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k M:OFA Studios

k Education

k 2005

k Gwalior

k India

k Photos: Mofa Studios

k Arris Architects

k Shop & Showroom

k 2009

k Maharashtra

k India

k Photos: Amit Bhandary

ITM School of Management The concept is based on the principles of an Indian courtyard where the liveable spaces look into the semi shaded landscaped court and receive soft, diffused sunlight. There is a beautiful symphony of light and shadow and an interplay of textures and surfaces throughout the building, which accommodates a lot of transitional spaces. The context is ever present and the occupants of the Institute are encouraged to be a part of and accept this context on both the micro and macro level through the architecture of the building.

Jewel World Jewel World is Mumbai’s very first jewelry shopping precinct located in the heart of the diamond and gold trading markets – Zaveri Bazaar. After Pahlajani Developers won the bid for the legendary Cotton Exchange Building which is an exemplary example of Art Deco style from Mumbai, they sought to capitalise on the landmark structure’s exceptional location, transforming it into a vibrant hub of business. When approached for the design of this to be iconic jewelry destination, Arris Architects were assigned demanding task – not merely to maximizse the retail footprint in a very tight structure but also offer the patrons a visual gratification never experienced before.



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Atlas of World

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