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Message from the President By Steve Clough, President What a year 2010 was. It was a year filled with many changes for Arrow Truck Sales. Six branches (Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Phoenix, St Louis and Cincinnati) have new managers. Four members of Arrow’s management moved to Greensboro to take advantage of opportunities in the Volvo Group (Carl Heikel, Pete Monize, Brent Rottweiler and Frank Oliveira). Arrow celebrated its 60th anniversary and Jerry Nerman decided that it was time to retire after 60 years in the business that he co-founded. In addition to all of that, Volvo restructured the used truck business by moving the responsibility for managing the Volvo and Mack returns and the used truck sales activity to Volvo & Mack dealers back to Greensboro. It was a busy year. All of these events required a lot of effort on the part of numerous people at Arrow Truck Sales. Everyone involved in making these changes successful are to be congratulated. The year 2010 was also a turnaround year in the used truck business. After very difficult years in 2008 & 2009, Arrow saw improvements in all areas of our business. These improvements have laid a good foundation for a prosperous 2011. A Look Ahead to 2011 A lot of people ask me what I think 2011 will be like for Arrow Truck Sales. The answer that I always give is that 2011 will be a year of opportunity. It is up to us what we do with this opportunity. We are blessed to have a product to sell that many people and businesses need. And with a steadily improving economy, the need for used trucks will continue to grow. But, for us to be successful in 2011 we need to do several basic things. •

Our Sales Group needs to expand our customer base. We must find those prospects that need our products, develop relationships with those prospects and convert them to customers.

Our Buying Group needs to find more used truck inventory that will give Arrow good profit opportunities.

The rest of Arrow must continue to support the efforts of the Sales and

Buying Groups to improve the business. With the efforts of our entire organization, 2011 will be a great year for Arrow Truck Sales.

2 IMPACT | Edition 1 2011

IMPACT CONTENTS IMPACT is a staff publication for the employees of Arrow Truck Sales, Inc. IMPACT is published three times a year by Arrow Truck Sales’ Marketing Department. For more information or to submit an article, please contact Elaine Melchior at

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3 IMPACT | Edition 1 2011

Kudos Corner Joyce Xiao, Corporate In all the projects I’ve ever worked on, all the development I’ve had to coordinate with outside personnel, all my time doing what I do professionally – I have never, ever received the level of attention, speed for implementation, and outright enthusiasm to work on a project as we have experienced with Joyce. She is phenomenal in her efforts and a true pleasure to work with on I wanted to Reply All with this because I felt everyone needed to hear how great of a job she’s doing. She is– literally– outworking us on our end which is an absolute first. Typically, we get a batch of updates and recommendations, complete and send them to the person responsible for implementing the updates, get a list of questions about getting them done back, and then have to work very closely with the respective person to get the goals accomplished. With Joyce, however, we send over some detailed recommendations, some examples, and before I can blink – BAM! – they are all complete. There has been zero “hand-holding” and 100% thorough completeness with all of her work. -Vendor Comment

Transport Funding Before becoming a “paid sightseer” (Trucker) as a way to avert total boredom, I spent 12 years with ICPO (Interpol) and then owned an equipment leasing company for 27 years, which we sold in 2004. As a result of that and my degree in economic science, I developed a full experience of the credit business, as we used to fund over $1.5 million every month while financing the smog emissions testing systems normally used in many states, such as California, Nevada, Texas, etc. with the help of Net Bank and Bank of the West. I bought two other trucks before purchasing the one you financed and went to and from Canada every week, seeing the most beautiful places of western Canada, BC, Alberta, the Northwest Territory and the Yukon. It was wonderful until the good old doctor gave me orders to cease or I would join my relatives in “higher places”, something for which I am not yet ready. Hence my paying you off and selling the truck which I had the fortune of selling in just one day. All this preamble is to pay a compliment to your company for the way in which you do business. For that I must thank all of you. -Customer Comment

Charlotte Show By Lane Bartram, Marketing Manager


wo days of beautiful, cobalt-blue skies and unseasonable warm temperatures greeted representatives from Arrow’s Atlanta branch as they joined this year’s Back On The Road contest winner at the inaugural “Charlotte Diesel Super Show” – October 8th and 9th – in Charlotte, NC. This brand new trade show was staged entirely outdoors and featured a number of industry vendor exhibits, a Pride and Polish classic truck area, truck drag races and food – plenty of food – everything from traditional Carolina barbecue to famous Bojangle’s fried chicken – making it seem more like an outdoor festival than a trade show. The backdrop for all the festivities included a world-class NASCAR race track and zMAX dragway. Robert Snyder – Arrow’s 2010 Back On The Road contest winner - attended the show as part of the kick-off week for Back On The Road 2011. Not only did show attendees have a chance to discuss Arrow’s vast inventory 4 IMPACT | Edition 1 2011

Robert Snyder with his truck at the Charlotte Diesel Super Show

of quality used trucks with Arrow’s Paul Stephens and Ron Hildalgo, but they also had a chance to see Snyder’s prizewinning Back On The Road truck on display in Arrow’s booth. For two days, Snyder graciously posed for pictures with show attendees next to his truck and even signed a few autographs. And when he wasn’t playing the part of a “celebrity,” Snyder was talking to truckers about the Back On The Road campaign and what a blessing it’s been not only to his life, but the lives of previous winners. He also encouraged people to visit to nominate a deserving trucker for this year’s contest. The Charlotte Super Diesel Show culminated Saturday evening with a live concert performance by country music star, John Rich.

Sales Volume Leaders August 2010

September 2010

October 2010

November 2010

Vikas Gupta, TO

Bogdan Kljaic, CH

Joe Bochenek, CH

Joe Bochenek, CH

Dan Tanjavur, NJ

Vikas Gupta, TO

Vikas Gupta, TO

Joe Manzardo, CN

Jason Church, SL

Dusty Davis, AT

Andrew Oliver, SA

Vikas Gupta, TO

Jacobson Hodoh, TO

Rich Chranowski, LA

Rene Del Cid, FT

Richard Holmes, NJ

Lou Pinheiro, NJ

Joe Manzardo, CN

Rich Chranowski, LA

Larry McDaniel, HS


Every job is a self portrait of the person who does it; autograph your work with excellence.

RECOGNITION Sales Consultant of the Month August 2010

September 2010

October 2010

November 2010

Ben Griffith, AT

Dusty Davis, AT

Ben Griffith, AT

Dusty Davis, AT

Joe Bochenek, CH

Bogdan Kljaic, CH

Joe Bochenek, CH

Joe Bochenek, CH

Corey Gearheardt, CN

Joe Manzardo, CN

Jim Taber, CN

Joe Manzardo, CN

Warren Reed, DA

Carlos Moreno, DA

Robert Hill, DA

Carlos Moreno, DA

Pat Doud, DN

John Savage, DN

Kurt Larson, DN

Pat Doud, DN

Tom Brancato, FT

Herbert Allen, FT

Rene Del Cid, FT

Jay Blaik, FT

Justin Bryan, HS

Justin Bryan, HS

Larrick French, HS

Larry McDaniel, HS

Chris Wise, KC

Rick Miller, KC

Aaron Elliott, KC

Chris Wise, KC

Tony Velez, LA

Rich Chranowski, LA

Rich Chranowski, LA

Mauricio Morales, LA

Adam Luhring, MN

Max Kotlinsky, MN

Adam Luhring, MN

Max Kotlinksky, MN

Dan Tanjavur, NJ

Lou Pinheiro, NJ

Dan Tanjavur, NJ

Richard Holmes, NJ

Wayne Yarnall, PH

Tom Porricelli, PH

Tony Eno, PH

Thomas Porricelli, PH

Marco Ortigoza, PX

Pat Grant, PX

Larry Mitchell, PX

Larry Mitchell, PX

Andrew Oliver, SA

Andrew Oliver, SA

Andrew Oliver, SA

Adam Primera, SA

Jason Church, SL

Rudy Mesinovic, SL

Jason Church, SL

Jason Church, SL

Velda Redmond, ST

Javier Garibay, ST

Valentin Leon, ST

Farhad Assifi, ST

Juan Torres, TA

Eric Freyre, TA

Eric Freyre, TA

Juan Torres, TA

Vikas Gupta, TO

Vikas Gupta, TO

Vikas Gupta, TO

Vikas Gupta, TO 5 IMPACT | Edition 1 2011

Corey Gearheardt, CN

Ben Griffith, AT

Jim Blair, CN

Mark Cantrell, CN

Customer Comments Tom Bartlett – CH – I am purchasing a trailer thru Tom Bartlett. If he moves to a different company, I will follow him.

Ben Griffith – AT – I will buy again from Ben. – I was very happy and satisfied with Arrow Truck Sales. Ben Griffith was very helpful and professional. I will always recommend Arrow, and I am looking forward to future business with Arrow Truck Sales. Eric Boling – AT – Eric was excellent during this five-truck transaction. I am working with him now to purchase seven more trucks. Steve Richardson – AT – Steve Richardson was a great sales person. I would recommend him to anyone; the man will go out his way. Keep it up. Thanks a lot. Ron Hidalgo – AT – We highly recommend Ron to others. Thank you Ron for ALL of your help. We greatly appreciate you. Frank Cole – CH – Frank was very helpful and answered all of our questions. This was by far the best customer service we have ever received. Joe Vulpone – CH – Everything was great. Mr. Joe Vulpone is a very professional and nice person. Ken Padgitt – CH – Ken Padgitt is extremely professional and helpful. Paul Offerman – CH – Paul did a good job. He is a nice guy!

6 IMPACT | Edition 1 2011

Corey Gearheardt – CN – This makes the fourth truck I have bought, and this was by far the most enjoyable purchase. The staff handled everything great and informed me about everything. I recommend Arrow to every prospective O/O I meet. – So far everything has been handled to my satisfaction. The Cincinnati branch has bent over backwards to take care of me. – Everything was great. Corey was excellent. Jeff Potunas – CN – We will continue to grow and acquire all of our trucks from Jeff Potunas and Arrow Truck Sales. Jeff has continued to provide professional service both after the sale and those critical first three months of operation of the tractor. We cannot express our thanks enough to the Cincinnati Sales Office and Jeff Potunas! Jim Blair – CN – The truck is running good. – I think that Jim Blair is a great salesman. He knows how to treat people and to work with them. Thank you for your help and business. – Jim is a real professional. A pleasure to deal with!! Mark Cantrell – CN – Mark was great from start to finish. It is always a pleasure doing business with him. – Mark treats me very well: a pro at what he does.

Darin Whitwell, DA

Warren Reed, DA

Justin Bryan, HS

Carlos Moreno – DA – Carlos was very professional, helpful and prompt. He went out of his way to see that I got the deal I wanted.

purchase. We look forward to working with her in the future, and will definitely refer other prospective buyers to Arrow Truck Sales.

Darin Whitwell – DA – Everything was good. My salesperson was perfect.

Herbert Allen – FT – Herbert Allen was the best salesperson. I’m going to send all my friends to him.

– Darin was very professional and helpful. This was my first truck and Darin was patient and very knowledgeable for a novice like me. I have already recommended Arrow to several friends considering taking the plunge. Dustin Lofdahl – DA – Dustin was great to work with. Randal Stover – DA – Mr. Stover was very helpful and professional. I was very pleased with Mr. Stover’s kindness.

Hugo Rene Del Cid – FT – We believe that Hugo Rene Del Cid was very helpful. We will be shopping for another truck soon. Jay Blaik – FT – My experiences with Arrow and Mr. Jay Blaik were outstanding. Mr. Blaik did everything correct and most importantly, did everything he said he would do. I will be back to purchase my trucks at Arrow. Thank you and all the people that were involved with my purchase at Arrow. It was truly hassle-free.

Ruben Meza – DA – Ruben was very helpful in our decision to choose the truck we bought. He is very knowledgeable; he explained and answered all the questions we had. We are very pleased with the way he treated us.

Mark Reed – FT – Mark Reed of Fontana Arrow Truck Sales is a great guy, not just a salesperson.

Warren Reed – DA – Warren Reed was my salesman and he was GREAT!!

Claudio Mendez – HS – I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be your satisfied customer and to tell you that you have the best salesperson: Claudio Mendez!

– Great job by all the staff at Arrow Dallas. John Savage – DN – I was fully satisfied by the service your company has given. I will be happy to recommend Arrow Truck Sales to others. Benita Bodnar – FT – Benita has a beautiful personality; she is very professional and knowledgeable. She went out of her way to make sure we got exactly what we wanted. We were very pleased with her service and with our new

John Maxwell – HS – John Maxwell did a very good job meeting my truck needs and time table. Everything was done as needed. The service and warranty after the sale was excellent. I would purchase another truck from Arrow Truck Sales. This was a sale done well from start to finish. Justin Bryan and Connie Sanchez were also very helpful.

7 IMPACT | Edition 1 2011

Louis Pinheiro, NJ

Chris Wise, KC

Jason Church, SL

Gary Hill, ST

Customer Comments

Justin Bryan – HS – Justin was very friendly, and he went out of his way to meet with me. I had to drive two and a half hours to Houston. Arrow Truck Sales is lucky to have a person as nice and friendly working for them.

Richard McAllister – LA – This was my first truck-buying opportunity. Richard McAllister was my salesperson. I not only had an excellent rep, I made a friend for as long as I’m in this industry. I won’t buy from another place other than Arrow Truck Sales. I hope Richard McAllister is still there to assist me with all my trucking needs. Tony Velez – LA – Tony Velez is a great salesperson.

Ryan Pryor – HS – Ryan was an awesome salesman. I’d buy another truck from him.

Max Kotlinsky – MN – Max is a very friendly and knowledgeable salesperson. He is eager to assist in any way possible.

Aaron Elliott – KC – I am very satisfied with Aaron. I look forward to doing more business with him.

John Abiuso – NJ – I was very pleased with the service I received from my salesperson. He was very attentive and did everything possible for me to be able to own the truck. Thank you very much.

Chris Wise – KC – Chris did a good job for us. He even delayed leaving on vacation until he knew we were taken care of. I will recommend him to other truck buyers. – Chris Wise is a great salesman. He is a pleasure to work with. – Chris was great! We told him what we needed and the price range. He found the perfect truck for us! We are extremely happy with Chris and Arrow! – Well done Arrow Truck Sales. Keep it up, Chris Wise! Good job! Rick Miller – KC – Great job by Rick Miller. I’ll be back. Sean Christy – KC – Sean Christy has been very helpful and professional.

8 IMPACT | Edition 1 2011

Louis Pinheiro – NJ – Many thanks. Good Job. – Louis Pinheiro is excellent. Richard Holmes – NJ – Richard Holmes is a good salesman. He said and did everything he stated to me, relating to our purchase at Arrow Truck Sales. I would contact Richard again in the future for the purchase of another truck. Thomas Porricelli – PH – Tom was very helpful with my purchase. Even when I told him I might have challenging credit, he went out of his way to show me inventory I might be interested in. Tom and Joyce Sherrill were excellent folks to deal with. I was really blown away on how they treated me from day one. I will refer future buyers, as I know they will be great with other folks.

Valentin Leon, ST

Billy Valos – PX – Bill Valos is a patient and helpful gentleman.

Chris Roberts, TA

Michael Rowles, TA

– Gary Hill was great to work with. – Truck was clean.

Patrick Grant – PX – Overall great job by everyone at Arrow. Frank Gonzalez – SA – I have been very satisfied with my truck. I have already recommended Frank to some potential customers. Gary Gerfers – SA – Gary was a very thorough and awesome salesman who treated me with great respect. Thank you. Dean Devries – SL – Dean Devries is as good as you get! Hajrudin Mesinovic – SL – Mr. Hajrudin Mesinovic is the best sales associate from my experience during 10 years in the trucking business. Jason Church – SL – Jason did a great job. – You are lucky to have such a good man working for you. If I had a place for him I would steal him from you. – Jason Church is respectful, helpful, and goes out of his comfort zone if he can help you in any way. It helps settle the nerves of going in debt for another truck when you have someone like Jason Church, whom you know is going to be HONEST and HELPFUL. Thank you Jason, the truck is GREAT.

– I have recommended Arrow to several people already and will continue to do so. Javier Garibay – ST – The salesperson gave excellent service. He was very friendly and professional. He provided assistance to any concerns I had. I will recommend him to fellow truck drivers in the future. Valentin Leon – ST – Valentin Leon did an awesome job. I will be back to you soon. – I was extremely happy with my purchase through Arrow; Valentin was very professional and did not pressure me through the purchase. Overall I have been very happy with my dealings with Arrow. I feel Valentin played a major role in my purchase and should be commended for his efforts. For my next truck purchase, I will definitely come to Valentin and Arrow. Brent Burkett – TA – Brent has been great. And Juan Torres was always courteous and professional. Chris Roberts – TA – Sales rep Chris Roberts did an excellent job with this transaction. I will recommend him to other customers. – Chris was great.

Joshua Harrison – SL – Josh was a good salesman. We enjoy our truck. Thanks again. Gary Hill – ST – Gary Hill handled the sale in a very professional manner.

Michael Rowles – TA – Mike Rowles went way beyond as a salesperson. This was my first truck and he helped me find what would work best for the job. He was excellent in every phase of this purchase.

9 IMPACT | Edition 1 2011

Rob Nusca, TO

Jerry Jarosz, TO

Vikas Gupta, TO

Customer Comments Vikas Gupta – TO – Vikas is a man of his word. He delivered my truck on time. – We bought 11 trucks within a year from Vikas Gupta.

– The Tampa staff was great – Mike Rowles, Juan Torres and Stephanie Patridge.

– You guys are doing a great job. Vik Gupta is the best salesperson. He helped me find a good truck and arranged financing for me.

Jake Hodoh – TO – Jake was very helpful and very knowledgeable. He was patient and answered my long list of questions. He always responded promptly. Thank you Jake!

– Good service by Vik. We will love to buy more trucks.

Jerry Jarosz – TO – Jerry is a very nice man and did a good job.

– Salesperson was very helpful in the whole process.

– Jerry is a very good and honest salesperson. I’ll recommend Jerry Jarosz to my friends. – Jerry is the best. – Jerry is an excellent salesperson. His service is good. – Jerry is a very good man. He helps me every time I buy trucks. Pat Lumsden – TO – This is my third truck with Arrow. Pat Lumsden is a great rep for your company. He is honest and caring, which is hard to find these days. Rob Nusca – TO – Rob Nusca went above and beyond the call of duty on my purchase. He catered to my every need. I would buy from him again, site unseen. Great Job Rob!! – I received good service from Rob Nusca. And the financing arrangements were fast. I’m satisfied with my new Volvo. Thanks to Arrow Truck Sales.

10 IMPACT | Edition 1 2011

– Wonderful customer service by Vikas makes me come back again and again to Arrow.

– My brother and I have purchased eight trucks from Vik Gupta. He has always helped us in making the right decision. Thanks to Arrow, the management and Vik. – I think switching from Freightliner to Volvo was a very good decision. I am very comfortable with my new truck. Vik guided me in this decision. It’s good we have Arrow Truck Sales in our city. The remaining 12 comments for Vikas can be found on the ArrowNet: NewsandEvents/IMPACT%20Newsletter/14%20 AdditionalCommentsVol1_2011.pdf

Bits bytes Spam Email By Sayam Chaiyote, Network Administrator

If you have an email account, whether at home or at work, everyone receives spam email at one time or another. Usually just a nuisance that can be solved by deleting it, spam email can sometimes be disguised as something else. Spam is generally categorized into two types. “Solicited spam,” spam email that are advertisements or newsletters from a business. This type of email is received if you have used your email address on the Internet for purchasing an item or signing up to a website. When you give out your email address on the Internet there is usually an option to either ok or not ok the use of your address to receive emails from the business or their partners. At the end of a solicited spam email is a section to unsubscribe. “Unsolicited spam,” spam email that can range from various different subjects. Some emails can look similar to a solicited spam in that it will be advertising a product but the main difference is that there’s not a section to unsubscribe. Some emails will be scams or contain virus/spyware. Common scam emails are those requesting money or information about

you. Some examples are a doctor in another country needing help or that you have won the lottery in another country. Some will go as far as pretending to be someone else such as the government or business but keep in mind that anything of a legal matter will be presented via mail and not email. Virus/spyware emails either contain an attachment or a link. These types of emails can be made to look like they came from an associate you know or even have your email address as the sender. On an email, the sender address can be anything, however if you look at the header of an email, you can see exactly where it came from and if it matches the address. Usually when you receive a virus/spyware email from someone you know, the way the email is composed will look odd or not normal to the person’s writing style. Unfortunately, there’s not a way to avoid receiving spam, at Arrow we average about 50,000 emails a day. Out of those, only 2,000 to 3,000 emails are actually ok to be delivered. Even out of those 3,000 emails, there will be some spam email that gets through.

2. Examine the email, if it has an attachment, let your Anti-Virus software scan it. Don’t open attachments that contain files that have .exe, .dll, or .vsb. 3. If there is a link in the email make sure it corresponds to the sender. For example if the link is directed to the sender should have an email address. 4. If you receive a spam email from an associate or from yourself, check your sent items folder to see if you actually sent that email. If you have, you will want your Anti-Virus software to scan your computer. If it’s from someone you know you, might want to let them know that their computer may be infected with a virus/spyware. 5. Click on the unsubscribe link on Solicited spam emails that you don’t want any more. 6. If the email looks suspicious just delete it. 7. In your email program submit the email to the Junk list. For example in Outlook, right click the email and click on Junk E-mail to block the sender.

There are some things to help reduce the amount of spam you receive and protect yourself. 1. For your home computer, get an AntiVirus/Anti-Spyware software and keep it up-to-date. Popular software such as Symantec/Norton, Trend Micro, or McAfee can protect against both AntiVirus and Anti-Spyware.

11 IMPACT | Edition 1 2011

Internal Control is a process where an organization’s resources are directed, monitored, and measured. At the organizational level, internal control objectives relate to reliability of financial reporting, evaluation of the achievement of operational or strategic goals, and compliance with laws, regulations, and company policy. It plays an important role in the prevention and detection of fraud and protecting the physical and tangible resources of the company. Why do Arrow Truck Sales personnel need to comply with Operational Controls? The following points are taken from the 2010 Association of Certified Fraud Examiner’s Report to the Nations: Impact of Occupational Fraud / Perpetrators of Fraud Survey participants estimated that the typical organization loses 5% of its annual revenue to fraud. Applied to the estimated 2009 Gross World Product, this figure translates to a potential global fraud loss of more than $2.9 trillion. The median loss caused by the occupational fraud cases in our study was $160,000. Nearly one-quarter of the frauds involved losses of at least $1 million. Small organizations are disproportionately victimized by occupational fraud. These organizations are typically lacking in anti-fraud controls compared to their larger counterparts, which makes them particularly vulnerable to fraud. More than 85% of fraudsters in our study had never been previously charged or convicted for a fraud-related offense. This finding is consistent with our prior studies.

12 IMPACT | Edition 1 2011

Internal Controls and Common Audit Issues Observed during 2010 By Cathy Baggenstoss Sr. Internal Auditor

Fraud perpetrators often display warning signs that they are engaging in illicit activity. The most common behavioral red flags displayed by the perpetrators in our study were living beyond their means (43% of cases) and experiencing financial difficulties (36% of cases). Common Audit Issues Observed - 2010 Based on results of ATS Branch audits performed during 2010, there are several key areas which would benefit from operational improvement, strengthening of internal controls, or compliance with policies. The following Audit Observations were those most commonly cited in Branch Audit Reports issued during 2010: Certificates of Insurance Missing or not Meeting Minimum Requirements Risk: Arrow assumes additional risk of liability for injuries or loss incurred while the unit is being repaired by the vendor. Recommendation: Review Arrow’s COI Policy located on ArrowNet. Update the COI tracking template and obtain current insurance certificates on all vendors, currently and subsequently performing services for the branch as described in the policy. Compliance with Cash Handling Procedures Risk: Theft or loss of customer receipts and lack of compliance with corporate cash handling procedures. Recommendation: Review and reinforce Arrow’s Cash policies located on ArrowNet.

Review of Open P.O. Reports before Month-End Recap Risk: The timing of the charge will not properly correspond with the sale of the unit when hitting the Income Statement. Sales commissions will not be calculated correctly. Recommendation: Review the open purchase order reports periodically and, at a minimum, before month-end recaps are processed in order to ensure that all purchase orders in the system are valid and can remain open. Increased compliance in these areas will help protect company assets, assist in preventing and detecting fraud, and result in more efficient operations. It will help to ensure that company assets are rightfully distributed to all Arrow employees who comply with policies and work hard to make our company successful.

• Communicate Suggestions for Process Improvements – You might have the perfect solution! • Unsure of a Procedure? Please ask. Corporate personnel are here to support you. • Use the Audit Department as a resource for information – We are here to help.

And remember, Internal Controls and Basic Separation of Duties exist not only to protect the company; but also to protect you.

Helpful Tips on Achieving Compliance Include: • Utilize ArrowNet – The best source for the most current Policy and Procedure information. • Read and Comply with Arrow Policy and Procedures.

Welcome to Arrow!

New Employees

Dayna Gilliland, CORP


Carrie Abbate, CORP


Philip Naugle, HS


Kyle Barry, TA


Michael Hannemann, SL


Nathan Patrick, PW


Laila Partin, CN


Joshua Harrison, SL


Andrew DeSantis, TF


Allison Miller, CH


Joyce Mickels, TF


Nidal Jamili, LA


Andrew Burnett, ST


Sarah McCluskey, LA


Robert Henry, TO


Fabian Figueroa, NJ


Misty Everhart, CORP


Andrew Hauser, MN


Terry Couch, DA


Terry Freeman, TF


Anthony Guerra, DA


David Tarleton, NJ


Jeffrey Head, AT


Steven Miller, AT


Todd Shagin, NJ


Karen Beltz, TF


John Gardner, TA


Robert Malone, CN


Ashley Perez, TF


Larry Thomas, FT


Richard Suarez, PH


Phillys Barbour, TF


Anthony Cafaro, DN


13 IMPACT | Edition 1 2011

Convoy For A Cure By Rob Nusca, Assistant Branch Manager, Toronto

“Convoy For A Cure” is a team of dedicated women who have created a network of convoys that celebrate the women of the trucking industry and bring awareness, sponsorship, and support for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. The inaugural Convoy For A Cure Ontario West was successfully held on Saturday, October 16th. The Toronto Branch entered 2 trucks into the convoy. The weather was perfect and the turn-out phenomenal. The convoy started at the 5th Wheel truck stop in Dorchester, Ontario and rolled down Hwy 401 to the final destination of the TA truck stop in Woodstock, Ontario. Joanne Millen Mackenzie, a 19-year trucking veteran, organized the convoy, which had 33 trucks and raised more than $36,000 for breast cancer. The Toronto Branch hosted a BBQ afterwards. Many festivities were planned afterwards including the BBQ, music, vendors, and a live auction. Guest speakers were on hand from the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and the prizes were handed out for the most pledges and best Pinked Truck. The event was well received by media members of the trucking industry. Each year, thousands of Canadians are touched by breast cancer. It not only impacts the individuals with the disease, but the families, friends and loved ones as well. On average, 445 Canadian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer every week, an increase of 9 women per week from 2009. In 2010 an estimated 180 men in Canada will be diagnosed with breast cancer! It is estimated that 5,300 women and 50 men will die from breast cancer in 2010!

Top, left to right: Convoy For A Cure in Canada: Truck in Convoy; The Gang in Toronto: Ian Martyres, Vik Gupta, Pat Lumsden, Frank Oliveira, Adam Davy; Arrow’s Pink Truck in Convoy; Bottom, left to right:Team Tasha at Corporate; Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk in KC: Tasha and her son, Alex; Team Tasha at the walk in KC;

“Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” was held on Saturday, October 23 in KC. “Team Tasha” as a whole donated $2,025 to the American Cancer Society (including Arrow matching funds) and our team came in 14th place of Top Teams out of 120 teams. For more pictures, see Tasha’s blog ( on the Oct. 26 post. There is a link to more pictures of the event. Thanks to everyone who supported this cause in the US and Canada. Together we will beat this! 14 IMPACT | Edition 1 2011

Arrow’s Back On The Road Winner, Robert Snyder Humbly Begins His Year-Long Journey By Lane Bartram, Marketing Manager

The road for Robert Snyder - Arrow’s 2010 Back On The Road contest winner - has certainly not been an easy one. But as we in Marketing often remind ourselves, “Robert was chosen as our Back On The Road contest winner - for a reason.” Spending two full days with the Snyder family in Dunnellon, Florida producing a short video documentary of his story painted an uncomfortable parallel universe of personal pain and stubborn optimism. On one side of the fence we found a man driving a 1996 Peterbilt with over one million miles who regularly spent two months at a time on the road hoping to earn enough to cover inevitable repairs to his truck, as well as basic necessities for his family. In fact, the first day we arrived in Dunnellon, Robert’s truck was leaking oil and the front bumper assembly was literally falling off. But to avoid yet another repair cost, Robert had secured the bumper to the frame of the truck using heavy-duty rubber ties. Smiling nervously he said, “I usually avoid the DOT all together by traveling the back roads – even if it takes me longer to get to customers.” On the other side of the fence, we found a loving teenage daughter named Savannah who refused to let life’s obstacles tear her family apart. We found Savannah to be Robert’s biggest cheerleader – a young girl proud of her dad’s career as a professional trucker and his dedication and sacrifice to his family. Now, fast-forward to a dazed Robert Snyder taking the stage in Louisville, KY. accepting the award as the 2010 Back On The Road winner from Sirius XM radio personality, Dave Nemo.

As his voice broke with emotion, Robert humbly thanked all the sponsors for their generous gifts and repeated - at least three times - “now I’m looking forward to getting out there and earning some money.” Since that momentous occasion, Robert has participated in several live radio interviews, made several appearances at industry tradeshows with his prize-winning truck and been the recipient of “high-fives,” congratulations and blessings from fellow truckers. And although the road to financial recovery continues, for the first time in years, Robert has been given hope – something that simply would not have been possible without Arrow’s Back On The Road program.

ABOVE: 2010 Back on the Road Truck LEFT: Robert Snyder, 2010 Back on the Road winner

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ACFW Carol Award Winner: Chris Arenz, Corporate Alice K. Arenz, wife of Chris Arenz in Marketing, was recently named the winner of the 2010 American Christian Fiction Writers Carol Awards (Book of the Year Contest) in the mystery category for her second book, The Case of the Mystified M.D. Her first book, The Case of the Bouncing Grandma, was a finalist in last year’s contest. Alice’s first two books, written under A. K. Arenz, are “cozy mysteries”. Cozy mysteries usually take place in a small town with characters who could be your neighbors or friends. Lead characters tend to be quirky or eccentric and there is a good bit of humor. “Cozies” don’t usually involve a lot of gory details or explicit “adult situations.” Her third book, Mirrored Image, is a mystery/romantic suspense and was released in October. Mirrored Image is written under Alice K. Arenz to differentiate between the two types of books.

You can find more information at or Books can be ordered online at any of the major online resellers.

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Arrow Family Happenings

Premature baby thrives with donated breast milk: Virginia Hendrix, Corporate Taken from the Kansas City Star on Wed, Aug. 18, 2010 By Alan Bavley (Nicole Hendrix is Virginia’s daughter-in-law.) As she was getting ready to leave the hospital Tuesday with her baby, a tearful Jennifer Robinson knew how to measure generosity. All she had to do was turn and look at Nicole Hendrix, the woman who had helped the premature baby, Max, to thrive against the odds. Hendrix had donated her breast milk — gallons of it — to Max after his mother couldn’t make any more. It was a personal gift the hospital had never seen before. Hendrix had been saving frozen milk for her own preemie daughter, Lillian. Lilli, as she was called, died before she could get much more than a little of it. Jennifer Robinson (left), was joined by Nicole Hendrix, whose donation of breast milk gave strength to Max.

Overland Park Regional neonatologist Kathleen Weatherstone said the donation played a role in keeping Max alive. Max was born on April 16, four months premature. Lillian was born March 4, also four months early. Both babies suffered from a condition called necrotizing enterocolitis, where blood circulation was cut off to portions of their bowel. It occurs most commonly among extremely premature infants. Breast milk is thought to be protective against necrotizing enterocolitis, Weatherstone said. And it’s the best-tolerated milk for infants recovering from the condition. Robinson searched for breast milk banks that provide babies with milk from donor mothers. But insurance plans don’t always cover the charges. She calculated that it could cost thousands of dollars per month.

Atlanta Branch Holds Open House; Back on the Road Winner Brings His Truck

That’s when Robinson and Hendrix’s stories began to intertwine. After Lillian’s death, Hendrix went back to Overland Park Regional to pick up things left behind. She thought of the breast milk at home in the freezer. Hendrix asked a nurse in the intensive care unit if she could donate her milk. Word got back to the nurse that Robinson’s baby needed breast milk, and the nurse told Hendrix. Before sharing the milk, the Robinsons and Hendrixes barely knew each other. Now the families have become friends. Hendrix visited Max several times in the hospital and was one of the first people to get to hold him. “We instantly felt we had a connection,” Robinson said. “If it weren’t for Lilli, Max would not be here. Her little life made a huge impact on his. Someday, he’ll know about Lilli and how selfless her mother was.”

New Purchasing and Wholesale Specialist; Nate Patrick Nick Lombardo, Assistant Manager Wholesale Dept. Please welcome to the Arrow Purchasing and Wholesale team Nate Patrick. Nate is a Missouri native and Graduated from University of Central Missouri with a BS in Business Management. Nate was formerly employed by Redexim NA, a Golf Course Equipment Manufacturer and has 12 years experience in Sales within the industry. Nate lives in South Kansas City Mo with his beautiful wife Kristy, 8-year-old son Kaydon and 8-month-old twins Krue and Kora. Nate is excited to be on the buying team, eager to learn and utilize his sales experience in a new industry. Oh, and I think we have the record for three sets of twins in one department. Nate can receive plenty of advice from Brent Hey and Nick Guess who also have twins. Welcome Nate!

Bruce Brancato Retires from Arrow Bruce Brancato retired from Arrow in August 2010 after 22 years. He is currently operating out of the Fontana branch as a contract consultant for NAT Remarketing. Bruce Brancato

Atlanta Branch Open House Paul Stephens, Branch Manager The Atlanta branch held an open house on August 14, 2010. We had the following companies participating in our open house: 1) FedEx Ground (Turner Totten) 2) FedEx Critical (Lysa Byham) 3) FedEx Home Delivery (Gail Whisby) 4) Gilbert Express (Eddie Simpson) 5) Denny Herman Trucking (C.J. Peterson) 6) Sunco (Larry Jackson) There were 35 to 40 customers that showed up, and three retail orders were written and we obtained several prospects. All ten salesmen were here and overall we considered it a great success.

Chicago Branch Kevin Buehner, Branch Manager Greetings from Chicagoland We are wrapping up 2010, and we are on pace to retail over 700 trucks and trailers this year from CH/CM. I wanted to thank everyone here at our Chicagoland branches for all their time invested and hard work, it definitely paid off and it shows in your results. Also thank you to everyone at corporate who supports us, from buyers to management, Arrow is a great company to work for.

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Congratulations to Joe Bochenek – Joe Vulpone – Bogdan Kljaic and Paul Offerman for making diamond level in 2010. Also a big “CONGRATS” to Mike Jones for achieving GOLD level this year – fantastic job Mike. Mike recently just got married and bought a new DODGE RAM 1500 truck. (one week before wedding - way to go Mike.) If there were a diamond level for F&I, Nancy Herout would be Diamond level for all the contracts executed and customers signed. Again, great job to everyone here, Ray Kucera in our shop, Tom Bartlett, his part time assistant, Allison Miller of the office, Perry Tonoff selling our trades and repos and the entire sales staff, great job in 2010! We are looking forward to some playoff football up here in the frozen winter wonderland and wish everyone safe travels this holiday season. Go Bears! P/S – to Ben Ragsdale, you are in our thoughts and prayers, hang in there, you are on the road to recovery, see you in 2011!

Cincinnati Branch Truck Giveaway Corey Gearheardt, Assistant Branch Manager

Here is a CN US Express 780 pimped out for Great American Insurance. The truck will start its tour first of next month. First stop will be Great American Ball Park (home of the Reds) for pictures in front of stadium and media day. After that the journey will continue to Las Vegas, 18 IMPACT | Edition 1 2011

Arrow Family Happenings

Indianapolis, Miami, Atlanta, and New York before being given away at the 2010 Mid American Truck Show in Louisville to one lucky owner operator. Contestants can register to win on the Great American Insurance web site. This is the second year in a row Arrow has sold them a truck to be given away and should be another successful year.

Kansas City Branch Shanna Pettegrew, Receptionist We would like to take this moment to introduce Eric Hintz our newest member of the KC sales team. He comes to us with plenty of past experience in the industry. He lives in Overland Park with his wife Beth and 6 year old son Cade. In his spare time he enjoys playing with his son, football, golf, running and pretty much any sports show on TV. As the final months of the year are upon us we are always looking for new ways to generate sales leads. We are planning on attending the Nebraska Power Farming Show coming up in December. We are also planning on attending the Western Farm Show here in Kansas City in February. Our Assistant Branch Manager Aaron Elliott said we sold six trucks last

year at the Western Farm Show. We are hoping to do that well this year if not better. We are excited about these shows and anticipating entering the New Year ahead of our game.

Los Angeles Branch Brent Stout, Assistant Branch Manager On a cold (42 degrees) and rainy day in California, the California Trucking Association (Kern Unit) held it’s Annual Charity Clay Shoot. Brent Stout, Marc Johnson, Jaime Morgutia and Phil Moesser participated. They won the last place trophy (shown here). “It’s setting on my desk. I’m very proud of it.” said Brent.

Phoenix Branch Larry Mitchell, Assitant Branch Manager In the beginning of October, Phoenix was hit by a freak hailstorm that caused damage to our building

Phoenix Branch gets pummeled by hailstorm!

and some of our trucks. The sales team was quick to capitalize on the “Hail Sale”, and we sold trucks anyway! The building is just about back to normal now, and activity has increased. Our Branch Manager, Ben Ragsdale, is recovering from surgery and hopes to be back soon in the mix of things. He keeps the Phoenix branch updated and motivated with emails, and keeps abreast of the situation daily. While there was some concern for a time, Ben will soon be back with us! Phoenix welcomes two new sales representatives, Mark Harper and Erik Krenz. Mark has over 20 years of sales and management experience in the automotive industry, and he has already shown is professionalism by selling trucks. Erik was previously with a Volvo dealership in a management capacity, and brings us years of proven success in pushing the needle! We are excited with these two strong additions to our sales force! In addition to the new hires, Larry Mitchell has been promoted to Assistant Manager to help Ben and keep thing rolling here! He appreciates all the help and support he has been receiving from everyone.

Minneapolis Branch; New Look Chad Fine, Branch Manager Here is a shot of Minneapolis now that the display area is finished and I have trucks up there...and YES - it’s as cold as it looks...

Minneapolis Branch

Randel Peyton Martini

San Antonio Branch Charlene Connolly, Finance and Insurance Manager Congratulations to Nick Martini and family on their new arrival!! Randel Peyton Martini, 7 lbs 4 oz, 20 long, was born on November 29, 2010.

Tampa Branch; Bay News 9 Tampa Brent Burkett, Branch Manager We have a local news guy (Bill Murphy) doing a feel good story about trucks, the trucking industry and life on the road with a couple that purchased a truck from us. This will air on Brighthouse Networks channel 340 in the Tampa Bay and Orlando markets. Bill said he has had this idea for some time and thought with the success of the Ice Road Trucker TV show, now would be a good time to do it. He found Arrow through the internet and was very impressed by our web site. This will give Arrow Tampa some good local exposure.

Tampa Customer Appreciation Day October 23, 2010

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But that’s about where the Robin Hood comparisons end. Ryan certainly doesn’t “rob from the rich to give to the poor”. And no, he doesn’t wear a green medieval outfit with a pointed feather cap (nice cover design Tasha!). Although, since arriving at Arrow, he’s no doubt shot plenty of arrows through departmental budgets! So, if he’s not Robin Hood – then who exactly is Ryan Sherwood?

Ryan Sherwood

Up Close and Personal

By Lane Bartram, Marketing Manager

There’s an old expression, “you can’t see the forest for the trees.” Translation? “You’re so concerned with details that you’re missing the point.” Well, for Ryan Sherwood – Arrow’s new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) that expression doesn’t necessarily ring true. Because as CFO, his primary job is examining details – financial details that, ultimately, paint a picture of the company’s overall health and profitability. Or, to borrow a Robin Hood analogy, guess you could say Ryan’s “Sherwood Forest” is a never-ending maze of financial data he must analyze on a monthly basis so as not to (as the expression says) “miss the point.”

20 IMPACT | Edition 1 2011

As a kid, Ryan grew up in the capitol city of Harrisburg, PA – a working class town located in east central Pennsylvania between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. As the middle of three brothers, he enjoyed playing a variety of sports including football, baseball, golf, wrestling and down-hill skiing. “As a kid, my brothers and I were really into sports and I was a HUGE Phillies fan,” said Ryan. “One of my biggest idols was (Phillies pitcher) Tug McGraw. And probably one of the highlights of my childhood was sitting in box seats on the first base side with a couple buddies at a Phillies game watching Pete Rose get hit number 3,621 – passing St. Louis Cardinals great, Stan (The Man) Musial,” recalled Ryan. “But I also grew up a big Eagles (football) fan and thought (quarterback) Ron Jaworski was pretty cool.” As a teenager, Ryan attended Mechanicsburg Area Senior High School and graduated in 1984. He joined the Navy in 1985 and was stationed, primarily, in Mayport, FL on a destroyer where he was responsible for maintaining and operating a missile launcher. “During that time, I spent most of my deployment in either Europe or Florida and earned the rank of Petty Officer 3rd Class.” After the Navy, Ryan attended Lycoming College – a small liberal arts school located in Williamsport, PA. – where he earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics.

During high school and college, Ryan excelled in math and began thinking about a career path utilizing those skills. “My father was in finance and I wanted to follow in his footsteps,” said Ryan.

Dealer Shared Services (in charge of Finance, HR and Parts & Services) and, eventually, was given the additional responsibilities of all operations and sales of the six branches in California.

His first job right out of college was as a sales representative for a Lincoln-Mercury dealership. That job soon led to Office Manager for the auto group, then Assistant Controller. The dealership also had a construction equipment company called L.B. Smith, Inc. and Ryan decided to make the move to that end of the business becoming its Business Manager.

It was while working at VCE that Ryan discovered a job posting for CFO at Arrow Truck Sales in Kansas City. “I was browsing through job postings on Violin and came across the CFO position at Arrow, said Ryan. “At the time, I really didn’t know much about Arrow but soon found the company to be much larger than I had expected. I liked the idea of taking on the challenge, and I really wanted to learn the truck side of Volvo, so I submitted my resume.”

Eventually, Volvo Construction Equipment (VCE) purchased the construction equipment firm and Ryan held numerous positions within the company including Financial Controller and then Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Ryan’s career path with VCE wound its way to Asheville, NC where he held positions as Distribution Business Manager (working with company acquisitions and divestitures), Director of Owned

After going through the typical backand-forth process of any job search, Arrow offered Ryan the position replacing Steve Clough as Arrow’s new CFO. “Next thing you know, my wife and I are packing up our things and heading to Kansas City.” But the move to Kansas City from Asheville was bittersweet. “We really enjoyed the diversity, history and creative energy in

Asheville,” noted Ryan. “As a city, it’s truly unique and eclectic with a wide diversity of people. But we’ve also had a chance to experience some pretty nice things here in Kansas City like The Plaza and the River Market area downtown. Most recently, I got to check out Arthur Bryant’s (barbecue) and it was great!” After arriving at Arrow, it didn’t take long for Ryan to roll up his sleeves and dive right in. “Essentially, as CFO, my challenge is to take care of financial responsibilities for the company. My other primary responsibility is supporting our sales branches in any way possible so they can focus on selling trucks,” explained Ryan. So, what about short and long-term goals? “In the short term, my goal is to help return the company to profitability. And to do that, I’m focusing a lot of my time on getting as much financial information I can out to our branches to help them better understand and interpret the more important aspects of our business – essentially giving

21 IMPACT | Edition 1 2011

them a clear picture of our financial position, as well as identifying areas of opportunity,” said Ryan. “Longer term, I’d like to see greater profit coming from unit sales versus finance income. And although our financial position is improving, we’re certainly not out of the woods yet. We need to continue focusing on building gross profit per unit. At this time, margins are hovering around 11%, I’d like to see that figure at or above 15%,” Ryan said. “For us to improve Arrow’s financial performance, we need to change our mind-set from just selling more units, to increasing Gross Profit on those units and managing our expenses.” Ryan noted one positive development is the fact that our industry is experiencing tighter inventories which, in turn, will drive prices and GP higher for used trucks. That means Arrow’s current inventory is actually increasing in value as opposed to declining – as was the case the past couple years. “Now that we have a healthy inventory level, following the restructuring with NAT, our goal should be to return to normal, “healthy” business practices as soon as possible to help sustain long-term unit growth and profitability,” emphasized Ryan. And speaking of NAT, Ryan described Arrow’s relationship with Greensboro as being mutually beneficial and sound. “I’d say, first, that we have a great relationship with Greensboro. Volvo

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is the sole shareholder of Arrow’s stock and six of the eight Directors on our Board are based in Greensboro. Therefore, in our relationship with Greensboro (the “owner”), we provide a lot of financial and operational information to them both in monthly reporting and at our Board meetings. Our Board is very involved in oversight and holds us accountable for results but also gives us quite a bit of latitude in running the business - knowing that our operation is much different than any other in Greensboro or Volvo.” Since arriving at Arrow, Ryan has been impressed with the company – in particular, Arrow’s aggressive sales approach at branches, as well as the product knowledge of sales associates and their strong sense of teamwork. “I’m really impressed by the sophistication of Arrow’s infrastructure – such as the company’s robust web site, the transportation bidding system, SFA, the convenience of ArrowNet and the comprehensive approach taken in marketing to support sales via the internet, broadcast, print and even social media,” noted Ryan. So, how does Arrow’s new CFO spend most of his time these days? “My initial focus has been on finance and IT – and we have a couple major projects in the works right now. But I also involve myself in logistics, as well as issues at our branches with the help of Ken (Kosic) and Scott (Taylor). On a daily basis, I try to

keep an eye on pending and sold reports and our inventory levels, as well as provide Volvo key financial reports.” Ryan also emphasized the importance of technology as it relates to improving both financial reporting and overall results for Arrow. “Technology is absolutely key to our future success,” stated Ryan. “My goal is to use technology to get more useful information into the hands of both our management team, as well as Branch Managers so we can use this valuable information to support our sales associates – and we need to do so in a more ‘real time’ fashion so we can take advantage of sales opportunities as they present themselves.” Another critical use of technology involves Arrow’s new “Sales Force Automation” (SFA) program – a proprietary software program developed in conjunction with Arrow’s IT department and sales. “I’m really excited about the potential of SFA and give credit to George (Papp) and Mark (Samuel) for leading the charge on this important project. SFA is an extremely valuable resource for our sales associates in that it helps them organize the sales management process through automation. The investment of time and capital in this project will really pay dividends.” Like any CFO, Ryan’s responsibility to the company, its employees and shareholders is return on investment

(ROI) – making sure any capital expense or operational investment returns a profit. “Obviously we need to be prudent with the company’s financial resources, but I have to strike a balance between cutting costs where I’m able without having a negative impact on the sales process,” Ryan emphasized. As for Ryan’s management style, he stressed that he tries to get involved in as much as possible without micromanaging people. “I tend to be very inclusive and try to involve team members whenever and wherever possible. I feel strongly that for Arrow to be successful, we need to keep the lines of communication open between departments at all times.” “Based on what we’re seeing in the industry right now, the future

looks bright for Arrow. We’re very encouraged about the way things are going. The economy as a whole is improving, freight is up and the supply of used truck inventory over the next couple years will continue to be tight – as such, prices and margins should continue to rise. If the supply of inventory does continue to tighten, Arrow will be at an advantage over our competitors because we have a sophisticated buying department, and because of our relationship with Volvo.” As for his personal life, well…. Ryan and his wife Diane are still busy unpacking boxes following their move from Asheville to Overland Park, KS. The Sherwood’s are also keeping busy with their two boys – eightyear-old Cole and six-year-old Liam. To steal another shameless

Robin Hood analogy, I suppose you could say Ryan’s surrounded by….his “Merry Men.” As for personal hobbies, Diane works from home and enjoys exercising while Ryan still enjoys sports (albeit watching it on TV vs. participating). “I enjoy watching college and pro football – especially Penn State and, of course, the Eagles. And when I have the time, I like to play an occasional round of golf. Before kids, I used to play about three times a week – now I’m lucky if I see a course three times a year.” Ryan also enjoys history and is currently reading the book, “Truman” – the biography of President Harry S. Truman. “I’ve heard great things about the Truman Library and Museum in Independence and hope to visit it soon.”

We want to thank Ryan for his sense of humor in allowing us to use a creative cover photo.

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The Future Starts Now!

Sales Force Automation Strategically Merging Sales Efforts, Marketing and I.T. For Increased Sales Important Information Every Arrow Sales Associate Must Know

June, 2007 – George Papp and Don Mueller presented a Whitepaper and discussion entitled “I.T. Solutions For The Future” to Arrow Executive Committee. The introduction began with our Mission Statement and the follow-up declaration: Our Mission Statement asserts that Arrow is “To be the premier used truck sales company that promotes loyalty from our customers, opportunities for our employees and fair returns to our shareholders.” Being a premier leader in the industry includes not only the way we market ourselves, but also the way we utilize technology to differentiate ourselves from our competition. July, 2008 – Executive committee approved funding and resource allocation to proceed on SFA development and implementation. July, 2008 – Arrow hired an independent consulting firm to help define the business requirements and processes around which the SFA would be constructed. Design documentation was prepared by Arrow SFA Steering Committee for Arrow I.T. department to begin creating SFA software. (Committee members listed at end of article.) April 2009 – Arrow I.T. department commenced programming. SFA Steering Committee met regularly to provide input and direction. Efforts continued throughout the upcoming months.

24 IMPACT | Edition 1 2011

February, 2010 – Live beta testing of program began in Kansas City and Cincinnati branches. Subsequently, Minneapolis branch was included in later testing. July, 2010 – Companywide roll-out began with hands-on training sessions at all Arrow branches. December, 2010 – Final Arrow branch received SFA training. We have all heard the adage “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Well, neither was Arrow’s exciting, new Sales Force Automation program. Over three years in the making, the final product is now on the shelf, ready to help Arrow’s sales associates “utilize technology to differentiate ourselves from our competition.” This Special Report was created to provide you with a little background, explanation and future direction for this mixture of technology and sales processes for Arrow. What is SFA? Many times, the acronyms SFA and CRM (Customer Relationship Management / Contact Management System) are used interchangeably. But, there is a difference. CRM and Contact Management Systems generally help in finding and organizing your customer database and in contacting customers and

What is the goal? Obviously the goal is to sell more trucks. But let’s be specific. If this SFA process is embraced by every Arrow sales associate, each associate should easily be able to sell a minimum of one more truck per month! That equates to 100 more trucks sold each month by Arrow! That is our goal! What does this mean to the Arrow sales person? It equates to inventory turns + higher profit transactions = increased earning potential for you. How does SFA actually help an Arrow Sales Associate? Simply put, if utilized correctly, it will help you become more productive in less time and sell more trucks. Wouldn’t you like to create more opportunities to sell existing equipment to your prospects and current customers? Wouldn’t you like to see organized information at-a-glance about all your prospects and customers? Wouldn’t you rather work smarter, not longer or

I understand that we are asking you to the way you change do business…e ve n the way yo about the wa u think y we do busi ness. And I understand th al so at change is sometimes di it is also in fficult. But evitable. I support th is initiative whole-hearte believe it wi dly. I ll make the di fference in success for Arrow’s the future. I am confident entire sales th at the team will ad opt – and ad Future! apt – to the

Steve Clough

harder? Wouldn’t you like to earn more money? Sure you would!

afternoon. Lots of activity is happening You fi finally happening. nally deliver your

Will it really do all that? We can talk about companies best practices, their business policies, and sales ballyhoo until we are blue in the face. But, here is an example of how it can quickly help you now!

truck at 4:00 and try to go back through all the notes scattered across your desk. Where do you start? SFA to the rescue. It’s about productivity. At the click of a button, you can see all your customer and prospect opportunities, and even the next task that needs to be done with each of them. You know who you spoke to, what type of equipment you discussed and the timeframe for purchasing. Used properly, SFA will keep you

It’s a typical busy day at your branch. You are answering phones, trying to return phone calls from yesterday, make a few outbound sales calls and deliver a truck that

25 IMPACT | Edition 1 2011


retaining relationships. SFA is much broader. It’s about managing and supporting sales associates - which includes contact management but also opportunity and pipeline management. SFA electronically manages all sales activities. It combines business strategies, sales processes and information systems to automate lead assignment, contact management, letter and email generation, quotes and proposals, presentation material, to-do lists, as well as sales and opportunity management and reporting.

A Message fr om the Presid ent I am very ex cited about this new, in leading prog dustryram that Arro w has rolled can tell you, out. I without a do ubt, that yo your disposal u have at something no ne of our co have! This is mp etitors one of the mo st substantia significant in l and itiatives th at Arrow has launched and ev er we are all a part of it. This Special Report has be en created so can understa that you nd the import ance and powe sales tool. r of this For this tool to be as effe possible – an ctive as d help you se ll more truc critical that ks – it is you embrace th is new techno and process. logy


organized, focused and on-task with your prospects and customers. SFA helps Arrow get the most out of its Sales Teams. How many times has your branch manager asked you “how many trucks do you think you’ll sell this month?”

February. An online help tutorial within the SFA site is on process. Future plans for SFA will include electronic retail orders, management reports and will tie into Arrow’s Contract and Finance Manager program. The SFA program is part of Arrow’s long-range planning. It will continue to be perfected, enhanced and capabilities added. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with all the tools of the program and learn how to utilize all its features and benefits. If you have any questions, contact George Papp at A special thanks to all those who took time out of their busy schedules to be a part of the SFA Committee. The committee was lead by George Papp (Director of Sales Development) and the following branch managers: Doug Moravec (Dallas); Chad Fine (Minneapolis); Kevin Buehner (Chicago); Montgomery Drake (Kansas City).

With SFA, your manager can see your sales pipeline and help you with regarding sales opportunities that weren’t closed and why. He can determine the reason you may have lost a sale and coach you on ways to improve. SFA will also keep your branch manager aware of what inventory is most needed in his branch and tracks lost sales results. SFA…it’s not technology. It’s people. You may have heard the stories from other sales people whose companies tried to implement such a program…and failed miserably. Why do SFA strategies fail? They fail because it is not embraced by the entire sales force. It requires a culture change. Its success is dependent on YOU! And with today’s speed of business, we need high-velocity culture change! What’s next? With the initial round of training complete, Arrow will begin the second round of reinforcement training in

26 IMPACT | Edition 1 2011

A very special thanks goes to Mark Samuel (I.T. Director) for his dedication, support and all the extra efforts he put into this project. According to George Papp, “Mark was so enthusiastic throughout the entire process of building this program. Mark viewed this project not only through the eyes of a programmer, but also through the eyes of the sales organization. Mark continually offered suggestions and listened to the needs of the end-user. A big thanks!”

Happy Birthday!



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Debbie Stevens, CORP Amber Surface, LA Don Mueller, CORP Jose Blanco, NJ Nidal Jamili, LA Isher Singh, ST Linda Smith, PX Juan Torres, TA Subhendu Gantayet, CC David Tarleton, NJ Vikas Gupta, TO Marc Johnson, LA Gary Mason, TF Mark Cantrell, CN Andrew Hauser, MN Tony Eno, PH Dayna Gilliland, CORP Chris Arenz, CORP Richard Barnett, CORP Pavan Thandi, CC Steve Clough, CORP Michael Sanchez, SA

4/5 4/7 4/8 4/9 4/9 4/9 4/10 4/10 4/14 4/15 4/16 4/16 4/16 4/17 4/18 4/21 4/25 4/26 4/26 4/26 4/28 4/30

Just another reason to celebrate! Hire Date Years

Susan Yocom, TF Mauricio Morales, LA Wayne Carter, TF Brandon Hess, KC James Blair, CN Melanie Pearson, DN Patrick Grant, PX Laura Brown, TF Valentin Leon, ST Geoffrey Houldey, PX Billie Britton, FT Sean Christy, KC Claudio Mendez, HS David Whitwell, DA Eduardo Araujo, CM Jim Stevenson, CN Dustin Davis, AT Timothy Kilmer, CH Tom Porricelli, NJ Mark Reed, FT Donald Fender, CN Nick Martini, SA Aaron Elliott, KC Brent Stout, LA Tony Eno, PH Jaime Morgutia, LA Valerie Padilla, LA Dustin Lofdahl, DA Darin Whitwell, DA Ryan Pryor, HS Joe Manzardo, CN Shannon Horrell, SL Juan Torres, TA

1/4/2010 1/11/2010 1/11/2010 1/13/2010 1/18/2010 1/18/2010 1/18/2010 1/19/2010 2/1/2010 2/2/2010 2/8/2010 2/15/2010 3/1/2010 3/5/2010 3/17/2010 3/31/2010 4/12/2010 4/12/2010 4/19/2010 4/19/2010 1/13/2009 2/23/2009 3/2/2009 3/10/2009 3/16/2009 3/23/2009 3/30/2009 4/1/2009 4/6/2009 4/7/2009 4/20/2009 4/27/2009 4/21/2009

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2


Hire Date Years

Curtis Holden, PX Gregory Isola, NJ Rich Creekmore, CORP Richard Holmes, NJ Natasha Rinehart, CORP Ron Hidalgo, AT Farhad Assifi, ST Janae Zamora, DA Samuel Yarnall, PH Michael Jones, CH Isher Singh, ST Aly Martinez, NJ Theresa Zink, TF Chris Roberts, TA Lesley Tolliver, CORP Bogdan Kljaic, CH Lane Bartram, CORP Benita Bodnar, FT Chad Fine, MN Jim Taber, CN Debi Bennett, CORP Andrew Oliver, SA Victor Cardenas, LA Gail Rodriguez, ST Jeffrey Head, AT Beth Carnie, CORP Mark Samuel, CORP Erick Law, CORP Debbie Stevens, CORP Sayam Chaiyote, CORP Dan Kramer, CORP Efren Zarate, FT Jason Church, SL

4/30/2009 1/7/2008 2/1/2008 2/1/2008 2/4/2008 2/11/2008 3/17/2008 3/25/2008 3/31/2008 4/1/2008 4/9/2008 4/14/2008 4/21/2008 1/11/2007 1/29/2007 1/30/2007 2/6/2007 2/28/2007 3/5/2007 3/28/2007 4/9/2007 4/10/2007 4/16/2007 4/30/2007 2/27/2006 1/1/2005 1/1/2005 1/10/2005 3/3/2005 3/16/2005 3/21/2005 3/31/2005 3/3/2004

2 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 7


Hire Date Years

Susan O’Connell, DA Velda Redmond, ST Perry Tonoff, CH Linn Wiley, TF Elvira Villareal, ST Alisa Sobczyk, TF Robert Meyer, TF Robert Hill, DA Paul Offerman, CH Nick Lombardo, PS Brent Hey, PS Bryan George, TF Robert Cohn, TF Tom Brancato, FT Sandy Karas, CORP Daniel Gouger, TF Rick Beale, HS George Papp, CORP Charlene Connolly, SA Yvonne Suceda, HS Scott Taylor, CORP Joe Bochenek, CH Richard Barnett, CORP Mary Frear, CORP Virginia Hendrix, CORP Thomas Lester, TF Connie Sanchez, HS Ted Galusha, CORP Tony Velez, LA John Steinhilber, TF Judy Marx, CORP

Happy Anniversary!

3/25/2004 3/29/2004 4/15/2004 11/1/2004 1/29/2003 1/31/2003 2/10/2003 3/10/2003 3/17/2003 4/7/2003 1/21/2002 2/25/2002 3/25/2002 3/19/2001 4/2/2001 4/30/2001 3/6/2000 4/17/2000 1/18/1999 1/18/1999 2/1/1999 3/17/1999 3/22/1999 4/14/1997 2/12/1996 2/29/1996 3/21/1994 4/22/1994 3/9/1992 4/30/1990 1/7/1988

7 7 7 7 8 8 8 8 8 8 9 9 9 10 10 10 11 11 12 12 12 12 12 14 15 15 17 17 19 21 23

27 IMPACT | Edition 1 2011

Melvin Spitcaufsky Memorial Scholarship By Beth Carnie, Director of Human Resources The Melvin Spitcaufsky Memorial Scholarship fund is for children and grandchildren of Arrow Truck Sales, Inc. employees in the US and Canada. The scholarship is for $1000.00 per semester with a maximum scholarship of $8000.00 for four years. The following objective information will be the criteria for candidate selection: ◊ Parent’s and applicant’s financial needs ◊ Number of children in the household ◊ Applicant’s grade point If the difference between the top 2 applicants is negligible, the decision will be made using the subjective information on page 3 of the application. The scholarship is for 4 years and once awarded, cannot be revoked on the basis of termination of employment for whatever reason. However, it can be revoked for failing to maintain the grade point average set by the committee.

Corporate Headquarters 3200 Manchester Trafficway Kansas City, MO 64129

All applications must be postmarked by February 28, 2011 and should be mailed to: Melvin and Evelyn Spitcaufsky Memorial Foundation % Diane Peters 10435 Bond Overland Park, KS 66214


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