of the year list

english, gender studies, lgbtq, women’s studies isbn 978-1-55152-371-2 •

224 pages softcover $18.95 • $16.95 us

“Coyote has a gift for blending the tragic and comic in a way that renders a reader gobsmacked.” —Quill and Quire (starred review)

english, gender studies, lgbtq, women’s studies isbn 978-1-55152-459-7 •

224 pages softcover $15.95 • $15.95 us

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Academic2013.indd 8

13-02-05 10:10 AM

fi ti c o n

one man’s trash

patience & sarah

Ivan E. Coyote

Isabel Miller with an introduction by Emma Donoghue

Ivan E. Coyote’s second story collection about gender and identity. See Coyote’s other books left and on pages 4, 7, 8, and 18. “What makes Coyote’s stories special—her humour, her humanity, her talent for sketching the bizarre in the everyday—soars beyond cliché.” —Toronto Star

Patience & Sarah is a historical romance that was a touchstone for the burgeoning gay and women’s activist movements of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Set in the 19th century, it celebrates the joys of an uninhibited love between two strong women with a confident defiance that remains relevant today. This edition features an appendix of supplementary materials, and an introduction by Emma Donoghue, author of the award-winning novel Room. a little sister’s classic

english, gender studies, lgbtq, women’s studies isbn 978-1-55152-120-6 •

136 pages softcover $16.95 • $16.95 us

english, lgbtq, women’s studies isbn 978-1-55152-191-6 • 240 pages softcover

$21.95 • $17.95 us

rat bohemia


Sarah Schulman

Daniel Allen Cox

Shuck is the intense, dazzling diary of Jaeven Marshall, a quasi-homeless hustler who seeks his fame and fortune in New York, where he tries to manage his reputation as the city’s porn star du jour when he’s not dumpster diving, tweaking, or trying to get published. Cox’s other novels are Basement of Wolves (page 3) and Krakow Melt (page 6).

This novel, written from the epicentre of the AIDS crisis, is a bold, achingly honest story set in the “rat bohemia” of New York City, whose huddled masses include gay men and lesbians who bond with one another in the wake of loss. Schulman is also the author of The Child (page 4), Empathy (page 5), and The Mere Future (page 8). ferro-grumley fiction award winner one of the top 100 gay/lesbian novels of all time (publishing triangle)


english, lgbtq, women’s studies 978-1-55152-235-7 • 224 pages softcover $17.95 • $17.95 us

“A startling debut novel.” —Quill & Quire lambda literary award finalist

english, lgbtq isbn 978-1-55152-246-3 •

208 pages softcover $16.95 • $14.95 us

arsenal pulp press  page 9

Academic2013.indd 9

13-02-05 10:10 AM

n o c ti fi

skids Cathleen With

The stories told in Skids are elegiac confessions of the street: young kids living on their own, many of them runaways or addicts, eking out an existence in the brutal environs of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. By the author of the BC Book Prize-winning Having Faith in the Polar Girls’ Prison. “The author’s voice is original, fresh, and authentic. With inhabits her characters from the inside out, and presents them to us with a clear, unblinking gaze. These stories feel lived rather than imagined.” —Quill & Quire

so long been dreaming

Postcolonial Science Fiction & Fantasy Nalo Hopkinson & Uppinder Mehan, eds.

A first of its kind anthology of original stories in the genre of science fiction and fantasy by leading African, Asian, South Asian, and Aboriginal authors, as well as North American and British writers of colour. Writer and editor Nalo Hopkinson notes that the science fiction/fantasy genre “speaks so much about the experience of being alienated, but contains so little writing by alienated people themselves,” an oversight that is corrected by the publication of this subversive, compelling anthology.

english, sociology isbn 978-1-55152-215-9 •

152 pages softcover $19.95 • $15.95 us

black studies, english, multicultural isbn 978-1-55152-158-9 •

272 pages softcover $24.95 • $24.95 us

song of the loon


Richard Amory with an introduction by Michael Bronski

David Chariandy

The most popular erotic gay book of the 1960s, Song of the Loon was the inspiration for two sequels, a 1970 film of the same name, at least one porn movie, and a parody novel. Unique among pulp novels of the time, the characters in this gay frontier romance are strong and romantically drawn, traits which have earned the book a place in the canon of gay American literature. Also includes an appendix of historical material. a little sister’s classic

An extraordinary first novel set in Ontario, about a Canadian-born son who returns to tend to his Caribbean-born mother suffering from dementia. “David Chariandy fully inhabits his story, his authorial labours surefooted and invisible.” —The Globe and Mail

shortlisted for the governor general’s literary award for fiction longlisted for the scotiabank giller prize longlisted for the impac dublin literary award

english, lgbtq isbn 978-1-55152-180-0 •

248 pages softcover $21.95 • $19.95 us


black studies, english, multicultural 978-1-55152-226-5 • 200 pages softcover $19.95 • $18.95 us

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fi ti c o

venous hum

Amber Dawn

Suzette Mayr

In this stunning debut novel, Amber Dawn subverts and transgresses the classic hero’s quest adventure to create a dark post-feminist vision not for the faint of heart. Sub Rosa’s reluctant heroine, a teenaged runaway unable to remember her real name, stumbles upon an underground society of ghosts and magicians, missing girls and would-be johns: a place called Sub Rosa. See also How Poetry Saved My Life (page 15).

A monstrously funny novel, Venous Hum charts the lives of Lai Fun Kugelheim and Stefanja Dumanowski, best friends who, upon hearing the news of an old high school acquaintance’s death, are gripped by an insatiable nostalgia and organize a twenty-year reunion. A satire on race, gender, sexual preference, and vegetarianism, this novel will throw your assumptions of the world and the people who inhabit it out the window.

“A uniquely rewarding read.” —The Globe and Mail

“Never fails to impress. Brash, macabre and irreverent.” —Vancouver Sun


sub rosa

lambda literary award winner

english, women’s studies isbn 978-1-55152-361-3•

320 pages softcover $22.95 • $19.95 us

english, lgbtq, multicultural, women’s studies isbn 978-1-55152-170-1 •

232 pages softcover $21.95 • $16.95 us

when fox is a thousand

the young in one another’s arms

Larissa Lai

Jane Rule with an introduction by Katherine V. Forrest

One part history, one part fairytale, one part urban discontent, this delightful novel cracks open all preconceptions of Asian women, gender, sexuality, family, faith, and the flow of time. Smart, funny, and fully-imagined, When Fox is a Thousand is beautiful, enchanting, and composed with a sure narrative hand. Features an afterword by the author, who teaches English at the University of British Columbia. See also Automaton Biographies (page 23).

a little sister’s classic

“A particularly acute pleasure.” —The Advocate

asian studies, english, lgbtq, multicultural, women’s studies isbn 978-1-55152-168-8 •

The Young in One Another’s Arms by the legendary lesbian writer Jane Rule is about the building of female communities. Combining issues of race, gender, sexuality, and politics, this warm, sophisticated novel celebrates the camaraderie and strength of women against a backdrop of war and tragedy. Includes an appendix of historical material.

264 pages softcover $21.95 • $17.95 us

english, lgbtq, women’s studies isbn 978-1-55152-181-7 •

240 pages softcover $21.95 • $16.95 us

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13-02-05 10:10 AM

n o ic ti -f n o n

the 500 years of resistance comic book

after canaan

Gord Hill

Essays on Race, Writing, and Region Wayde Compton

A powerful and historically accurate graphic portrayal of Indigenous resistance to the European colonization of the Americas, beginning with the Spanish invasion under Christopher Columbus and ending with the Six Nations land reclamation in Ontario in 2006. Gord Hill spent two years unearthing images and researching historical information to create this graphic novel, which presents the story of Aboriginal resistance in a far-reaching format. See also The Anti-Capitalist Resistance Comic Book (below).

The first non-fiction book by poet Compton, repositioning the North American discussion of race in the wake of the tumultuous 20th century, and riffing on Canada as a promised land encoded in African-American myth and song since the days of slavery. Essay subjects include the language of racial misrecognition, the failure of urban renewal, and the poetics of hip-hop turntablism. See Compton’s other books on pages 13 and 23. vancouver book award finalist

first nations studies, history, multicultural isbn

black studies, cultural studies, multicultural

978-1-55152-360-6 • 80 pages softcover $12.95 • $11.95 us


anarchy and art

the anti-capitalist resistance comic book

From the Paris Commune to the Fall of the Berlin Wall Allan Antliff

“Antliff’s research has yielded a new theoretical insight into a genre not often considered.” —Bookforum

spring 2012 release

Gord Hill

Allan Antliff interrogates moments of engagement when anarchist artists, poets, philosophers, and critics have confronted pivotal events over the past 140 years, from artist Gustave Courbet and Emile Zola’s activism during the 1871 Paris Commune, to an examination of anarchist art during the fall of the Soviet empire. Antliff teaches art history at the University of Victoria (BC) and is also the editor of Only a Beginning.

In this politically astute graphic novel, Gord Hill (The 500 Years of Resistance Comic Book, above) documents anti-capitalist and anti-globalization movements around the world, from 1999’s antiWTO protest in Seattle to 2010’s G20 summit in Toronto. The dramatic accounts trace the global origins of public protests against those in power, and depict recent events based on eyewitness testimony. As various “Occupy” movements transfix the world, this book is a deft, eye-opening look at the new class warfare, and those brave enough to wage the battle.

history, political science, sociology, visual arts isbn 978-1-55152-218-0 •

216 pages softcover $26.95 • $23.95 us

978-1-55152-374-3 • 240 pages softcover $19.95 • $18.95 us


history, political science 978-1-55152-444-3 • 96 pages softcover $12.95 • $12.95 us

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brazen femme

o n


Black British Columbian Literature & Orature Wayde Compton, ed.

Queering Fimininity Camilleri & Brushwood-Rose, eds.

If there is a unifying characteristic of black identity in British Columbia, it is surely the talent for reinvention and for pioneering new versions of traditional identities that such conditions demand. Bluesprint is a groundbreaking, first-time ­collection of this creative output: a comprehensive anthology of literature and orature by black British Columbians that includes material from the late 1800s to today. See Compton’s other books on pages 12 and 23.

This sharp-edged collection (of fiction, prose poetry, personal essay, photographs, and illustration) figures the unhyphenated femme experience emerging in performance, betrayal, violence, humour, and survival, and recognizes femme as an identity in flux and in motion. Featuring critically acclaimed writers including Camilla Gibb, Sky Gilbert, Michelle Tea, Amber Hollibaugh, and Anurima Banerji. Co-edited by Anna Camilleri, author of I Am a Red Dress, and editor of Red Light. lambda literary award finalist

english, black studies, multicultural isbn 978-1-55152-118-3 • 320 pages softcover

$24.95 • $19.95 us

gender studies, lgbtq, visual arts, women’s studies isbn 978-1-55152-126-8 •

176 pages softcover $21.95 • $19.95 us

butch is a noun

death in venice

S. Bear Bergman

Will Aitken

The first book by activist and gender-jammer Bergman (The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You, page 17): a funny, insightful, and purposely unsettling manifesto on what it means to be butch (and not). Butch is a Noun chronicles the perplexities, dangers, and pleasures of living life outside the gender binary. This edition includes a new afterword by the author. Bergman is also co-editor of Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation.

A Queer Film Classic on Luchino Visconti’s lyrical and controversial 1971 film adaptation of the Thomas Mann novel, about a middle-aged man vacationing in Venice who becomes obsessed with a youth staying at his hotel as a wave of cholera descends upon the city. The book analyzes its cultural impact and provides a vivid portrait of Visconti, an ardent Communist and grand provocateur. “Aitken zigzags from Platen to Plato to Visconti’s love life with irresistible charm.” —Washington Post a queer film classic

gender studies, lgbtq, women’s studies isbn 978-1-55152-369-9 •

224 pages softcover $19.95 • $18.95 us

film studies, lgbtq isbn 978-1-55152-418-4 •

192 pages softcover $14.95 • $14.95 us

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n o ic ti -f

A Global History of Gay & Lesbian Experience Louis-Georges Tin, ed.

Based on the work of 70 researchers in 15 countries, The Dictionary of Homophobia is a mammoth, encyclopedic book that documents the history of homosexuality, and various cultural responses to it, in all regions of the world: a masterful, engaged, and wholly relevant study that traces the political and social emancipation of a culture. “A thoughtful consideration of the global condition of gays and lesbians in the intellectual tradition of the classical French enyclopedists.” —Choice Magazine

cultural studies, french, history, lgbtq, sociology, women’s studies isbn 978-1-55152-229-6 •

496 pages cloth $44.95 • $44.95 us

Helen Hok-Sze Leung

An analysis of Chen Kaige’s acclaimed 1992 Chinese film about two male performers in the Beijing Opera and the woman who comes between them, set against the extraordinary backdrop of mid-20th-century Chinese history and politics. Farewell My Concubine won the Palme d’Or at the 1993 Cannes Film Festival. Leung is an Associate Professor in Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, BC. a queer film classic

asian studies, film studies, lgbtq, multicultural isbn

978-1-55152-362-0 • 160 pages softcover $14.95 • $14.95 us

first person queer

Shohini Ghosh

Who we are (so far) Richard Labonté & Lawrence Schimel, eds.

A thoughtful study of Fire, the controversial 1996 film by director Deepa Mehta, and the first in India to frankly depict homosexual relations, specifically the relationship between two daughters-in-law who have joined the family through arranged marriages. The film’s content sparked violent protests at cinemas in Mumbai and Delhi, setting off a maelstrom of public discourse on homosexuality and freedom of speech in India. Ghosh is a professor at Jamia Millia Islamia, a university in New Delhi.

In this wide-ranging anthology of nonfiction essays, contributors write intimate and honest firstperson accounts of queer (lesbian/gay/bisexual/trans) experience. Contributors include S. Bear Bergman, Kate Bornstein, Sharon Bridgforth, Ivan E. Coyote, Nalo Hopkinson, Katherine V. Forrest, Stan Persky, and Simon Sheppard. Labonté and Schimel are also coeditors of Second Person Queer (page 19).

a queer film classic

asian studies, film studies, lgbtq, multicultural, women’s studies isbn 978-1-55152-363-7 •

176 pages softcover $14.95 • $14.95 us

lambda literary award winner

english, lgbtq, sociology, women’s studies isbn 978-1-55152-227-2 •

224 pages softcover $21.95 • $17.95 us

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spring 2013 release


farewell my concubine

n o n

the dictionary of homophobia

n o n -f

“Tsika gives the book a feel of authenticity that goes beyond intellectual honesty and reaches emotional genuineness.” —EDGE Publications

The Personal Account of a West German Urban Guerrilla Bommi Baumann


Gods and Monsters deals with the acclaimed 1998 film about openly gay film director James Whale, best known for the Frankenstein films of the 1930s. This book examines the film from a variety of perspectives, highlighting the complexity and significance of its achievements, including its fusion of fantasy and biography.

how it all began


Noah Tsika

ti ic

gods and monsters

How It All Began is the personal testimony of Michael “Bommi” Baumann, a man who, in the late 1960s and early ’70s, was a member of the June 2nd Movement, one of the most spectacular urban guerrilla organizations in West Berlin. The original German edition of Wie Alles Anfing was seized by security police when it appeared in 1975. This English edition (first published in 1981) makes a significant contribution to the history of protest movements in Western society.

a queer film classic film studies, lgbtq isbn 978-1-55152-263-0 • 160 pages softcover


$15.95 • $14.95 us

spring 2013 release

how poetry saved my life

history, political science, sociology 978-0-88978-045-3 • 131 pages softcover $19.95 • $18.95 us

the imaginary indian

A Hustler’s Memoir Amber Dawn

The Image of the Indian in Canadian Culture Daniel Francis

Amber Dawn’s follow-up to her Lambda Awardwinning novel Sub Rosa (page 11) reveals an even more poignant and personal landscape—the terrain of sex work, queer identity, and survivor pride. This story, told in prose and poetry, offers a frank, multifaceted portrait of the author’s experiences hustling the streets of Vancouver, and the how those years nearly destroyed her; at the crux of this autobiographical narrative is the tender celebration of literature, which acted as a lifeline during her most pivotal moments. A powerful account of survival and the transformative power of literature.

The 2011 edition of a classic Canadian title by award-winning historian Francis: a revealing history of the “Indian” image mythologized in popular Canadian culture since 1850, propagating stereotypes that exist to this day. Subjects covered include the Mounted Police sagas, Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, Grey Owl, and Pauline Johnson, up to the Oka crisis and the Vancouver Winter Olympics. See Francis’s other books on pages 17 and 19.

english, lgbtq, sociology, women’s studies isbn

978-1-55152-500-6 • 176 pages softcover $15.95 • $15.95 us

canadian studies, cultural studies, first nations studies, history, multicultural, sociology isbn

978-1-55152-425-2 • 288 pages softcover $23.95 • $23.95 us

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n o ic ti -f n n


the inverted gaze

Queering the French Literary Classic in America François Cusset, translated by David Homel

the last genet

A Writer in Revolt Hadrien Laroche, translated by David Homel

Acclaimed French writer Cusset (French Theory) investigates the queering of the French literary canon by American writers and scholars in this thoughtprovoking and freeminded journey across six centuries of literary classics and sexual polemics. The survey includes the work of Baudelaire, Balzac, Crébillon, Sade, Proust, Gide, and Genet. Cusset is a professor of American Studies at the University of Paris.

A philosophical and historical reading of Jean Genet’s final two decades (1968-86), during which time he became preoccupied with the struggles of the disenfranchised and displaced: specifically, the Black Panthers, the Baader-Meinhof, and the Palestinians. It describes the adventures of a passionate and committed writer engaged with the “real,” rather than the “grammatical,” world.

“A scintillating baptism of fire for all aspiring queer Francophiles.” —Lambda Literary

“An indispensible study.” —Kirkus Reviews “An eloquent, evocative meditation.” —The Globe and Mail

english, french studies, lgbtq isbn 978-1-55152-410-8 •

142 pages softcover $17.95 • $17.95 us

black studies, french studies, history, lgbtq, political science isbn 978-1-55152-365-1 •

344 pages softcover $24.95 • $22.95 us

law of desire

a little rebellion

José Quiroga

Bridget Moran

The film Law of Desire is a grand tale of love, lust, and amnesia featuring three main characters: a gay film director; his sister, an actress who was once his brother; and a repressed, obsessive stalker (a young Antonio Banderas). This book examines the political and social context in which Pedro Almodóvar created Law of Desire, as well as its impact on LGBT cinema both in Europe and around the world. Quiroga is Professor of Spanish and Comparative Literature at Emory University in Atlanta.

The moving autobiography of a fiery and outspoken woman, the author of Stoney Creek Woman (page 20), who passed away in 1999. Her activism as a social worker was inspired by a deeply-felt desire for social and political justice. Includes the story of her public dispute against the provincial welfare system she worked for. Moran is also the author of Judgement at Stoney Creek.

a queer film classic


film studies, lgbtq 978-1-55152-262-3 • 160 pages softcover $15.95 • $14.95 us

first nations studies, sociology, women’s studies isbn 978-0-88978-252-5 •

149 pages softcover $14.95 • $12.95 us

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n o n -f

film studies, lgbtq

Myth, Memory, and Canadian History Daniel Francis

An incisive and widely acclaimed study of the most persistent icons in Canadian history, and how they inform our sense of national identity. Includes stories on such familiar Canadian topics as the rcmp, the cpr, the infantilization of Quebec, and the ideology of the canoe. It investigates aspects of the national mythology, in which history is as much storytelling as fact. Historian Daniel Francis is the author of numerous titles including The Imaginary Indian (page 15) and Seeing Reds (page 19), and is the editor of Imagining Ourselves.

canadian studies, cultural studies, history

isbn 978-1-55152-364-4 •

272 pages softcover $14.95 • $14.95 us

the nearest exit may be behind you S. Bear Bergman

Alternately unsettling and affirming, The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You is a collection of essays on gender and identity by S. Bear Bergman that is irrevocably honest and endlessly illuminating. Bergman shows us there are things you learn when you’re visibly different from those around you, whether it’s being transgressively gendered or readably queer. Bergman is also author of Butch is a Noun (page 13). lambda literary award finalist


978-1-55152-043-8 • 216 pages softcover $22.95 • $19.95 us

the only poetry that matters Reading the Kootenay School of Writing Clint Burnham

A fresh theoretical study of the Kootenay School of Writing, the notorious Vancouver-based group of poets founded in 1984 who came to be associated with “language” poetry traditions. Using the psychoanalytic criticism of Jacques Lacan and Slavoj Žizek, Burnham unpacks and demystifies the purposely dense and disjunctive poetry of KSW writers, arguing that it matters because of its materiality and politics. Burnham is an English professor at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, BC.

english, gender studies, lgbtq, women’s studies isbn 978-1-55152-264-7 •


a queer film classic

national dreams


An insightful look at Frank Vitale’s autobiographical 1974 Canadian film in which he stars as a photographer living among the outcasts, junkies, and artists populating the Montreal district known simply as “The Main.” In the film, the character Frank becomes obsessed with the young Johnny, a relationship that is doomed from the start. Co-author Waugh teaches film studies at Concordia University in Montreal.

ti ic

montreal main Thomas Waugh & Jason Garrison

208 pages softcover $19.95 • $18.95 us

english isbn

978-1-55152-429-0 • 256 pages softcover $23.95 • $23.95 us

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n o ic ti -f n n


paris is burning

fall 2013 release

Lucas Hildebrand

A book on Jennie Livingston’s 1991 documentary captures the energy, ambition, wit, and struggle of AfricanAmerican and Latino participants in the 1980s New York drag ball scene. This book contextualizes the film within the longer history of drag balls, the fervor of the culture wars, and the development of queer theory and critical race studies. Hildebrand is associate professor of film and media studies and queer studies at the University of California, Irvine. a queer film classic


All Ways Butch and Femme Ivan E. Coyote & Zena Sharman, eds.

A diverse, liberating anthology of essays that explores the parameters, history, and power of the butch/femme binary, inspired by Joan Nestle’s groundbreaking collection The Persistent Desire. Contributors include Jewelle Gomez, Thea Hillman, S. Bear Bergman, Amber Dawn, and Zoe Whittall, with a foreword by Nestle. “Persistence excels in the extreme sport of queer truth-telling … the book feels fresh and radical throughout.” —Lambda Literary american library association stonewall honor book

film studies, gender studies, lgbtq isbn 978-1-55152-519-8 •

160 pages softcover $14.95 • $14.95 us


Autobiographical Notes on Sexuality, Gender & Identity Terry Goldie

gender studies, lgbtq, women’s studies isbn 978-1-55152-397-2 •

312 pages softcover $21.95 • $19.95 us

resistance and renewal

Surviving the Indian Residential School Celia Haig-Brown

Evocative of writers Patrick Califia and Kate Bornstein, whose best works explore gender and sexuality through personal memoir, queersexlife is a frank and intimate collection of responses to theories of queer sexuality and identity as viewed through the author’s own experiences. By the editor of In a Queer Country. “An important contribution to queer theory.” —Feminist News

gender studies, lgbtq isbn 978-0-88978-236-4 •

256 pages softcover $19.95 • $19.95 us

One of the first books published to deal with the phenomenon of residential schools in Canada, this is an insightful collection of Native perspectives on the Kamloops Indian Residential School in the British Columbia Interior, and a legacy of abuse that haunts former students to this day. Haig-Brown teaches at the University of Toronto. winner, roderick haig-brown regional prize

first nations studies, sociology isbn 978-0-88978-189-4 •

172 pages softcover $16.95 • $13.95 us

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n o n -f

“These diverse essays are shocking and hilarious, and always relevant.” —Fugues english, lgbtq, sociology, women’s studies isbn 978-1-55152-245-6 •

224 pages softcover $19.95 • $18.95 us

shoot it!

The Red Scare of 1918–1919, Canada’s First War on Terror Daniel Francis


Second Person Queer, a companion to the Lambda Award-winning First Person Queer (page 14), is an anthology of essays on LGBT life written in the second-person. They take the form of letters to family and friends, missives to homophobes, confessions to lovers, and words of advice for the next generation; they deal with subjects as large and looming as violence, coming out, gay marriage, and raising children.

seeing reds


Who you are (so far) Richard Labonté & Lawrence Schimel, eds.

ti ic

second person queer

By the author of The Imaginary Indian (page 15) and National Dreams (page 17): the compelling story of a turbulent period in Canadian history in 1918-19, when a fearful federal government tried to suppress radical political activity by branding legitimate labour leaders as “Bolsheviks” and “Reds,” culminating in the Winnipeg General Strike. “A well-told tale.” —The Globe and Mail “An astonishing book.” —Georgia Straight

history, canadian studies, political science isbn 978-1-55152-373-6 •

312 pages cloth $27.95 • $26.95 us

stan douglas

Hollywood, Inc. and the Rising of Independent Film David Spaner

Abbott & Cordova, 7 August 1971 Stan Douglas

A revealing history of independent film in seven countries around the world, and how Hollywood, with its eye on the bottom line, lost its ability to support the work of creative filmmakers. Features commentary from indie film notables such as Mike Leigh, Gus Van Sant, Claire Denis, Miranda July, Woody Allen, Atom Egoyan, Catherine Breillat, Sally Potter, John Sayles, and Ken Loach.

An art book on the politics of urban conflict based on Douglas’s monumental photo mural in Vancouver depicting the 1971 Gastown Riot; it considers the implications of this event and others where conflicts arise based on class, social standing, politics, race, gender, and sexuality. Includes essays by Alexander Alberro (Columbia University), Nora M. Alter (Temple University), and Serge Guilbaut (Univ. of British Columbia). See also Stan Douglas: Every Building on 100 West Hastings (next page).

“An engaging, comprehensive study.” —MovieMaker

cultural studies, urban studies, visual arts

film studies isbn 978-1-55152-408-5 •

304 pages softcover $22.95 • $22.95 us

isbn 978-1-55152-413-9 •

114 pages cloth $40.00 • $40.00 us

arsenal pulp press  page 19

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n o ic ti -f n n


stan douglas

stoney creek woman

Every Building on 100 West Hastings Reid Shier, ed.

10th Anniversary Edition Bridget Moran

Based on a monumental digital print by Stan Douglas, one of Canada’s most distinguished contemporary artists, the essays collected here assess the state of Vancouver’s contested Downtown Eastside; its moral, economic, and social implications. The book unravels the dynamics of history and sociology, combined with photography and art, that informs our understanding of what makes a neighbourhood. See also Stan Douglas: Abbott & Cordova, 7 August 1971 (previous page).

The captivating story of Mary John, a pioneering Carrier Native whose life on the Stoney Creek reserve in central British Columbia is a capsule history of First Nations life from a unique woman’s perspective. Mary John (who passed away in 2004) was awarded the Order of Canada in 1997. By the author of Judgement at Stoney Creek and A Little Rebellion (both Arsenal). now in its 15th printing

vancouver book award winner

canadian studies, cultural studies, sociology, urban studies, visual arts isbn 978-1-55152-135-0 •

80 pages softcover $25.95 • $25.95 us

first nations studies, sociology, women’s studies isbn

978-1-55152-047-6 • 170 pages softcover $19.95 • $18.95 us

strangers on a train


Jonathan Goldberg

Jon Davies

fall 2012 release

A revealing study of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1951 thriller, about two men who meet on a train and enter into a murder plot that binds them to each other. The book details critical controversies over Hitchcock’s representations of male homosexuality. Goldberg is Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor of English at Emory University. If you’re a fan of Hitchcock’s classic film, this book is an intelligent must-have. —EDGE Publications a queer film classic

The film Trash is a down-and-out domestic melodrama about a decidedly eccentric couple: Joe, an impotent junkie (played by Warhol film regular Joe Dallesandro), and Holly (played by Warhol trans superstar Holly Woodlawn), Joe’s feisty and sexually frustrated girlfriend. Author Jon Davies argues that Trash is an allegory for the experiences of Dallesandro, Woodlawn, their co-stars, and countless other human “leftovers,” whose self-fashioning for Warhol and Morrissey’s gaze transformed them—if only fleetingly—from nobodies into somebodies. a queer film classic


film studies, lgbtq 978-1-55152-482-5 • 160 pages softcover $14.95 • $14.95 us

film studies, lgbtq isbn 978-1-55152-261-6 •

176 pages softcover $15.95 • $14.95 us

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n o n -f ti ic



Writing from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside John Mikhail Asfour & Elee Kraljii Gardiner, eds.

A dazzling and provocative examination of the cyborg—the concept of man-as-machine—in popular culture. The book collects essays and images, in colour and black-andwhite, presenting the image of the cyborg in all its imaginative guises, as an “uncanny” image that reflects our shared fascination and dread of the machine and its presence in our daily lives.

“V6A” is the postal prefix for what is often described as “the poorest neighbourhood in Canada,” Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES). This anthology refracts the experience of thirty-two writers, emerging and established, who have been a part of the DTES community in some way; their prose, poetry, and essays reappropriate the coding of the area and recast the DTES as a site of creative energy and human dignity. Includes a preface by writer Gary Geddes.

winner, canadian museums association award, best publication co-published with vancouver art gallery

cultural studies, film studies, visual art isbn 978-1-55152-116-9 •

280 pages softcover $34.95 • $27.95 us

vancouver art & economies Melanie O’Brian, ed.

vancouver book award finalist sociology, urban studies isbn 978-1-55152-462-7 •

208 pages softcover $19.95 • $19.95 us

victims of benevolence

The Dark Legacy of the Williams Lake Residential School Elizabeth Furniss

An ambitious crossdisciplinary study of art and artists in Vancouver, Vancouver Art & Economies situates the city at the centre of one of the world’s most intriguing visual arts scenes, and the political, geographic, institutional, and cultural influences which shape it. Colour and black-and-white images throughout. This anthology explores the development of contemporary art in Vancouver, covering its roots in the landscape tradition and the rise of the Vancouver School as well as the impact of cinematic and postmedium practices.” —Canadian Art


urban studies, visual arts 978-1-55152-214-2 • 236 pages softcover $27.95 • $24.95 us


the uncanny

Experiments in Cyborg Culture Bruce Grenville, ed.

An unsettling and moving study of two tragic events at an Indian residential school in central British Columbia which serve as a microcosm of the profound impact the residential school system had on Aboriginal communities in Canada throughout the 20th century.

“A solid addition to the historical record.” —BCLA Reporter

first nations studies, sociology isbn 978-1-55152-015-5 • 142 pages softcover

$18.95 • $17.95 us

arsenal pulp press  page 21

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n o ic ti -f n n


word is out

the world is moving around me A Memoir of the Haiti Earthquake Dany Laferrière, translated by David Homel

a queer film classic

A book on the groundbreaking 1977 documentary that profiles the lives of ordinary gay men and lesbians of different ages, races, and backgrounds. The film was released around the same time that Anita Bryant waged her infamous antigay campaign in Florida, and provided an important visual counterpoint to the homophobic rhetoric that Bryant and others were promulgating.

spring 2013 release

Greg Youmans

Award-winning novelist Dany Laferrière was in a Port-au-Prince restaurant in 2010 when the devastating Haiti earthquake struck. This moving and revelatory book is an eyewitness account of the quake and its aftermath. In a series of vignettes, Laferrière reveals the shock, rage, and grief experienced by those around him, the acts of heroism he witnessed, and his own sense of survivor guilt. Includes a foreword by Michaëlle Jean, former Governor General of Canada and Special Envoy for Haiti for the United Nations. “Keen observation, incisive analysis and passionate engagement mark this author’s account of the 2010 earthquake that devastated his native Haiti.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

film studies, lgbtq isbn 978-1-55152-420-7 •

192 pages softcover $14.95 • $14.95 us

Yarn bombing

english, history, sociology isbn 978-1-55152-498-6 •

185 pages softcover $15.95 • $15.95 us

zero patience

The Art of Crochet and Knit Graffiti Mandy Moore & Leanne Prain

Wendy Gay Pearson & Susan Knabe

Yarn Bombing is the definitive guidebook to covert textile street art. This full-color DIY book features 20 patterns that range from hanging shoes and knitted picture frames to balaclavas and gauntlets. The book also includes interviews with members of the international community of textile artists and yarn bombers; it’s also chock full of beautiful photographs and easy stepby-step instructions for knit and crochet installations and garments. Join the yarn bombing revolution!

An insightful look at John Greyson’s controversial 1993 film musical about the AIDS crisis which combines experimental, camp musical, and documentary aesthetics while refuting the legend of “Patient Zero,” the male flight attendant blamed for bringing the AIDS crisis to North America. Pearson and Knabe both teach in the Women’s Studies and Feminist Research department at the University of Western Ontario.

“The book borrows from the vernacular of street graffiti and halfjokingly positions yarn bombing as an illicit alternative for knitters bored making yet another Christmas sweater. It asks readers to get off their rocking chairs and ‘take back the knit’.” —New York Times


urban studies, visual arts 978-1-55152-255-5 • 232 pages softcover $21.95 • $19.95 us

“A gripping tale … passionate and smart.” —Washington Post a queer film classic

film studies, lgbtq isbn 978-1-55152-422-1 •

184 pages softcover $14.95 • $14.95 us

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po et

automaton biographies

Wayde Compton

Larissa Lai

Automaton Biographies is the first full-length solo poetry book by novelist Larissa Lai (When Fox is a Thousand) (page 10). Ambitious, eloquent, and deeply personal, these poems taken as a whole are a personal and cultural history that jostles us out of our humanness and into our relations to animal, machine, language, and one another.

Wayde Compton’s first poetry collection, which documents both the migration of blacks to Canada in the 1800s and the lives of contemporary young blacks. Compton is also the editor of Bluesprint (page 12) and the author of After Canaan (page 11), and Performance Bond (below).

“A passionate, funny, dangerous, unbearably lucid book.” —January Magazine shortlisted for the dorothy livesay poetry prize


49th Parallel psalm

“Reckons with matters of identity and questions what it is to be human in our current geopolitical and technological contexts. —Quill and Quire shortlisted for the dorothy livesay poetry prize

black studies, english, multicultural isbn 978-1-55152-065-0 •

176 pages softcover $18.95 • $15.95 us

performance Bond

asian studies, english, multicultural isbn 978-1-55152-292-0 •

168 pages softcover $19.95 • $17.95 us


Wayde Compton

The Anthology of Canada’s Gay Male Poets John Barton & Billeh Nickerson, eds.

In Performance Bond, Wayde Compton, one of the most progressive and experimental poets in Canada, defiantly and eloquently confronts the globalization and commodification of black culture. With poetry inspired by the insistent cadences of hip-hop and jazz, Compton fuses language, history, and contemporary black politics. The book includes a CD performance by the author. Compton is also the author of After Canaan (page 11), and 49th Parallel Psalm (above) and editor of Bluesprint (page 12).

A groundbreaking anthology of Canadian gay male poetry that includes material from the 1890s to present-day. The fifty-plus contributors include Patrick Anderson, bill bissett, Robin Blaser, Sky Gilbert, John Glassco, Brion Gysin, Daryl Hine, Douglas LePan, Daniel David Moses, Stan Persky, Andy Quan, Ian Iqbal Rashid, Shane Rhodes, Bill Richardson, André Roy, Gregory Scofield, Michael V. Smith, George Stanley, RM Vaughan, and Ian Young. “It deserves a place in every high school library.” —Toronto Star

black studies, english, multiculturalism isbn 978-1-55152-164-0 •

160 pages softcover (with cd) $22.95 • $17.95 us

english, lgbtq isbn 978-1-55152-217-3 • 368 pages softcover

$24.95 • $21.95 us

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