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The first multi-form film developin

mat daylight-loading ng tank is here

PROJECT WHAT IS LAB-BOX Lab-box is the easiest and quickest tool to develop your own films in full day light, anywhere and at anytime, bypassing the need to load the rolls in the dark.

Lab-Box is a multi-format tank and can be used for both 35mm and 120 films, thanks to the two interchangeable modules and the adjustable reel. The films are loaded in full daylight and are wound onto the reel using the outer knob. Lab-Box is the only tank of its kind on the market, and is the result of long research and developing efforts, paired with an effective and beautiful design.

WHY LAB-BOX Interest in analogue photography is growing. New generations of digital natives are rediscovering the analogue process as something new to experiment with.

This is why we have decided to create a product that would easily allow anyone to develop ďŹ lm rolls in full daylight, indoor or outdoors. Lab-Box addresses the needs of those just getting started with film photography and, at the same time, it is a tool with great potential for professionals and advanced users.


Universal and Modular With one tank it is possible to develop both 135 and 120 ďŹ lm rolls.

Compact and Portable Its compact size allows for easy carrying, in a bag or a backpack.

Versatile and Professional Perfectly suitable for beginners, but also meets the needs of more experienced photographers




MULTI-FORMAT 135 MODULE In the 135 Module, the film roll is positioned in the loading compartment and blocked firmly into place with two side hinges. The film is then clipped and the lid is closed in order to rotate the outer knob and load the film onto the reel. Once fully loaded, an internal blade will cut the film, separating it from the cartridge.

120 MODULE In the 120 module the roll is positioned in the top compartment. Once the lid is closed, the backing paper is separated from the film by pulling it out through the rear split, so the film is automatically loaded in the lower lightproof chamber. Having completed this operation and closed the 120 chamber with the 120 knob, the lid can be opened, in order to clip the ďŹ lm, and then closed again, to rotate the outer knob and load the film onto the reel.


STUDENTS Lab-Box is a great tool for teachers and students of art and photography schools, to develop film rolls as a group or in class.

PHOTOGRAPHERS Lab-Box is an indispensable tool for anyone using or approaching film photography, wishing to begin developing their own rolls. PHOTOGRAPHERS

TRAVELLERS Lab-Box is the perfect travel companion for photographers who want to develop and check photos while on the go.






35mm FILM

1. Take your exposed 35mm film, cutting the 2. Open the lid tail and smoothing out the edges

3. Insert the roll in the film slot

4. Take the clip through the film guide and hook the film.

5. Close the lid.

6. Turn the outer knob in order to wind the film onto the reel

7. This is what happens inside while you are 8. Once you reach the end, puch the orange turning the outer knob

lever and cut the film to separate it from the cartridge.

9. Finish to completely wind the film onto the 10. Now you can start to process your film reel


120 FILM

1. Take your exposed 120 film leaving on the 2. Insert the roll in the film slot adhesive

3. Inser the black paper tail in the rear split.

4. Close the lid and pull the paper out through the split. Meanwhile the film is automatically wound in the lower lightproof chamber

5. Once all the paper has come out, close the film chamber turning the 120 knob

6. Tear away the backing paper

7. Open the lid, remove the spool and the excess backing paper

8. Take the clip through the film guide and hook the film.

9. Close the lid and open the film chamber 10. Turn the outer knob in order to wind the again, turning the 120 knob

film onto the reel

11. This is what happens inside while you are 12. Now you can start to process your film turning the outer knob

DEVELOPMENT AGITATION Once the chemicals are inside the tank, it is possible to agitate them as required by rotating the outer knob which will turn the reel, allowing the correct movement of liquids, for a uniform development. With Lab-Box it is possible to choose to partially or fully submerge the reel in liquid, to experiment with different kinds of agitation:

Continuous agitation Filling the tank with 270ml of liquid you will only partially submerge the reel.. The film has to be agitated continuously during the whole processing time by turning the outer knob

Intermittent agitation Filling the tank with 500ml of liquid you will fully submerge the reel. The film can be agitated intermittently during the processing time by turning the outer knob

DEVELOPMENT PROCESSES MONOBATH The Monobath perfectly matches LabBox: it allows to develop the film quickly and easily with only one solution and in a few minutes, in a range temperature between 18°- 24°C. The single solution develops and fixes at the same time.

CAFFENOL Develop your black and white films using coffee! Caffenol is an eco-friendly developer and it’s super easy to use. Included in the kit, you will find all the ingredients, including the fixer, as a practical powder to dilute with water.



The standard Black and white process consists of 4 baths: Developer, Stop, Fixer and Wetting Agent. You can use all kinds of developers to play with different results.

The C-41 color process can also be experimented with, in particular using a simplified home processing kit. The process requires attention to temperature control (average 38°C).

DESIGN Design and prototyping are by VIVO Design Studio, in Rome, Italy. Following a careful test-and-review process, we have been able to optimize the ďŹ nal size of the tank and simplify its construction, in order to deliver an object that is both sturdy and easy to use. Our specialized team created detailed technical drawings, transforming them into 3D models and making use of all the latest digital manufacturing technologies.

SPECS Dimension 181 x 98 x 124 mm Weight 770g Material ABS, Stainless steel Made and assembled in Italy

Using 3D-printing technology, we created many different prototypes to carefully review and improve even on the tiniest details.

The project has been made in collaboration with Famo Cose Makerspace in Rome.

TIMELINE TIMELINE The highlights the from milestones from thetoinitial phase The roadmap toroadmap highlight the milestones the initial phase delivery andto future updates. delivery and future updates.

THE TEAM Lab-Box is a project by ars-imago. We have worked with analog photography for many years and our mission is to keep it alive encouraging everybody to enjoy film photography.

ars-imago Rome

ars-imago Zurich

Every day we are in contact with people who want to start or start again to use, learn and enjoy analog processes. This is why we have decided to create a product that simplifies the process allowing anyone to easily develop ďŹ lm rolls, 135 or 120, in full daylight, indoor or outdoors.

CONTACT Via Caio Mario 25, Roma, Italy +39 06 960 42 253 Badenerstrasse 211, ZĂźrich, Switzerland +41 44 461 18 49 @labboxfilmtank @arsimago ars-imago

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Lab-Box Press Kit  
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