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Doncaster Advanced Motorist Driving in the countryside Dear Readers, Driving on country roads requires an entirely different set of skills to driving in congested towns. Rural roads are arguably the best place to exploit your driving abilities and get the most enjoyment out of your driving. Traffic is usually light, you can use your observation skills, the roads are more interesting and you’ll have to make well-judged overtakes. The same level of planning and concentration is required but you’ll be dealing with an entirely different set of hazards and sources of information. You will need all the selective observation skills you have developed but also consider… Taking extra care in case people or vehicles suddenly appear around corners, drive out of isolated field entrances, farm drives etc, especially on 60mph roads. Looking well ahead (over the hedges, where possible) to spot oncoming traffic in the distance, especially trucks and tractors. Also look for potential overtaking zones and plan your arrival time to coincide with a gap in the oncoming traffic. Livestock in the fields might indicate that there may be mud on the road and you should also always be prepared to encounter a flock of sheep around the next bend. The line of hedges, trees, or telegraph poles often denotes the direction the road may take around the next bend. Use this to your advantage. Don’t swerve uncontrollably if an animal or bird darts out in front of you. Better a broken fog light or dented bumper than a total loss of control and a serious accident. Holes in hedges are often found on particularly sharp or tightening bends, and are usually created by some unfortunate driver who has overshot the corner and gone straight on. Treat them as a reminder to take care and to keep control of your speed. Have a Free Public Assessment Drive. As I said in last months Arrow, the Doncaster Advanced Motorists Group is offering free public assessment drives this month for anyone with a current full driving licence. The drive will be in your own car and the vehicle and you must comply with all current road traffic regulations, MOT, Insurance, etc: A document check will be made before the drive. All readers who wish to have a free taster of advanced driving please contact me on the number below to book your drive, this means you ladies too If you are interested in the courses we offer, you’ll be able to find this information on the Institute of Advanced Motorists website at Or Tel: Doncaster 01302 886 276 Safe Driving Paul Tuke.


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