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Sam Abdelnour Vice President Sales, North American Region

While our competitors have been hunkering down, Whirlpool Corporation has acted on the knowledge that now is not the time to withdraw or isolate, but rather to strengthen existing ties by doing what we do best—build appliances. Whirlpool Corporation is not cutting funds, but is spending more on innovation than ever before. It is our goal to give you, our valued trade customers, a true competitive advantage when our brands are placed on your sales floor. It is proven that you will have the


advantage when you sell Whirlpool Corporation’s por tfolio o f b r a n d s ove r t h e c o m p e t i t i o n . Nearly 45 percent of appliances sold are Whirlpool Corporation products.1 What the power of Whirlpool Corporation’s brands does for you…

All appliances with the ENERGY STAR® emblem meet or exceed energy efficiency standards set forth by the Environmental Portection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy.


… helps you draw customers into your stores. … makes you more money by increasing your close rate. … invests further in your success. CUSTOMER DRAW It is essential for you to have the right brands on your sales floor. More than half of all appliance buyers only shop at one store and for only one brand.2 And more than one-third of customers select Whirlpool Corporation’s brands as their preferred choice.3 MAKING YOU MONEY Whirlpool Corporation’s complementary brand portfolio draws and converts more consumers than the competition.

LOOK! for the leaves to find facts about our resource-saving appliances


Five opportunities to attend live product training on the internet

Your chance to: • Learn from the experts • Increase your product knowledge • Understand appliance industry trends • Share your thoughts with Whirlpool Corporation • View the latest products No travel required! No Charge! No time spent out of the store!

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BRAND ACADEMY What is it? Brand Academy is Whirlpool Corporation’s online, e-learning product training site. This site provides you with interactive courses and training documents on our latest and greatest product offerings. The courses and documents are designed by our Sales Training Managers to provide you the key features, benefits, and qualifying questions you need to sell our products.

What can I find there? • • • • •


Free, 24-hour access to product information Timely information on new products Concise and informative learning modules One-page Knowledge Transfers One-page Head 2 Heads

Associated product materials New! grouped into curriculums

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GE Maytag Freesta transfer nding Electric model MER777 ge MaytaRan 5W g 200 9 Dishwashers Models MDB77 09AW, MDB78 ®


EvenAir Conve ction Benefits:

09AW, MDB88 59AW, MDB89 59AW

Jetclean Plus wash system

• A fan evenly circulates air around oven cavity the • Provides a consisten for uniform browningt oven temperature , even baking faster roasting and



Have you ever cooked somethin came out unevenly g that browned unevenly baked? Has your oven ever ?


Show the and explain how fan in the back of the range results in less time.convection can deliver better

• Cleans more effectively • Uses high-pre ssure spray jets pressure for removal of toughto increase water • Stainless steel food particle s food to prevent particle chopper pulverizes food s from pluggin system and g the wash jets • Filtration system captures tiny to prevent redistrib food particle s ution during the cycle

Ask: Have you ever had because of food that was to rewash dishes not removed? Share:

The Jetclean Plus wash system virtually elimina tes the need saving your customer both to prerinse, time and water.

SteamClean Option & Self-Cleaning System Benefits

Power Center Benefits

• Innovativ

e SteamClean option spot cleans • Two Dual-Cho floor in about ice the oven 20 minutes, reducing of 6,000 combined elements provide a total frequent self-clean the need for Silverware watts for high-heat cycles Blast • 12"/9" spray cooking • Self-cleaning and 10"/6" jets allow cycle elements Benefits size to be matched the customers to matchwith adjustable cleaning levels allows to various pan element the cleaning food buildup in sizes for more • Eliminatescooktop flexibility the oven—light, level to the amount of prerinsing medium or heavy Front location • Exclusive• spray of Dual-Choice them jets elements makes focus 3 times easily pressure to e the water clean youraccessibl for everyday Ask: How often do dirtiest silverwar cooking • Available on e you clean your oven? models MDB7809A How long does W, MDB8959A it take you? Ask: Which elements W often when cooking? do you use most Ask: Do you Share: Two cleaning to prerinse yourwish you didn’t have systems convenience silverware? and flexibility for offer large and small both Share: This Maytag messes. cooktop features two most powerful the elements up front Share: they With are most accessibl where your custome the Silverwa e. r doesn’t havere Blast , time and water to waste prerinsing silverwar e.

SteamClean Option Benefits

• Gets glasswar e clean with the power of • Uses high-hea steam t rinse to reduce steam and a high-temperature spots on glasswar e

Ask: How well does your dishwash clean glasswar er e? Share: The residue from SteamClean option removes out clean theyour glassware, so it will come first time, every time.

Go to and click on the Independent Accounts icon. 1. Click on Create New Account at the bottom of the login area 2. Fill in your User Information, creating a login name and password 3. Enter your Whirlpool® sold-to number, then click on Next at the bottom of the page


Whirlpool 30 " Electric Co oktop model GJC3 034R

VS. GE Electric Cooktop PP912BM


Does not offer the eco-frie ndly Schott Ceran cooktop

4. Check the Independent Accounts box

Has this feature

Does not offer

5. Click on Create at the bottom of the screen


a bridge elemen t

Feature Eco-friendl constructio y n

Ceramic glass cooktop

Cooktop flexibility

Whirlpool Electr ic Cooktop GJC3034R


Tempered-glas shatter resistan s surfaces are t and easy to clean

Increases cooking options via 700-watt bridge a heating elemen that connects two large or oblong ts. Evenly heat on the cookto pans more easily p


is a registered trademark ®Registere of Schott AG. d trademark GE is a registered /™Tradem ark of Whirlpool, trademark U.S.A. ©2009 of the Whirlpool Corporatio General Electric Company. n. All rights reserved.

When you log in, be sure to look for the Advantage Magazine Winter 2010 Curriculum! 4

Brand Academy


Eco-friendly Schott ceramic cookto Ceran p leaves behind no heavy metals during manufa is 100% recyclacturing and ble



Laundry • Keep clean laundry from smelling bad • Help customers handle their toughest loads • Most complete Duet® lineup ever







• Introducing Whirlpool Gold® Double Oven Freestanding Range • Great new products from Whirlpool, Maytag and KitchenAid brands

• Space, style and energy savings • Grab a cold one with the Quick Tap™ entertainment refrigerator

• Clean vs. KitchenAid brand clean • Dish out the savings, dish out the features

®Registered trademark/™Trademark of Whirlpool, U.S.A., KitchenAid, U.S.A., or Maytag Corporation or its related companies. ©2009 Whirlpool Corporation. All rights reserved. Form No. XT090275. Printed in the U.S.A. 1/10.


FanFresh ™

option with Dynamic Venting Technology

Keeps clean clothes fresh for up to 10 hours! Go ahead, be your customer’s hero.

Available on Duet® Steam washer WFW9750W. Shown with matching WE/GD9750W dryer, optional 15.5" pedestals and optional worksurface.


Whirlpool Laundry ®

Your Customers Have a Problem…

The Duet WFW9750W saves over 245 GALLONS PER WEEK compared to a pre-2004 conventional washer! ®

Actual Tweets “The clothes in the washer have been washed like 4 times because I ALWAYS forget about them!” “Today stinks. I left my clothes in the washer, so now they’re going to smell unless I wash them again. I’m so dumb.” “I left my clothes in the washer too long...bummer, now they stink!” “Terrible smell in the house. Found its source. Oops, left wet laundry in the washer overnight.” “I hate when you go to put in a load of laundry and realize you forgot something in there. Yuck. Rewash.”


Give Them the Solution

The new FanFresh™ option with Dynamic Venting Technology™ is the industry’s first real solution for keeping clothes fresh in the washer. The added fan in the washer allows continuous airflow and intermittent tumbling to help prevent odors and bacteria growth in freshly washed clothes for up to 10 hours. No more rewashing clean clothes or having to wait around for the washer to finish.

ASK THE RIGHT QUESTION Have you ever been so busy that you left laundry in the washer all day? How often do you have to rewash clean clothes because they developed a sour smell from sitting too long in the washer? How would you like to start laundry in the morning then finish it at night?


Help make the benefits of the Dynamic Venting Technology™ fan clear to your customers by bringing a portable fan to the sales floor. Direct the fan at your customers and let them know that fresh air from the fan in the washer helps prevent bacteria growth and starts the drying process right in the washer.

How would you like the freedom of not having to sit by the washer all day?

Whirlpool Laundry ®


The Amana® 7300 washer uses up to 64% less water and up to 72% less energy, saving your customers up to $ each year.*


Great Design Without the Designer Price Let your customers know this laundry pair was designed for them. Amana brand is using a clever mix of smart, easy-to-use features, sporty look and affordable price to create a washer and dryer that fits in anywhere, including their budget.

m e h T t u o b A l l It’s A


They Can... w o n K rs e m to s u C Let Your Do Fewer Loads

capacity to ore than enough m rs fe of ir pa 00 drawer with a The Amana 73 and back in the or flo e th f of s get dirty clothe 7 cu. ft. dryer. washer and a 6. 3.7 cu. ft. I.E.C. ®

asher Clean Easily Keep the W he lp re m ov e cl e m on th ly to cy r he as eper W asher. For a de e th e C le an

Us the w ue from inside m ak e th e detergent resid r cl ea ne r to he as w sh re ff A d cl ea n, ad washer sparkle. ®

Dry Without Worry rature so your level and tempe s es yn bu t dr r ito on co m e ou t dr y, Sensors m ve to . Cl ot he s ha t n’ do s er cu st om not cooked. ey Want ry Install It Where Th space in the laund e washer or save th to xt ne r ye dr Place this nal stacking kit. room with an optio


SELLING TIPS Give your customers an example to make the efficiency savings tangible. For instance, with the savings from the washer’s efficiency of up to $XXX each year,* your customer could load up his or her MP3 player.


Amana Laundry ®

Is your laundry room beginning to look outdated? How often have you overdryed clothes? How efficient do you expect a new washer to be?

Model NFW7300W Model NE/GD7300W (Laundry pair shown with optional 10" pedestals)

HAVE YOU HEARD? Amana brand targets consumers that are looking for contemporary style and clever, practical features at an affordable price. *Compared to conventional pre-2004 washers.

STYLE FILE Liven up their Laundry locale in 2010

Keeping up with the laundry is work enough without your customers feeling like they’ve been chained in a dungeon. So how can you help them give their laundry space a fresh start for the new year, and attach some Laundry 1-2-3 ™ products onto the sale at the same time? Suggest your customers start with their wardrobe. What colors do their favorite outfits have in common? What jacket do they reach for on a gloomy day? Have them take that jacket they adore with them to the paint or wallpaper store. They can get help there translating it into paint colors or a striking wall paper. Now on to the practical. Suggest your customers take a look at their current storage. Are their most used items like stain sticks and detergents easy to access? Organization systems like Laundry 1-2-3™ towers and pedestals exist to make the job easier. If your customer’s laundry area is in a closet, open shelving with baskets and a Laundry 1-2-3 ™ worksurface might be the way to go. A pretty bowl or even a bank on the worksurface can hold found money, while an industryexclusive retractable hanging rod (built into select Laundry 1-2-3™ towers) offers a convenient and space-saving place to hang clothes. From there on the sky’s the limit. Before they know it, your customers will be thinking up excuses to spend time in the laundry room. Maybe not, but at least they won’t have to waste time thinking up excuses to avoid the laundry. Model NFW7300W Model NE/GD7300W (Laundry pair shown with optional 10" pedestals)

FPO Amana Laundry 9 ®

Selling Strategies for the

Dryer Customer

Increase your washer and dryer sales volume in 2010 by better understanding your dryer customers. Here are four common statements from individual dryer customers, and how you can respond to each.

“My dryer died.” These customers may enter the store looking for a bargain or have a copy of the latest sales flyer in their hands. It’s tempting to show them what they already have in mind, but remember that they may not have been shopping for a dryer in over 10 years. This is a great opportunity to inform them of new features that might motivate them to choose a higher-tier model.

“I think my dryer damages my clothes.” These customers are interested in fabric care. They make comments like, “My dryer doesn’t dry my clothes like I want it to,” “My clothes take too long to dry,” or, “The clothes are always wrinkled at the end of the cycle.” It might be tempting to simply show them the latest in dryer technology, but be sure to link the benefits of that technology to their fabric care needs.

“I want my dryer to match my washer.” Help these customers identify what washer they have today—but also find out how old it is. If their washer is older than 3–5 years, you may have an opportunity for a new washer sale, too. Be sure to let them know about all of the energy- and water-efficient washers Whirlpool Corporation offers.

FPO “My dryer is really old.”

FPO 10

Dryer Attachment

Again, it’s important to remember that these customers may not have been in the market for a dryer in over 10 years. Make sure they know that choosing a matching dryer is not just an aesthetic choice. Modern dryers are specifically engineered to complement washer cycles for improved efficiency and fabric care.

Model WFW9250W, Model WED/WGD9250W

Expect More from Small Packages Living in smaller spaces doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the capacity you’re used to, especially in your washer. The Duet® WFW9150W and WFW9250W front load washers offer full-size capacity (4.0 cu. ft. I.E.C.) in a surprisingly compact footprint that fits more places—under the counter, in the closet or wherever you need them to go. Whirlpool Duet® front load laundry pairs—the perfect fit for this new trend.

Get Fired Up With

MATCHE Increase your MHC sales by giving your customers the ultimate combo of cleanability and convenience in the kitchen. Whirlpool® PowerPair™ cooking centers can help you increase attachment sales by as much as 30%. One national retailer that consistently

Easiest to clean PowerPair Cooking Center* ™

Give your customers what they’re looking for! Cleanability is the #1 unmet need among cooking appliances consumers, so be sure to show your customers the MHC CleanRelease® interior and the SteamClean option on select PowerPair™ cooking centers. These and other features help make select Whirlpool brand cooking centers easier to clean than ever before.*

displays PowerPair™ cooking centers sells a Microwave Hood Combination (MHC) with a Range 85% of the time. In contrast, independent retailers that don’t display PowerPair™ cooking centers sell MHCs with Ranges only 54% of the time.

CleanRelease® Interior

Hidden Vent

An industry first, the CleanRelease® non-stick interior wipes down quickly and easily without scrubbing or special cleaners.

Simplifies cleaning while providing a sleek appearance that beautifully matches other Whirlpool brand kitchen appliances.

SteamClean Option

Hidden Bake Element

Baked-on spills and soils wipe away effortlessly with the power of steam. Customers can spot clean the oven floor in just 20 minutes without harsh chemicals or scrubbing.

With the bake element hidden beneath the oven floor, it’s simple to wipe the smooth interior surface clean. There are no exposed elements to get in the way.

Model GMH6185XV, Model GFE471LV

SELLING TIPS It’s common to sell a range and then add on the MHC, but sometimes it pays to do things backwards. The Whirlpool® Velos® Speedcook ovens feature the TruCapture® ventilation system, which has the best rating for smoke removal among all leading brands.** If superior venting is important to your customer, let them know about our MHCs, and then pair it with a range for an additional sale.


PowerPair™ Cleaning Centers

SELLING TIPS No more running all over the kitchen just to get a meal prepared! Sell your customers on a PowerPair™ cooking center idea by explaining the convenience of being able to cook, bake, microwave and vent all in one area of the kitchen.

ASK THE RIGHT QUESTION How easy is it to clean your kitchen appliances? How difficult is it to prepare multiple dishes in your current kitchen?

*Based on a combination of SteamClean range option and MHC CleanRelease® interior. **As rated by a leading consumer magazine.







Demo Ideas for PowerPair™ Cooking Centers

4 1

Matching Style

Point out the matching features on PowerPair™ appliances, such as handles, control panels, windows and colors. 2

Easy-to-Clean Features

Call out the individual features that combine to make our easiest-to-clean PowerPair™ cooking center, such as the CleanRelease™ interior, Hidden Bake element and SteamClean option. 3


Hidden Vent

Point out the MHC vent and explain the convenience of having it placed in the front for easier control. 4

Exterior Light

Show your customers the MHC exterior light and let them know it’s located toward the back of the unit to help eliminate darker areas. 5


Charcoal Filter

Let your customers handle a charcoal filter and tell them that every Whirlpool® Microwave Hood Combination offers these filters for cleaner air filtration.


PowerPair™ Cleaning Centers


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What is brand champions? The Brand Champions program offers various incentives to support and reward dealers who display our brands on the selling floor. Whirlpool Corporation gives you the opportunity to reach different mass and premium consumers by offering a strong portfolio of brands. Our goal is to provide you with the support needed to have the most productive floor displays possible.

what are th

Depending on your level of participation, the Brand Champ Discounts on Premium Brands These discounts apply to both KitchenAid and Jenn‑Air brands

Discounts on Mass Brands

These discounts apply to Whirpool, Maytag and Amana brands

12-Month Financing Terms or 10% Discounts Make the final payment for your Brand Champions flooring order due a full 12 months after shipment, or take an immediate discount

Co-Op Advertising Dollars

When your advertisements meet specific requirements, Whirlpool Corporation will help pay the cost!

The Brand Champions program is subject to Whirlpool Corporation’s standard terms and conditions for trade customer programs, available at or upon request. Whirlpool Corporation reserves the right to modify or withdraw the Program at any time.

From discounts on appliance orders to P-O-P samples and Co-op advertising dollars, the Brand Champions program offers compelling benefits and tools for participating dealers who display Whirlpool Corporation brands.

he Benefits?

pion program offers you all of these great benefits: Free P-O-P and Literature Samples Every Brand Champions participant qualifies for select samples of the latest P-O-P and literature materials

Online Tools

Access to Whirlpool® Web World portal and other B2B applications

New Model Discounts

New Mass brand models receive a 10% discount, new KitchenAid® models receive 20%, and new Jenn-Air® models receive 30%*

And More!

See your Whirlpool representative for details

*All new models are those that become open to order during that quarter. A published list each quarter is available on

where do I sign up? It’s as easy as talking with your Whirlpool representative! They’ll be happy to walk you through all the details of the program and help you choose the Brand Champions level of participation that’s right for your floor.

Designed to Sell KitchenAid Architect Series II Built-In Ovens ®


Each interface between your customer and these Architect® series II ovens, from handles to display panels, was designed to be as seamless and intuitive as possible, drawing customers in and making the ovens easy to sell. Thoughtful design elements, including seamless surfaces for easier cleaning and larger windows on oven doors for better visibility, all contribute to a consistent and sleek look. Glass Touch Display The glass display has a robust appeal that plastic displays cannot match. It is easy to clean, and responds to the touch of a finger.

Deep Door and Console with Beveled Edges These two features provide for a more seamless fit with cabinetry

Oven Racks The same fit and feel found in our handle is evident in the hefty racks and SatinGlide™ roll-out extension rack with ball-bearing rollers for easy loading.

Blue Enameled Cavity This timeless design takes kitchen aesthetics to a new level. Blue enameled cavities are standard in all Architect® Series II wall ovens.

Frameless Design The exterior frameless design without bottom or side trim helps make the outside of the oven easy to clean.

Large Window The full-width glass inner door is easy to clean and features a larger window than on previous Architect® Series ovens.

New Ergonomic Handle Invite your customer to grab the new ergonomic handle and open the door. This strong, sturdy handle is easy to hold with bare hands or oven mitts.

SELLING TIPS Remember that control is an important feature for serious cooks. If you’re talking with one, they’ll appreciate the responsiveness of our glass-touch controls, and the way the EasyConvect™ time and temperature conversion system makes using traditional recipes easy in a convection oven. Whoever your customers are, be sure to invite them to try the controls out for themselves!


KitchenAid® Built-in Wall Ovens


CORNER 10 WAYS to Improve Your Cash Flow

by: Jim Morphey

Last issue we talked about how important it is for businesses to monitor their cash flow at regular intervals, and we covered how to calculate your Cash Cycle and Cash Conversion Cycle as a way of monitoring your cash flow. As a follow-up to those concepts, here are 10 great ideas for improving your cash flow in the new year.

1. C  onsider reducing the number of brands you carry. Some may think that more variety will attract more consumers, but a few core brands that meet the various needs of your consumers may actually make it easier for a customer to make a purchase. In addition, consolidating your purchasing maximizes your importance to a few good suppliers. This helps you maximize volume rebates, terms, advertising support, etc., around your key product offerings. 2. C  onsider taking advantage of terms to maximize DPO when offered. You may want to forego “early-pay” cash discounts. The hidden costs of tying up working capital in inventory can be larger than any benefit derived from the early-pay cash discount, so it is important to maximize your Days Payable Outstanding (DPO) as far as possible without causing a payment penalty. 3. T hink twice before financing a capital expenditure (or a long-term asset) with short-term working capital. Not only is this very expensive, it ties up the lifeblood of your business—cash flow. If you can’t find alternative long-term financing, consider leasing as an alternative to buying. 4. S  et short-term and long-term goals for key elements of cash flow. Set goals for inventory and accounts receivable turns. Monitor monthly progress towards those goals and communicate them throughout your business. Motivate everybody to achieve those goals, as most everybody has a potential impact on them. If you provide pay incentives to your staff, make sure they are ultimately connected to your short- and long-term goals.

5. Work with key suppliers on ways to focus on targeted offerings that provide maximum profitability, then train your sales force to sell them. Focus not only on margin dollars but also on how to generate maximum inventory turnover. Training your staff on how to move a customer to a brand you carry is an important business basic. 6. Continually work off old or obsolete inventory. Unless you're in the antiques business, the products you sell today depreciate in value a little every month, and the total carrying costs on old product rises with time. Some of these expenses are interest costs, increased damage, or reduced credit line availability. Remember, your first loss is generally your least loss. A large amount of old inventory is often the #1 reason businesses fail. 7. Limit your accounts receivable exposure. Have a strict and restrictive credit policy and minimize deviation. There are many credit sources out there, and you should use them. Unless you have the cash to invest in accounts receivable, adequate bad debt reserves, access to credit reports and the trained personnel required to manage receivables, you will be better off leaving the financing to the experts. Remember: even with mandatory and large cash deposits, builder-related receivables— particularly large concentrations from a few builders—could jeopardize your very existence. Don't be a bank to local builders!

This article should not be considered specific financial advice for your business. If you have questions about managing your business, please contact your financing provider.

8. Resist the temptation to buy your way to profitability by chasing large-volume rebates. Volume rebates can be a great supplement to profitability, but they should never be the primary profit driver for your business. You'll soon forget the volume rebate you earned after you realize just how much interest you paid on slow-moving inventory or how you tied up your credit line with the wrong mix of product. Chasing volume rebates is a little like musical chairs... things are fine only while the music is still playing! 9. Identify aged inventory for your sales people using codes on the display floor. Most employees want to help the success of the business and will respond when called upon. Usually all they need is a little information on where the focus needs to be. 10. Develop specific goals for Return on Investment (ROI) in your business. Your business is your investment. Set a goal for your targeted ROI. You'll soon find that how you manage your cash flow—specifically the primary drivers of cash flow (Inventory, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable)— has the greatest impacts on your ROI.

In coming issues, we’ll show how you can take steps to maximize your cash flow and reduce your reliance on debt for long-term growth. Questions about this column can be directed to

Capital Corner



The Touchscreen SELLING ADVANTAGE Whirlpool brand has given you a compelling edge in 2010 by putting exterior access to all controls and features right at your customers’ fingertips. Make sure the Latitude™ refrigerator is looking its best and attracting customer interest, then close the sale by showing them how the Latitude™ LCD touchscreen provides easy and intuitive access to time-saving features like Measured Fill.

Before You Start:

Catch Their Interest:

Enter Cooling Off Mode

Start Showroom Mode

This mode turns off the compressor to keep the Latitude™ refrigerator looking its best on the sales floor. Turning off the compressor saves energy and reduces the possibility of condensation if the unit loses power.

The Showroom Mode attracts customers to the Latitude™ refrigerator by displaying a slideshow of Point-of-Purchase messaging on the LCD touchscreen whenever the unit is idle.


Press and hold the TEMP button



A timer will appear. Continue to hold down the TEMP button until the timer finishes



A notice will be displayed, saying COOLING OFF. The compressor is now off


Press the Touch To Begin button. Point-of-Purchase messaging will now be displayed on the screen


Press and hold the TEMP button again for 3 seconds to change back to Cooling On Mode


Press and hold the TEMP and HOME buttons again for 5 seconds to turn off Showroom Mode

Press and hold both the TEMP and HOME buttons


A timer will appear. Continue to hold the TEMP and HOME buttons until the timer finishes

NOTE: It is important to enter Cooling Off Mode BEFORE entering Showroom Mode.


Is your kitchen beginning to look outdated? How often do you need to measure exact amounts of water for recipes?


Latitude™ Refrigerator Touchscreen


You can download a fully interactive simulation of the Latitude™ LCD Touchscreen at Brand Academy.


The Latitude™ refrigerator consumes less energy per year than a 75-watt light bulb run continuously!

Close the Sale: Demo Measured Fill The industry-first Measured Fill is a great feature to show customers considering the Latitude™ refrigerator. This option saves time and effort in the kitchen by dispensing an exact amount of water in cups, liters or ounces.


To activate Measured Fill, press the Water tab from the Home screen


To change the measurement unit between cups, liters and ounces, press the Units button


Press and hold a Preset button for 3 seconds to save the current measurement


Press the arrows to increase or decrease the amount of water desired


Press the WATER button to automatically dispense the displayed amount

SELLING TIPS There’s nothing compelling to a customer about a blank screen. Make selling easier and more effective by plugging the Latitude™ refrigerator in! Your customers’ experience will be much more compelling (and more likely to produce a sale for you) if you involve their sense of touch. Just be sure to put the refrigerator in Cooling Off mode when you turn it on to keep the interior looking its best.

Latitude™ Refrigerator Touchscreen



for Standard Dishwashers? There’s nothing standard about our new Whirlpool® dishwashers! Whirlpool brand’s new Super Capacity tall tub dishwashers set a new level of excellence with more usable wash capacity and the most efficient cycle in their class, all at a new low opening price point. By adding an additional 3 inches of interior loading

No other dishwasher brand has had fewer repairs 13 years in a row. In addition, the preference among consumers for Whirlpool brand is a strong 14%, in comparison to the 5% scored by Frigidaire brand and 7% by GE brand. This strong reputation for quality combined with high consumer backing makes our dishwashers the preferred choice for the majority of your customers.

Super Capacity tall tub dishwashers


Why Whirlpool brand?

3 MOre Inches of Space DEMO IT Have dinner plates and cookie sheets handy to demonstrate how tall and odd-shaped items can be easily loaded into Super Capacity tall tub dishwashers thanks to the additional 3 inches of space.


Whirlpool Tall Tub Dishwashers ®

Standard Capacity dishwashers

space, customers can now load tall and odd-shaped items like cookie sheets, colanders and stock pots in both racks. And, if your customers are in a hurry, the new 1-Hour Wash cycle provides the same great wash performance as the Normal cycle in half the time.

Take A Closer Look Two New Models That Beat the Competition





Benefits Our direct feed system maximizes space in the tub by keeping customers from having to load around a bulky tower system, while easy-to-use electronic controls provide a modern and intuitive design. Vs. GE® model GSD2400N The tower feed system in the GE® model hampers loading in the upper rack and must be loaded around. The GE® model also does not offer electronic controls, providing only outdated dial controls instead.

Benefits Our new Eco cycle saves energy by using the least amount of water possible while maintaining excellent cleaning performance. Adjustable in-the-rack silverware baskets can be placed in either the upper or lower rack (or both) for increased loading flexibility. Vs. GE® model GSD4000N The GE® model is less efficient, while the bulky tower feed system must be loaded around, taking up valuable rack space. The GE® silverware basket also does not offer the loading flexibility of Whirlpool® brand’s adjustable in-the-rack silverware baskets

Most efficient dishwasher in its class, with the most efficient cycle in its class!*

give them more for their money Step Up through the Line With These 3 Tall Tub Models

Earned a “Best Buy” rating for performance!**

A “Recommended Buy”!**

MODEL DU1055XTV The 5-level SheerClean wash system provides powerful cleaning while the Auto Soil sensor determines soil levels and adjusts the cleaning level automatically.

SELLING TIPS Help your customers understand the benefits of durable nylon racks by comparing them to rust proofing a car. Both are an added layer of protection and help keep the dishwasher or car looking new longer.

*Among leading dishwasher brands MSRP $399 and below. **As rated by a leading consumer magazine.



The Soak & Scour option helps clean tough soils from dishes, while premium nylon racks resist rust and scratches.

The PowerScour™ option uses 36 targeted spray jets to remove baked-on foods without soaking, scrubbing or using an additional drop of water.



What tall items do you wash by hand because they won’t fit in your current dishwasher?

All Whirlpool Gold® dishwashers are backed by a 30-Day, Money-Back, Clean and Quiet Guarantee.

How much time do you spend washing dishes? How flexible would you like a new dishwasher to be?

Whirlpool Tall Tub Dishwashers ®


Breaking Away from the Hype

GE brand has been making a lot of claims lately about their dishwashers. But how accurate are those claims? Unlike Maytag brand, which prides itself on delivering dishwashers with an uncompromising level of strength and dependability, the new GE® claims aren’t quite as good as they seem.

The GE Brand Claim “GE introduces steam in the prewash portion of the cycle to help loosen dried or baked-on soils before the main wash action occurs”

What They Don’t Tell You Because it operates at the beginning of the cycle, Steam Prewash is not able to provide the benefit of reducing hard-to-remove spots on glassware at the end of the cycle. GE brand does NOT claim that it has an incremental cleaning benefit over pre-existing options targeting baked-on food.

Maytag Brand Has a Better Way SteamClean option’s high-heat steam and high-temperature rinse reduce spots to get glassware clean with the power of steam. No other leading brand offers this premium benefit of steam during the end of the cycle at the great opening price point that Maytag brand does.

The GE Brand Claim “Dedicated silverware jets. The bottom of the middle wash arm sprays the entire perimeter of the lower rack so the silverware basket will receive a concentrated wash, wherever it is placed.”

What They Don’t Tell You These “dedicated silverware jets” are simply holes in the bottom of the middle wash arm and do NOT have a dedicated direct feed solely for the silverware jets, so they CANNOT independently increase the water pressure on silverware to remove tough, stuck-on food like oatmeal or peanut butter.

Maytag Brand Has a Better Way Industry-exclusive Silverware Blast™ Spray Jets are independent of the wash arms, and use 3 times the water pressure to eliminate the need to prerinse even the dirtiest silverware.

GE® upper spray arm (2) GE Dishwasher GDWF160R ®

The GE Brand Claim SmartDispense™ Technology “Holds up to two months of liquid dishwasher detergent and automatically dispenses [it.]”

What They Don’t Tell You The location of the liquid detergent reservoir in the dishwasher door creates a number of potential problems, including the fact that detergent buildup and clogs may occur, requiring service by outside technicians.

Maytag Brand Has a Better Way Rather than offering solutions like SmartDispense™ reservoirs that may be problematic as GE brand has done, we’ve focused on Better Built components—like our 100% stainless steel tub interior, DuraGuard® nylon racks and our Twice the Life motor*—that are carefully designed to clean your customers’ toughest jobs, time after time. ®

GE SmartDispense™ Technology


Maytag vs. GE Dishwashers ®


Committed to Quality 25% BETTER CLEANING THAN THE COMPETITION* The new KitchenAid® dishwasher model KUDE45 extends our premium performance in filter-based systems into a new low price point, giving your customers great reasons to buy. Combine that with 25% better washing and drying results than the competition,* and it’s never been easier to sell a KitchenAid® dishwasher.

1. Pressure-Optimizing Wash Arms The wash arms direct water flow into narrow spray jets, which constrict and accelerate wash water into powerful fans of wash spray. This means that the dishwasher can provide highly effective cleaning while using less water.

3. Low-Maintenance Bottomless Filter The bottom of the filter cup is attached to the dishwasher drain system, which allows the filter cup’s micro-fine filter to capture food particles during the wash process and hold them until they are flushed out as the dishwasher drains. This innovative design helps the filter stay clean longer.

2. Targeted Wash Zones A diverter valve alternates water flow between the middle and lower wash arms to concentrate cleaning power. This system uses less water and optimizes cleaning performance in each targeted wash zone.

SELLING TIPS Let your customers know that 25% better cleaning* means fewer dishes they’ll have to rewash by hand and less work prerinsing dishes before running a load. In other words, connect KitchenAid brand’s excellent cleaning results to concrete examples.

Model KUDE45CV *Combined wash and dry results of highest MSRP models of leading premium brands without heated dry.

KitchenAid Dishwashers ®


This year,

Go with the


When selling a dishwasher, don’t forget about these great add-on opportunities!

Universal Industrial-Grade 6' Dishwasher Water Supply Kit

Small Items Basket

Holds baby items, jar lids and small utensils that normally would slip through the dishwasher rack.

Anti-Leak F ittings

A commercial-grade EPDM gasket & nickel-coated brass fittings create a high compression seal, minimizing the potential for leaks.

Anti-Corrosive Coupling

Built-in universal coupling connects with most ma jor dishwasher brands. Bright, nickel-plated brass coupling will not bond to the fittings.

Braided Reinforcement Layer

PTN: 3370993RB

Small Items Bag

This grey mesh bag holds baby items, such as jar lids, etc., that would normally slip through the rack.

An added layer of woven belts provides extra strength and durability.

Large Diameter Tube with Smooth Interior

Allows for maximum water flow, and the smooth interior stops unwanted impurities from building up.

PTN: 8519716

6' Dishwasher 3-Wire Cord Kit

Includes a Straight Cord kit, strain relief, wire nuts and instructions.

PTN: W10278627RC

NEW! Dishwasher Installation Kit

3/4" by 3/8" elbow hose fitting features a pace-saving 90° design and includes a brass compression fitting.

PTN: W10273460


Parts & Accessories

NOTE: Now a necessary installation part for all new Whirlpool Corporation dishwashers.

PTN: 4317824RP


Whirlpool Corporation recommends that customers change their dishwasher hoses every five years to prevent possible water leaks.

Good vs. Great Be the Best Salesperson You Can in 2010 by: Barry Behr

The key to your success this year is a clear understanding of the traits that turn a Good salesperson into a Great one. Learn these traits, master them and consistently execute them to ensure your continuing success in 2010.

All the characteristics I’ve listed below are important, but let’s focus on five key traits.

The discovery or qualifying process is part of listening to customers so you fully understand their needs. Listen to other salespeople, and ask them to listen to you. In most cases no questions are asked prior to showing the customer a product! This leads to taking the customer to products that may not fit their needs. If you don’t fill their needs, you won’t make the sale. It takes the right questions and a good listener to uncover the customer’s needs and match him or her to the right product that fits those needs.

Great Salespeople See Themselves as Learners

Great Salespeople Are Benefit/Needs Centered

At one time, our industry was pretty stable with little change. We all know this is no longer the case. The products you’re selling are changing dramatically in design, features and benefits, and the customer’s needs are changing, too. Your willingness to learn is a key element to being Great today. Attend seminars, read trade journals, take advantage of manufacturers’ online education programs, or simply go to supplier and competitor websites on a regular basis. The learning process should never stop. Because when it does, your value in the marketplace erodes.

The key to presenting the right product that fits the customer’s needs is to focus on the Feature/Benefit that addresses those needs. If in the discovery process the customer tells you that energy savings is an important benefit they are looking for, then focus on energy savings. Don’t start with features and benefits that have nothing to do with saving energy.

Salespeople are similar to professional athletes competing at the top levels. Our arena is the Appliance Sales Games. We need to take time everyday and practice our skills to win.

Great Salespeople Listen Well The best salespeople I observe are the ones who talk the least and listen the most. We’re all proud of the product knowledge we’ve gathered over our careers, but we don’t need to share all of it with every customer we meet. A large portion of being Good vs. Great is listening to the customer and learning their needs. When we’re talking we have little ability to learn. Practice this: don’t talk any more than 30 seconds before you let the customer either comment or ask a question.

Good Salespeople Adapt to Customers Care About Meeting Their Quota Never Argue with a Customer Use Humor to Lower Customer Stress See Themselves as Leaders Speak Well Know They Know Their Subject Regularly Review Materials Relating to Their Field Control the Sales Process Don’t Ask for the Order

You might also want to change how you’re presenting the product to your customers—who’s touching the product? Point out the features and benefits, but have the customer handle the product. Example: when you talk about capacity and cycles, have the customer open the washer door and turn the cycle selection knob. By having them get involved with the product they are more engaged in the process and more likely to buy from you vs. a competitor. This may be different than what you’re use to and can take some practice. Great Salespeople Invisibly Balance Flexibility and Control of the Sales Process

Most consumers don’t want to come home and say to their neighbor, “I just went down to the appliance store and they sold me my new washer.” If you are a Great salesperson, they will come home Great Salespeople and say they went down to the Appliance Always Support Customer Buying Reasons store and you helped them pick out their Are Passionate About Their Subject new washer. You asked the right questions, Are Benefits/Needs Centered you listened, you made suggestions, and Use Humor to Increase Learning then you helped them make a choice. That See Themselves as Learners shopping experience generates a loyal Listen Well customer. Loyal customers are the ones Are Constantly Learning Their Subject who return and ask for you, as well as Regularly Review Materials Outside for send in their friends to ask for you. Implications in Their Field Invisibly Balance Flexibility and Control of the Sales Process Ask for the Order

Continued on Page 26 Good vs. Great


Good vs. Great Be the Best Salesperson You Can in 2010

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The once-a-month solution for dishwasher and disposal odor*

by: Barry Behr Asking for the Order It just amazes us how may shopping reports come back where the salesperson did not ask for the order. Some reports show it happens as often as 96% of the time. If you perform at the Great level, the asking process is natural and not done in a high-pressure manner. If you’ve asked the right questions and showed the right product, then asking for the order is the natural thing to do. They need clean clothes, clean dishes, cold food, clean whatever! They NEED to purchase something from someone! Research indicates that in the U.S. over 50% of appliance shoppers go to one outlet and make their buying decision. Another 25% have to go to a second outlet. This is a sign that because of the poor salesmanship at the first location the customers had to go to a second location to make their decision. Save your customers’ time and help them make their purchasing decision while they are at your store! Tiger Woods is a Great golfer, yet he practices 99% of the time and competes only 1% of his golf time for big dollars. How much time do you take to practice your skills to be Great? Remember, even when we are trying to be Great we can’t fill every customer’s needs. The more often we focus on being Good vs. Great, the better our chances of being successful. It does take practice and commitment to be Great. It’s your choice and it’s a choice you make every day. Last Thought Those who say it can’t be done need to get out of the way of those who are doing it.

About the Author At. Irit lortie conum in ullan eu feu faccum aci blaor augiamcon hent ad do er illa feugait alit ad dolobor tinisim ver sis eliqui bla ating et, consequate do enibh euguerat



A new once-a-month solution for dishwasher and disposal odor


Recommendedd dishwasher aner** disposal clean

Dishwasher & Disposal Cleaner: One Product Easily Cleans Two Appliances ™ The NEW Affresh dishwasher & disposal cleaner is the powerful, ground-breaking solution for unwanted dishwasher and disposal odor. These innovative tablets help prevent odor in the dishwasher AND disposal. Developed with the consumer in mind, these cleaner tablets help remove even the most stubborn odors from dishwashers and disposals. ™

Affresh™ Dishwasher & Disposal Cleaner pouch

PTN: W10282479

Recommended by: 26

Good vs. Great

*Based on oxygenated and alkaline cleaning power. **Based on manufacturer recommendations. Affresh™ washer cleaner and Affresh™ dishwasher and disposal cleaner are made by an affiliate of the manufacturer.

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Nearly 40 years ago, Whirlpool Corporation established an office for environmental control. We’re proud of our long-term commitment to sustainability, and because of those continuing efforts we were recently named to the Newsweek Green Rankings, a list of the 500 greenest large companies in America.* Whirlpool Corporation was ranked 8th in its industry sector and 78th overall on the list.

*Companies in the Newsweek Green Rankings were selected from among the 500 largest U.S. companies. For details, see

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