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Alazne Rodrigo García Andrés Orúe Cuesta Enterprising iniciative 4º ESO 2ª Evaluación

INTRODUCCIÓN Hello we are Andrés and Alazne and we want to suggest a proposal that we have for the end of year school trip, for 4th of ESO. We have thought about Edimburgh, because it is a place with a lot of history and many places to visit. Edimburgh is the capital and the 2nd biggest city in Scotland, situatede at the east cost of Scotland. We have been looking and the cheapest suggestion for the accommodation in Edimburgh is about 36€ per person.

Monday , 14 th of January 2013.

Dear families , We are , and we are to send you this letter because we want to tell you our intention war doing a trip to say goodbye all together to 4 th ESO .

The place that we want to go is to Edinburgh , because for us is a very interesting place to learn a lot of things and for to practise our Engilsh level . We want to say you that you will have to pay the plain before because like this the flight it will be cheaper so we want to communicate you that the parents that ants that their go to Edinburgh have to pay 100 ₏ for the next week 21th of January , Monday . We know that the trip it will be so expensive so we think that it will great to do some activities to win some money . The activities that we think that they will be great and the child can win some money is to do some biscuits and then they can make a street market , we know that for do that we have to ask for a permission but we will do and we don´t think that there will be any problem so for us it is a good a idea because we can spend a very good time all together . For us is a good idea too , to made sandinesses and to but another street maker selling that , the child will have to do duties because the street market it will be open at 9 :00 am until 19:00 am . We hope that you will like the idea that we have . We will send you another letters telling you more things about the things that we are planing for the trip . Thank you for all the attention that you make to us . Best wishes. Alazne Rodrigo and Andres Orue .

Thursday , 15 of January 2013 . Dear families , Hello again , we send you thins message because we plan more things about the trip to Edinburgh. We think that they will be a very great date to go to Edinburgh for the 10th of march to the 15th of March . We will spend there only five days but we are planing a lot of things because Edinburgh is a place that have got many things to visits . We want to tell you that in Edinburgh they don´t use the same money that is Spain so you will have to change the money to pounds don´t forget it ! Because if you don´t change the money the child can´t buy anything there . We think that the don´t have to take to much money because it can be dangerous , so for us is a good quantity between 100 and 200 € because the food they will have to buy them , the hotel only give us the breakfast . The hotel that be choose is very cheep and it is in the central of Edinburgh so we will not have to use too much transports . In the next card we will concrete you all the information about the plane and the hotel , we will send you too all the information about all the placeses that we want to visit and all the museums that we want to visit it . We will send you another message as fast as we have all the information . Thank you for all you attention, Best wishes.

Alazne Rodrigo and Andres Orue .

Thursday , 16 of January 2013 . Dear families, As I had said, here we are again with the information that I mentioned in the previous letter. We will stay at Brodies Hostels as it is a suitable and affordable hostel. The total cost of the accommodation 5 days is 36€ per person. We decided to book the flight in advance so that it's cheaper and it would be 50,70 EUR per passenger. To get to the hostel there is a bus line called St. Andrews which only costs one pound. In total, we have managed the trip out for the modest price of 88,50€.

If you wonder I that this year we have decided to bring students to Edinburgh, then explained I; Edinburgh is a city much more small and cozy than London, therefore less dangerous. You can go almost everywhere on foot, or but in a few minutes by bus, without need to use taxis, underground, etc. He was one of the most important centers of education and culture. In the next letter we will give you more information about the trip. Greeting and thanks for everything.

Alazne Rodrigo and Andrés Orúe .

Thursday , 22 of January 2013 . Dear families, then we will give you an overview of things visiting your children throughout the study tour; The first day we will go to the most important and famous street of Edinburgh, and will pass the rest of the day by the royal mile. The second day at the morning we will see the Edinburgh Castle and ST Giles Cathedral. After eating, we will see the National Gallery of Scotland, and leaving the Museum we will see the monument a Scott. The rest of the day we will stay in the commercial centre of Harrods. The next day we will go up to Calton Hill, which is the most famous Hill. At 12 o'clock we will go again to the Royal Mile and we will see the Museum of little child of Edinburgh, and after eating we will go to the People's Story Museum. To end the day we cross the Royal Mile and see the Hollyroodhouse Palace, which is located at the end of the whole. The next day, we will do the Lago Ness rute, and the last day, before we take the things of the hostel, and go to eat at the airport, we will go to have a little fun to the camera Oscura. Thanks for your attention. Alazne Rodrigo y AndrĂŠs OrĂşe

Planning 17th-22nd February 2013


LAW -Laws in England may be different from your home country's. This specially applies to tobacco, alcohol and self defence sprays. -You must not carry drugs with you of any kind (unless prescribed by a doctor), or use any illegal drugs including cannabis, ecstasy LSD or amphetamines... -You must be 18 to buy alcohol, most English pubs don't welcome under 18s. -You must be 18 to buy and smoke cigarettes or tobacco. -It is illegal to carry weapons including defence sprays. -Shoplifting: you will be arrested and probably sent home. -Cross roads at the pedestrian crossing or with a green light at the traffic lights. Look right before crossing any road.

BE POLITE -It is usual to join the back of a queue in England, don't push in, it will make people angry. -Be quiet on your way home at night. -Don't block paths. If you need to group together, find an area with plenty of space. -Don't drop litter. Put it in the bin or take it home with you. -When you get into the escalators (at the tube/shopping center...), stand up at the right side of them, unless you are walking or running, that would be on the left. -Spitting, shouting, talking in a loud voice is impolite in UK. -Use polite phrases as: Thank you, You're welcome, or Excuse me (asking for something), please, good morning/ bye...


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