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We Are Not Alone in Brabant By Olivia van den Broek-Neri

Spring is a wonderful time of year in the Netherlands when nature comes alive! We hear more birds, see flowers blooming, and the days are longer and warmer. And now that the population is getting vaccinated, there is a chance that more will open, and things will get a bit back to ‘before Corona times’. Exactly how much back to before, no one knows. Of course most everyone is ready for things to

It highlights the resources that are available to the

get back to some sort of normal. We are ready to

international community and introduces people

be able to barbecue with friends, go back to the

that are interesting to know. The campaign also

movie theater or dine in a restaurant and shop at

gives information about important initiatives that

our favorite stores. But we can’t just yet. Until then,

are taking place to further improve the region and

there is an important message for you to hear: No

shows the strength of the international community.

one is alone in Brabant.

These are resources that can offer assistance to the

You are not alone. I am not alone. We are not alone.

international community, as well as support.

It is not just a campaign, but a voice that echoes the Brabant’s spirit.

Many times we see that difficult times bring people together, and this has happened over the past year

The We Are Not Alone Campaign is an initiative of

that the Netherlands has been in lockdown. The ‘We

Holland Expat Center South, the Living In program

Are Not Alone’ Campaign is just one example. This

and Expat Spouses Initiative. The team consists

campaign focuses on spreading the message that no

of Dilan Saraç, Saumya Paliwal and Olivia van den

one is alone, including the international community.


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23. HOWDO magazine May/June 2021  

23. HOWDO magazine May/June 2021  

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