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Chalkin’ Auckland NZ National Poetry Day July 30 2010

by george, clint & mike

“Twitter for enlightened fools”

Statements in our stance, nouns in our knees vocab in our veins, adjectives in our arteries.

Painting on paving

Have you noticed the moon is upside down? Have you noticed your feet are wet? Have you noticed yet?

It’s not about who wrote it. It’s about who read it.

THE FUNCTION: Encourage thought Release yourself from the automaton behaviour that society encourages Heal; vent cluttered thought Put the soul into words

THE FORM: Poetry brought to everyone, to the common man Contagious, childlike joy Poetry removed from its mould-splotched box

HARD WORDS “Squatters” My head gets heavy with a thousand pounds of poetry which issue from my fingertips like graffiti

THE CHALKTALKERS: Daniel Larsen Miriam Barr Rachel Naomi Heimann Jamie Karl Raewyn Alexander Erin Gaffney Rosetta Allan

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