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: ADOBE 9A0-311


: Certified Macromedia Flash 8 Exam

Version : R6.1

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1. What is the best compression format for longer stream sounds? A. MP3 B. RAW C. ADPCM D. Speech Answer: A

2. What publish setting causes the bandwidth profiler to be inaccurate? A. Gif B. Compress Movie C. Protect From Import D. Generate Size Report E. Export Device Sounds F. Flash with SCORM Tracking Answer: B

3. What video codec(s) are displayed through the Flash Player and controlled through ActionScript? A. DivX B. On2 VP6 C. Sorenson Spark D. Sorenson Spark and On2 VP6 E. Sorenson Spark, On2 VP6, and DivX Answer: D

4. What audio format is NOT supported? A. .WAV B. .MP3 C. .AIFF D. .WMA

Answer: D

5. What is the function of trace()? A. send string values to the Output Panel B. discover who has downloaded your movie C. initiate the automatic debugging procedure D. determine which function the code will run next E. automatically output the values of key depressions F. determine what objects are present on the stage at any one time G. determine which symbols have been clicked or selected in run mode Answer: A

6. What is the advantage of the progressive video download? A. The frame rate of the video file can be different from the frame rate of the SWF file. B. It uses less of the client's memory and disk space than the streaming video download. C. To play the progressively downloaded video, the entire movie must be downloaded before the video will start to play. D. Delivery of media is more secure than streaming video, because media does not get saved to the client's cache when streamed. Answer: A

7. What is NOT an advantage of using Publish Profiles? A. publishes in several media formats B. ensures file sizes are kept as small as possible C. ensures a consistent standard that ensures files are published uniformly D. creates an in-house use that differs from the way files are published for a client Answer: B

8. What is NOT a sound editing feature? A. changing the sound envelope of a sound

B. modifying the start and end points of a sound C. changing the beats per minute (BPM) of a sound file D. switching the sound time units from seconds to frames Answer: C

9. What video format is NOT supported? A. .MPEG B. .DivX C. .MOV D. .AVI Answer: B

10. What must be done to step through code when Debugging an application in the IDE? (Choose TWO) A. Use Breakpoints B. use #include "" C. press "Ctrl"+"Tab"+"Enter" D. press "Ctrl"+"Shift"+"Enter" Answer: AD

11. What are the three main ways of presenting video using Flash? A. embedded, progressive, filtered B. embedded, On2 VP6, streaming C. embedded, progressive, streaming D. embedded, progressive, stand-alone E. embedded, progressive, Soresson Spark Answer: C

12. How is declining image quality prevented when publishing to a SWF, if bitmap images are optimized prior to importing them into Flash? A. Re-import the bitmaps in an uncompressed format.

B. Do nothing. Bitmaps aren't compressed when the SWF is published. C. Convert bitmaps to symbols so that they are not compressed by Flash. D. In Publish Settings, under the Flash Tab, set the JPEG Quality slider to 100. Answer: D

13. What should be kept to a minimum in any Flash file in order to enhance playback optimization? (Choose TWO) A. Layers B. Gradients C. Device Fonts D. Graphic symbols E. Alpha Transparency Answer: BE

14. What are correct statements concerning text fields? (Choose TWO) A. Embedded font outlines are shared by text fields using the same font. B. Font outlines for input text fields are embedded in the SWF file by default. C. Font outlines for static text fields are embedded in the SWF file by default. D. Font outlines for dynamic text fields are embedded in the SWF file by default. E. Individual font outlines are embedded into the SWF file for each text field in the FLA file. Answer: AC

15. What Flash elements can be assigned instance names?

(Choose THREE)

A. Layers B. Frames C. Buttons D. Tweens E. Text Boxes F. MovieClips Answer: CEF

16. What method loads external JPG images into a MovieClip instance? A. getURL(); B. loadMovie(); C. loadImage(); D. loadMovieNum(); Answer: B

17. What type of graphic formats are calculated mathematically and have the ability to scale without losing their quality? A. GIF B. JPEG C. Vector D. Bitmap E. Scanned Answer: C

18. How is the Object Drawing Mode used? A. merges drawn shapes when they are overlapped B. centers drawn objects in the authoring environment C. draws shapes and automatically converting them into graphic symbols D. draws shapes as separate objects that do not automatically merge together when overlaid Answer: D

19. When importing a FreeHand or Illustrator file that contains a gradient fill with more than eight colors, what is used to simulate the appearance of a gradient fill? A. Target Path B. Radial Path C. Clipping Path D. Gradient Path

Answer: C

20. What must be true in order to enable bitmap caching on a movie clip symbol?

(Choose TWO)

A. complex vector artwork, nested animation, and its position changes in time B. complex vector artwork, no nested animation, and its position changes in time C. complex vector artwork, nested animation, and its position does not change in time D. complex vector artwork, nested animation, and it is larger than 2880 pixels in width E. complex vector artwork, no nested animation, and its position does not change in time Answer: BE

21. What method of the TextField.StyleSheet class is used to add a new style to a style sheet object? A. addStyle(); B. setStyle(); C. setNewCSS(); D. addStyleSheet(); Answer: B

22. What is the default theme for version 2 components? A. Ice Theme B. Halo Theme C. Sample Theme D. FlashDefault Theme Answer: B

23. What does selecting the Render Text as HTML button on the Property inspector with a dynamic text field selected do? A. improves SWF performance B. converts the displayed text into HTML tagged text C. enables the text field to load HTML files at runtime D. enables the text field to render certain HTML tags including <A>, <B>, and <FONT>

Answer: D

24. When two path segments meet, what is NOT a join option? A. Miter B. Bevel C. Square D. Round Answer: C

25. What does an empty or white circle signify on a frame in the timeline? A. an action B. blank keyframe C. a keyframe with a symbol on it D. the first frame of an animation Answer: B

26. What are benefits of Flash Remoting? (Choose TWO) A. automatically parses custom XML B. provides access to client hard disk C. accesses server-side methods as if they are local D. provides access to user Webcams and microphones E. integrates external data sources directly with Flash UI components Answer: CE

27. How are specific frames designated as printable from the Macromedia Flash Player? A. assign each frame the label "#p" B. set Formats in the Publish Settings C. place an onPrint action on each frame D. set Page Setup in the Macromedia Flash program Answer: A

28. What statements are correct about shape tweens?

(Choose TWO)

A. Only 1 keyframe is needed. B. Each keyframe must contain symbols. C. Each keyframe must not contain symbols. D. A light blue arrow in the timeline denotes a shape tween. E. There must be at least 2 keyframes in order to create a shape tween. Answer: CE

29. What best describes the purpose of setInterval? A. defines the SWF frame rate dynamically, at runtime B. repeats calls to a function every set number of milliseconds C. creates a function that repeats every set number of frames D. creates a function that executes once at a specified point in the future Answer: B

30. What is the most highly processor intensive animation technique? A. alpha effects B. motion tween C. onion skinning D. brightness effects Answer: A

31. What native object allows a developer to save data to a client computer, assuming the user has given permission? A. LocalObject B. LocalCookie C. SharedObject D. SharedCookie Answer: C

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