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ASB and class officers prepare ‘80s outfits outside of the ASB room on Thursday, Feb. 5 for their upcoming leadership conference. The Jostens conference took place the following Friday. Equipped with Renton shirts, paint and scissors, students tailored their personal outfits. Some cut the shoulders, some cut the sides, some put in slits and some did not. Two guys made their shirts into vests. Even though they didn’t win Most Spirited at the

conference, leaders in the group who previously attended said the spirit was higher than in prior years. “Every year we learn from our past experience at Jostens and keep stepping up our spirit,” ASB Vice President Tamthy Le said. “This year was no exception, and we made sure every school went home remembering our name.” The group hopes to imbue the rest of the school with some of the same spirit they took away.

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NEWS Lindsay in leadership class conversing with other classmates during a bonding activity.

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Dancers Tamanh Le and Ron De Leon practice back stage of the IPAC before the MLK assembly Wednesday, Feb. 4. Le is a member of Jennifer Meyer’s dance class. “We were warming up to get our jitters out and anticipating the performance,” Le said. “It was a really good assembly and everyone did really well.”

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ESL teacher Shannon Welch, math teacher Rosemary Shaw and history teacher William Ruehle attended a teacher appreciation breakfast Friday, Jan. 30 in the teacher’s lounge. “I was talking with Shannon Welch about her creative teaching habits,” Shaw said. “I wanted to thank her for showing us the vocabulary square strategy.” The teachers were discussing the lesson Welch had taught in a previous teacher’s training session.

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Four Expectant Storks Have Lifted and Taken Flight

Revolving Door of Winter Ball Stuck, Maybe Closed

With Hype, School Ghost Legend Never Dies

Students Take Over the Teaching Business

| Leah Estrella | PR Representative April, May, June, and July are the months to look out for. Those months are the months that Shannon Brugh, Maria Duque, Jennifer Meyer, and Wei Feng are expecting to give birth. Brugh is expecting in April, Feng in May, Duque in June, and Meyer in July. When asked about naming their children Brugh and Feng had different views. Brugh has names in mind but is not telling anyone her ideas while Feng freely discloses she will be naming her daughter Stacy. “It wasn’t for the meaning. It was more ‘It’s pretty,’” Feng said of the name-selection process. Brugh believes she should discuss different ideas she has for names with her husband before birth and then reveal the name after the child is born. “We want to make sure we love and stick with it [the name],” Brugh said. Meyer is the last one expecting so she looks up to the women giving birth before her. “I think they’re so cool that I want to be like them,” Meyer said while laughing.

| Charissa Gunn | Photo Editor The Winter Ball has been postponed twice. Here’s why. “The dance has been postponed due to lack of chaperones,” Vice-Principal Ed Crow said on the announcements the day the dance was supposed to happen. This is what was stated to the school, but rumors circulated that the rescheduling was because of multiple fights during the previous days. The truth is, both reasons are correct. The juniors, who are hosting the dance, needed more chaperones because recent fights threatened the security of the building, but the juniors were not able to do so in time. “We got enough chaperones but a few did not get a background check,” Tu-Anh Dinh, Junior class Treasurer clarified. The new date of the dance should be finalized soon, and it will be on the announcements. Listen up: Third time’s the charm.

| Alexis Lagonoy | Co-Sports Editor A ghost haunts the 4th floor. That’s the myth anyway. “Its creepy in a fun way. You would hear squeaks, moans, see the lights flicker and sometimes the piano would even play,” choir teacher Lizabeth Diaz said. As far back as our schools’ history goes, the story of a girl raped and murdered by a janitor has circulated amongst students. Stories that we’ve heard of can be the reason why our minds are filled with imaginations beyond belief. One teacher who spends a lot of time in the auditorium - where the incident was said to have occurred - tells the story: “After the renovation, some of my drama students and I sat around in a circle with an opened jar and asked the phantom to come in,” Diaz said. “When the pre-concert came around we opened the jar to let the phantom enter into the new auditorium.”

| Ian Coston | General Staff The teacher academy is a collaborative project between Renton School District and Central Washington University and is funded by the Recruiting Washington Teachers Grant. The aim of the project is to recruit under privileged high school students to become teachers. Teacher Academy has three main goals; support and train the students for a teaching career, design and deliver programs aimed at encouraging high school students to consider and explore teaching careers in state-identified shortage areas – particularly mathematics, science, bilingual education, English as a second language, special education and coordinating and integrating students into the teaching professions. Teacher Academy consists of students completing a summer component and a yearlong course called Careers in Education. Twenty students were selected from a pool of applicants, based on essay submissions, teacher recommendation, and their expressed passion for teaching.

02 11 09 ARROW 12345678910111213141516 Vanessa O’Francia, Quincy Robinson, James Sears, Jonathan Davis, Gary Hay, Christina Hay, and Paris Lark – all members of the gospel choir – warm up for the MLK assembly on Wednesday, Feb. 4 by the visitor’s parking lot. The musicians were beat boxing and the singers were going over their parts. “For the first assembly I was nervous, because I never went on the stage with the gospel choir before,” senior Paris Lark said, “but by the second performance I had no fear.”

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Greeting Card Frenzy in the Counseling Office

Overachievers’ Dream, Slackers’ Worst Nightmare

With Bags of Cans For the Talent and Bins of Paper, Show, It’s Lights, Green Team Strides Camera, Action

| Angel Luton | News Editor If talented faculty members keep making greeting cards, Hallmark may go out of business. Previously, Counselor Rosetta Knight’s small but unique greeting card industry was uncovered. But just down the hall from Knight is Secretary Linda Pappas-Stallman, who also creates and sells cards. “I’ve sold a few to Mr. White, Mrs. Lamb and a few people I know, but I’m scared to start really selling because then it becomes like a job and I’m afraid that it will take all the fun out of it.” Pappas-Stallman said. “I have a big family and everyone gets a card for the holidays,” she continued. “I even have one of the office T.A.s going to some scrap card classes now.” The greeting card craft reveals the personality of the creator, so while PappasStallman uses rubber stamps and Knight designs on the computer, TA Sirena Choung primarily uses scrap paper, stickers, and double sided tape on her cards. “Double sided tape is my best friend ever.”

| Lanea Scheeler | Photography Associate The last day of school is no longer the last day of school. To compensate for December snow days, the Renton School District will go to school on Friday, May 22 and Monday, June 22. Friday, June 19 – the original last day of school – will be made into a full day. “Personally I believe it sucks man, I don’t want to come to school on the last freaking day!” freshmen Angel Terriquez said. Every year a snow make-up day is added to the calendar in case schools are closed due to weather. When weather causes a delay in school it will always start 90-minutes late. “It doesn’t bother me because under state law we have to be in school for 180 days but currently there is a bill going through that will hopefully change in to just a certain amount of learning hours,” Teacher Eric Hogan said.

| Vivian Hoang | Managing Editor President Anh Le sits in a deep red swivel chair before the list of names determining who came in to fill in their recycling quotas. Adviser Stacey Snyder tutors her students in the background as a group of students sit at a table across the room to converse. Several trash bags filled with empty bottles and cans line the wall closest to the door. A grocery bag full of bottle caps hangs from the handle of a file cabinet by Snyder’s desk. Due to a recent IKEA recycling contest, the club has collected up to 14 bags full of empty plastic bottles. The recycling policy for the city of Renton changed in January. Recyclables can now be mixed, whereas prior to the change, everything went in separate categories: paper, plastic and glass. “Before, I’d have to take the bottles to the recycling center myself,” said Snyder. “Now, everyone can put all paper and bottles in their blue bins,” Snyder said.


| Onna Giddens | General Staff A’Cappella Choir is calling all, the talent show is back on Friday, Feb. 13. From 7:00-9:00pm the show will hit off in the IPAC. From break dancing, to singing, and swagger fresh rhythms. 40 tried out but only 28 made the cut. Come witness the talent and inspiration. The excitement was live, Thursday, Feb. 5, on the third floor next to Lizabeth Diaz’s room. People came from all over the school to see who made the cut. “I feel good we can show people what we can do” B-boy Antonio Devita said. The staff and students are all anticipating a great show. “I want to see what talent our school has, we got some breakers, singers, and a little bit of this and that,” freshman Taylor Dejohnette said. “I expect to see a good amount of energy that will light up the crowd,” said senior Joel Cabrera. So come out and support your school. Have fun and witness some Indian pride.

AE &

COLD, BITTER & ALONE Write Your Lovers Name In A Circle Because Hearts Break

A Love Unlike This |Angel Luton |News Editor Pink animals, red boxes full of chocolate, assortments of only the finest roses, and of course the shimmering necklace that lays immaculately in the box waiting to be opened. For those of us that are single, we end up doing something to occupy our time on Valentine’s Day. It definitely has its way of bringing us down. What about those who have no partner and don’t intend to do so any time soon? To, “I must get her the most amazing flowers” or “What do you get a guy for Valentine’s?” instead of what the holiday was

meant to signify. Love for the one that you love. That one day set aside to tell them how much you care. For those who sit on the side line it is simply a yuck-fest. It gives false confidence to those who you would normally not talk to unless the circumstance calls for it. It’s understandable why those who are “in love” would want to show their affection, but those of us who sit home on Valentine’s Day and watch old reruns with a gallon of ice cream just want to throw something at all the chummy couples. So this year please keep it on the down low.

Cupid’s Inaccurate Aim

Charissa Gunn photo

| Onna Giddens | Staff Reporter Cupid: Love is in the air! *sings* Lonely Heart: Love sucks, get a life. C: Why does love suck? It’s so, much fun you get to hug and cuddle, and feel all warm inside. Mmm, I love loving. LH: love is just another word for bipolar. First happy, then mad, then sad over and over again and again. It’s just a long and tiring process. C: Well, love is not like that at all. It’s more like a roller coaster up and down, round and round, and soon as you get off it you want to ride it again. Love is a necessity. LH: Right. it wasn’t a necessity last year when I was in 10th grade and did not receive one V-day

card. It wasn’t a necessity when I told Robert I liked him and he laughed in my face. It was not a necessity then and it isn’t now. I’m perfectly fine without love. C: Yikes! Calm down. It’s not my fault that no one loves you. LH: Um... actually, it is. You’re supposed to hit me with this arrow that’s supposed to make me fall head over heels for someone who will do the same. The most love I get is pretending to be the character in my book that finds love in the strangest places. C: Hey, don’t blame me just cause I always miss when it comes to hitting you. I love you. LH: I hate you. C: Fine.


When the Darkness Falls, Avoid the Ring of Light, and Enjoy a Movie at Night | Tino Aquino | Staff Reporter Movies? At night? Its only the single most exhilarating experience known to man (pardon my exaggeration). But would you dare ask why, why it seems movies particularly at night time are that much more enjoyable than day? A plausible more obvious vindication why night is superior to day is that the night is considered to be a time of intimacy and movies are an acceptable excuse to spend time with your significant other. This combination has been used for decades and there are reasons why this timeless trend has yet to cease.

In order to fabricate an explanation for the term movie night, one must examine the elements of night and its counterpart day. During the day people tend to be more active rather than night where they are more likely to be stationary, unless the vulnerability of romance overpowers the couple and influences them to participate in forms of subtle PDA. Movie night is maybe a time where talking is minimal but communication still thrives through body language. Whether it’s a quick glance at him/her during a funny part in the movie to see them smile, a brief moment where both of your hands softly touch as the two of you reach for a beverage, or if she de-

cides to lean her head against your shoulder during a span of sappy love. No matter the form of physical contact you choose, the setting of the movie theater is a perfect place to test the waters of how comfortable your crush is with you, while in other functions it would just simply seem unacceptable and could be determined as harassment. The preferred environment for film viewing is dark and comfortable i.e. the movie theater. And the only way to simulate the luxury of the cinema is to pop in a DVD in your living room after the sun has set. Once the sun has gone down then that’s when you rise to the occasion of comforting your special visitor.

Creating a comfortable atmosphere consists of a clean living room, fluffing up of couch pillows, and bringing in a nice warm blanket for possible snuggling. And soon enough your love interest would become comfortable enough to get close to you physically as well as emotionally. Fate has brought us this beautiful blend of timely entertainment, so it’s only right that both movies and the night announce their vows in holy matrimony to create the perfect marriage. And since no one has yet to object to this couple’s marriage, we shall accept that night is a better time to watch a movie and forever hold our peace.

02 11 09 ARROW 12345678910111213141516

Experimental Hearts:

|Tu-Anh Dinh |Portraits Co-Editor ABSTRACT: Before you invest countless night hours on the phone, go 502 text messages over your cell phone plan, and get completely sprung of a person, use the graph. QUESTION: Is person of interest (POI) worth time of someone as significant as you? RESPONDING VARIABLE: Difference on where coordinates lie on graph. CONTROLLED VARIABLE: POI-1, average amount of time spent with someone is an hour. MANIPULATED VARIABLE: Amount of time spend observing POI-2 and POI-3. MATERIALS: - person of interest 1(POI-1) - person of interest 2 (POI-2) - person of interest 3 (POI-3) - Crazy Hot Graph - Pen or pencil

Y HOT (variables: pleasing to the eye, smart, etc.)

The graph to the right and the scientific procedure below will tell you. Summon your courage, keep your prospectives in mind, and read on.

Your other half is hot and a maybe a little crazy. Where is the risk factor?

X CRAZY (variables: obsessive, wild, insane , etc.)

HYPOTHESIS: 8. Repeat steps 1-6 for POI-3 but POI-3’s coordinate will be best, because observe for 5 minutes. POI-3 has less time to critique. 9. Discuss results with friends. 10. Repeat experiment for accurate PROCEDURE: results. 1. Observe POI-1 for 2 hours. 2. On the crazy-axis, rate POI-1 on a CONCLUSION: scale of 0-10 (0 being borderline dull, 10 being My hypothesis was correct/incorrect. give POI-1 a straight jacket). 3. On the hot-axis, rate POI-1 on a scale EXAMPLE: of 0-10 (0 being not the slightest bit attractive, POI-1 on the crazy scale is a 7, but a 9 on 10 being “who turned up the heat in here?”). the hot scale. The coordinate would be (7,9). 4. Plot point. That point falls underneath the line, which 5. Observe where the coordinate is. means the person of interest needs to go bye6. Record data. 7. Repeat steps 1-6 for POI-2 but bye. To make yourself feel good, talk to your friends about the bullet you just dodged. observe for 3 hours.

POI-2 is actually pretty sane, 3 on the crazy axis. They’re also really good looking, 9. Coordinate: 3,9. That coordinate is above the line, which means they’re worth it. Go construct a plan with your friends on how to bump into person of interest. POI-3 is a (5, 7.5). Give more time in future for more accurate results. Consult with friends.

How to read this graph Not even worth it! Totally worth it! The point further above and away from the line is better than one above but close to the line. The point underneath the line, but closer to the line is better than being under and far. Key, above is always better than under.

AE &

12 17 08 ARROW 12345678910111213141516

Mission Visual Communication Their task: to devise a masterpiece based on this year’s chosen theme for the Career & Life Skills Graphic Design Competition. Susan Johnson’s two Visual Communication classes stepped up and rose to the challenge. “My inspiration came from ‘The Land of the Rising Sun’ - Japan.” -Senior Sinear Sadang

“I did the bare minimum, man. It was effortless.” -Senior Marida Voir

“I did my design that way because when I think of being successful, I think about shooting for the sky.” -Senior Nicole Liu

“I put a person there with a Renton High School flag to represent that our school creates success.” -Junior Steven Le

Billboard Superstar explained. “The one that won just came to me, and it seemed good, so I went with it.” Along with his winning design displayed on a billboard by Clear Channel Communications located across from Sam’s Club, his illustration will be printed on book covers for each high school | Linet Madeja Sinear Sadang photo in the district. Spencer | Staff Reporter also won a $500 scholarship, Four hours was all it took for which he plans to use to pursue senior Spencer Echon to fabricate photography in college. what would end up being a winning “It made me feel good first place entry for the Career because it was the first time I and Life Skills Graphic Design ever won something,” Spencer Competition. With this year’s said. “It’s unexplainable. I was motto of “Building Blocks for a shocked.” Successful Career,” participants Spencer will be presented were required to design a poster with his scholarship at a Career relating to the slogan. and Life Skills meeting on Feb. 11 “I designed three different at 6pm. kinds on my computer,” Spencer


02 11 09 ARROW 12345678910111213141516

Better Recognize

Intelligent African-American Inventors | Alexandria Davis | Perspectives Editor

Peace Prize Nominations Throughout Renton

Luther Hughes photo

| Abdi Ahmed | Staff Reporter Three Renton High School students - Breann Benedictus, Stevie-Ray Walker, and D’Andre Glaspy - were nominated for the Martin Luther King Jr. Peace Award. ARROW recently sat down with Breann Benedictus for an interview. Q: Do think world peace is possible? A: I think it will take a long time because there are a lot of things we haven’t discussed yet . Q: Do you think tolerance is different from acceptance? A: Yes, to tolerate someone is to accept who they may

not agree with someone but you tolerate them. Q: How would you define the word ‘peace’? A: Peace to me is when everyone is on the same page and the country is stable. Q: Were you nominated or did you apply? A. I was nominated. Q: Tell me what you know about Martin Luther King Jr. A: He was a civil rights activist. He wasn’t about separating people, his dream was to have a world where people are comfortable around each other.

Elijah McCoy had quite the patience. Inventing an oil-dripping cup for trains; he must have been real greasy after finishing that. McCoy’s invention could not be topped by anybody else.

Dr. Patricia E. Bath invented a method of eye surgery that has helped many blind people to see, she is one amazing woman. She was also nominated to the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

Garrett Morgan invented two very important things. The gas mask, for all those riots that we have, and the first traffic light to help all those crazy teens who don’t know how to drive.

Here’s one that everyone should know about, the Supersoaker, which was invented by Lonnie G. Johnson. He probably got tired of using the waterhose and wanted a better way to water fight.

George Washington Carver was a tasty man that invented something that’s eaten all the time, peanut butter. He probably gained some weight from all the taste trials he had to do.

Madam C.J. Walker helped a lot of nappy people by inventing a hair-grown lotion. She also became the first AfricanAmerican woman to become a millionaire. That’s a lot of cash!

Jan Ernst Matzeliger invented a shoemaking machine that increased shoemaking speed by 900%, that’s crazy he practically invented speed. The U.S made a postage stamp in his honor.

Lewis Latimer invented the carbon filament which is an important part of the light bulb. I wonder if he had tiny hands to have created something so small. He’s one creative guy!

12345678910111213141516 ARROW 02 11 09

12:00 p.m. Anthony and Michael met at the teacher’s parking lot. They greeted each other with a lot of enthusiasm.


stra und day

1:00 p.m. The drive was interesting because of all the chatter. After a long drive, they arrived at Pike Place Market to catch fish at the fish market. Michael was up first to catch and Anthony was looking at him with a disgusted face, while Michael was all smiles. Then Anthony said “I am not ready for this dog.” Michael then said “ Just do it.”

2:15 p.m. Went to a place with crepes because they both have never had them before. When they found out it was free, they both said “Lets go”. There was a lot of silence while eating, but it wasn’t long before their conversation continued. On the ride back, they had an intriguing conversation about our school athletes. Mentioning names from all kinds of sports like basketball, football, wrestling, etc.

Jimmy Phillips photo Christian Martin photo

12 p.m. Sean and Louis meet at the Safeway parking lot, come to find out Louis decided to bring a friend along for the ride.

1:56 p.m. Sean felt that it would be better if the friend wasn’t there. Louis feels the day is going good so far, not giving as much attention, having money would make the day better.

3:25 p.m. Arrived at the mall.

Both had a sample of Sakura Japan. Louis gave Sean piece of gum.

1:50 p.m. Go to Liberty park. Sean complains about stomach pains.

Jimmy Phillips photo

Lindsay and China’s day started off going to downtown Seattle but the most exciting part was the ride there. At around 12:37 p.m. They boarded the bus together and talked about each others’ relationships.

Jimmy Phillips photo

Angel Luton photo

Angel Luton photo

Angel Luton photo

The two new friends arrived at W court. They went over to play w says. When they were done wit down to the University District a walking around they went into Fi every


02 11 09 ARROW 12345678910111213141516

When people stop being nice, and start being real. Six angers, three pairs, for six hours. We randomly paired seniors with derclassmen to spend an afternoon together. Take a look at their y. Read about their shared experiences. Make new friends.


3:15 p.m. Family Fun Center Michael gets token while Anthony waits and dances to random music playing through the hidden speakers of FFC. Both of them start to take turns punching a bag for points to win tickets. Michael’s confession at 3 p.m. “Funny day...Anthony makes me laugh...We will most likely talk again”

Jimmy Phillips photo

Anthony’s confessional at 3 p.m. “Change nothing about the day. We will talk again after today.”

4:35 p.m. Candy Store Both took handfuls of jelly beans with them out of the store.

Louis “I had a good time...the park” [favorite part] wasn’t awkward...would do it again. Yeah [we could be friends]...We coo now.”

4:40 p.m. Apple Store Sean watched wrestling. Louis played “Crash Bandicoot.”

Sean “Fun...yeah, I’d do it again... No awkward moments. We’re friends.”

Left at 5:30 p.m. Jimmy Phillips photo

3:56 p.m. Went to Finish Line. Laughed over new balance kids’ shoes with cookie monster on them.

Getting Taco Bell before heading to the basketball game, they arrived back at the school at around 4:15. While taking photos they giggled to each other and discussed how difficult it was to not look into the camera. They seemed more comfortable with each other.

”I feel bad for them,” said Lindsay in reference to reporters.

Angel Luton photo

At 5, the two decided to see “Four Christmases at the East Valley Theater, to put a nice end on the day.

1:15 p.m. Westlake mall. They ate in silence at the food with a toy dog. “What a cute cloak,” Lindsay th Westlake, they rode the bus all the way and walked around awkwardly. After a lot of ireworks to play games and they played with ything they saw.

At 4:37, while they were waiting for Alexis, Lindsay brought up how she knew China. Lindsay said that she watched LauDon, China’s ex-boyfriend, and her make out in front of her locker. China laughed at the memory.

Angel Luton photo


Thumbs Up to:

Thumbs Up to:

...our marvelous counselors this year, Becky Lamb, Chelsea Kearns, and Tim White. Helping many students with schedule changes, graduation requirements for seniors, and dealing with students’ personal concerns. They manage to swiftly meet with students in record time and that leaves us satisfied with outcomes so far this year.

When defaced with graffiti like “South End” and “Central District Hunnerds,” our school bathrooms suffer. When public property is tarnished, it affects all who see it and takes a toll on our community. Graffiti is a form of violence: against the building and against other students. Fights may be physical, but at least they’re temporary and the hype is short lived. Graffiti lasts longer - until a custodian finds time to clean it - and so is slightly more pervasive. In a way, the violence of graffiti rivals the violence of a fight. Onlookers to fights witness two and a half minutes of violence, but observers of graffiti may witness it for twenty days or longer, sometimes all year. And while the pen may be mightier than the sword, administrators have more authority than students. We hope they wield that power soon. The graffiti artists who painstakingly painted our bathroom murals years ago would be dismayed to see the kind of childish, unskilled bubble letter “artwork” displayed by this recent crop of graffiti vandals. The uncvilized, childish students who create visual mayhem with their elementary school scratchings need to stop. Writing like “PIMP S**T!” and “DUMB BITCH” is not acceptable here. We need to take a closer look at the suspects lurking in our facilities, catch the culprits, and punish them for as long as they punish us.

...the Martin Luther King Jr. Peace Award Winners, Stevie-Ray Walker, Breann Benedictus, and D’Andre Glaspy, all students who carry out Dr. King’s dreams and ideals and who aspire to promote peace and change in the community. Their nominations show the leadership of our students striving to the top. Congrats!

...the turnout at the Talent Show auditions this year. We ended up having forty great acts showing their stuff, and with twenty eight spots and three on the waiting list, it shows how much competitiveness there is going to be . We’ll be seeing great outcomes at the Talent Show on Friday, Feb. 13.

Thumbs Up to:


Thumbs Down to: ...the amount of physical violence our students have created this year. The fights caused such an uproar with staff trying to manage students when the students should already know how to manage themselves. School should be for intellectual pursuit and not for learning to control our fists.

* This survey was based on the votes of our editorial board. Answers do not represent the opinion of RHS. Tuan Chau art Arrowheads w










Vy Huynh gets to go eat curry and play tennis and hi.♥ Luther boo..........Editor in Chief Jimmy Phillips is feeling impatient ♪............................................................Editor in Chief Vivian Hoang is going to cut her hair π.........................................................Managing Editor Shayna Tidwell is in and out of love...............................................................Copy Editor Katesha Mitchell has an attitude problem so don’t test her......................Copy Editing General Staff Otoha Miyaji is interested in Mexican Food...................................................Art Associate, Portraits Co-Editor Tu-Anh Dinh is eating pretzels from a biohazard bag..................................Portraits Co-Editor Angel Luton wishing she had more patience for stupid people.................News Editor Charissa Gunn is aquiring the disease of senioritis.......................................Photography Editor Lanea Scheeler made chocolate chip cookies..............................................Photography Associate Marco Gastelum is feeling happy...................................................................Photography General Staff


Luther Hughes is Vy’s Boo • you betta guess it..............................................Features Editor Jermey Edmonson is in love but he’s upset at his ex-boo, Shayna...........A & E Editor Timothy Ho needs to think things through....................................................Opinions Editor Alexandria Davis loves her Superman!..........................................................Perspectives Editor, Business Manager Christian Martin is working out at L.A. Fitness.............................................Play Hard Editor Alexis Lagonoy is excited for her 18th Birthday Party Planning.................Play Hard Editor Tino Aquino is too ready for the future...........................................................Play Hard General Staff Quincy Robinson is eating ice cream and spilt it on his dress shirt...........Lessons Editor Sinear Sadang is training for tennis................................................................Lessons Editor, Art Staff Jennifer Nguyen is saying rawr with a capital R...........................................NUM83R5 Editor, Advertising Manager


Leah Estrella♥ wants a muffin badly.............................................................PR Representative, NUM83R5 General Staff Hilina Haile wants to go to Boarding School in London...............................PR Representative Spencer Echon needs a haircut.......................................................................Staff Reporter Linet Madeja has the sweetest boyfriend......................................................Staff Reporter Abdi Ahmed is going to Dunk Exchange this Saturday................................Staff Reporter Elias Arnet is waiting for dinner........................................................................Staff Reporter Ian Coston is wanting to go back to California...............................................Staff Reporter Bryan Diaz is waiting to go on another vacation...........................................Staff Reporter Brenden Dowd is feeling apathetic.................................................................Staff Reporter Onna Giddens is feeling darn giddy................................................................Staff Reporter Allen Green is feeling tired................................................................................Staff Reporter Derek Smith is purchasing pink and white frosted animal cookies.............Adviser


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ROCK THE RED American Red Sensual Cross

For those of you who’ve noticed most teachers and staff tend Random balloon against to wear red every Friday, good job. Strawberries the blue sky You are that much closer to realizing Lady Bugs Cherry Chapstick the fading spirit of the school. For Fire “Aka” those of you who haven’t, it’s sad Nasty Cinnamon gum that makes your breath smells like cavities after a while Rubies to say you aren’t the only ones. At a Finding Waldo Minus the White Tights time like this when people are losing RAW STEAK jobs at home and losing lives across the Atlantic, unity is something we need. A school is not a community when it is divided in strength BRAVERY Mr. Krabs Hotness Target of pride, especially since our Honda Civic school’s motto is “Pride, Tradition, and Excellence.” If we projected as much spirit all the time as we did at Pooh’s Shirt Sky Fire Extinguisher Beads our pep assemblies - which only Riding Hood Light District Goo on myMY SHIRT on Feb. 6 of the “Rojo”ClockColor come three times a year - we’d be at School Shoe Spiderman Hearts a happier school; not to mention, we’d be noticed as a very positive “Pula” community worth joining. Our sporting events don’t nearly get as Impulses Compassion much recognition as they should Stop light Energy Half of Christmas Honor either. We should be the ones in the Elmo crowd screaming the loudest, giving the best support while decked out in Guilt Brick hungry red and loud spirit gear. Red is Infatuation “Rudra” Socialism the best color out there. It represents Fierce Emotion courage, passion, honor, leadership Change Maple Story and appetite; we crave the enthusiasm Original Jansport Fuji Apple Busted Lip and energy we deserve. Representing Rudolph’s Nose this color would mean representing Backpack Editor’s Pen War many of the things our school should and Warmness often does stand for. Seduction

Stilettos PASSIONLife

AmericanFlag Apples OXYGENATED BLOOD

Roses Plaid LOVE Blood Cells

Sacrifice Vitality Dragon

Spirit Heat

Strong Dress Bold


Music Soothing the Soul

| Tino Aquino | Play Hard Staff If it’s not school and homework giving you enough stress to pull your hair out, you can always rely on work or parents to do the job. A savvy adolescent needs a counterattack. A popular weapon of choice is music. Music can pump you up before a big game, and can calm you down when you need it most. Easy listening songs - where the lyrics are identifiable and you can recognize the instruments - can put you in a relaxed state of mind. So relaxed, in fact, that there’s “No diggity, No doubt” that your worries have faded away, much like the men of Blackstreet.

See, it’s difficult to ease your mind when the artist raps fast enough to be mistaken for a reggaetone artist out of Venezuela, or when the beat is loud enough to permanently rupture your eardrums. But for ultimate relaxation, choose a song you are extremely familiar with, something along the lines of Smash Mouth’s “Allstar.” A quick sing-a-long reminiscent of Barney days just may take your mind off what’s depleting it. Another technique is to simply listen to your favorite song; people tend to correlate their favorite song to a point and place in time when they were filled with jubilation or horror. Remember those middle school dances when you got more of

50 cent’s “In Da Club” than you could handle? Then after they played that song 5 times consecutively the DJ decided to play “21 Questions”? And your disgust with 50’s voice became so unbearable you nearly booked a flight to New York to shoot him nine more times in the mouth? My point exactly. So in this case, music is both stress manager and time machine, two for the price of one. What a bargain. No matter what grooves your gears people must realize music is an untapped resource for relieving stress, so put down the cigarettes and put in the earphones.


Meatless Me


Geek to Chic

Full Week Without Fins, Fur, or Feathers is Harder Than It Sounds

Discovering the Man Beneath the Fat Is Hard to Stomach

| Vivian Hoang | Managing Editor

| Jimmy Phillips III | Co-Editor-in-Chief

Jan. 16, 2009 So far, I’ve noticed a common occurrence of bread for lunch. I can’t bear the sight of all the beefy pictures at Wendy’s, and I recently found that they put bacon bits in their Caesar salad. Talk about torture. It’s not easy to ignore that missing hole of satisfaction with my meals. Finals are rolling around and I find that I need meat now more than ever. I picked a pretty bad week to become vegetarian.

In 4th grade, I got suspended from school because I got physically angry at a girl for taking my cookies. Physically angry is what I tell people when I don’t want to say I tried to choke her and then threw rocks at her. The real reason behind this is to say that for a long time people didn’t see any potential in me because I didn’t see potential in myself. I lived life day by day, never expecting anything good to happen, shrugging it off when bad things did happen. One recipe for change: Obtain two big, black garbage bags. Put one under your feet, and one over your head out the top. Then tape the middle together, like a full body diaper. Repeat every day. My mom started getting mad when I used up so many bags, so I started using one every week, and hung them up in the bathroom to dry, to let the sweat drip out of them. To help me with my health spree, my mom bought me fiber bars, they would come in blue packages. I still remember: 60% fiber and I ate one every day. I also used the bathroom three times a day. As with most food bought by parents, I had to stop eating them because my mom stopped buying them since I kept eating them. So I started buying my own until I ran out of money and stopped eating fiber bars altogether. Then I just ate salad, fish, and baked chicken. And it was good. Not as good as fried chicken and twinkies, of course, but healthy. It’s a recipe for the human capacity to transform oneself, to bring about the reality beneath. I did it. And you can do it too – however awkward it may be.

Jan. 17, 2009 My mother came home from work in a panic because she forgot to buy something I could eat for dinner. This sudden change of pace was hard on her. “Never ever do this again, you hear?!” she screamed. Which is fine since the chances of me doing anything like this again are low. My love for meat is too strong. Jan. 18, 2009 There was a party at my cousin’s house, and knowing my family for the Vietnamese carnivores they are, it was no surprise that every single dish had something previously alive and/or capable of voluntarily moving or making noise. The kids were mocking me upon hearing about my conversion to vegetarianism. Knowing these children for as long as they’ve set breath on this earth, anything different or unfamiliar has always gained automatic license for mocking. Jan. 19, 2009 An Outback Steak house commercial was on TV today. I don’t think I’ve ever thought one cooked and juicy piece of meat would be so beautiful. I turned my eyes away. My motivation for anything has deteriorated as my senior year passes by. This has nothing to do with my new diet, but I find that I have more time to realize these things since before; and before, I would avoid thinking of it by eating. Now that I can’t snack on anything because everything I used to snack on was meaty, I can’t eat those thoughts away.

Shayna Tidwell and Charissa Gunn photo

The Hustle, Bustle and Flurry of the Landing’s LA Fitness | Sinear Sadang | Lessons Editor One elliptical machine is out of order; another one makes a loud noise when activated which makes the over exposed pop songs playing in the background almost unnoticeable. And yet LA Fitness generally gives off a welcoming feeling with a clean, well-lit area with high white ceilings and light grey carpet. Several different weight machines are spaced neatly to the left of the main room, while the

right side offers a view of the pool filled with goggled-eyed members. Racquet ball courts grace the western side of the wall, and a basketball court lies north. Upstairs, numerous treadmills, bicycles, and step machines for cardio. Killing two birds with one stone, a cyclist brought the crazed “Twilight” novel to read while getting her cardio done while a young man drenched in sweat was going for an hour on the treadmill, running at a pace of about 7 minutes a mile and burning probably

1,000 calories an hour. Downstairs, a middle-aged man on a bench checks his phone waiting for a friend to play racquetball with him. After a few reps on the lateral pull, the friend finally arrives, talking loudly. “Sorry I was late,” he says. “It’s alright, I came early and did 30 minutes on the bike,” the man replies. Peak times are usually mornings, so if you’re looking for privacy, plan to go right after school or late at night.

Jan. 20, 2009 People have started to noticed that I’ve become more irritable. It’s hard to say whether it’s just because of my meat deprivation, but I like to think that it isn’t. It’s one thing to make an observation on current events, but it’s another thing to make accusations on things that could have been triggered by something else. Jan. 21, 2009 I’m sitting in my car thinking about how I dropped one of my AP classes; it should be a good thing. I was so unhappy, and lost motivation. What really bothers me is that it’s hard to tell if I was really capable of passing the class. I’d like to say I was, but I don’t find the sound of my voice convincing anymore. My personal statement this year was all about how tenacious I became after last year, but I feel that this one decision will make it all a lie. It’s the last day of my vegetarian diet and I made it through the week successfully, but I didn’t last the year in that class. I need some protein.

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New Kid on the Block

Senior Tim Ho has moved more times than years he has been in school, and a list of lost friends to show for it. | Timothy Ho | Opinions Editor I’ve moved thirteen times, and each time has a story and a few lost friends along the way. All my life, I was surrounded by good friends who I cared about. Then the next day, I’d lose the friendships I worked so incredibly hard for in just a matter of minutes. Throughout life, people go through situations and won’t have to go through them again, but for me things have been the same year after year. I’ve been going through the same thing since was twelve, when my family moved to Des Moines. At first I thought leaving my friends was sad but since it was only elementary school, it wouldn’t be so bad since I could just make new friends. That changed when I moved for the fifth time, and I realized I took the friendships I made at every school for granted. Compared to many other students, I’ve gone to and through many schools - and never actually knew someone for more than four years. I moved through various parts of Washington ranging from Tacoma to Seattle.

There was always an excuse for my parents to move and what made it worse was hearing the same excuse over and over. I’ve gone through many things without having friends by my side to help me through but after moving so much I’ve just learned to deal with it. I’ve learned to appreciate the ones I have around me at the time. I do like having a lot of friends from many different schools but I could never make real connections because I wouldn’t really have the time, and soon those friends just faded to the background. I thought I needed people around me to survive but what I found out was that I really didn’t need them, don’t get me wrong they are all good people but I realized that I could really make it on my own. I had to become dependent on myself more than anyone else. I’ve met a lot of different people and having them around me has helped me to grow as a person and taught many different things about life and I appreciate them all for everything they’ve done.

Charissa Gunn photo

Vy Huynh photo

| Marco Gastelum | General Staff Having been exposed to the new kid experience recently, I can personally say that it’s a one of a kind experience. When I first found out I was moving to Renton and attending RHS I was excited but also sad to be leaving my friends behind. I came from a small town on the Northwest Peninsula called Sequim, where there’s not much to do but go to movies and party, so moving to a town like Renton was nice because there are a lot more recreational activities to do here - and in Seattle. The first day of school was interesting because I got to see the classes that I was going to be in for the rest of the year; I also met a lot of people, a lot of cool people. I was surprised how friendly people are here. People introduced themselves to me: handshakes, names, the whole shebang. In Sequim we weren’t friendly with new kids. We had our groups and didn’t care as much. I was also surprised at the diversity of the school; coming from an all-white school (well, mostly white. There were two Black, ten Hispanics, three Asians, and about 985 whites), I was only used to seeing Caucasian people, so seeing more people from my own Hispanic race was a nice change. I quickly realized that this experience wasn’t going to be as bad as I thought it would be. I realized that my senior year was not ruined and that I could still have fun and enjoy this year.


24 hours of ballin’, blingin’, buyin’, bossin’ | Hilina Haile | PR Representative You may not be able to live the way you want, but you can still act like it. It is only human nature to want the best things in life: the 4-door, the black windowed Bentley, the fivestory beach house fully furnished with the latest technology, the pretty black and gold Chanel bag, and the best lifestyle you can possibly imagine. And now, even if the social ladder feels more like a fence, even if the souring economy seems more bitter than ever, you can pretend it is yours. The good life! Without any money, the sweet victory of the upper-class is yours.

1. Take a tour of a bank. Your bank account might be empty, but the vault in the back is full, and will give you an idea of what it feels to be in the presence of money. Lots and lots of money! 2. Find a real-estate agent who will show you the top houses on the market. Seattle has some of the world’s best penthouses, condominiums, and old-money mansions. Window shop! Pretend it’s yours! 3. Go to a car dealership and test drive the car of your dreams: Lamborghini Gallardo, McLaren F1, Maserati MC12, BMW M6, Rolls Royce Phantom. You name it. Tell them your Uncle Donald sent you!

4. Buy fake Chanel or Marc Jacobs from the back of a van in a parking lot, and use it as air freshener in your car or bathroom or apartment. Spray it all over! 5. Go to a restaurant and pretend the waiter is your personal servant. Say things like, “Fetch me water,” or, “It’s time for my tea,” or, “It’s hard to get good help these days.” These will give you an idea of what high-class society is like. At this point the inevitable will happen: You will see how other people live and hate your life more by comparison. You will understand your dismal state and low lot in life, but it won’t matter. You’ll feel rock bottom but you’re living the high life. Well, at least for a day.


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A Season Worthy of Flipping Over

Charissa Gunn photo

Senior Jasmine Bie, on bars, competes at Mt. Rainer during the last league meet. The team came to a defeat against Kennedy for the first time ever in the school’s history. “I’m sad that the season’s over,” Bie said, “and I’ll miss all the girls and the coaches.”

Swim Team sits in anticipation during their last meet at Foster.

| Jennifer Nguyen | Advertising Manager With the end coming up so close, many gymnasts are realizing that drive they have for improving as much as possible. Gymnastics is ending this month on February 21. Practice to practice and meet to meet they’re overcoming obstacles that build a barrier for them to improve. Captains Victoria Fernandez and Jasmine Bie both push the girls to their limits just as much as their two head coaches Coach Elaine Monillas and Coach Jessica Rabitoy do. There is no easy way out. You go big or go home.

Since tryouts, everyone has stuck through with hard work and effort. Sophomore Karyn Johnson believes that Wanda Saechin has improved the most this season. Although she felt as if Wanda did not have to improve, she drastically did. For the first time ever, the girls won against Kennedy on January 27, 2009. By less then one point, the girls won 127.15 to 126.8. Due to weather complications the girls also had to make up a meet on February 2, 2009 against Tyee and won as well. With this, the team has a high chance of ranking third in the league.

All Wrestle, No Play

Head coach Rick Comer gives advice to starter Joseph Hollifield as the Evergreen Wolverines fight to keep the game tied. With an undefeated record the Indians came to a victory of 61-41against Evergreen.

| Sinear Sadang | Lessons Editor Weighing troubles, like money, family issues, or health, some end up abandoning their beloved sport. Wrestling, which is said to be one of the toughest sports, pushes its athletes to their limit where they either pull through and succeed or give up trying. “It’s really a really tough sport, you give up a lot of time and give it your all in practices,” senior Rex Castillo said. “I even quit my own job to be more focused on wrestling.” Wrestling for some isn’t just a sport but a passion which drives them to keep going and going. Others don’t want to sacrifice a single thing so they turn around and never look back. “I learned self-discipline.

It’s really hard to keep your weight when people are eating right in front of you,” Castillo said, “but when you’re finally out there and you actually win, it feels really amazing.” C u r r e n t l y, C a s t i l l o wrestles on varsity, competing at 135 lbs. If he did not quit his job, he wouldn’t be where he is now. It pays off in the end when players give up things in life in order to get what they want. Even if it’s time, or if it’s sweat and blood, players say this is worthwhile as long as they don’t give up. “I just love wrestling and I didn’t mind quitting my job,” Castilla said, “because if I was still working, I wouldn’t be as happy as I am right now.”


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10 Things Boyfriends Don’t Know About Their Girlfriends | Alexis Lagonoy | Play Hard Editor

1. Girls like to know that their boyfriends go out of their

way to do something sweet for them. It makes them feel special and there’s nothing more important than that. Surprising them with a random date or knocking at their front door step without them expecting it will remind them that you still like them. Girls will appreciate the fact that they’re on your mind. Spencer Echon photo

3 Ways to Get Fit and Stay Fit


Surprises can be sweet and cause ladies to appreciate you even more. A majority of females like when their boyfriends do things for them without them knowing. It maintains a spark in the relationship.

2. Sweet text messages from boyfriends randomly

throughout the day couldn’t make their days any better. More than often those messages put a smile on their faces. Even the smallest shortest text can turn a bad day into a good day. More than likely you will recieve the same thing in return and maybe an even better message.

4. Valentines Day is just around

Avoid Being a Couch Potato | Charissa Gunn | Photography Editor 1. Play a Sport: there are normally practices or games daily throughout the season, which is good exercise if you show up. But sometimes sports still don’t give you the workout you need or you may just not be interested in sports. 2. Join a Gym: the infamous LA Fitness is at The Landing or there are many more gyms including Gold’s Gym at the top of Benson Hill in the area. But what happens if money is a factor? 3. At Home Workouts: these tend to be hard to keep up with, but can be just as effective. Go running and don’t be afraid to push yourself. Also, don’t forget to stretch and do other workouts as well. For example, core workouts such as a variety of crunches, lunges, push ups, pull-ups, leg lifts and more can produce the same sweat as the gym. The internet can be a good resource to find different types of workouts to try and best of all they’re free! How do you prevent yourself from being the one who quits? 1. Self Discipline and Determination: If you have this you don’t have to worry about anything else. You will be set and ready to go; however, not many people have it. If you’re one of the many, there are other things that can help boost your discipline and determination. 2. Schedule: Plan a day and time to work out. When you have a set time, you are much more likely to do it than if you say you’ll do it when you’re free or when you feel like it. Chances are something will always come up or you won’t feel like working out. Also, if you know your plans ahead of time, it will become routine. 3. Write Reminders: By writing down your goal and keeping it visible in multiple places, you will see them throughout the day and it will remind you of your goal and what you want to accomplish out of it. Getting fit may take time, money and self-discipline, but you’ll end up with good results. Being healthy is something that not only makes you look good but also feel good. While being active, you also need to eat healthier. This doesn’t mean you can only eat vegetables and never eat anymore Wendy’s, it just means making more nutritious meal choices each day with low fat and little grease would be a nice alternative.

the corner and a few of you may be seeking for advice. A typical Valentines day gift of a teddy bear and chocolates is a good; but a date and quality time with each other can be better.


Ladies tend to not like boyfriends who are clingy. A majority of girlfriends prefer to see their boyfriends sometimes rather than all the time. It could get to a point where both can become bored of each other.

6. Ladies prefer

to stay home together rather than going out because it’s a good way to get to know each other. Then they would know for sure that all the undivided attention is on them.


A double date once in awhile can be fun. Being able to spend time with close friends can bring out the best in you. The both of you would be able to prove to each other how outgoing you can be. Sharing special moments with others can also be the best experience and you may even learn more about each other.


Let them spend time with their girlfriends. Don’t become too over protective because that’ll just push them away. Girls don’t like feeling like they’re being restricted from doing things they want to do.

Spencer Echon art

8. If an argument arises and you notice that they’re

ignoring you by not responding to your text messages or answering your phone calls, don’t give up! If you keep trying it’ll just show them that you really care about them and how they feel.


Never mock what your girlfriend says! It can be offending and it shows immaturity. It can also be a turn off and you want to do things to impress them, not cause them to lose interest.


02 11 09 ARROW 12345678910111213141516 Statistics gathered by ARROW staff members walking the halls, observing and counting.

Charissa Gunn photo

As of right now, the school library consists of 19,614 books; yet only 807 books are checked out at this time.

Charissa Gunn photo

Racial Slurs

In The Hallway Feb. 2, 2009 8:12-8:21 am





digits in Pi on math wall



pieces of garbage on the 3rd floor


seagulls on the soccer field students outside of class


crows on the soccer field


orange peels by the stairs next to the teacher’s parking lot


pieces of trash in the commons


teachers outside their classrooms on 3rd floor


teachers outside their classrooms on 2nd floor


teacher outside their classroom on 1st floor


security windows viewable at one time in the security office

boxes on the first floor


food wrappers on the 1st floor

random people walking in the halls during class

posters fallen on 3rd floor by Ms. Covington’s room




bikes on bike rack by gym

people walking by main office door



cars at the stop light on 2nd street


posters about the dance being cancelled

people in the library

pieces of trash in the commons

In the Library

19,614 books


different titles


books checked out as of Feb. 4, 2009

233 Students Surveyed Male

Female 8%

use racial slurs 1-2 times a day


do not use racial slurs 1-2 times a day


use racial slurs 3-4 times a day


do not use racial slurs 3-4 times a day


use racial slurs more then 5+ times a day


do not use racial slurs 5+ times a day


use racial slurs 1-2 times a day


do not use racial slurs 1-2 times a day


use racial slurs 3-4 times a day


do not use racial slurs 3-4 times a day


use racial slurs more than 5+ times a day


do not use racial slurs 5+ times a day

Racial Slurs survey was taken during the week of Dec. 8-12, 2008.

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