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Rack End Protector

Eliminate rack repairs & increase efficiency. With each hit, bump and scuff, our Rack End Protector diffuses impact—stopping forklifts and pallet jacks with a calculated amount of energy absorption. Sideswipes get steered back on track. We call it a controlled deflection. You’ll call it peace of mind. All-Angle Protection Absorbs direct impacts, deflects glancing blows Zero Maintenance Install it once, get peace of mind for years High Visibility Your best defense is being seen

| Better from every angle.


Rack End Protector 100mm 3.94in

51mm 2.00in 51mm 2.00in 51mm 2.00in

100mm 3.94in

100mm 3.94in 100mm 3.94in

3048mm 120in MAX 3048mm 120in 3048mm Top View MAX 120in MAX

3048mm 120in MAX

Top View

19mm .75in FIXING 19mm 152mm .75in 19mm 16mm 6.00in FIXING .75in .63in FIXING FIXING HOLE DEPTH 16mm

19mm .75in FIXING

Top View Top View

16mm .63in HOLE

52mm 2.03in 152mm 6.00in FIXING 152mm DEPTH 6.00in 152mm FIXING 6.00in DEPTH FIXING DEPTH

.63in 16mm HOLE .63in HOLE

Fixing Detail Fixing Detail

Fixing Detail Fixing Detail

137mm 5.38in 137mm 5.38in

234mm 9.20in 234mm 9.20in 234mm 9.20in

137mm 5.38in 137mm 5.38in

225mm 8.86in 225mm 8.86in Front View

Front View

225mm 8.86in 225mm 8.86in

Front View Front View



Rack End Left Leg


Materials: Ductile Iron left leg & cap, Rack End, rubber damper, anchor kit

Material: Polyolefin, 10' (3 m) length

Rack End Right Leg Materials: Ductile Iron right leg & cap, Rack End, rubber damper, anchor kit

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Back End Protector  

Back End Protector