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MEMORANDUM 01/04/2014 Attention all players and officials As discussed at the recent General Committee meeting, the recently approved melee rule will be implemented from Rd 1. The rule as listed in the 2014 Rules and Regulations is as follows 46


During a match of The League, if three (3) or more players continue to wrestle, fight or aggressively conflict with each another after instructions from an official field umpire of The League to cease such confrontation and which, in the opinion of such umpire, the incident is likely to bring the match being played into disrepute or prejudice the interests or reputation of The League, either or both Member Clubs may be reported for an Engaging In A Melee offence.


Officiating field umpires appointed by The League in which the match is being played and Officials Of The League as prescribed in Clause 44.2 and 44.3 may report a Member Club for an Engaging In A Melee offence.


The field umpire(s) or an Official Of The League shall inform the Interchange Steward of such offence(s) and the Interchange Steward shall acknowledge the Engaging In A Melee details have been received and understood.


The umpire(s) or Official shall inform The League of the incident by noon on the Monday following the match.


Fines for Engaging In A Melee offence in the same year are as follows; (a)

1st offence – $250


2nd offence - $500


3rd offence - $1000


4th offence – Referred directly to the Tribunal

46.6 The League and/or Tribunal shall have powers to impose a further fine and/or penalty upon any player or Official or Member Club. 46.7

The above penalties shall be doubled during major round matches of The League.


If a Member Club is issued a second Engaging In A Melee offence in the same Division in the same year’s major round, the Member Club will be referred directly to the Tribunal.

Umpire Direction We have consulted with the umpires as to the most practical formula to police the rule and as promised, the following is the procedure in which they will be implement the practice.

1. Players wrestling, instruct all our Field/Goal/Boundary umps to be proactive, by keeping an eye on all "wrestling, push and shoves" that could create a possible Melee situation. (a) Play in Motion:- if there are players wrestling AND there's an opportunity to create a presence /warn the players to stop / instruct them they are being watched and they could be sent off (yellow card) etc. Goal and Boundary umps are to try and raise the field umps attention. Important that all umpires keep players under observation regardless of the number of players involved while the ball is in motion. At no time are umpires to compromise their position while the ball is in motion. (please note, if it's an all in brawl then the ball will not be in motion!) (b) Stoppage in Play (2 players - Wrestling):- Field umps are to stop the game at the next stoppage in play by blowing their whistle (time on), create a presence and warn the players of a possible yellow card send off. If they continue to wrestle then both players are to be sent off for 10mins, yellow card (replaceable), for wrestling, umpire is to instruct the Interchange Steward etc etc.

(c) Stoppage in Play (3 or more players - Melee):- Field umps are to stop the game at the next stoppage in play by blowing their whistle (time on), create a presence and warn the players in a loud voice including using a whistle a minimum of 3 times " whistle - Warning Melee... whistle - Warning Melee .... whistle - Warning Melee". If they continue to wrestle then the Field ump with the help of Goal/Boundary umps is to record the playing numbers of all players involved (as best as they can), they are to be sent off for 10mins, yellow card (replaceable) for engaging in a Melee, Field umpire is to instruct Interchange Steward of the details etc etc. The reporting documentation is as per normal yellow card reporting instructions with the description being a "Engaging in a Melee". Also write "Melee" on the outside of the submitting envelope using a red marker.

NOTE 1:- Observers , Field umpires appointed for the later game and any Officials of the League (not Goal/Boundary umps) can report a Melee and inform the Interchange Steward. Officiating Field umpires are to be informed by the next quarter time break and may elect to "yellow card" send off those players.

NOTE 2:- In all situations play will continue where the ball was at the time play stopped, therefore if player was having a shot at goal then he will still have a shot at goal.