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March 2010

Issue No. 51

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Editors Letter…. Welcome to the March issue of The Hatfield Arrow. I would like to start with a sincere apology for printing incorrect information in the February Issue. The article titled „Snowfall in Hatfield‟ included a picture of Dr Waters garden, Hatfield - Not Dr Weeks garden. Please accept my apologies for this error. Mother‟s day is on 14th March this year and in this months magazine there are lots of ideas for special gifts, flowers, beauty vouchers, chocolates, champagne and lots more. I‟ll be looking forward to a nice relaxing day! If your looking for something to do or want to get out and about, meet people and enjoy some company, have a look at the „What‟s on‟ page. There‟s always something going on in and around Hatfield and you will be made welcome at all the events listed. Also, if you have any details of events in the area, any fundraisers, meetings, groups, clubs or societies, please send me the information and I will include the details. The deadline for the April issue is Tuesday 16th March 2010.

Best Wishes

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News, News, News, News, News, News….. EARTH HOUR - Saturday 27 March 8.30pm Earth Hour started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia when 2.2 million homes and businesses turned their lights off for one hour to make their stand against climate change. Only a year later and Earth Hour had become a global sustainability movement with more than 50 million people across 35 countries participating. Global landmarks such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge,The CN Tower in Toronto,The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and Rome’s Colosseum, all stood in darkness, as symbols of hope for a cause that grows more urgent by the hour. In March 2009, hundreds of millions of people took part in the third Earth Hour. Over 4000 cities in 88 countries officially switched off to pledge their support for the planet, making Earth Hour 2009 the world‟s largest global climate change initiative. Earth Hour 2010 takes place on Saturday 27 March at 8.30pm (local time) and is a global call to action to every individual, every business and every community throughout the world. It is a call to stand up, to take responsibility, to get involved and lead the way towards a sustainable future. Iconic buildings and landmarks from Europe to Asia to the Americas will stand in darkness. People across the world from all walks of life will turn off their lights and join together in celebration and contemplation of the one thing we all have in common – our planet. Let’s make 2010 the biggest Earth Hour yet !. It’s Showtime! Show the world what can be done.

HATFIELD SLIMMING CLUB RAISE £600 FOR THE YOURKSHIRE AIR AMBULANCE Eve Dickenson, a volunteer worker for Yorkshire Air Ambulance, recently went to a meeting of the Hatfield Slimming World Club and received a donation of £600. This is the second year running that such a donation has come from this group. The money raised comes from small change put into the collection tin on a weekly basis, from raffles and perhaps a coffee morning during the year. Quite an achievement from a group with a floating membership. The group has also collected bras for the Air Ambulance appeal, and old mobile phones, which equate to £6.00 for each one donated. The Slimming World leader is Karen Dunn, who has been coming to Hatfield for over 10 years and the "committee" of regular ladies who organise the fund raising are Coralie May, assisted by Jean Bennett, Irene Burns, Norma Smith, Rose McGee and Denise Jones DARREN BRITTAIN, PRESENTS AND EVENING OF CLAIRVOYANCE, at Hatfield Woodhouse Village Hall, Friday 12 March, commencing 8pm. Tickets £10, available from Ray Harper 01302 842607 Refreshments and Raffle in aid of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

JUST SWITCH YOUR LIGHTS OFF FOR ONE HOUR AND LIGHT THE CANDLES ! Visit for more information and to sign in to join millions of people around the world who are switching their lights off on March 27th Vera Liddle and Cath Watson


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I would like to extend my thanks to everyone involved in the raising of £1000 for the BBC Radio Sheffield Kids Scanner Appeal on Sat 30th January at Hatfields. Thanks to Hatfields for hosting the event Pentagon Toyota for Sponsoring the event „Strange triangle‟ and the „Fabulous Cogiron Brothers‟ for giving their services free Everyone who donated prize‟s for the raffle Sheffield Wednesday FC, Doncaster Rovers, Doncaster Knights RUFC, Bay Horse, Blue Bell and more Tina O‟Hallorhan for organising the raffle Ronnie Cross for his generous donation The Hatfield Arrow for promoting/advertising. All the lovely people who came, saw and enjoyed! We had a truly great time and you can catch some of the video on A huge thanks to all! B Padley The Fabclogs are playing at The Ingram Arms on Sat 13th March, The Blue Bell on Friday 26th March and The Horse and Groom (East Laith Gate) 17th April. ‘Jam Nights at the ‘Blue Bell’ the first Thursday of every month, all welcome!!

Happy Mother’s Day

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Congratulations and Best Wishes to Pearl and Geoffrey Larner on celebrating their 60th Wedding Anniversary this Month. Geoff Larner met Pearl Sylvia Levit over 60 years ago. He was waiting at the Bus Station near Christ Church, Doncaster to meet another young lady he had arranged a date with. While he was waiting, a friend of Geoff‟s, Arthur Hall, happened to walk by with Betty Hurst and her cousin Pearl. He decided not to wait for his date and tagged along to the pictures with his friend and Geoff and Pearl soon became a couple. Pearl only saw Geoff on Sundays as she worked in „service‟ at the Grove for Pilkington‟s in Kirk Sandall and Geoff was busy working as a Blacksmith at Hatfield Main Colliery. Geoff proposed to Pearl when she was 17 using a green Peridot ring and bought an engagement ring from Brown‟s, Doncaster at a later date. They were married 11 March 1950 at Thorne Parish Church at 1pm. The bridesmaids were Dorothy Horton, Mina McCracken, Shelby Mitchell, Margaret Brack and performing the best Man duties was Jack Walton. The reception was held in the Church hall at Thorne and at 5pm they caught a train to London for their Honeymoon. They had £50 spending money and managed to do some sight seeing and see some shows including South Pacific, My Fair Lady and Wild Violets. For 3 years they lived with Geoff‟s mother at Ash Hill, Hatfield, where they had a son, Mark and in 1953 they moved into a pit house in the Oval paying £1 per week rent. Geoff and Pearl are currently in the same house, Happy Ever After! Congratulations Love from Wendy & Mark, Rebecca, Ryan, Kian, Jemma and Phil. Clouds Community Counselling Service Ltd. Free confidential service based at the Vermuyden Health Centre, Thorne. Clouds also has appointments available at the Hedgerows Centre, Moorends. Clouds are very happy to announce that they have been awarded funding to offer group work from April 2010. One group will be supporting Grandparents who will be the main carers for their grandchildren, another group will support the bereaved. There will be an opportunity for both these groups to become independent local support groups. The service will also be offering courses to unemployed young Mums and Dads. For further information or to book your place please call 07962907053.


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Don’t judge a book by its cover…. The other night I was sat in the pub having my supper. I must admit I looked quite sophisticated as I attempted the quickie crossword in the paper, when I noticed a man of roughly my age (erm, 21) who had brought his elderly mother out for her tea. Despite looking well into her 80‟s she had a superb appetite and looked to be enjoying what was evidently the highlight of her week. Her son on the other hand made no attempt to chat to his mother apart from taking her order and spent the entire meal looking at any one of his trio of mobile phones rather than engage in a spot of conversation. As I watched the pair of them I was reminded of a man who I first met in 2000 and who was to prove the adage that you should never judge a book by its cover. It was November and I had just embarked upon yet another career path by starting a new job at Skipton local council. After a desperate attempt to find somewhere to live a guardian angel - who happened to be a nurse at the local hospital - came to my rescue by allowing me to shack up in her pretty little cottage in a nearby village. My first thoughts were that Gargrave would be like any stereotypical Yorkshire village, armed with a tea and sweet shop, a trusty newsagents, meaty butchers and hopefully, and most importantly, a decent pub. As it happened stereotype wasn't a word associated with Gargrave. The butcher's wife had also been the newsagent's wife in a former iteration, the landlord of one of the pubs was also a bookie, one of the other pubs was run by the Jehovah‟s Witnesses. So it continued. There was a horse in the village that drank beer, the butcher had a 'secret' recipe for his pies, the village chippy was the best place for cheap fags and what I thought was the monthly meeting of the church bellringers society was in fact the Harrogate wife swapping club that used the local holiday village. They say you should scratch beneath the surface but this was ridiculous! It was on the way to one of these pubs 'The Masons' (pictured) that I first encountered Tommy. Tom was an elderly gentleman stout in build, well into his 80‟s and with hair that would have made Albert Einstein reach for the Brylcream. He wore an ill-fitting suit held up with string that complimented his ageing shoes, but with not an ounce of fat on his frame. I eyed him with real trepidation and dare I say it fear as his piercing blue eyes fixed on mine, and in a gruff Yorkshire voice he barked “how do”. Over the coming months I began to make Masons my local as the beer was like nectar. The regulars were from the village and always had a good tale to tell, the landlord was born in Doncaster and his wife would plate me up a Sunday dinner to take home. It was a real marriage of convenience, the masons and I. Tom worked in the pub as the glass collector and had done for years, as long as anyone could remember anyway, and had even been sold along with the pub when the present landlord had purchased it a few years before. One Christmas as the landlord struggled to find the key to stop people getting out of the pub (if you get my meaning) I found myself in conversation with Tom and he confessed to not being a Yorkshireman at all. It transpired that he was in fact from Barrow, over in darkest Cumbria, and had arrived in the village in unusual circumstances. Tom, apparently, was a canny and respected boxer and along with his two brothers had set out on the long journey from Barrow to Harrogate back in 1933 to take part in the boxing booth at the Yorkshire Fair that promised good financial reward for the winners. Tom duly won his three bouts and had set off with full pockets on the return journey only for the car to break down in the village. The local mechanic estimated that it would take two days to fix and that they were best finding a place to sleep and to wait for the repairs to be completed. It was during those couple of days that Tom attended the village summer show, met a woman at the coconut shy, fell in love and never returned to Barrow again.


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He went on to have four children, 12 grandchildren and numerous great grandchildren all over Yorkshire; he worked every day in the pub, didn‟t owe a penny to anyone and was the breeder of the best Chickens in the area - which I gathered made him more proud than anything else. It was also his in-depth knowledge of chickens that ended up giving me one of the most memorable moments. The landlord of The Masons would organise various events throughout the year to encourage fair competition and to foster a bit of friendly banter amongst the regulars. There was the sunflower growing competition, the inter pub tug of war, the golf day, cream cracker eating, singles darts and the eagerly awaited 'guess the age of the chicken' competition. The landlord would scour the area for a random fowl and then 'confirm' its age with the farmer. Regulars would then pay £1 to estimate the number of birthdays the egg layer had gone through in the hope of winning a pot often running into hundreds of pounds. Tom won the competition in 1999, much to the amazement of the regulars, as he had only taken a single guess and had got it spot on. Every weekend for a month the chicken would be brought to the pub so that the regulars could keep tabs on it - some parting with anything up to £20 in punts. After a month the competition was closed and the result announced the following Saturday night to a packed house. For the first time in the history of the competition the previous winner defended his title - and Tom collected his winnings. The deflated regulars were astonished. The next morning (still in the pub) I cornered Tom to ask him how he could have known the exact age of a chicken two years on the trot. He called me by my Sunday name and pulled me into a quiet corner of the pub. With a huge grin on his face and a knowing twinkle in his eye the wily old fox admitted he noticed it was the same chicken as the year before and simply added a year onto last year's winning guess and hey presto - safe in the knowledge that the cash and the trophy would head his way. As I laughed to myself that night I couldn‟t help but think that Gordon the landlord could have chosen any one of the thousands of chickens in the area but only Tom was canny enough to notice it was the same one as the year before. I left the village not long after but I had become good friends with Tom, even though he looked like he had slept in a chicken coop for a week and would be most people's choice for village nutter. But the barrow bruiser was as sharp as a tack, as hard working as a farm horse and as strong as one too! And so as I sat and watched the son and his mum having their tea in abject silence in the pub the other night I thought it was such a shame. OK, maybe there is nothing to say sometimes and maybe there was a good reason why he didn‟t feel so talkative, but one thing is for sure, those people who think that the elderly have nothing to offer are as daft as chickens. They will probably have done everything you have done or will do - maybe without the use of an Ipod or laptop computer. They will have loved like Tom, lived life to the full like Tom, and many even put their lives on the line for us in the past. So I end by asking you to make the effort either with your family, your neighbour or maybe even just a stranger in a pub. Say hello, make conversation and listen, you might just be surprised by what you hear. PW AKA The Difference PS – Can I just clarify that I am not obsessed by chickens!

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Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School News! Hello everyone this is your correspondents here. We‟ve had a lot of exciting things going on in our school this month, which we can‟t wait to tell you about. On Sunday 7th February we took part in a tag rugby tournament at Castle Park, Armthorpe. Nine of our year six children joined in the tournament with schools from across Doncaster. After reaching the final which took place in half time of the Doncaster Knights game against Rotherham our children got to stay to have sausage and chips. Unfortunately the team they got beaten by Tickhill Estfeld. However we are very proud of them because they still reached the next round of the tournament. Mrs Acton is also very proud of their good sportsmanship. Afterwards they even got to meet some of the Doncaster Knight players and collect their autographs. In school we have had a very sporty half term. We have had rugby lessons and to top it off we have also had a dance teacher who came to help us learn to dance. We loved it. Years 6, 3 and 2 did jazz whilst years 5, 4 and Foundation 2 did disco. We all enjoyed it very much and it was good exercise. We have all had fun at our super Valentines disco. It was exciting for everyone giving them a chance to use their dancing skills. There was games, food and music from a real DJ. Children came from Foundation 2 all the way up to year 6.It was a brilliant way to start the half term holiday. When we return to school we are looking forward to seeing lots of changes because we are going back to using the original old entrance to the school for visitors and parents. We also can‟t wait to see the 4.5 metre long screen fitted in the hall. The new equipment will be used for assemblies and for the scenery for our summer show. We look forward to updating you next month. Let‟s hope that it is a bit warmer by then. Charlotte Tilley and John Adams Please send any replies/questions to the school address below. Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School Main Street, Hatfield Woodhouse, Doncaster, DN7 6NH

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THE BAY HORSE INN HATFIELD Andy and Chris welcome you to join them at the Bay Horse Inn, Hatfield, for a friendly pint, some great food and a good old fashioned friendly chat. They have been running the Bay Horse for just over 2 years now although they have been associated with it for as long as 30 years. Andy used to work as bar manager for the previous owners and Chris arranged the ever popular quiz nights. Chris, who has lived in Hatfield for many years, started his career as a DJ at „The Swinging Affair‟ night club, Manor Road, Hatfield. He then went on to manage puns for the well known „Berni Inns‟ in the London area until joining Darley‟s Brewery where he became area manager. One of the pubs he managed at this time was The Bay Horse. Chris then continued to work for a further 20 years at Samuel Smiths brewery before finally taking the helm with Andy at the Bay Horse.

Andy has lived in Hatfield for over 20 years and some people might remember him working as the barman at the old squash club on Manor Road. Together, Chris and Andy decided to take on the Bay Horse, after the previous owner retired, because they wanted to keep the traditional values and friendly relaxing atmosphere that can always be found here. They aim to keep the Bay Horse as somewhere for local people to meet, have a chat, enjoy a drink and nice food and feel welcome and relaxed. They pride themselves on being a female friendly pub, knowing that any lady can call in and will be given a polite and friendly service from all the staff. Traditional High Quality food is served Monday to Saturday 12noon until 2pm and 5pm until 8pm. No food is served on Sundays as this day is reserved for anyone wanting a good old fashioned Sunday drink. General Knowledge Quiz nights are held on Wednesday evenings and Quiz Link nights, which offer an element of chance, are held on Sunday evenings. Visit the Bay Horse Inn to enjoy a fabulous meal, a good drink or join in the fun on a quiz night! You will be made very welcome!

Personal Attention From Jessie Now Practising Part-Time Tuesday Mornings and All day Wednesday and Thursday

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News From Hatfield Visual Arts College Casper Carr, Sheffield based Graffiti Artist, has been working with HVAC on a spray Art project in the IT Suite. Some of our yr 10 G+T students and yr 13 students worked with him in a design workshop last term, he also worked with COPE students. Casper has returned to Hatfield Visual Arts College to complete the project early this year. The themes that the students were given was dance, creative Media and community. He showed the students spray painting techniques such as blending and cutting in. Casper will also be working with some of students on a community project later in the year where he will be spray painting a skate park in Stainforth. Susan Forbes, Textiles artist worked with our yr7 students earlier this term. The workshop they participated in was Sun Prints. They collected object from in the Art classroom and placed them on light sensitive paper. then the paper was exposed to sunlight. When the objects were removed they left a silhouette pattern. The paper was then fixed so the image became permanent. The students then repeated the process with light sensitive material. to complete the project they used white a silver stitching to decorate the fabric. Each student created a small square piece of work. all the squares were then mounted together. The work has been on displayed in the Auditorium Gallery since Nov. When the exhibition finishes the Would you like to learn to speak finished piece will be displayed more French ? permanently some where around the college.


Susan is also working with HVAC on a similar community project, with young mums at The Croft (Hatfield and Dunscroft Children's centre).


Are you preparing for exams and need help with your French grammar ? Mrs R Lancaster Haxey

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The South Yorkshire Charity Ploughing Match is being held on Sat 27th and Sun 28th March 2010. It is a charity event raising funds for the British National Ploughing Match being held in Lincoln next October. The event will be held at Lindholme (the old airfield behind Lindholme Prison) by kind permission of HM Prison Service Lindholme & Ken & David Chappell and over 100 ploughmen, including previous National, European and World Champions, are expected each day, with horses, vintage tractors and modern equipment. David Chappell is celebrating 50 years of competing in ploughing competitions by organising a weekend of events. He won his first contest in October1960 and has had 1st places every year since and has represented England at the World Contest on 3 occasions. At the contest, ploughmen must plough 1/2 acre in 4 hours, the judges will look for straight, level furrows with all the stubble buried to achieve a clean level seedbed for the next crop and all the trash buried and sealed firmly in to prevent the carry over of weeds and diseases. A well ploughed field needs less fertiliser, less chemicals and uses less fuel to achieve a better crop, than a poorly ploughed field. The plough was invented 4000 years ago and has been gradually improved and ploughmen at this event will demonstrate the ancient art of using a plough to create the perfect seedbed. For more information or to obtain an entry form please contact David Chappell on 01302 840098/07703500412 or email

Sat 27th and Sun 28th March 2010 10am - 4pm At Lindholme (the old airfield behind Lindholme Prison) by kind permission of HM Prison Service Lindholme & Ken & David Chappell Open to the public. Entry is £3.00.

There will be over 100 Ploughmen each day, Horses, Vintage Tractors, Modern Equipment, Refreshments and More! Come along and enjoy watching National, European and World Class Champions competing. Showjumping Event held on Sunday 28th March at the same location, run by Boston Park Livery, for horses and Ponies. Starts 11.30 am for more info and a schedule please contact Lucy Chappell on 07976326397 or All proceeds will also be donated to the British National Ploughing match.

For more information orFor an entry form please contact David Chappell on 01302 840098 / 07703500412 or email


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at The

Easter Egg Hunt At the Play Together sessions Monday 29th March 1-3pm and Wednesday 31st March 9-11am

Croft A SureStart Children’s Centre

Friday 9th April 10am - 12noon Fun for everyone! Stalls, Games, Raffle, Refreshments and more!! Everyone is welcome. Come along and join in the Fun.

Easter Visit (Day Trip) Wednesday 14th April Please contact the centre for further details

For More information please contact us on 01302 847790 or call in to see us at The Croft Children‟s Centre, Sheep Dip Lane, Dunscroft, Doncaster DN7 4AU

All families with Children aged from 0 to 5 Years can register at the Children‟s Centre.

Baby Café Thurs 12.30 - 2pm New and Expectant Mums Advice and help on Breastfeeding

BuggyFit -Thurs10.30 - 11.45pm Sexual Health Drop-in, Baby Fun, Musical Mini‟s, Baby Massage, Toddler Drop-In, Young Parents, Dad‟s Group, Cook & Eat, Baby Cafe, Stop Smoking & Many More

Get Fit, Make new friends, learn about the benefits of walking and have fun!

Dad’s Group-Saturday 13th March 10 - 11.30am All male carers welcome. Activities include play provision, crafts, trips, socialising. Further details can be found on our website:

A SureStart Children’s Centre For More information please contact us on 01302 847790 or call in to see us at The Croft Children‟s Centre, Sheep Dip Lane, Dunscroft, Doncaster DN7 4AU


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16 February 2010

How often do dogs and cats need de-fleaing and worming? Anna from Hatfield Most cats and dogs will get fleas at some point. Fleas cannot live on humans but can cause distress to your animal, as well as skin problems. I would advise treating monthly with a good flea preparation such as Advantage. This involves using a pipette that is applied to the back of the neck. Worming should be carried out every three months. Worms rarely cause visible illness but still pose a health risk to more than just your dog as they could also harm your family, other people and animals. Worming treatments come in various forms, the most popular being tablets for dogs and spot-on pipettes for cats.

My dog has one nail that grows and falls off every time. I wondered why this happens and what can be done to prevent it? Debbie from Hatfield. Weak breaking nails can be caused by infections in the nail beds, particularly fungal infections. Other causes could be nutritional or if a nail is deformed in some way causing it to be weak at the base. When a nail breaks off it exposes the sensitive nail bed which could get infected if left unprotected so I would advise that your dog is checked by a qualified veterinary surgeon. Rebecca Aldren, practice partner at Vets4Pets in Doncaster. If you have a question you would like Rebecca to answer, please send it to Arrow Publications Ltd, Tumble Lodge, Mosham Road, Blaxton, Doncaster, DN9 3BA or email:


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Your Concerns Are Our Priorities! Did you know that every community in Doncaster has a team dedicated to policing your neighbourhood? Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNT) were introduced two years ago to provide a local policing service in the heart of communities. The teams were set up in partnership and consist of police officers and council staff, who work with other agencies to focus on the needs of the local communities in Doncaster. The SNT’s hold regular monthly community meetings and invite you, the community, to have your say and express any concerns or issues you have in your neighbourhood. At the SNT community meeting for Stainforth and Dunscroft, concerns were raised about various issues around The Crescent estate including speeding and drugs activity. Following information from the public, a 17-year-old male from The Crescent was arrested and charged for two accounts of burglary. The house where he had been staying was searched and a mountain bike that had been reported stolen was found. A drugs warrant was executed at an address on The Crescent after community members reported information to the SNT. Police officers continue to carry out high visibility patrols in the area. To tackle speeding in Dunscroft, two vehicles were seized and one man was arrested for driving whilst disqualified and another one reported for driving without a licence. Two suspected stolen motorcycles were seized in Stainforth and one motorbike rider is being dealt with by officers for driving whilst disqualified. Inspector Steve Adams said, “These results are really positive in dealing with priorities in the community. We are working hard to improve the quality of life for all residents.” To find out more about your Safer Neighbourhood Team call 01302 385153 or visit and enter your postcode.

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BEAVER TALES The Hatfield Beaver Scout group have been working hard this term. Our five new kits have all been invested now and the half term saw two of our older Beavers move on to Cubs. We have done lots of badge work over the last few weeks and this included imagination badge, nights away and first aid! We were very fortunate that my good friend Peter Blackshaw, who is part of the St John's Ambulance Brigade, agreed to come along and teach some basic first aid to our Beaver Scout Group. He brought some fantastic help in the form of two cadets......Joanna and Rhianne.....and when teaching first aid to twenty-four 6 and 7 year olds....he certainly needed help!!! The Beavers were taught how to check for danger and how to open an airway. They all learned how to put their friends in the recovery position and also how to bandage a bleeding arm. Although first aid is a serious subject, the Beavers had a lot of fun learning these new skills and by the end of the sessions they had gained their Scout first aid 1 badge. Well done to all the Beavers, and well done and thank you to Peter and his team for demonstrating and teaching our group first aid. We were very fortunate and privileged this year, our new Scout HQ (Hatfield Woodhouse Village Hall) was chosen by Grey Beaver as the venue to hold the Doncaster Danum District Beaver Sleepover! The theme was 'I'm a Beaver get me out of here!' 54 Beavers as well as Leaders and Helpers, congregated for the biggest sleepover I'd ever been to. The children made jungle dog tags, hats to keep the Hatfield Woodhouse jungle sun off them and in true 'get me out of here' form had a tasting game with everything including crocodile toenails to try (it was very strange because they tasted like cheese and onion crisps!). All the Beavers had a brilliant time, and how lucky we all were to be part of a community event like that. Thank you to Grey Beaver and all the District team for hosting this fantastic event and inviting us and our team to take part. Jill Hughes


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Excellent Function Room For Hire seats up to 120/130 people and is available now for you to host your special event.


*Birthdays *Christenings *Wedding Receptions *Anniversaries *Surprise Parties Spacious Room - Dance area - Bar. Includes a Disco or Karaoke Or bring your own entertainment. Professional & Helpful Staff and Very Competitive rates

To Book or for Further Information please call Peter or Mick

01302 841326 After 7pm Weekdays and all day Sat & Sun

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Surviving Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) - a guide for law-abiding drivers. Dear Readers, Police using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems may pull over drivers who consider themselves law-abiding citizens alongside hardcore criminal drivers. Number-plates obscured by dirt or with incorrect letter and number spacing, that can‟t be read by ANPR camera, may be flagged up as suspect registrations and police sent in pursuit. Number-plates that have been stolen or cloned by criminals and used to evade prosecution for speeding, illegal parking, insurance and other offences may also land the registered car owners in trouble. And then there may be inaccuracies and delays in the data used to identify rogue cars. For their part, drivers need to appreciate that the need to keep their number-plates street legal has never been so great, and that failure to do so is more likely to bring prosecution for a Construction and Use offence. "Whereas, in the past, police officers may have unofficially turned a blind eye to number-plates covered in mud or customised registrations unless they needed to stop a car, ANPR may mean that the days of the fancy or dirty plate are numbered. "ANPR helps police to catch illegal vehicles and drivers together at the roadside, whereas clamping and removing rogue cars, although taking them out of circulation, rarely catches up with offenders who simply buy another cheap vehicle. However, there will be other drivers, whose number-plates are obscured or cloned, who may be caught in the net." From the point of view of police and other Local Company. enforcement agencies, that any inaccuracies in All Work Personally Supplied and Fitted. data records held by the Driver and Vehicle 10 Year Guarantee. Licensing Agency (DVLA) and any time lag in recording changes in motorist‟s circumstances *Windows may end up with drivers being caught by ANPR. "Sometimes, wrong information is fed on to the *Doors DVLA database by car owners, who may make *Conservatories mistakes or by criminals who try to create a false *Porches record. With so many sources of data, such as *Fascias/Soffits from post offices, MoT test centres, insurance companies and people who have sold cars 18 Years Experience privately, it is critical that it is all timely and accurate now that enforcement increasingly All Doors 8 Pin Yale Uplocks hinges on these records. All Colours Available If you are interested in further information Internally Beaded Pilkington K Glass regarding the courses that we offer you will be able to find this information on the Institute of For a Free No Obligation Quote Advanced Motorists website at Tel: 020 8996 9600

Safe Driving, Paul Tuke, Chairman. Doncaster Advanced Motorists.


Please Call 01302 882512 / 07742589675

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Spring Time Jokes What Season is it when you are on a trampoline? Spring! When do Monkeys fall from the sky? During Ape-ril showers. What flowers grow on faces? Tulips (Two-lips)! Why is the letter A like a flower? A. A bee (B) comes after it!

Mother’s Day Trivia Some tribes of people, like the Assam in Africa, don't call themselves families. They call themselves "maharis", or "motherhoods” Chinese family names are often formed (begin) with a sign that means "mother". It's a nice way of honouring their mums long past. Mother Shipton was a Prophetess in Britain 500 years ago. She could see the future, and predicted that another Queen Elizabeth would sit on the throne of England(QE II) Mother Goose is one of the most popular of all children's entertainers. Her books and stories have been loved for many generations.

Hatfield Flyer Children’s Page Feature – Childcare Funding for 3+4 Year Olds When your child turns 3 years of age they are entitled to a free nursery place in the term following their 3rd birthday. The government funds all local authorities to ensure that a free part time pre-school place is available to all families who have 3 and 4 year old children. This can be offered through a state nursery or a private nursery such as Small World Day Nursery. The grant will pay for up to 5 X 2.5 hour sessions each week during term time. Most state nurseries will only allow up to 2.5 hours each day however, private nurseries such as Small World will allow you to use two of the funded sessions together in one day. For more information on this please contact Small World Day Nursery on 01302 844485.


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Dunsville Community Centre High Street, Dunsville

Tel: 01302 882602 Bookings

Monday Walkers

10.30 - 11.30am

Over 60‟s

12.30 - 3.00pm

Sequence Dance

7.30 - 10.00pm

Tuesday Little Tykes

9.30 - 11.30am

Sue Teale Dance

4.30 - 7.30pm

Wednesday Yoga

9.30 - 11.00am

Computer Classes

10-12, 1-3pm 7-9pm

Sue Teale Dance

4.30 - 7.45pm

Thursday Keep Fit

10.00 - 11.30am


1.00 - 3.00pm

Sue Teale Dance

4.15 - 8.00pm

Friday Little Tykes

9.30 - 11.30am

Saturday Sue Teale Dance

9.00 - 2.00pm

Sunday Taekwondo

11.00 - 12.00noon

Monthly - Womens Institute meeting 2nd Tuesday of each month 7.30pm The Centre‟s Social Evening 2nd Saturday in each month 7.30pm The Centre which was funded by the National Lottery & Rural Target Fund is also available for hire for Private & Community Projects, accommodating up to 150 people. The meeting room seats 12.

To advertise please call 01302 770216 or 07854 756820


Outstanding Achievement This half term at Hatfield Travis Infant School has been one to remember, especially with an „outstanding‟ visit from Ofsted Inspectors in the first week of term! Our Head teacher, Liz Hallett said “ We are delighted with the outcome of the inspection. This represents a significant achievement for everybody connected with the school. This outstanding grade offers a ringing endorsement of all the hard work, personal dedication and creative enthusiasm of all the staff and children that goes into making Hatfield Travis C of E Infant and Nursery School a very special place to learn”. As a result of this, the topic for our reporters club was: What makes our school outstanding? Here are some of the children‟s comments. I like our school because we get to do the Golden box and because we get Golden Time. I like it when we do celebrationMelissa. I think our school is outstanding because we had an important lady and she made a letter that said that our school is outstanding. I like school because we do massage. I think the ladies thought our school was outstanding because we are kind and we enjoy our lessonsCharlotte. Hatfield Travis School is a very happy place to be because we do carousel where we do staff like car design and car stuff –Autumn. Our school is outstanding because we get to play outside with our friends like my cousin. We like to play a lot, it is so exciting because we make up new games which I really like – Alex. I like my school because our teachers are outstanding. My favourite activity is skills workshop- Ella. Our school is outstanding because we are polite, kind and gentle, being careful, always doing our best and always telling the truth and I think that’s why the lady said our school is outstanding- Danielle. It is so lovely to hear the positive comments from the children who are really enjoying our reporters club and are looking forward to their next assignment. Mrs P Cousins

WOODHOUSE HEATING Domestic Gas Installation & Servicing New Boilers - 5 Year Guarantee £300 discount for over 60‟s Landlords Certificates

Fully Insured Professional Service

Call Dave on 01302 840330 or 07711 728120 34

Laminate Floor, Kitchen & Bedroom Fitting, Spindle Staircases, Doors (internal and external), Tiling-Wall and Floor, Gates and Exterior Joinery Work (made to measure if required)

Fully Qualified 01302


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Local Girl Diane Wilson Aims to Raise £10,000 in 12 months for the Western Park Hospital Cancer Charity. Diane Wilson, 16 years old, from Thorne has planned many events over the next 12 months including Sky Diving, 3k, 5k and 10k runs, a boat race and more to enable her to raise the amazing £10,000 target. The Western Park Hospital Cancer Charity has been established is to raise funds for researching different treatments for cancer sufferers. Diane‟s mum was treated at the Western Park Hospital after being diagnosed as having a rare form of cancer, Trophoblastic Cancer. The Hospital has a special research team dedicated to this type of cancer, however more funds are needed to employ more staff to carry out the necessary research. Diane‟s nine-year-old brother, Thomas, has also been keen to take part in some of the shorter events and will be joining Diane in the „Walkers One‟ 5k walk in October and a 3k walk at Gravespark Sheffield in July. Diane says the staff at Weston Park have been amazing to her family and she wanted to help provide money for more research into her mother's condition. "The nurses and staff at Weston Park have all been fantastic. They are always willing to talk to me and my family have kept my mum alive. I am very grateful to them for this and want to help them as much as I can.” Diane is taking part in the following events: Race for Life Doncaster Race for Life Hull Boat Race - Saturday 5th June at Rothervalley Country Park Tandem Sky Dive - 8th June at Langer Airfield Nottingham 10k and 3k runs at Gravespark, Sheffield on Sunday 11th July Jane Tomlinson 10K run at York in July. Special Tandem Sky Dive - Langer Airfield on 1st September. ‘Walkers One’ 5k walk - Sunday 11th October. If you would like to sponsor Diane in any of the events please contact julie Morrell on 01302 770216, email You can also make a donation online by going to


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To advertise please call 01302 770216 or 07854 756820



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To advertise please call 01302 770216 or 07854 756820


WHAT’S ON? THORNE, HATFIELD & DISTRICT YOUNG FARMERS CLUB are inviting any members or associates, past or present to join them for the Club‟s 50th Birthday Celebrations at The Mount Pleasant Hotel, Great North Road, Doncaster, Saturday 13th March 2010. Tickets £30. Reception 6.30pm, Dinner 7.30pm. Please contact Julie Parker on 01302 883478 for details or tickets before 14 February 2010. FRIENDS OF HATFIELD CHURCH BUILDING TRUST Coffee Morning Sat 6th March at the Barn, Hatfield from 10am - 12pm, with Tombola and Raffle. Homemade cakes/buns welcome, if you can bake bring some along for sale. The Friends of Hatfield Church Building Trust AGM, Thurs 18th March at 7.30pm in the Barn, Hatfield. All welcome to discuss previous year's ativities & election of new Committee Members & Officers, we are looking to elect a new Minutes Secretary this year if anyone would like to apply! Tea/coffee served after the meeting.

A DATE FOR YOUR DIARY, Open Gardens Weekend in aid of the Yorkshire Cancer Research. Saturday and Sunday 19th-20th June. If you wish to participate in this event, open your garden, donate prizes, plants, cakes or items for stalls or if you could offer any spare time at the weekend to help, please contact Mrs Lynn Hoff on 01302 842389. HATFIELD LOCAL & NATURAL HISTORY GROUP - next meeting Monday 8th and 22nd March. 2pm - 4pm. Held in The Barn, High Street, Hatfield. Refreshments, Speakers etc. Everyone welcome. HATFIELD WOODHOUSE WORKING MEN’S CLUB Every Saturday Night - 13 Card Bingo, Raffle and £1 Draw. 8.30pm Onwards. Everyone is welcome. Come along and enjoy a good night out!

DARREN BRITTAIN, PRESENTS AND EVENING OF CLAIRVOYANCE, at Hatfield Woodhouse Village Hall, Friday 12 March, commencing 8pm. Tickets £10, available from Ray Harper 01302 842607. Refreshments and Raffle in aid of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.


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Kissimmee, Florida

3 bed, 2 bath bungalow on a gated residential community with 24 hour Security 3 pools, gym, Jacuzzi & tennis courts on complex. Ideal location for all theme parks (Disney 15mins)

From £275 per week Tel: 01302 842607

HATFIELD WOODHOUSE SPRING SHOW Saturday 13th march 2010 at the Hatfield Woodhouse Working Men‟s Club. Produce, Flowers, Floral Art, Handicrafts, Children‟s Class. Sponsored by Hatfield Woodhouse Amateur Gardening Society. All exhibits to be staged between 9.30 and 10.50am. Judging takes place between 11am and 1pm. Open to the public 2pm. Auction of exhibits will take place at the close of the show at 3pm. Everyone Welcome!

CAROLINE FLINT MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT FOR DON VALLEY ADVICE SURGERIES: Jan – Dec 2010 Fridays – by appointment – please ring 01302 623330 Surgeries will be held on the following Fridays: March 12th, April 23rd, May 14th, June 11th, July 9th, September 10th, October 15th, November 12th, December 10th at 3.30pm – 4.15pm Community Centre, St Lawrence Road, Dunscroft. If you are unable to attend the surgery, you can contact Caroline Flint MP by writing to: House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA or: phone: 01302 623330 Fax: 01302 775099 Email: All details can be found on the website at



with entertainment HATFIELD CHURCH Saturday 6 November 2010 Tickets will be available later in the year from Cath and Stuart Watson 01302 842163 email: Tickets £26 per person Book a table for 10 if you wish

To advertise please call 01302 770216 or 07854 756820



Gas Emergency


Age Concern

0800 009966

Electricity Emergency


Doncaster Council Community First

01302 736000

Yorkshire Water


Child Line

0800 111

BT Faultline





01302 734444


01302 719790


0800 555111

Doncaster Childrens Information Service

0800 1384568

Hatfield Florist

01302 845597

Hatfield Water Park

01302 841572

Vue Cinema


Odeon Cinema


The Dome Leisure Centre

01302 370777

South YorkshireFire Service


South Yorkshire Police (non - emergency)


Hatfield Travis C of E Infant & Nursery School

01302 840200

Hatfield Manor Junior School

01302 842164

Hatfield Visual Arts College

01302 840961

Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School

01302 840448

Hatfield Sheep Dip Lane Primary School

01302 842464

Hatfield Dunsville Primary School

01302 882958

Hatfield Crookesbroom Primary School

01302 841337

Dunsville Community Centre

01302 882602

Hatfield Library

01302 842064

Hatfield Woodhouse Methodist Church

01405 812101

Hatfield Church Parish Office

01302 350591

Hatfield Health Centre

01302 384200

Dunsville Medical Centre

01302 890108

Doncaster Royal Infirmary

01302 366666

NHS Direct

0845 4647

Weldricks late night pharmacy

01302 369699

Royal British Legion

01302 841942

Thorne Rural Lions

01302 350797


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BUSINESS DIRECTORY BUSINESS/FINANCE Richardson Accountancy Limited, Hatfield 07891481446 01302 351641 CAR Sales & Repairs All Car Service/Repairs Japanese & Korean Specialist

01302 830400

Barry Gill Sales & Repairs, Hatfield

01302 842878

CLOTHING / FASHION Stitch That, Clothes Designer/Dressmaker/Fancy Dress

01302 841728 07891 968830

COUNSELLING Clouds Community Counselling, Free Confidential Counselling Service

Client Line 07962 907053

COURIER SERVICE G M EXPRESS 24/7 Courier Service Hatfield

01302 841242 07525 927267

FOOD AND DRINK C4 Catering, All Occasions, Cold Buffet Catering

SERVICES/TRADES 01302 854871 07982 256430

HEALTH AND BEAUTY Jessie Credland Foot Clinic 31 High Street Hatfield

01302 351545

Lisa’s Toning & Tanning Studio, Incorporating Bev’s Beauty, Ash Hill Crescent, Hatfield

01302 845633

HOME & GARDEN Blind Ideas, High Street, Hatfield

01302 842627

Sunnybank Garden Centre, Hatfield Woodhouse

01302 842954

SECURITY Meteor Security Solutions Ltd, Auckley

01302 623427

A.E.S. Tiling (ceramic floor & wall tiling) Dunsville

01302 885401 07749 519557

C M Developments (Yorkshire) Ltd Building Services

01302 770216

Dean Brown Joinery, Hatfield, 07795321054

01302 350363

Dean Gregory Electrician

01427 874377

07833 638521

E P G Roofing

01302 532676

Les Green Electrical Contractor 07946149196

01405 816546

NWR Plumbing & Heating, Hatfield 07917524645

01302 842032

P.Woods Builder

01405 818771 07733 021023

All General Building Work

RES & Sons Ltd Electrical Contractors

01482 501600

Steve Blunt Electrical Contractor 07900188126

01302 350557

Steve Pye Professional Tiling, Hatfield 07733140631

01302 352405

Place your business details in the Hatfield Arrow Business Directory for just £2.50 per month. That’s a one off payment of £30 for 12 months To advertise please call 01302 770216 or 07854 756820


Steve Blunt


All Electrical Work Undertaken Extra Sockets, Lights, Spot lights, Alarms, Fault Finding, Telephone Points, Security Lighting, Fuse Board Upgrades, Part and Full Re-wires, New builds. Etc, etc! NIC Registered Domestic Installer

Call your local electrician now for a friendly professional service

Tel: 01302 350557 Steve: 07900 188126 Gary: 07717 766723

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Mar 10, Issue 51, The Hatfield Arrow  

Keeping the community informed and promoting local business Community spirit is just one of the important things that makes our towns and vi...

Mar 10, Issue 51, The Hatfield Arrow  

Keeping the community informed and promoting local business Community spirit is just one of the important things that makes our towns and vi...