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FRONTERA Pablo Lรณpez Luz

FRONTERA Pablo Lรณpez Luz



Frontera Throughout the latter part of the 20th Century until today, international borders have become an area of conflict, with issues ranging from ilegal migration, traficking, drug smuggling, consumption of narcotics, violence, prostitution, gambling, economic desparity etc. The social cost as well as the ideological and economic implications of these border regions has resulted in an almost single-themed, monologue-like conversation on the subject. The examples of literature, photographic and artistic material focusing on the subject is close to incalculable. However, there seems to be very little dialogue focusing on the original imposition of demarcating the land to separate two communities, or on the bordering-on-the-absurd goal of building a two sided 3,145 km long concrete wall to keep two land-sharing nations apart. The Frontera project aims to propose a different approach towards a new interpretation of the Mexico – US territorial border. Its purpose is to generate an alternative visual discourse which will challenge the prolongued conversation about the Mexico-US border and which will pursue to open up a new dialogue closer to an idea of collective self-understanding and farther away from the homogeneous dominating narratives. Frontera is a project about the border, but also about the landscape and it´s relationship with man. It is a photographic project that will reinterpret the notion of the border, stripping it to its bare mĂ­nimum, to the physicality of the landscape itself: a scar in the topography of the region inscribed by man. The series is composed by aerial photographs that follow the border across different states, displaying its fluctuating architecture and its suttle interruption of the apparently homogeneous terrains. The resulting photoraphs will evoke line drawings of surfaces dissected by a single stroke.




México, 1978 He studied his Master in Fine Arts in the University of New York, and in the International Center of Photography in New York City. At 2005, the Cultural City Hall of Madrid gives him the Velázquez Scholarship. He has had exhibitions in Fondation Cartier, in Paris. Arróniz Comtemporary Art Gallery, Museo de Archivo Fotográfico, Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome, Sasha Wolf Gallery, in the International Center of Photography, New York, Museo del Chopo, Sommerset House, London, Arles Photography Festival (La Roquette) in France. He was the winner of the Syngenta Photography Awards, in the Photography Competition in Alt. + 10000, Rossiniere, Switzerland. He earned the scholarship Jóvenes Creadores in FONCA and is part of several colecctiones like Mellon Bank Colecction, Stanislas Poniatwosky Photography Collection, Museum of Modern Art of San Francisco, Anna Gamazo de Abelló Latinamerica Photography Colecction, Foundation Vergel Colecction, Jacques and Natasha Gelman Colecction, Museo de Arte Moderno, Museo Carrilo Gil México. He currently lives and work in Mexico City.

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Frontera, an exhibition of Pablo López Luz Main Room, Arróniz Arte Contemporáneo, Ciudad de México, april 26 to June 17, 2017

Main and Projects Room, Arróniz Arte Contemporáneo, Mexico City. Gallery Director: Gustavo G. Arróniz

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