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WESTWOODSIDE Church of England SCHOOL Celebrating Strengths Update We are now 7 months into building a Strengths Based School and we would like to share our journey so far with you. I am delighted to say that ‘Celebrating Strengths’ activities have flourished in all year groups from F1 (Nursery) to Year 6 ( 11 year olds ). Using storytelling, celebrating festivals and noticing and building on children’s strengths to compliment the existing curriculum, our school is developing a strong strengths based ethos. Year Groups Our youngest children in school can talk with confidence about their individual ‘top strength’, whether it be creativity, friendship, love of learning or one of the many others and because each strength has an accompanying British Sign Language action as they talk about the strength they are able to do the action. Years 1 and 2 have used Celebrating Strengths themes recently to great effect in their class assemblies and included some thoughtful ideas and lively drama. Our Year 3 to 6 classes have used different strengths to focus on as part of the weekly theme and included storytelling and discussions about strengths in their planning. A 10 year old pupil, Georgia told me about a really interesting idea they have in their Year 5 class:‘We have a ‘Kindness Catcher’ in our class. The kindness catcher is a box and every week we notice people who have been shown the strength of Kindness. We write down their names on a piece of paper and how they have been kind and then our teacher, Mrs Harris reads them out at the end of the week. It makes us into a very kind class.’ The Festival of Easter At the end of March we were delighted to welcome back Belinda Catt, a ‘Celebrating Strengths’ consultant to lead 2 very special whole school assemblies linked to the Life of Jesus. At the start of the day the assembly focussed on the ‘Road to Jerusalem’ and in the afternoon the assembly ‘Celebrated the Resurrection’ by inviting the children to walk along a daffodil lined ‘road’, at the end of which each person was presented with a chocolate egg. A lovely experience for us all, with many memories to take away from it. Photographs It was difficult to select photographs showing Strengths as we have so many. Here are a selection :Three F2 children showing their strengths of Friendship and Teamwork as they play together A group of Year 2 children showing the strength of Creativity and Love of Learning during a recent Passport Day Year 3 / 4 children found out about the Festival of Holi and the Strengths of Love and Forgiveness So as we move through the year our whole school’s aim is to continue to grow and develop in a ‘Celebrating Strengths’ community recognising our own strengths and the strengths of others. Girls’ Under 11 North Lincolnshire Cup On Thursday 1st March, Westwoodside girls’ football team took part in a tournament alongside other Schools from North Lincolnshire. The team had already won their competition at South Axholme School and went on to also win this tournament. The team played brilliantly and showed a fantastic attitude throughout all the games. Well done to all our players who are now the champions of North Lincolnshire!

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