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Lean productions as a corporate philosophy

WIBOND AssemblyVision -


WIBOND AssemblyVision an intelligent visual information system Every year, German companies lose more than €200 billion due to poor productivity. To withstand the pressure of global competition, SMEs and large companies must use every opportunity to improve productivity and cost-effectiveness. WIBOND AssemblyVision provides decisive support in boosting your company’s productivity. Central to this are paperless centralised processing and storage of assembly instructions. With the WIBOND AssemblyVision system, job orders maintained and administered by the planning operation are efficiently and individually addressed and visualized at their respective assembly locations. Central data management ensures that the planning operation’s latest job instructions are always stored on the AssemblyVision server. From there, they are made individually delivered to their work locations either manually or by an automated date and time function.

System architecture


WIBOND AssemblyVision is a compact, robust, flexible, freely scalable and modular information system that can be tailored to your assembly needs. Data is processed in real time, which means that the worker can visualise the necessary job order very simply on the AssemblyVision display (e.g. using three function keys : “Choose from list”, “Next page” and “Previous page”). WIBOND AssemblyVision reduces assembly errors and helps you achieve consistently high quality in your assembled products by creating a high-resolution representation of every job step. What‘s more, the system provides lasting support for your company‘s lean culture.

WIBOND AssemblyVisionManager

WIBOND AssemblyVisionServer

■■An intuitive, ergonomic control panel for parameterization and administration of each AssemblyVision display

■■Centralised administration, securing and allocation of work information ■■Intelligent system control and monitoring

■■Summary of several AssemblyVision displays in groups ■■Loading and assignment of assembly instructions for selected work locations in the planning operation ■■Unified administration and maintenance of assembly instructions and storage on the AssemblyVision server

■■AssemblyVisionServer is executed as a service on a server without a user interface ■■The content server acts as an interface for connecting to a central management system (optional)

■■Manual display of information texts on each AssemblyVision display implemented (e.g. for ad hoc reports) ■■Reports on requisitions and errors (optional)

System operation with AssemblyVisionManager is handled by dedicated workplaces. This prevents tampering with work information and guarantees a secure display. Depending on requirements, any number of AssemblyVision displays can be selected. Schematic illustration showing a sample WIBOND AssemblyVision application:


Network Internet/Intranet


Features and benefits


■ Ergonomics and human engineering as a competitive advantage

■ Date and time control to turn the system on and off automatically

■ Fast, centralised creation and maintenance of work orders

■ Individual customization possible (hardware, software and design)

■ Paperless, targeted issuing of current work orders in real time

■ Can be integrated into a company network

■ Increased efficiency and competitiveness for your company

■ Tamper-proof work orders and displays ■ No licence fees (no Microsoft operating system needed)

■ High return on investment

■ Significantly reduced workload for the system administrator

■ Lasting support for your company’s lean culture

■ Eco-design: Futuristic energy-saving technology

■ Employee motivation through the use of modern technology

■■Quality “Made in Germany“


Sample of a WIBOND AssemblyVision

■ Extended functions (e.g. zoom function, belt stop, error messages)

■ 19’’ touch-screen monitor

■ Connection for external input devices via RS232 or RS485 interface (e.g., barcode reader) ■ Attachment to a swivel arm with individual adjustment (e.g., telescope design) ■ Variable display surface (17’’ to 55’’) ■ Connection to an Andon system for visualizing ▪ Key process indicators ▪ Malfunctions and production interruptions ▪ Current line and station status ▪ Target vs. actual data, and comparative status

■ Designed with premium workmanship as a surface-mounting device ■ WIBOND software: AssemblyVisionManager ■ Temperature-dependent brightness control and shutdown (optional) ■ Automatic brightness control (optional)

■ Connection to the manufacturing database for interactive process control and optimization of Kanban and production warehouse logistics

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■ Significant quality improvement reduces rework

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