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We are committed to deliver Superior Car Care, supplying the modern consumer with exceptional products.Our goal is to contemporize car care by developing a luxury brand reflecting the lifestyle & values of our customers. We are passionate about innovation and seek to provide an arsenal of car detailing products.

Applicator Pad This applicator sponge is an essential tool for any detailer, whether professional or amateur. This pad helps you evenly apply products during the detailing process. Its soft material allows for smooth safe application, yet its durability allows for reuse and is machine washable.

Arsenal Trigger Sprayer We want to give you the best quality detailng supplies. With this trigger sprayer you will notice a big difference with it's powerful, extra large spray pattern. This high out put trigger makes detaliing quicker and more enjoyable. It's internal spray mechanism is so stonrg that it is even acid resistant. Fits most 16 & 32oz bottle tops.

Dash Shield - Matte Finish Matte Finish - UV Protection - All Natural - Non Toxic Organic Silicone & Grease Free - Breathe Deeply We recommend using Dash Shield every few weeks to ensure freshness and protection Keep it in your glove box for easy access

Superior Sealant - Paint Sealant Contaminant Repellent - UV Protection - Static Free Water Beading - Synthetic Wax - Nano Tech Bond We recommend using it quarterly, or with every change in season However the nano-tech bond will last on your paint up to 6 months Using degreasers, harsh soaps, or poor quality water will deteriorate sealant more quickly.

Arsenal Car Products  

Arsenal is bought to you by the team of entreprenuers at Eco Car Cafe, an innovative detailing shop in Seattle Washington. Product developme...

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