Armenian Relief Society

Armenian Relief Society

Watertown, United States

The Armenian Relief Society, (ARS) was founded in New York in 1910 and was known at the time as the Armenian Red Cross. It is an independent, nonsectarian, philanthropic society serving the humanitarian, social and educational needs of Armenian and non-Armenians alike.

2019 marks the 80th Anniversary of ARS publications' "Hai Sird," which has played a unique role in promoting, liberating and advancing Armenian women's restricted field of achievement and status. In January 1939, the first issue was released, where the following 5 fundamental principles of its credo was established:

1 - Help prepare competent Armenian mothers;

2 - Give impetus to the Armenian education of our youth;

3 - Keep the Armenian family healthy;

4 - Motivate Armenian women to engage in collective activity, and

5 - Develop a sense of daring venture in Armenian women.