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Sky Arts Sting Proposal: James Stump & Arron Francis This terms project is to create a 20 second sting for either Sky Arts 1 or 2 with the view to entering the ‘Sky Arts Sting Competition’. We have not yet finalized our idea for our sting as we want to use the first week of the Easter break to carry out various experiments to see which technique we feel would work best. We have however narrowed down our options to using either one of two previously successful formulas to create our sting.

Idea 1: The first involves filming shots on one location, with animated objects flying out to create the word arts. This is our preferred idea although we are not sure we currently have the capabilities to use the required software and attempting to get to grips with this will be one thing we aim to try during the break.

Idea 2: The second idea is to create the word arts out of a number of objects that would relate to the channel, showing only part of the objects before showing them all together at the 12second mark. Although simplistic, this format seems to be effective as there are a number of stings created in this way. Obviously if we were to pursue this pathway we would have to put our own twist on it so that it is not something the judges see all the time.


short description of proposed ideas for the Sky Arts Sting competition

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