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PROMISE Experience Excellence with Arrowhead

For 20 years Arrowhead has been focused on our customers. We help advance forensics by supplying products and services you need anywhere in the world. Our commitment to providing high quality products and superior performance establishes us as a trusted and reliable partner to our customers.

Lumatec® superlite 400



Comprehensive Selection of Products

To provide our customers the widest selection of products, Arrowhead maintains strategic partnerships with a wide range of quality manufacturers. Our portfolio of products include many of the most respected manufacturers in the forensic market. Coherent, Rofin, 3M, Misonix, Sirchie, Nik to name a few. Consolidate your purchases and reduce your procurement costs buy utilizing our extensive distribution and procurement experience.

CApture™ Portable Fuming Systems

Arrowhead Brand

Whether you are in the market for equipment or supplies there’s an Arrowhead product for your department - and your budget. Arrowhead products provide high quality and superior performance at the right price.



Arrowhead Fingerprint Development Chamber



365 Broad-Beam UV/White Light LED Inspection Lamp


11030 Strang Line Road Lenexa, Kansas 66215

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Arrowhead BIO-SWAB™

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EACH ROLL COMES IN A DISPENSING BOX SealGuard™ ACETATE SPLIT BACK Evidence Tape Arrowhead SealGuard™ Split Back Evidence Tape features an acetate base to prevent shrinking and swelling in extreme temperatures. 3M adhesive produces a superior, tamper-proof seal, making it impossible to remove the tape without destroying the tape. Dual serrated edges make it easy to tear to desired length. SealGuard™ is backed with a 70lb split back liner to prevent curling, allowing quick, easy, controlled application. ROLLS ARE 1a” X 108’ A-3101

Red ”Evidence” Imprint���������������������������������������������� $13.50/ROLL


Red/White Stripe ”Evidence” Imprint����������������������� $13.50/ROLL


Blue ”Evidence” Imprint�������������������������������������������� $13.50/ROLL


Blue/White Stripe ”Evidence” Imprint���������������������� $13.50/ROLL

A-3100-1 Red ”Evidence” Custom Imprint�������������������������������� $13.50/ROLL A-3000-1 Red/White Stripe ”Evidence” Custom Imprint�������� $13.50/ROLL A-3100-2 Blue ”Evidence” Custom Imprint������������������������������� $13.50/ROLL A-3000-2 Blue/White Stripe ”Evidence” Custom Imprint������� $13.50/ROLL THIS ICON INDICATES ALL ARROWHEAD BRAND PRODUCTS. THESE PRODUCTS HAVE BETTER PRICING WHILE STILL MAINTAINING THE HIGHEST QUALITY.


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SealGuard™ solID BACk Dispensing Evidence Tape


Red ”Evidence” Imprint

Arrowhead SealGuard™ Solid Back Evidence Tape is made with a polystyrene base featuring a top surface that may be written on with pencil or pen. It is coated with a permanent, quick-setting acrylic adhesive that defies removal from most surfaces. The red or blue tint and black overprint will dissolve and smear when solvents like alcohol and acetone are applied-positive proof of tampering. Dual-serrated tape edges that add redundancy to the integrity. 3” core backed with 78 lb. stock Kraft liner. Tape to be used with the desktop evidence tape dispenser below. ROLLS ARE 1a” X 108’


Red/White Stripe ”Evidence” Imprint


Red ”Evidence” Imprint������������������������������������������� $12.50/ROLL


Red/White Stripe ”Evidence” Imprint������������������� $12.50/ROLL


Blue ”Evidence” Imprint����������������������������������������� $12.50/ROLL


Blue/White Stripe ”Evidence” Imprint������������������ $12.50/ROLL

A-3119S-C Red ”Evidence” Custom Imprint���������������������������� $12.50/ROLL A-3121S-C Red/White Stripe ”Evidence” Custom Imprint����� $12.50/ROLL A-3119S-C

Red ”Evidence” Custom Imprint

A-3122S-C Blue ”Evidence” Custom Imprint��������������������������� $12.50/ROLL A-3123S-C Blue/White Stripe ”Evidence” Custom Imprint���� $12.50/ROLL

custom PRINTING & colors available A-31215-C

Red/White Stripe ”Evidence” Custom Imprint

Solid Back Dispensing Method

Desktop Evidence Tape Dispenser Our single roll desk top tape dispenser makes removing and applying evidence tape a one hand operation. This dispenser automatically removes the paper liner from the tape as it dispenses. Supplied with a rubber mounted anti-skid surface that can be permanently secured to any bench top. A-3115�����������������������������������������������������������$96.00

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ClearGuard™ Sealing Tape

Boxer™ tape

For those times when tamper indicating tape is not preferred or needed, Clear-Guard™ is the answer. It has an aggressive adhesive for a strong seal. Three rows of the word ”EVIDENCE” is repeated and printed in red on clear polypropylene.

Boxer tape is used to seal evidence packages. It is made of vinyl with a strong adhesive. Three rows of “EVIDENCE” repeated.

A-3635 ”Evidence” 12” x 330’���������������������������� $8.95 / ROLL

A-3630 Red on White 3” x 180’������������������������ $12.75 / ROLL A-3632 Black on Yellow 2” x 165’��������������������� $9.00 / ROLL

Evidence Paper Rolls and Dispenser

Kraft Paper Evidence Tubing

These paper rolls are available in Kraft brown and white. They are perfect for covering a work surface to be used for the examination of evidence. Also may be used to package items too large for paper bags.

This roll of 50# Kraft paper allows you to customize bags to the exact size that you need. It is simple to make customized packaging for a gun to a small piece of clothing with one evidence packaging product.

A-1015 A-1111-2 A-1083 A-36KD A-48KD

40lb kraft 36” x 710’������������������������������������ $63.50 40lb kraft 48” x 710”����������������������������������� $92.00 40lb white 30” x 710”���������������������������������� $66.10 Paper Roll Dispenser 36” ��������������������������� $78.50 Paper Roll Dispenser 48” ������������������������� $129.10

A-1113 9” x 300’�������������������������������������������������������$179.00 A-1111 12” x 300’�����������������������������������������������������$239.00

Arrowhead Evidence Labels These labels include all information needed to clearly mark the evidence contained in the packaging. Labels are available with or without the chain of custody, and we can print any custom label your department may need. A-3700 ”Evidence Chain of Custody”��������������������������� $10.95 32” x 64” 100 labels Combo™ Tag & Label The Combo™ works as a tag or a label. Use on items that require a label or on guns or bicycles where a tag may be more suitable. Ties are sold separately. A-3702 ”Evidence Chain of Custody”�������������������������� $16.75 3” x 6” 100 labels 6


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Poly Evidence Tubing This 4mil tubing allows you to easily custom-make poly bags to any size. This product requires an impulse heat sealer shown below. A-1101 A-1102 A-1104 A-1108 A-1106

6” x 520’������������������������������������������������������������� $44.00 12” x 520’����������������������������������������������������������� $86.00 22” x 1025’������������������������������������������������������� $212.69 36” x 520’��������������������������������������������������������� $210.69 Tubing Rack 24” ���������������������������������������������� $58.00

Arrowhead Tie-Down Weapons Storage Boxes These boxes are made of 200lb corrugated cardboard and are designed to keep evidence from shifting in their boxes. Features tie down holes for a secure fastening of weapons. ALL UNITS CONTAIN 25 BOXES AND 50 TIES A-1070 Pistol Box 12” x 7.5” x 2”������������������������� $34.50 A-1050 Long Gun Box 502” x 6w” x 3” ����������������������� $51.00 A-1060 Knife Box 16” x 3” x 2” ���������������������������� $28.90

The Monster™ Evidence Bag The Monster™ Bag is made with 2-ply, 50lb, gusseted Kraft construction paper. It is freestanding and resistant to tearing. A-1034 162” x 34” x 112” 50 bags�������������������������������$53.95 Paper Evidence Bags Sturdy Kraft paper bags in various sizes. These preprinted bags have space for the information you need to properly mark your evidence. PRINTED A-1012 7” x 4” x 132” A-1025 8” x 54” x 152” A-1016 12” x 7” x 17”

12lb 100 bags���������������$20.50 25lb 100 bags��������������$21.95 57lb 100 bags��������������$23.95

NON-PRINTED A-1012P 7z” x 42” x 13w” 12lb 100 bags��������������$17.50 A-1025P 84” x 5 ” x 15d” 25lb 100 bags��������������$18.95 A-1016P 12” x 7” x 17” 57lb 100 bags���������������$20.95

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HL-i series compact design makes it highly suitable for weighing applications in laboratories, property rooms or in the field. Each scale comes complete with AC Power, batteries and carrying case. A-HL200IVP 200g Digital Scale 5.1” Pan Size�������������� $135.00 A-HL2000IVP 2000g Digital Scale 5.1” Pan Size����������� $135.00

LAW ENFORCEMENT/MILITARY USE ONLY Quick, easy opening action with secure open position locking mechanism. Hard-anodized aluminum inset with textured grip. Safety button double locks the blade in position. Has a reversible bayonet style clip. Luminescent painted logo for easy locating at night. Requires a Release Form. 8” open; 3.5” w .125” blade; 3.8 oz A-ST-01 A-ST-02 A-ST-03 A-ST-04

Satin Polish��������������������������������������������������� $175.00 Black TiNi������������������������������������������������������� $175.00 2 Serr, Black TiNi������������������������������������������� $175.00 2 Serr, Tanto, Black TiNi ������������������������������ $175.00




Arrowhead Heavy Duty Barrier Heat Seal Bags These 5mil nylon pouches are designed to eliminate the problem of narcotic gasses “leaking” through normal polyethylene baggies. They can be sealed with any quality heat sealer. ALL ARE 100 BAGS / PACKAGE A-1174 4” x 6”����������������������������������������������������������������� $21.50 A-1176 62” x 8”�������������������������������������������������������������� $25.80 A-1178 8” x 10”��������������������������������������������������������������� $35.00 A-1172 8” x 12”��������������������������������������������������������������� $47.50 A-1170 10” x 12”������������������������������������������������������������� $63.00 A-1175 12” x 16”������������������������������������������������������������� $98.00 A-1177 16” x 26”����������������������������������������������������������� $112.00


A-1212 12” Heat Sealer����������������������������������������������� $183.95 A-1616 16” Heat Sealer����������������������������������������������� $235.00 A-1212K 12” Replacement Kit�������������������������������������� $18.00 A-1616K 16” Replacement Kit�������������������������������������� $24.50 ALL ARE 100 BAGS / PACKAGE 2mil Bags A-1140 4” x 6”����������������������������������������������������������������� $10.25 A-1160 6” x 8������������������������������������������������������������������ $16.00 A-1190 9” x 12”��������������������������������������������������������������� $21.80 A-1195 10” x 16”������������������������������������������������������������� $28.50 A-1198 12” x 20”������������������������������������������������������������� $31.50 4mil Bags A-1185 6” x 8”����������������������������������������������������������������� $17.00 A-1186 8” x 10”��������������������������������������������������������������� $21.50 A-1187 9” x 12”��������������������������������������������������������������� $24.50 A-1188 12” x 16”������������������������������������������������������������� $35.00

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Arrowhead Sure-Seal™ Tamper Indicating Evidence Bags Sure-Seal™ tamper indicating 2mil evidence bags feature a tamper indicating adhesive that seals both sides of the bag opening, making it virtually impossible to open the bag without obvious signs of tampering. A-1143 A-1163 A-1193 A-1123 A-2016

4” x 9” 6” x 9” 9” x 12” 12” x 16” 20”x 20”

100/pk����������������������������������������� $23.35 100/pk����������������������������������������� $24.50 100/pk����������������������������������������� $29.00 100/pk����������������������������������������� $39.00 100/pk����������������������������������������� $87.50

Arrowhead Sure-Seal™ Tamper CURRENCY Bags Arrowhead’s currency bag has a preprinted label to clearly identify the money it contains, as well as why the money was collected.



A-1163-M 6” x 9” 100/pk��������������������������������������� $35.60 Check Bag A-1126 4” x 10” 100/pk����������������������������������������� $19.00 Reclosable Evidence Bags


2 MIL RECLOSABLE BAGS A-1112 2.5” x 3” 100/pk������������������������������������������ $5.65 A-1132 3” x 5” 100/pk������������������������������������������ $6.50 A-1142 4” x 6” 100/pk������������������������������������������ $7.80 A-1162 6” x 9” 100/pk���������������������������������������� $15.00 A-1182 8” x 10” 100/pk���������������������������������������� $21.80 A-1192 9” x 12” 100/pk���������������������������������������� $22.50 A-1122 12” x 12” 100/pk���������������������������������������� $24.95 A-1152 12” x 15” 100/pk���������������������������������������� $34.40 A-1135 13” x 15” 100/pk���������������������������������������� $41.25 4 MIL RECLOSABLE BAGS A-1114 2.5” x 3” 100/pk������������������������������������������� $8.50 A-1134 3” x 5” 100/pk������������������������������������������� $9.10 A-1144 4” x 6” 100/pk����������������������������������������� $10.30 A-1164 6” x 8” 100/pk����������������������������������������� $16.85 A-1183 8” x 10” 100/pk����������������������������������������� $24.10 A-1194 9” x 12” 100/pk����������������������������������������� $24.50 A-1154 12” x 15” 100/pk����������������������������������������� $38.10 A-1184 13” x 18” 100/pk����������������������������������������� $47.50 Glassine Envelopes

A-1163M A-1112


These envelopes have the best of both worlds. Not only can you see through them, they are made of paper so they will also breathe. Ideal for trace evidence. A-1003 2” x 3.5” 100/pk������������������������������������ $8.00 A-1004 2.75” x 4.25” 100/pk���������������������������������� $16.25 A-1005 5.5” x 5 .75” 100/pk���������������������������������� $23.50

ALL BAGS ARE 100 PER PACKAGE 800.953.3274 |


A-3735 A-1907



Adjustable Evidence Tubes These PVC adjustable tubes will extend up to 24” in length, safely storing evidence of varying lengths securely in place. These reusable tubes are rigid, durable, and resistant to humidity. A-1931 4” x 8” 12 tubes������������������������������������������ $19.50 A-1932 7” x 14” 12 tubes������������������������������������������ $29.20 A-1933 14” x 25” 12 tubes������������������������������������������ $49.50

Arrowhead Heat Seal nylon arson evidence Bags These nylon pouches are designed for collection and storage of evidence that contains accelerant soaked items. The nylon acts as a barrier to the solvents and will not leach out over long term storage. These bags can be sealed with any quality heat sealer. ALL ARE 25 BAGS / PACKAGE A-1522 10” x 12”������������������������������������������������������������� $16.75 A-1523 12” x 16”������������������������������������������������������������� $24.50 A-1524 16” x 26”������������������������������������������������������������� $31.00

Sharps Evidence Collection Tubes These clear plastic tubes will preserve the evidence and protect the evidence custodian. All three sizes include a custom foam insert for immobilization, evidence strips for sealing, and a biohazard label to clearly mark the evidence as a possible hazard. A-1918 A-1907 A-1905 A-3735 A-3738

Knife Tube Syringe Tube Syringe Tube Biohazard Labels Biohazard Labels

18” x 3” 7” x 1” 9” x 1” 12” x 12” 1” x 1”

6 tubes���������� $21.50 12 tubes�������� $10.25 12 tubes�������� $11.5O 250/roll��������� $10.10 250/roll���������� $10.10

Evidence Slide Boxes ALL BOXES ARE 12 / PACKAGE. A-1008 28” x 18” x s” �����������������������������������������������������$5.05 A-1011 22” x 12” x s” �����������������������������������������������������$5.15 A-1009 3” x 1w” x w” ���������������������������������������������������������$5.50 A-1010 34” x 2” x d” ���������������������������������������������������������$6.10

Aluminum Evidence Containers Our evidence cans are another product that is available for small items such as cartridge casings or other small items that need their own container. The tops are manufactured with a white surface for marking the contents. ALL CANS ARE 25 / PACKAGE. A-1500 2 ounce������������������������������������������������������������� $15.00 A-1501 1 ounce�������������������������������������������������������������� $13.25 A-1502 2 ounce�������������������������������������������������������������� $19.50 A-1504 4 ounce�������������������������������������������������������������� $30.75 10

Metal Evidence Cans ALL CANS HAVE LIDS AND ARE 4 PER PACKAGE. A-1505 1 pint������������������������������������������������������������������ $11.75 A-1506 1 quart��������������������������������������������������������������� $13.50 A-1507 1 gallon�������������������������������������������������������������� $23.25

800.953.3274 |

PathFinder Electrostatic Dust Lifter PathFinder provides a crime scene investigator the ability to retrieve valuable evidence where photography and conventional adhesive lifting tape would be ineffective. This device lifts dust prints off of floors, carpet, upholstery, and even human skin. The PathFinder is small, lightweight, and battery operated, allowing the CSI to lift a footwear print virtually anywhere. First, place the metallized lifting film over the dust print. Next, place the grounding plate about 8” next to the film. Turn the PathFinder so that the two metal probes on the back are resting on the grounding plate and the single probe is resting on the film. Turn on the device and the film will suction down over the print. Gently brush over the film to remove any air bubbles. Last, lift and you have your dust print. Film purchased separately. PathFinder Electrostatic Dustprint Lifter comes with Grounding Plate and Instructions plus Plastic Field Case. A-6505 PathFinder Electrostatic Dust Lifter������������ $725.00 A-5022 Metallized Lifting Film Roll, 15” x 65’�������������� $65.00 A-5008 Footwear Impression Storage Box �������������������$3.10

bosch GLR DISTANCE LASER MEASURERS A-GLR825 Laser Measurer����������������������������������������������� $441.80 Accuracy: ±0.0-Inch (1.0mm)

Range: 2-Inch to 800 Foot Multi-surface area mode: Calculates the total area of several individual surfaces with a common length or height Built in memory storage: Stores up to 30 measurement modes and results Integrated 1.6X magnification view finder: For long range and outdoor measurements

A-GLR500 Laser Measurer����������������������������������������������� $375.10 Accuracy: ±0.04-Inch (1.0mm)

Range: 2-Inches to 500 Foot Multi-surface area mode: Calculates the total area of several individual surfaces with a common length or height Built in memory storage: Stores up to 30 measurement modes and results Four measuring reference points: Back, front, swing-out extension pin, and center of optional tripod

A-GLR225 Laser Measurer����������������������������������������������� $158.50 Accuracy: ±1/16-Inch (1.5mm) Range: ±2-Inches to 230-foot(0.05mm to 70m)

Multi-surface area mode: Calculates the total area of several individual surfaces with a common length or height Seven measuring modes: Length, area, volume, min/max, continuous, indirect length, multi-surface area measurements for versatile applications Built-in vail bubble: Provides visual reference when measuring horizontal distances

Garrett CSI-250 Metal Detector Features include a large LCD display, push button controls, 3 tone levels, depth indicator, and a headphone jack. Powered by (4) AA batteries, providing up to 25 hours of operation. Comes with carry bag and mid-range headphone. A-1140070 Garrett CSI-250 Metal Detector������������$293.50

Crime Scene Barrier Tape Our barrier tape is printed black on yellow and will clearly mark the perimeter of a crime scene. Thick enough to last until it is taken down. ALL ROLLS ARE 3” X 1000’ A-6100 A-6101 A-6102 A-BTD-1

800.953.3274 |

”Police Line Do Not Cross”����������������������������� $14.50 ”Crime Scene Do Not Cross”�������������������������� $14.50 ”Sheriff Line Do Not Cross”���������������������������� $14.50 Crime Scene Barrier Tape Dispenser���������������$9.50


Cap-Shure™ DNA Collection Swab For collection of DNA evidence, the Cap-Shure™ protects the cotton tip and sample by using a clear plastic aerated cap. With the cap mounted on the swab, it’s easy to open and close for DNA collection. The sterile swab is centered in the middle of the air drying cap and can be transported to the lab contaminate free without the use of a box. Measures 6”long. A-7010 Cap-Shure™ DNA Collection Swabs�������������������� $32.80 50 swabs and caps

A-7312 Cap-Shure™ DNA Collection Swab Kit���������������� $33.50 20 swabs, 20 Swab boxes, 40 integrity seals

Sterile Buccal Omni Swab


The Omni Swab is a multi layered absorbent paper and a nonreactive material which allows DNA extraction for analysis. The Omni Swab provides a noninvasive method of collection. The Omni Swab features an electable head that fits into an extraction tube after the collection of cells.

A secure, individually wrapped swab that protects and air dries collected evidence. Each swab is wrapped with Tyvek to avoid cross contamination. No drying equipment needed. Simply place the swab in the protective outer sleeve and wait to dry. Each swab is sterile and sealable by the evidence information label. Can be used dry, with IPA or sterile water.

A-7018 100 individually wrapped swabs������������������ $123.00

Sterile Cotton Tipped Swabs

A-25805PC 50 swabs���������������������������������������������������� $47.00


These cotton-tipped swabs are made with USP grade cotton and are packaged 2 swabs in a sterile wrapper. Packaged 2 per envelope. A-7008 100/pack (2 swabs/wrapper)���������������������������$9.15




Sterile Water Ampule Use these disposable vials of sterile water to pre-moisten your cotton tipped applicator swabs. Simply twist the end off and the water will slowly drip out.

DOUBLE AND SINGLE SWAB CONTAINER Swab box with ventilation holes for 6” applicator swab. Printed with area for collection information. These swabs boxes are designed to suspend the swabs away from the box to prevent liquids from absorbing into the box if the swabs are still wet.

A-7604 100 3ml Vials���������������������������������������������������� $18.90 A-7601 100 5ml Vials���������������������������������������������������� $19.50

A-7015 Single Swab Box 100 boxes�������������������������� $31.00 A-7021 Double Swab Box 100 boxes�������������������������� $44.00 Swab Pop-Up Carton Breathable carton for cotton tipped swabs that have been used to collect body fluids. Contains no biodegradable components to jeopardize the evidence. Ideal for swabs in sexual assault cases. Pops up to prevent contamination. A-70165B 6” 100 boxes �����������������������������������������������$24.50 A-70135B 3” 100 boxes������������������������������������������������$23.00


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Arrowhead Bio-Swab™

Bio-Guard™ DNA Transport Kit

Bio-Swab™ is pre-filled with sterile water, individually wrapped, gamma radiated, sterile cotton tip applicator that will deliver the exact amount of water to collect a DNA sample. This packaging system eliminates the need for carrying sterile water and will further protect from cross contamination. Lot number on every package. MSDS sheet available upon request.

The Bio-Guard™ DNA Collection System has everything you need for proper collection and transport. The humidity card features three humidity levels which will appear blue if moisture is absent. The desiccant will absorb moisture from the sample once placed in the container. It will dry a single cotton tip applicator in 2-3 hours and 2 applicators in 4-6 hours. The polypropylene container will protect and preserve the sample during transport to the laboratory. No more concerns with sterility, air drying, moisture, or cross contamination of DNA samples. This is the most advanced DNA collection and transport system available to crime scene investigators. State Crime Laboratory tested and approved. Validation material available upon request.

A-7013 100 applicators������������������������������������������������������$31.00

A-7570 10 containers / bag; 5 bags / pkg���������������������� $27.90 50 Bio-Guard Containers with Desiccant and Humidity Indicating Card 50 Red Chain of Custody Seals 5 Metallic Heat Seal Recloseable Bags

A-7571 10 containers / bag; 5 bags / pkg���������������������� $18.50 1) Open by blue line on applicator tip & slide packaging down

5 Bio-Guard Quality Control Containers with Desiccant and Humidity Indicating Card (used last as Quality Control) 45 Bio-Guard Containers with Desiccant 50 Red Chain of Custody Seals 5 Metallic Heat Seal Recloseable Bags

2) Crack on blue line and sterile water will flow to applicator.

A-7572 10 containers / bag; 5 bags / pkg���������������������� $15.78 50 Bio-Guard Containers with Desiccant 50 Red Chain of Custody Seals 5 Metallic Heat Seal Recloseable Bags

3) Collect

4) Place in a transport tube (shown) or swab container/carton

5) Seal and transport Shown: Arrowhead BioGuard™ DNA Transport Kit

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Bluestar Forensic Tablets

Bluestar Forensic Kits

Bluestar Forensic Tablet is a new reagent whose purpose is to reveal blood stains that have been washed out, wiped off or which are invisible to the naked eye.

Bluestar Forensic kit provides the crime scene investigator with a complete tool to ascertain the presence of blood or its possible absence. The kit comes ready to use, add three catalyst tablets to the 16 oz spray bottle to obtain a single use mixture and spray on any surface.

INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED TABLETS. WILL NOT DESTROY DNA. A-2580 Bluestar Forensic Tablets���������������������������������$ 78.50 Makes 4 applications A-2531 Blustar Forensic Tablets�������������������������������������$97.00 Makes 8 applications Hexagon OBTI Human Blood Test

WILL NOT DESTROY DNA. A-2534 Bluestar Forensic Kit����������������������������������$76.00 500ml (16 oz) sealed bottle of reagent; fine mist atomizer; 3 catalyst tablets for a single use mixture. A-2527 Bluestar Forensic Mini Kit�������������������������$43.00 Two 125ml (4 oz) distilled water in a fine mist atomizer bottle; 2 pair of individually wrapped tablets. Makes 1-2 applications.

Rapid screening test for the verification of human blood. Test provides a positive or negative result for human blood within 2 min. A-2543 6 tests����������������������������� $36.00 A-2537 24 tests��������������������������� $90.00


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Luminol Field Kits

Heme-Stix provide a fast and easy presumptive blood test. Each Heme-Stix consists of a stiff plastic strip with an absorption patch on one end that contains the test reagents. The strip will turn a dark blue color when the end is dipped into a moistened stain that contains blood. The strip can be rubbed on a dry stain, then add a drop of water to activate the reagent.

Designed to provide all essential materials required for the chemiluminescent Luminol method. Useful in searching large areas for traces of blood. Each kit contains a spray bottle, measured amount of liquid reagent, pre-weighed vial of powdered reagent, known sample of blood stained material, pair of gloves, complete instructions.

A-1211B 100 tests���������������������������������������������������������� $36.95

A-1411A 4 oz������������������������������������������������������������������ $18.40 A-2638 8 oz������������������������������������������������������������������� $33.50 A-2638 16 oz���������������������������������������������������������������� $46.00

Luminol VIALS

Phenolphthalein Presumptive Blood Test Kit Phenolphthalein is one of the most commonly used chemicals in the field and laboratory to indicate the presence of blood. Our pre-packaged kit contains all the reagents and supplies to conduct a presumptive blood test. There is a “known” sample to let the user know the kit is working. Packaged in a plastic box.

Luminol is a well known and widely used method for the visualization of blood stains. Arrowhead offers a pre-measured formulation of Luminol. Just take one vial of the Luminol Reagent, add water, shake gently, and spray the suspected area with a pump sprayer. A-2636 6) 4oz vials���������������������������������������������������������� $22.00 A-2638 6) 8oz vials���������������������������������������������������������� $37.00 A-2639 6) 16oz vials�������������������������������������������������������� $74.00

A-7500������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $36.95

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Master Fingerprint Kit The Master Regular, Magnetic, and Fluorescent Fingerprint Kit provides the materials to recover prints in almost any situation. This kit is packaged in a sturdy aluminum field case. EACH KIT CONTAINS: 2) 2oz Black Powder 1 roll 2” Clear Lifting Tape 1) 3oz Black Magnetic Powder 1) 3oz Dual Use Magnetic Powder 1 roll 2” Frosted Lifting Tape 1) 3oz Ultra Blue Magnetic Powder 1 Bottle Rough Lift 3) 3oz Fluorescent Magnetic Powder 2 Fiber Brushes 1 Mini Scalpel Cutter 1 Feather Brush 50 White Lifting Cards 1 Magnetic Applicator 1 portable AC/DC UV lamp 50 Black Lifting Cards


“Patrol” Fingerprint Kit Standard

“Patrol” Fingerprint Kit w/Magnetic Powder

Many departments are now providing basic fingerprint kits for patrol cars and requiring those officers to lift fingerprints. Arrowhead’s Patrol Kits contain everything needed for these officer’s to do this.


EACH KIT CONTAINS: 1) 2oz Standard Black Powder 1) 2oz Dual-Use Powder 2 Fiber Brushes 1 roll 12” Clear Lifting Tape 50 White Backing Cards

1) 1oz Black Magnetic Powder 1) 1oz Dual-Use Magnetic Powder 1 Magnetic Applicator 1 roll 12” Clear Lifting Tape 50 White Backing Cards




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single use Fingerprint Kit EACH KIT CONTAINS:

1) 2 oz Black Standard Powder 1 Fiber Brush 1 Pad DK Fingerprint Tape 10 White Backing Cards 1 Box


The “Cruiser” Fingerprint Kit EACH KIT CONTAINS:

1) 2 oz Black Standard Powder 1 Fiber Brush 1 Roll 12” Clear Lifting Tape 25 White Backing Cards 1 Case


The “Commander” Fingerprint Kit EACH KIT CONTAINS: 1) 1oz Black Magnetic Powder 1 Magnetic Applicator with Shield 1 Roll 12” Clear Lifting Tape 25 White Backing Cards 1 Case


The “Chief” Fingerprint Kit EACH KIT CONTAINS: 1) 2oz Black Standard Powder 1) 2oz Black Magnetic Powder 1 Fiber Brush 1 Magnetic Applicator 1 Roll 12” Clear Lifting Tape 25 White Backing Cards 1 Case




PLUS” Fingerprint Kit

EACH KIT CONTAINS: 1) 2oz Black Standard Powder 1) 1oz Black Magnetic Powder 1) 2oz Dual Use Powder 2 Fiber Brush 1 Magnetic Applicator 1 Roll 12” Clear Lifting Tape 25 White Backing Cards 1 Case


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Arrowhead latent print Fiber Brush Arrowhead’s brushes are made with specially formulated glass fibers to insure softness and maximum coverage without damaging prints. A-2490 Fiber Brush with Wood Handle������������������$8.50 A-2491 Fiber Brush with Acrylic Handle��������������$10.95 Arrowhead single use latent print Fiber Brush Our fiberglass single use latent print brush is designed for crime scene investigators concerned with cross contamination from scene to scene. Hand made with the same fibers as our standard brush and a fully biodegradable compost friendly handle. Each brush is individually packaged and sealed (pictured below).



A-2498 Single Use Latent Print Fiber Brush���������������$3.95



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Standard Magnetic Applicator

Blue Magnetic Applicator

Our standard applicator is compact and can fit easily in your pocket or in most fingerprint kits.

This small and economically priced applicator is approximately the size of a pen.

A-2910 Applicator���������������������������������������������������������� $15.25

Tex Magnetic Applicator This light weight magnetic applicator is easy to use and prevents cross contamination with a disposable shield. Individually wrapped. A-2911 Tex Applicator with 2 Shields�����������������������������$6.75 A-2912 Tex Applicator Shield 20/pk���������������������������� $12.25

A-2908 Applicator���������������������������������������������������������� $16.50

Mega-Mag/bubble base Fingerprint Powder Applicator Magnetic fingerprint powder applicators are designed for use with magnetic powder. The powder will form a cluster at the end of the applicator, then used as a brush to develop the latent print. Simply place the unused portion back in the jar when you are done dusting for prints. Easy to use, and not as messy as standard fingerprint powder. To be used on nonmetallic surfaces. A-2907 Mega Mag Applicator��������������������������������������� $46.50 A-2913 Bubble Base Applicator������������������������������������ $18.95


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Arrowhead Latent Fingerprint Powders You can be confident that the powder you get will be consistent in quality every time. All of our powders are precision milled and sifted to assure quality. Black Powder A-2310W 2 oz���������������� $5.10 A-2315W 4 oz���������������� $9.50 A-2311W 8 oz�������������� $18.50 A-2312W 16 oz������������ $31.50 A-2314W 128 oz�������� $165.00 Dual Use Powder A-2320W 2 oz���������������� $6.50 A-2321W 8 oz�������������� $18.50 A-2322W 16 oz������������ $39.50 A-2324W 128 oz�������� $165.00 Silver/Gray Powder A-2330W 2 oz���������������� $5.10 A-2331W 8 oz�������������� $18.00 A-2332W 16 oz������������ $32.50 A-2334W 128 oz�������� $165.00 White Powder A-2340W 2 oz���������������� $5.10 A-2341W 8 oz�������������� $18.00 A-2342W 16 oz������������ $31.50 A-2344W 128 oz�������� $165.00

Red Fluorescent Powder A-2350W 2 oz�������������� $10.95 A-2352W 16 oz������������ $39.95 A-2351W 128 oz�������� $295.00 Yellow Fluorescent Powder A-2360W 2 oz�������������� $10.95 A-2362W 16 oz������������ $39.95 A-2361W 128 oz�������� $295.00 Pink Fluorescent Powder A-2370W 2 oz�������������� $10.95 A-2372W 16 oz������������ $39.95 A-2371W 128 oz�������� $295.00 Blue Fluorescent Powder A-2400W 2 oz�������������� $10.95 A-22401W 16 oz���������� $39.95 A-22402W 128 oz����� $295.00

Red Fluorescent Magnetic Powder A-2453 3 oz��������������������������������$15.00 A-2452 16 oz�����������������������������$54.00 Yellow Fluorescent Magnetic Powder A-2463 3 oz��������������������������������$15.00 A-2462 16 oz�����������������������������$54.00 Orange Fluorescent Magnetic Powder A-2477 3 oz��������������������������������$15.00 A-2472 16 ounce�����������������������$54.00 Blue Fluorescent Magnetic Powder A-2500B 3 oz�����������������������������$15.00 A-2501B 16 ounce��������������������$54.00

Black Magnetic Powder A-2410W 1 oz����������������� $6.95 A-2412W 16 oz������������� $41.00 A-2411W 128 oz��������� $239.00 Dual Use Magnetic Powder A-2420W 1 oz����������������� $6.95 A-2422W 16 oz������������� $41.00 A-2421W 128 oz��������� $239.00 Gray Magnetic Powder A-2430W 1 oz����������������� $6.95 A-2432W 16 oz������������� $41.00 A-2431W 128 oz��������� $239.00 White Magnetic Powder A-2440W 1 oz����������������� $6.95 A-2442W 16 oz������������� $41.00 A-2441W 128 oz��������� $239.00 Blue Magnetic Powder A-2210W 1 oz����������������� $8.75 A-2211W 16 oz������������� $45.00


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3M Fingerprint Lifting Tape Unquestionably the finest quality tape available for lifting prints. 3M tape is pressure wound, heat treated, and fish-eye free. Clear A-2102 12” x 360” roll���$4.75 A-2103 2” x 360” roll�����$5.80 A-2104 4” x 360” roll�����$9.50

Frosted A-2105 12” x 360” roll���$4.85 A-2106 2” x 360” roll�����$6.50 A-2107 4” x 360” roll���$10.50

Arrowhead J-Lifts™ J-Lifts™ are a combination of lifting tape and a backing card. The lifting side contains a special adhesive that is formulated to be aggressive enough to lift the powder without ripping. The J-Lifts™ are excellent for lifting of trace evidence. Writing space is provided for initials and date. White A-2812 2” x 2” 24 lifters�������������������������������������������� $7.50 A-2810 2” x 4” 12 lifters ������������������������������������������� $6.50 A-2814 4” x 4” 12 lifters ������������������������������������������� $7.50


STRETCH lifting tape This tape is ideal for lifting latent prints off curved or contoured surfaces. Tape adheres even when stretched to fit irregular surfaces. A-2201 12” x 125” roll������������������������������������������������������� $5.75

Black A-2822 2” x 2” 24 lifters ������������������������������������������� $7.50 A-2820 2” x 4” 12 lifters ������������������������������������������� $6.50 A-2824 4” x 4” 12 lifters ������������������������������������������� $7.50 Clear A-2832 A-2830 A-2834 A-2835

2” x 2” 2” x 4” 4” x 4” 4” x 6”

24 lifters ������������������������������������������� $7.50 12 lifters ������������������������������������������� $6.50 12 lifters ������������������������������������������� $7.50 12 lifters�������������������������������������������� $7.85

DK Quickie Fingerprint Lifting Tape This padded lifting tape provides a quick alternative to traditional lifting tape on a roll. The DK tape features a non-stick tab for easy handling. Simply pull the tab and peel one lift at a time off the convenient pad. This lifting tape is quick, easy to use, and eliminates waste that is associated with tape on a roll. This tape is small enough to fit in your pocket. A-2161 2” x 6” 25 lifters / pad��������������������������������������� $3.85 A-2162 4” x 6” 25 lifters / pad��������������������������������������� $5.10

A-2834 Clear 4” x 4” J-Lift Shown

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PELICAN EQUIPMENt CASES Pelican Protector Cases are made with black Copolymer Polypropylene and solid wall construction. Pelican’s pick-n-pluck foam lets you customize the interior according to your gear. Layers of foam are pre-scored in tiny cubes. Simply measure your equipment over the grid and remove foam as needed. For organizing your supplies Pelican offers optional padded dividers. All Pelican cases carry a lifetime guarantee against breakage or defects in workmanship. Arrowhead Forensics is a full line dealer for Pelican. Please contact Arrowhead for additional cases available. Watertight, crushproof, and dust proof Easy open Double Throw latches Open cell core with solid wall design - strong, light weight O-ring seal Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve Comfortable rubber over-molded handle Stainless steel hardware and padlock protectors 2 level Pick N Pluck™ with convoluted lid foam Personalized nameplate service available Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence Interior Dimensions: 18.43” x 14.00” x 7.62” A-1554P w/ CSI Organizer/Divider (shown)�����������������$262.95 A-1554P

Fingerprint Ink

Inking Slabs & Roller

This fingerprint ink is specially formulated for the slab and roller. It is jet black and available in 2 or 4 ounce tubes.

Our slabs are made of glass or stainless steel. Both materials offer a smooth surface that allows the user to roll a perfect layer of ink for taking fingerprints.

A-2502 2 oz���������������������������������������������������������������������������$5.75 A-2504 4 oz���������������������������������������������������������������������������$7.50

A-2511 Steel Inking Slab�������������������������������������������������� $12.85 A-2512 Glass Inking Slab�������������������������������������������������� $10.75 A-2513 4” Roller���������������������������������������������������������������� $21.50

Backing Cards Our backing cards are available in snow white or jet black on front. The backs of the cards have an area for all the information needed: case number, date, time, and diagram for the location of the print. Our scale cards feature a metric measurement scale on the print side of the card. This provides additional accuracy when photographing evidence. Back of the card is printed with convenient identification information. 100 cards per package.


White A-2731 A-2741 A-2751 A-2744

3” x 5”������������������������������������������������������������ $8.00 4” x 5”������������������������������������������������������������ $8.25 52” x 82”����������������������������������������������������� $13.25 4” x 5” (with scale)������������������������������������� $10.75

Black A-2732 A-2742 A-2752 A-2744B

3” x 5”���������������������������������������������������������� $10.50 4” x 5” ��������������������������������������������������������� $11.00 52” x 82”����������������������������������������������������� $26.50 4” x 5” (with scale)������������������������������������� $13.25 800.953.3274 |



Gel Lifters are a high quality latex and a bonded low tack adhesive gelatin layer. Gel-Lifters are offered as an alternative when tape and other lifting material are not ideal for the situation. They’re ideal for lifting dust prints from footwear and palm prints.

These cards are printed on high contrast, 110lb paper to ensure clear prints and quick drying. These cards are just like the FBI FD-249. A-TPCB88E Criminal Booking Card 100/pk����������������$15.00 A-2508 Fingerprint Card Holder���������������������������$24.95

Black A-2915 5.2” x 7.2” 10 lifters����$26.10 A-2930 5.2” x 14.4” 2 lifters����$10.30 White A-2925 5.2” x 7.2” 10 lifters����$26.10 A-2930 5.2” x 14.4” 2 lifters����$10.30


Transparent A-2935 5.2” x 7.2” 10 lifters����$26.10 A-2940 5.2” x 14.4” 2 lifters����$10.30



Perfect for major case prints, shoe prints, individual fingers, and prints for autopsy. QuickPrints feature a white adhesive vinyl lifter and a clear polyester cover sheet. A-2610MCP A-2611MCP A-2612MCF A-2634MCF A-2816MCF A-2916MCF A-2618FP A-2616FP A-2811-100 A-TPC87 A-91ZTE A-92ZTE


8” x 8” (palmprint) 8” x 8” (palmprint) 2” x 3.75” (individual fingers) 2” x 3.75” (individual fingers) 1.5” x 1-7/16” (fingerprint) 1.5” x 1-7/16” (fingerprint) 6” x 14” (footprint) 6” x 14” (footprint) 10” x 14” (tire tracks) FD-249 8” x 8” Transparent 9” x 12” Open End 9” x 12” Open End

100 sheets������������������������������������������������������$36.15 500 sheets����������������������������������������������������$168.10 100 strips/20 clear sheets����������������������������������� $7.40 500 strips/100 clear sheets�������������������������������$35.00 100 sheets��������������������������������������������������������� $6.15 500 sheets�������������������������������������������������������$28.50 100 sheets�������������������������������������������������������$93.00 500 sheets�����������������������������������������������������$315.00 100 sheets������������������������������������������������������$135.00 100/10-Print Criminal Booking Card���������������������� $17.00 100 Peel & Seal Tyvek Envelopes������������������������� $34.00 500 Peel & Seal Tyvek Envelopes������������������������ $156.00

2 A-2816MCF 3




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Arrowhead Fingerprint Ink Pads Arrowhead Ceramic Fingerprint Pads utilize a dark ink approved for use by law enforcement. Our pads provide a dark, clear, crisp imprint, leaving minimal ink residue on fingers. Ink dries instantly and does not smear. A-LE-2 A-LE-3 A-2526 A-LE-2.5

1w” x 24” 22” x 4” 12” Round 22” Round

1,400 prints�����������������������������������$6.40 14,500 prints ����������������������������� $68.00 1,200 prints ���������������������������������$8.00 4,800 prints ������������������������������ $29.00

Perfect Print® Pads and portable fingerprint stations Perfect Print® instantly develops permanent, black nonsmearing, exceptionally clear prints without the mess associated with conventional fingerprint ink methods. This ink is non-toxic and will not dry out in the pad. Any ink residue left on the fingers is easily removed by rubbing the fingers together. These portable fingerprint stations are fully assembled and ready to use. Each contains a mounted Perfect Ink pad, A-2530. Each pad has the capacity to complete approximately 800 ten-print cards and is easily replaceable. A-2530 A-2535 A-2520 A-2525 A-PI-39TL A-PI-39L A-PI-39 A-PI-39T

3” x 42” 16,000 prints ��������������������������� $50.95 12” x 24” 500 prints ����������������������������������$7.10 2 2 ” Round 4,800 prints ���������������������������� $20.10 12” Round 1,200 prints �������������������������������$7.95 Dual Fingerprint Station w/ Legs������������ $215.00 Fingerprint Station w/ Legs��������������������� $165.15 Fingerprint Station w/ Rubber Feet�������� $128.00 Dual Fingerprint Station w/ Rubber Feet����� $158.95

Fingerprint Binder The binder comes complete with a mounted ink fingerprint pad, a mounted fingerprint cardholder, a storage pouch for storing records, and 20 ink removal towelettes. A-2546S Flawless Fingerprint Binder��������������������������$72.00 A-2548 Porelon Fingerprint Binder����������������������������$79.95 Inkless Pocket Print® Elimination

Ink Removal Towelettes

Simply the cleanest way to obtain elimination prints from victims. This compact kit contains a coated pad that is invisible on the fingers, but makes excellent prints. Each Pocket Print® contains 50 elimination sheets complete with areas for case number and demographic information.

These towelettes are specially formulated to remove ink and are individually packaged in a foil pouch. A-2514 100 packets ������������������������������������������������������ $10.95

A-2546������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $29.95


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Master Trace Evidence Collection Kit This kit contains all of the items you need to collect trace evidence from a crime scene and transport it to your agency. This Master Trace Evidence Kit can be used in large agencies for multiple CSIs or one single kit for a small department. Packaged in a sturdy carry case with four separate, individually sealed storage trays for prevention of cross contamination. Every kit includes a reorder form for replacement items. Please contact your Arrowhead Forensics sales representative for customized options. EACH KIT CONTAINS:

2 Safety Goggles 2 Black Sharpies 2 Black Ink Pens 24) 4” x 4” Clear J Lifts 10) 4” x 6” 2ml Reclosable Evidence Bags 10) 6” x 8” 4ml Reclosable Evidenc Bags 50) 2 d” x 5 4” Kraft Envelopes 50) 6” x 9” Kraft Envelopes 50) 2 w” x 4 4” Glassine Envelopes 10 Transfer Pipettes 3) 50ml Polypropylene Screw Cap Evidence Collection Tubes 40) 6” Sterile Cotton Tip Swabs 2/pk for total of 80 swabs 2) 5ml Sterile Water Ampules 10 Tongue Depressors 10 Cuticle Sticks 5 Combs 5) 3 4” x 2” x d” Evidence Slide Box 12 Plastic Disposable Tweezers 5 Round Blade Disposable Scalpels 5 Pointed Blade Disposable Scalpels 10 Straight Edge Razor Blades 15 Antimicrobial Hand Wipes 40 Swab Boxes 1 Red/White Strip Evidence Tape

A-8864���������������������������������������������������$146.00 Post Mortem Fingerprint Kit


The Post Mortem Fingerprint Kit contains a semi-inkless ink pad, metal fingerprint strip holder, 50 right hand strips, 50 left hand strips, and 10 antimicrobial towelettes and 100 left and right hand cards packaged in a plastic case. A-2800 A-2604B A-2605B A-2650B

Post Mortem Fingerprint Kit������������������������ $52.95 Fingerprint Strips Left Hand 500 cards������� $49.95 Fingerprint Strips Right Hand 500 cards����� $49.95 Fingerprint Strips Left & Right Hand����������� $21.50

100 left hand cards & 100 right hand cards

A-2665B Fingerprint Strips Adhesive Backing ����������� $26.50 100 left hand cards & 100 right hand cards

Cyanoacrylate Laboratory Fuming Chamber This 4.0 cubic foot Fuming Chamber is ideal for processing a large number of items. Two heating elements, operating independently or simultaneously, allow for safe cyanoacrylate accelerated development of latent prints. The heating elements are limited to surface temperatures of 230° F. This unit features a clear polycarbonate front door panel for constant monitoring. An inlet port located on each side of the chamber is compatible with the Cyanowand which emits cyanoacrylate vapor into the chamber and a portable humidifier when moisture is required during development. The Defumigator®is recommended for quickly removing noxious odors and fumes from the chamber through a HEPA filter and a bonded carbon filter. A-2615C A-2616C A-FR301 A-FR302 A-2617C

Cyanoacrylate Lab Fuming Chamber��������� $797.00 Defumigator®������������������������������������������������ $428.00 Replacement HEPA Filter����������������������������� $88.00 Replacement Carbon Filter������������������������� $118.00 Portable Humidifier�������������������������������������� $273.00

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CApture™ Portable Fuming Systems The CApture Portable Fuming System quickly fixes latent fingerprints at the crime scene using microburst or traditional CA fuming methods, while protecting the user from hazardous fumes. Its patented* design combines all the components needed in one compact system: a heater to heat the Super Glue†; a shatter-resistant, clear protective chamber to contain the fumes as they react with the latent prints; an exhaust blower; and particulate/carbon exhaust filter. No ducting is required. Since prints may be easily developed at the scene, irrelevant evidence may be ruled out thus saving valuable laboratory processing time and storage space.

Patented* collapsible design. All components nest together into a compact package with handle for easy transport.

Leveling foot with locking pin stabilizes the developer in an upright position. For transport, the foot is retractable to its full ”Up” position.

Easy to use. A video, available in DVD and online, provides clear instruction on proper set up and use of the CApture.

Built-in blower pulls air from the chamber, through the filter and exhausts it from the system back into the room. An accessory Exhaust Connection Kit allows the developer to be exhausted out a window or into a fume hood. Stainless steel support manifold provides attachment for an evidence shelf and hook mounted at several heights. Three slots are provided to hold control slides for monitoring the print development.

Clear, shatter-resistant chamber, interior dimensions 8” w x 8” d x 16” high, provides visibility to the evidence during the fuming process. Constructed of polycarbonate, the durable chamber serves as the carrying case during transport. Three-way heater/off/vent switch activates the heater during print development and activates the vent after prints have been fixed.

Particulate/activated carbon filter cartridge traps smoke and CA fumes exhausted from the chamber. The long-lasting cartridge has capacity for 100 development cycles.

Durable epoxy-coated steel housing. Two heater receptacles hold heater pans, one with a small amount of Super Glue† or equivalent CA adhesive, and one with a small amount of water if needed. A door keeps heat contained. A pair of needle-nose pliers is included for safe handling near hot surfaces. Ten heater pans are included.

Optional field power kit allows user to take unit into field where no power outlet is available. This option is recommended for users seeking full mobility and usability at any crime scene.

Microprocessor-controlled heater allows the user to set the temperature in one degree increments between 120° to 350° F (50° to 177° C). Once set, the temperature of the heater stabilizes at the set point (±15° F) within 3 to 5 minutes.

A-3420000 115 volts, 60 Hz, 1 amp 115 volts, 13 amps����������������������������������������� $1,995.00 A-3425202 Replacement Aluminum Heater Pans������������������������������������������������������� $75.00 A-3421801 Replacement Particulate/Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge������������������ $95.00 A-3425500 Foam Insert For Accessories���������������������������������������������������������������������� $25.00 A-3422203 Stainless Steel Shelf������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ $35.00 A-3422202 Fuming Hanger�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $20.00 A-3424500 Exhaust Kit������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $225.00 A-3421901 Fuming Chamber��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $125.00 A-3426500 Field Power Kit (no power outlet needed)����������������������������������������������� $499.00 26

LCD displays the current heater temperature setting while in programming mode and actual heater temperature while in operating mode. Inverter ready. Low energy usage of 75 watts allows the CApture to run on car battery when connected to a usersupplied inverter.

*Patent-pending †Super Glue ® is a registered trademark of Super Glue Corporation, Rancho Cucamonga, California

(kit includes: bag, 2 batteries, charger, inverter and instructions)

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Misonix Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber Safely fuming evidence with consistent, reproducible results has never been easier. Place your evidence in the chamber, add super glue to the heating element and push the start button. Within minutes, high quality latent fingerprints are developed. The Misonix exclusive design ensures that hazardous cyanoacrylate fumes are safely removed. Precise humidity control, a high temperature heating element and internal circulation fan give you complete control of the fuming process. A patented self-contained ductless filtration door is automatically locked during fuming. Additional features include a micro-processor display, a programmable internal circulation fan, aluminum and steel frame, safety glass locking door, internal fluorescent lighting, and easy to clean interior. A-CA-3000 Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber Bench Top$9,972.00 37” W x 53” H x 32” Humidity Control to 80%; 110V / 60Hz Complete with Pre-filter and Cyanoacrylate Filter

A-CA-6000 Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber��������� $11,770.00 37” W x 89” H x 32” D Humidity Control to 80%; 110V / 60Hz Complete with Pre-filter and Cyanoacrylate Filter

A-CA-6000C Cart for CA-3000 & CA-6000������������������$1,235.00 A-CA-2818 Replacement Cyanoacrylate Filter���������� $670.00 A-AU-2013 Pre-Filter pk of 6��������������������������������������� $199.00

Arrowhead Fingerprint Development ChamberS Arrowhead Fingerprint Development Chambers will accelerate the processing time when using Ninhydrin, DFO and other treatment chemicals. Manufactured of Stainless Steel in and out, these units are a work horse at typical operating ranges of 80ºC/80% RH. FDC 5 SPECIFICATIONS


Temperature Range 10ºC above ambient to 100ºC Temperature Control ± 0.5ºC Relative Humidity 40 to 80% RH (of specified temp range) Humidity Control ± 3% Interior Dimensions 31” W x 25” D x 62” H Exterior Dimensions 29” W x 26” D x 37” H Shelf Work Area 4.5 sq. ft. (shelf plus bottom) Electrical 208/230V Shipping Weight 300 lbs. Digital Microprocessor-Controlled LED Readouts in Temperature and RH Stainless Steel Interior and (6) Shelves Arrowhead Two-Year Parts and Labor Warranty

FDC 28 SPECIFICATIONS Temp Range 10˚above ambient to 100˚C Temp Control ± 0.5˚C Humidity Range ± 5% above ambient to 95% RH Humidity Control ± 3% Interior Dimensions 24” W x 18” D x 22” H Exterior Dimensions 43” x 35” x 85” Electrical 110V, 60Hz, 2000W Shipping Weight 710 lbs Digital Microprocessor-Controlled LED Readouts in Temperature and RH Stainless Steel Interior and Shelves Arrowhead Two-Year Parts and Labor Warranty



5 CUBIC FT��������������������������������$10,433.00 28 CUBIC FT�������������������������������$23,500.00 Allows you to stack FDC5�������������$875.00

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1,2-Indanedione An extremely sensitive amino acid reported to develop 46% more latents than DFO. A-3148B 125ml, HFE-7100 based (Premix)��������������������$39.95 A-2788 10g (powder)����������������������������������������������������$249.13 DFO 1.8 Diazafluoren 9 One DFO is a ninhydrin 99.9% pure analogue which also responds to amino acids in prints and is used to develop latent prints on paper with better results than ninhydrin processing alone. A-3125B DFO Traditional Formula, 4oz pump spray��������� $41.00 A-3137B DFO HFE 7100 Based Mixture, 4oz pump spray�� $49.50 A-3138J DFO 99.9% Pure, 5g������������������������������������������� $240.00 3M Novec™ HFE-7100 This engineered fluid is a carrier solvent for Ninhydrin or DFO in latent fingerprint development on porous surfaces. Novec fluid is a non-flammable solvent that when mixed with Ninhydrin or DFO develops crystal clear prints. A-3146B7100 100ml����������������������������������������������������� $50.00 A-HFE7100 1 gal����������������������������������������������������� $295.00 Cyano-Pouch A one-step cyanoacrylate latent fingerprint developing system with a peel open, 4” x 7” foil packet filled with super glue. A-CP47 5/pack��������������������������������������������������������������� $26.80 Cyanoacrylate A-2601 1oz��������������������������������������������������������������������� $5.75 A-3202B 2oz�������������������������������������������������������������������$12.50 A-2616 16 oz����������������������������������������������������������������$67.00 A-2602 2 oz Debonder Solvent������������������������������������ $9.95 Ninhydrin The classic method for developing latent prints on paper and other porous objects. A-2680 A-3510B A-2679 A-2643 A-2643A

Premix Liquid, 8oz pump spray���������������������� $21.15 Thermal Premix, 8oz pump spray����������������� $46.60 Crystals, 25gm������������������������������������������������ $37.25 Aerosol Spray, 16oz ��������������������������������������� $18.50 Aerosol Spray with Acetone, 16oz����������������� $18.50

CN-Shot™ Latent Print Developing System Utilizing the developmental properties of cyanoacrylate, this product creates an abundant amount of heat, which decreases fuming time while providing quality ridge detail. Set contains activator solution jar, activatorcrystals can, smallpoly tube with snap close cap. A-2602C CN-Shot™, 12 sets�����������������������������������������$40.95 A-2603C CN-Shot™, 24 sets�����������������������������������������$68.95 A-2604C CN-Shot™, 72 sets���������������������������������������$165.00 ZAR-PRO™ Fluorescent Blood Lifting Strips These lifting strips are perfect for large or immovable objects that cannot be brought back to the laboratory for analysis. Lifts are permanent and cannot be smeared or smudged. ZAR-PRO™ Fluorescent Blood Lifting Strips allow the user to clearly and effectively examine impressions that otherwise would be unidentifiable due to background patterns or colors. In addition, ZAR-PRO™ lifting strips provide great contrast when enhanced with an ALS or forensic laser. A-LFTZP 8”x8” Lifting Strips����������������������������������������$44.50 A-LCAS8 8 oz. Activator Bottle��������������������������������������$9.95 28

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Accutrans® Casting System The Accutrans Automix Dispensing System is perfect for fingerprints, blood prints, tooth marks, bite marks, and castings. Accutrans quickly and easily applies casting silicone to a variety of surfaces, including human skin, rough and textured surfaces such as brick, and curved surfaces such as bottle necks. A-78510 Accutrans® Starter Kit������������������������������$195.00 1) 75ml Brown Casting Cartridge 1) 75ml White Casting Cartridge 1) 75ml Transparent Casting Cartridge 40 Mixing Tips & 6 Spreader Tips 10 Spatulas 1 Dispensing Gun Zipper Carry Case A-78513 Accutrans® AT Kit��������������������������������������$195.00 2) 75ml Transparent Casting Cartridges 40 Mixing Tips 10 Spatulas 1 Dispensing Gun Packaged in cardboard box. A-78514 A-78515 A-78516 A-76551 A-78527

4) 75ml Brown Casting Cartridge������������$115.00 4) 75ml White Casting Cartridge�������������$115.00 4) 75ml Transparent Casting Cartridge����������$115.00 40 Mixing Tips��������������������������������������������� $34.00 ACCUTRANS® STARTER KIT 40 Spreader Tips����������������������������������������� $34.00 800.953.3274 |


Mikrosil Casting Putty KIT

ArrowStone Free Flow Casting Material ArrowStone Free Flow provides a dense, smooth, bubble free result with a .08% expansion. Set time 5-10 minutes. Mix 8 oz. of ambient water with 2 lbs. of casting material available in blue, tan, and white. A-5060 Blue 25lb������������������������������������������������������� $37.95 A-5062 Tan 25lb�������������������������������������������������������� $37.95 A-5064 White 25lb�������������������������������������������������������� $37.95

Mikrosil is used to obtain tool marks and other impressions. Available in a variety of colors. Each Mikrosil Kit includes a tube of Mikrosil, hardener, 10 spatulas, book of mixing pads and instructions. A-5001 A-5002 A-5003 A-5005 A-5004

Brown���������������������������������������������������������������� $28.50 White����������������������������������������������������������������� $28.50 Black������������������������������������������������������������������ $28.50 Gray�������������������������������������������������������������������� $28.50 Hardener��������������������������������������������������������������$8.25


Arrowhead Evidence Photo Marking Cones 5” tall and made of bright orange rubber, not plastic. They clearly mark evidence for photography and identification without cluttering the scene. A-6025 Numbers 1 - 25������������������������������������������������� $75.00 A-6050 Numbers 26 - 50����������������������������������������������� $78.00 A-6051 Numbers 51 - 75����������������������������������������������� $78.00 Arrowhead Evidence Photo Marking Tents 3.5” Photo Tents A-6315 Numbers 1 - 15������������������������������������������������� $25.10 A-6350 Numbers 16 - 50���������������������������������������������� $58.50 A-6399 Numbers 51 - 99����������������������������������������������� $73.80 7.5” Photo Tents A-6215 Numbers 1 - 15������������������������������������������������� $39.10 A-6250 Numbers 16 - 50����������������������������������������������� $91.10 A-6299 Numbers 51 - 99��������������������������������������������� $122.10 A-61590 Plain��������������������������������������������������������� $2.00 EACH Adhesive Crime Scene Mapping Labels Each marker has a bold 20mm scale, adding perspective and a point of reference to photographs. Each marker is 2.5cm x 3.5cm (1” x 1a”) with a non-glare finish. Each set includes 50 sheets of letters and numbers as well as several pages of arrows and blank markers. A-6614 50 Page Set in 3 Ring Binder����������������������������$72.00 A-6616 Replacement Pages��������������������������������������������$1.65 specify which page(s) you wish to replace. Priced per page.


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Rulers and scales VINYL PHOTO DOCUMENTATION RULERS 2”/5CM 10 RULERS / PKG A-6208 White�����������������������������������������������������������������$6.00 A-6207 Black������������������������������������������������������������������$6.00 A-6209 Gray�������������������������������������������������������������������$6.00 A-6210 Fluorescent Orange�����������������������������������������$6.00 6”/15CM 10 RULERS / PKG A-6306 White��������������������������������������������������������������������$8.10 A-6206 Black���������������������������������������������������������������������$8.10 A-6106 Gray�����������������������������������������������������������������������$8.10 A-6307 Fluorescent Orange���������������������������������������������$8.10 ABFO NO. 2 “2” SCALE PLASTIC A-6200 A-6137 A-6138 A-6140

White�������������������������������������������������������������������$3.85 Black��������������������������������������������������������������������$3.85 Gray����������������������������������������������������������������������$3.85 Fluorescent Orange��������������������������������������������$3.85


White�����������������������������������������������������������������$4.85 Black������������������������������������������������������������������$4.85 Gray�������������������������������������������������������������������$4.85 Fluorescent Orange�����������������������������������������$4.85

MINI ABFO #2 ADHESIVE FORENSIC EVIDENCE LABEL 100 LABELS / ROLL A-6245 1”�����������������������������������������������������������������������$15.00 A-6246 2”�����������������������������������������������������������������������$15.00 A-6243 2cm�������������������������������������������������������������������$15.00 A-6244 4cm (shown)���������������������������������������������������������$15.00 T RULER A-6203F White 4”x6” Fractional�����������������������������������$7.10 A-6203 White 10mmx15mm���������������������������������������$5.00 Tyvek® Protective Clothing

Breathable Protective Clothing

Tyvek® protective clothing will provide personal protection to wearer and his/her clothing.

Comfortable and cost effective protection of people, products, and environments is made easy from Arrowhead with our new line of breathable protective clothing. This breathable material provides an exceptional barrier to particles, biological fluids such as blood, and an extensive list of chemicals. Arrowhead breathable protective clothing was awarded the Nelson Laboratories ASTM Method F 1670 approval rating for prevention of synthetic blood penetration.


A-4206 A-4205 A-4200 A-4201

Size S�������������$8.50 Size M�����������$8.50 Size L�������������$8.50 Size XL����������$8.50

A-4202 Size XXL�����������$8.90 A-4203 Size XXXL���������$9.10 A-4204 Size XXXXL����$10.50

Tyvek® Shoe Covers A-4005 A-4005XL

Shoe Cover Universal����������������������� $4.00/PAIR Shoe Cover X-Large�������������������������� $3.50/PAIR


A-4600 A-4601 A-4602 A-4603 A-4604 A-4605

Tyvek® is a registered trademark of Dupont Chemical.

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Size M������������������� $6.10 Size L��������������������� $6.10 Size XL������������������ $7.00 Size XXL���������������� $7.00 Size XXXL�������������� $7.50 Size XXXXL����������� $7.50


Precision® Nitrile Glove


Precision® Violet Blue Nitrile Powder Free Exam Gloves are ultra soft and stretchy from a low modulus formulation to reduce hand fatigue for maximum comfort. They are 100% synthetic and latex free with a textured surface to provide strong grip in both dry and wet applications. Precision® Nitrile Gloves are thinner for maximum dexterity. Very strong to providesuperior barrier protection. Tear and puncture resistant. 100/BOX��������������������������������������������������������������������������������$9.00 A-PCS770 X-Small A-PCS776 Large A-PCS778 X-Large A-PCS772 Small A-PCS775 Medium Shadow Black Synthetic Nitrile Glove These black nitrile polymer gloves are latex free, powder- free, and odor-free. 100/BOX���������������������������������������������������������������������������� $12.75 A-4322 Small A-4324 Large A-4325 X-Large A-4323 Medium SafeGrip Powder-Free High Risk Nitrile Blue Glove These gloves are up to four times thicker than standard examination gloves. They offer added durability in the palm and fingers. Textured fingers provide a secure grip in wet or dry conditions. Extended cuff offers increased protection over the wrist and forearm. Ambidextrous. Powder-free. Beaded cuff. 50/BOX������������������������������������������������������������������������������ $13.75 A-4338 Small A-4341 Large A-4340 X-Large A-4339 Medium 3M 8511 N95 Respirator with Exhalation Valve This N95 respirator has a cool flow exhalation valve to reduce heat and humidity build-up inside the mask. The adjustable nose clip provides a custom fit and secure seal against your face. Filter efficiency is 95% against 0.3 micron particles. A-4615 10 / pkg������������������� $29.50 32

Synetron Powder-Free Latex Glove

This glove is endorsed by The National Association of Chiefs of Police and is the winner of the J. Edgar Hoover Award for protecting law enforcement personnel. This textured, powder-free high risk glove features an extended cuff and is approximately 13.8 mils thick at the fingertips, 10.6 mils thick at the palm and 8mils at the wrist. These gloves give the user unsurpassed tactile sensitivity with a nonslip grip. This latex glove is coated with Omega Shield, a space-age polymer used in long wear contact lenses for an extra layer of protection. 50/BOX������������������������������������������������������������������������������ $13.50 A-4333 Small A-4330 Large A-4331 X-Large A-4332 Medium Evolution One Powder-Free Latex Glove The Evolution one is a gradient dipped, polymer exam glove with Omega Shield technology. This textured and powderfree glove is tear resistant and stretches to 700% of original size without tearing. 100/BOX���������������������������������������������������������������������������� $12.75 A-4318 Small A-4320 Large A-4321 X-Large A-4319 Medium DIAMOND GRIP Powder-Free LATEX Glove Diamond Grips are one of our most popular and economically priced powder-free gloves. The Diamond Grip is longer and thicker than most exam gloves for added protection. Diamond Grips feature textured fingers for a secure grip in wet or dry conditions. 100/BOX���������������������������������������������������������������������������� $12.50 A-4514 Small A-4516 Large A-4517 X-Large A-4515 Medium 3M 8210 N95 Respirator This economical respirator provides filter efficiency of 95% against 0.3 micron particles. This lightweight respirator features an adjustable nose clip for custom fit and more secure seal. Meets NIOSH 42 CFR 84 N95 requirements. A-4614 20 / pkg������������������ $30.45

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Arrowhead Laser Trajectory Kit Laser projection is an accurate method used to assist in determining projectile trajectories at crime scenes. When attached to a penetration rod which has been inserted into a bullet hole, the laser beam can help determine the direction and angle of the source or direction and angle of the projectile exit and possible impact sites. The laser projection pointer is a class 111a laser diode with an output of 5mW at 620nm. It is powered by two AAA batteries and weighs 1.4oz. CONTAINS:

1 Ballistic Angle Finder 1 Set of 2 Stringing Tips 1 Ballistic Laser Pointer Class 111a with batteries 1 Set of 4 Centering Cones 1 Set of 4 O-rings 1 Set of 4 Bullet Penetration Rods 1 Universal Tripod Mount 1 Set of 6 Multi-colored 1 Roll of Colored Trajectory Photographic Rods String, 250ft (76m) 1 Set of 2 Rod Connectors High Impact Carry Case with 1 Set of 2 Bullet Tips Custom Foam Liner

A-6926 Laser Trajectory Kit����������������������������������� $335.00 A-6928 Angle Finder��������������������������������������������������$13.50

WATCH PRODUCt DEMO ONLINE Tubular Dowel Crime Scene Reconstruction Kit Ideal for Forensic Mannequins, Walls and much more. CONTAINS:

Stainless steel box with foam inserts 6) 20 inch Tubular Dowels 6) Mini Tripods 6) O-Ring Fasteners 6) 1/4×20 Tripod Laser Bases Mannequin Starter Rod

3) Green Lasers 3) Red Lasers Angle Finder Spool of String Ruler Instructional Sheet

A-6919C Crime Scene Reconstruction Kit������������������� $580.00

Tubular Dowel SPECIALTY Kit 12) 30” inch Tubular Dowels 6) 50” Tripods 4) 11” Tripods 10) 1/4×20 Tripod Laser Bases 12) O-Ring Fasteners 8) Tubular Dowel Connectors Mannequin Starter Rod

3) Green Lasers 3) Red Lasers Plumb Bob Angle Finder Spool of String Ruler Instructional Sheet

A-6920C Tubular Dowel Specialty Kit�������������������������� $895.00

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Coherent TracER™ & TracER™ Compact Green Forensic Laser Systems A high-performance, battery-powered, and easy-to-use portable forensic laser system specifically designed for the rigors of modern criminology and forensics. It can be used to locate fingerprints, fibers, body fluids, bone fragments, tooth chips, narcotics’ residue, and a variety of other types of trace evidence, even in high ambient light environments. Provides an unprecedented level of illumination, ergonomics and functionality in a compact, portable forensic green laser system. It finds evidence and prints that you could never find with a lamp or ion laser. TracER™ LASER Specs Laser Power: 6.25W and 8W Wavelength: 532nm Typical Bandwidth: 0.5nm Operating Voltage: 100 to 240 VAC 50/60 Hz Beam Diameter: 15-30cm continuously variable Start up time with battery (cold/warm): 30 sec / 2 sec Dimensions: 16.2” L x 12.2” W x 14.9” H Weight: 45lbs with integrated battery pack Integrated Battery Pack: up to approx. 2 hours on a single charge

A-1143728 A-113610

8W 532nm����������������������������������������$48,000.00 6W 532nm����������������������������������������$43,000.00




TracER™ Compact LASER Specs SAME AS TRACER™ WITH FOLLOWING EXCEPTIONS: Laser Power: 4W Wavelength: 532nm Typical Bandwidth: 0.5nm Operating Voltage: 100 to 240 VAC 50/60 Hz Beam Diameter: 15-30cm continuously variable Dimensions: 14.1” L x 8.1” W x 14.1” H Weight: 25lbs 115 volts




4W 532nm����������������������������������������$28,500.00


**photo courtesy of RCMP, OIC Lower Mainland Dist


* photos courtesy of Stephanie Potter, Fort Worth PD




* photo courtesy of ATF, Walnut Creek





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Polilight® Flare Plus A battery driven, state of the art LED forensic light-source with a selection of interchangeable light output heads. SPECIFICATIONS Up to 8 interchangeable heads 2 – 24 hrs run time Lithium ion 12V Battery 240mm overall length 50,000 hour bulb life 1.9 lbs Polilight® Flare Plus 8 Head Kit UV Flare Head - center wavelength 365nm Purple Flare Head - center wavelength 415nm Blue Flare Head - center wavelength 450nm Cyan Flare Head - center wavelength 505nm Green Flare Head - center wavelength 530nm Green/Yellow Flare Head - center wavelength 555nm Red Flare Head - center wavelength 620nm White Flare Head - center wavelength 400-700nm 2 Batteries; Cable; Desk Charger; Car Charger; Kit Charger; Clear, Yellow, Red, Orange Goggles; 4 Filter Lenses; Head Handle; Belt Clip; Wrist Band; Roller Case w/built in Battery Connection; Manual

A-10045������������������������������������������������������������ $15,184.00 Polilight® Flare Plus 5 Head KiT UV Flare Head 365nm, Blue Flare Head 450nm, White Flare Head 400-700nm, Purple Flare Head 415nm, Green Flare Head 530nm; 2 Batteries; Cable; Desk Charger; Car Charger; Orange Goggles; Head Handle, Belt Clip; Wrist Band; Roller Case A1510P w/no Battery Connection; Manual


A-10046�������������������������������������������������������������� $9,675.95 Polilight® Flare Plus 3 Head Kit UV Flare Head 365nm, Blue Flare Head 450nm, White Flare Head 400-700nm; 2 Batteries; Cable; Desk Charger; Car Charger; Orange Goggles; Head Handle, Belt Clip; Wrist Band; Roller Case A-1510P w/no Battery Connection; Manual

A-10047�������������������������������������������������������������� $7,071.95 Polilight® Flare Plus 2 Head Kit UV Flare Head 365nm, Blue Flare Head 450nm; 1 Battery; Cable; Desk Charger; Car Charger; Orange Goggles; Head Handle, Belt Clip; Wrist Band; Roller Case A-1510P w/no Battery Connection; Manual


A-10048�������������������������������������������������������������� $4,807.95 FEATURED PRODUCT Polilight® Flare+ 4 head POUCH Kit UV Flare Head 365nm, Blue Flare Head 450nm, White Flare Head 400-700nm, Green Flare Head; 2 Batteries, Cable, Desk Charger; Car Charger, Orange, Red, Clear and Yellow Goggles; Head Handle, Belt Clip; Wrist Band, 4 Shaping Filters, Shoulder Bag Case, Manual

A-10069�������������������������������������������������������������� $8,165.00 CUSTOM KITS AVAILABLE 36

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Rofin Polilight® PL500 The Polilight®PL500 delivers far more optical power than any other forensic light source currently available. All filters are automatically selected at the touch of a button on the front of the instrument. The selected band is shown on a digital display, as is the extent of filters and output power tuning. It is housed in a shock absorbing aluminium case. A-10034 PL500������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $18,933.00 A-POL0004 PL500 IR�������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $20,800.00 A-9000075 Poli-Trolley w/Light Guide�����������������������������������������������������$6,266.00 A-9000038 PL500/SC Optional Security Password Control������������������������� $250.00 A-10043 PL500/SC Optional Computer Control Software����������������������� $425.00 A-9000037 PL500 Direct Output Optics����������������������������������������������������� $506.00 A-9000017 PL500/SC Mounted Focusing Lens & NIR Filter����������������������� $240.00 • Weight: 30lbs • Up to 14 Output Bands • 500W Xenon Lamtp has a typical life of 3000 hrs • Computer Control by Windows based software • Microprocessor-controlled push button filter selection • Hand Held Remote Control, 4 button, 3 meter cable, operates filters and power tuning


Rofin Polilight® PL500SC The Polilight®PL500SC has been specifically designed to assist the forensic scientist. All the quality features of the PL500 are included, plus the PL500SC incorporates a graphic display remote control, an extended 16’ light guide, a redesigned power supply, and a simplified front control panel. The remote control features clearly visable LED graphic display in bright sunlight or dark nights. Coupled with the 16’ light guide it allows the operator to move freely around the scene of crime without having to continuously revert to the front panel on the instrument to change wavelengths, tuning, power output, shutter or to move it. This is a big time saver! A-POL0010 PL500SC�������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $20,800.00 A-POL0011 PL500SC IR���������������������������������������������������������������������������� $22,666.00 A-9000075 Poli-Trolley w/Light Guide�����������������������������������������������������$6,266.00 A-9000038 PL500/SC Optional Security Password Control������������������������ $250.00 A-9000039 PL500/SC Optional Computer Control Software����������������������� $425.00 A-9000017 PL500/SC Mounted Focusing Lens & NIR Filter����������������������� $240.00 • Highly portable forensic light source • Designed specifically for scene-of-crime work • 500W Xenon Arc Lamp • Increased lamp life and reliability • Up to 14 Output Bands • 16’ Light Guide option • Smart Shutdown • Remote Control from up to 16’ • Front panel power switch • 85-265 VAC 50-60 Hz.

• Weight: 30lbs • Dimensions net for unit: 13” H x 14” D x 5.7” W • Standard accessories: Camera filters; high pass, mounted OG 550, GG 475, OG 515, OG 590 Camera adapter, short Stepping rings; 52/58 and 49/58 Goggles; amber, red, clear, yellow


Rofin Polilight® PL400 Forensic System The Polilight®PL400 is a state-of-the-art forensic light source, designed for robust operation at the crime scene or at the laboratory. A-10001 Polilight® PL400 Forensic System (10 filters/bands)�������������������$8,600.00 A-10002 Polilight® PL400 Forensic System Plus (20 filters/bands)������� $10,666.00 A-POL0005 Polilight® PL400 BluescanTM System���������������������������������������$7,866.00 A-9000046 Polilight® PL400 Optional Computer Control Software��������� $375.00 • 400W Metal Halide Lamp has life of more than 1000 hrs • Up to 20 filters in one filter wheel • Up to 20 Output Bands • Internal microprocessor control • Hand Held Remote Control • Stepper motor filter wheel selection • LED Wavelength Display • Automatic Shutdown to standby • Power Supply can accept input voltages world wide


800.953.3274 |



Lumatec® superlite 400 10 optimized forensic spectra (see table) can be dialed and adjusted continuously. The power potential of the SUPERLITE reveals visible contrasts even under adverse conditions. For all its light-power it is still small, silent and can easily be carried to where you need light in the darkness. The simple adjustment of spectra and intensity allows you to screen and photograph the evidence under all possible contrasts quickly, a method which very often reveals new effects. EACH KIT CONTAINS SUPERLITE 400 multiband light-source 320-700 nm Li-Io-Battery, 1 hour operation, recharge time 3 hours with Charger on 12 V DC or 90-240 V AC Lightguide 1/5‘‘ diameter = 5‘9‘‘ Lightguide 1/8‘‘ diameter = 3‘3‘‘ 15° Collimating lens, double quartz-glass 40° Collimating lens, single glass

Magnifier for Lightguide for diffuse incident and oblique light Line-Illuminator for oblique light photography Line-Illuminator for searching and adaptable to magnifier 3 Camera Filters 3z‘‘ + adapter 46 – 75 mm 1 pair of transparent safety goggles 3 pairs of viewing-filter-goggles 5-fold viewing-filter-Lorgnette

38A-3883L Lumatec® Superlite����������������������������������������������������������$13,257.00* *prices subject to change, call for latest pricing 800.953.3274 |








Body fluids glow yellow to orange when illuminated with the SUPERLITE (depending on material). Saliva and semen stains ( Pic. A & B) are easily screened, documented and taken for DNA analysis. Established is the incident illumination under spectrum 5 with a yellow viewing filter even for detection of weak fluorescing fluids as urine, nasal mucus and vaginal fluid. Blood doesn’t fluoresce but the contrast is improved when it is illuminated with violet (spectrum 4). Blood stains are detected and verified easily prior to DNA analysis ( Pic. C). Fingerprints in blood can be traced with UV-A or violet even untreated. Latent fingerprints are treated with fluorescent dyes to get useful evidence and detailed contrast. The SUPERLITE offers optimized spectra in extraordinary power and spectral quality for all common dyes such as Cyanoacrylat, DFO (1,8 Diaza 9 fluorenon), Ninhydrin, Safranin, Rhodamin, Basic Yellow® ( Pic. D) Basic Red® and Ardox®. The high power potentials permits fluorescent signals outside darkrooms, this enables you to visualize the development process in the fuming chamber (Pic E)



Even the faintest latents can be enhanced and used as evidence. (Pic F & G) On homogeneously shiny surface prints are captured without pretreatment. Fibres fluoresce under UV-A (spectrum 3, Pic. H) and can simply be visualized. The emission is switched on and off as required either with the switch on the front panel or with the magnetic switch on the hand-piece of the liquid lightguide. Using different focussing attachments the light beam can be adjusted to suit different applications. (Pic. I) The magnifier adapting to the lightguides offers diffused incident and oblique illumination which helps to discover and capture fingerprint evidence outside the photolab. (Pic. J)



Imprints such as shoe-prints, trail marks or indents of objects on dusty or carpet floors can be found and easily photographed with the line-illuminator (Pic. K), for large areas the telescopic arm can be attached to the top of it for convenient handling. A telescopic arm with ball-joint, screwed on top simply takes the lightguide in it’s clip for hands-free operation. (Pic. L)



SUPERLITE 400 Sets include a 5-fold viewing-filter-lorgnette (longpass-filters), which helps to find the best possible contrast quickly. (Pictured right)

Hard Case

UltraLite™ ALS The UltraLite™ ALS is a revolutionary, forensic alternate light source that features Blue Merge Technology in a uniquely small device. This portable ALS features an intensity range of 400-1000 mW’s of power and a wavelength of 420nm-480nm. With rechargeable battery packs that slip in and out of the UltraLite like the magazine of your gun, you will never have to pack around another heavy power source. UltraLite™ ALS Complete Kit EACH KIT CONTAINS

1 UltraLite Handle 1 Battery Charger 5 Interchangeable Heads: UV, BMT, Green, Yellow, Red 1 A/C Power Supply 1 12V D/C Volt Power Supply

3 Glasses: Amber, Yellow, Red 1 20’ Extension Cord 3 Lithium Batteries Lasting 2 hours w/full charge 1 Hard Case w/ Foam Set

A-6891 UltraLite ALS Complete Kit�������������������������� $4,895.00 A-6905 UltraLite ALS Ultra Kit (w/ White Head)������� $5,600.00 UltraLite™ ALS Basic Kit

UltraLite™ ALS Basic Kit Plus EACH KIT CONTAINS

1 UltraLite Handle 1 Head: BMT 1 Amber Glasses 3 Lithium Batteries Lasting 2 hours w/full charge

1 Battery Charger 1 A/C Power Supply 1 12V D/C Volt Power Supply 1 20’ Extension Cord 1 Hard Case w/ Foam Set

A-6892 UltraLite ALS Basic Kit Plus�������������������������$2,300.00

EACH KIT CONTAINS 1 UltraLite ALS® Handle 1 BMT™ Head Assembly 1 Power Adapter Pack 1 Power Supply (90-240 VAC)

1 Pair Amber Glasses 1 Vehicle Power Supply (12 VDC) 1 20 ft Extension Cord 1 Hard Case w/ Foam Set

A-6893 UltraLite ALS Basic Kit�����������������������������������$1,995.00

365 Broad-Beam UV/White Light LED Inspection Lamp This powerful lamp provides greater uniformity and a wider coverage area than conventional inspection lamps. It features three UV (365nm) LEDs in a broad beam configuration, combined with one white light LED in the center, for more efficient inspections in low-light conditions. A-TRI365

120 VAC����������������������������������������������������$1,695.00

regulated white/blue/uV rechargeable lantern High-flux LED technology, selectable 390nm/455/nm/ white. Kit includes carrying case, high quality yellow and orange viewing glasses, universal smart charger. A-6984������������������������������������������������������������� $412.00 455nm BLUE Crime scene rechargable lantern 455nm crime scene blue rechargeable lantern. Kit includes carrying case and orange wraparound viewing glasses and universal smart charger. A-6979������������������������������������������������������������ $412.00 regulated uV rechargeable lantern 390nm UV rechargeable lantern with 6 UV high-flux emitters plus white mode. Kit includes carrying case, yellow wraparound viewing glasses and universal smart charger. 40 A-6978������������������������������������������������������������� $420.00

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455nm LED Forensic Light Source The 455nm light source features a large 3-watt LED that is powered by two CR123 lithium batteries (included). This nonrechargeable light does not suffer from diminished battery power after extended lack of use and is ideal for both field and lab use. It also allows for the detection and photography of body fluids, fluorescent powders, dye stains and trace evidence. The hand-held unit is constructed of aluminum and features a tail-cap power switch. This is the perfect light source to outfit your entire department or agency with. Light source kit available. A-6994 455nm Light Source����������������������������������������$100.00 A-6994FK 455nm Light Source Kit����������������������������������$125.00

1 Pair Orange Goggles, 1 Hard Case w/ Foam and Handle

Arrowhead Forensic Filter Goggles FOR LASERS These nylon framed goggles provide personal protection and standard absorption for use with forensic lasers. Case included. A-ARG-35 Orange, goggle frame, 190-532nm������������$81.00 A-ARG-35WF Orange, wraparound frame 195-545nm����$91.00 Arrowhead Forensic Filter Glasses



Forensic light filter goggles specifically designed for use with forensic light sources. Protective case included. ONE COLOR FRAME AND LENS A-6501 Yellow filter 190-480nm ����������������������������������$18.90 A-6500 Orange filter 190-545nm����������������������������������$18.90 A-6502 Red filter 190-583nm����������������������������������������$18.90 A-6503 UV protection filter 190-406nm����������������������$14.50 BLACK FRAME GOGGLE A-D236B Yellow Filter 190-480nm������������������������������$32.00 A-D237A Orange Filter 190-545nm�����������������������������$32.00 A-D235B Red Filter 190-583nm�����������������������������������$32.00 UVEX WRAPAROUND STYLE A-5032-35 Yellow Lens 190-480nm���������������������������$42.00 A-6032-35 Orange Lens 190-545nm���������������������������$42.00 A-6506-35 Red Lens 190-583nm���������������������������$42.00

A-D235B A-5032-35

BARRIER FILTERS A-40980 A-12644 A-12651 A-19228 A-19326

Pro 52mm Orange Photo Filter�����������������������$28.00 Pro 52mm Yellow Photo Filter������������������������$28.00 Pro 52mm RED Photo Filter����������������������������$28.00 Pro 52mm UV Photo Filter�������������������������������$17.00 Pro 52mm POL CIRC Photo Filter��������������������$58.00

A-41008 A-52397 A-45047 A-18157 A-18332

Pro 67mm Orange Photo Filter��������������������� $50.00 Pro 67mm Yellow Photo Filter���������������������� $50.00 Pro 67mm RED Photo Filter�������������������������� $50.00 Pro 67mm UV Photo Filter����������������������������� $23.00 Pro 67mm POL CIRC Photo Filter������������������ $75.00

A-40994 A-12679 A-18682 A-18598 A-18794

Pro 58mm Orange Photo Filter�����������������������$37.00 Pro 58mm Yellow Photo Filter������������������������$37.00 Pro 58mm RED Photo Filter����������������������������$37.00 Pro 58mm UV Photo Filter�������������������������������$20.00 Pro 58mm POL CIRC Photo Filter��������������������$58.00

A-41015 A-12728 A-12721 A-18395 A-17863

Pro 72mm Orange Photo Filter��������������������� $67.00 Pro 72mm Yellow Photo Filter���������������������� $67.00 Pro 72mm RED Photo Filter�������������������������� $67.00 Pro 72mm UV Photo Filter����������������������������� $32.00 Pro 72mm POL CIRC Photo Filter������������������ $92.00

A-41001 A-12700 A-12693 A-18857 A-18108

Pro 62mm Orange Photo Filter�����������������������$42.00 Pro 62mm Yellow Photo Filter������������������������$42.00 Pro 62mm RED Photo Filter����������������������������$42.00 Pro 62mm UV Photo Filter�������������������������������$23.00 Pro 62mm POL CIRC Photo Filter��������������������$65.00 800.953.3274 |


Gun Shot Residue Kits Each kit is complete with disposable gloves, Instructions For Use, and Information Collection Sheet.

NIK® Presumptive Drug Test Pouch KITS

A-7210-2SB GSR Collection Kit, 2 Carbon Disks (SEM)����$8.10 cardboard box (not shown)

Nik® Presumptive Drug Test Pouches contain pre-measured chemical ampoules in heavy duty plastic pouches that eliminate the need for measuring, mixing, and dispensing of reagents. Just place a small sample of the presumed drug in the pouch, break the ampoules and watch for the color change. A positive color indicator on the pouch will help interpret the reaction. Each kit includes 10 tests, except A-800-6090.

A-7210-4SB GSR Collection Kit, 4 Carbon Disks (SEM)����$9.25 cardboard box

A-800-6071 A-800-6072 A-800-6073 A-800-6074 A-800-6075 A-800-6076 A-800-6077 A-800-6078 A-800-6079 A-800-6080 A-800-6081 A-800-6082 A-800-6083 A-800-6084 A-800-6085 A-800-6086 A-800-6087 A-800-6088 A-800-6089 A-800-6090

A-7211-2SE GSR Collection Kit, 2 Carbon Disks (SEM)����$7.50 envelope (not shown)


A-7211-4SE GSR Collection Kit, 4 Carbon Disks (SEM)����$8.75 envelope

Presumptively identify the hydrochloride and base forms of cocaine powder residue with QuickCheck Cocaine Swabs.

NIK A Primary General Screening ���������������$15.25 NIK B Secondary Screening �������������������������$15.25 NIK C Barbiturates ����������������������������������������$24.50 NIK D LSD ������������������������������������������������������$24.50 NIK E Marijuana ��������������������������������������������$24.50 NIK F Acid Neutralizer ���������������������������������$14.95 NIK G Cocaine, Crack/Free Base �����������������$24.50 NIK H Methadone������������������������������������������$24.50 NIK J PCP �������������������������������������������������������$24.50 NIK K Opiates ������������������������������������������������$19.95 NIK L Brown Heroin MDMA Ecstasy ����������$24.50 NIK M Methaqualone �����������������������������������$24.50 NIK N Pentazocaine �������������������������������������$24.50 NIK P Propoxyphene ������������������������������������$24.50 NIK Q Ephedrine �������������������������������������������$24.50 NIK R Diazepam ��������������������������������������������$24.50 NIK U Methamphetamine ���������������������������$24.50 NIK W Amphetamines and Methadone �����$24.50 NIK I PMA, Ketamine, Barbiturates, Methadone �$24.50 NIK O GHB (5 tests)������������������������������������������$24.50

A-10136 Quick Check Cocaine Swabs 50/box ������������ $29.95


800.953.3274 |

Blood Alcohol Collection Kit This kit has two 10ml vacuum tubes that each contain 100mg of sodium fluoride plus 20mg of potassium oxalate. This kit is designed to meet requirements for those states mandating that sodium fluoride preservative be 1% of the 10ml blood sample. The kit contains instructions and seals to establish chain of custody. Custom configurations are available.

CONTENTS: 1 Blood Alcohol Consent Form 1 Collection Report 2 Blood Tube Labels 2 Security Seals 2 Blood Tubes with 100mg of sodium fluoride plus 20mg of potassium oxalate 1 Mulit-use Needle 1 Needle holder 1 Providone Prep Pad 1) 6” x 9” Return Bag with Absorbent 1 Collection Envelope Instructions A-BAC-IO 10 Kits ������������������� $61.50

LAW ENFORCEMENT STANDARD DNA Collection Kit Collection in the field for DNA testing is easy with this kit. Included is our double swab boxes that feature tabs to suspend the swabs and prevent liquids from absorbing into the box. Kit instructions, seals, sterile gloves and evidence envelopes complete this kit. CONTENTS: 3 Packages Sterile Cotton Tipped Swabs (2/pk) 3 Double-Swab Containers 1 Sterile Water Ampule 3 Evidence Envelopes 3 Evidence Labels 6 Ind. Wrapped Gloves (4 Large/2 XLarge) 1 Disposable Mask 1 Collection Instruction A-DNA-LES 1 Kit ���������������������� $3.50

Buccal Swab Collection Kit EACH KIT CONTAINS 2 Sterile cotton swab pouches 1 Reclosable Bag (5” x 8”) 1 Pair of exam gloves Absorbant Sheet 1 Heat Seal bag

1 Sealable evidence envelope 2 Integrity seals 2 Biohazard labels Swab envelope Collection Card Instructions A-1221BA 1 Kit��������������������������������������������������������������������$3.50

800.953.3274 |


Arrowflow EC36 Evidence Drying CabineT

Arrowflow PC36 Fingerprint Powder Station

Provides controlled, even drying conditions for your evidence while containing any airborne pathogens, particulates, fumes, and odors given off while drying. Protects evidence from cross-contamination. Comes complete with Pre-filter and HEPA filter.

An economically priced, bench mounted workstation with unrestricted access for processing evidence. The downflow action takes fumes and particulates away from the operator, forces the contaminated air through an 18 lb. main carbon filter, and exhausts clean air. Stainless steel work surface is easily removable for cleaning. All integral light provides good illumination of the work area. Comes with Pre-filter and HEPA filter.


Drying Cabinet������������������������ $4,650.00 36”W x 28”D x 85”H 110V, 60Hz


Powder Station�������������������������� $3,310.00

A-ASTM-030H-AF HEPA Filter�������������������������������� $247.00


Prefilter���������������������������������������������� $125.OO

A-ASTM-001H-AF Main Carbon������������������������������ $300.00

A-AST8-030XL-AF Main HEPA Filter����������������������������� $455.00


Prefilter�������������������������������������� $174.00

Bag of 6, replace every 3-4 months Replace every 12-24 months Replace every 12 months

Replacement schedules are based on average use.

36” W x 23” D x 31.5” H

Bag of 6, replace every 3-4 months Replace every 12-24 months

Replacement schedules are based on average use.

Arrowflow Ductless Fume Hoods These economically priced units ensure containment of fumes and particulates for operator protection. The carbon filter will remove vapors of organics, solvents, mercury and formaldehyde. Front end mechanisms are located in the head section for easy replacement of contaminated filters. Includes Pre-filter and carbon filter. A-FH36

Ductless Fume Hood�������������������� $2,693.00

36”W x 28”D x 36”H; 186 CFM A-ASTS-PRF-AF Prefilter�������������������������������������������������� $125.00 Replace every 3-4 months A-ASTS-001AF Main Carbon Filter�������������������������������� $180.00 Replace every 12 months

Replacement schedules are based on average use.




800.953.3274 |


labconco protector evidence drying cabinet • Exclusive one touch pump system to discharge waste • Plumbing package with drain pump and wash down hose • Type 304 brushed stainless steel interior • Stainless steel hanging rod • 3 stainless steel collapsible/removable wire mesh shelves, 8” w x 19” d • Epoxy-coated steel exterior • Storage area, 36” w x 28” d x 79” h with door and 14-quart plastic bucket • Safety glass door with magnetic seal that accommodates a user-supplied padlock or optional tamper-evident tag • 2” diameter locking casters • Inlet and exhaust roughing prefilters with MERV 11 rating • Exhaust HEPA filter, 99.99% efficient on particles 0.3 micron • Activated organic vapor carbon filter, 7.5 lbs (3.4 kg) porous coconut shell media • Built-in 75 watt blower with solid state control rated for 5 amps • Red filter system alarm light to alert operator to low airflow conditions • 2-position switch: fan ON, OFF • 8’ three-wired cord and plug

A-PEDC36 A-6938100 A-6938200 A-3872600 A-3872700


115 volts, 60 Hz, 3 amps���������������������� $5,795.00 Replacment HEPA Filter������������������������� $305.00 Replacment Activated Carbon Filter����� $219.00 Replacment Prefilters, Inlet.������������������ $160.00 Replacment Prefilters, Exhaust.������������ $160.00

labconco Protector™ Downdraft Powder Stations


• Open-sided, open-top design • Epoxy-coated steel housing and shelf • Type 304 stainless steel work surface with Flow-Zone perforations • Removable powder catch pan • Built-in blower with motorized, backward curved fan • Fan switch • Red, filter system alarm light to alert operator to low airflow conditions • Exhaust prefilter of pleated paper with MERV 8 rating • Exhaust HEPA filter, 99.99% efficient on particles 0.3 micron • ETL listed (3410000 and 3410001 models) • Built-in 75 watt blower with solid state control rated for 5 amps • 3-position switch: fan ON, OFF, ultraviolet light ON • 96” three-wired cord and plug

A-3410000 A-3410001 A-8075000 A-3819100 A-3819101 A-3819102 A-3768903 A-3413300

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2’ 115 volts, 60 Hz, 1 amp, 13 amps����� $2,200.00 3’ 115 volts, 60 Hz, 1 amp, 13 amps����� $2,700.00 Variable Height Bench���������������������������� $1235.00 4’ Mobile Table���������������������������������������� $1215.00 5’ Mobile Table����������������������������������������� $1395.00 6’ Mobile Table����������������������������������������� $1545.00 Replacement Prefilter�������������������������������� $35.00 Transition Connector���������������������������������� $30.00




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1,2 Indanedione 3M Novec HFE-7100 Accutrans Casting System Backing Cards Barrier Filters Bio Swab Blood Alcohol Collection Kits Bluestar Forensic Tablets Boot and Shoe Covers Bosch Laser Measurers Buccal Omni Swab Buccal Swab Collection Kit Cap-Shure Collection Swab Casting Material CN Shot Latent Print Developing Coherent Tracer Coherent Tracer Compact Crime Scene Barrier Tape Crime Scene Mapping Labels Cyano-Pouch Cyanoacrylate Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber DFO 1.8 Diazafluoren 9 One Digital Scales Drying Cabinet Ductless Fume Hoods Evidence Bags Evidence Cones Evidence Containers Evidence Drying Chambers Evidence Labels Evidence Paper Evidence Tape Evidence Tape Dispenser Evidence Tents Evidence Tubes Fiber Brushes Filter Goggles and Glasses Filtered Air Breathable Swab Fingerprint Binder Fingerprint Cards Fingerprint Development Chambers Fingerprint Ink Pads Fingerprint Kits Fingerprint Powder Stations Fingerprint Powders Fingerprint Station Gel Lifters Glassine Envelopes Gloves Gun Shot Residue Kits Heme-Stix Hexagon Obti Human Blood Test Ink Removal Towelettes J-Lifts Lifting Tape Lumatec Superlite 400 Luminol Vials Luminol Field Kits Magnetic Applicators Metal Detectors Nik Presumptive Drug Tests Ninhydrin PathFinder Electrostatic Dust Lifter Phenolphthalein Presumptive Blood Test Post Mortem Fingerprint Kit Protective Clothing Quick Check Cocaine Swabs Quick Prints Rechargeable Lantern Respirators Rofin Flare Plus Rofin Polilight PL400 Forensic System Rofin Polilight PL500 Rulers Scales Sterile Cotton Tipped Swabs Sterile Water Ampule Swab Container Ultralite ALS Weapons Boxes

ORDERING INFORMATION All correspondence and orders should be addressed to:


Order By Phone: (800) 953-3274 Order By Fax: (913) 894-8399 Order On-Line: E-mail: Federal ID#: 73-1465266 TERMS AND CONDITIONS Open billing is extended to all U.S. federal, state, city, and county government agencies. Orders may be accompanied by a purchase order, Visa, Mastercard, or check in advance. Shipping and handling fees will be pre-paid and added to the invoice. Payment terms are net 30 days. Foreign orders require pre-payment in advance or a letter of credit confirmed by a major US bank payable in US dollars. All banking charges including bank fees, documentation, and or authentication charges are made payable by the purchaser. Any order, not exempt, to be shipped to destinations within California or Kansas will be charged state sales tax. Exempt agencies must provide resale or tax exempt certificates. Shipments to destinations in the United States are made FOB Lenexa, Kansas or Arrowhead’s shipping point via FedEx or Parcel Post Service. If directed by the purchaser shipments can be made by other freight carriers including air freight. We can ship rush orders via next day, second day, or Express Mail. Certain items in our catalog are classified hazardous goods and are subject to a hazardous material handling charge. If hazardous materials are to be shipped via air, you must contact our customer service department for availability and charges. Returns must be authorized in advance by our customer service department. Products returned within 15 days and unused will be subject to a 25% restocking fee. Special order items and non-inventory products are not returnable.

PRICES Prices in this catalog are current at the time of publication. After publication, prices may change without prior notice. You will be invoiced at the prices prevailing when we receive your order. Call us at any time for current prices.



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